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occurs at the SW. corner of the College, which is not described as
occupied by any Hall, and where we are not quite certain about the
position of the lane and of S. I\Iiklred"s church. Wooil [Cily i. 115)
only says of Caslcll Hall 'about the corner at the W. end of S. IMildrcd's


Lane.' An Osney rental of 1259 (Wood D. 2. p. 458 S. Mildred's)
says ' domus in occidenUxli parte ecclesiae quae fuit Johannis de
S. Johanna/ &c., next to which is ' domus super terram Wyger ex
opposito eiusdem ecclesiae,' &c. There is also some doubt about the
two towers on the N. side of the College. The summary at the end
of Prideaux' Survey says ' 2 Towres which were formerly in the
Rector's backyard and garden, now all demolished.' The eastern of
these, south of the centre of the Ashmolean, seems from an old map
(B) in the Rector's possession to have been Almond's (p. 313) and
may be part of the land sold to the University (Wood's Life iii. 78,
Comp. Vice-Canc. 1678-9 'to D^ Bury for ground bought of Exeter
College for Ashmole's Repository 80 li.'). About the other there is
no doubt, as the foundation has been seen by many people.

Some apology is due for reproducing a copy only of Agas' view of
the College. The original is rather small for easy comparison with
Bereblock ; and it is so torn, blotted and stained, that it is doubtful if
a tolerable negative can be obtained from it ; it is also defective
towards the bottom. Whittlesey's copy of it contains a few departures
from the original. Mr. Flurst has therefore worked out an enlarged
copy of the Agas, and supplied the defective parts from Whittlesey.
A dotted line in the lower part of the view shows how far Agas and
his copyist have been taken as authorities. The Clarendon Press
has shown its usual skill in taking the negatives.

The Author is much indebted to the Rector and Bursar, to
Professor Byvvater, Falconer Madan, Esq., Sub-Librarian of the
Bodleian, W. B. Gamlen, Esq., of Exeter College, Secretary to the
University Chest, and other friends ; but, above all, to his brothers
G. C. Boase and F. Boase, who have devoted much time to reading
the proofs, and have contributed much additional information ; and to
Prebendary Hingeston-Randolph, and to J. Ingle Dredge, Vicar of
Buckland Brewer, who have done him a similar kind office, the
former supplying details from his unrivalled knowledge of the Epis-
copal Registers, the latter by the use of his Collections amassed
from the parish registers of Devon and through an unwearied cor-
respondence with the Western clergy. For special family history he
has not seldom consulted Winslow Jones Esq. Any one working on
these subjects must acknowledge his obligations to Clark's University



Register (O. H. S.), and to Foster's monumental work, the Alumni
Oxonienses ; as well as to Crockford's Clerical Directory, with its
ever-increasing fullness of information. Nor must he omit his
obligations to Horace Hart, Esq., Controller of the Clarendon Press,
for giving him the benefit of his experience, and it would be
ungrateful not to thank the Compositors and the Pressmen for their

The author will be grateful for any further additions and correc-
tions. A few lines of facts and dates (as all engaged on such tasks
are aware) often represent the work of hours ; Facilia putant omnes
quae iam facta.


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as the date of that degree ; but sometimes only the supplicat for the degree

occurs, or the date of the inception i. e. actual commencement of lecturing. Tiie

Registers begin to give the father's name from 11 Oct. 1622, and again from

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a. — anno.

adm. — admitted.

admin. — administration of will or

b. — bom,
bap. — baptized.
C. — Curate.

D. K. Rec, see Deputy (above).
d. — died.

d. or dau. — daughter,
disp. — dispensed.

Eccl. Ant., see Ecclesiastical (above).
ed. — educated,
el. — elected.

G. C. — gentleman commoner.

instit. — instituted.

lie. — licensed.

m. — married.

M. — matriculated .

O. H. S. — Oxford Historical Society.

pres. — presented.

R. — Rector.

R. I. C, see Royal (above).

res. — resigned.

sup. — supplicated.

vac. — vacated.

v.— Vicar.

V. — voce.


The College was founded in 1 3 1 4 by Walter de Stapeldon, bishop
of Exeter, under the name of Stapeldon Hall. Deeds of 1314 and
1 31 5 mention the Rector and Scholars, i.e. Fellows, but no names
occur until 13 18. The contractions Corn., Chapl., Dev., Guer., Jer.,
Petr., Sar., Shi. denote the Cornish, Chaplain, Devon, Guernsey, Jersey,
Petrean, Sarum, and Shiers foundations ; small letters show that the
attribution is doubtful.

John Parys, Dev. 1318; M.A., Rector Oct. 1318 — Oct. 131 9, when
probably not in full orders. Stapeldon's Reg. 28 Ap. 1321 ' apud
Lamhethe optinuit M. Johannes dictus Paris clericus ad minores quos
nondum etc., et omnes sacros ordines, literas dimissorias in quibus
non erat facta mencio de titulo in huiusmodi sacris ordinibus exhi-
bendo ' (was his fellowship his title ?) ; ordained acolite in the Bishop's
chapel at London 7 June 1321; subdeacon at Bishop's Waltham
13 June 1 32 1 by Rigaud de Asserio, bishop of Winchester (with Philip
de Chalvedone); 19 Sep. 1321 Master John Paris deacon received
V. of Laundeghe, i.e. Kea in Cornwall, de gracia doinini. He
covenants in a deed dated 9 July 13 19 that the Chapel shall not
prejudice S. Mildred's Church, witnesses Masters Richard Noreys,
Henry Bloyou, Stephen Pyppcote, John de Sevenasche ; for Noreys
see Stapeldon's Reg. 295 : — a Richard Noreis, R. of Inwardleigh

21 July 13 1 7, acolite, had leave of absence to study 2 Oct. 13 17,
II Feb. 13 1 J (with letters dimissory), 27 Sep. 1319, 9 Sep. 1320,

22 Aug. 1322, 22 Sep. 1324; Henry Bloyou, R. of Ruan-Lanihorne
10 June 1320, ordained subdeacon 20 Sep. 1320, had letters dimissory
for deacon's and priest's orders 3 Feb. 132^. Were all these Fellows?

Philip de Chalvedone (? from Chalvedon, now Chaldon, Dorset) ;


rirdained .it'olite at Totnes 18 Sep. 13 16; had letters dimissory for
taking any orders 19 Feb. 132^ at London, as M.A. 0/ Slapeldonehalle ]
deacon at Bishop's Waltham 13 June 1321 by Rigaud de Asserio,
bishop of Winchester, as Master Philip de Clauedone ; priest at Exeter
19 Sep. 1 32 1 on a title given by Ralph Vautort.

Stephen de Pippecote (Pippacot in Braunton), Dev. 1322 ; INLA. ;
acolite 18 Dec. 131 1, witness to a Chapel deed 9 July 131 9, Rector
1322-25 ; his Computus 13 Oct. 1324 — 19 Oct. 1325, the first extant,
says he was Rector the previous year, and a Ledeneporche deed

10 May 1323 calls him Rector, so that he was Rector 1322-25.
John de Nymeton (Nympton in Devon), Chapl. 1324.

John de Sevenaysshe (a place Sevenashe, see Pole 406), Dev.
1324 ; M.A. ; tonsured at Totnes 6 Mch 131X, witness to a Chapel deed
9 July 1319, Rector 1325-26; and his name occurs in Winter 1329;
Wood D 2 p. 88 ; his Computus for Lent 1326 mentions Richard
Pyn, and Masters Richard de Bynescote \} Wynescote, R. of Iddesleigh
and Preb. of Crediton, subdeacon at Axminster 20 Sep. 1320, also
called de Honemanacote] ; and Walter de Lappeflod [R. of Bridford
21 Sep. 131 8, had letters dimissory 23 Sep. 1318, subdeacon at East
Horseley, Surrey 7 Ap. 1319; deacon 20 Sep. 1320, with Wynescote;
had letters dimissory 20 Oct. 1322]. Bishop Grandisson wrote to
Master Richard de Ratforde from Chudleigh 5 Dec. 1329 : ' Regracia-
mur vobis quod Librum Sermonum Beati Augustini pro nobis, prout
Magister Ricardus filius Radulphi, ex parte nostra, vos rogavit, retinu-
istis, nobisque et condiciones ejusdem significastis et precium. Et,
quia ipsum Librum habere volumus, Ix solidos sterlingorum Magistro
Johanni de Sovenaisshe, IMagistro Scolarum nostre Civitatis Exoniensis,
pro ipso Libro tradi fecimus, ut nobis eundem, quamcicius nuncii
securitas afiuerit, transmittatis. Libros, eciam, Theologicos Originales,
veteres saltem et raros, ac Sermones antiquos, eciam sine Divisionibus
Thematum, pro nostris usibus exploretis ; scribentes nobis condiciones
et precium eorundem. Et parati erimus pro vobis facere prout con-
venit locis et temporibus.'

Henry de Tiverton (Tuuerton), Dev. 1324 ; i\LA., Rector 1 333-34.
His Computus is the first that gives the expenses for each week.

John de Kelly, Dev. 1326; M.A., Rector 1326-27. He is
mentioned in the winter term of 1329 ; f)erhaps R. of Kelly, Devon.

William de Ponte, Chapl. 1326. Two of the name occur, as
acolites 21 Dec. 1308 and 13 June 13 10. subdeacons 6 Mch I3iy and

1 1 Mch 131 L priests 22 Dec. 13 13 and 21 Doc. 1314 (a monk at


Tywardreath, Cornwall). The chaplain must be distinguished from
the monk. The name Pontey still survives in Devon. A Chapel deed
25 Ap. 1326 calls him chaplain ; the witnesses are Robert Kary,
Henry Wall, Henry de Tiverton, Robert de Middellond, scholars of
the University. Kary and Middellond were Fellows of Merton 1322
and 1330. Middellond was also Treasurer of Exeter Cathedral, and
d. 1367. Several Fellows of Exeter became Fellows of Merton.

Richard de Pyn, Dev. 1326; M.A., occurs Lent 1326, Rector 1327-
30; R. of Wittenham 1333 ; d. before 1355, when Roger Cristemasse
is called his executor. His first Computus is for a whole year, 15 Oct.
1328 — 14 Oct. 1329.

William de Polmorva, Corn. 1333 ; Polmorva is in S. Breock ; the
form ' Palmorna ' arises from u, i. e. v, being misread as n ; called
dominus in 1333, M.A., Rector 1336-37, perhaps Fellow till 1340 ;
Fellow of Univ. Coll. 1341 (Smith 98) ; of Queen's 1341-48, one of the
Fellows named by the founder; subdean of Exeter 9 June 1349 —
29 Dec. 1355; Chancellor of the University 1350-51, adm. by the
Archbishop of Canterbury, after the Bishop of Lincoln had refused to
confirm his election. Canon of Windsor 1352-62, Archdeacon of
Middlesex 21 Sep. 1361, d. 1362, his bequest of £5 to the College
was paid in Lent Term 1363; Bodleian Charters 3, Wilkins' Con-
cilia iii. 3-8 ; Patent 36 Edw. HI part 2 memb. 27, Le Neve i. 389,
ii, 328, iii. 378, Anstey 168-72, Hist. Comm. ii. 139, Gutch i. 451,
481, iii. 139; Rolls of Pari. i. 16 ; Lyte 169 ; Bibl. Corn. 505, Coll,
Corn. 744-5; Wood D 2 p. 462.

William de Brokelond, Dev. 1333 ; received the first tonsure as
a boy 23 Sep. 1319, I\LA., Fellow till 1337 ; V. of Dawlish 26 Jan.
131^-1341, Eccl. Ant. ii. 143, 169; a John de Broclonde was Preb.
of Exeter 1260 (Bronescombe 480).

William Dobbe, dev. 1333 ; two of the name received the first
tonsure 21 Dec. 1308 and 23 Sep. 1319; M.A., Rector 1334-35,
in 1334 he taught in one of the College ' schools.' In 1333 he gave
two schools in Scolestrete to Stapeldonhalle ; he is referred to in the
Computus of 1337.

John de Hemeleston (? Helmeston in Bishop's Tawton, or Broad-
Hempston), dev. 1333-7 \ ' capellanus,' took the service for the regular
chaplain 'dominus Stephanus ' at the end of 1333.

Walter de Blachesworth, dev. 1333-7; called dominus in 1334.
There is a manor named ' Blackworthy ' in Stoodleigh near Tiverton ;
a ^^'alter de Blaccheworthy was bailiff of Bampton, Oxon, J 3 26

B 2


(? father of the Fellow). Stapeldon's Reg. 7 Aug. 1323, Osney,
Walter de Blaccheworthe acolite obtained letters dimissory.

Stephanus, Chapl, 1333; 1334 * dominus Stephanus capellanus/
1337 ' magistcr Stephanus,'

Thomas Trener, corn. 1334; M.A., occurs in Lent 1334. See
Phillipps a. 1337.

John Casse, corn. 1334-7-

William de Heghes, Dev. 1337 ; called M.A. and M.D. in a Univer-
sity petition of 1348 to Clement VL Sir William atte Heghen collated
to R. of Clist Fomison [now Sowton], Devon 10 Ap. 1322, exch. for
Nans Founteyn, i.e. St. Petrock Minor, near Padstow, 19 May 1337,
but instit. the same day to V. of Halberton, which he exch. with
Master William de Brokelond for V. of Dawlish 14 Aug. 1341 ; exch.
with Sir Goceline de Snetesham for R. of S. Mary Steps, Exeter
14 May 1344 ; R. of Stythians 1361 ; Eccl. Ant. ii. 43, 143, R. L C.
vi. 246. If we read aright in the Computus of 1336-37 co?npleturus
annos suos, he may have been elected thirteen years previously.

William Capell (de Capella), Dev. Lent 1337, in place of Heghes ;
Bronescombe's Reg. 43,

Walter Polmorpha, Corn. 1337 ; probably related to William de
Polmorva. In Old List.

Walter Molle, dev. 1337, M.A, In Old List. A Sir William le
Mol d. R. of Alverdiscott 23 June 1320.

Walter Cotte, dev. 1337. In Old List, The name occurs at
Dartmouth, Hist. Comm, v. 601, 603.

Thomas Trotter, 1337, In Old List,

John Tresulian, dev. 1337 ; called ' M.A. universitatis procuratori
seu rectorV in the petition of 1348 to Clement VI ; R. of Duloe, Corn-
wall 21 Sep. 1349, d, Avignon 4 July 1361. In Old List.

John de Blankeswille, dev. 1344 ; M.A,, Rector 1344. The deed
transferring Sheld Hall to Ex. Coll. 2 Aug. 1344 mentions John de
Blatcheswall, Rector ; John de Landreyn, John Estcolme, and Robert
Fromonde, Fellows.

John de Landreyn (one Landreyn is in Northill, another in
Ladock), Corn. 1344 ; called M.A., M.B,, scholar in theology six years,
in a University petition of 1362 to Urban V; D.D, ; Fellow of Oriel
1360, one of the two Senior Fellows there 1386, and had joined in
condemning the Wyclifitc doctrines 1381 (Fasc, Zizaniorum 112, 288).
Gulch i. 499; Wood's City i. 147 ; Statutes iii. App. pp. 31, 39; Le
Neve iii. 548; Clark's Oxford Colleges 98; John Landyran was


Canon of Windsor i Jan. 137^, but exchanged with Richard de
Brokelby for a preb. of Glasney near Penryn 1 1 Jan. 137;} (Newcourt i.
750); summer i37|- ' iiii^ pro vino dato magistris Johanni Landreyn
et W. Stykelyngh quando tractaverunt de negociis Roberti de Tre-
thewy,' See Coxe no. xxviii. Lambeth Reg., Langham, fol. 29,
18 Oct. 1366, William de Daventre, provost of Oriel, as proctor for
•Master John Landreyn, returns him as resident in Lincoln diocese,
and as holding the church of St. INIawgan in Kerrier, Exon diocese,
worth £10 a year, and as expecting a prebend at S. Asaph by pro-
vision of Pope Urban V, being M. A. and D.D. and M.D. He d. 1409
(Martin Lercedekne was R. of Mawgan 14 10). In Oriel Treasurer's
Accounts 14^^ occurs 'pro vino dato presbiteris pro exequiis M.
Johannis Landreyn iins,' and next year ' in septimana Ascensionis pro
vino pro Landreyn.'

John Estcolme, Dev. 1344.

Robert Fromonde, Dev. 1344 ; (a Robert Fromond was preb. of
Exeter 1293, ofChulmleigh 1310); Proctor 1350; Grandisson's Reg.

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