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I. 16 lb letter of dispensation (under a permission from Clement VI,
given 19 Jan. 1344 at Avignon, to dispense in the case of 7 fit persons
begotten ' de presbiteris aut in adulterio ex uno parente vel utroque ')
to Robert Fromond clerk to take orders though son of a priest and
an unmarried woman; notary M. Richard de Todeworthe clerk, at
Chudleigh 23 July 1349, in presence of M. Benedict de Pastone
canon of S. Probus in Cornwall, Richard de Campo Arnulphi
[Champernon] ' domicello Exoniensi,' Besanc' de Nauntre of the
diocese of Besangon. Similarly Reg. I. 162^ 'Dominus, virtute
quarundam literarum apostolicarum sibi concessarum, quarum tenor
superius in proximo folio de verbo ad verbum inseritur, dispensavit
cum magistro Godefrido Fromonde [? Robert's brother], clerico,
Exoniensis diocesis, de presbitero genito et soluta, quod, defectu
hujusmodi non obstante, ad aliud beneficium migrare posset etc.,
juxta vim formam et effectum literarum apostolicarum predictarum,
presentibus tunc in hujusmodi dispensacione Magistris Benedict©
de Pastone Sancti Probi, Ricardo Noreys Exoniensis, ecclesiarum
canonicis, R, Chambernon, J. Clifforde, et magistro David Aliam
[Stapeldon's Reg. 503, 523], ac N. Braibroke clerico, qui eodem die
creatus fuit in notarium, ut supra, et habuit inde literam sub data
supradicta et sigillo Domini.'

Robert de Trethewy, Corn. 1353 ; one Trethewy is in Ruan
Lanihorne, another in S, Levan ; M.A., injure canonico Scalar i, Exoti.


dioc, petition to Urban V 1362; Rector 1354— June 1357, still
Fellow 1358. He and John Cergeaux obtained a grant of Culverd
Hall from John Martyn and his wife Alice Pulteneye 28 Oct. 1353.

John Cergeaux (Serjeaux), Corn. 1353 ; M.A., ? preb. of Endellion
26 May 1391; Stafford's Reg. 53, 54, Maclean i. 500: a William
Serjeaux is mentioned in 1356; Coll. Corn. 886.

Robert de Tresulian, corn. 1354; M.P. Cornwall 1368, advocate

at Cornish Assizes 1369, Justice of King's Bench 6 May 1378;

a Commissioner to repress disorders in the University 1380, Gutch i.

497; Chief Justice 22 June 1381. He was consulted by the College

on law matters: Computus winter 1354 ' id pro potu ad Tresulian,

Byrnely, et ad magistrum Galfridum, qui venerunt ad tractandum

de convencione inter nos et Johannem Davyntru': autumn 1357

' xinid pro expensis R. Tresulian et J. Hall quando transierunt apud

Wittenham et convenerunt cum Thoma Broun de fructibus ' : summer

1358 'inid pro vino dato M. Willelmo Stykelyng et aliis magistris

cum Roberto Tresulian quando tractaverunt de emcione domus

J. Daventre [i. e. Hambury Hall] : uis iuid traditis Roberto de

Tresulian quos ad (se.?) vendicabat pro labore quern habuit in

negociis domus.' Pole 88, 347, 380 claims him for Devon, but the

Manor of Tresilian is in Cornwall, where he also held Tremodret,

Binnamy, Stratton, and Scilly: Ancient Deeds (D. K, Rec. 1890)

i. 558; executed at Tyburn 19 Feb. 138I (Foss iv. 102 : Bibl. Corn.

786-7, Coll. Corn. 1268, Stafford's Reg. 273, 299; his son John

indicted in Parliament on Monday after Holy Cross, 21 Richard H).

Maclean ii. 23, 44 ; Eccl. Ant. ii. 202. He held some Halls in Oxford

which, with the patronage of a chapel in All Saints, were, on his

attainder, sold by the Crown to William of Wykeham for 240 marks ;

one was the Cross Inn in the Corn Market, Wood's City i. index,

ii. no, Oxf. Arch. Soc. 1880-82 p. 17, iii. 146. Reg. of Bishop

Buckingham of Lincoln 13 Ap. 1388 ' Ricardus Resingdon presbiter

presentatus per . . . Ricardum etc., racione terrarum et tenementorum,

que fuerunt Roberti Tresulian chivalier, in manu sua per judicium in

Parliamenlo redditum existencium, ad cantariam in ecclesia Omnium

Sanctorum Oxon per Johannem Stodley nuper fundatam, vacantem.'

There is a curious entry in Rogers ii. 616 '1384 Oxford, expenses

paid at Robert the Tiler's funeral by Tresilian, Chivaler : lintheamen

jod., beir ^d., wax ^d., pulsatio campane 2d.' He m. Emeline d.

of Richard Hiwyshe, of Stowford, Devon by Alice d. of Ralph

Blanchminster. She m. (2) 30 Nov. 1388, at S. John the Evangelist,


Friday Street, London, Sir John CoIshuU, and d. 14 13. Colshull
got a grant of Tremodret 1391. The lands in Tresilian and Padstow
were bought by John Hawley of Dartmouth (49 D. K. Rec. 207),
who m. Tresulian's d. Emelin (their d. EHzabeth m. John Coplestone).
20 June 1388 Robert Tresilian was enfeoffed, with Emma now his
widow, by Guy Blankmoster, Parson of Lanalwes, of the manors of
Bename, Stratton, and the Isle of Scilly : 9 Feb. 1389 Rob. Tresilian
was convicted in Parliament, the morrow of Purification anno 1 1 ;
Emma his wife, widow of Richard Renti, died in the minority of
Elizabeth, d. of said Richard and Emma, and wife of John Tynteyne,
who came of age anno 1, order for livery to said John and Elizabeth,
Close Roll 12 Richard II.

John Wiseburg, Dev. winter 1354 — autumn 1361 ; IM.A., Rector
May — Oct. 1359 in place of John Halle; see a. 1356.

William Fatte (Vatte), Dev. 16 Oct. 1354 to Lent 1358; senior
fellow after Rob. Trethewy in 1357.

John Flemyng, Corn, winter 1354 — winter 1356.

John Excestre, Dev. winter 1354 to Lent 1357; see Computus
winter 1360; preb. of Exeter, preb. of Hereford 1396, d. 1400;
Monast. Exon. 300, Suppl. 26. Stafford's Reg. (94, 180) 15 June
1398 complaint of dominus ]ohr\ Excestre, R. of Ipplepen [15 Sep.
1 396-1 400], against some who broke into the Rectory and took away
the Church muniments.

Robert de Clyste (Clest), Dev. 1354; B.D., Rector 1359-65;
Canon of Exeter 1365; a bequest from him occurs Lent 1396 'xiiij-
\md de executoribus M. Roberti Clyst per manus M. Roberti Rugge ' ;
perhaps Chaplain 1355-56; mentioned in a petition to Urban V in
1362 as IM.A. Exon. dioc.

Henry Whitefield, Dev. 1355 ; (? Whitfield in INIarwood, Devon ;
Drake 121), M.A. : called ' Exon. IM.A., B.D.' in petition to the Pope :
managed some College business (as well as for Queen's) at Avignon
in winter 1363 (another instance occurs in 1376), for which £3 was
paid him: Fellow of Queen's 1353, Provost 1363; Archdeacon of
Barnstaple 1374-84; gave Exeter College two books in autumn
1383, d. autumn 1387, and bequeathed some money and books on
medicine to the College (Coxe no. xxviii, xxxv); summer 1389
' centum solidos de bonis M. Henrici Wytfeld pro libris philosophic
emendis'; with this money, apparently, 'Burley super Libros Ethicos'
was bought (cost 14c/ to bind), and 'Burley super Topicis Aristotelis'
(cost i3</ to bind); summer 1391 'iiii.y pro Burle super Logicam, ultra


pecunias magistri Henrici Whitefeld.' The Provost of Queen's,
and William Franke, Robert Lydeford, John Trevisa, fellows (all
formerly fellows of Exeter) were expelled by the Archbishop of York,
the Visitor, 1379; Gutch i. 496, iii. 146, Balliofergus 63, Rogers i.
136, Hist. Comm. iv. 443, Ease. Zizaniorum 514-15, Ayliffe ii. 142,
Hist. Comm. ii. 139, 140, 551, Computus of Lent 1386, and of 1387,
W. Thomson Afi Open College 26, 30, 32, Clutterbuck's Hertfordshire
i. 189, Clark's Oxford Colleges 135, 143, 147.

Peter Trevet, Dev. 1355; perhaps Fellow till ,1366 ; Pole 165.

Walter Bery (Bury), Dev., occurs summer 1355; ]\LA. A Walter
Bury was R. of Norygge and then of Chilcomb and then of Hardington
1398-99; Hutchins ii. 740.

John Halle, Dev. autumn 1356; M.A., Rector 1357-59; died in
spring 1359.

Richard Colshulle (Coleshill, Colleshele), Dev. autumn 1356 —
Lent 1359; M.A.

Thomas de Kelly, Dev. autumn 1356; M.A., Rector 1368-69.
Summer 1375 'xi^ cum obolo pro vino pro Thoma Weston iudice
inter domum nostram et Thomam Kelly pro quodam libro domus
nostre inpignorato nomine Kelly'; winter 1380 'xiiij vixxd in partem
solucionis arreragiorum magistri Thome Kelly quondam Rectoris
domus predicte.'

William Aleyn, dev. autumn 1356; vac. autumn 136 1. Was he
afterwards at Balliol.? Hist. Comm. iv. 447.

John Restaurok (Rescowroc), Corn. 1356; vac. 1366; John
Roscarrock was V. of S. Kew, Cornwall 1383, R. of S. Mabyn

14 Sep. 1383 (Restaurek), res. 1415 (Maclean ii. 98, 461), Penitentiary

15 Jan. 14x0 - but these maybe different family names ; the letters
c and t are constantly confused, Stafford's Reg. 305. Roscourek
occurs in Bronescombe's Reg. 231. See Visit. Corn. 3, 99. A name
Restarick still occurs at Bideford.

Thomas de Hanneye (just north of Wantage), Sar. occurs
autumn 1356; Pits 482, Tanner 376.

Walter Estcolme, (Fellow of Merton 1349), Chapl. autumn 1357 ;
vac. autumn 1358, V. of Gwennap, Cornwall before 1381, R. of
Stoke Damerel and Preb. of Glasney; d. 1410. Stafford's Reg. 94,
114, 174, 210, Brodrick 205.

John Loderm, dev. 1358. In Old List. John Lovcdrem occurs
in Oliver's Eccl. Ant. ii. 89. One of the latter name was R. of
Landewednack, Cornwall i320;Stapeldon's Reg. 228.


William Stykelyng, 1358; M.A. ; Fellow of Merton 1350.

William Reade, dev. 1358; called 'Exon. clerico, sac. pagine
prof.' in petition to Pope; M.A. and Fellow of Merton 1344.
Brodrick 211, Grandisson's Reg. 17 Aug. 1354, ' M. Willelmus
Red, socius domus scolarium de Mertone ' as acolite had letters
dimissory ' ad titulum dicte Domus ' ; Provost of Wingham, Kent to
1369; Bishop of Chichester 1369, d. 18 Aug. 1385. Gutch i. 488,
Hi. 5, 17, 98, 109, 114; Stephens' Chichester 119. An indenture
dated the Sunday after S. Luke 48 Edward III, i.e. 22 Oct. 1374,
shows that he delivered to M. T. Worthe, Consocius and Rector of
the scholars, £20 for the repairs of the library, and 25 MSS.: another
indenture between J. Jakys, Rector, and J. Bampton archdeacon of
Lewes, and M. Richard Pestour kinsman of the Bishop, 8 Aug.
I Henry IV, 1400, says that he had given books to Merton to be
kept and used as at Exeter (Wood D 2, p. 74, and list of his
books p. 106) ; he also gave books to Balliol and New College, i.e. to
all the Colleges then existing; Bodleian MS., Digby 176, fol. 2*
'Liber scolarium de genere venerandi patris domini Willelmi Reed
episcopi Cicestrensis, Oxonie successive studentium. Ex dono vene-
randi patris predicti per Custodem et Rectorem domorum de Merton
et Stapelton in Oxonia vel per eorum Hbrarios eisdem scolaribus iuxta
facultates et merita ipsorum cuiusque ad tempus sub cautione iuratoria
prouide liberandus,' see Cat. Digby MSS. p. 60, 187; summer 1401
' xxxiiii^f seratori pro tribus seris pro cista librorum Rede et clavibus
eorundem'; summer 141 9 'xxxiiij iiii^ pro uno portiforio ex legacione
Rede vendito'; summer 1432 'pro ligacione unius libri de electione
Reed xd'. Hist, Comm. ii. 135 : Phillipps i. 54, 84, 135 ; N. and Q.
26 May 1877 p. 405; Coxe no. xxxii; Pits 857, Tanner 547, 618,
Godwin in 161 5 'Reade built the Ubrary of Merton to which he left
his portrait and many tables and astronomical instruments which exist
to this time'; Fasc. Zizaniorum 516, Grey Friars (O. H. Soc.) 236.

Walter Ramesbury, Sar. summer 1358 — Lent 1360; M.A.,
Fellow of Merton 1364, Brodrick 212; Preb. of Hereford 1368,
Precentor 1381, d. 1406. Summer 1359 'pro journellis Walter!
Remunsburi qui recessit in die sabbati id ob, et Walteri venientis in
die lune vii^' ; Lent 1409 'iii// v\s vmd de executoribus M. Nicholai
Rammysbury'; R. of Donheved S. Andrew 1361-1399, Phillipps i.
53, Hutchins iii. 686, 722, iv. 232. One of the name 18 Feb. 132^
(Pat. Rolls Edw. Ill i. 15, 70; see Le Neve i. 486, 531) may have
been his father.


Hugh Wyche, dev. 1358; Fellow till summer 1361.

William Aston, 1358; Le Neve i. 601, 615, ii. 69, In Old List.
Was he related to John Aston, Nat. Biog. ii. 210?

Robert de Bossorn, Corn. 1358 ; ? born at Bosorn in S. Just in
Penwith, the name occurs as Boshorn 131I, Stapeldon's Reg. 498;
B.A. 1364: Wood, D. 2, 98 identifies him with Robert Boson,
Chancellor of Exeter, who d. 1399. That office was held successively
by Boson, Rugge, Snetisham, and Hendeman, 3 at least Fellows of
Ex, Coll.; see a. 1372 (Archdeacon); Stafford 32.

William Pyneton (Penyton), Chapl. Lent — autumn 1359, probably
b. in Devon, and mentioned also in 1360.

William Hille, dev. winter 1359; vac. Lent 1360.

Gregory de Bottelegh, sar. autumn 1359; vac. 1362; R. of
Shepton Mallet, Som. 1378; Weaver's Som. Incumbents.

John Crabbe, Corn, autumn 1359 — winter 1361.

John Capelle, Dev. Lent 1360.

John de Brendon, Dev. 1360 ; ' presbyter of the diocese of Exeter
and over 26 years of age in 1361 ' ; pres. 7 Mch 136^ to Wittenham ;
a legacy from him to the College is mentioned in autumn 1361.

Roger Dounhed, or Donhayfd, sar. winter 1360, to autumn 1361 ;
? from a place so named in Wilts. Dunheved was also the old name
of Launceston.

Robert Gary, dev. 1360, to autumn 1365. See a. 1324, and
Computus of autumn 1355.

John Drakes, dev. 1360. In Old List ; ? V. of S. Stephen's by
Saltash 13 Dec. 1390.

Robert Blakedon, or Blackdon (a place in Paignton), Dev. winter
1361; M.A., Rector 1365-66, his Computus is beautifully written;
ordained at Exeter, summer 1364; Fellow of Queen's 1372-75;
Fasc. Zizaniorum 515, Hist. Comm. ii. 140.

William Middelworthy, Sar. winter 1361 to winter 1365; M.A.,
Fellow of IMerton 1365, Brodrick 211. Perhaps the ' Middelworthe
of the Diocese of Sarum,' Fellow of Canterbury Hall, who was turned
out with Wiclif by the Pope's commissary just before 1369; at
Queen's 1369-82, in 1385 he paid i^s i,d for his chamber there,
i.e. he had ceased to be Fellow; Fasc. Zizaniorum 515, 519, Church
Qu. Oct. 1877 p. 124, 126-7, 133 ; Wood's City i. 174, ii. 283 ; gave
£17 to Exeter College in 1406, the date of his death; Lent 1407
' \li ex dono venerabilis viri M. Willelmi Mydehvorde ' ; ' xiiii</
distributls inter socios in die obitus M. W. Midchvordc ' ; Gutch i.


483, 497; Rymer iv. 65 (1379), Hist. Comm. ii. 140; Patent
I Richard II (Statutes iii. App. p. 33), order to arrest Richard de
Thorp clerk, William Frank clerk, and William Middelworthe clerk,
who were commanded to come before the King in Chancery, bringing
with them the seal of the College called Quenehalle Oxford, but
treated the order with contempt, and detained the seal, charters,
deeds, waitings, keys, books, and other goods belonging to the College.
William Frank delivered them up the day before S. Dunstan i Rich. II.;
the indenture gives the names of 26 books.

Robert Rygge, or Rugge, Dev. Lent 1362; vac. autumn 1372;
M.A., D.D., secular priest, perhaps related to Thomas de Bitton
bishop of Exeter; Chancellor of the University 1381-82, 1384,
5 Mch 1381^, and 1391 (Rogers i. 122, ii. 643, 667, Lewis' Wiclif 361,
Adam de Usk p. 7, Knighton Col. 2705, Twyne iv. fol. 573); Canon
of Exeter, Archdeacon of Barnstaple 16 Feb. 1394-1400; Chancellor
of Exeter 30 Jan. jff^, dead before 1410 (Stafford's Reg. ix. 114,
144, 311); founded a 'Chest' for loans to poor scholars. (Lent
1393 ' iiis inid de quaternis venditis de cista magistri Roberti Rygge.')
He was one of the Wiclifite fellows of Merton, and suifered much
from Archbishop Courtenay (Brodrick 212, 223), but apparently joined
in condemning the W^iclifite doctrine in 1381 ; Fasc. Zizaniorum 113
288, Church Qu. Oct. 1877 p. 126, 140, Chronicon Angliae (Rolls
Series) p, 341, 344-45, 350; Wood's City i. 380, Wood's MS. F. 3.
p. 9 letter from Richard II 27 Nov. 1385; Gutch i. 499, 506, 510,
516, 519, 534; Statutes iii. App. pp. 36, 39, 40. Summer 1410 'iii//
de manibus ]\I, Thome Come pro legato Collegio nostro per
M. Robertum Rygge ' ; ' ixd pro cariagio unius libri dati nobis per
M. Robertum Rygge'; 'iiiij cursor! pro portacione librorum nobis
legatorum per M. Robertum Rygge'; autumn 1410 'xxiii^ od. pro
tribus cathenis ad cathenandum libros nobis legatos per M. Robertum
Rygge et M. Johannem Lydeforde, xvx x^ Roberto Bokbynder pro
ligatura octo librorum et pro reparacione aliorum librorum universorum,
et pro pargameno iiii<f.' Acad. May 1882 p. 360, and June p. 397,
Eng. Hist. Rev. v. 329.

John Trevisa, Corn. Lent 1363 to winter 1365; from Crocadon
in S. Mellion near Saltash, b. about 1342, Fellow of Queen's 1369-74,
expelled 1379 by the Visitor the Archbishop of York, but as late as
1396 he was paying xiii^ inid for a chamber at Queen's; chaplain to
Thomas Baron Berkeley (said to have been a pupil of Wiclif) V. of
Berkeley, canon of Westbury near Bristol; d. about 14 12. He


translated Higden's Polychrorn'con, Bartholomew Glanville's De Pro-
prietatibus Rerum, Vegetius De Re Militari, Occam's De Potestaie
Ecclesiastica et Saeculari, Archbishop Fitzralph's Sermon against the
Mendicant Friars, and other works ; Babington's ed. of Higden
i. p. liii, iii. p. xxviii; Hist. Comm. i. 60, ii. 128-29, 140-1, iii. 424,
iv. 417, 421, 598, vi. 234; Gutch i. 496; Statutes iii. App. p. 34; Pits
567, Tanner 720, Fuller's Worthies i. 217; Demaus' Tymdale 12;
Carew's Cornwall ed. 181 1 p. 269; Sat. Rev. 5 Ap. 1879 p. 428,
William Thomson's -4 « Open College 31, 32, Lyte 311-12; Blades'
Caxton 255; Bibl. Corn. 795-8, Church Qu. Oct. 1877 p. r27. Trans.
Bristol and Glouc. Archaeol. Soc. 1877. Lent 1362 'pro dietis
Johannis Trevyse qui venit ad comunas die dominica v\\\d ob! ;
autumn 1362 'xl^J. Trewysa ad visitandum amicos'; autumn 1363
' x\\d pro conductione duorum equorum quando Rector et Johannes
Trewyse fuerunt apud West Wyttenham ad componendum cum
firmariis pro horreo faciendo'; autumn 1364 (pensiones sociorum)
' vii>y v^ ob. q. Johanni Trevisa.'

Thomas Sw^yndon, sar. Lent 1362 to autumn 1365; a Com-
missioner in 1380 to enquire into the troubles at Queen's; Rymer
iv. 27 (1378); Gutch i. 496, Statutes iii. App. p. 34. A Thomas
Swyndonwas Preb. of Alton Australis, Sarum 1388, Hutchins iv. 461.

John Foxleye (Voxlegh), sar. 1362; V. of Somerford Keynes,
Wilts, d. 1384; Phillipps i. 69; Foss' Biographia Juridica, Bodleian
Charters pp. 132, 549. John de Foxleye (? Baron of the Exchequer
1309) was Commissioner at Oxford 1314, Gutch i. 385.

Thomas Southdon, Dev. summer 1362 to 1363 ; Eccl. Ant. ii. 77,

John Williams, autumn 1362 to summer 1372.

John Otery, Dev. autumn 1362; M.A., ? Rector 1367; V. of
Ashburton, exch. 7 May 1397 for S. Mary Church, Devon. Stafford's
Reg. 142, Eccl. Ant. i. 187.

John Trevet, Dev. autumn 1362. A family of Trivet lived in
Sidbury, Devon.

William Capell, Chapl. autumn 1362 to 1364.

John Kendal, Corn, summer 1363 to summer 1364.

Adam, Chapl. autumn 1363 to autumn 1365; but the succession
of Chaplains is not clear.

Thomas de Brightwell, or Brytwylle, sar. Lent 1364 to winter
1365; (?from Brightwell near Wallingford;) Fellow and Professor of
Divinity at Merlon 1368 (Brodrick 202); D.D., suffered for his
Wiclifite views from Archbishop Courtenay ; R. of Tarent Hinton,


Dorset, exch. for deanery of Leicester coll. 1381 ; Preb. of S. Paul's
4 Nov. 1386; Dean of Newark, Preb. of Lincoln; Chancellor of the
University May 1388-1389 in place of Robert Rygge; d. 1390.
Gutch i. 493, 504, 506, 519, App. 33; Foxe ed. Townsend iii. 27;
Hutchins i. 318; Fasc. Zizaniorum 288, 304, 308; Lewis' Wicltf
126; Church Qu. Oct. 1877 pp. 126, 132, 140; Nat. Biog. vii, 167.

John Parke, dev. autumn 1364 ; M.A. ; rented a school of the
College in summer 1374 ; Parke (or Parch) canon of Exeter is men-
tioned autumn 1407, 14 10.

Robert de Lydeford, Dev. autumn 1365 (perhaps 1362) to autumn
1375; M.A.; Rector 1373-74; Brantingham's Reg. 33^ 11 May
1373 ' Londoniis, Robertus Lydeford clericus habuit literas dimissorias
ad ordines minores et ad sacros omnes ordines ut in forma ' ; Fellow
of Queen's 24 Oct. 1375; expelled by Archbishop of York 1379;
R. of Lockyng, Berks 1399-1400, pres. by monastery of Abingdon;
d. Oct. 14 1 2, Gutch i. 496, calendar at end of Statutes iii. p. 34,
Computus Lent 1400; summer 1401 ' xk collatis a M. Roberto
Lideforde rectore de Lochynge pro erectione nove camere ; y\s \\\\d
collatis ab Agnete uxore Chydeley ad eandem edificacionem, xxj a
Roberto Boterwyk ad eundem usum'; Lent 1407 ' vi^ in gantaculo
M. Robert! Lydeford quando primo venit in vigilia S. Thome, et in
drageto pro eodem magistro xi</, et in cibis equorum suorum quando
fuit nobiscum secundo tempore x</, et in bona cervisia in camera
Rectoris in crastino S. Thome vi^/'; summer 1407 '■\\d pro aqua
medicinali pro oculis M. Roberti Lydefford et pro expensis factis
circa famulum eiusdem, xviii(f in expensis M. Nicholai WymboU
quando visitavit predictum in nomine Collegii cum Rectore, et pro
equis xii<f'; Lent 1409 'viii^ Radulpho Morwyll pro expensis suis
et unius presbiteri qui missi fuerant ad M. Robertum Lydeford, iiii^
uni puero pro portacione vestimentorum Radulphi Morwyll et unius
presbiteri ad rectoriam M. Roberti Lydeford, iiii^ pro vino date
memorato presbitero qui fuerat cum I\L Roberto Lydeford tempore
Natalis, et pro labore Radulphi Morwill xii^/' ; winter 1409 'vii^/pro
pabulo equi M. Roberti Lydeford quando visitavit nos tempore nundi-
narum [perhaps on S, Frideswide's day, Oct. 19], xxc? circa eundem
M. Robertum quando iantatus fuit nobiscum et pro diversis potacio-
nibus suis in villa et in nundinis, xix^ pro cirothecis et cena datis
eidem, \\\d pro cultellis datis famulo suo, y\d pro coopertoriis ciphorum
eidem ]\L Roberto eciam datis ' ; ' iiii^ circa M. Johannem IMetforde
quando rogavi ipsum ad citandum duos homines de Stevynton ad


instanciam M. Roberti Lideford ' ; summer 141 1 'viii^ ob. pro vino
misso ad M. R. Lydeforde, et pro electuario eidem misso xvid?';
winter 14 12 ' iiii</ pro proclamatione [i.e. by a bedeman, see a. 1404 ;
Murray's Eng. Diet.] facta tempore mortis Lydeford, \\\\d pro conduc-
tione unius equi pro cariagio vestimentorum versus Lokynge, \\\\d pro
cariagio unius olle enee [a copper pot hung over the kitchen fire;
Stapeldon's Reg. 568, Rogers iv. 616] versus Collegium nostrum per
M. R. Lydeford nobis date ' ; summer 14 13 ' Ixj a Johanne Kyngysmyll
in festo Natalis S. Johannis Baptiste in partem solucionis xviii mar-
carum nobis per M. Robertum Lydeford legatarum.' John Lydford,
archdeacon of Totnes, d. 1407, Computus autumn 1398, autumn

Thomas Carey, dev. 1365 ; R. of Kilkhampton, Cornwall 8 Sep.
1382; his bequest of one mark M'as received summer 1393, and
another sum winter 1393, when he is called 'Canon of Exeter';
d. before 1395.

John Tremayne, corn., occurs winter 1365 ; Monast. Exon. 308.

Robert Scharschille, or Scharishill, sar., occurs winter 1365.

John Giffard, dev. in winter 1365.

John Fisstorne (.? Fisserton in Bishop's Tawton), dev. 1366. In
Old List.

Luke Helland, corn. 1366 ; a John Helond is mentioned in

John Swyndon, sar. 1367, ? already fellow in autumn 1365;
Fellow of Merton 1368, Brodrick 214.

William Franke, Sar. 1370, vac. 27 Mch 1372 ; M.A., Rector
1370-71, senior fellow by 26 Oct. 1371 (.-' therefore fellow before
1362); Fellow of Queen's 1371, expelled 1379 by the Archbishop of
York; Gutch i. 496, iii. 146; Statutes iii. App. pp. 33, 34; ? R. of
Broughton, Wilts 1400, res. 1407. Phillipps i. 87, 95, Hutchins i.
585-6, 594, W. Antiq. i. 136.

John More, Dev. 1370 to autumn 1376; M.A., Rector 1374-75;
R. of S. Petrock's, Exeter; his will is mentioned winter 1386; gave
£20 towards building the Library. Another John More was pre-
sented by the College to Wittenham, and is mentioned in the
Computi autumn 1381 to 1398. Lent 1374 'xxj Johanni More pro
expensis suis quando fuit in negociis domus tempore Willelmi Frank
et pro pensione sua que fuit a retro tempore Johannis Dagenet.'
Brodrick 210, Stafford's Reg. 259.

John Dagenet, dev. 1371 ; M.A., Rector 1371-72.


Martin Archdeacon or Ercedekne or L'erchdeken, Corn, summer
1372 to 1374; (7 s. of Sir John and Cecily, R. L C. ix. 430, 435;)
M.A., rented a school of the College 1379-81, mentioned summer
1391. Brantingham's Reg. 15 July 1379 'Londoniis, magister
Martinus Lercedeakne rector de Lanyhorne habuit licenciam de
studendo, iuxta capitulum Cu?n ex eo, per biennium'; R. of Radipole,
Dorset, res. 1422; Hutchins ii. 483; Stafford's Reg. 2 June 1410
leave of absence to Martin Lercedekne M.A. R. of Mawgan in
Keyryer, ' in decretis licenciatus,' for a year, to reside as Canon at
Exeter; and a licence to preach in Latin or English; Roger Martin
was adm. to Mawgan 5 May 1433, ^^c. by death of Martin Lercedekne,
pres. by Thomas (? Whalesborough) ; Maclean iii. 257, 259, 275;
R. of Georgeham 15 July 1422, patron for this turn Sir Henry

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