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I Classics 1855, 4 Mod. Hist. 1856, B.A. 22 May 1S56 ; el. 1857, vac.
by m. 25 July 1 865 Mary Elizabeth d. of Peter Aubertin R. of Chipstead,
Surrey; M.A. 3 June 1858, barrister L. I. 1863, Examiner in the
Education Office, London 1865-84, assist. Secretary 1884.

Thomas Erskine Holland (i s. Thomas Agar, R. of Poynings,
Sussex, by Madalena d. of Major Philip Stewart), b. Brighton 17 July
1835, ed. Brighton Coll., M. Balliol 23 Mch 1854, Demy of Magdalen
25 July 1855; 2 Classics Mod. 1856, i Classics 1858, B.A. 10 June
1858; el. 1859, vac. by m. 12 Aug. 1871 Louise Henriette d. of M.
Jean de Lessert, she d. 1891 ; M.A. 14 June i860, B.C.L. 187 1,
D.C.L. 1876 ; English Essay i860, barrister L. I. 26 Jan. 1863; Law
Examiner 1868, 1873-75, 1880-2 &c., in Univ. of London 1871-5,
for Inns of Court 1878-81 ; Vinerian Reader in English Law 22 I\Ich
1874, Chichele Professor of International Law 28 July 1874 ; Fellow
of All Souls 30 Oct. 1875, Assessor of the Chancellor's Court 1876;
Associ^ de I'lnstitut de Droit International 1875, member 1878;
Knight (afterwards Officer) of Order of Crown of Italy Oct. 1876;
hon. LL.D. of Universities of Glasgow 1884, of Bologna 1888, hon.
member of Univ. of S. Petersburgh 1887, of Juridical Society of
Berlin 1890, hon. D.C.L. Dublin 1892 ; wrote An Ussaj- on Composi-
tio7i Deeds 1864; A Plan for the Formal Ainendmait of the Laiv of
England 1867; Essays upon llie P\wm of the J.au) 1870: Tht


histiitites of Justinian^ edited as a recension of the Institutes of Gains,
1873, ed. 2 1881 ; Albericus Gentilis, ayi Inaugural Lecture 1874;

tr a dot to da Aurelio Saffi 1884; The Brussels Conference of

1874 and other diplomatic attempts to mitigate the rigour of warfare
1876; The Treaty Relations of Russia and Turkey 1774 to 1853,
with an Appendix of Treaties 1877; Alberici Gentilis de lure Belli
Libri Tres 1877 ; Select Titles from the Digest of fustiyiian edited, with
C. L. Shadwell, 1 874-1 881 ; The Elements of furisprudence 1880, ed.
5 1890; The European Concert in the Easter 71 Question, a Collection of
Treaties and other Public Acts, edited, with introductions and notes
1885; A Manual of N'aval Prize Laiv, issued by authority of the
Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty 1888.

Charles Edward Hammond, (is. Thomas John major E. L C,
d. 1878, by Anne d. of Dawson Warren V. of Edmonton), b. Walcot,
Bath 24 Jan. 1837, ed. Sherborne, M. BalHol 8 Dec. 1854, el. Symes
scholar Ex. Coll. same day, i Classics and i Math. jNIod. 1857, 3 Classics
and I Math. 1858, B.A. 17 Dec. 1858, el. 1859, vac. by m. 3 July
1873 Florence Jane d. of George Stallard V. of East Grafton; M.A.
10 Ap. 1 86 1, Math. IVIoderator 1862-63, Proctor 1867, Bursar 1869-
82, Master of the Schools 1875-6, precentor of Keble 1876-9, Pass
Moderator 1880-1, Chaplain of Oxford Penitentiary 1870-82, pres. by
College to Wootton, Northants 1882, to Menheniot 1887, R.D. of East
1889; wrote Outlines of Textual Criticism applied to the New Testament
1872, Liturgies Eastern and Western 1878, and Appendix {Ancient
Liturgy of Antioch) 1879.

William Walrond Jackson (i s. William Walrond, Bishop of
Antigua, by Mary Shepherd d. of Conrade Pile of Barbados), b. Port
of Spain, Trinidad 17 May 1838, ed. Codrington College, Barbados,
M. Balliol 8 Ap. 1856, i Classics Mod. 1858, 2 Classics i860, B.A.
14 June i860; el. 1863, ]\LA. 10 Oct. 1863, B. and D.D. 28 Ap.
1892; Master of the Schools 1865, el. Proctor 1872 by Balliol;
Classical Moderator 1874-75; Select Preacher 1880; Censor of
Unattached Students 1883; Tutor Ex. Coll. 1864, Hebrew Lecturer
1869-78, Subrector 1878, el. Rector 15 Ap. 1887; translated a volume
of Ranke's History of England for the Clarendoij Press ; m. S. Mary's
Bryanston Sq., London 13 Sep. 1887 Amelia o. child of Francis
WilHam Staines of S. Leonard's, and widow of Augustus Burke
Shepherd of Brasenose M.D.

Ingram Bywater (o. s. John Ingram, by Emma Marshall), b.
Islington 27 June 1840, ed. Univ. Coll., and King's Coll. schs. London,



M. Queen's 7 Oct. 1858, Taberdar 1858-63, i Classics I\Iod. i860,

1 Classics and hon. 4 Math. 1862, B.A. 4 Dec. 1862, librarian Oxf.
Union Soc. 1863 ; el. 1863, vac. by m, 19 Aug. 1885 Charlotte i d. of
Charles John Cornish, widow of Hans William Sotheby, fellow 1851 ;
re-elected 1885, and 1889; M.A. 19 Ap. 1865, Pass JNIoderator 1868,
Proproctor 1872, Proctor 1873, Classical Examiner 1874-5, 1881,
Curator of Taylor Institution 1878-85, Delegate of Press 1879, Sub-
librarian of Bodleian 1879-80, Curator of Bodleian 1884, University
Reader in Greek 26 Oct. 1883, re-elected i888 ; corresponding
member of Royal Prussian Acad, of Sciences 1887; hon. D. Litt.,
Dublin 1892; published Heracliti Ephesii Reliquiae 1877, Prisciani
Lydi quae ^.r/a«/ Berlin 1886, Aristotelis Ethica Nicoinachea Oxford
1890, Textual Criticism of the Nico7nachean Ethics Oxford 1892;
printed for private circulation 1878 sixty copies of a Gnomologiui7i
Baroccia7ium, and 1879-80 two specimens of a projected edition of
Diogenes Laertius : contributor to Journal of Philology, Hermes,
Rheinisches Museum, and Archiv f. Gesch. der Philosophic.

Charles James Coverly Price (2 s. Henry, by Mary Ann o. d. of
William Wallace), b. S. Martin's, Ludgate 17 Jan. 1838, ed. Tiverton,
M. Balliol 16 Oct. 1856, scholar; i Math. Mod. 1858, i Math, and i
Nat. Sci. i860, Johnson Mathematical Scholar 1861, B.A. 7 Feb.
1 86 1, M.A. 30 June 1864; el. 1864, vac. by m. 3 Aug. 1881 Sarah
Octavia 3 d. of late Thomas Edward Scott J. P. of Carbrooke,
Norfolk; re-elected for 7 years 30 June 1882, and again from 30
June 1889; Math. Moderator 1866-7, 1871, 1873-4, 1880, 1887,
Math. Examiner 1877, Examiner for Univ. Math. Schol. 1869, 1871 ;
wrote Triliiiear Coordinates 1865.

Henry Walter Moore (i s. John Walter, scholar 1833, by Frances
Marianne); M. Merton 9 July 1859 age 17, postmaster 1860-4,

2 Classics Mod. 1861, 2 Classics 1863; el. 1864, B.A. 10 Oct. 1864,
M.A. 28 June 1866, d. 4 Oct. 1866 of fever at Hordley Rectory,
Salop; Gent. Mag. 1866 ii. 703.

Paul Ferdinand Willert (o. s. Paul Ferdinand, d. 1879, by Susan
Preston d. of Thomas Hanway Beale), b. Chetham, Manchester 29
May 1844, ed. Eton 1859, M. Balliol 20 Oct. 1862, scholar of Corpus
1864-7, Taylorian scholar 1863; 2 Classics Mod. 1864, i Classics
1866, B.A. 21 Feb. 1867, el. i July 1867, vac. by m. Adel, near Leeds
5 July 1 88 1 Henrietta d. of John Crofts ; re-elected for 5 years 30 June
1882, and again 1887 ; his d. Dorothy bap. in the Chapel 20 Mch
.1886; IM.A. 22 Ap. 1869, barrister l.T. 1870, Assist. I\Iastcr at


Eton; repeatedly Examiner; Dean to 1892, Tutor; wrote The Reign
of Lewis XI 1876, Hc7iri /F 1893.

George Nutt (i s. George, V. of Shaw and Whidey, Wilts), b.
Erlestoke, Wilts 12 Jan. 1846, ed. Winchester 1858, M. New Coll.
14 Oct. 1864, scholar 1864-9, proxime for Hertford 1865, i Classics
Mod. 1866, Gaisford prize for verse 1866, i Classics 1868, Craven
Scholar 1869, B.A. 4 Feb. 1869; el. 1869, vac. by m. Weston-super-
mare 26 July 1877 Diana Elizabeth d. of late Francis Reynolds arch-
deacon of Bombay; classical lecturer 1869, M.A. 22 June 1871,
Master at Cheltenham 1870-4, at Rugby 1874.

Henry Francis Pelham (i s. John Thomas, bishop of Norwich, by
Henrietta Tatton), b. Bergh Apton, Norfolk 19 Sep. 1846, ed. Harrow
1860-4, M. Trinity 22 Ap. 1865, scholar 1865-69; i Classics INIod.
1866, I Classics 1869, B.A, 17 June 1869; ^^- 1869, vac. by m. 30
July 1873 Laura Priscilla 3 d. of Sir Edward North Buxton; re-elected
for 7 years 30 June 1882, and for 5 years 1889, tutor 1882-9,
University Reader in Ancient Hist. 28 May 1887, vac. fellowship by
being el. Camden Professor of Ancient History 29 Oct. 1889, and
fellow of Brasenose; English Essay 1870, M.A. 7 Mch 1872, Proctor
1879, Member of Hebdomadal Council 1881-7; Classical Examiner
1878, 1881, 1884; Curator of the Parks 1879, of University Galleries
1885, of Bodleian 1892 : F.S.A. 1890; a governor of Harrow; wrote
in Encycl. Brit. ed. 9, articles Roman History, Livy, Polybius, Nero,
Otho, Nerva; in Diet. Ant. ed. 2, Princeps, Principatiis, Senatus; The
Imperial Do77iains and the Colonate 1892, Outlines of Roman History,

Arthur Edward Donkin (2 s. Prof. William Fishburn), b. S. Peter's
Port, Guernsey 19 July 1847, ed. Eton, M. Univ. Coll. 14 Ap. 1866
age 18, scholar, i Math. Mod. 1867, i Math. 1869, B.A. 17 June
1869 ; el. 1870, vac. by m. 22 Dec. 1875 Mary Florence d. of Bridges
Taylor and granddaughter of Sir Hugh Halkett; M.A. 28 Nov. 1872,
tutor Keble 1874-5, Math. Master at Rugby 1875 and Housemaster

Edwin Ray Lankester (s. Edwin I\I.D. of London, by Phebe
Pope), b, 15 May 1847, ed. S. Paul's sch. 1858, minor scholar of
Downing, Camb. 1864; junior student of Ch. Ch. 1866, i Phys.
1868, B.A. 5 Nov. 1868; Burdett-Coutts scholar 1869, Radcliffe
Travelling Fellow 1870; el. 1872, under special statute as Teacher of
Biology, vac, by lapse of time 2 May 1879; hon. fellow 1889; M.A.
6 July 1872, F.R.S. 3 June 1874; Royal medallist of the Royal


Society 1885; Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy in
University College, London ; Deputy Linacre Professor (in Moseley's
place) June 1890, Professor Dec. 1891 and fellow of Merton; edited
transl. of Haccket s History of Creation 2 vols., and of Gegenbaur s
Comparative Anatomy; published monograph on the Cephalaspidian
Fishes for Palaeontographical Society; in 1890 The Advancement of
Science, occasional Essays a7id Addresses; and Zoological Articles (from
Encycl. Brit. ed. 9) ; for numerous papers see Catalogue of Scientific
Papers published by the Royal Society. From 1870 he has edited
the Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science.

Henry Broadbent (i s. John, surgeon, by Alice Sophia d. of
Thomas Smith Woolley), b. South Collingham, Notts 8 Feb. 1852,
ed. Newark, M. 29 Jan. 1870, scholar 1869; el. 2 Feb. 1869 under
special statute, full Fellow 1874; i Classics Mod. 1871, i Classics
1874: Ireland scholar 1873, Craven scholar 1874, Derby scholar
1875, Latin Essay 1875; B.A. 18 June 1874, i\I.A. 3 June 1876;
IMaster at Eton 1876, m. Sessay, Yorks. 28 Ap. 1886 Alice Jane i d.
of George Richard Dupuis R. of Sessay.

Henry Nottidge Moseley (i s. Henry, F.R.S., V. of Olveston and
canon of Bristol, by Harriet Nottidge), b. Wandsworth 14 Nov. 1844,
ed. Harrow, M. 2 Feb. 1864, el. 1876 under special statute to a fellow-
ship for Physical Science; i Phys. 1868, B.A. 18 June 1868, M.A.
6 July 1872 ; Radcliffe Travelling Fellow 1869, Member of the Eclipse
E.xhibition to Ceylon 1871, Naturalist to the Challenger Expedition
1872-6, on which he published 'Notes' 1879, cd. 2 1892 (with
memoir by Gilbert Charles Bourne of New Coll.); F.R.S. 7 June 1877,
Croonian Lecturer to the Royal Society 1878; Deputy Registrar
of London University 1879-81 ; m. S. George's Hanover Sq. 24 Feb.
1 88 1 Amabel Nevill y. d. of J. Gwyn Jeffreys LL.D., of Ware Priory;
Linacre Professor of Anatomy Oxford 25 Nov. 1881 and fellow of
jNIerton June 1882, d. Clevedon 10 Nov. 1891; for his papers see
Philosophical Transactions, Quarterly Journal of IMicroscopical Science,
Journal of Anthropological Institute, Annals and Mag. of Nat. Hist.
Transactions of Linnean Society; he also wrote a small work on
Oregon 1878; Nat. Biog. An etching of him is in the Common

Lewis Richard Farnell (2 s. John Wilson, by Harriet d. of John
Prilchard), b. Salisbury 19 Jan. 1856, ed. City of London sch., M. 17
Oct. 1874, I Classics Mod. 1875, 1 Classics 1878, B.A. 10 Oct. 1878,
M.A. 10 Oct. 1881; el. 1880, subrcctor 1883-93, tutor 1884, dean


1893; curator of Univ. Galleries; m. S. Peter's, Cranky Gardens,
London 29 June 1893 Sylvia y. d. of capt. Christopher Baldock
Cardew, of E. Liss, Hants, by Eliza Jane i d. of Lord Westbury, b. 1 4
Jan. 1872 ; wrote on The Religion of the Greek States.

William Mitchell Ramsay (3 s. Thomas, by Jane d. of William
Mitchell of Alloa), b. Glasgow 15 Mch 1851, ed. Alloa, and Aberdeen
Univ., M. S. John's 12 Oct. 1872, scholar 1872-77, i Classics Mod.
1874, I Classics 1876, B.A. 1879; el. 1882 under conditions of
archaeological research, M.A. 23 Oct. 1884; Lincoln Professor of
Archaeology and fellow 7 Feb. 1885, Prof, of Humanity at Aberdeen
1886; m. 28 Oct. 1878 Agnes Dick d. of Rev. William Marshall of
Kirkintilloch ; he described his repeated journies to Asia Minor in the
Journal of Hellenic Studies and other archaeological journals, and On
the early historical relations between Phrygia atid Cappadocia 1883, The
historical geography of Asia Minor 1890 (R. Geog. Soc. Suppl. Papers
vol. iv), The Church in the Roman Empire before a. D. 170, 1893.

William Sanday (is. William, by Elizabeth d. of George Mann of
Scawsby, Doncaster), b. Holme Pierrepont, Notts i Aug. 1843, ed.
Repton, M. Balliol i Feb. 1862, scholar of Corpus 1863-6, i Classics
Mod. 1863, I Classics 1865, B.A. 1866, fellow of Trinity 1866-74,
president Oxf. Union Soc. 1867, M.A. 1868, lecturer in Theology
1875-6; Tutorial fellow Ex. Coll. for 5 years 6 July 1883, re-elected
30 June 1888 ; Ireland Professor of Exegesis 1882, Bampton Lecturer
1893; V. of Great Waltham, Essex 1872-3, R. of Barton on the
Heath, Warwicks. 1873-6, Principal of Hatfield Hall, Durham,
1876-83; Theol. Examiner Oxf. 1876-7, Exam, chaplain to Bishop
of Durham 1879-81, Select Preacher Camb. 1880, Whitehall Preacher
1889 ; D.D. Edinburgh 1877, Durham 1882, hon. LL.D. Dublin 1887 ;
m. 10 July 1877 INIarian Charlotte Amelia i d. of Warren Hastings
Woodman Hastings, J. P. of Twyring, Tewkesbury, grandson of only
sister of Warren Hastings; wrote Authorship and Historical Character
of the Fourth Gospel 1872, The Gospels in the Second Century 1876,
Romans and Galatians (in Ellicott's Commentary) 1878, joint editor
of Variorum Bible 1880-9, joint editor (with Bishop of Salisbury) of
Old Latin Biblical Texts, ii. 1886.

Archibald Barwell How (2 s. William, by Louisa d. of Rev. R.
Ardill), b. London 29 Mch i860. King's scholar Eton 1872-9, M.
15 Oct. 1879, scholar 1879-84, 2 Classics Mod. 1880, i Classics
1883, B.A. 10 Oct. 1883, M.A. 28 Ap. 1886; lecturer 1884, Tutorial
fellow 1886, dean to 1892, bursar 1892.


William Walrond Jackson (Fellow 1863), el. Rector 15 Ap.

Charles Henry Roberts (i s. Albert James, of Tidebrook, Sussex,
by Ellen d. of Rev. H. R. Wace), b. Tidebrook 22 Aug. 1865, ed.
Marlborough, M. Balliol 15 Oct. 1884, scholar, i Classics Mod. 1886,
I Classics 1888, 2 Hist. 1889, B.A. 1890; Tutorial fellow Ex. Coll.
17 Mch 1890, I\LA. 1892, vac. by m. Lanercost 7 Ap. 1891 Lady
Cecilia Howard 2 d. of Earl of Carlisle ; lecturer at Balliol 1893.

Robert Ranulph Marett (o. s. Sir Robert Pipon Marett, Bailiff of
Jersey), b. S. Brelade 13 June 1866, ed. Victoria Coll., M. Balliol 22
Jan. 1885, senior exhibitioner 1884, at Inner Temple 1885, i Classics
Mod. 1886, mentioned for the Hertford 1886; Latin Verse 1887,
I Classics 1888, B.A. 1889; proxime for English Essay 1889; Tutorial
fellow Ex. Coll. 1891, ^LA. i89i,Dean 1892-3, Subrector 1893; Green
Essay 1893.

Honorary Fellows.

Besides six ex -fellows. Lord Coleridge, Jas. A. Froude, W. Ince,
Bishop Ridding, Edwin Ray Lankester, H. Fanshawe Tozer, these

Edward Coley Burne Jones (o. s. Edward Richard), b. S. Philip's,
Birmingham Aug. 1833, ed. King Edward's sch., M. 2 June 1852,
D.C.L. 22 June 1881, hon. Fellow 1882, A.R.A. 1885, res. 1893;
President of Royal Birmingham Society of Artists 1885. Dublin Univ.
I\Iag. xciv. 40 (portrait). Edward Burne Jones, a Record ajid Review,
with 100 illustrations, by Malcolm Bell 1892. He painted for the
Chapel a picture of the Visit of the Magi, which has been executed in
tapestry by William Morris; resides The Grange, W. Kensington
Road, London W.

William INIorris (i s. late William, d. 1884), b. S. John's, Wallham-
stow, Essex 24 Mch 1834, ed. Marlborough, M. 2 June 1852, B.A.
1856, M.A. 1875, poet and artist, hon. Fellow 1882; resides Kelmscot
house. Upper Mall, Hammersmith.

Frederick Temple (3 s. Octavius, by Dorcas Carveth), b. Santa
Maura, Ionian Islands 30 Nov. 1821, ed. Tiverton, M. Balliol 12 Oct.
1838, I Classics and i Math. 1842, B.A. 18 May 1842, fellow 1842-8,
M.A. II Mch 1847, B. and D.D. 1858; bishop of Exeter 1869-85, of
London 1885, hon. Fellow 24 Ap. 1885; Coll. Corn. 975.

Adolf Neubauer, b. 13 Mch 1832, ed. Univ. Munich, Sul)librarian
of Bodleian 1873, M.A. Ex. Coil, by di[)loma 18 Feb. 1873, hon.
I'Yllow 1890; Reader in Rabbinical Literature 1S84, I). Pliil. Leipzig,




Hon. D. Phil. Heidelberg 1890, Member of the Academia de I'historia
Madrid; wrote Hist, of Hebrew Geography in French 1862, Aus der
Petershurger Bibliothek in German 1866, Hist, of the Karaites; La
Ge'ographie (hi Talmud (couronn^ par I'Acaddmie des Inscriptions)
1868, The Earliest Samaritan Chronicle with an Arabic and a French
iranslatiofi i^^j 2, fewish Interpretation of ^■^ Isaiah, (i) texts, Hebrew,
Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Portuguese, (2) Dr. Driver's translation 1876,
Rabbins Fran^ais du xiii Siccle (Hist. Litt. de la France 27) 1876,
I'obit Chaldce text, Clarendon Press 1878, Abul Walid's Hebrew
Dictionary in Arabic (book of roots) Clar. Press 1876, Catalogue of
Hebrew MSS. in Bodleian with Palacographical Atlas 1886, fewish
Mediaeval Chronicle (Anecdota Oxoniensia) 1889; Contributions to
Studia Biblica (i) Language of the fews in the time of Christ; (2)
Headings and Authorship of the Psalms; (3) On the square character
introduced in the place of the Aramaic character, and the history of the
earliest Hebrew MSS. of the Bible ; The feivs in Oxford (O. H. Soc,
Collectanea ii) 1890.


1566 John Neale
1570 Robert Newton
1578 Thomas Glasier
1592 Thomas Holland
1612 John Prideaux
1642 George Hakewill
1649 John Conant
1662 Joseph Maynard
1666 Arthur Bury
1690 William Paynter
1716 Matthew Hole
1730 John Conybeare

1733 Joseph At^Vell

1737 James Edgcumbe

1750 Francis Webber

1771 Thomas Bray

1785 Thomas Stinton

1797 Henry Richards

1808 John Cole

iBig John Collier Jones

1838 Joseph Loscombe Richards

1854 John Prideaux Lightfoot

1887 William Walrond Jackson



Scholar originally meant Fellow. Scholars in the modern sense do
not occur till a late period (Shadwell's Reg. Orielense, pref.). We find
exhibitioners perhaps earlier. A bible clerk is mentioned in 1403,
1529, and 1621.

Sir John Acland, besides contributing to the New Hall, gave £16
a year to two scholars at the College, Izacke's Register 1736 p. n ;
and William Jesse, fellow 1639, is called pensionarius Aclandianus in

Robert Vilvaine, fellow, founded in 1637 4 exhibitions of £32 each
yearly, to be paid through the Rector and Subrector ; 2 from the High
School and 2 from the Free Grammar School at Exeter, to be held for
7 years during residence without other preferment.

On 20 June 1877, in reply to the Visitor, the College did not oppose
the Acland Exhibitions being made tenable at any University or other
place of higher education ; but, if the exhibitioner should come to
Oxford, required that he should enter at Exeter College. It took no
action as to the Vilvaine Exhibitions.

In 1622 (State Papers 27 Sep.) Thomas Stevens' sister was to pay
£330 for her husband's legacies, viz. £100 to maintain poor scholars
at Exeter College, £100 to the University Library, £100 to S. Michael's,
where his son lay buried, £20 for a scaffold for scholars in that church,
£10 to Dr. Prideaux.

Samuel Hill in 1634 gave £100, to relieve poor scholars and
servitors, including at least 2 from Devon and 2 from Cornwall, by
gifts of 30 shillings a year; Gutch iii. 106.

Robert Michell founded by will, 28 Mch 1641, an exhibition for
which he gave the rent of 6 acres called Wild Arish in Withecombe
Raleigh, ' the profits to be divided at Michaelmas among such poor
scholars of the College as be servitors and apply themsch'cs to the
study of divinity.'

John Darell or Darrell, s. Edward of West Retford, Notts, M. Lincoln

1 The letters B.C., Ch. I., Exh., Hist., Nat. Sci.. Nat. Sci. l',xh., Org., Stap.,
stand respectively for Bible Clerk, Channel Islands, Open I'^xhibition, Modern
History, Natural Science, Natural Science Kxbibition, Organist, Stapcldon; O. after
anolhei symbul means ' Opcn/zv? Iiac vice.'


24 Nov. 1637 age 16, B.A. 3 July 1641. He founded by will, dated
11 Nov. 1664, 'out of the lands which he himself had purchased,' an
exhibition for ' some ingenious scholar whose father hath not above
£30 per annum in land or estate, to be chosen out of Lincolnshire and
Notts, upon the election of the Master of Retford Hospital [now the
Subdean of Lincoln] and the Archdeacon of Nottingham, the same
scholar to be admitted and educated in Exeter College, Oxford' ; it is
for Lincoln and Notts alternately ; the property is quite distinct from
the property of Retford Hospital, see Reg. 15 May 1793. It was long
before the property was so applied. The first exhibitioner noticed is
in 1705. The present rental is £75 io.r., chiefly from 6 houses in
a court at Retford, and a few acres of land in W. Retford parish.

Meriel Symes of Barwick, Som., y. d. of Sir John Horner of INIells,
Som. by Ann Speke, b. 1635, d. 1717 (Misc. Gen. 1882 iv. 163),
widow of Thomas Symes and mother of John Symes (who d. 6 July
1687 age 20, and was buried in the south aisle of the College Chapel),
founded an exhibition for the maintenance of a poor scholar at Exeter
College by deed dated 7 Nov. 17 10; open to members of the College
being of the kindred of John Symes, or, in default of such, to poor
scholars born in Somerset or Dorset ; in default of such, to natives of
those counties at any other College ; in default of such, to any poor
scholar of Exeter College ; the scholar must be examined touching his
learning and abilities, and must intend to study divinity, and may hold
the scholarship for eight years, unless otherwise provided for, but
must reside without being absent above forty days in any one year,
except in case of sickness, and even then the Rector must approve the
cause of his absence ; each scholar is to have the sums accruing during
a previous vacancy, but, if the scholar becomes a Fellow of any
College, he receives half the sums accruing during his year of proba-
tion, the other half going to the College Treasury. But if the scholar
at the end of five years is not able to render any chapter of the Greek
Testament into Latin and also any chapter in the Hebrew Pentateuch
(upon examination by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, or some one
appointed by him), the scholarship shall be void. The College may
make leases of the lands for 2 1 years, but it must be at the full value
&c. Meriel's own kin, the Homers, were included (see the Horner
pedigree in Hutchins ii. 667) ; and, as her sister Ann married John
Harington of Kelston near Bath, the Haringtons were admitted,
though John Harington seems to have only had a daughter Ann
(who married Sir Robert Chaplyn) by Ann Horner, and the rest of


his children were by his three other wives, I\Iisc. Gen. 1881 p. 23.
Meriel (who d. 30 Mch 181 3 age 78), great granddaughter of iMeriel
Symes' brother Sir George Horner, married John Williams of
Herringstone, and their granddaughter Elizabeth Williams married
R. A. Burney, which admitted the Burneys. IMeriel Symes herself
named the first scholar; the land she gave consisted of three
undivided parts in ten of Norwood Park called Shortwood, a mile
from Glastonbury, containing by estimate 142 acres, together with
the tithes thereof. The scholarship is now held for 5 years (since
1875), and is divided into two.

John Reynolds, i s. of John Reynolds (d. 1692), and uncle of Sir
Joshua Reynolds, b. 9 July 1671, fellow of King's Camb., B.D. Oxford
7 Oct. 1 718, Master of Exeter sch, 1713-33, fellow of Eton 1734,
canon of Exeter 1743, d. 27 June 1758, his will is dated 27 Feb.
1756, W. Antiq. iv. 24, v. 113. He founded 6 exhibitions, 3 from
Eton, and 3 from Exeter School, nominated alternately by the Chapter
and Chamber of Exeter, tenable till the holders were 24 : the words
of his will are ' that are designed for Clergymen to complete their
education at Exeter College, preferably to all others if they can be

Online LibraryExeter College (University of Oxford)Registrum Collegii exoniensis. Register of the rectors, fellows, and other members on the foundation of Exeter college, Oxford. With a history of the college and illustrative documents → online text (page 40 of 61)