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Open 21 Jan. 1889, M. 16 Oct. 1889, 2 Math. Mod. 1891, 2 Math.
1893, B.A. 8 July 1893, Phillpotts exhibitioner 1893.

George Alfred Travers Nettleton (2 s. Harry Thomas, R.N.,
M.C.R.S., by Julia Louisa Browne), b. Weymouth 30 Mch 1871, ed.
Merchant Taylors, Michell 21 Jan. 1889, M. 16 Oct. 1889, 2 Classics
Mod. 1891, 2 Theol. 1893, B.A. 31 July 1893.


William George Cruft (o. s. William John, V. of Edwalton, Notts.,
by Mary d. of Thomas Steel), b. Nottingham 7 June 1871, ed. High
sch. Nottingham; Darell, M. 21 Mchi889, Exh. 1891, 2 Theol. 1892,
B.A. 9 July 1892, at S. Stephen's house, Park St., Oxford 1893.

Lewis Jones Roberts (2 s. late Lewis), b. Aberayron, Aberath,
Cardigans. 25 May 1866, ed. S. David's Coll., Lampeter, Hist. 24 June
i88g, M. 7 Dec. 1889, 2 Hist. 1892, master at S. David's sch. 1892.

Walter Hudson (i s. John, by Mary Jane Burrow^s), b. Brierfield,
Lanes. 22 Oct. 1865, ed. Univ. Coll., Liverpool ; Hist. 24 June 1889,
M. 16 Oct. 1889, I Hist. 1892, B.A. 3 Aug. 1892.

Hamilton Rose (i s. John Henry, V. of S. James', Clerkenwell),
b. Islington 28 Sep. 1870, ed. Merchant Taylors ; Symes Oct. 1889,
M. 13 Oct. 1890, Pusey and Ellerton scholar 1893.

John Loveband Langdon Fulford (i s. Rev, John Loveband
Langdon), b. Woodbury, Devon 2 Jan. 187 1, ed. Exeter, named
Reynolds 12 Sep. 1889, M. 16 Oct. 1889, 3 Classics Mod. 1891,
3 Classics 1893, B.A. 31 July 1893.

George Herbert Wippell Mallett (2. s. William George, R. of
S. Mary Major, Exeter), b. Jaunpore, Bengal Feb. 1872, named
Reynolds 12 July 1890, M. 16 Oct. 1890, went to Emmanuel,
Camb. 1892.

Henry Ernest Atkinson (is. Rev. Francis Home), b. Exmoutli
21 July 187 1, ed. Victoria Coll., Jersey, Ch. I. 8 Mch 1890, M.
13 Oct. 1890.

John Herbert Withers (3 s. Rev. Bigland), b. S. Paul's, Bury,
Lanes. 3 June 1872, ed. Bury gr. sch., Open 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct.
1890, 2 Classics ]\Iod. 1892.

Frank Anderson (3 s. William, director general of Ordnance fac-
tories), b. Christchurch, Erith, Kent 22 Nov. 1871, ed. Marlborough,
Open 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct. 1890, 2 Classics Mod. 1892.

Frederick Percival Dixon (is. Percival Ridyard), b. IManchcster
25 July 1 87 1, ed. Manchester gr. sch., Open 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct.
1890, 2 Classics Mod. 1892.

Sydney Charles Gayford (3 s. John), b. Wicken Bonhunt, F^ssex
28 Oct. 1871, ed. Felstead sch.. Open 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct. 1890,
I Classics Mod. 1892.

William Inskip Digby Shuttleworth Read (2 s. William, naval
instructor in H.M.S. Britannia), b. S. Saviour's, Dartmouth 18 Ap.
1871, ed. Tiverton, Stap. 8 Mch 1890, M. 27 May 1890, 2 Classics
Mod. 1892.


John Wilfred Jenkinson {2 s. William Wilbcrforce), b. Norwood,
Surrey 31 Dec. i87i,cd. Bradfield, Carter 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct.
1890, 2 Classics Mod. 1892.

Henry Alban Smith (2 s. Rev. Henry, inspector of schools; and
nephew of P. H. Wilson, see 1852), b. Tattenhall, Cheshire, June 1871,
ed. Rossall, Gifford 8 Mch 1890, M. 13 Oct. 1890, 2 Classics Mod.

Frank Douglas Simpson (3 s. Alexander, advocate), b. Aberdeen
18 Oct. 1870, ed. Aberdeen Univ., Richards 18 Oct. 1890, M. 13 Oct.

1890, fifth in L C. S. Exam. 1893.

Herbert Fuller Bright Compston (4 s. Rev. John), b. Barnsley,
Yorks. 17 Oct. 1866, ed. Ilminster, M. Non-CoU. 13 Oct. 1888, at
Ex. Coll. 16 Oct. 1889, Richards 18 Oct. 1890, i Theol. 1891, B.A.
II July 1 89 1, C. of Totnes 1893.

Frederic William Pearson (is. William), b. Wrenthorpe, Yorks.
28 Mch 1873, ed. Wakefield gr. sch,. Open Jan. 1891, M. 22 Oct.

1891, I Classics Mod. 1893.

Charles Robert Loraine McDowall (is. Charles, D.D., Master of
Highgate sch.; Mod. Eng. Biog.), b. Malvern 9 June 1873, ed. Marl-
borough, Open Jan. 1891, M. 22 Oct. 1891, i Classics Mod. 1893.

Walter Reginald Kirby (2 s. Thomas Frederick, barrister), b.
London 5 Mch 1872, ed. Charterhouse, Open Jan. 1891, M. 3 Nov.
1 89 1, 2 Classics Mod. 1893.

Oswyn Alexander Ruthven Murray (4 s. James Augustus Henry),
b. Hendon, Middlesex 17 Aug. 1873, ed. Oxford high sch., Stap. Jan.
1891, M. 22 Oct. 1 89 1, I Classics Mod. 1893.

John Christian Pringle (2 s. Robert, W.S.), b. Edinburgh 27 Aug.
1872, ed. Winchester, Stap. Jan. 1891, M. 22 Oct. 1891, i Classics
Mod. 1893.

John Hubert Smith (3 s. Rev. John Nathaniel), b. Clapton 2 Ap.
1872, ed. King's sch., Canterbury, Hasker Jan. i8gi, M. 22 Oct,
1891, 2 Classics Mod. 1893.

Edward Hibbert Binney (8 s. Douglas Belcher, R. of Limington,
Ilchester), b. Clifton Hampden, Oxon 26 Oct. 1874, ed. Charterhouse,
How Jan. 1891, M. 22 Oct. 1891, 2 Classics Mod. 1893.

John Francis Gore Little (is. Major Francis Gore, R.A., Chief
Constable of Preston), b. Leitrim 8 Jan. 1872, ed. Magdalen Coll.
sch., M. Trinity Oct. 1890; Richards Jan. 1891, 2 Classics Mod.

David Thomas (3 s. Jenkin, insurance agent), b. Ystalyfera, Gla-


morgans. 15 Mch 1873, ed. Llandovery, Open Jan. 1891, M. 22 Oct.
1891, 2 Math. Mod. 1893.

Walter Aubin Le Rossignol (is. John Mauger, governor H.I\L
prison, Jersey), b. S. Helier's, Jersey 3 Ap. 1873, ed. Victoria Coll.,
Jersey, Ch. I. Feb. 1891, M. 22 Oct. 1891, ist selected candidate LC.S.

Godfrey IMohun Carey (3 s. Thomas Godfrey, solicitor), b.
S. Peter's Port, Guernsey 17 Aug. 1872, ed. Sherborne, Ch. I. Feb.

1891, M. 22 Oct. 1 89 1, in University Rugby Union football fifteen,
3 Classics Mod. 1893.

Sydney Harcourt Dunsford Holton (3 s. late Francis, Surgeon -
General), b. Kingstown, Dublin 7 Dec. 1869, ed. Bradfield, Hist.
30 May 1891, M. 22 Oct. 1891, 2 Classics Mod. 1893.

William Thomas Webb Baker (i s. Henry Laurence, solicitor), b.
Abergavenny 6 Dec. 1873, ed. Rugby, Open 23 Jan. 1892, M.
18 Oct. 1892.

Victor Edwin Grove Hussey (i s. John Eraser, I\LR.C.S., of Dor-
chester, Dorset), b. Melcombe Regis, Dorset 16 June 1873, ed.
S. Paul's sch., W. Kensington, Open 23 Jan. 1892, M. 18 Oct. 1892.

Alfred Edmund Lynam (7 s. Charles, architect), b. Stoke-on-
Trent 27 Mch 1873, ed. Rossall, Open 23 Jan. 1892, M. 18 Oct. 1892.

Sidney Robert Hignell (2 s. Thomas Evans, of Keynsham, Bristol),
b. Thornbury, Glouc, 3 June 1873, ed. INIalvern Coll., Open 23 Jan.

1892, M. 18 Oct. 1892.

John Hall Barron (s. late David James), b. Inverurie, Aberdeensh.
15 Ap. 1873, ed. Aberdeen Univ., Stap. O. 23 Jan. 1892, M. i8 Oct.

Edward Arthur Selby-Lowndes (o. s. late capt. William
Seymour Selby, of S. IMargaret's, Westminster), b. Paddington 22
May 1873, ed. Merchant Taylors, Hasker 23 Jan. 1892, M. 18 Oct.
1892, Pusey and Ellerton sch. 1892.

Ernest Cleave (4 s. William Oke, LL.D., R. of Graveley, Hunts),
b. S. Helier's, Jersey 27 IMay 1873, ed. S. John's sch. Leatherhead ;
Ch. I Feb. 1892, M. 18 Oct. 1892.

Benwell Harold Bird (i s. Rev. Benwcll, Wesleyan minister),
b. Birmingham 28 June 1872, ed. Plymouth Coll., M. 13 Oct. 1890,
2 Classics Mod. 1892, Exh. 18 June 1892.

Percival Robert Nepean Carleton (i s. major William Henry),
b. Londonderry 25 Feb. 1874, cd. Tiverton, Stap. 5 Nov. 1892, M.
17 Oct. 1893.


Frederick John Richards (i s. John Ward, cashier L. and Westm.
bank), b. Stoke Ncwington, London N., 26 June 1875, ed. Merchant
Taylors, Open Jan. 1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Wilmot Peregrine INL^iUand Russell (3 s. capt. Theodosius Stuart,
chief Constable W. Riding, Yorks.), b. Rochdale 6 June 1874,
ed. Rugby, Open Jan. 1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Edward Stuart Mills, (3 s. Robert John), b. S. Sidwell's, Exeter
30 Ap. 1874, ed. Exeter, Open Jan. 1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Oswald Addenbrooke Holden (2 s. Oswald INIangin, V. of Gailey,
Staffs.), b. Kingswinford, Staffs. 9 Ap. 1874, ed, Rossall, Open Jan.
1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Lewis Albert Abbott (r s. Lewis Lowe, metal merchant), b.
Chicago, Illinois 8 June 1874, ed. Uppingham, Ex. IMch 1893, M.
17 Oct. 1893.

Ernest William Harry Parker (o. s. Samuel Compign^, by Emma
Charlotte Giles), b. Camden Town 24 July 1874, ed. King's Coll.
sch. London, Hist. Exh. 28 Ap. 1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Francis Colmer (is. John William, merchant, by Mary Scudamore
d. of William Taylor), b. Bayswater 22 Oct. 1873, ed. IMerchant
Taylors, Hist. Exh. 28 Ap. 1893, M. 17 Oct. 1893.

Reginald William Dawson Stephenson (2 s. Jacob, V. of Forton,
Gosport), b. London 10 Sep. 1874, e Felstead, How May 1893, M.
17 Oct. 1893.



After mentioning Stapeldon, Stafford, Petre, and Charles I, it
enumerates other benefactors ^ of the College as follows (in Latin) : —

Nicolas Goss Chancellor of Exeter, Walter Windsor subdean, and
John Lynden dean of Crediton acquired the rectory of INIenhinnet
for the College, a.d. 1478 ; and the executors of Henry Webber dean
of Exeter, of James Hamlin and of Richard Mounceaux canons gave
£60 for the expenses of the appropriation^.

Nicolas Goss also gave £15 towards buying our Inn (domus
Pandoxatoria) \

Solomon Firstthorp 10 marks.

The executors of Cardinal Bewford 50 marks.

Edward Hawley Bachelor of Decrees 20 marks.

John Harris* bedell of theology 100s. in gold and a tenement in the
Great Baily 2 Ap. 1460.

Thomas Pydington and Alice his wife gave Carole Hall in the Little
Baily 12 Rich. II.

* The older Benefactors' Book gives the following: — 'Exsequiae celebrandae
Benefactomm nonnuUoram nomina ab ea oblivione vindicanint qiiae ipsorum
beneficia obruit, viz., John Pyttys, Robert Lydford, Edmund de la Beche, William
Wellys, John and Baldwin Shillingford canons of Exeter, Thomas Freyma (?) ;
Fulk Bourchier and Elizabeth his wife, Edward Courtenay and Elizabeth his wife,
Halnatheus Maleverer and Joan his wife — the original patrons of Minhinnet ;
William Palmer, Philip Copleston, Thomas Carew and Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth
Cheselden, Walter Lyhert, John Parhous, William Bristow for whose obit John
Harris bedell made provision ; John Goldon priest and sometime fellow gave to
the use of the Masters and Fellows that sang the mass Pretende in divers parcels
(([20, and upon trust to have a cotidian memory of him hereafter nominatim in the
cotidian memento of or in the said cotidian Pretende mass other £20, whereof
£10 2s. 6d. he bestowed upon a chalice of silver to be used at the said Pretende
mass principally — the other yfio to be bestowed to prepare a room for an altar in
the south side of the Chapel for the cotidian mass of Pretende, and hereupon
Mr. Philip Bale Rector, M. Edmond Fletcher, M. Thomas Lake, M. William
Slade, M. John Moxay, M. Bartholomew Michel, M. John White, M. John Bere,
M. John Colyns, M. John Toker, M. John Cunnere, M. Stephen Carsleigh, Sir Euryn
Cocks, Sir Thomas Forde, and .Sir John Pekyns, Masters and Fellows of Exon College
have granted and decreed &c. to register the name &c., sealed 10 May i5-!4.'

^ John Colyforde gave £50, John Lyndon /r2o, N. Gosse and T. Copleston
sojourners each lent £^, to procure letters patent for a mortmain licence.

■' On 9 Feb. 154J our Inn in .S. Giles' was let to Edmund Iryshe for 15 years.

* An attempt was made in 1462 to murder John Harris by Roger Britle of Ex.
Coll., and Laurence his accomplice ; Anstey 6y6 and index.


William Palmer £100 in 1432 to build four chambers west of the
North Tower, and the Tower and Gateway itself, and the Rector's
Lodge adjoining.

Dionysius de Orleigh prior of St. John's at Exeter £40 in 1485.

John Goldon, formerly fellow, £20 in 1524.

Sir William Petre left us £40 by will, and Anna his wife the same,
and their son John £20.

Bishop William Bradbridge collected for us £250 among the
ministers of Devon and Cornwall.

Andrew Scutt of Cheriton Eitzpain in Devon left us £70 by will.

Henry Dotin left us £20.

John Peryam of Exeter, 1616, built the rooms north of the Hall
next the garden for £560.

Sir John Acland gave £800 to build the Hall and beer cellar under-

George Hakewill, Rector, gave £1200 to build the new Chapel
in 1624, and £30 that a sermon might be preached annually on
5 October. To these three buildings the College contributed £600.

Richard Sandis fellow £20.

Robert Vilvain formerly fellow £20.

William Orford fellow £20.

William Helme fellow £20.

Luke Eaton ^ formerly cook 40 shillings annually for ever.

Sir John Maynard £20 to a Praelector of Theology, and £12
to a Praelector of Hebrew, for ever.

George Hall bishop of Chester left us a gold cup and land at
Trethewin in S. German's ^.

Samuel Cosins fellow in 1668 left £120 to buy books for the

Thomas Matthews left £5 to the Library.

John Barbon M.A. 50 shillings to buy silver Patens for the

Richard Eastchurch I\LA. sojourner in this College (1652-59) left
£20 to the Library.

William Paynter, now Rector, gave £100 in 1685.

Thomas Rowney, seneschal of the College, gave the Rectory of
Wootton, Northants, 1685.

* He gave a bakehouse in Magdalen parish 162 1 ; it was sold to Worcester
College, and the money laid out in purchase of land tax.
^ Gilda Aiirifabrorian by W. Chaffers 18S6 p. 16.


Richard Hutchins fellow gave the Rectory of Sommerford Magna,
Wilts 1704, and left his books to the College in 1718, and £500 to
buy a living, with which Baverstock was bought 1720.

Lady Elizabeth Shiers of Slyfield in Surrey, d. 14 Aug. 1700 ; her
will was set aside for informality, but the Rev. Hugh Shortridge her
executor gave the College her lands as she intended, and added two
fellowships for Herts and Surrey.

William Earl Cowper gave a silver cup weighing 167 oz. in 1721.

Edward Richards Esq. of Compton Beauchamp in Berks, formerly
fellow commoner, gave his choice collection of Greek and Latin
authors to the Library in 1729.

IMatthew Hole, Rector, left £100 in 1730.

Lawrence Horner gave £45 to adorn the Chapel in 1731.

Charles Talbot Esq., Solicitor General and afterwards Chancellor,
gave 50 guineas in 1731.

William Talbot his son, fellow commoner, afterwards Earl Talbot,
gave 20 guineas in 1731.

Lady Moyle of Bake in Cornwall sent £50 in 1733 as a memorial
of her son Walter late fellow.

Thomas Seeker gave £20 in 1733, when archbishop he gave £100
in 1763.

Samuel Norris, formerly fellow, in 1739 gave £50 a year due from
the Exchequer till i8o4\

George Talbot, son of Chancellor Talbot, fellow commoner, gave
£50 in 1740.

John Conybeare, Dean of Christ Church, gave £50 in 1741.

Robert Jocelyn, afterwards Lord Roden, gave £20 in 1743.

Thomas Blackall of Hasely Magna, Oxon, fellow commoner, gave
a fine orrery 1757.

Francis Webber, Rector, left £500 in 1771.

Joseph Sandford, fellow commoner, left his books and manuscripts
to the Library in 1774.

John Ratcliffe, M.A. of Pembroke, son of Robert Ratclifle (once
fellow), left £400 in 1775.

George Viscount Parker, son of Thomas Earl of Macclesfield, gave
a silver cup weighing 83 oz.

Benjamin Langley, formerly fellow, gave £105, to buy a silver vase,
in 1777.

Henry Harford Esq. M.A. of the College gave £50 in 1779.
' Exchequer rinmutics of /^^o for 99 years from 1704.


William Peters Esq., fellow commoner, gave a picture of Walter
de Stapeldon in 1780.

William HolwcU fellow gave a picture of Sir William Petre, painted
by himself, in 1785.

Thomas Bray, Rector, left £500 in 1785.

Thomas Stinton, Rector, left £50 in 1797.

For erecting the buildings north of the front gate and up to the
chapel (begun in 1672 but not finished till 1682, Gutch iii. in),
Lord Clifford the Lord Treasurer gave £50, William Helyar, Esq., of
East Cokar, Som., £20, John Cabel, Esq., of Brook, Devon, £20,
Richard Duke, Esq., of Otterton, Devon, £10, Thomas Rowney,
Steward of Ex. Col., £10, Richard Newte of Tiverton, once Fellow,
£10, William Jesse, once Fellow, £5, John Beauford, R. of S. Columb
Major in Cornwall, £5, William Harding, cook of Ex, Coll., £12,
John Wauchop £10, Joseph Squire, once Fellow, £5, John Wilcox,
barber of Ex. Coll., £5, John Tuckfield, Esq., of Cree, Devon, £10,
Thomas Isaak, Esq., of Heavitree, Devon, £6, Francis Chichester, £6,
Josua Tucker, Archdeacon of Barnstaple, £10, Bernard Gealard of
Poltimore, once Fellow, £10, Richard Coffin, Esq., of Devon, £10;
36 Fellow commoners gave £8 each; and contributions were made
by Sir Walter Yong, Bart., Sir Henry Carew, Sir John Chichester,
Bart., Sir Sandys Fortescue, Bart.

Arthur Bury, Rector, gave over £700 towards these buildings and
towards enlarging the Rector's lodgings, building a stable, constructing
an organ, &c.

For building the front gate with a tower over it, and the buildings
between it and the hall (begun 2 July 1700, finished 2 Nov. 1703),
Narcissus Marsh Archbishop of Armagh and formerly fellow gave
£300 ; Sir George Treby fellow commoner now C. J. of the Common
Pleas £100; Henry Hatsell once a sojourner in the College and now
a Baron of the Exchequer £40; Sir Nicolas Morice baronet of
Werrington in Devon, formerly fellow commoner, £200; John
Wauchop R. of Bratton-Fleming in Devon £110; Hugh Shortridge
of Slyfield in Surrey, once fellow commoner, £30; Samuel Norris
formerly fellow £20 ; John Ellis V. of Chudleigh in Devon £3 ; John
Conant of Kidlington, LL.D., £10; Samuel Conant formerly fellow
£10; Thomas Smith Esq. of Kidlington ten guineas = £io 15J. ;
Ames Crymes of Crapston in Devon formerly fellow £40 ; George
Snell formerly fellow £40 ; Sir Francis Drake baronet of Buckland
Monachorum £50; Elizabeth Conant widow of John Conant


late Rector £5; John Ceely canon of Exeter £20; George
Musgrave Esq. of Nettlecombe in Somerset £20; William Williams
Esq. of Bodinnick in Cornwall £30; Laurence Lord of Fritwell
in Oxon £5 ; Denys Glin Esq. of Glinford in Cornwall £10 ; Edward
Richards Esq. fellow commoner £50 ; Charles Tarleton V. of Bicton
in Devon £10 ; Francis Strode R. of Ideford in Devon £10 ; Gilbert
Yard Esq. of Bradley in Devon £30 ; Nicolas Kendall R. of Sheviocke
and Canon of Exeter £10; Thomas Hurrell R. of Beer Ferrers
in Devon £5 ; William Holloway R. of Bremor in Hants £5 ;
INIatthew Attwell R. of Morton Hampstead in Devon £5 ; Francis
Paynter Esq. of Trelistick in Cornwall £10; Thomas Pine INLD.
of Tamerton in Devon £10; William Stawell Esq. of Bovey Tracey
in Devon £40 ; Richard Osborne Esq. of Clis S. George in Devon
£10; William Cornish R. of Bigbury in Devon £ 10 ; John Pendarvis R.
of Dittisham in Devon £5 ; Richard Rotherick S.T.P., V. of Blandford
in Dorset £5; John Combs R. of Lindlinck in Dorset £5; William
New, Promus of the College, £10; Daniel Osborne fellow £10;
Benjamin King S.T.P., V. of All Saints at Northampton £5; John
Speccott Esq. of Penhele in Cornwall £50; Sir Richard Vyvyan
baronet of Trelowarren in Cornwall £50; Sir William Scawen of
IMolinnick in Cornwall £50; Roger Crews R. of Creed in Cornwall
£5 ; William IMitchell V. of Kenwin in Cornwall £5 : George Fowler
R. of Filly in Cornwall £3 ; Joseph Trewinnard R. of Mawnan in
Cornwall £5 ; William Tonken V. of Mullian in Cornwall £2 ; Henry
Seyntaubyn V. of Crowan in Cornwall £5 ; John Ralph V. of S. Erth
in Cornwall £2 ; John Hawkins V. of Uny-Lelant in Cornwall £4;
Jonathan Trelawny Esq. of Coldrennick in Cornwall 50J. ; James
Bishop of Guenap in Cornwall £ i ; George Hawkins Vicar of Sithney
in Cornwall £1; Richard Scaddon V. of Treneglos in Cornwall
£2 3^-. : James Fincher R. of Duloe in Cornwall £10; Thomas
Pendarves R. of S. Columb in Cornwall £10; Robert Hoblyn R. of
Ludgvan in Cornwall £10; Benjamin Archer R. of Quainton in
Bucks £10; John Walker fellow £5 7.V. 6d.; James Praed Esq.
of Trevethow in Cornwall £30; Louis Stephens V. of INIinhinnett in
Cornwall £20; Henry Kingsmill Esq. of Sandleford in Berks £10;
Richard King Esq. of Exeter £10; John SncU R. of Heavytree £10;
Gilbert Geer R. of Kenn in Devon £5 ; Thomas Snell V. of Bampton
in Oxon £ro; John Hippisly Esq. of Lamborn in Berks £15;
Edward Southby of Carswell in Berks £5 ; Thomas Granger V.
of Lamcrton in Devon £5 ; Richard Dodwell, Seneschal of the


College, £5 7^. GJ.; Samuel Adams fellow £10 15J. ; John Arscott
Esq. of Tetcott in Devon £20 ; Nicolas Morrice Esq. of Werrington
in Devon £50; Gilbert Yard Esq. Alderman of Exeter £20; John
Copleston R. of Tedburn S. Wary in Devon £1 is. 6d.; Edward
Waldo Esq. of Harrow in Middlesex £10 ; George Mullins gentleman
of Sarum £5; George Parker Esq. of Burrington in Devon £50;
Joseph Quash gentleman of Exeter £5 ; Charles Harward R. of
Tallaton in Devon £5 7^. 6d. ; John Gay Esq. of Frithle-Stoke in
Devon £8 ; Mainard Colchester Esq. of Westbury in Gloucester £20 ;
Martin May gentleman of Kidlington in O.xon £5 7j. 6d.; Robert
Rous fellow £5; John King S.T.P., R. of Chelsea £5; Henry
Southcott !\LD. of Devon £1 is. 6d.; Robert Manley M.A. £10;
Nicolas Hicks R. of Cheriton in Devon £5 ; Nicolas Rook R. of
Dartington 40 shillings ; William Jane Regius Professor and Dean of
Gloucester £10 i5.y. ; John Burrington Esq. of Sandford in Devon
£10; Henry Levett M.D. of London £20; Richard Vyvian R. of S.
Ervan in Cornwall £ 2 3 j. ; Thomas Hawkey R. of Marum (Marham-
church) in Cornwall £10 15^. ; Joseph Coryndon R. of Kilhampton in
Cornwall £10; John Jago of Egloskerry in Cornwall 40 shillings;
Joseph Dill R. of S. Just in Cornwall £5; William Bedford V. of
Tregony 20 shillings; Francis Carswell V. of Bray in Berks £10;
Nicolas Trist of Halberton-Ford in Devon £5 7^-. 6d. ; Walter
Getsius V. of Brixham in Devon £io; Francis Duncombe Esq. of
Broughton in Bucks £10 15^.; John Furse of Upex in Devon £10;
William Crab R. of Child Ockford in Dorset £5 ; Joseph Carveth R.
of Luxulian in Cornwall £3; John Ross R. of Gittisham in Devon
£2 3J. ; Robert Ratcliffe R. of Stonehouse in Gloucester £5; Henry
Northcott ]\LD. £10.

For the buildings opposite the front gate eastwards, from 1708
to 1710, Narcissus Marsh Archbp. of Armagh gave £1,000 ; William
Mervin formerly fellow^, R. of Tawstock in Devon £6 9^-. ; William
Wright Esq. Recorder of Oxford (at the time his two elder sons were
admitted to the Sojourners' table) £10 1 5 J. ; George Verman senior
fellow £10; Humphrey Smith Esq. of Kidlington £10 5J. ; Laurence
Horner 'tonsor' of the College £10 15^.; Francis Duncombe, son
of Francis Duncombe of Broughton in Bucks, fellow commoner
£10 15J. ; George Goodall R. of Padworth in Berks left £20, paid by
his executor Rev. ]\L Goddard ; Joseph Davy Esq. fellow commoner
£20; Edward Richards Esq. of Compton in Berks fellow commoner
£50; John Lagett 'promus' £10 i^s.; Joseph Coryndon R-



of Kilhampton £21 los. ; Edward Herle Esq. of Landew in Cornwall
fellow commoner £10; Walter Moyle Esq. of Bake in Cornwall £5;
Sidenham Burgh M.A. of the College £2 y.; Edward Richards Esq.
gave £50 additional, spent in repairing Peryam Buildings. (See
Gutch ii. III.)

Afterwards follow the names of Benefactors during this century.

List of the Pictures in the Hall, and Lists of Arms.

Beginning with the East end of the Hall, and proceeding round the
South, West and North sides, the order of the pictures is as follows, the
upper row being given first, and the rows separated by semicolons: East
side, I J. Prideaux, rector 1612, 2 A. A. Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury;

3 Walter de Stapeldon, 4 J. C. Jones, rector 1819-38 ; 5 H. Richards,
rector 1 797-1807, 6 Sir C. Lyell ; South side, 7 Stephen Weston,
fellow, d. 1830; 8 J. L. Richards, rector 1838-54, 9 J. Conybeare,
rector 1730-3; 10 Sir J. Maynard, d. 1690, 11 G. Hall, Bishop of
Chester, d. 1668; 12 W. Noy, attorney general 1631, 13 Sir J. T.
Coleridge, judge ; 14 J. Selden, 15 G. Bull, Bishop of S. David's;
16 Sir W. Morrice, d. 1676, 17 Luke Milbourn, d. 1720; West
side, 18 Thomas Lord Ducie, d. 1840, 19 Walter de Stapeldon, 20
Charles I; 21 Narcissus Marsh Archbp. of Armagh, 22 Sir W. Petre ;

23 G. Parker, son of Earl of IMacclesfield, picture given by him to
rector Bray 1777, 24 T. Bray, rector 1771-85, 25 Sir J. Acland 1618;
North side, 26 Lady Elizabeth Shiers, d. 14 Aug. 17 10, 27 (name
lost); 28 J. Periam 1616, 29 F. Webber, rector 1750-71; 30 H.
Shortridge, d. 1720, 31 G. Hakewill, rector 1642-9; 32 J. Cole,
rector 1808-19 (by Opie), 33 T. Seeker, Archbishop of Canterbury,
d. 1768; 34 T. Stinton, rector 1785-97, 35 B. Kennicott.

On the wainscot behind the High Table are these arms of Bene-
factors, running from North to South : i Charles I, 2 J. D. iMacbride

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