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West, which Walter Burnom and his wife Felicia hold for a term
of years from me and Alice my late wife viz. from Michaelmas
5 Ric. II, for the next 20 years, on the condition that Alice should
have a solar for herself and husband over the well in the mesu-
age with free access during the term, and that Walter and Felicia
should provide meat and drink for W. Gyngyure for a week or


fortnight a year; and, if Alice should die before William, he might
choose between receiving meat and drink and amiciam ciiin capucio
fitting his condition, or its %d: but if Walter and FeHcia should die
during the term, it was to revert to W. and Alice. Given on the feast
of the translation of S. Martin ii R. II (4 July 1387).

(29) I W. Gyngere have deputed M. J. Gardener fellow of the
college of IMerton hall to deliver to W. Courtenay archbp a mesuage
in the Baily, between the mesuage of Dame Joan Wyland on the
East and the mesuage of H. Schethere on the West. Given at
Lambheth on the feast of S. Gregory the pope 11 R. II (12 Mch

(30) The archbishop deputes M. John Wendore Warden of the
college of Merton halle to take possession (12 Mch i38|-).

(31) Presens scriptum factum inter Rogerum Forde vicarium
ecclesie de Bampton ex parte una et Bartholomeum Bisschopp de
Oxon taverner ex altera testatur quod predictus Rogerus dimisit et
tradidit prefato Bartholomeo heredibus ac assignatis suis liberum
ingressum et egressum in mesuagium ipsius Rogeri, quod mesuagium
cum pertinenciis idem Rogerus nuper habuit ex dono et feoffamento
predicti Bartholomei, et in qualibet parte ejusdem per totum terminum
mansionis sive occupationis Johannis Croydon de Oxon et Margerie
uxoris ejus in predicto mesuagio sive in aliqua parte ejusdem . . .
quadraginta dies postea et quod quoddam gardinum ipsius Bartholomei
eidem mesuagio adjacens quod idem Bartholomeus tenet per inden-
turam de Willelmo ... ad supervidendum quedam vasa dicti Bar-
tholomei et pro eisdem . . . vasa predicti Johannes et Margeria de
predicto Bartholomeo tenent ad . . . et pro redditibus dictorum vasorum
et gardini in predicto mesuagio et in qualibet parte ejusdem distrin-
gendum et districiones retinendum et ad removendum asportandum
et cariandum predicta vasa fixa et non fixa et lapides circa predicta
vasa dum tamen . . . existunt alicujus domus. Preterea predictus
Rogerus vult et concedit pro se et heredibus suis quod in vasis et in
gardino predicti Bartholomei pro redditu predicti mesuagii nee pro
alia causa quacunque . . . districionem non faciet per se vol per alium,
nee aliquod jus vel clameum in dicto gardino tanquam pertinens
ad mesuagium vel . . . predicto . , . et assignatis suis per totum ter-
minum mansionis dictorum Johannis et INIargerie in dicto mesuagio
vel . . . quadraginta dies . . . libere in dictum mesuagium intrare, et
pro redditu vasorum et gardini a retro fuerit . . . et dictum gardinum
cum ei placucrit cum muro vel sepi obturarc cl a dicto mesuagio


totaliter separare . . . assignatorum suoruin vel ... eorum nomine
quorumcunque. Et predict! Johannes Croydon et Margcria uxor ejus
habebunt dictum mesuagium cum pertinenciis salvo . . . nuper . . .
Bartholomeum et Johannem et Margeriam uxorem ejus de dimissione
mesuagii predicti confectarum. In cujus rei testimonium partes
predicte sigilla sua alternatim apposuerunt. Hiis testibus Ricardo
Gerston majore ville Oxon, Waltero Bowne Johanne Berford tunc
ballivis ejusdem ville, Willelmo Dagevyll Johanne Hykkes Nicholao
Saundresdon Thoma Somerset Johanne Actce (?) Hamundo Croyden
et aliis. Datum apud Oxon secundo die Julii anno regni regis Ricardi
secundi post conquestum Anglie duodecimo (2 July 1388).

(32) We Thomas Pedyngton and Alice my wife have granted to
Roger Forde ^ one of the Vicars of Bampton power to assign over
a mesuage (in S. Peter in Ballio Oxford, called Carolehall, in
a street called Lytelebaly, between the tenement of the Master and
Brothers of the Hospital of S. Johns outside the East gate of Oxford,
on the south, and on the north the tenement lately belonging to
William Codeshale but formerly to John de Durham) to the Rector
and Scholars of Stapeldon Hall. Hiis testibus Ricardo de Gerston
tunc maiore ville Oxon &c. Datum apud Oxon die martis proxima
post festum S. Martini anno regni regis Ricardi secundi post con-
questum Anglie duodecimo (17 Nov. 1388).

(33) Quitclaim (1388,.? 1389).

(34) . . . Johannem . . . The Rector and Scholars let to John
(? Croydon) and Margery the tenement in the Little Baily which Joan
Wyldelond widow of H. Rolf lived in, for the lives of John and

' Statutes iii, App. p. 40 licence to Roger Forde, one of the Vicars of Bampton,
John Nymet, and John Chamberleyn to give a messuage in S. Peter in the Bailey
to the Rector and Scholars of the House of Stapeldon, Oxford 22 July 1388.
Computus autumn 138S ' ii^ Viiid pro expensis in die Enquestus, viij- ix^ ol> pro
expensis unius socii laborantis London in negociis domus, iii^ iiiiof pro conductione
equorum eadem vice, iiiij- viiiif pro expensis circa homines in Cancellaria tempore
consilii, vis \uid pro compositione cuiusdam carte Regie, xxii^ iiiic/ pro sigillo
eiusdem carte'; winter 1388 'vis viiid datis uxori Thome Pedyngton, \id pro
prandio Thome PedjTigton et Alicie uxoris eius quando habuimus licenciam ad
mortizandum Karolehall, ii^ pro sigillo Majoris quando habuimus seisinam ia
Karolehall, id pro cera nibea eadem vice, iii^ Ballivis pro feodis suis, viii5 iiii(/ pro
emptione cuiusdam redditus capitalis viz trium solidorum de Karolehall, Us pro
sigillo majoris quando relaxacio de predicto redditu fuit sigillata ' ; winter 1390
' iiiic/ circa Bartholomeum Tavernere pro munimentis habendis, id in visitacione
munimentorum apud Croydon, id in capiendo possessionem in Carolhall, iid pro
vino ad Johannem Salveyn, Hid pro scriptura indentarum inter Domum et Simonem
Byslegh de CaroUhall.' For Croydon see Clutch i. 45,6, Bloxam iv. 85.

x 2


Margery and either of them, at a rent of 40^-, John and Margery to do
all the repairs and pay the dues to the chief lords of the fee. Witnesses
R. Garston mayor, Bartholomew Bysshop and John Forster bailiffs,
W. Dageville, J. Hykkys, N. Sandresdon aldermen, J. Leper, J.
Croydon and others. Oxford, Friday after the Conception of the
Virgin 12 Ric. II (11 Dec. 1388).

(35) Hec indentura facta inter Willelmum Colton de Oxon draper
et Margaretam uxorem eius ex una parte et magistrum Willelmum
Penbugule Rectorem aule sive CoUegii de Stapulton halle alias dicti
de Excestre hall in Oxon et eiusdem collegii socios et scolares ex
altera parte testatur quod dicti Willelmus Colton et Margareta con-
cesserunt tradiderunt et ad firmam dimiserunt prefatis magistris
Willelmo rectori sociis et scolaribus totam illam vacuam placeam
terre iacentem ad finem australem tenementi eorundem Willelmi
Colton et Margarete in parochia S. Petri in Balliolo Oxon inter idem
tenementum ex parte boriah et tenementum dictorum Rectoris et
Scolarium collegii predicti ex parte australi, et inter tenementum
praepositi et scolarium collegii del Oryel in Oxon ex parte occidentali
et tenementum Thome Forshall ex parte oriental!, Habendum &c.
a die confectionis presencium usque ad finem termini nonaginta et
octo annorum &c., Reddendo inde annuatim duodecim denarios
argenti &c. Hiis testibus lohanne Sprunt maiore ville Oxon ; lohanne
Spycer et lohanne Lodelowe ballivis eiusdem ville ; Ricardo de Garston,
lohanne Merston, Ed. de Kenyan, Waltero Daundeseye aldremannis ;
Nicholao Norton clerico et aliis. Datum apud Oxon in festo nativitatis
S. lohannis Baptiste anno regni regis Henrici quarti post conquestum
Anglie octavo (24 June 1407).

{36) I William Robekyn of Redyng have granted to J. Harrys and
Sibil(ina) his wife a messuage in S. Peter in the Baily between the
tenement of J. Keepe on the West and the tenement of J. Boseworth
on the East with a little area of land lying between the land of
J. Keepe on the North. . . .

Witnesses Robert Walford mayor, J. Clarke and H. Philippes
bailiffs ; T. Dagfeld, J. Northe, T. Wythuges, R. Spragete aldermen :
W, Briggs clerk, and J. Walker and many others (17 Oct. 1445).

(37) Quitclaim by W. de Robekyn of Redyng in Berks for lands
and tenements which I and Sibil had from feoffment of W. Ripkyn
alias W. Ropkyn of Redyng (i Dec. 1445).

(38) Robert Ropkyns alias Mason clerk and J. Ropkyns Mason
quitclaim to J. Harrys bedell and Sibil his wife. Witnesses R.


Spragot mayor, T. Dagfcki, J. Norlli, Robert Walford, T. Wythigcs
aldermen: J. Barton, T. Wymond bailiffs: W. Bruges, J. Ilauslape
and others (8 Ap. 1448).

(39) Ego Johannes Harrys valect. bidell. facultatis sacre theologie
Universitatis Oxon dedi concessi et hac present! carta mea confirmavi
Johanni Trevylian [deleted lower down] armigero Nicholao Gosse
et Johanni Ward clericis totum illud mesuagium meum cum suis
pertinenciis situatum in parochia S. Petri in Balliolo Oxon inter
tenementum Johannis Kepe ex parte occidentali et tenementum
Johannis Boseworth ex parte orientali cum parvo fundo seu area terre
jacente inter fundum predict! Johannis Kepe ex parte occidentali
et fundum Henrici Philipp ex partibus orientalibus et australibus et
pertin. super mesuagium prefati Johannis Boseword ex parte boriali.
Plabendum &c. Witnesses R. Spragot mayor, Robert Walford,
T. Wythygg, J. FitzAleyn, Robert Attewood aldermen : Oliver
Viry one of the bailiffs : J. Walker, J. Hauslapp and many others
(2 Aug. 1449).

Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos hoc presens scriptum pervenerit
sit notum quod ego infrascriptus Johannes Harrys continue habens
dictum scriptum in manibus meis usque ad dampnacionem et cancel-
lacionem ejusdem, quam cancellacionem approbo et ratifico testibus
manu mea propria ac sigillo meo in dorso dicti scripti apposito.

(40) Nos Nicholeus Gosse et Johannes Warde clerici tradidimus
dimisimus et hac presenti carta nostra confirmavimus Willelmo Mogys
clerico Rectori collegii Exon in Oxon et Scolaribus ejusdem collegii
ac dictorum Rectoris et Scolarium successoribus unum tenementum
situatum in parochia S. Petri in magno Balliolo Oxon inter tenemen-
tum Ricardi Spragot alderman ex parte orientah et tenementum
Johannis Kepe ex parte occidentali, unde unum caput abuttat super
altum vicum versus boriam, et alterum caput abuttat super terram
dicti Ricardi et Johannis Kepe versus austrum, quod quidem tene-
mentum cum suis pertinenciis nuper habuimus ex dono et feoffa-
mento Johannis Harrys valect. bedelli sacre theologie Universitatis
Oxon. Habendum &c. Witnesses J. Gierke mayor, R. Spragot,
Robert Atte Wode, W, Dagvile, J. Dobbys aldermen : J. Seman and
J. Dudley bailiffs, and others (i Ap. 1460).

(41) Quitclaim by J. Harrys bedell junior of Theology to W.
Moges and the Scholars &c. Datum in collegio predicto (2 Ap. 1460).

(42) Hec indentura facta inter magistrum Willelmum Mogys
Rectorem collegii Exon in Oxon et ejusdem loci Scolares ex parte


una, ct Johannem Harrys bidellum inferiorem facultalis sacre thcologie
universitatis Oxon ex parte altera testatur quod dictus Rector et
Scolares ac eorum successores tenebunt obitum domini Willelmi
Brystow quondam pincerne dicti coUegii concurrentem cum obitu
domini Henrici quondam cardinalis et episcopi Winton annuatim
imperpetuum ac eciam obitum dicti Johannis Harrys cum ab hac
luce migraverit cum obitu dicti domini Willelmi Brystow annuatim
imperpetuum : Proviso quod communis serviens ville Oxon vulgariter
dictus Belman in die exequiarum proclamet obitum dicti domini
Willelmi ac eciam dicti Johannis cum ab hoc seculo migraverit per
totam villam Oxon et suburbia ejusdem singulis annis imperpetuum,
recipiendo annuatim pro labore per manus Rectoris dicti collegii qui
pro tempore fuerit seu ejus vicemgerentis . . . , et quilibet socius dicti
collegii, sive Rector fuerit sive Scolaris, presens in exequiis predictis
per manus Rectoris qui pro tempore fuerit seu ejus vicemgerentis
recipiat \\d, et quilibet socius eciam presens ad missam iid, et quod
sacerdos celebrans missam in obitu predict, recipiat i'ld ultra alios
socios seu scolares presentes dicti collegii et hoc singulis annis im-
perpetuum. Et pro premissis fideliter observandis dictus Johannes
Harrys per magistros Nicholaum Gosse et Johannem Warde feoffatos
suos dedit et dimisit dicto magistro Willelmo Mogys rectori collegii
antedicti ejusdemque loci scolaribus ac eorum Rectoris et Scolarium
successoribus imperpetuum unum tenementum cum suis pertinenciis
situatum in parochia S. Petri in magno Balliolo Oxon inter tene-
mentum Ricardi Spraget aldermanni ex parte orientali et tenementum
Johannis Kepe ex parte occidentali, unde unum caput abuttat super
altum vicum versus boriam, et alterum caput abuttat super terram
dicti Ricardi Spraget et Johannis Kepe versus austrum. Dedit
eciam dictus Johannes Harrys predictis Rectori et Scolaribus centum
solidos in aureo. In cujus rei testimonium tarn sigillum commune
dicti collegii quam sigillum dicti Johannis Harris hiis scriptis indentalis
sunt appensa. Datum in collegio predicto secundo die Aprilis anno
regni regis Henrici sexti post conquestum Anglic tricesimo octavo
(2 Ap. 1460). (Wood D. 2. p. 92 'Alderman Griffin's house.')



Taken by Dr. Prideaux 29 Dec. 1631 ; beginning at the West
Tower [built 1605], now the Fore Gate, and so circuiting on the right
hand till it end where it began. [From a copy made by Rector
T. Stinton, with some additions by Rector J. L. Richards. Stinton
abridged in parts, and it is not easy to make out what he added.]

1. Of the Privy Kitchin Buildings \ In that place stood the ancient
Privyes, from the foundation. In Processe of Tyme, when the Colledge
became inlarged and the Company increased, these were found too
straight, and have been so often drayned on all sides and within so
short a space that the rottenness of the ground about admitted no
more emptying. Wherefore necessity caused the burying of these
and the building of new Privyes [1614].

These Buildings have in them five rooms. The ist lower that
hath a dore to the CoUedg is allotted to the Bible-Clearke in lieu
of his old chamber that was annexed to the old Chapel now the
Library. An old bedstead without any covering, and a chest opening
in the side, are implements [furniture] in it. It is now in possession
of W°i Rowland, Bible-Clarke. The chamber over it, with a chimney
in it, hath in it, and another opposite to the same, house implements
in them. In ye kitchen under, cockloft over, ye boards and ye
luggage there belongs to ye Rector. In ye kitchen and larder
under, ye dresser and larder boards are ye College's.

These buildings were erected at the Colledg charges, the Rector
conferring about 40s to it. They belong to the Rector, in that they
stand upon the ground which appertained to his Back Side and house
of office before the alteration by reason of building the Chapel.

2. From that the space between the Walls, keeping of the same
breadth to the City Walls, the ground w^as not consecrated, but was
reserved so in case Benefactours might be led by God to build
lodgings there " ; which was also the consideration that the Chapel

• At the N.W. of the quadrangle. There are no cellars here, with good reason.
This part was rebuilt about 1672, and the Chapel staircase N. of it finished 16S2.

* Now the Chapel staircase, no. S.


hath no west window. In that space the narrowe garden and
mound were at the Rector's charge. The Httle Privye of 12
deepe was erected at the House-cost to remayne for the Rector's

3. The new building ^ behind the Chaple erected at the Rector's
charg (especially when the Earle of Carnarvan, Jo. Robarts sole son
to the Lord Robarts, the Lord Wharton and Sir Tho. Wharton
his brother, with M^ Lorenzo Carye the Lord Falkland's son, were
togither pupills under him). Of the space ^ between the Chapel and
Towne Wall y* is consecrated ground as runneth even in length with
the Chapel, and noe more ; as appeareth by the Instrument.

The Tower house standing between the butts, heretofore^, before
the Rector's stable was taken in lease from the Towne by D^ Holland,
who builded it and left it to his wife M^s Susanna Holland ; she sold
hir right therein to D^ Prideaux, the succeeding Rector, in whose
possession it now remaynes, paying yearly for it 2^ to the Cittye,
until Dr Holland's lease be ended. This, being before a stable, was
turned into a Kitching, with the Lodgings over it, at the charg of the
sayd Rector D^" Prideaux ; who, yielding up his lease which he had
of Mrs Holland, took a new of the Colledg for 40 years, for the
entrance of that lower rome and studye which stands on the Mount.
The Colledge was at the most charge, as also for the rayles about the
new part, and walling of it. The Dyall on the Mount is the said
Rector's, given unto him by Richard Standish (?), mason, when he
was Vicechancellour.

4. Without the Rector's Back side, ranging along by the Cittye
Wall, stood 3 little gardens, which were demolished when the East
part of the publique Library and Schooles were built. They belonged
to the Colledg, but were let out to Principal Bradwell ^ widow
Almond ^, and goodwife Hollyday. That next the Schools Principal
Braddle was well paid for by the University. The 2 others rest
yet to be reckoned for, both for the stones and lease.

All that space of ground upon part of which the Mount and our
Chapel stand, and out of which we had our Bowling Alley •"', was

' Since demolished. ^ Rector's Area, Nortli side of the Chapel.

' The Bog there adjoining, to the South side of the City Wall, and on the North
side of the Rector's courtyard, was emptied and cleansed, and the building over it
renewed, in 1785.

* Ralph Braddyll, Principal of S Mary Hall 1591-163;.
» Hist. c.f Kidlington (O. H. Soj.) 132.

* Afterwards the Rector s garden, in 1 790.


formerly a common Cart-Waye ', which we gott to be interrupted
and inclosed, from the Citty, in a lease of 99 years, by King James's
mandatory letters to the Maior and Aldermen, who before with-
stood us : which letters were procured by meanes of the now
Marquesse of Hamilton, some tymes student of our Colledg,
which we and our successors will acknowledge with thankfull

5. Ranging with the Bowling Alley, without the doore in the City-
Wall stand our publique Privyes'^. Builded at the Colledg charg
(cost 200 //), in the dongeon of w^h are left two Arches opposite
East and West, about the midst : to be taken notice of by Posterity
that may have occasion to empt them.

Of the 3 Roomes into the wch they are divided, that next the
Wall with the Roome over it is only for the Rector's use. The second
for the Fellowes : and the third for the Company of the House. Over
these 2 Roomes are Woodhouses belonging to those that had their
Woodhouses demolished at the building of the new Hall and Sellers.
The tenement of one Davye Waters without it is part of the ground
whereof we have a lease from the Cittye for [? 40] years, paying
yearely for the whole.

6. Eastward from the Privyes, the Tower in the Towne Walk
is a part of the mentioned ground lease of 99 years, but a lease of . . .
with a garden before it was granted by the Cittye to one Thomas
Almond for the Terme of 41, wch terme the Colledg is bound in their
grand lease quietly to suffer to. . . . But, anno 1632, the interest
of Almond was bought in by John Prideaux, Rector, for the summe
of 30 // for 23 yeares, w^h Almond had then in it : who renewed that
lease to make it up 40 yeares, and so to pay i^^ yearely for it to the

The Bowling Alley, Rayles, and the two Freestone Walls that bound
it were erected and perfected at the Colledg charg, which was no
small thing, to turne a place so deformed and incommodious (being a
stinking unpitched Cartway before) to the Use it now serves : both for
Recreation, Comlynesse, and benefit of the lower chambers that open
their windows to it.

So much of the Outworkes or Suburbs.

' The street within the Wall of the City, connecting Ship Lane and New College

'' A new Bog-house was built on the same site 1706, which cost ^149 17? 91/.
[The rebuilding in 18S7 cost a large sum.]


Cap. 2. Of the mayne Buildings of the Colledg.

/i. Rector's Row.
2. Library List.
For Order's sake may J 3. Bentley's Nest,
be parcelled into ] 4. Pyriam's IMansions.
Acland's AUeye.
Tower Range.

1. In Chapel Row (called before Rector s Row) the Chapel there
erected was at the charg of Geo. Hakewell D^" of Divinitye, Chaplayne
to his IMaj^'ys Charles the i** both when he was Prince and King. He
was an Exceter man, born of pious and worthy Parents : Fellow of
this Colledg, wherein he took all his degrees : afterwards was Arch-
deacon of Surrye. His learning appears in his printed workes. But
his piety and bounty in this, that having two sonnes of his owne to be
provided for, he notwithstanding gave 1200^1 by the least for the
publique good of the Place he was bred in. For the waynscoting of
and paynting the Sowther Isle the Colledg was at the charge of about
2ooli, in regard the Building Plott by the Founder was by so much
and more exceeded.

2. Adjoyning to the Chapel are the Rector's Lodgings : which
howsoever indamaged by that neighbourhood in the loss of a garden
and private walkes, with the stopping of three western windowes, the
far best light to the roomes abutting that way, yet all these are more
than recompensed by the Fitnesse of the place for his own private
entrance to it, and the separated seates for his Familye.

To the Rector's Lodgings ^ there belong
i*^t Cellar, divided into two roomes.

* The part of the Rector's Lodgings looking eastward, and containing the
Kitchen, the Dining Room over it, and the Long Garret over that, were built
by D"" Arthur Bury in 1671, the House fronting northwards by D^ Prideaux
himself, subsequently to this Survey in 1631. The windows of the Dining Room
were new glazed in 17S5; having been before glazed in 1733 by 1^"' AtwcU
in the manner of Italian Ealcony-windows, which let in Pools of \N'ater in rainy

The south front of the Rector's Lodging towards the Quadrangle was new
sashed together with all the other windows of the Quadrangle, and great West
Front of the Coll. towards Jesus Coll. in long Vacation 1789 (Soluta Varia 3 Dec.
1789, 6 May 1790).

The same front cleansed, with a stone-coloured wash, and the windows and
cornice new painted, early in June 1793. [In pencil] Tliis front, or rather the
whole Lodgings, taken dnwn and rebuilt, being raised to a height corresponding
willi the rest of the College jSoo-2.

■register of EXETER COLLEGE. 315

The Stillings, Bynns, and Sliolvcs, and old Table there standing,
belong to the Colledg.

2<i Waynescote Parler : which was so fitted at the Colledg charge,
and these two . . . windowes added to it to supply the Light taken
from it by the Chapel.

3d Rector's Bedchamber : enlightened by the two larg windowes at
the Howse charg by D^ Prideaux, \vho turned the passage, from it
into the Dyning chamber, into a little studye. The waynscote Presse
in it, with cubbords, is an House implement.

4th Entry : vf^^ was before with open stayres to the Colledg, with
much deformity and inconvenience : this altered by the appoyntemcnt
of the same Rector, and that division of . . . with a door opening to
the back side, for most of the materialls w-ere at his own charg.

6^^ Studye gained from under the old Stayres, looking to the back
side, conveniently shelved at the House cost.

7 Hall : much mended in the changinge. A table in it, 2 Formes,
and a . . . waynscote cubbord are House implements in it, togither
with an old flat Chest.

8 Siudye : lately gayned from an obscure Passage to the Tower,
by breaking out the window to the Colledge.

9 Waynscoted great dyning Roome over it : wherein the cubbord
of the same Worke, and Bench annexed, are House-implements.

10 Tower-Studye : at the Stayre-Foote of the Rector's Studye,
with some shelves in it put up by M^ Hoffman ^ when he had it.

1 1 Treasury over ; is only for the Colledg use : to the Doore are
3 Lockes, of wcb the Rector, Subrector, and Deane, have alwayes the
Keyes, as also of a Chest '^ in it, where the money is kept. The
Waynscote Presse in it with distinct Boxes for Colledg Evidences,

Online LibraryExeter College (University of Oxford)Registrum Collegii exoniensis. Register of the rectors, fellows, and other members on the foundation of Exeter college, Oxford. With a history of the college and illustrative documents → online text (page 51 of 61)