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'he work has been carefully written, and will supply the want of a compact sum-

of Banking Law." — Solicitors' Journal, March 23, ls78.

'ergons wlio are interested in banking law may be guided out of many a difficulty

nsuUing Mr. Walker's volume." — Law Times, May 19, 1S77.

IKRUPTCY.— Bedford's Final ExaiTiination Guide
to Bankruptcy. — Third Edition. 12mo. 1877. 6s.

Lynch's Tabular Analysis of Proceedings in
Bankruptcy, for the use of Students for the Incorporated Law
Society's Examinations. Second Edition. Svo. 1874. Net, Is.

iScott's Costs in Bankruptcy. — Firfe " Costs."
■All standard Laio Works are kept in Stock, in lavi calf and other hindinr/s.

.V 2


BANKRUPTCY.— Continued.

Smith's Manual of Bankruptcy. — A Manual relati:

to Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Imprisonment for Debt ; comprisi:

the New Statute Law verbatim, in a consolidated and readable for:

With the Rules, a Copious Index, and a Supplement of Decisioi

By JOSIAH W. SMITH, Esq., B.C.L., Q.C., Judge of Coun

Courts. l-2mo. 1873. K

*,* The Supplement may be had separately, net, 2«. Qd.

"Williams' Law and Practice in Bankrupte

comprising the Bankruptcy Act, the Debtors Act, and the Bankrupt

Repeal and Insolvent Court Act of 1869, and the Rules and Fon

made under those Acts. Second Edition. By ROLAND VAUGHA

WILLIAMS, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., and WALTER VAUGHA

WILLIAMS, of the Inner Temple, Esq., assisted by Franc

Hallett Hardcastle, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barristers-;

Law. 8vo. 1876. \l. ■

" ' Williams on Bankruptcy' is quite satisfactory, the more so, perhaps, as the auth'

have wisely 'not attempted to give all the old authorities, even where ihe law spems i

changed, but rather the result of those authorities.'" — Law Slaaazine. November, 187

" It would be difficult to speak in terms of undue praise of the present work. . . .

The present edition brings down the law to May, 1876, and the profession has now

only the most recent, but certainly one of tlie best, if not the best, treatise ou the La«

Bankruptcy."— Paft^ec Oininmi.

BILLS OF EXCHANGE— Chitty on Bills of Exchanc
and Promissory Notes, -with references to tl
law of Scotland, France and America.- Elevei
Edition. By JOHN A. RUSSELL, Esq., LL. B., one of Her Majest
Counsel, and Judge of County Courts. Demy 8vo. 1878. '28s.
Eddis' Rule of Ex parte Waring. By A. C. EDD
B. A. , of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at Law. Post 8vo. 1 876. Net, 2a.

BILLS OF SALE — Millar's Bills of Sale.— A Treatise on B
of Sale, \\'ith an Appendix containinijf the Acts for the Registrat
of Bills of Sale, Precedents, &c. (being the Foiu'th Edition
Millar and Collier's Treatise on Bills of Sale). By F. C. J. MILLA
of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at- Law. 12mo. 1877. 1
" The origiiuil woik is l)ronglit down to date, and tlie latest cas.s are referred to (

considered. Tho v;due of the work is enhanced throughout by cirefnl anuotatk

— Law Mar/dzhie. T'ebniary, 1S78.

BOOK-KEEPING.— Bedford's Intermediate Examin
tion Guide to Book-keeping.— Second Edition. 12i
1875. AH 2«.

BUILDING ACTS. -Woolrych.— TuZe "Metropolis Building Ac

CANAL TRAFFIC ACT.— Lely's Rail way and Canal Trt
fie Act, 1873. — AjkI other Itailway and Canal Statutes ; v
the ( Orders, Forms, and Table of Fees. Post 8vo. 1873.

CARRIERS.— Browne on Carriers.— A Treatise on tlie Law
Carriers of (Joods and P.assengers by I^and .and Water. "W
References to nio.^t recent Anicriean Der^isions. By J.
BALFCUR BROWN K, .)r the Mid.llo Temple', Esq., IJarrister
I.,aw, Registrar to the Pailw.ay Coniini8si(m. 8vo. 1873. ]


Bedford.— r/f/f " E.\aniiii;ition CuideR."
Daniell's Chancery Practice.— The Practice of the H
Court of (Jhancery, with wonie olwer vat ions on tlie IMeadinga in t
Court. Py thelatcEDjAllJNI) UOHKRT DAMKLli, lljuriHter
I-aw. Fifth E.lition, by LEONAHI) KIICM) and EDWA
CLENNELL DUNN, iiarriHters-at-Law; with the assi.stanct
JOHN BIDDLE, of the ISIaster of the Rolls' Cl.ambers. 2 v
8vo. 1871. 41.

•»• All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other hindi



-H ANCERY- CwiMnwrf.

The Practice of the High Court of Chancery and the Court of Chan-
cery (Funds) Act, 1872, together with Appendices containing the
Act, and the Rules and Orders thereunder, and a Collection of
DUNN, Barristers-at-Law. 8vo. 1873. 8s. 6d.

Daniell's Forms and Precedents of Proceed-
ings in the Chancery Division of the High
Court of Justice and on Appeal therefroni ;
with Practical Notes and Observations, forming a complete guide to
the practice of the Chancery Division of the High Court and of the
Courts of Appeal. Being the Third Edition of " Daniell's Chancery
Forms." By WILLIAM HENRY UPJOHN, Esq., Student and
Holt Scholar of Gray's Inn. (Nearly ready.)

Morgan's Acts and Orders, Fifth Edition. 1876. —
The Statutes, General Orders, and Rules of Court relating to the
Practice, Pleading, and Jurisdiction of the Suj^reme Court of Judi-
cature, particularly with reference to the Chancery Division, and
the Actions assigned thereto. With copious Notes. Fifth Edition.
Carefully revised and adapted to the new Practice by GEORGE
OSBORNE MORGAN, M.P., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, and
CHALONER W. CHUTE, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister- at-Law, and
late Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. In 1 vol. Demy 8vo.
1876. 11. 10s.

A most valuable feature is the annotation of the Rules of Court, which give all the
-ent cases, and is as useful as a new ertition of any of the works on Judicature Acts
y. This edition of Mr. Morgan's treatise must, we believe, be the most popular with
profession." — Lav; Tuixs, December 9, 1876.

'The practitioner will find in the present edition, a lucid and compendious statement
the substance of the Consolidated and other Ordei's of the Court of Chancery, which,
U!.'h unt expressly incorporated ii the new enactments, are, by implication, left un-
ched by thena, placed side by side with the Judicature Acts and Rules of Court.
. . . This new edition wid maintain and enhance the high reputatioa deservedly
led by the original work."— Law Magazine and Review, February, 1877.

Morgan and Davey's Chancery Costs. — Vide " Costs.'"

Peel's Chancery Actions. — A Concise Treatise

on the Practice and Procedure in Chancery

Actions.— By SYDNEY PEEL, of the MidtUe Temple, Esq.,

Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1878. 7s. 6(^.

A small Daniell's Prsctice."

To Chancery piai^titioners of both branches the volume will doubtless prove very
h\l"—LaiD Times, July 20, 1878.

1URCH AND CLERGY.— Phillimore.— n(/e"EcclesiasticaI Law."
Stephen's Laws relating to the Clergy. — 2 vols.
Royal 8vo. 1848. 21. 18s.

VIL LAW, — Bowyer's Commentaries on the Modern
Civil Law.— By Sir GEORGE BOWYER. D.C.L., Royal
8vo. 1848. 18s.

Bowyer's Introduction to the Study and Use
of the Civil Law.— By Sir GEORGE BOWYEK, D.C.L.
Royal 8vo. 1874. 5.i.

Cumin's. Manual of Civil Law. — A Manual cf
Civil Law, containing a Translation of, and Commentary on, the
Fragments of the XII. Tables, and the Institutes of Justinian ; the
Text of the Institutes of Gaius and Justinian arranged in parallel
columns ; and the Text of the Fragments of Ulpian, and of Selec-
tions from Paul's Receptse Sententiie. By P. CUMIN, M.A.,
Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Medium 8vo. 1865. 18s.

Greene. — Vide "Roman Law."
* 4 II stO/ndard Law Worki are kept in StocJc, in laxo calf and other bindings.


CIVIL LAVf -Continued. [gH

Mears. — Vide "Koman Law."

Voet Commentarius ad Pandectas, Translate
into English.— Part I. The Contract of Sale. (Book xviii
By SIR ROLAND KNYVET WILSON, Bart., of Lincoln's In
Barrister-at-Law, Royal 8 vo. 1876. Net\l.']i

COLLISIONS.— LoAArndes' Admiralty La-w of Collisior;!
at Sea.— 8vo. 1867. 7s. 6

COLONIAL LAW.— Clark's Colonial La\Ar.— A Summary
Colonial Law and Practice of Appeals from the Plantations. 8\
1834. 1/. '.

Vanderlinden. — Fide " Dutch Law."


Vide "Constitutional I;aw."

Broom and Hadley's Commentaries on th
Laws of England.— By HERBERT BROOM, LL.D.,
the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law; Reader in Common Law
the Inns of Court : Author of " A Selection of Legal Maxims
&c. ; and EDWARD A. HADLEY, M.A,, of Lincohi's In
Barrister-at-Law ; late Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge. 4 vo
8vo. 1869. 21. i


" Messrs. Broom and Hadley have been unsparing in their editorial labours. The
are abundant refereuce notes, so that the diligent student can consult the authoritl
if he IS so disposed. Besides the table of couteuts, there are an appendix and
copious index ti, each volume. Nothing that could be done to muke the work unef
and handy has been left undone." — Late Journal, November 19, 1»69.

COMMERCIALLAW.— Levi's International Commercif
Law. — Being the Principles of Mercantile Law of the followii
and other Countries— viz. : England, Scotland, Ireland, Biitii
India, British Colonies, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Buenos Ayres, De:
mark, France, Germany, Greece, Hans Towns, Italy, Netherland
Norway, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Sp-ain, Sweden, Switzerlan
United States, and Wiirtemburg. By LEONE LEVI, Esq., F.S.i>
F.S.S., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, Professor of the Principl
and Practice of Commerce at King's College, London, &c. Secor
Edition. 2 vols, lloyal 8vo. 1863. II. 16

Smith. — Vide "Mercantile Law."

COMMON LAW.— Braithwaite.— rWc "Oaths."
Fisher. — Vide " Digests."

Orders and Rviles of the High Court of Justict
Common Law Division s. — Published by Authority, i ^e


Prentice. — Vide "Action."

Smith's Manual of Common Law.— ForPractitionei
and Students. A Manual of ('(ininion Law, comprising the fundi
mental principles and the poiiits most usiuilly occurring in dail
life .and j.ractice. By .lOSIATl W. SMITH, B.C.L., Q.C
.Tuduc (if County Coiuts. ICiglitli Edition. 12mo. 1S78. 14.

COMMONS AND INCLOSURES.— Chambers' Digest of th«
Law relating to Commons and Open Spaces
By GEOKGE E. CHAMBiaiS, of the Inner Temple, Esq
Barrister-at-I^aw. Inijierial 8vo. 1877. 6s. 6c

•^* All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other 1,'ndingt



Cooke on Inclosures.— The Acts for facilitating the In-
closure of Commons in England and Wales ; with a Treatise on
the Law of Rights of Commons, in reference to these Acts, &c., &c.
With Foi-ms as settled by the Inclosure Commissioners. By G.
WINGROVE COOKE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Fourth Edition.
12mo. 1864. 16s.

COMPANY LAW.— Finlason's Report of the Case of
Twycross v. Grant. 8vo. 1877. Nct,2s. 6d.

Palmer. — Vkle " Conveyancing."

Paliner's Shareholders' and Directors' Legal
Companion. — A Manual of every-day Law and Practice for
Promoters, Shai-eholders, Directors, Secretaries, Creditors and Solici-
tors of Companies, under the Companies' Acts, 1862, 1867, and 1877.
By FRANCIS B. PALMER, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-
at-Law, A uthor of ' ' Company Precedexits " and " Private Com-
panies." 12mo. 1878. Net, 2s. 6t/.
Thring.— Firfe "Joint Stocks."
ONTINGENT REMAINDERS.— An Epitome of Fearne on
Contingent Rennainders and Executory De-
vises. Intended for the Use of Students. By W. M. C. Post
8vo. 1878. 6s. 6d.
DNSTITUTIONAL LAW.— Bowyer's Commentaries on
the Constitutional Law of England. — By Sir
GEO. BOWYER, D.C.L. Second Edition. Eoyal 8vo. 1846. U. 2s.
DNTRACTS. — Addison on Contracts. — Being a Treatise on
the Law of Contracts. By C. G. ADDISON, Esq., Author of
the " Law of Torts." Seventh Edition. By L. W. CAVE, Esq., one
of Her Majesty's Counsel, Recorder of Lincoln. Royal 8vo.
1875. II. 18<t.
'At present this is by far the best book upon the Law of Contract possessed by the
jfession, and it is a tlioiougUly practical book." — Law Times,

Leake on Contracts. — An Elementary Digest of the Law
of Contracts (being a new edition of " The Elements of the Law of
Contracts"). By STEPHEN MARTIN LEAKE, Barrister-at-
Law. 1 vol. Demy 8vo. 1878. (pp. 1440.) II. I8s.
Pollock's Principles of Contract at Law and in
Equity ; being a Treatise on the General Principles relating to the
Validity of Agreements, with a special view to the comparison of
Law and Equity, and with references to the Indian Contract Act,
and occasionally to American and Foreign Law. Second Edition.
By FREDERICK POLLOCK, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law. Demy 8vo. 1878. 1^. Gs.
e liOrd Chief Justice In his judgment in Mitropolitan Railway Company v. Brog-
den. and others, said, "The Law is well put by Mr. Frederick Pollock in his
very able and learned work on Contracts."— 77ie Times.

'For the purposes of the student there is uo book equal to Air. Pollock's."- -y/*.:, July 13, 18T8.

' He has succeeded in writing a book on Contracts which the working lawyer will nnd
useful for reference as any of its predecessors, and which at the same time will ^iTe
^ siudent what he will seek for in vain elsewhere, a complete rationale of the law. —
w Magazine and Review.

' We s'ee nothing to qualify in the praise we bestowed on the first edition. The chapters
unlawful and impossible agreements are models of full and clear treatment."— Soiict(o;i'
trnal, Aug. 10, 1878.

Smith's La^A^ of Contracts.— By the late J. W.SMITH,

Esq., Author of "Leading Cases," &c. Seventh Edition. By

VINCENT T. THOMPSON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo.

1878. . 1^; l'^'-

* All standard Laio WwTcs are Tcept in StocJc in law calf and other hindin(js.




CONVEY ANCING.-Dart.— Vide " Vendors and Purchasers."

Green^A/^ood's Manual of Convey ancing. — A Mann?
of the Practice of Conveyancing, showing the present Practic
relating to the daily routine of Conveyancing in Solicitors' Office; ijf
To which are added Concise Common Forms and Precedents i
Conveyancing ; Conditions of Sale, Conveyances, and all oth(
Assurances in constant use. Fifth Edition. By H. N. CAPEI
B.A., LL.B., Solicitor. Demy 8vo. 1877. 16

"The information under these heads i3 just of that ordinary practical kind which

learned from experience and is not to be gathered from treatises. . . . A careful stud :t!i!

of these jiages would probably arm a diligent clerk with a"; much useful knowledge as b OF

might otherwise take years of desultory questioning and observing to acquire." — Solicitor


"The young solicitor will find this work almost iuvaloable, while the members of tt

higher branch of tne piofession may refer to it with advantage. We have not met wit

any book that furnishes so simple a guide to the management of business entrusted t

articled clerks."— S/ie/^isW Post.

Martin's Student's Conveyancer. — A Manual on it
Principles of Modern Conveyancing, illustrated and enforced by
Collection of Precedents, accompanied by detailed Remarks. Part
Purchase Deeds. By THOMAS FREDEEIC MARTIN, Solicito
Demy Svo. 1877. 5s. 6(

" We have no doubt that the student will find in Mr. Martin's treatise a good guide i
the practical part of conveyauciuj;." — Lav Times, June 'iZ, 1877.
'• It should be placed in the hands of every smdeut,"

Palmer's Company Precedents. — Conveyancing an

other Forms and Precedents relating to Companies' incorporate

under the Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867. Arranged as follows :-

Agreements, ilemoranda of Association, Articles of Associatioi

Resolutions, Notices, Certificates, Provisional Orders of Boai-d <

Trade, Debentures, Reconstruction, Amalgamation, Petitions, Order


the Inner Temple, Esq ., Barrister-at-Law. Demy Svo. 1877. V. 5

" There had never, to our knowledge, been any attempt to collect and edit a body i

Forms and I'recedunts oxclusivelj relating to the formation, working and winding-up i

companies. This task Mr. Palmer has taken in hand, and we are glad to say with niuc

success .... The inlonnatlon contained in the 65ii pafjes of the volume is renden;

easily accessible by a good ami full in^cx. Tiio author has evidently not been sparing i

labour, and ihe fruits ol his exertions are now before the legal prufossiou in a work of grei

practical utility," — Late Maiiozine, February, 1878.

" To concerned in getting up companies, the assistance given by Mr. Palme
mu.'it be very valuable, because he does nut conline himself to bare I>recedent8, but I
intelligent and leaino"! commentary lights up, as it were, each step that he takes. Tl
volume before us is not, therefore a book of preeeiienls merely, but, in a Rreater or le
degree, a treatise on certain portions of llie t'ompanios' Acts of 18(i2 and 1S67. There 1«8
elaborate index, and the work is one which must couimeud itself to the prolessiou."-
Law Times, June !), Is77.

"The precedents are as a rule exceedingly well drafted, and adapted to companies ft
almost eyery conceivable object. Ho especially are the loniis nf memoranda and articli
of ai.sociation ; and these will be found extremely serviceable to the conveyancer. . .
All the notes have been elaborated with a tliornnghly scientitic knowledge of tl
principlcB of company law, as well as with copious references to the cases subslantiatiii
the principles. . . We venture to predict that his notes will bu found of groat utilil
in guidin>! opinions on many coniplieatod questioiiH of law and ])i"actice. ' -Law Jouma

Prideaux's Precedents iii Conveyancing. — Wit

J )iHHertationR on itn liaw and I'ractice. Ninth Edition. B
FREDERICK PRIDEAUX, late rn)fe.H.sorof the Law of Real an
Personal Property to the Inns of Court, and JOHN WHI'i'COMBl
EH(|rR., l?arriHterH-at-Law. 2 vols. Royal Svo. (Inthcnren

" rrideaux has become au indispensable part of the Conveyancer's library." — SoiicUot

" Wo really can hardly imagine a convcyimcer being required to prepare any instn

ment which he wdl not find sketched out in the work under notice We ma

also lie allowed to add our tribute of praise to these rrecedents for thoir concisene*
(inrspicuity, precision, and perfection of drafting." — Law Journal. .September '23, 1876.

*^* All standard l,a\o Works arc kqpt in Stocky in la]v fajf and q^hfr biindinq


CONVICTIONS. — Paley on Summary Convictions.—
Fifth Edition. By H. T. J. MACNAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law. 8vo. 1866. 11. Is.

Stone. — Vide " Petty Sessions."
OPYRIGHT.-Piiillips' Law of Copyright.— The Law of
Copyright in Worlcs of Literature and Art, and in the Appli-
cation of Designs. With the Statutes relating thereto. By
CHARLES PALMER PHILLIPS, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1863. 12s.

' Mr. Phillips' work is at once an able law-book and a lucid treatise, in a popular form
the rights of authors and artists." — Jurist.

DRONERS.— Jervis on tlie Office and Duties of
Coroners. — With Forms and Precedents. Third Edition. By
C. W. LOVES Y, Esq., Puisne Judge, British Guiana. 12mo.
1866. 12.«.

OSTS. — Carew's Precedents of Bills of Costs, for

obtaining Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration in the

Principal Registry of the Court of Probate. 1869. 5«.

Morgan and Davey's Treatise on Costs in


one of Her Majesty's Counsel, late Stowell Fellow of University

College, Oxford, and Eldon Scholar ; and HORACE DAVEY,

M.A., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, late Fellow of University

College, Oxford, and Eldon Scholar. With an Appendix, containing

Forms and Precedents of Bills of Costs. 8vo. 1865. II. Is.

Morris' Solicitors' Fees and Court Fees, under

the Judicature Acts. — With Copious Index. By WILLIAM

MORRIS, Solicitor. 12mo. 1876. 4.?.

Scott's Costs in the Superior Courts of Com-
mon Law, and Probate and Divorce, and in Conveyancing ;
also in Bankriiptcy (Act of 1869). Proceedings in the Crown Office,
on Circuit and at Sessions, and in the County Court, &c. With an
Appendix, containing Costs under Parliamentary Elections Act,
186S. By JOHN SCOTT, of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law. Third Edition. Royal 12mo. 1868-73. 11. 4s.
•Mr Scott's work is well known to the profession. It is an extensive collection of
;ed bills of costs in all branches of practice, supplied to hia. probably by the taxing
sters. Such a work speaks for itself. Its obvinus utility is its best reconimenda-
\."—Law Times.

Scott's Costs under the Judicature Acts, 1873

and 187S ; containing the " Additional Rules " and Scale of

Costs ; together with Precedents of Taxed Bill.s. By JOHN

SCOTT, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1876. 5s. &d.

Summerhays and Toogood's Precedents of

Bills of Costs in the Chancery, Queen's

Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Probate

and Divorce Divisions of the High Court of

Justice, in Conveyancing, Bankruptcy, &c., with Scales of

Allowances and Court Fees, &c., &c. Second Edition. Roj'al 8vo.

1877. 15s.

' Tn the volume before us we have a very complete manual of taxation. The work is

utifuUy printed and arranged, and each item catches the eye instantly."— iaw


Webster's Parliamentary Costs. — Private Bills,
Election Petitions, Appeals, House of Lords. By EDWARD
WEBSTER, Escj., of the Taxing Oflice, House of Commons, and of
the Examiners' Office, House of Lords and House of Commons.
Third Edition. Post Svo. 1867. 20s.

All standard Law Works are kept i)i Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


COUNTY COURTS.— The Consolidated County Court DEC


Orders and Rules, 187S, with Forms and
Scales of Costs and Fees, as issued by the Lord
Chancellor and Committee of County Court Judges. Authorised
Edition. Super-royal 8vo. 1875. Net, 3s

County Court Rules, 1876. Authorised Edition. Net,6d

Pitt-Lewis' County Court Practice. — A CompleteiCi
Practice of the County Courts, including Admiralty anc jnt!
Bankiiiptcy, embodying the Act, Rules, Forms and Costs
with Table of Cases and FuU Index. By G. PITT-LEWIS
of the Middle Temple and Western Circuit, Esq., Barrister-at-Law
sometime Holder of the Studentships of the Four Inns of Court

(In the press.
CRIMINAL LAW.— Archbold's Pleading and Evidence
in Criminal Cases. — With the Statutes, Precedents o
Indictments, &c., and the Evidence necess.ary to support them. B3
JOHN JERVIS, Esq. (late Lord Chief Justice of Her Majesty's
Court of Common Pleas). Nineteenth Edition, including th«.
Practice in Criminal Proceedings by Indictment. By WILLIAM
BEUCE, of the Middle Temple, F.sq., Barrister-at-Law, anc
Stipendiary Magistrate for the Borough of Leeds. Royal 12mo

(In the press.

Cole on Criminal Informations and Quo War
ranto.— By W. R. COLE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 12mo. 1848


Greaves' Criminal Law Consolidation and
Amendment Acts of the 24 & 23 Vict.— Witl
Notes, Observations, and Forms for Summary Proceedings. Bj
CHARLES SPRENGEL GREAVES, Esq., one of Her Majesty'.
Counsel, who prepared the Bills and attended the Select Committee:
of both Houses of Parliament to which the Bills were referred
Second Edition. Post 8vo. 1862. 16«

Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in
Criminal Cases.— Ninth Edition. By HORACE SMITH

Esq.,Barri.ster-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1878. ll.lls.6d

Russell's Treatise on Crimes and Misdemea-
nors.— Fifth Edition. By SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., one ol
Her Majesty's Counsel. 3 vols. Royal 8vo. 1877. 5^ 15s. 6rf

Tljis trPatiso is so much more copious tlian ;uiy othor ujion nil the subjects contnined
ill it, that It .iffords by Inr tlie best means nf acquiring a kiiowledpo of the Criminal Law
in general, or of any (ifltiico in particular ; so that ii will be found peculiarly nseful as
well to those who wish to obtain a complete knowlidgo of that law, as to those who
desire to be informed on any i)(irtii>u of il as occasion may roipiire.

This work also contains a very complete treatise ou the Law of Evidence in Criminal, and in it the manner of taUinj; the depositioua of witnesses, and the examinatione
of prisoners before niai-'istratrs, is fully exi)laincd.

'' What butter Diffesl of Crindnal Law conld we possibly hope for than 'Russell ou
Crirapp?' " — Sir James Filzjnmes SCfp/ien's S/irrrli on Cixli/inilion.

•'We may safely assert that the fifth ciiitidn of ' Itiissell on Crimes' has, under the

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