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order to make sure that his brother, Harrison Fos-
ter, was present at the annual March meeting of
their native town. Of such stuff were Revolution-
ary and Civil war heroes made. The subsequent
military career of Alonzo Foster was a brave and
brilliant one. He enlisted in September, i86r, as a
member of Company A, Second Minnesota Volun-
teer Infantry, and served throughout the war. He
entered as a corporal and was first sergeant of his
company when discharged. He participated in the
battles of Mill Springs, Shiloh, Kenesaw Moun-
tain, Missionary Ridge and Chickamauga and sev-
eral of the engagements of the Atlanta campaign,
and was one of the six men of his company whose
names were placed on the military roll of honor.
Despite the numerous active engagements in which
his regiment took part, it was one of the few which
had the distinction of never being obliged to fall
back under fire, as is noted by Colonel Bishop in his
"Story of a Regiment." On leaving the army, Mr.
Foster returned to Minnesota and settled on a farm
in the town of Elmira,, Olmstead county, where his
death occurred March 7, 1895. His four-hundred-
acre farm is still in possession of his family. He
was married, March 7. 1867, to Sophia West. Their
eldest child, Wesley S. Foster, is now a resident
of Milaca, Minnesota, and has in preparation a his-
tory of the Foster family of the United States,
tracing the ancestry back to 837 A. D.

(For Ancestry, see Pages 203-4-5.)
(VI) Joseph (2), eldest child of Joseph
DOW (i) and ]\Iary (Sanborn) Dow, was born
October 20, 1663, in what is now Sea-
brook, New Hampshire and resided there engaged
in farming. He was married at Amesbury, Massa-
chusetts, May 25, 1687, to Mary Challis, who was
born August 27, 1668, in Amesbury, daughter of
Philio and Mary (Sargeant) Challis. Their chil-
dren were : Joseph, John, James, Philip and Mary.

(VH) John, second son of Joseph (2) and
Mary (Challis) Dow, was born December 16, 1689,
and died in 1739. He was married in 1736, to
Elizabeth Moody, and we have record of one child
born of this marriage.

(Vni) Ebenezer, son of John and Elizabeth
(Moody) Dow, was born 1737, and died in Novem-
ber, 1817. He was married June 12, 1760, to Eliza-
beth Wilson Danforth, who was • born October 10,
1734, and died June 28, 1804. Ebenezer Dow served
during the French war from Massachusetts, under
Captain James Smith, and was at Ticonderoga,
Crown Point and Fort William Henry, also partici-
pating in the capture of Louisburg in 1758, and
Quebec in the following year. He was a minuteman
at Concord, Massachusetts, in the opening days of
the revolution, and served in the battle of Bunker
Hill. He joined the expedition under Colonel Ar-
nold, reaching Canada by the Kennebec route, and
was taken prisoner at Quebec. After having been
exchanged he again joined the Revolutionary army,
and was in the battles of Bennington and Still

(IX) Moody Dow, son of Ebenezer and Eliza-

beth W. (Danforth) Dow, was married June 25,
1802, to Joanna Hoyt, who was born October 3,
1770, and died October 26, 1S46. (See Hoyt V).

(X) Enoch Hoyt Dow. son of Moody and
Joanna (Hoyt) Dow, was born February 19, 1806,
in Concord, New Hampshire and was a prominent
citizen of that town. He was selectman in 1837-40,
and was captain in the Third Infantrv Militia 'from
February, 1832, to February 18, 1835. He was engaged
in the lumber business, and died February 22, 1S53.
He was married March 30, 1837, to Judith Walker
Chandler, daughter of Captain John (5) Chandler
(See Chandler VII and Rolfe VIII). She was
born August 5, 1807. and died May 8, 1887.

(XI) Ellen Maria, daughter of Enoch H. and
Judith W. (Chandler) Dow, was born April 22,
1844, in Penacook, and was married September 26,
1865, to William W. Burbank. (See Burbank

V i i i J .

(For ancestry, see Page 191.)

(H) Thomas, fourth son and child
EASTMAN of Roger and Sarah Eastman, was
born in Salisbury, Massachusetts,
September 11, 1646. He lived in Haverhill. Massa-
chusetts, and was a soldier in King Philip's war in
1675-6. On January 20, 1679, he married Deborah
Corhs, daughter of George and Joanna (Davis)
Corhs, born in Haverhill, June 6, 1655. They had
four children: Jonathan, mentioned below, Sarah,
Joannah and Joannah (2). Of these children the
son 'was the only one who grew to maturity. Sarah
was killed by the Indians in the Dustin massacre at
Haverhill, March 15. 1697, and the two Joannahs
died m infancy. Thomas Eastman himself was
killed by Indians in Haverhill, April 29, 1688. His
death occurred at the early age of fortv-two and his
widow afterwards married Thomas Kingslev, June
29, 1691.

(III) Jonathan, eldest child of Thomas and
Deborah (Corlis) Eastman, was born in Haverhill,
Massachusetts, January 8. 1680. In 1746 he and his
family were living at Concord, New Hampshire,
then called Rumford. On April 8, 1701, Thomas
Eastman married Hannah Green, born on the his-
toric Dustin Hill in Haverhill, December 20, 1677.
This woman suffered frightful hardships at the
hands of the Indians. On February 8. 1794, they
made a raid on the Bradley garrison Avhere the
Eastmans were staying, killed the week-old baby,
Abigail, before its mother's eyes, and dragged Mrs.
Eastman in captivity to Canada. She remained there
nearly three years before she was found and re-
deemed by her husband. Thomas and Hannah
(Green) Eastman had eleven children: Thomas,
Abigail, Mehitable, Peter. Richard, Sarah, William',
mentioned below; Jonathan, Amos. Elizabeth and
Hannah. Nine of these children were born after
their mother was rescued from captivity. It is not
known when Jonathan Eastman died, but his will
was proved at Exeter, New Hampshire, May 30,
1758. The land which he owned lies about Turkey
river in Concord, and is now the property of St.
Paul's school.

(IV) William, fourth son and seventh child of
Jonathan and Hannah (Green) Eastman, was born
at Haverhill, Massachusetts, October 3, 1715. He
was among the early settlers at Haverhill, New
Hampshire, where he stayed a short time, but in
1767 he removed to Bath, New Hampshire, which
became his permanent home. On December 14,
1738, he married Ruth Chase, who died January 22!
1742. leaving three children : Ruth, Stephen and
William. On April 19, 1748, William Eastman mar-



ried his second wife, Rebecca Jewett, and they had
eight children, the first four of whom were born in
Hampstead, New Hampshire. The children of the
second marriage were : Obadiah, Hannah, James,
whose sketch follows ; Moses, Azubah, Jonathan,
Peter and Moses. William Eastman died at Bath,
New Hampshire, November 30, 1790, and his widow
died in the same place, January 26, 1806.

(V) James, second son and third child of Wil-
liam Eastman and his second wife, Rebecca Jewett,
was born in Hampstead, New Hampshire, Septem-
ber 24, 1753. When a boy he removed with his
parents to Ladd street in Haverhill, New Hamp-
shire, where they lived for a short time, thence to
Bath, New Hampshire, where he inherited the pater-
nal farm, but he soon sold out and settled in the
neighboring town of Haverhill, where he bought a
tract of land and had it surveyed into three farms
and deeded to three of his sons, viz : Moses, Searle
and Eber. His grandson Hubert now lives on the
farm he deeded to Moses. He was a soldier in the
Revolution. On March 18, 1782, he married Mary
Searle, born at Hollis, New Hampshire, March 18,
1760, and died October 23, 1837. They had eight
children : James. Moses, whose sketch follows ;
Amos, Searle, Mary, William, Joel and Eber. James
Eastman died in Haverhill, New Hampshire, Jan-
uary 7, 1853, having nearly completed his hundredth

(VI) Moses, second son and child of James
and Mary (Searle) Eastman, was born in Bath,
New Hampshire, December 16, 1784. On May 16,
1816. he married Sally Smith, born February 18,
1796. They had ten children : Melissa, Hubert,
Calista, Susan E., Wilbur F., Charles W., Lucia K.,
mentioned below ; Henry O., Ruth E. S., and Abbie
F. Moses Eastman died in Haverhill, New Hamp-
shire, March 6, 1842, and his widow died December
I. 1886.

(VH) Lucia K.. fourth daughter and seventh
child of Moses and Sally (Smith) Eastman, was
born at Bath, New Hampshire, July 18, 1826. She
married Moses Abbott, of Bath. (See Abbott VH).

(Preceding Generations on Page 1739.)

(HI) Samuel, third son and fifth child
JEWELL of Thomas (2) and Susannah (Guil-
ford) Jewell, was born February 19,
1688, probably at Amesbury, Massachusetts, whence
his parents had recently removed from Hingham. On
the final settlement of the boundary between New
Hampshire and Massachusetts, that portion of Ames-
bury^ where the Jewells lived fell to the former state,
and is now South Hampton. On November 6, 1712,
Samuel Jewell married Sarah Ring, and nine chil-
dren are recoi'ded : David, whose sketch follows ;
Mary, born April 8, 1718; Sarah, born April 6, 1720;
Elizabeth born August 14, 1723; Ruth, born May 9,
1726; Susannah, born February 4, 1728; Dorothy,
born May 11, 1733, and died at Amesbury, June 20,
1736; Thomas, who died about 1772; and Timothy,
born May 3, 1743. Samuel Jewell died at what was
then a part of Amesbury, now South Hampton, but
the date of his death is unknown.

(IV) David, eldest child of Samuel and Sarah
(Ring) Jewell, was born about 1716, and married
Elizabeth Lowe. Seven children of this marriage
are recorded. Joseph, born May 13, 1741, married
(first)_ Susan Graves; (Second) Miriam Currier;
and died at Brentwood. New Hampshire. David,
born May 25, 1742, probably died young. The sketch
of Daniel follows. Susannah, born August 13. 1748,
married a Davis and lived at Saco. Maine. Eliza-
beth, born May 26. 1750, married Thomas Wiggin,
•who died at Fort George, while serving in the Rev-

olution, November 30, 1776. Sarah was born June
9, 1752. Mary, the youngest child, born March 26,
1756, is supposed to have married a Handy for her
first husband, and David Jewell for her second.
David Jewell, the father of this family, probably
spent most of his life at Stratham, New Hampshire,,
and he died there May 20, 1798, aged eighty-twa

_ (V) Daniel, third son and child of David and
Elizabeth (Lowe) Jewell, was born May 25, 1744,.
and lived at Brentwood or Stratham, New Hamp-
shire. He raised and commanded a company of
volunteers during three campaigns of the Revolu-
tion. Captain Jewell married Sarah Sanborn, and
there were nine children. Betsey, the eldest, mar-
ried (first) Jonathan Sanborn; (second) Nathaniel
Burleigh ; and died at Holderness. this state. Anna^
born in 176S, married Philip Smith; (second) Abra-
ham Drake ; she died at Holderness, this state, March
31, i860, in her ninety-second year. Lydia, born De-
cember 3, 1771, married John Haines and died at
Newmarket, New Hampshire, June 20, 1840. Sarah,,
born in 1744, married Reverend Ebenezer Leavitt,.
and died at North Hampton, this state, August 18,.
1851. Daniel, born about 1780, died unmarried at
Stratham, at the age of fifty-eight. Simeon, borrt
July 12, 1780, married Eleanor Barker, and lived at
Stratham, where he died at the age of eighty. The
sketch of Asa Jewell, the seventh child, is given in
the next paragraph. Charlotte, born September 17,.
1784, married Nathaniel Trefethen and lived at Rye,,
this state. Levi, the youngest child, born December
14, 1786, married (first)' Hannah IMarston; (second)
Elizabeth Marston; and lived at Stratham. Daniel
Jewell, the father of this family, died at Stratham,.
March 29, 1831, aged eighty-seven years.

(VI) Asa, third son and seventh child of Daniel
and Sarah (Sanborn) Jewell, was born August 13,.
1782, and lived at Stratham, New Hampshire. He
married his first wife, Sarah Wiggin. in November,.
1805, and they had four children: David W., whose
sketch follows: Hannah M., born March 21, 1809^
married Warren W. Seavey, and lived at Rye, this-
state: Asa, born February 10, 181 1, married Theo-
date H. Page, and lived in Exeter : and Sarah W.,.
born February 13, 1813, married Elisha Chase and
lived in Stratham. Asa Jewell married his second,
wife, Elizabeth Marston, in 1814, and they had one
child, Nathaniel M., born March 18, 1816. who mar-
ried Mary E. Lovering, and lived in Exeter. In
June, 1818, Asa Jewell married his third wife, Mercjr
Randlet, and they had three daughters : Abigail, born
June 22. 1820, married Edward Chapman and lived
in Newmarket, this state; Elizabeth, born March 12,
1825, married Andrew York and lived in Nev^ Bed-
ford, Massachusetts ; Charlotte Augusta, born in
June, 1835, died unmarried in Stratham. Asa Jewell,,
the father, died at Stratham, April 26, 1836.

(VII) David W., eldest child of Asa and Sarah
(Wi.ggin) Jewell, was born February 13, 1807, and
lived at Stratham, New Hampshire. In 1832 he
married Rachel Leavitt, and they had eight chil-
dren. Sally, born in December 1832, married Nathan:
Norton and lived in Stratham. Asa E., born January-
21, 1834, lived unmarried in Stratham. Rachel S.,
born June 11, 1836, married John James Scammon,
of Stratham, February 9, i860. (See Scammon,.
VII). Irene was born October 30, 1837, married
David J. French, of Stratham, February 13, 1861.
Hannah M., born May 16, 1841, married Levi Barker,,
of Stratham. ]\Iary Ellen, born February 28, 1843,
married Hezekiah Scammon, of Stratham. Harriet
N., born February 26, 1845, died June o of the same-
year. Levi, born June 11, 1847, married Abbie Bur-
leigh. David W. Jewell died at Stratham, ]\Iay 13,.



The origin of this name does not
IRELAND seem to be clear, but it has been
preserved in its present form_ for
more than two hundred years and has been iden-
tified with the settlement and development of New
England. It was conspicuous in the pioneer period
of southern New Hampshire and is still ably rep-
resented in that section.

(I) The first of record is John Ireland, who
was a sea captain and was admitted to the Second
Church of Boston in 1693.

Abraham Ireland, who was probably a connec-
tion of John Ireland, very likely a brother, was
buried at Cambridge, Massachusetts. He died Jan-
uary 24, 1753, in his eighty-first year and his grave-
stone at Cambridge states "God brought him from
a distant land."

Shadrach Ireland was a pipemaker. residing in
Charlestown, Massachusetts, and was a teacher of
new religious doctrine. He removed to Harvard
in 1760. He was married May 31, 1739, to Martha
Mallett, who was admitted to the Church in Charles-
town, jNIay 4, 1740, and died July 19, 1778, aged
fifty-eight years, according to the gravestone. She
probably survived him, as she is among those whose
propert>' was valued in 1771, being the twenty-sec-
ond in the town. In 1778 her estate was admin-
istered by her son Jonathan. It included house and
barn and six and one-half acres of land, and the
total real estate valuation was $204. Upon the mar-
gin of the inventory is written "Her husband sup-
posed to be living." Her children were : Martha,
Shadrach, Jonathan and Tabitha.

(II) Jonathan, second son and third child of
Shadrach and Martha (Mallett) Ireland, was born
July 23, 1745, in Charlestown, and died at Salem,
Massachusetts, 1823, aged seventy-eight years.
He was a blacksmith by occupation and sold sev-
eral parcels of land in Charlestown about 1781 and
later, which probably indicates the time of his re-
moval to Salem. He was married February 8, 1769,
to Eliza Mallett. Their children were : Jonathan,
Ann, Isaac M., Betsey, James, John. Timothy, Ra-
chel, Thomas and Martha. His wife's father was
the owner of Breed's Hill, which has been erron-
eously named in history as Bunker Hill, near which
Jonathan Ireland resided. On the occasion of the
battle he was obliged to take up his residence tem-
porarily in another part of the town.

(III) Jonathan (2), eldest child of Jonathan
(i) and Eliza (Mallett) Ireland, was born May
27, 1771, in Salem, Massachusetts, and died at Dun-
barton, New Hampshire, December 29. 1854. He
was a blacksmith by trade and before his removal
to Dunbarton worked seven years on State street
in Boston. He subsequently resided in Salisbury
and Amesburj^ Massachusetts. He was an excel-
lent penman and mathematician and the manu-
script of an arithmetic, which he compiled, is pre-
served by his grandson in Dunbarton. After his
removal from Boston he engaged in various kinds
of business and was connected with Paul Morrill
in the first cut nail' factory that Avas established.
He also engaged in the hotel business for several
years and was somewhat interested in sheep. In
1816, he made a trip on horseback to Ohio, to view

iv— 51

the country, but was afraid to take up land there
because it was so level. In 1817 he returned cast
and bought a farm in Dunbarton, on which he
continued to reside until his death, as above noted.
The farm is now occupied by his grandson and at
that time consisted of one hundred acres. He main-
tained a large dairy and was an extensive grower
of fruit. His children were: Jonathan, Mary,
Eliza, Olive and Annis.

(IV) Jonathan (3), eldest child of Jonathan
(2) Ireland, was born December 24, 1795, in Salis-
bury, Massachusetts, and was educated in the pub-
lic schools of that town and in Derry and Pinker-
ton Academies. He was early employed in the
store kept by his father and later, when the fam-
ily moved to Dunbarton, he participated in the la-
bors of the farm. He was active in the promotion
of progress and served the town several years as
clerk and justice of the peace. He was early a
Whig and was later allied with what was called
the "Know Nothing" party, at the time when Ralph
Madison was elected governor of the state. On the
organization of the Republican party he became as-
sociated with it and so continued throughout his
life. He was a member of the Congregational
Church. He married Abigail Maria Burnham,
daughter of John Burnham of Derry, New Hamp-
shire. A brief mention of their children follows :
Martha is the widow of S. J. Young and resides
in Providence, Rhode Island. Eliza H. and William
F. are deceased. Mary Abbie is the wife of Alonzo
P. Burnham of Dunbarton. John B. receives ex-
tended mention below. Jonathan is a machinist in
Springfield, Illinois.

(V) Jonathan Burnham Ireland, second son and
fifth child of Jonathan and Abigail M. (Burnham)
Ireland, was born February 27, 1832, on the ancestral
homestead in Dunbarton. New Hampshire, on which
he resides. He received a common school educa-
tion and was for some time a student in a select
school in his native town, taught by Prof. Mar-
tin Bailey. He early took up a trade and learned
that of blacksmith, which he has considered his
business for a period of fifty years. The farm on
which he resides now embraces two hundred acres,
and he has also been able to purchase another farm
on which his son now resides. He has been indus-
trious and judicious in his investments, and en-
joys the prosperity which is due to intelligent ef-
fort. During the strenuous time of the Civil war
he served the town as selectman, and also served
on the school board, and was thirteen years su-
pervisor. He is a member of the Congregational
Church and a steadfast Republica'n in politics. He
married Mary Hodgins, daughter of Aaron Hod-
gins of Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Her ancestor
came to Ipswich, Massachusetts, early in the set-
tlement of the town. Mr. and Mrs. Ireland have
had three children, of whom two are living, Fred
L. and Theodore. The latter resides in East
Weare. The former resides upon a farm adjoin-
ing his father. He married (first) Henrietta Mc-
Lane, who was the mother of three children :
Faith M., Mary and John B.; (second) Mary Da-
vis, daughter of Moses Davis, of New Boston.
She is the mother of one child, Dane.


Vol. I comprises pages 1 to 464.

Vol. II comprises pages 465 to 992.

Vol. Ill comprises pages 993 to 1538.

Vol. IV comprises pages 1539 to 2048.

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