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and died April 21, 1687. Aquila's children were:
Sarah, Ann, Priscilla, Mary, Aquila, Thomas, John,
Elizabeth, Ruth, Daniel and Moses. Mary became
the wife of John Stevens. (See Stevens, II). (Men-
tion of John, Daniel and Moses and their descend-
ants forms part of this article.)

(VI) Thomas, second son and sixth child of
Aquila (2) and Anna (Wheeler) Chase, was born
July 25, 1654, in Newbury, Massachusetts, and made
his home in that town throughout life. He sub-
scribed to the oath of allegiance there in 1678. His
will was made August 3, 1732, and proved on the
twenty-fifth of February following, indicating his
death to be near the end of the former year. He was
a carpenter and resided near the road leading to
Amesbury Ferry. He was married (first), Novem-
ber 22, 1677, to Rebecca Follansbee, who died before
August 2, 1714. On that date he was married to
Elizabeth Mooers. All of his children except the
youngest were probably born of the first wife. They
were : Thomas, Jonathan, James, Aquila, Ruth,
Mary, Josiah, Rebecca, Nathan, Judith and Eliza-
beth. (Mention of Jonathan and Nathan and de-
scendants appears in this article).

(VII) Thomas (2), eldest child of Thomas (i)
and Rebecca (Follansbee) Chase, was born Septem-
ber 15, 1680, in Newbury, where he resided. His will
was made December 10, 1748, and proved March i,
1756. He probably died about the close of 1757, at
the age of seventy-seven years. He married Sarah
Stevens, daughter of Deacon Thomas and Martha
(Bartlett) Stevens, of Amesbury. Their children
were : Thomas, Abel, Jonathan, Roger, Sarah, Eliz-
abeth, Josiah and Abigail.



(VIII) Abel, second son and child of Thomas
(2) and Sarah (Stevens) Chase, was born February
25, 1702, in Newbury, where he passed his life and
died January, 1778. He was twice married, but no
record of his first wife appears. The christian name
of his second wife was Sarah.

(IX) Abel (2), son of Abel (i) and eldest
child of his second wife, Sarah Chase, was born
September 11, 1732, and died November 15, 1787, at
the age of fifty-five years. He married Judith Gale,
daughter of Isaac and Judith (Sargeant) Gale, of
Sutton, Massachusetts. She was born April 12,
1734, and survived her husband more than seventeen
years, dying February 10, 1805.

(X) Abel (3), eldest child of Abel (2) and
Judith (Gale) Chase, was born October 29, 1754, in
Sutton, Massachusetts. He was married September
24, 1779, to Hannah Bond, daughter of Jonas and
Hannah (Hicks) Bond, of Sutton; she was born
March 13, 1757.

(XI) Jonas, third child of Abel (3) and Han-
nah (Bond) Chase, was born August 20, 1783, in
Sutton, Massachusetts, and died in 1827, in Sutton
north parish, now Millbury, Massachusetts. He
married Lavinia Boyden, and they had five sons :
Jonathan, Ira, Leonard, whose sketch follows, Abel
and Albin Bond.

(XII) Leonard, third son of Jonas and Lavinia
(Boyden) Chase, was born August 7, 1811, in Mil-
bury, Massachusetts, and died June 7. 1868, in Mil-
ford, New Hampshire. He received a common
school education and the knowledge thus acquired
was supplemented by a course at Andover Acad-
emy and by a two years' course at Yale, from the
latter institution being forced to retire on account
of. impaired health. Shortly afterward he took up
his residence in Milford, New Hampshire, and be-
gan the manufacture of agricultural implements,
which proved highly remunerative. He took an
active and prominent part in the affairs of his
adopted city and state, and served as state repre-
sentative, senator and member of the governor's
council, in all of which capacities he rendered ef-
ficient and valuable service. He was an anti-slavery
man. was one of the come-outers of the Congrega-
tional Church, and a member of the Free and Ac-
cepted Masons. Mr. Chase married (first), in
1834, Mary I. Dickey, of Milford, New Hampshire,
daughter of Adam and Mary (Gordon) Dickey.
She died December 16, 1842. Their children are:
Mary I., widow 'of the late Elbridge Wason. of
Brookline, Massachusetts. Hannah L. Cornelia
Elizabeth, married Charles B. Tuttle. She died De-
cember 25, 1893. Mr. Chase married (second),
March 21, 1844, Susanna Williams, born May, 1807,
In Groton, Massachusetts, and died in 1869. She
had one child, Frank W., born December 8, 1844,
died May 14, 1906.

(VII) Jonathan, second son of Thomas and
Rebecca (Follansbee) Chase, was born in New-
bury, Massachusetts, in 1683, and died at Strat-
ham. New Hampshire, in April, 1740. He was one
of the principal proprietors of Sanbornton, New
Hampshire, and married, in 1703, Joanna Palmer,
of Bradford, Massachusetts.

(VIII) Jonathan (2), second son of Jonathan
(i) and Joanna Palmer) Chase, was born at New-
bury. September, 1707, and died at Stratham, New
Hampshire, in 1744. He married Lydia Rollins.
(Mention of their son, Nathaniel, and descendants
appears in this article.

(IX) Jonathan (3). eldest son of Jonathan (2)
and Lydia (Rollins) Chase, was born at Stratham,
May I, 1730, and died in Loudon, September 18,

1808. He was active in promoting the settlement
of several New Hampshire towns and also in land
speculation. He married, in 1749, Anne Taylor.

(X) Edward, second son of Jonathan (3) and
Anne (Taylor) Chase, was born in Stratham.
November 24, 1754, and died in Canterbury, June
19, 1814. May 30, 1775, he enlisted in the Second
New Hampshire Regiment, commanded by Colonel
Enoch Poor, and on September 23, 1776, re-enlistel
in_ Colonel Thomas Tash's regiment. New Hamp-
shire Continentals. He married, in 1779. Polly
Moore, of Stratham.

(XI) Levi, eldest son of Edward and Polly
(Moore) Chase, was born in Canterbury, April 8,
1782, and died there April 12, 1854. He married,
June 8, 1808, Sally Page, of New Sharon, Maine.
a descendant of Robert Page, of Ormsby, county
of Norfolk, England. Their children were : Charles,
of Grafton, New Hampshire, selectman and jurist;
William Plummer, a Free-will Baptist clergyman;
Uriah, mentioned below ; and Levi Badger, of
Sturbridge, Massachusetts, who served in the Civil
war, compiled the Plympton genealogy and is the
author of a history of Sturbridge.

(XII) Uriah, third son of Levi and Sally
(Page) Chase, was born in Canterbury, September
28, 1819, and received his education at Gilmanton
Academy. He entered the ministry of the Free-will
Baptist church, and was licensed to preach by the
New Durham quarterly meeting held in May, 1843.
Thenceforth he labored as an evangelist until March
14, i8';o, when he was ordained at East Parson-
field. His principal pastorates were at Limington,
Raymond, Brixton, Parsonfield, Shapleigh, HoUis
and Waterboro, Maine, and Alton, Belmont, An-
dover, Wolfboro, Nottingham, Strafford, Barring-
ton, Epsom and Raymond, New Hampshire. He
was a powerful preacher, with a reputation as an
orator. His poetical works, which were published
in three volumes under the nom-de-plume of Wil-
liam Canterbury, attracted much attention. He
died in Waterboro, Maine, August i, 1888. He
married, October 25, 1855, Harriet Ann, daughter
of John and Susan (Weeks) Kimball, of North-
field, New Hampshire. She died in Andover,
November 18, 1862, leaving one son, John, born
July 16, 1855, now a merchant in East Parish,
Maine. Mr. Chase married, February 17, 1863,
Lizzie Guilford, of Saco, Maine, and they have
two children : Mary Nettie, born January 19,
1864; and Charles L., mentioned below. Miss Chase
attended the North Parsonfield Academy and the
Auburn high school, graduating from Bates Col-
lege. She secured a free scholarship by winning
the first prize awarded a woman in declamation.
She was principal of Gilmanton and Proctor acade-
mies, and is president of the New Hampshire Equal
Suffrage Association. She is a brilliant lecturer, and
her services in the cause are in great demand. The
degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon her by
Bates College.

(XIII) Charles L., only son of Uriah and Liz-
zie (Guilford) Chase, was born July 15, 1865, at
Strafford Ridge, New Hampshire, and attended the
North Parsonfield Academy and the Auburn and
Gorham high schools, graduating from the latter.
He was afterward a pupil at the Main Central
Institute. He taught two years and was afterward
engaged in real estate in Boston, where he re-
mained fifteen years. He now resides in Concord
and is a member of the firm of Chase & Bailey,
real estate brokers. He belongs to the Knights
of Pythias, the Good Templars, the Sons of Tem-
perance and the Grange. He is a Republican of



the staunchest sort and a member of the Free-
will Baptist church. He has been twice married.
His first wife was Meda Tarbox, of HoUis, Maine,
and his second, Margarette, daughter of John Otter-
son, a shipbuilder of Bath, Maine. Mr. and Mrs.
Chase have two children : Ralph W. and Royal E.

(IX) Nathaniel, son of Jonathan (2) and Pa-
tience (Heath) Chase, was born April 5, 1750, prob-
able in Hampton or Pittsfield, New Hampshire. In
March, 1773, he married Sarah Sanborn, daughter
of Reuben and Elizabeth (Ward) Sanborn, who
was born at Hampton in 1755. Reuben Sanborn
lived both at Hampton and Epsom. New Hamp-
shire, and was prison keeper in 1755. Nathaniel
Chase lived both at Seabrook and Pittsfield, New

(X) Jonathan (3), son of Nathaniel and Sarah
(Sanborn) Chase, was born in Pittsfield, New
Hampshire. He lived in that town the greater
part of his life, and was a farmer, drover, stone
contractor and bridge builder. On February 25,
1805, Jonathan (3) Chase married Abiah Han-
son, daughter of Solomon Hanson, and they had
ten children: Nathan, Lydia, Hanson S.. whose
sketch follows, John, Mary, Nathaniel E., Rou-
hamia. Elizabeth, Lavinia and James. Mrs. Chase
died about 1835, and the father placed the younger
children in the care of the Canterbury Shakers.
Jonathan (3) Chase died at Canterbury, New

(XI) Hanson Sylvester, second son and third
child of Jonathan (3) and Abiah (Hanson) Chase,
was born April 7, 1823, at Portsmouth. New Hamp-
shire. During his childhood his parents removed
to Pittsfield, where he learned the old fashioned
shoemaker's trade of True Tucker. He continued
in this work five or six years, and then returned
to the Shaker village in Canterbury and engaged
in driving one of the wagons used in selling the
wares and produce of the Community. He con-
tinued in this occupation, which took him all
through northern New Hampshire, and even into
Canada, until he was twenty-eight years old. In
1850 he moved to West Campton, where he lived on
a farm for twenty-three years. At the same time
he was engaged in lumbering and in buying and
shipping hemlock bark. While at West Campton
he was road commissioner and also served on the
school board. In 1873 he came to Plymouth, build-
ing the house where he now lives. Mr. Chase is a
man of force and character, and though past four-
score is still active. On May 23, 1850, Hanson S.
Chase married Mary Ann Brown, daughter of Jo-
seph and Relief (Ordway) Brown, who was born
in Bristol, New Hampshire, November 10, 1830.
Tliey had four sons: James Whitcher, Warren
Green, Irving Hanson, whose sketch follows : and
Edward Averill. Mrs. Chase, a woman of un-
usually vigorous mind and body, and a kind friend
to the sick, died October 21, 1898. Mr. Chase was
a Quaker by birth, but they attended the Universa-
list Church in Plymouth. Of the sons of this cou-
ple, James W., born July 6, 1851, at West Camp-
ton, died at Plymouth, August 30, 1874. Warren
G., born March 30, 1854, is in the lumber busi-
ness with his brother, whose sketch follows. Ed-
ward Averill, born May 15, 1869, graduated from
the Plymouth high school in 1888, and is now the
editor and proprietor of the Plymouth Record.

(XII) Irving Hanson, third son and child of
Hanson Sylvester and Mary Ann (Brown) Chase,
was born at West Campton, New Hampshire, No-
vember 18, 1859. He was educated in the schools
of Campton and Plymouth. He then engaged as

clerk for his brother, Warren G. Chase, in the
meat and grocery business, at Plymouth. At the
end of three years, finding the need of an out-door
life, he went to carpentering at which he worked
for a year. From this it was an easy transition to
the lumber business. The brothers, Warren G. and
Irving H. Chase, bought a small timber tract on
the Ellsworth branch of the Pemigewasset river,
where they built a waterpower sawmill, which they
conducted for thirteen years. They finally accu-
mulated about seven thousand acres of timber land,
and in 1894 they sold the property to George B.
James, of Boston. The Chase brothers operated
portable sawmills for two years and in 1898 built
a small mill on the site of their present property
in Plymouth. This was burned out at the end of
a year, but they immediately rebuilt on a much
larger scale, and are now conducting an extensive
business. The motive power is a stationary en-
gine of two hundred and fifty horse power, and
the mill in one day will turn out more lumber than
the early mills could have produced in a year.
The pine logs are drawn by team from Plymouth
and the adjoining towns, while those from re-
mote points are shipped by rail. The firm gives
employment to fifty and sometimes eighty men, and
daily produces thirty thousand feet of dressed
lumber. The greater part is recut and sold for
packing cases. The firm also owns a sawmill on
the Connecticut river at North Thetford, Vermont,
which they purchased in 1901 from the citizens'
Bank of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. They also own
and run three portable sawmills which are oper-
ating in different parts of New Hampshire and
Vermont. Besides his regular business, Mr. Chase
also deals quite extensively in real estate. He is a
Republican in politics, and a member of Plymouth
Lodge, No. 66, Independent Order of Odd Fel-
lows. He is a trustee of the Universalist Church
in Plymouth. On December 7, 1881, Irving H.
Chase married Minnie Elliott, daughter of Ephraim
and Lucy (Broad) Elliott, who was born in Thorn-
ton. New Hampshire, April 7, 1862. They had two
children : Mildred, born April 30, 1883, married,
July 25, 1907, J. Frank Drake, secretary of Board of
Trade, Springfield, Massachusetts ; and Richard V.,
born June 4, 1888, who is now a student at Wor-
cester Academy, and will enter Dartmouth College
in the fall of 1907.

(VI) John, third son and seventh child of
Aquila (2) and Ann (Wheeler) Chase, was born
in Newbury, November 2, 1655. He married (first),
May 2^, 1677, Elizabeth Bingley; and (second),

Lydia . The children by the first marriage were :

William, John and Philip ; by the second wife :
Charles, Jacob, Abraham, Phebe, Mary, Lydia and

(VII) John (2). second son and child of John
(.1) and Elizabeth (Bingley) Chase, was born in
Newbury ( ?) August 26, 1684, and lived in Hamp-
ton, New Hampshire. He married Abigail, daugh-
ter of James Chase (q. v.), and they had five chil-
dren : James, Elizabeth, Elihu, John and Hannah.
(Mention of John and descendants appears in this

(VIII) Elihu, second son and third child of
John and Abigail (Chase) Chase, was born Sep-
tember 7, 1705, in Hampton, New Hampshire, where
he died November 30, 1794. He was married De-
cember 9, 1730, to Mary Swain, of Hampton. Their
children were: John, Elizabeth, Elihu, William,
Solomon, Zaccheus, Rachel, Abial. Lydia, Miriam,
Anna, Asa and Patience. (]\Iention of Elihu and
descendants follows in this article).



(IX) John (3), eldest son of Elihu and Mary
(Swain) Chase, was born in Kensington, New
Hampshire, where he lived and died. He married'
Lydia Green, and they were the parents of six chil-
dren, who settled in Weare, New Hampshire,
namely: Nathan G., Judith, David,, Pauline, Ab-
raham and Theodate.

(X) Theodate, daughter of John and Lydia
(Green) Chase, was born July 6, 1773, in Kensing-
ton, and became the wife of Enoch Paige, (see
Paige, VI), and subsequently of Aaron Foster, and
died in 1S62.

(IX) Elihu (2), second son of Elihu (1) and
Mary (Swain) Chase, was born May 8, 1743, in
Hampton, and resided in Kingston, New Hampshire.
He was married July 14, 1773, to Sarah (Gove)
, widow of Green. They were the par-
ents of four sons : Samuel, Asa, Ezra and Hosea.

(X) Asa, second son and child of Elihu (2) and
Sarah (Gove) Chase, was born February 14, 1777,
in Kingston, and resided in that town. He was mar-
ried February 14, 1790, to Huldah Fowle, daughter
of Jonathan and Miriam (Martin) Fowle. She was
born January 26, 1775, and died October 22, 1858.
Their children were: Elihu, Sarah, Hannah, Jon-
athan and Asa (the last named is mentioned with
descendants in this article).

(XI) Elihu (3), eldest child of Asa and Huldah
(Fowle) Chase, was born March 11, 1800, in Ken-
sington, and resided in Springfield, New Hamp-
sKire. He was married November 26, 1822, to Bet-
sey Russell, of Wilton, New Hampshire. She was
born May 25, 1796, daughter of Aaron and Phoebe
(Gilbert) Russell of Wilton, and died February 24,
1888, in Springfield. Their children were : Betsey
Ann, who became the wife of Seth Chellis Sargent.
She died July 3, 1907 ; Hosea B., who was born and
resided in Springfield up to 1888, and is now a res-
ident of Newport; Daniel, who died in boyhood;
and Elihu (IV). The last named went west, where
he had a successful business career. He met his
death by accident when in middle life.

(XII) Hosea Ballou, elder son and second child
of Elihu (3) and Betsey (Russell) Chase, was born
October 31, 1826, in Springfield, New Hampshire.
He was a leading agriculturist of Springfield, and
represented that town in the state assembly in 1877
and 1881. He was married January 22, 1852, to
Evelyn H. Kidder, who was born April 12, 1835,
daughter of Thomas and Ruth (Mudgett) Kidder,
of Sunapee, New Hampshire. Their children are:
Waldo Sumner, Herbert Anderson, and Olin Hosea.
Mr. and Mrs. Chase are members of the Christian
Church. (Mention of Olin H. appears in this article.)

(XIII) Waldo Sumner, elder child of Hosea B.
and Evelyn (Kidder) Chase, was born October 14,
185s, in Springfield, New Hampshire. He is a
machinist by trade, which he follows in Franklin.
He was married (first), January 15, 1875, to Helen
Frances Adams, who was born 1855 and died Oc-
tober 29, 1882. Mr. Chase was married (second),
December 26, 1885, to Nina Matilda Wallace, who
was born April 5, 1868, daughter of William and
Dinah (Marsh) Wallace, of Grantham, New Hamp-
shire, who now reside in Franklin. Mr. Chase has
one child, Daniel Adams, born July 24, 1876.

(XIII) Olin Hosea, youngest son and child of
Hosea B. and Evelyn (Kidder) Chase, received his
primary education in the public schools of Spring-
field, and subsequently attended the high school of
Newport, from which he was graduated with the
class of 1892. The following year he entered the
employ of The Republican Champion, a well-known
and prosperous weekly journal of Newport, and in

1904 purchased the plant and continues to conduct
the newspaper named, and in conjunction therewith
also conducts a job printing establishment. In 1904
Mr. Chase was elected town clerk, and has been re-
elected each year since. Mr. Chase was one of the
original members of Company M, Second Regiment,
New Hampshire National Guard, organized in Jan-
uary, 1898. He was first sergeant of his company.
This regiment served for six months, being sta-
tioned at Chickamauga Park, Georgia, during this
period. Sergeant Chase was promoted to a second-
lieutenancy. Upon the return of his regiment from
the south, and its being mustered out of the national
and into the state service. Lieutenant Chase was
commissioned captain. He retired therefrom in
1903. Mr. Chase is a member of the Mt. Vernon
Lodge, No. 115, Ancient Free and Accepted Ma-
sons; Chapter of the Tabernacle No. 19, Royal
Arch Masons; Columbian Council (Clarmont)
Royal Select and Master Shriners ; Sullivan Com-
mandcry (Clarmont) Knights Templar; Bektash
Temple (Concord), Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine ; and Aurora Chapter, No. 2>2)r
Order of the Eastern Star. Mr. Chase is past mas-
ter of his lodge, high priest of the chapter, and
worthy patron of the Eastern Star.

(XIII) Herbert Anderson, second son and child
of Hosea B. and Evelyn (Kidder) Chase, was born
September 28, 1862, in Newport, and resides in that
town. He was married September 20, 1884, to
Phoebe Russell, who was born September 20, 1865,
daughter of William and Mary Ann (Whipple)
Russell, of Sunapee, now residing in Newport. His
children are: Earl Herbert, born October 17, 1886,.
and William Hosea, January 18, 1889.

(XII) Elihu Franklin, fourth child of Elihu (3)
and Phoebe (Russell) Chase, was born NovemlDer
17. 1833, in Newport, .and died in that town May
21, 1883, in his fiftieth year. He was married (first),,
September 15, 1859, to Ella M. Sherman, of National,
Iowa. She was born March 22, 1844, and died
August 8, 1881. Mr. Chase was married (second)
January 26, 1882, to Caroline S. Amerine, who was
born January 4, 1855, in Hocking county, Ohio. In
1854 he went from New Hampshire to National,
Iowa, where he continued until 1877. From that
time until his death he resided in Sac City, Iowa.
All his. children were born of the first wife, namely :
Beecher, April 6, 1862; Elihu Burrett, October 21,.
1865; Althea, December 8, 1870; Martha, March i,
1875 : Bertha, August 26, 1879.

(XI) Sarah, elder daughter of Asa and Hul-
dah (Fowle) Chase, was born 1802, and was mar-
ried November 29, 1827, to Nathan S. Trow, of
Springfield, New Hampshire. He was born No-
vember 28, 1804, and died October 15, 1885. They
resided at Mitchell, Iowa, and were the parents of
three children: Elihu, the first, born July 11, 1828,
died April 20, 1895; Anthony Chase, born July 14,
1833; Jonathan, born March 15, 1806, married Mary
Messer, of New London, New Hampshire.

(XI) Asa (2) Chase, third son and fifth child
of Asa (i) and Huldah (Fowle) Chase, was born
April 19, 1812, and was married June 12, 1836, to
Mary Ann Abbott, daughter of Theodore and Mary

(Burpee) Abbott (see Abbott, ). She was

born April 11, 1816, and died February 15. i885.
Their children were: Marshall Tram, Willard Win-
ter, and James Albin. Marshall Tram was born
September 16, 1837, and resides in Wilniot, New
Hampshire. He was married June i, 1873, to Bet-
sey Ann Robey, who was born April 14, 1845,
daughter of John and Betsey (Roundy) Robey of
Sutton, New Hampshire. The youngest, James A..

^ Wr



was born July 23, 1841, and died January 8, 1886.
He resided in Sunapee, and was a soldier of the
Civil war. He enlisted October 20, 18O1, in Com-
pany G, Sixth New Hampshire Volunteers, and was
wounded August 29, 18O2, at the second battle of
Bull Run, and was discharged April 20, 1863, at
Providence, Rhode Island, and re-enlisted Septem-
ber 6, of the following year in Company C, Twenty-
fourth Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps. He was
discharged November 14, 1805, at Washington, D.
C. He was married May 17, 1668, to Betsey Almira
Smith, who was born May 12, 1848, daughter of
John B. and Almira (FelchJ Smith, fheir children
were: Grace Bell, Nellie May and Arthur Emer-
son. The last named died at the age of eleven years.
(,Xnj Willard Winter, second son of Asa (2)
and Mary A. (.Abbott) Chase, was born April 18,
1839. He received his education in the common
schools, and was reared on a farm. At the age of
twenty-four years he bought his grandfather's farm
in Springtield, and made great improvements upon
the property in the course of time. In 1871, in
company with his partner, Alfred Martin, he bought
mill property at George's Mills, in Sunapee, and for
eleven years they continued to operate the mill with
success. In 1880 Mr. Chase began the erection of
"Pleasant Home," one of the most popular hotels
on Lake Sunapee. This he leased in 1904 to the
present proprietors. In connection with the house
he is the owner of thirty acres of land, on which he
produced most of the supplies for the table in the
hotel. He kept six cows and produced all the milk,
butter, cheese, fruit and vegetables for summer use,
beside other supplies. He is a member of New Lon-
don Grange, Patrons of Husbandry; of Mont Ver-
non Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons,
and Tabernacle Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, of
Newport. He was one of the organizers and is vice-
president and director of the Sunapee Alutual Fire
Insurance Company, which is now carrying some
$350,000 in risks. Mr. Chase is the holder of the

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