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has taken a number of premiums at different fairs.
His farm is admired by all lovers of fine farms,
being composed of rich hills and beautiful fertile
valleys. From the top of the hills rising in the rear
of his house a magnificent view can be had of the
surrounding country for twenty-five miles in all di-
rections. Mr. Dodge is a Republican in politics.
He served three years on the school board and two
years as selectman. He married, December 26, 1878,
Emma J. Wallace, daughter of John M. and Abbie
(Bartlett) Wallace, of New Boston. She was a
high school student and taught school several terms ;
she attended the Baptist Church. They are the
parents of five children: Jessie E., a graduate of
the Normal School, a teacher in a school in Provi-
dence, Rhode Island. Winifred, a graduate of the
Normal School, was a teacher in the schools of
Melrose. Mary A., attended art school in Boston,
and has been a teacher of drawing, now (1907)
assistant in drawing in the schools of Gardner.
Grace W., attended the Boston Conservatory of
INIusic, and is now teaching school. Julian R., who
died in infancy. •

(IV) Josiah, second son and third child of John
and Sarah Dodge, was born June 4, 1665, and died
January 19, 1715, in his fiftieth year. His gravestone
is now shown in the cemetery at "Dodge's Row."
He lived on a small farm on Longham brook, in
Wenham, and operated a tannery and had an in-
terest in a saw and grist mill. In the date of pur-
chase of the estate of Robert Caflin, which he ac-
quired in 1695, 1698 and 1701, he was termed a tan-
ner. In October, 1713, he sold to William Dodge, of
Wenham, one third of the cornmill. one third part of
the materials and irons of the old saw mill with
all parts and contents of the building to the same
and one third part of the dam privilege of the same
on Longham brook. In 1709 he was one of the
selectmen of Wenham, and probably held other
offices. He was married, December 18, 1690, to Lydia
Fisk, and married (second), Sarah Fisk, who died
March 17, 1730, in her sixtieth year. The division
of the estate indicates that it exceeded £367, in
value. His children were : Sarah, Johanna, Josiah,
Thomas, Rebecca, Mary, Anna, Jemima, John, Abi-
gail (died young) and Abigail. (Thomas and de-
scendants receive further mention in this article).

(V) Josiah (2), eldest son and third child of
Josiah (i) Dodge, was born August 16, 1698, in



Wenham, and was a tanner and farmer, living in
that town until 1743. That he was a large land-
holder is shown by the records of deeds in Essex
and Worcester counties. In January, 1743, he and
his wife sold for £45 ten acres of marsh in Ipswich.
Six days later they sold_for £792 twenty-four acres,
with a house in that town. He had previously sold
for £250 twenty-tive acres with house and barn in
Ipswich and Wenham, and for £352 tifty-two acres
in three pieces in the same town. On the twenty-
seventh of the same month he bought for £380 sixty
acres of land in Lunenburg, and on the first of
April following he paid for two hundred and sixteen
acres with two houses and two barns in that town
the sum of £2,600 old tenor. In January following
he bought thirty-eight acres more, for which he
paid £75, and in this conveyance he is styled gentle-
man, residing in Lunenburg. In March, 1756, he
bought for £87 sixty acres with a mansion house,
barn and appurtenances, which he sold a year later
for £125. In April, 1748, he sold forty-four acres
wuth buildings in Lunenburg for £600 old tenor.
In November, 1749, he sold to his son Josiah for
£200 (inflated paper currency) ten acres, a part of
the sixty acres which he bought in March, 1746.
Other papers on record indicate that he owned a
tract on which his house stood with two barns, a saw
saw mill, grist mill, tan yard, tan house, cidermill, corn
house and the frame of a new house. Between 1760 and
1768 he made various deeds to his sons and nu-
merous conveyances appear upon the records, many
of them being to his children. He was married
January 27, 1718, to Prudence, daughter of William
and Prudence (Fairfield) Dodge, of Wenham. A
quit claim deed made March, 1772, does not contain
her name from which it would appear that she
was not then living. His children were : Josiah,
Reuben, Eli, Tabitha, Zebulon, Sarah, William, Seth,
Prudence and Thomas. (Eli and descendants are
noticed in this article).

(VI) Reuben, second son and child of Josiah (2)
and Prudence (Dodge) Dodge, was born in Wen-
ham, January 21, 1721, and died in Lunenburg, June
15, 1762. He probably moved to Lunenburg about
1743, where he resided the remainder of his life.
The inventor}- of his estate was filed November 29,
1762, and his father Josiah was appointed adminis-
trator. The estate was reported May 9, 1763, in-
solvent. In March, 1768, Josiah Dodge and his wife
Prudence for one hundred and twenty-five pounds
six shillings, four pence, deeded thirty acres of land
in Lunenburg to Jesse, Brewer, Levi, Tabitha, Zadok,
John P. and Ruth Dodge, all minors except Jesse.
Reuben Dodge married, March 9, 1742, Ruth Perkins.
Their children were : Reuben, Jesse, Mary, Tabitha
(died young). Brewer, Levi, Tabitha, Zadok, Esther,
John Perkins and Ruth.

(VII) Levi, sixth child and fourth son of Reuben
and Ruth (Perkins) Dodge, was born in Lunenburg,
November 21, 1751, and was a patriot soldier in the
Revolution, serving as a private in Captain Josiah
Steam's company, Colonel Ephraim Doolittle's regi-
ment, as shown by records dated Cambridge, July 10,
1775, and Winter Hill, October 6, 1775. He married
Keziah Stanley.

(VIII) Maria, daughter of Levi and Keziah
(Stanley) Dodge, was born in Lunenburg, Massa-
chusetts, and married Hiram Hardy. (See Hardy).

(VI) Eli, third son and child of Josiah (2) and
Prudence (Dodge) Dodge, was born January 2,
1723, in Wenham, and probably moved to Lunen-
burg the same time as his father. In July, 1767,
he deeded thirty acres of land in that town to his
father and perhaps moved away. He was married

(intention published July 25, 1741), in Wenham, to
Abigail Gillings, of that town, and their children,
all born in Lunenburg, were : Eli, Rebecca, Isaac,
Abigail and Prudence.

(VII) Isaac, second son and third child of Eli
and Abigail (Gillings) Dodge, was born March 17,
1748, in Lunenburg, and lived in that town and Gro-
ton, Massachusetts, and died in the latter town in
INIarch, 1807. Lie married Elizabeth Blood, and their
children were: James, Asahel, Maria, Nancy, La-
vina, Lucy.

(VIII) James, eldest child of Isaac and Eliza-
beth (Blood) Dodge, was born February 21, 1795,
in Lunenburg, and lived in Keene, New Hampshire.
About 1850 he was employed in the cooperage at
Keene, where he remained four or five years, and
was subsequently a carpenter up to the time when
he retired from active life, and died August 28,

1872, in Keene, in his seventy-eighth year. He was
married, March 14, 1827, to Randilla Bundy, who was
born July 22, 1802, in Westminster, Vermont, and
survived her husband nearly twenty years, dying
December 30, 1891, in Keene. Her children were:
Evaline, Lucy A., Edwin, Charles, Harriet, Freder-
ick, James W. and Herbert.

(IX) James William, fourth son and seventh
child of James and Randilla (Bundy) Dodge, was
born April 13, 1845, in Keene, and was educated in
the common and high schools of that town. At an
early age he was employed as clerk by the Cheshire
Railroad Company and so continued from i860 to

1873, at which time he was appointed general freight
agent of the road. After holding this position for
seventeen years this was consolidated with the
Fitchburg railroad and he was appointed division
superintendent, in which position he continued about
one year and a half and then resigned. He was
soon invited to become assistant general freight
agent of the Fitchburg railroad with headquarters
at Boston, which he accepted and held a little less
than two years. On account of ill health he was
compelled to resign this position and has been on the
retired list since that time. He has taken an active
part in the management of public affairs in Keene,
and was a member of the city council during the
first year of its existence as an incorporated city.
He is an attendant of the Unitarian Church. Mr.
Dodge served as trustee of the Guarantee Savings
Bank, and Cheshire Provident Institution. He was
one of the initial subscribers to the Electric Light
Company, and subsequently was an active factor in
causing the merging of that institution with the local
Gas Company and was one of the original directors
of the Keene Gas & Electric Light Company. He
was married April 25, 1865, to Ella E. Perlej', who
was born May 20, 1848, in Gardner, Massachusetts.
She is a daughter of Asa P. Perley, who was born
June 4, 1824, in Templeton, Massachusetts, a son of
Asa Perley, who was born October 4, 1797, in Gard-
ner, Massachusetts, and died September 3, 1867,
in Baldwinville, Massachusetts. Mr. Dodge's mother
was Lucy Ann Austin, and was born IMarch 4. 1826,
in Surrej', New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. Dodge
had two children, Cora Ella, born, in Keene, June
13, 1867, died September 11, 1867; and Walter Fred,
born in Keene, July 28, 1869, died October 15, 1869.

(V) Thomas, second son and fourth child of
Josiah and Lydia or Sarah (Fisk) Dodge, was born
November 30, 1700, in Wenham, Massachusetts, and
died September 18, 1736, in that town. He was
probably a farmer. His estate was valued at £2,005
and 13 shillings. He was married (intention pub-
lished March 21, 1724), June 23. 1724, to Sarah
Porter, of Wenham. She was born January 6,



1706, and died 1795, aged eighty-nine years. Her
father, John Porter, was born 1668, and died March
8, 1753. He mother, Lydia Herrick, was born 1663,
and died F"ebruary 12, 1738. Thomas Dodge's wife
survived him and was granted administration of
his estate, November 15, 1736. Ten years later she
was appointed guardian of Israel and Benjamin
Dodge, minors, and of Thomas Brown, Junior, and
of all the children of Thomas Dodge. Her children
were: John, Lydia, Benjamin, Israel (died young),
Sarah and Israel.

(VI) Israel, youngest child of Thomas and
Sarah (Porter) Dodge, was baptized April 14, 1736,
and lived in Wenham. He was a soldier of the Revo-
lution. He was married in Wenham, jNlarch 27,
1758, to Abigail (Elliott) Larcum, and their children
were : Israel, Lydia, Francis, Ichabod and probably
others whose births are not recorded in Wenham.

(VII) Ichabod, third son and fourth child of
Israel and Abigail (Elliott) (Larcum) Dodge, was
born 1770, and baptized March 31, 1771, in Wenham.
He removed to Claremont, New Hampshire, where
he died October 31, 1822. He was married in Wen-
ham, May 23, 1774, to Mehitable Swett, who was
born May 25, 1765, in that town, daughter of Josiah
and Prudence (Dodge) Swett, of Wenham, later
of Claremont, before 1797.

(VIII) Isaac, son of Ichabod and Mehitable
(Swett) Dodge, was born June 13, 1797, in Clare-
rriont, and lived in that town where he was a farmer.
About 1850 he removed to Chester, Vermont, and
one of his sons is now living in that state. He was
married, December 25, 1822, in Claremont, to Eliza
Long, who died July 19, 1830.

(IX) Abraham, son of Isaac and Eliza (Long)
Dodge, was born February 18, 1834, in Claremont,
New Hampshire, and removed, before attaining his
majority, with his father to Chester, V/ermont,
where he still resides. He has been a lumberman
and farmer and is now probably retired in Chester.
He was married, March 10, 1857, to Augusta B.
Sargent, who was born August 6, 1831, daughter of
Edward Dodge and Johanna Atwood Sargent. Their
children are : Edward Sargent, Frank O. and Caro-
line Augusta.

(X) Frank Oak, second son and child of Abra-
ham and Augusta B. (Sargent) Dodge, was born
October 15, i860, in Chester, Vermont, and was edu-
cated in the common schools of that town. He
worked upon his father's farm until he was nineteen
years of age, and then began learning the black-
smith trade with E. A. Hall, of Chester, where he
continued about two years. In 1882 he removed to
East Swanzey, New Hampshire, and opened a black-
smith shop which he continued to operate about
four years, at the end of which period the shop was
burned. Removing to Keene he worked a short time
for George Russell, and then returned to West
Swanzey, and in company with A. H. Freeman
opened a shop which they continued to operate a
short time. At the end of a year and a half Mr.
Dodge bought the interest of his partner and has
continued to the present time in the successful
operation of a general blacksmith business. He is
a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows,
and takes an intelligent interest in the progress of
events about him. For the past eighteen years he
has served as constable of the town of Swanzey.
He was married (first), to Alma J. Ballou. He
married (second), April 14, 1901, Mary R. Stebbins,
who was born April 17, 1883, in Keene, New Hamp-
shire. His children, born of the first wife, are
Guy F. and Ralph.

(IV) Andrew, eighth child and fourth son of

Lieutenant John and Sarah Dodge, was born in.
Wenham. in 1676, and died February 17, 1748, in the
seventy-second year of his age, and was buried in
the cemetery at Dodge's Row. He was a carpenter
and lived at North Beverly. In 1708 he received
from his father a deed of about fifty acres of his
homestead. He held some town offices, and in 1713
was appointed on the building committee for con-
structing the new meeting house at North Beverly
for the Second Church there about to be organized.
His will was made November 2, 1747, and by it he
disposed of over one thousand pounds in money. He
had previously given his sons parcels of land. He
married (first), ]\Iay 26, 1686, Hannah Fisk, of
Wenham, who died December 2, 1703, in her thirtieth
year. He married, in 1704, Sarah, daughter of
Daniel and Sarah (Porter) Andrews or Andrus.
She died June 6, 1734, in the sixtieth year of her
age. He married (third), June 14, 1736, Ellinor
Edwards, of Wenham. His children by the first
wife were : Flannah and Andrew ; by the second
wife, Daniel, Thomas, Sarah, Bartholomew, Hannah
and Amos. (The last named is the subject of a
later paragraph in this article).

(V) Andrew (2), second son of Andrew (i) and
Flannah (Fisk) Dodge, was born in North Beverly,
Massachusetts, November 26, 1703 ; married, January
27, 1725, Lydia Bridgman, of Windham, Connecticut,
and settled in that town. His will was proved June
23, 1741. He enlisted in the ill-fated expedition of
Admiral Richard Vernon against the Spanish pos-
sessions of South America, and was killed at Carta -
gena, in March, 1741. He received a gift of a
farm at Windham from his father by deed dated
May 13, 1725. Children: Andrew, born February,.
1726, died young; Hannah, April 12, 1728; Irena,
March 29, 1729; Lydia, May 23, 173—; Andrew,
born April 4, 1732, died young; Rufus, March 22,.
1734; Andrew, February 21, 1735, died young; Abel,.
February 9, 1736; Sarah, March 10, 1737; Andrew,.
February 14, 1738-39; Isaac, February 25, 1739-40,
mentioned below.

(VI) Isaac, son of Andrew Dodge, was born in
Windham, Connecticut, February 25, 1739-40; mar-
ried, October 20, 1762, Sarah Utley, born October 25,
1746, daughter of Hon. Jeremiah Utley. From his
birth until the close of the Revolutionary war he
lived in Windham. He was sergeant in the Wind-
ham Company on the Lexington alarm, April, 1775,.
in Colonel Israel Putnam's regiment. He sold out
his property at Windham after the war and removed
to Lempster, New Hampshire, then a wilderness^
and cleared a farm for himself. He died there
October 20, 1806. Children, all born at Windham :
Abel, emigrated to New York state. Daniel, born
July 28, 1767, mentioned below; Isaac, born 1770;
Trephenia, married Leonard Dow; Daughter mar-
ried Rogers ; Daughter married Burn-
ham ; Eunice, married Cooper.

(VII) Daniel, son of Isaac Dodge, was born in
Windham, Connecticut, July 28, 1767, died August
29, 1837, in Hanover, New Hampshire. He married,,
December 31, 1793, Nabby Wright, of Hanover;
(second), February 20, 1798, Sally Wright, who
died June 20, 1797. He left Lempster, New Hamp-
shire, and settled on a farm at Hanover, about 1785,
where under many difficulties he brought up a family
of ten children, meeting the struggles of life, we are
told, with great fortitude and courage. Children,
born at Hanover: i. Omri, born January 10, 1795,
died December 27, 1826, at Hancock, Vermont; mar-
ried Lydia Darling; was an able and successful phy-
sician. 2. Daniel, born July 3, 1796, married Judith
Gates ; was a physician at West Chazy, New York,,



where he died June 12, 1864. 3. Nabby, born March
19. 1799. died October i, 1726. 4. Harvey Bingham,
born August 10, 1801, married Eliza A. Beckwith;
graduate of Colby University in 1827 ; pastor of
Baptist Church in West Plattsburgh, New York ; was
missionary in the counties of Clinton, Essex and St.
Lawrence, New York, in 1831-32; was pastor at
Farmersville, New York, in 1833 ; at Greene, New
York, 1834-36; in 1836 .became pastor of a new
church at Fort Covington, New York; pastor at
Parma, New York, in October, 1839, and at Newton
F'alls, Ohio, in 1841 ; removed to Garrettsville, Ohio,
in 1842, and accepted a call to return to his first
church in Plattsburgh in 1844; died at Schuyler's
Falls, November 11, 1866; married, January 13, 1830,
Ann Eliza Beckwith, a descendant pi Roger Wil-
liams. 5. Alfred, born September 24, 1803, died
October 23, 1880. 6. Sally, born December 6, 1805,
married, July, 1839, Laban Chandler ; died at Enfield,
New Hampshire, March i, 1893 ; "In a marked
degree she possessed weight of character, and ex-
erted a decided influence in the home, the church,
and the community; at the same time she was of
so mild a type, as to win a general esteem and love."

7. Cyrus, born September 13, 1807, died June 4, 1854.

8. Uminos, born August 7, 1809, died August 6, 1858.

9. Isaac, born March i, 1812, died in Hamilton Col-
lege, April 14, 1835. 10. John Wright, born Septem-
ber 4, 181 5, mentioned below.

(Vni) John Wright, son of Daniel Dodge, was
born in Hanover, New Hampshire, September 4,
1815. He was educated in the district schools of
his native town, and lived until 1847 on the old
homestead. Then he became a clerk in a Hanover
store, and subsequently engaged in trade on his own
account for fifteen years. He then began to manu-
facture flannels in Enfield, New Hampshire, and
in 1883 became one of the owners of a factory at
Bristol, New Hampshire, and this concern became
in 1887 the property of a corporation under the
name of Dodge-Davis Manufacturing Company with
a capital of $150,000, and the manufacture of flannels
was continued with great success. A few years be-
fore his death, Mr. Dodge retired from active labor
and spent his last years at his attractive home in En-
field. He died there February 13, 1897. He was
essentially a self-made man of the best type. He
began life with no capital and some inherited obli-
gations to discharge, and built up one of the best
woolen mills in New England, acquiring a fortune
and conferring great benefits upon the community
in which he lived and conducted business. He was
a thoroughly public spirited citizen and was held
in high esteem by his fellow-citizens in town and
state. Though a Democrat in politics he was often
honored by the Republican district in which he lived
by election to the state legislature. He has used
his means freely in objects of public benefaction,
and at the same time was generous with his less
fortunate relatives. Gave $5,000 for a free bed to
the town of Hanover, in the Mary Hitchcock Hos-
pital. He was kindly, modest and sympathetic in
disposition, but characterized by great force and
energy, far-sighted sagacity in business, integrity
and honest of purpose. Above the average in stat-
ure and weight, he had a striking physique.

He married, July i, 1855, Clementine Chandler
Whipple, widow, who was born November 12, 1818,
and died March 6, 1893, daughter of Henry H.
Chandler. Children: i. Son, born January 21, 1857,
died October 12, 1857. 2. Fannie L., born April 30,
1859, married, January 13, 1886, Rev. Walter Dole,
a Universalist clergyman, a native of Northfield,
Vermont. Children : John Walter Dole, born at

Enfield; Mary Clementine Dole, born at Enfield;
Robert H., born at Revere, Massachusetts.

Rev. Walter Dole, D. D., husband of Fannie
Louise Dodge, was born in Northfield, Vermont,
August 26, 1851. He graduated at Norwich Uni-
versity in 1870, and from Meadvillc Theological
School in 1874, then took a course in The Boston
School of Oratory. He has had a pastorate of three
years in Bethel, Vermont, including Gaysville and
Stockbridge, three years in Barre, Vermont, ten years
in Northfield Vermont, and nine years in Enfield,
New Hampshire. The basis on which he stands and
works is thus stated : "I believe in the One Holy
Church Universal, whereby the Children of Men are
to realize their oneness with God, the fulness of
divine Manhood, and the Spirit of Eternal Brother-
hood, by making the Christ the controlling type of

(IV) Amos, eighth child and fifth son of An-
drew and Sarah (Andrews or Andrus) Dodge, was
born in North Beverly, August 20, 171 7, and died
February 27, 1755. He resided in Beverly and was
buried in Dodge Row. He married, October 9,
1751, Hannah Green, of Salem. She was appointed
after his death administratrix if his estate, which
was valued at eight hundred and forty pounds, ten
pence. She married (second), May 30. 1765, Mat-
thew Wyman, of Woburn, a blacksmith, and lived
in Beverly in 1767. Two children were born to
Amos and Hannah : Sarah, and Amos, whose
sketch follows next.

(V) Amos (2), only son of Amos (i) and
Hannah (Green) Dodge, was born in Beverly,
July II or 21, 1754, was baptized July 20, 1755, and
died May 9, 1792. He was a carpenter in 1776,
when he sold his share of his father's estate in
Beverly. In the same year he receipted to Mat-
thew Eymar for twenty-five pounds, ten shillings,
the balance due from his mother as guardian on
account of the estate of his father. He appears to
have lived in Wenham after his marriage. He
married (first), October 29, 1775, Hepzibah Dodge,
who died June 19, 1777, in her twenty-first year. He
married (second). May 15, 1778, Lydia Batchel-
der, of Wenham, who was born April 9, 1756, and
died August 23, 1836, aged eighty years. By the
first wife there was one child, Stephen ; by the sec-
ond wife: Zadok, Hepzibah, Amos (died young),
Hannah, Lydia, Sally and Stephen.

(VI) Zadok, eldest son of Amos (2) and Lydia
(Batchelder) Dodge, was born INIarch 31, 17S0, and
died June 9, i860. Zadok and his father, Amos
Dodge, went to Antrim, New Hampshire, in 1814,
to purchase farms. Zadok bought the place next
west of South Village, begun by James Dinsmore
in 1779. He settled on this place in the sprijig of
1815. He married May i, 1806, Lydia Hadley, of
Andover, Massachusetts, who died August 8, 1820,
aged fiftj'-two. He married (second), Sally Lowe,
of Greenfield, who died November 10. 1867, aged
seventy-six. He had two children bj' the first
wife, Hepzibah and Alvah, whose sketch follows.

(VII) Alvah, only son of Zadok and Lydia
(Hadley) Dodge, was born in Wenham, Massa
chusetts, February 8, i8ri, and died in Antrim.
He was a carpenter by trade and lived on the old
homestead till 1850, when he moved to the South
Village of Antrim. He married, in 1836, Lydia
Elliott, who died in 1852, aged thirty-five. He mar-
ried (second). September 20, 1855, Alice W. Carr,
of Antrim. The children of the first wife were:
Jennie M., Anna S., Hattie M., Charles H., Hiram
b. and Fostina M., and by the second one child,
Katie A.



(VIII) Fostina M., sixth child of Alvah and
Lydia (Elliott) Dodge, was born in Antrim, No-
vember 17, 1851, and married November 5, 1873,
Henry H. Barber (see Barber).

(IV) William, youngest child of Richard (2)
and Mary (Eaton) Dodge, was born 1678, in Wen-
ham, where he died October 20, 1765, aged eighty-
seven years. He spent a long and prosperous life
in that and acquired a large amount of land,
which he distributed among his sons. In 1703 he
received from his father a homestead and land
near the north line of Wenham. In January, 1723,
he received a deed of six acres from his father-
in-law. In 1752 he distributed his lands to four
sons, the fifth, Isaac, having been provided for,

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