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vious to his majcu-ity. He was a member of the
board of selectmen from 1895 to 1899. was re-
elected in 1906, and is now (1907) still serving.
He is social, and a member of various fraternal
societies. He is a member of the Independent Order
of Odd Fellows, past chancellor in Knights of
Pythias, past sachem of Ossipee Tribe, No. 16, Im-
proved Order of Red Men, and past master of
Ossipee Lake Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.*

This is a very ancient cogno-
HUTCHINSON men, and there are various
traditions regarding its origin.
The most persistent makes the first of the name
in England a Norwegian, who came in with William
the Conqueror. There is, however, no documentary
evidence to confirm such tradition, and the actual
origin of the name is lost in the misty ages of the
distant past. The name is, however, continuously
traced from the year 1282, and from there down the
line will be herein given.

(I) Barnard Hutchinson, of Cowlam, county
of York, was living in the year 1282, in the reign

of King Edward I., but little is known of his per-
sonal history. He married a daughter of John
Boyville, Esq., but her Christian name is not pre-
served. They had two sons and a daughter : John,
Robert and Mary.

(II) John, son of Barnard Hutchinson, married
Edith, daughte rof William Wouldbie, of Would-
bie. No trace of any place of that name can now
be found ; it probably designated some small landed
estate which has since been swallowed up in a larger.
They had four children : James, Barbara, Julia
and Margaret.

(III) James, only son of John and Edith
(Wouldbie) Hutchinson, married Ursula, daughter
of Mr. Gregory, of Nafferton. They had five chil-
dren : William, John, Barbara, a daughter unnamed
and Eleanor.

(IV) William, eldest son of James and Ursula
(Gregory) Hutchinson, married Anna, daughter of
William Bennet, Esq., of Theckley. Their four
children were : Anthony, Oliver, Mary and Alice.

(V) Anthony, elder son of William and Anna
(Bennet) Hutchinson, married (first) Judith, daugh-
ter of Thomas Crosland, and (second) Isabel,
daughter of Robert Harvie. He had eight sons :
William, Thomas, John, Richard, Leonard, Edmond,
Francis and Andrew.

(VI) Thomas, second son of Anthony Hutchin-
son, is supposed to have married a daughter of Mr.
Drake, of Kinoulton, county of Nottingham. He
was living October 9, 1550. He had three sons:
William, John and Lawrence.

(VII) Lawrence, third son of Thomas Hutchin-
son, resided at Owlthorpe. His will was proved
October 9, 1577, and his wife, Isabel, was living at
that time. They had five children : Robert, Thomas,
Agnes, Richard and William.

(VIII) Thomas (2), third son of Lawrence
and Isabel Hutchinson, resided at Newark, where
he died in 1598. He had two sons and a daughter:
William, Thomas and Joan.

(IX) Thomas (3), younger son of Thomas (2)
Hutchinson, was buried at Arnold, England, Au-
gust 17, 1618. The Christian name of his wife was
Alice, and their children were : John, Isabel, Hum-
phrey, Elizabeth, Robert, Richard and Thomas.

(X) Richard, fourth son and sixth child of
Thomas (3) and Alice Hutchinson, was the pioneer
of the family in America. He was born in 1602,
as indicated by his deposition on file in Salem,
Massachusetts. He emigrated to America in 1634
with his wife Alice and four children, and settled
in Salem village, now Danvers, in the vicinity of
Whipple and Haythorn's Hill. There is*some evi-
dence in the town records of Salem that he may-
have originally settled in the old town. In 1636
he received a grant of sixty acres of land from
the town, and on April 3, following he received
twenty acres more. In the same year he was ap-
pointed on a committee to survey what is now Man-
chester and Mackerel Cove. On April 17, 1637, it
was voted "that in case Ric'd Huchenson should
.■^ett up plowing within 2 years he may haue 20
acres more to bee added to his pportion." ■ It seems
that there was a great scarcity of plows, there being
only thirty-seven in all the settlements. In 1648
Richard Hutchinson bought at Salem village, of
Elias Stileman, his farm of one hundred and fifty
acres, the consideration being fifteen pounds. The
records do not show him to have been much in
official station, but he was undoubtedly a man of
much force of character and great physical en-
durance. He was a thorough agriculturist and
amassed a large estate. Most of this he divided



among his children before the close of his life. He
and his wife were members of the First Church of
Salem as early as 1636, and he was a strict dis-
ciplinarian in religious afifairs. He was married
(first) December 7, 1627, in England, to Alice,
daughter of Joseph Bosworth, of Holgrave. She
died before 1668, and he married (second) October
2, of that year, Susanna, widow of Samuel Arch-
ard. She died November 26, 1674, and he married
(third) to Sarah, widow of James Standish. On
the death of the last named Mr. Hutchinson was
appointed administrator of his estate. At this third
marriage he must, have been at least seventy-nine
years of age, and was certainly sixty-six at his
second. His will was signed January 19, 1769, and
proved September 22, 1682, which would indicate
that his death occured in the early part of the latter
year. His third wife survived him and shortly
after his death married for her third husband,
Thomas Roots, of Manchester. She was living as
late as March, 1684. Richard Hutchinson had seven
children bj- his first wife, Alice, namely : Alice,
Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, Joseph, Abigail and Han-

(XI) Joseph, only son and fifth child of Richard
and Alice (Bosworth) Hutchinson, was born in 1633,
at North IMukham, England. The date of his birth
is indicated by a deposition which is borne upon
the same paper as that of his father, rhade in 1660.
He lived on the paternal homestead and acquired
most of his property by a deed of gift from his
father. This amounted to considerably more than
three hundred acres, with orchards, house and barns
and numerous meadows. The homestead was situ-
ated adjoining the site of the first meeting house in
Salem village, which site he had contributed. In
1700 this church was torn down and removed tO'
another spot, and the site reverted to him. Joseph
Hutchinson lived through the very memorable period
of the witchcraft delusion of 1692. Although he
was a man of strong mind and sensible on other
subjects, he was led into this folly and was one
of the number who complained against others as
witches. In 1658 he was chosen constable and tax
gatherer. He was on the jury list for 1679, was
frequently chosen administrator and overseer of
estates, and was often witness to various instru-
ments. During his lifetime he distributed his large
property among his children, but there is no will
or administration of his estate on record. He died
between January and June, 1716, when he was about
eighty-three years of age. His first wife was prob-
ably a daughter of John Gedney. He was married
(second), Bebruary 28, 1678, to Lydia, daughter of
Anthony and Elizabeth Buckston. She was at that
time widow of Joseph Small, who was her second
husband, and of whose estate, ^Joseph was one of
the administrators. She was baptized April 27, 1689,
and was living in June, 1708. There were five chil-
dren of the first marriage : Abigail, Bethiah, Jo-
seph, John and Benjamin; and six of the second
marriage : Abigail, Richard, Samuel, Ambrose,
L^^dia and Robert.

(XII) Benjamin, third son and fifth child of
Joseph Hutchinson, and youngest child of his first
wife, was a native of Danvers and died intestate in
"^yZZ- He was a farmer, and lived on that part of
the homestead which he received by deed of gift
from his father, October 2, 1691. This contained
thirty acres, and he afterward acquired considerable
land by purchase, contiguous to this, and he also
owned a tract of ten acres on the west side of
Ipswich river, which he bought August 6, 1713,

iv— 33

from his brother Robert. Before his death ine
settled a snug estate upon each of his remaining
children, and disposed of the remainder of his
property by sale. While an infant he had been
adopted by . Deacon Nathaniel Ingersoll, who had
previously been bereaved of his only child. He
was married (first), before 1690, to Jane, daughter
of Walter and Margaret Phillips, who died in 171 1.
He was married (second), January 26, 1715, to
Abigail Foster. He was received into the church
May 7, 1699, and his wife on the 28th of the same
month. She was the mother of his eleven children.
The first, a son, died in infancy. The others were :
Benjamin (died young), Hannah, Benjamin, Be-
thiah, Nathaniel, Sarah, Bartholomew, Jane, Israel
and John.

(XIII) Benjamin (2), third son and fourth
child of Benjamin (i) and Jane (Phillips) Hutchin-
son, was born January 27, 1694, in Salem village,
and was about eighty-six years old at the time of
his death. His will was proved May 10, 1780. He
was the first of the family to depart from his native
locality and become a pioneer in a new region. He
ceased to be taxed in Salem in 1734, and it is
probable that he removed to Bedford, Massachusetts,
sometime during that year. He and his wife were
members of the Salem church, and received letters
of dismission to the church in Bedford, November
27, 1737. He had large possessions at Salem vil-
lage and, after the death of his father, he bouglii
all the other heirs' rights in the estate, with the
exception of that of his brother Jonathan, who was
then under age. Prior to his removal to Bedford
he disposed of all of his property, receiving from
Joshua Goodale for his homestead the sum of three
hundred pounds. He reserved, however, one-half
of his part in -the cider mill. This deed was made
December 20, 1733. Besides his agricultural pur-
suits he followed the occupation of cooper. He
married, February 7, 1716, Sarah, daughter of John
and Mary (Nourse) Tarbell. She was born Oc-
tober 2, 1696. They were the parents of eight chil-
dren, namely: Nathan, Jane, Benjamin, Sarah,
Elizabeth, Bartholomew, Mary and John.

(!XIV) Nathan, eldest child of Benjamin (2) and
Sarah (Tarbell) Hutchinson, was baptized at the
First Church of Salem village, February 10. 1717.
He was a farmer and removed with his father to
Bedford in 1734. He subsequently settled in that
part of Amherst which is now Milford, New Hamp-
shire, where he died January 12, 1795. He married,
April 16, 1741, Rachel Stearns, daughter of Samuel
and Rachel Stearns (see Stearns, IV). They were
the parents of six children : Samuel, Nathan, Ben-
jamin, Ebenezer, Bartholomew and Rachel. (Ben-
jamin and Bartholomew and descendants receive ex-
tended mention in this article.)

(XV) Nathan (2), son of Nathan (i) and
Rachel (Stearns) Hutchinson, was born in Milford,
in February, 1752. He was a farmer. He mar-
ried, in 1778, Rebecca, daughter of William and
Rebecca (Smith) Peabody, who was born in Mil-
ford, January 2, 1752, and died February 25, 1826.
They had seven children, all born in Milford. They
were: Nathan, third, married Lj'dia Jones, of Mil-
ford. Rebecca, married Nehemiah Hayward, Junior.
Reuben. Ira^ died unmarried in Milford. Olive,
married Dr. John Wallace, of Milford. Jonas.
Abel, whose sketch follows. Nathan Hutchinson,
Junior, died December 26, 183 1.

(XVI) Abel, youngest child of Nathan and Re-
becca (Peabody) Hutchinson, was born in ]\Iilford,
New Hampshire, August i, 1795. Pie was a farmer.



and lived in Milford all his life. He married on
January 22, 1816, Betsey, daughter of Isaac and
Elizabeth (Hutchinson) Bartlett. She was born in
Milford October 26, 1796. and died there August
23, 1873. They had nine children, all born in Mil-
ford : Elizabeth D., born June 18, 1816, married
Charles A. Burns, of Milford. Abel Fordyce, men-
tioned below. George Cannin. Jerusha Peabody,
married (first) Judson J. Hutchinson, and (sec-
ond) Dr. Simeon S. Stickney, of Milford. Andrew
Jackson. Isaac Bartlett. Helen Augustine, died
young. Nathan. Jonas, born January 10, 1840, be-
came a lawyer and judge in Chicago; married, No-
vember 14, 1876, Letitia Brown, of Lexington, Ken-
tucky. Abel Hutchinson died in Milford, New
Hampshire, February 19, 1846.

(XVII) Abel Fordyce, eldest son of Abel and
Betsey (Bartlett) Hutchinson, was born in Milford,
New Hampshire, March 20, 1820. He was a mer-
chant, doing business in Milford, and at Waltham,
Massachusetts. He married, April 11, 1848, Deb-
orah, daughter of Levi and Rhoda (Griffin)
Hawkes, who was born in Windham, Maine, Janu-
ary 22, 1822, and died in Milford, New Hamp-
shire, March 17, 1884. They had four children
of whom the three younger were born in Milford :
George Edward, born at Lynn, Massachusetts,
March 14, 1849, and died at Lynn, April 28, 185 1.
Ella M., mentioned below. Frederick Sawyer, born
February 14, 1854, head waiter in a hotel, died at
Saratoga, New York, May 28, 1886. Grace
Darling, born November 10, 1864, married, July
10, 1900, Frederick H. Bradford, a salesman,
living in Waltham, Massachusetts. Abel F. Hutchin-
son died at Waltham, Massachusetts, December 2,

(XVIII) Ella M., elder daughter and child of
Abel F. and Deborah (Hawkes) Hutchinson, was
born in Milford, New Hampshire, June 12, 1851.
She was married to Judge Robert Moore Wallace,
August 25, 1874 (see Wallace, VI).

(XV) Lieutenant Benjamin (3), third son and
child of Nathan and Rachel (Stearns) Hutchinson,
was born June 9, 1754, in Milford, New Hampshire.
He lived on a farm near the present railroad cross-
ing. He married Susanna, daughter of William
and Rebecca (Smith) Peabody. who was born in
Milford, November 4, 1755. They had six chil-
dren: Benjamin, born August 5, 1777; Sarah,
March 16, 1779, lived in Milford, and died No-
vember 9, 1865. unmarried ; Susanna, April 20, 1781,
lived in Milford, and died August 2, 1843, unmar-
ried; Luther, May 2, 1783; Eugene, March 11, 1785,
whose sketch follows ; Calliope, April 7, 1787, lived
in Milford, and died September 25, 1848, unmarried.
Lieutenant Benjamin Hutchinson, died September
12, 1832 : his widow died August 23, 1834.

(XVI) Eugene, third son and fifth child of
Lieutenant Benjamin and Susanna (Peabody)
Hutchinson, was born in Milford, New Hampshire,
March. II, 1785. He was a farmer. He married,
in November, 1812, Susan, daughter of David and
Elizabeth Danforth, who was born in Amherst, New
Hampshire, July 14, 1787. They had three children,
all born in Milford: Eugene, whose sketch follows;
Susan H., born February t,, 1816, married, January
4, 1848, George, son of William and Joanna (Hodge)
Savage, of Greenfield, New Hampshire, lived in
Auburn and Milford, New Hampshire; Eliza, born
May 16, 1820, married. September 6, 1842, George
W., son of Henry and Hannah (Moore) George,
of Goffstown, lived in Manchester, New Hamp-
shire, and died there March 9, 1871. Eugene Hutch-
inson died in Milford, February 7, 1854, and his

widow died about a year later, February 16, 1855.

(XVII) Eugene (2), only son and eldest child
of Eugene (i) and Susan (Danforth) Hutchinson,
was born in Milford, New Hampshire, March 25,
1813. He lived on the farm once occupied by his
father, and now owned by his son-in-law, Charles

, A. Richardson, till a few years before his death,
when he removed to Merrimack, New Hampshire.
He was twice married. His first wife was Phebe
B., daughter of George and Mary (Wallace) Ray-
mond, to whom he was united, November 28, 1837.
She was born in Mount Vernon, New Hampshire,
September 13, 1812. They had six children:
George Eugene, born January 17, 1839, died May
28, _ 1859; Henry Pratt, born August 31, 1841,
enlisted in Company F, Ninth New Hamp-
shire, was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness
May 12, 1864, died May 19, 1864; Abbie Theresa,
whose sketch follows : Dana Raymond, born April
I, 1848, a farmer, lives in Merrimack, New Hamp-
shire, married, July 8, 1877, Florie Eliza, daughter
of James E. and Susan M. (Beaman) Walch, of
Merrimack; Walter Danforth, born April 21, 1850,
died December 6, 1874; Delia Caroline, born Sep-
tember 2, 1852, married, July 8, 1877, Clarence E.,
son of James E. and Susan M. (Beaman) Walch,
of Merrimack, and lives in Hudson, New Hamp-
shire. Mrs. Phebe (Raymond) Hutchinson died at
Milford, New Hampshire, September 11, 1857. On
May 5, 1868, Eugene Hutchinson married his sec-
ond wife, Lydia A., daughter of William and Lydia
(Putnam) Richardson, who was born at Lynde-
borough. New Hampshire, February 25, 1830. There
were no children by the second marriage. He died
at Merrimack, New Hampshire, March 8, 1873.
She died in New Mexico, January 12, 1886.

(XVIII) Abbie Theresa, third child and eldest
daughter of Eugene and Phebe B. (Raymond)
Hutchinson, was born in Milford, New Hampshire,
November 7, 1844, married on April 16, 1865, Charles
A. Richardson, of Milford, whose Aunt Lydia af-
terwards became her father's second wife (see

(XV) Bartholomew, fifth son and child of
Nathan and Rachel (Stearns) Hutchinson, was
born in Milford, New Hampshire, February 10,
1759. He was a farmer and lived on the home-
stead afterwards owned by Edwin D. Searles, on
the road to Wilton, New Hampshire. He married,
October 14, 1784, Phebe, daughter of Jacob Hagget,
who was born in Andover, Massachusetts, in May,
1767. They had thirteen children all born in Mil-
ford : Jacob, mentioned below ; Lucy, born De-
cember 20, 1786, married. June 7, 1*804, Reuben
Hutchinson, of Milford, died there July 15, 1858;
Alfred, born August 27, 1858; Acachy, born Novem-
ber 6, 1790, married in March, 1808, Jonathan Bux-
ton, Jr., of Milford, and died there October 20,
1852; Minerva, born January 31, 1792, married, Au-
gust 10, 1809, Samuel Henry, of Milford, and died
there June 14, 1831 ; Nancy, born May 19, 1794, mar-
ried, June I, 1820, Luther, adopted son of Jonathan
Jones, of Milford. and died there October 11, 1821 ;
Augustus, born July 25, 1796, and died in 1800;
Rhoda, born July 2, 1798, died March 20, 1822;
Alvah, born January 25, 1800, lived in Milford, where
he died, July 6, 1826; Myra, born December 24,
1801, married, October 19, 1823, William Darracot,
Jr., lived in Milford, and died there December 3,
1837; Eliza, born October 4. 1803, married, Febru-
ary 3, 1823, Holland Hopkins, of Milford, lived
there till 1848, when they removed to Illinois, where
she died November 17, 1857; Augustus, born Au-
gust 5, 1805; Albert, born December 8, 1807, lived



in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Milford, and died
in the latter place August 20, 1834. Bartholomew
Hutchinson died at his home in JMilford, Septem-
ber 23, 1841. His widow died in JMilford, August
2T, 1849.

(XVI) Jacob, eldest child of Bartholomew and
Phebe (Hagget) Hutchinson, was born in iNIil-
ford, New Hampshire, February 5, 1785. He lived
on the farm now owned by his grandson, Christo-
pher C. Shaw. Jacob Hutchinson was twice mar-
ried and had four children, all by his first wife.
He married, August 27, 1807, Betsey, daughter of
Andrew and Elizabeth (Burns) Burnham, who was
born in Milford, September 5, 1788, and died Janu-
ary 18, 1839. They had four children : Betsey,
mentioned below; Jane, born March 21, 1814, mar-
ried in October, 1833, Milton V. Wilkins, of I\Iil-
ford, and died there January 23, 1841 ; Harriet,
born November 13, 1817, married, November 23,
1847, Luther S., son of Timothy and Lydia (Bow-
ers) Bullard, of Dublin, New Hampshire, lived in
Milford and died there April 26, 1895 ; Maria, born
November 13, 1826, married in April, 1846, Timothy
C, son of Jonas and Sarah (Tay) Center, of Wil-
ton, New Hampshire, lived there and died there,
August 30, 1854. Jacob Hutchinson married for
his second wife, June 2, 1839, Esther, daughter of
Phineas and Susan Whitney, who was born in
Nashua, New Hampshire, September 29, 1788, and
died there February 6, 1867. Jacob Hutchinson
died March 23, 1859.

(XVH) Betsey, eldest of the four daughters of
Jacob and Betsey (Burnham) Hutchinson, was born
in Milford, New Hampshire, March 21, 1808. She
married, November 20, 1823, William _ Shaw, Jr.,
of Milford, New Hampshire. She died in that town
June 22, 1889 (see Shaw).

(XVI) Reuben, second son and third child of
Nathan and Rebecca (Peabody) Hutchinson, was
born in Milford, New Hampshire, September 9,
1782. He lived on the farm later owned by Charles
A. Jenkins in the west part of the town. On June
7, 1804, he married his first cousin, Lucy, daughter
of Bartholomew and Phebe (Hagget) Hutchinson,
who was born in Milford, December 2, 1786. They
had twelve children : Lucy C, born January 17,
1805, died October 15, 1813 ; Robert, born January
15, 1809; Sophia, born September 12, 1810, married
December 30, 1828, James B., son of Jonathan and
Sibyl (Sawtell) Farwell, of Milford. where she
died February 12, 1878; Sophronia, born August
31, 1812, married (first), March 11, 1847, Abner,
son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Upham) Holt, born
in Temple, New Hampshire, October ir, 1810, and
died July 30, 1851, (second), April 29, 1852, Ira,
son of Nehemiah and Mary (Wright) Holt, born in
Temple, July 26, 1815. They lived in Milford, where
she died May 17, 1872. He died June 19, 1880. There
were no children. The other children of Reuben
and Lucy (Hutchinson) Hutchinson were: Nathan
Randolph, born November 7, 1816, married. No-
vember 17, 1842, Abby Maria, daughter of Benjamin,
Jr., and Betsey (Tay) Conant, of Milford, removed
to Pittsfield, New Hampshire, where he died May
6, 1879; Edmund P., born November i, 1818;
Clifton, born October 11, 1820, died January 15.
1822; Lucy Caroline, born April 8, 1823, married
February 14, 1843, Holland, son of Daniel and
Elsie (Palmer) Prouty, lived in Milford and died
there. May 13, 1891 ; Clifton, born March 14, 1825.
died in October, 1825 ; Rebecca Peabody, mentioned
below; Jeannette. born October 11, 1828, married,
February i, 1848, John, son of Adam and Mary
(Gordon) Dickey, of Milford, where he died March

6, 1868 ; she married for her second husband, Febru-
ary 9, 1882, John, son of John and Roxanna (Lea-
vitt) Marvel, who died November 8, 1888. Reuben
Hutchinson, the father, died in the village of Mil-
ford, August 25, 1861 ; his wife died three years
earlier, July 15, 1858.

(XVII) Rebecca Peabody, fifth daughter and
eleventh child of Reuben and Lucy (Hutchinson)
Hutchinson, was born in Milford, New Hampshire,
August 13, 1826. On August 27, 1846, she married
Christopher C. Shaw, son of her cousin, Betsey
(Hutchinson) Shaw-, and William (3) Shaw, of
Milford (see Shaw, HI).

(Second Family.)

Like many other families this
HUTCHINSON one has the tradition concern-
ing the "brothers," who came
to America. It is substantially that in the time of
Ann Hutchinson (1634) two brothers came to
America and that one of them soon returned to
England, but the other remaining became the pro-
genitor of the family herein written. In following
out the proof of the above, it has been traced to
Jonathan Hutchinson, a grandson of Timothy, said
Timothy being the earliest ancestor to whom we
can trace, and this brings us to within two genera-
tions of the settler or immigrant ancestor.

(I) Timothy Hutchinson, the earliest ancestor
who can now be traced, was residing in Hampton
Falls, New Hampshire, in 1710, as appears by a pe-
tition of the inhabitants of that precinct, asking to
be set off as a separate town, the petition bearing
date of May 3, of that year. The earliest date of
land purchased by him is November 13, 1718. when
he purchased land in that part of Hampton now
known as Kensington, which land became his home-
stead. In the following years his name is frequent-
ly on record. _ The date of his death is unknown,
but he was alive as late as 1759, in which year he
deeded the homestead to his son Jonathan. His
wife Hannah was baptized and admitted to the
Hampton Falls church, July 14, 1717, and her death
is recorded as of November 21, 1752, and her age
seventy years. A list of his children has been made
up from various sources as follows : Ebenezer, John,
Hannah, Jonathan, Mary, Johnston and Phoebe.

(II) Jonathan, third son and fourth child of
Timothy and Hannah Hutchinson, was born in
Kensington, and died in Gilmanton, New Hampshire,
August 5, 1801. He was a tanner by trade, though
in one deed he is described as a cordwainer (shoe-
maker). He resided in Kensington on the oppo-
site side of the road from the three half shares pur-
chased by his father in 1718. On February 15, 1759

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