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a "blacksmith." and lived in Haverhill, Massachu-
setts, and Weare, New Hampshire. He was a soldier
in the French and Indian war, and is also credited
with serving two or three enlistments in the Revo-
lutionary war, after which he removed to Weare,
New Hampshire. He married (first) at Haverhill,



Juh' 13, 1758, Susanna Bradley, who was ad-
mitted to the First Haverhill Church, August 2,
1778; and (second) Ruth Lufkin. His thirteen chil-
dren were: William, Samuel, Susanna, Mary,
Daniel, Jeremiah, John Bradley, Benjamin, Jona-
than, Joseph, Polly, Sally, and Rhoda, the last six
children being by the second wife.

(VI) Benjamin, eldest child of Philbrook and
Ruth (Lufkin) Colby, removed to Weare probably
with his father's family. He married Priscilla
Hogg, and they were the parents of six children :
Lydia, Sally, John, Hiram, David and Anna.

(VH) John (3), eldest son and third child of
Benjamin and Priscilla (Hogg) Colby, was born
in Weare, in 1813, and died at the house of his
son-in-law, Levi C. Woods, in Concord, July 31,
1886, aged seventy-three years. He was a farmer in
Weare and Henniker. He married Orpha Metcalf,
born in Croydon, who died at the residence of her
daughter Helen P., in Somerville, Massachusetts,
]\Iarch 28, 1892, aged eighty-one years. The children
of this union were : Robert, Samuel. Belinda D.,
Matilda A., Helen P., George P., Nancy and
James B.

(Vni) Belinda D., third child and eldest daugh-
ter of John and Orpha (Metcalf) Colby, born in
Deering, July 7, 1839, married Levi Cobb Woods
(see Woods, H).

(H) Isaac, third son of Anthony and Susannah
Colb}', was born July 6, 1640, in Salisbury, in which
town he was a "planter," and died in Amesbury.
1684, between March 29 and April 15. His estate
was divided in 1725. He had a meeting-house seat
in Amesbury in 1667. He married iNlartha Jewett
(sister of Deacon Ezekiel Jewett), who survived
him forty-six years and died July 13, 1730, in Ames-
bury. Their children were : Anthony, Elizabeth,
Martha, Sarah, Rebecca, Dorothy, Isaac and Abra-

(III) Anthony, of Haverhill, eldest child of Isaac
and Martha (Jewett) Colby, was born January 24,
1670, married (first), October 23, 1701, Mary Cur-
rier, who died April 8, 1719. He married (second),
December 4, 1721, Elizabeth West, who died June
25, 1738, a daughter of Thomas West of Bradford.
The Haverhill records bear mention of the follow-
ing named children: Anthony, Elijah, Richard and
Isaac, whose sketch follows.

(IV) Isaac (2), fourth son and child of .\n-
thony and ^lary (Currier) Colby, was liorn in
Haverhill, March 2^, 1712, and married, April 25,
^733, Sarah Davis, both being according to the
record "of Haverhill;" she died June 3, 1755. He
married (second), April, 1757, Hannah Colby, of
Amesbury. The children, born in Haverhill, of
the tirst wife, were : William and Anthony, twins,
died young; Elizabeth, Sarah, William Davis, An-
thony, Isaac, Benjamin, Mary and ^lartha, twins,
and Abigail.

(V) Benjamin, eighth child and sixth son of
Isaac and Sarah (Davis) Colby, was born in Haver-
hill, July 14, 1750, and died in Sanbornton, New
Hampshire, November 9. 1816, aged sixty-six. He
was the "first of his name" in Sanbornton. though
he probably did not settle earlier than his brother
Isaac, or till after his marriage, 1773. He bought
the farm, lot No. 10, second division, on the north
slope of Colby Hill, and there built his original
house, and kept it many years as one of the first
taverns. He also built another house which was
occupied by his son Benjamin. He was a prominent
man in the town, was a captain in the militia, and in
1782 was selectman. He married (first), in Haver-
hill, October 19, 1773, Elizabeth Hunkins, proliably

a daughter of John Hunkins. She died November

22, 1806, aged sixty-six. He married (second)
widow Sarah (Eastman) Carter, of Concord. The
children, all by the first wife, were: Sarah, died
3-oung; William, died young; Benjamin and Wil-

(VI) Benjamin, third child and second son of
Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hunkin-) Colby, was
born in Sanbornton, July 5, 1778, and died Febru-
ary 6, 1856, aged seventy-seven. He was a school
teacher for thirty-four consecutive years, mostly in
Sanbornton, after 1800, and was favorably known as
"Master Colby." He married, January 11, 1804,
Polly Woodman, who was born in Sanbornton, April

23, 1784, daughter of Rev. Joseph and Esther
(Whittemore) (Hall) Woodman. Her father was
for thirty-five years pastor of the Congregational
Church of Sanbornton. She died June 14, 1S61,
aged seventy-seven. The children of this union
were: Eliza Esther, Sally Chase, Albert, Ethan.
Jonathan Wilkins, Hannah Taylor, Benjamin
Marion, Jeremiah Hall Woodman, Charles Wood-
man, Aaron Whittemore, died young; and Aaron

(VII) Ethan, fourth child and second son of
Benjamin and Polly (Woodman) Colby, was born
in Sanbornton, .\ugust 29, 1810, and died in Cole-
brook, Alarch 28, 1895, aged eighty-five. He went
to St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in 1829. as a clerk for
jNIoses Kjttredge, and afterwards was in company
with Mr. Kittredge till 1836, when he went to
Littleton and into trade with Cyrus Eastman, as
Colby & Eastman. In 1838 Mr. Colby sold out
and went to Colebrook and commenced the mercan-
tile business in company with his old partner, ]^loses
Kittredge, but at the end of five years purchased
the entire business and remained in trade at the same
place till 1856, when he sold out to George W.
Brackett and retired. He bought the Chamberlin
farm on which stood the Chamberlin Tavern, and
was engaged in agriculture until his death. The
most of the farm is now in blocks and streets and
constitutes a part of Colebrook, and one of the
streets is called Colby in honor of Mr. Colby. He
was a positive man in his ideas, and a liberal sup-
porter of the church. In politics he was first an
old-line Whig, and after the dissolution of his
party a Republican. He was postmaster for several
years. He represented Colebrook in the legislature
in 1861, and the ne.xt year was a member of the

governor's council from district No.

He de-

clined several offices on account of his health, in-
cluding that of sherifif of Coos county "upon unani-
mous recommendation," in 1S56, and that of com-
missioner on the board of enrollment, from Hon.
E. M. Stanton, secretary of war, 1863. He married,
March 29, 1843, Mary Chamberlin, who was born
April 6, 1819, and died November 18, 1900, daughter
of Edmund and Polly Chamberlin, of Colebrook.
They had three children : Edward Chamberlin,
Charles and Sarah. Sarah Colby, born May 10,
1852, married Melrose V. Knight (see Knight)
of Colebrook, and resides on the old home-

(II) Thomas, youngest child of .Anthony and
Susannah Colby, was born in Salisbury, Marcli 8,
1651, and died before March 30, 1691. He took
the oath of allegiance and fidelity in December, 1677.
He married, September 16, 1674, Hannah, daughter
of Valentine and Joanna (Pindor) Rowell (see
Rowell, II), born in Salisbury, January, 1653. and
they had five children: Thomas, Hannah, Isaa._,
Abraham and Jacob. After the death of her hus-
band Hannah Colby married (second), probably



about 1691, Henry Blaisdell. (Mention of Jacob
Colby and descendants appears in this article.)

(Ill) Thomas (2), eldest son and child of
Thomas and Hannah (Rowell) Colby, was born
in Amesbury, July l, 1675. According to records
he served as snowshoe man in 1708, and from the
same source it is learned that the Christian name
of his wife was Frances, but her maiden surname
is wanting. He died June 4, 1741, and his estate
was divided the following year. His widow was
still hving in 1748. Their children were : Ezekiel,
Sarah, Judith, Orlando, Thomas, Frances, Hannah,
Nathaniel, Anne, Abraham and Willebee. (Men-
tion of Abraham and descendants forms part of this

(IV^) Ezekiel, eldest child of Thomas (2) and
Frances Colby, was born April 12, 1699, in Ames-
bury, and resided in the west parish of that town,
where he was described as a yeoman. His will
was made May 18, 1756, and proven May 4, 1756,
showing that he was pos'sessed of considerable fore-
sight and had care for his family. He was mar-
ried, December 24, 1724, to Mary Elliott, daughter
of John and Naomi (Tuxbury) Elliott, of Ames-
bury, granddaughter of Edmund Elliott, of that
town. She was born August 4, 1699, and was living
in 1732. Ezekiel Colby and wife owned the cove-
nant and were baptized March 19, 1727, in the
Second Amesbury Church. Their children were :
Daniel, Ezekiel, John, Elliott, Mary and Anne.

(V) Elliott, fourth son and child of Ezekiel and
Mary (Elliott) Colby, was born May 22, 1735, in
Amesbury, and lived in early life in the west parish
of that town. He served in the French war of
1758. He removed to Warner, New Hampshire,
about 1780, and died in that town February 20,
1811. He was married (first) June 17, 1760, in the
Second Amesbury Church to Judith Sargent, daugh-
ter of Stephen Sargent, of Amesbury (see Sargent,
IV). Mr. Colby was married (second), November
30, 1782, to Hannah Smith. The records of the
Second Amesbury Church show that Elliott Colby
and wife renewed the Covenant in 1761, and that
the latter was received to full communion June 12,
1763, and was dismissed to Warner, January 30,
1780. There were ten children of the first wife
and two of the second, namely : Naomi (died
young), Ezekiel, Stephen, John, Elliott, Judith,
Naomi, Anna, Molly, Phineas Kelley, Pearson
Smith and Daniel.

(VI) Naomi, third daughter and seventh child
of Elliott and Judith (Sargenfi Colby, was born
December 18, 1773, in Amesbury, and was baptized
the following day at the Second Church of Salis-
bury. She became the wife of Benjamin Badger,
and resided in Warner, New Hampshire (see
Badger, VI).

(VI) Phineas, youngest child of Elliott and
Judith (Sargent) Colby, was born in Warner June
24, 1780. He learned the carpenter's trade, which
he followed in Deerheld, this state, for a time, and
in 1810 removed to a farm in Candia, where he
resided for the rest of his life, applying himself to
his trade as well as to agriculture. Flis death oc-
curred in 1850. He served as a selectman, and was
otherwise quite prominent in local .public affairs,
acting in politics with the Democratic party. His
religious affiliations were with the Congregation-
alists. He was first married in 1798 to Patty Jen-
ness, daughter of Thomas Jenness of Deerheld, and
she died in 1810, having borne him three children —
Phineas, Thomas J', and Sally. In 181 1 he married
for his second wife the Widow Emerson of Candia,
who bore him two sons, Asa and Jonathan E.

(VII) Thomas J., second child and youngest
son of Phineas and Patty (Jenness) Colby, was born
in Deerfield, in 1807. He began the activities of
life as a carpenter, following it until 1829, when
he went to Topsham, Vermont, and he died in that
town at the age of thirty-nine years. In 1829 he
married Mary Dolber, daughter of John and Lydia
(Robie) Dolber, of Candia, New Hampshire, and
she survived him many years, dying there in 1897,
at the advanced age of ninety years. Both were
members of the Congregational Church. They were
the parents of two sons — John D. and George.

(VIII) John Dolber, eldest son of Thomas J.
and Mary (Dolber) Colby, was born in Topsham,
October 22, 1830. After concluding his attendance
at the public schools, including the Manchester high
school, he engaged in the milk business, and con-
tinued in it for eight years. He was subsequently
engaged in lumbering in Candia for some time,
drove a team regularly between New Boston and
Francestown for a period of ten years, was for
seven years in the railway service in Boston, and
for the ensuing fifteen years was in the employ, of
the Lawrence Manufacturing Company at Lowell,
Massachusetts. In 1896 he returned to the old
Colby homestead in Candia, for the purpose of tak-
ing charge of the farm and caring for his mother
during her last days, and he is still residing there.
In politics he is a Republican, and for two years
was chairman of the board of selectmen in Candia.
He is a member of Rockingham Lodge, Free and
Accepted Masons, and of the local Grange, of which
he has been secretary for four years. In religious
faith he is a Congregationalist, a member of the
society, and treasurer and clerk.

On September 6, 1854, Mr. Colby married
Keziah Patten, daughter of Francis and Rebecca
(Knight) Patten, and five children have been born
to them : Mary R., born April, 1857, married
Charles Eastman, of Littleton, and died, 1900;
Ella F., born 1S59, died 1869; Thomas J., born 1865,
died in infancy; Emma B., born 1868, married B.
F. Stephenson, of Lowell, one child, Paul Colby;
Grace, born 1873, married Eugene Elliott, of Lowell,
one child, Frank G.

(IV) Abraham, tenth child and fifth son of
Thomas (2) and Frances Colby, was born in Ames-
bury, East Parish, about 1720, and baptized Janu-
ary 25, 1736, and was living in the same parish in
1751. He married, March 23, 1742, Elizabeth Blais-
dell, fourth daughter and tenth child of Jonathan
and Hannah (Jameson) Blaisdell, of Amesbury. He
was an early resident of Bow, New Hampshire,
where he purchased, August 16, 1768, of John
Leavitt, of Stratham, part of lots three and four,
in range 14, and settled thereon, with his five sons.
The tract included one hundred and twenty acres,
and the purchase price was forty-five pounds, lawful
money, equivalent to about one hundred and fifty
dollars at that time. This land was on Wood Hill,
and is held now by his descendants. The father was
then about fifty-three years of age, and two of his
sons were of legal age. He continued to reside there
until his death, in 1809, at the age of ninety-four
years. His children were named : Sarah, Elijah,
Willaby, Anna, John, Hannah, Thomas, Eli and
Jonathan. Eli was killed at the battle of Benning-
ton, in his nineteenth year. The first child died
young, and the others married and settled in Bow,
where their posterity are now numerous.

(V) Willaby, second son and third child of
Abraham and Elizabeth (Blaisdell) Colby, was
born February 28, 174S, in Amesbury, Massachu-
setts, and became the pioneer of the family in com-



ing to Bow. On attaining his majority he pushed
into the wilderness on a tour of investigation, and
he selected the land on Wood Hill, in Bow, where
his father and the entire family subsequently settled.
He returned to his Massachusetts home and at once
began making preparations for settling in the new
location. One of the first steps in this preparation
was the taking of a wife, and Sarah Sargent, of
Newport, became his bride. When thev removed to
the new home in the year 1768, she rode on horse-
back, carr3-ing in her arms their infant child, born
in the fall of 1767. He built a log house, which
was soon succeeded by a frame building that was
occupied after him by his son, Philip. He was
skilled in the use of carpenter's tools, and was well
adapted to building, being able to climb with ease
and without fear over any frame. In July, 1777,
Mr. Colby was one of eight who marched from Bow,
under Captain Benjamin Bean, to the relief of
Ticonderoga. On arriving at Charlestown, New
Hampshire, they learned that the fort had been
evacuated, and returned after a service of seven
days. In 1774 he purchased of Benjamin Noyes
lot No. 5, in the fourteenth range, comprising one
hundred acres, which was called "Nottencook."
This land he divided between his sons, James and
Philip. He was one of the committee to pass upon
the completion of the church building in 1792, and
was selectman in 1796-97. He died October 30,
1829, aged eighty-five years. His first wife, Sarah
(Sargent) Colby, died April 22, 1796, aged fifty-
four years, and he married (second), in 1797, Molly
Sargent, of Pembroke, daughter of Sterling and
Lydia (Coffin) Sargent (see Sargent, V). The
second wife was the mother of two of his children.
The entire family included : James, Hepsebeth,
Sarah, Philip, Merriam, Judith, Sarah, Polly and

(VI) James, eldest child of Willaby and Sarah
(Sargent) Colby, was born October 27, 1767, in
Newton, New Hampshire, and was brought to Bow
while a babe in arms. He inherited and acquired
the skill of his father in building operations, and
they built many of the best dwellings in the town.
In 1790 he purchased thirteen acres of land, and
next year added twenty acres, with a house, all
on Wood Hill. He died ■ February 15, 1829, and
was survived by his wife until December 18, 1848,
when she was seventy-five years of age. He was
married in 1789 to Susanna, daughter of James
Stewart, of Dunbarton. She was born 1773, in
Salem, this state, and was the mother of the follow-
ing children: Willaby (died young), Aaron,
Willaby, Levi, Abiah, Lucinda, Susan, James and
Charles Sargent.

(VII) Aaron, the second child and son of
James and Susanna (Stewart) Colby, was born in
the town of Bow, April 15, 1792. He enlisted in
September, 1814, for the defense of Portsmouth,
New Hampshire, and was in the service about three
months. He married, December 25, 1817, Edith,
daughter of John Rowell, of Bow. She was born
July 30, 1795. He followed farming in the town
of Bow until 1838, when he purchased a farm at
Potter Place in the town of Andover, New Hamp-
shire, and resided there until 1867, when he sold
out and purchased the Hoag farm in the town of
Bow, where he and his wife resided until their
death. He died January 18, 1877. His wife died
March 15, 1877. Their children were : Harrison,
born April ii, 1820, and Sylvanus R., January 29,
1829. The latter moved to Ohio in 1852, and was
killed on the Ohio & Pennsylvania railroad, Sep-

tember 14, 1853 ;_ he was buried in Salem, Colum-
biana county, Ohio.

(VIII) Harrison, eldest son of Aaron and
Edith (Rowell) Colb}^ was born in the town of
Bow, New Hampshire, April 11, 1820, married,
November 28, 1843, Judith E. Whitaker, daughter
of Joseph and Nancy (Elkins) Whitaker. She was
born October 25, 1819. Their children were: Cle-
mantine L., born in Andover, New Hampshire, April
23, 1845, and Anthon W., born in Andover, De-
cember 7, 1850. Harrison Colby died May 5, 1905,
in Concord, aged eighty-five years.

(IX) Anthon W., second child and only son
of Harrison and Judith L. (Whitaker) Colby, was
born in the town of Andover, New Hampshire, De-
cember 7, 1850. He left Andover for Vineland,
New Jersey, in December, 1865, where he resided
until the fall of 1869, when he returned to Bow
to care for his aged parents. He married, August
28, 1873, Jessie L. Brown, who was born in Bow,
New tiampshire, July 3, 1856. Mr. Colby was in
the employ of the Concord railroad for several years.
Commencing in 1870 he carried the mail from Con-
cord to Dunbarton and Bow, eight years. He was
the first postmaster at Bow Mills, and since 1888
has been employed in the state house at Con-

(X) Eva M., only child of Anthon W. and
Jessie L. (Brown) Colby, was born in the town of
Bow, New Hampshire, June 10, 1874. She married,
June 28, 1893, David Waldo White, of Concord,
New Hampshire (see White, V). They are the
parents of the following named children : Lloyd
David, born May 29, 1894, died May 10, 1897;
Una Goodell, August 21, 1895 J Irene B., September
14, 1898.

(III) Jacob, youngest child of Thomas (i)
and Hannah (Rowell) Colby, was born in Ames-
bury, April 13, 1688, and lived in Amesbury, East
Parish. He married (first), in Amesbury, April 9,
171 1, Hannah Hunt, born March 23, 1688, fourth
daughter of Edward and Ann (Weed) Hunt; (sec-
ond), at Amesbury, November 11, 1724, Elizabeth
Elliot, born in Amesbury, November 11, 1691, third
child of John and Naomi (Tuxbury) Elliot. A
Mrs. Elizabeth Colby died in Amesbur}-, February
5, 1737. Their children were : Bekius, Jacob, Ed-
mund, Valentine and Thomas Elliot.

(IV) Valentine, fourth son and phild of Jacob
and Elizabeth (Elliot) Colby, was born in Ames-
bury, May 29, 1728, baptized June 13, 1736, in Ames-
bury, died about 1812. His will was dated No-
vember 2, 1805, and probated January 4, 1813. He
married (first), August 20, 1747, Hannah Kim-
ball; (second), February i, 1788, Elizabeth Lowell,
of Amesbury, who survived him. Plis fourteen chil-
dren, probably all by the first wife, were : Valen-
tine, died young; Judith, Rhoda, Valentine, died
young; Plezekiah, Rhoda, Thomas, David, Plan-
nah, Elizabeth, Valentine, Jonathan, Levi and

(V) Levi, eighth son and thirteenth child of
Valentine and Hannah (Kimball) Colby, was an
early resident of Warner, where he married and
raised a family of children.

(VI) Valentine, son of Levi Colby, was born in
Warner, in 1764, married Sally Osgood, and raised
a family there.

(VII) Levi Osgood, son of Valentine and Sally
(Osgood) Colby, was born in Warner in 1818. He
was well educated for his day and time, was a farmer
and a member of the Congregational Church.
Originally a Democrat, he became a Republican in



1855, and adhered to that faith the remainder of
his life. He married Alary Durrell, born in Brad-
ford, in 1823, daughter of Nicholas and Polly (Batch-
elder) Durrell. Nicholas, son of Eliphalet Durrell,
of Northwood, was born in 1777, and died in 1844,
reputed the wealthiest man in Bradford. Polly
Batchelder was a daughter of Deacon Simon Batch-
elder, of Northwood.

(VIII) Frederick Myron, first child of Levi
O. and Mary (Durrell) Colby, was born in Warner.
December 9, 1848. His early years were spent in
labor on his father's farm, and in obtaining his
education in the common schools of Warner, New
Ivondon Academy, and the Commercial College at
Concord. jNIr. Colby was born a poet and has found
pleasure and profit in indulging the Aluse and writ-
ing stories. Professionally he is an undertaker and
embalmer, and incidentally he has administered upon
various estates, in all of which occupations he has
been successful. He is the author of "The Daugh-
ter of Pharaoh.'' "Brave Lads and Bonnie Lasses,"
"Boy Kings and Girl Queens," and "Poems of Heart
and Home." Always a Democrat he has been placed
in various positions of honor and trust by his fellow
citizens. He has been a member of the Warner
board of education six years ; town treasurer four
years ; postmaster five years ; and member of the
Democratic state committee from 1890 to 1904. He
is, a member of the New Hampshire Licensed Em-
balmers' Association, of which he was secretary from
1902 to 1905 ; is one of the trustees and treasurer
of the Pillsbury Library; treasurer of Pine Grove
Cemetery Association, member of the New. Hamp-
shire Antiquarian and New Hampshire Historical
societies, and an honorary member of the Man-
chester Press Club. He married in Warner, Decem-
ber 24, 1882, Hannah Maria George, born in Warner,
daughter of Gilman C. and Nancy (Badger) George,
of Warner. Gilman C. George, born in 1820, died
September 12, 1894, was a son of James and Han-
nah (Church) George, and a descendant of James
George, who settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts,
in 1653. He was a captain in the state militia in
1843-44, town clerk from 1868 to 1872, and select-
man frcm 1885 to 1888. He was master of Warner
Grange, president of the Kearsarge Agricultural
Association, and was the first worshipful master of
Harris Lodge, No. 91, Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons, of Warner.

The Colbys of this article are descended
COLBY from Anthony Colby (or Colebie), the
immigrant, an account of whom pre-
cedes this, but the generations preceding those
given below have not yet been definitely ascer-

(I) Thomas Coll)y was born in Maine, in T777,
and died in Franconia, New Hampshire, Alarch 30,
1855. He married Polly Knapp, born in Saulsbury
(now Franklin), New Hampshire, in 1798, and died
in Franconia, New Hampshire, in 1826. They had
children: i. Thomas, born in Belgrade. Maine,
1805, was killed by blasting stone at Milford, New
Hampshire, in 1827. 2. Lucy, born in Belgrade,
Maine, January 20, 1810, died in Franconia, New
Hampshire, December 20, 1893. 3- Enoch Libliv,
see forward. 4. Clarke, born in Franconia, 18 17,
died in 1835. 5. John, born in 1812, died in 1844.
6. Mary A.,, born in Franconia in 1819, died there in
1859. There were three other children who died in

(II) Enoch Libby, son of Thomas and Polly
(Knapp) Colby, was born in Belgrade, Maine, Alay
II, 1814, and died in Lancaster, New Hampshire,

December 21, 1875. When he was two years of age

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