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Communicants at the Altar, and again in a High Mass sub-
ject contributed to the Academy of 1898, the accessories
being easily recognized by those familiar with the Bromp-
ton Oratory. This picture, which was bought by the Walker
Gallery of Liverpool, was equalled in 1907 by the pre-
sentment of a newly received Child of Mary kneeling in the
Lady Chapel of St James's Church, Spanish Place, a work
of devout feeling and fine technique. A fresco painting
by this artist forms one of the famous panels of the Royal
Exchange. Mr Chevallier-Tayler, who is a member of the
Royal Society of British Artists and of the Society of Oil
Painters, married (in 1895) Mrs COTES, daughter of the late
eminent surgeon, Mr ALLINGHAM, of Grosvenor Street.

Chevers, COLONEL GEORGE PATRICK, late 4th Connaught
Rangers, Magistrate for Co. Galway born 1834, son of
Patrick Chevers, R.M., and Ellen, daughter of George
Cashel, of Sallee House, Tipperary.

Chevers, JOHN JOSEPH, D.L. and J.P. for Co. Galway, late
Captain 4th Connaught Rangers born 1866, son of
Michael J. Chevers, J.P., D.L., of Kilyan, Co. Galway, and
Annie, daughter of the Hon. Martin French; educated at
Oscott; married (1894) FREDERICA, daughter of Henry
OWEN-LEWIS, D.L., of Enniskeen.

Chichester, COLONEL HUGH ARTHUR, late North Lanca-
shire Regiment born 1833, second son of Sir ^Charles
Chichester, Lieut. -Col. 8ist Regiment, and a distinguished


ofiiccr in the Spanish service, who married Miss Mary
Barbara Constable, daughter of Sir Thomas Aston Con-
stable, 2nd Baronet; served in the Indian Mutiny 1857, and
on the N.W. Indian Frontier 1858; Colonel 1882, in which
year he retired; married (1873) ALICE, daughter of Richard

Chichester, MAJOR HENRY AUGUSTUS, late King's Own
Scottish Borderers born 1846, youngest son of Colonel Sir
Charles Chichester and brother of the late Lieut.-Col.
Charles Raleigh Chichester, of Runnamoat; educated at
Stonyhurst; became Major 1885; retired 1888.

Chichester, LIEUT. IVOR FRANCIS, R.N. born 1876, second
surviving son of late Major Charles Newtpn Chichester,
3rd Dragoon Guards, and Jane, daughter of James Balfe,
of Runnamoat; Lieut. 1897; served at the Cape 1899.

Chichester, NUGENT, J.P., formerly Captain 7th Dragoon
Guards born 1827, eldest son of Joseph Chichester-Nagle,
and Lady Henrietta, daughter of the fourth Earl of
Portsmouth; is a convert to the Church; Magistrate for
Devon; patron of two Anglican livings; sometime Adjutant
N. Devonshire Yeomanry Cavalry; married (1856) AMELIA,
daughter of Joseph LAMB, of Axwell Park, Durham.

Chichester, MAJOR JOSEPH, late Worcestershire Regiment,
J.P. for Devon born 1859, eldest son of Captain Nugent
Chichester, J.P., late 7th Dragoon Guards, of Calverleigh
Court, Tiverton; educated at Prior Park; entered Army
iSSo; Major 1895; served in the South African War 1900-02,
and was mentioned in despatches; retired 1903; married
(1893) ETHELDREDA, youngest daughter of Robert and Lady
Catherine BERKELEY, of Spetchley.

Chichester, MAJOR WALTER RALEIGH, Worcester Regiment
born 1870, son of Captain Nugent Chichester of Calver-
leigh; educated at Prior Park; entered Army 1890; served in
late South African War; Major 190.4.

late 3rd King's Liverpool Regiment, J.P., D.L., Lord
Paramount of the Seigniory of Holderness, Lord of the
Manors of Burton-Constable and Wycliffe born 1863,
eldest son of Lieut.-Col. Charles Raleigh Chichester, D.L.,
and Mary Josephine, daughter of James Balfe, of Runna-
moat, Co. Roscommon; succeeded his mother as heir of this
entail 1871; assumed additional name of Constable 1805;
High Sheriff of Co. Roscommon for 1896; married (1888)
EDITH, 3rd daughter of J. H. SMYTH-PIGGOTT, of Brockley
Court, Somersetshire.



LABRECQUE) born in the province of Quebec 1849; edu-
cated at the Quebec Seminary and in Rome; ordained
1876; formerly Professor and Director at the Quebec
"Grand" and " Petit" Seminaries; consecrated 1892.

Chirol, VALENTINE, one of the Foreign News editors of The
Times son of Alexander Chirol, an Anglican clergyman,
who " went over " to Rome. His own journeyings, as War
Correspondent and otherwise, have taken him into Turkey,
Egypt, Persia and Manchuria, and have resulted in such im-
portant contributions to the study of England's foreign
policy as The Far Eastern Question and The Middle Eastern
Question. Mr Chirol began life as a clerk in the Foreign Office,
and he has done duty as the Berlin correspondent oiThe

Chisholin, Hon. CHRISTOPHER PAULINUS, K.C. born at
Clydesdale, Nova Scotia, 1854, son of D. Chisholm; edu-
cated at St Francis Xavier's College, Antigonish; called to
the Bar 1883; has represented Antigonish Co. in Pro-
vincial Legislature since 1891; Commissioner of Works and
Mines 1907; K.C. 1907; married (1890) SARAH CAMPBELL.

Chisholm, VERY REV. HUGH, Provost of Glasgow Chapter
born at Glassburn, Strathglass, N.B., 1830; educated at
Blairs College, Aberdeen, and Scots College, Valladolid;
ordained 1854; served missions at Moidart 1855-59, at
Johnstone 1859-81, and at Paisley (St Mirin's) from 1881;
one of the original Canons of Glasgow chapter; Provost
1902; member of Paisley School Board; introduced the
Faithful Companions of Jesus into Scotland 1889.

Chisholm, CANON JAMES, J.P. and County Councillor for
Inverness-shire educated at Blairs and Scots College,
Valladolid; ordained 1875; for many years in charge of
mission at Arisaig; member of Chapter of Argyll and the
Isles (erected 1907).

Chisholm, JOSEPH ANDREW, K.C. born at St Andrew's,
Nova Scotia, 1863, son of William Chisholm and his
wife Flora Mackintosh (his grandparents were settlers from
Inverness-shire); educated at St Francis Xavier's College,
Antigonish (B.A. 1883, M.A. 1894), and Dalhousie Univ.,
Halifax (LL.B. 1886); contested Antigonish for House of
Commons 1895 and 1896; Grand Trustee of the Catholic
Mutual Association of Canada 1898, 1901, 1904 and 1907;
K.C. and Alderman for City of Halifax 1907; married
(1891) FRANCES ALICE, daughter of James AFFLECK, of
Halifax (she died 1903).

Chisholm, HON. WILLIAM born at Antigonish Harbour
1832, son of John and Lydia Chisholm; educated at Com-


mon Schools, Antigonish Harbour; retired lumber merchant
and manufacturer; Member of the Legislative Council of
Nova Scotia 1901; Director of several commercial com-
panies; married (1863) MARIANNE, daughter of Philip
CARTEN, of Liverpool.

Christchurch (New Zealand), BISHOP OF (Right Rev
JOSEPH GRIMES, S.M., D.D.) born (in Middlesex) 1842,
and educated in Colleges of the Marist Fathers at home and
abroad; ordained priest of the Congregation of the Society
of Mary in Ireland 1868; taught in the Colleges of the
Society in England, Ireland and America for many years
before his consecration in 1887 as ist Bishop of Christ-
church. He is a Governor of Canterbury College, Christ-
church, and a Vice-President of the New Zealand Society
for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The Bishop, during
his ad limina visit to Rome in 1907, told the Holy Father
the tale of his churches and schools, and of Nazareth House,
and other institutions in his Diocese, the fruit of the
Faithfuls' generosity, the Holy Father's comment being,
" You should be proud of your people."

Christian, COMMANDER CHARLES A..R.N. born 1862; served
in the Egyptian Campaign of 1882; Commander 1898.

Christmas, WILLIAM OSBORNE, Private Chamberlain to
Pius X, Vice-President of the Roman Committee born
1849, eldest son of Thomas Christmas, 8th Hussars; in-
herited Whitfield property, Co. W T aterford, from his aunt,
1868; married (1879) ANNIE MADELEINE, daughter of the
Rev. John Hansom SPERLING, by Anna Maria, daughter of
Sir George Barrow, Bart. A convert to the Church, and for
many years a resident in Rome.

Clancy, JOHN JOSEPH, M.P. born 1847, son f W 7 illiam
Clancy, of Carragh Lodge, Co. Galway; educated at Summer
Hill College, Athlone, and Queen's College, Galway; M.A.
of the Royal University of Ireland with classical honours;
was acting editor of the Nation 1880-85; editor of the Irish
Press Agency in England 1886-90; called to Irish Bar 1887;
has sat for North Dublin County as a Nationalist since 1885;
married (1868) MARGARET, daughter of J. P. HICKIE, of
Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Mr Clancy is an able journa-
list and a skilled political writer, and has contributed
papers to The Nineteenth Century, The Contemporary and
The Fortnightly Reviews.

Clegg, MGR GEORGE B. born 1832; educated at English
College, Lisbon; ordained 1856; served missions at Birken-
head, Stalybridge, Macclesfield, Congleton-cum-Sandbach,
Welshpool-cum-Oswestry, Hooton, Talacre, Hyde, Wilms-


low, Neston, and Hooton; Member of Catholic School Corn,
mittee 1878; Inspector of Religious Education 1890; Secre-
tary of Diocesan Schools Association 1897; Canon 1884;
Provost of Shrewsbury Chapter 1898; Private Chamber-
lain to Pius X 1906.


was born in Ireland 1838, and received his early educa-
tion at Clongowes Wood College. He joined the Army in
1858, and fourteen years later became Professor of Tactics
at Sandhurst. Having subsequently filled staff appoint-
ments in Ireland and at Aldershot, he took part in the
Zulu War of 1879, distinguishing himself as the Staff Officer
of Wood's Flying Column. He was engaged in the Egyptian
Campaign of 1882, was Chief of the Staff to the Suakim
Expedition of 1884, D.A.G. to the Nile Expedition of 1884-
85, and Chief of the Staff to the Egyptian Army of Occupa-
tion 1886-88. From 1888-93 ne commanded the Staff Col-
lege at Camberley, becoming a Major-General in 1894, with
command of an Infantry Brigade at Aldershot. He was
entrusted with the leadership of the Second Division of the
South African Field Force in 1899, but ill-health com-
pelled his retirement from the Army in 1901. General
Clery, who was knighted in 1899, is an authority on the
theoretical and student's side of his profession, and his
manual on Minor Tactics has been officially translated for
the German Headquarter Staff.

1846, son of Thomas Clery, of Ballinahinch House, Co.
Limerick; educated at Stonyhurst and Trinity College,
Dublin; joined Army Medical Service 1871; took part in
Nile Expedition of 1884-85, and in the Khartoum Expedi-
tion of 1898; Principal Medical Officer at Woolwich 1899,
and of a Division during the South African War; Surgeon-
General 1902.

Clifden, HARRIET, VISCOUNTESS the sixth daughter of
Thomas, 3rd Lord Camoys; married (in 1864) Leopold
George F. AGAR-ELLIS, afterwards $th Viscount Clifden,
who died in 1897. The name of this lady will live in the
records of the Law Courts for the gallant fight she made on
behalf of the Faith of her children. Her husband, who had
made a pre-nuptial promise that they should be of her re-
ligion, a promise which he failed to fulfil, had the support of
the statute law in that failure.

Cliff e, CAPTAIN ANTHONY LOFTUS, late 3rd Batt. Royal
Irish Regiment, J.P. and D.L. for Co. Wexford born 1861,
eldest son of Anthony John Cliffe, of Belle Vue, Co. Wex-


ford, who married Amy, daughter of Sir John Howley,
Q.C., Serjeant-at-law; educated at the Oratory School,
Edgbaston; was Sheriff of Co. Wexford for 1897; married
(1904) FRANCES EMMA, daughter of Captain Henry SE-
GRAVE, of Kiltymon, Co. Wicklow, and Cabra, Co. Dublin,
and widow of Sir John Talbot Power, Bart. Captain
Cliffe's parents figured in a group of notable Wexford con-
versions in the late 'fifties, of which Father Kirk, O.S.C.,
has printed the entrancing story.

Count of the Holy Roman Empire) was born in 1851, son
of the 8th Baron (created 1672, England), who married
Agnes Catherine, daughter of iith Lord Petre. He was
educated at Stonyhurst, whence he graduated B.A. of
London University in 1872. He succeeded to his father's
title in 1880, and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple
two years later. In 1890 he married MABEL, youngest of the
four daughters and co-heiresses of Colonel John TOWNELEY,
of Towneley. Lord Clifford is a member of the Catholic
Education Council, is Vice-President of the Plymouth
Voluntary Schools Association, and Chairman of that fine
London institution the Hospital of St John and St Eliza-
beth. To him has been mainly due the re-establishment of
Buckfast Abbey on its ancient site, and to the arms of this
restored foundation have now been added, according to
ancient precedent, the arms of the House of Clifford. He
has had a long and active connection with the auxiliary
forces, being the Colonel in command of the Devon Volun-
teer Brigade, and an A.D.C. to the King for Volunteers.
He is also J.P., D.L., and Alderman for Devonshire, and
Chairman of the Devon Quarter Sessions. The first Lord
Clifford was the illustrious Caroline convert and Cabal
Minister, who resigned the Lord High Chancellorship of
England on the passing of the Test Act to the exclusion of
Catholics. His friend Dryden wrote The Panther and the
Hind at Ugbrooke Park.

Clifford, HON. WILLIAM HUGH born 1858, second son of
Sth Lord Clifford; brother and heir apparent of the present
peer. He married in 1886 CATHERINE MARY, daughter of R.
BASSET, and is resident in Hobart, Tasmania.

Clifford, SIR GEORGE, Bart. born 1847, at Wellington,
New Zealand, son of the first Baronet and Mary, daughter
of John Hercy, of Cruchfield, Berks.; educated at Stony-
hurst College; called to the Bar 1870; succeeded his father as
second Baronet 1893. The late Sir Charles Clifford, who
was created a Baronet in 1887, was Speaker of the New
Zealand House of Representatives 1853-60, and one of the


railway pioneers of the Colony. As a mark of his fidelity to
old ties, it may be mentioned that Sir George Clifford has
called his residence at Canterbury, New Zealand, " Stony-
hurst." He has been thrice married first to MARY, daugh-
ter of Sir John LAWSON, Bart.; secondly to Miss JANET
BURNETT, of Nelson, New Zealand; and in 1891 to HELENA,
daughter of the Rev. J. DENNIS.

Clifford, CHARLES WILLIAM, J.P. for Shropshire born
1854, third son of Sir Charles Clifford, ist Baronet; mar-
ried (1892) SICELE AGNES, daughter of Sir H. DE TRAFFORD,
2nd Baronet.

Clifford, HUGH, C.M.G., Colonial Secretary of Ceylon, and
a brilliant bookman was born in London 1866, the eldest
son of a distinguished soldier, the Hon. Sir Henry Clifford,
V.C., who married Josephine, daughter of J. Anstice. His
school days were passed at Woburn under Lord Petre, and
at the age of twenty he entered the Malay States Civil
Service, becoming our Resident at Pahang nine years later.
In 1900 he resigned the Governorship of North Borneo,
owing to his disapproval of the Chartered Company's
policy, and he returned to his old post at Pahang,
having been created C.M.G. for his services. A four years'
tenure of the Colonial Secretaryship of Trinidad preceded
his present appointment in 1907. He married MINNA,
daughter of Gilbert A'BECKETT (she died 1907). Among the
books with which Mr Clifford has delighted the public in
his unofficial moments are In Court and Kampong, Studies
in Brown Humanity, A Corner of Asia, Bush-Whacking,
and A Free Lance of To-Day. He is one of our chief authori-
ties on the Malay language, and is joint compiler of a
Malay Dictionary with Sir Frank Swettenham.
Clifford, CAPTAIN HENRY FREDERICK, Suffolk Regiment
born 1867, second son of General the Hon. Sir Henry Hugh
Clifford, remembered as one of the earliest wearers of the
Victoria Cross; educated by the Right Rev. Lord Petre at
Woburn School; entered Army 1887; Captain 1897; A.D.C.
to Genl. Sir W. F. Butler at the Cape and at Devonport;
served in late South African War.

Clifford, HON. LADY JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH, daughter of
Joseph ANSTICE, of Madeley Wood, Shropshire; married
(1857) General the Hon. Sir Henry Hugh Clifford, V.C.,

Clifton, JOHN TALBOT born 1868, eldest son of Thomas
Henry Clifton, of Lytham, by his wife, Madeline, daughter
of Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th Baronet; grandson of Colonel
John Talbot Clifton, M.P., of Clifton and Lytham, whom
he succeeded 1882; married (1907) at the London Oratory,


VIOLET MARY, eldest daughter of William Nelthorpe
BEAUCLERK, J.P., D.L., of Little Grimsby Hall, Lincoln.
born 1852; educated at Ratcliffe College, whence he
matriculated at London University, and where he later
became Professor of Classics; spent some time at Domo-
dossola, the historic house of the Institute of Charity in
Northern Italy, alive with memories of the great Rosmini.
Here the future Bishop composed Italian verse that elicited
from Tommaseo, the Florentine man-of-letters, the com-
pliment that he could not himself have written his native
verse with an equal skill. In 1887 he composed a Jubilee
Ode, the Latinity of which delighted Cardinal Newman,
while in 1901 he offered to Leo XIII in private audience a
poem on St Mary Magdalene, which convinced the Holy
Father that Latin hexameters could still be written in the
"gelid North," wintered though it be from "sunning
song." After a stay at Ratcliffe College, which he left for
Ushaw to become a secular priest, he passed to the English
College, Rome, where he took his Doctor's degree. Return-
ing after ordination, he was in turn assistant-priest at St
Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and at St Bede's,
South Shields, where he continued his labours as Rector for
ten years. He was consecrated in 1902, the Bishop of a See
in which even the eminence of his two predecessors, Dr
Clifford and Dr Brownlow, suffered no diminution. Like
them, Bishop Burton has a remarkable store of antiquarian
and historical learning, and adds a special skill in the de-
ciphering of old Roman inscriptions. His honour, courage
and learning as a controversialist were well displayed in the
letter he wrote to the Bristol press, when an Anglican
Bishop attacked the Pastoral of the Catholic Bishops that
based polemical claims for St Peter on the number of old
English dedications of churches to him; and in lighter lite-
rary mood he is seen as the arbiter elegantiarum in his intro-
duction to the reprint of Bishop de Bury'sLcwe of Books.

consecrated 1894, in succession to Dr Donnelly. The
Diocese includes Monaghan, Fermanagh, and portions of
Tyrone, Donegal, Louth and Cavan.

fifth son of Michael O'Dea, of Kilfenora, Co. Clare; edu-
cated at Maynooth, where he laboured after ordination
on the professorial staff; and he was Vice-President of the
College when he succeeded the present Archbishop of Tuam
as Bishop of Clonfert in 1903.



born 1844; educated and ordained at Maynooth; Professor
in St Coleman's College, Fermoy, 1870-75; Dean and Pro-
fessor at Maynooth 1875-83; Vice-President of Maynooth
College 1883-85, and President from 1885 till his consecra-
tion in 1894.

Glut, RIGHT REV. ISIDORE, O.M.I. born in France 1832;
educated at Valence in the French Department of the
Drome; consecrated Bishop- Auxiliary of Athabasca 1860.

Glutton, FRANCIS OWEN, Barrister-at-Law born 1862,
second son of Henry Glutton, who married Caroline Alice,
daughter of George Dudley Ryder, and niece of the late Sir
George Lisle Ryder and of Father H. I. D. Ryder; edu-
cated at Stonyhurst (Philosophy) and Caius College, Cam-
bridge (LL.B. 1886).

Glutton, LIEUT. RALPH PHILIP, R.N. born 1872, fourth
son of Henry Glutton; educated at Stonyhurst: entered
Navy 1886; Lieut. 1892; married (1897) MARGARET MARY,
youngest daughter of the Hon. Arthur PETRE, of Coptfold
Hall, Essex, and Lady Catherine Petre.

Coape- Arnold, HENRY FRASER JAMES born 1846, only son
of James Coape, of Goldhanger, Essex, and Wolvey Hall,
Warwickshire; educated at St John's College, Cambridge
(M.A.); added the name of Arnold 1867; married (1873)
MARY GENEVIEVE, daughter of the Rev. J. C. CUMMINGS,
late Rector of Cheadle.

Coape- Arnold, CRANFIELD born 1875, eldest son of H. F. J.
Coape- Arnold, of Wolvey, where the Hall has been in
possession of the family from the time of Sir Thomas de
Wolvey, who died about 1315.

Coats, STUART AUCHINCLOSS, Private Chamberlain to Pius
X since 1905 born 1868, eldest son of Sir James Coats,
first Baronet, and Sarah Ann, daughter of John Auchin-
closs; received into the Church 1899; contested Morpeth as
a Conservative at General Election 1905; adopted as Con-
servative and Unionist candidate for Deptford 1907;
Member of Committee of Catholic Education Council 1907,
and a "founder" of Westminster Cathedral.

OLIVEIRA) consecrated 1898.

Cockshutt, JOSHUA born at Preston 1869, son of Joshua
Cockshutt, by Margaret, daughter of Nicholas Hayes, of
Brownedge; educated at Stonyhurst; Managing Director of
the firm of Hayes and Finch, Ltd.; married FLORENCE,
second daughter of William GRAVER.

Codrington, DOWAGER LADY MARY, daughterof Robert


ROSKELL, of Park House, Fulham; married (1866) Sir Wil-
liam Mary Joseph Codrington, 5th Baronet, who died 1904.

Codrington, MAJOR SIR WILLIAM ROBERT, Bart., late nth
Hussars born 1867, son of Sir William Codrington, 5th
Baronet (created 1721, Great Britain), by his wife, Mary,
eldest daughter of Robert Roskell; educated at Beaumont,
and under Father von Orsbach at Mottingham House;
entered nth Hussars 1889; Captain 1901; served on the
North West Indian Frontier 1897-98; Major ist Batt.
Imperial Light Horse during South African War 1899-
1002, taking part in the defence of Ladysmith (where he
was severely wounded), and being mentioned in des-
patches; promoted Brevet-Major 1902; retired; succeeded
his father 1904; married (1903) JOAN, daughter of Harry
Adams ROGERS, of Poplars, Johannesburg.

Codrington, HON. MRS WILLIAM MARY, daughter of first
Viscountess Hambleden and her first husband, Benjamin
Auber LEACH; born 1855; a convert to the Church; married
(1879) Rear-Admiral W. Codrington, C.B. (who died 1888).

Coelenbier, CANON Louis born at Bruges; resident priest
at Salisbury 1864-67; member of Clifton Chapter; Chaplain
at Franciscan Convent, Taunton.

Coffey, DR DENIS J., F.R.U.I., M.A., M.B. Professor of
Physiology in the Catholic University School of Medicine,
Dublin, Dean of Faculty of the Catholic University of
Ireland; Member of the Royal Commission on Trinity
College and the University of Dublin 1906.
Cogan, Surgeon-Colonel MICHAEL, late Army Medical Ser-
vice born 1840; served in Afghan War 1878-80; Surgeon-
Colonel 1894; retired 1897.

Coghlan, COLONEL CHARLES, V.D., J.P., commanding ist
West Yorks. Volunteer Artillery born 1852, son of Wil-
liam Austin Coghlan, of Grosvenor House, Leeds; educated
at Ratcliffe College and Maison de Mellelez Grand, Bel-
gium; is an ironmaster; has held commission in ist W.
Riding R. G. Artillery (Vols.) from 1873; J.P. for City of
Leeds 1888. Colonel Coghlan, who for many years has been
in the van of lay activity in the Diocese of Leeds, married
(in 1887) JOSEPHINE M., daughter of the Rev. T. KEM-
WORTHY, Rector of Ackworth, Yorks.

Coghlan, FATHER PHILIP, C.P. born Tallow, Ireland,
1852; went through usual studies as a Passionist at High-
gate and Dublin; ordained 1885; English Provincial C.P.
from 1899.

Coghlan, TIMOTHY AUGUSTINE, Statistician to the Federal
Government of Australia born of Irish parentage in 1856


at Sydney, and educated at the Grammar School of that
city; supervised the New South Wales census in 1891 and
1901; Registrar of Sydney Friendly Societies 1892; Acting
Agent-General for New South Wales 1905; Chairman of
the N.S.W. Board of Old Age Pensions; married HELEN,
daughter of D. C. DONNELLY, Member of the Legislative
Assembly of New South Wales. He is author of a number
of works devoted to Australian statistics.

ROY) consecrated 1904.

Colegrave, EDWARD, Solicitor eldest son of William
Manby Colegrave by Eleanor, daughter of Charles Wal-
mesly, of Westwood House; educated at Oscott; admitted a
Solicitor 1872; partner in firm of Messrs Slaughter and

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