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Ambulator; or, A pocket companion in a tour round London, within the circuit of twenty-five miles: describing whatever is most remarkable for antiquity, grandeur, elegance, or rural beauty .. online

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Online LibraryF. H. (Frank Herbert) HaywardAmbulator; or, A pocket companion in a tour round London, within the circuit of twenty-five miles: describing whatever is most remarkable for antiquity, grandeur, elegance, or rural beauty .. → online text (page 1 of 30)
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ON the utility of a work of this nature it is fcarce ne-
cefljry to expatiate. No part of the kingdom, per-
haps, can prefent more attractive fcenes than the environs
of London; in which the man of leifure may find amufe-
ment, and the man of bufinefs the m'oft agreeable relaxation.
With refpecl, indeed, to rural fcenery,the country, defcrib-,
ed in the following Tour, does not exhibit Nature in her
more fublime and ftupendous views : it prefents no favage
mountains crowned with perennial fnows, no vaft extent
of uncultivated wilds, no tremendous catarafts, no won-
derful expanfe of waters ; but rural elegance and rural
beauty appear in their moll fafcinating forms. Royal pa-
laces, magnificent feats, and elegant villas interfperfed, af-
ford inexhauftible gratifications for curiofity; in fome, the
fineft collections of paintings, ineflimable antiques, venera-
ble decorations of ancient fplendour, or all the exquifite
embellifhments of modern tafte. Here, extenfive pro-
fpefts charm the eye with undefcribable variety: there, the
landfcape, lefs extenfive, invites the penfive mind to con-
templation ; or the creative powers of Art exhibit an Ely-
fium, where Nature once appeared in her rudeft form.

To affift the inhabitants of the Metropolis, or its orca-
fional vifitors, in the choice of their excurfions, is- a prin-
cipal objeft of this publication : to be an entertaining com-
panion in thefe excurfions is another. With this view, the
Editor has not only defcribed whatever he found cuiions
in the works of Nature or of Art, but where any place has
been diflinguifhed by fome memorable circumflance, he
has not forgotten how much the incidental recollection of
it may improve the fourcesof converfation , nor what plea-
fure a well- cultivated mind may derive from contemplating
the favourite retreats of the benefactors and ornaments of
mankind ; where the ftatefman mufed, in folitude, on the
welfare of his country, or meditated on the inftability of
fublunary grandeur; where the philofopher enriched the
age with his fublime difcoveries ; or the poet " informed
a 2 " the


14 the page with mufic, image, fentiment, and thought;"'
where a Richard Cromwell preferred the fcenes of inno-
cence and peace to all the glory of guilty greatnefs; where
a Lyttelton received the h'rft convictions of religious truth ;
or au Addifon exemplified, in a happy death, the pleafures
and importance of a virtuous life, ft is natural to view
fuch fcenes with a degree of enthufiafm, and to confider
the ground we tread as almoft facred. This fentiment,
indeed, is too natural to be novel; it is as old as Tully :
** Movemur enim," fays that admirable writer, " nefcio
" quo pacto, locis ipfis, in quibus eorum, quos diligimus
'* ant admiramur, adfunt veftigia. Me quidem ipfe i'lae
" noftroe Athens:, non tarn operibus magnihcis exquifi-
*' tifque antiquorum artibus delectant, quam rccordatione
* fummcrum virorum, ubi quifque habitare, ubi federe,
* ubi difputare fit folitus."

The fluctuations of property, as was expected, have ren-
der ed many alterations indifpenfable in the prefent editioa
of this work. Of thefe, the Editor has endeavoured to
procure the mofl accurate information. Betide all the cor-
rections to the prefent day, the additions -and improve-
ments have been fo numerous, that this eighth edition may
be almoft confidered as A NEW WORK; and the Editor
flatters himfelf, that in none of the articles will fuch infor-
mation be fought for in vain, as can reafonably be expend
in n work, profefTedly intended as a Pocket Companion.

It would be illioeral not to acknowledge here, the great
affiftance which the Editor has derived from the three
quarto volumes, already published, of " The Environs of
London, by the Rev. Daniel Lyfons, A.M." a work not
calculated merely to gratify the poring and laborious An-
tiquary, but to afford information and amufement, moft
agreeably blended, to the Gentleman and the Man of
Tafte. '







The prefent Proprietors and Occupiers of the Seats men*
tioned in this Work.


, Rev. Thomas Abdy, 31
Abercorn, Marquis of, 42
Ackland, Mr. 35
Aguelar, Abraham, Efq. 298
Allanfon, Mrs. 226, 26;
Allen, Alexander, Efq. 186
Amherft, Lord, 187, 226
Anderfon, J. W. Efq. 186
Andrews, William, Efq. 6a
Angeli, Mr. 141

Angerftein, John Julius, Efq. 310
Anfpach, Margrave of, 49
Antrobus, Philip, Efq. 64
Apreece, SirT. H. 79
Arden, Sir R. P. 120
Armftrong, Edmund, Efq. 91
Armftrong, James, Efq. 265
Arnold, George, Efq. 1 1 6
Alton, Sir Willoughby, 253
Aubert, Alexander, Efq. 144
Auckland, Lord, 40
Aufrerr, George, Efq. 64
Aylmer, Mr. 294
Aynfcomb, Mifs, 190
Ayfcough, G. M. Efq. 198


Bacon, John, Efq. 37
Biker, William, Efq. 134
Baker, Samuel, Efq. 134
Baker, John, Efq. 178
Baldwin; Chriftopher, 73

Banks, Sir Jofeph, 240
Barchard, Mr. 285
Barker, Lady, 213
Barlow, Francis, Efq. 186
Barnard, Frederick, Efq. 3ft
Barnes, Richard, Efq. 220
Baroneau, Francis, Efq 193
Barrett, Bryant, Efq. 243
Barwell, Smyth, Efq. 251
Barwick, James, Efq. 281
Barwi?, Jackfon, Efq. 137
Baynes, William, Efq. 129
Beachcroft, Samuel, Efq. 80
Bearcroft, Edward, Efq. 137
Beauclerk, Lady Diana, 223
Beaulieu, Earl, 83
Bedford, Duke of, 70, 250
Benfield, Paul, Efq. 29!
Bennett:, Rev. Mr. 261
Benyon, Richard, Efq. <j%
Berkeley, Earl of, 78
Berry, Mifs M. and A. 265
Bertie, Lady Robert, 227
Bcfbonugh, Earl of, 227
Bethel, Chriftopher, Efq. 83
Bine, James, Efq. 203
Birch, Mrs. 181
Bhckburne, John, Efq. 55
Blackett, Sir Edw.nd, 261
Blackmore, Mr. i 34
Blackwood, Mrs. 69
Blair, Mr. 116
Blencowe, H. P. Ffq. 260
Blicke, Charles, Efq. 176, 270
Bockett, J. I-fj. 48, in
Boddbam, R. H. Efq 91




Boshra, Mr. 251
Bond, John, El q. 186
Bonnell, James, Efq. 318
Boonc, Charles, Efq. 179
Bofanquct, Mr. 53
Bofanquet, Samuel, Efq. i8a
Bofcawen, Hon. Mrs. 224
Bofton, Lord, 133
Bouch'ir, Charles, Efq. 133
Boulton, Henjy, Efq. i-jy
Bowles, Mrs. 233
Bowles, William, Efq. 161
Bowles, George, Efq. 286
Bowyer, Sir William, 83
Boyd,Sir John, So
Boyd, Walter, Efq. 213
Braiifill, Mr. aSj
Braffcy, Nathaniel, Efq. l8z
Bray, Councilor, 198
Briftol, Countefs Dowager of, 298
Brown, Captain, 298
Browning, Rev. Dr. 144
Bruhl, Count, 129
Buccleugh, Duke of, 44, 223
Buckingham, Earl of, 291
Bucks, Marquis of, 1 16, 183
Bucknall, J A. Efq. 130
Bulftrode, Mrs. 138
Barges, Sir John Smith, 132
Buigoyne, Montague, Efq. 178
Burke, Rt. Hon. Edmund, 56
Barrel!, Sir William, 82
Bufh, Richard, Efq. 285
Byde, Thomas Hope, Efq. 290
By ng, George, Efq. 311


Cadogan, Dr. 98
Callaway, Mr. 91
Calvert, N. Efq. 138
Calvert, Richard, Efq. 44
Cambridge, R. O. Efq. 266
Camden, Earl, 56
Carnelford,Lady, 51
Cameron, Donald, Efq. 269
Campbell, Lord Frederick, 76
Campbell, Mrs. 294
Canterbury, At].), of, 73, 173

Carew, Richard Gee, Efq. 40
Carter, Mr. 252
Caftell, Samuel, Efq. 298
Cafwell, T. Efq. 290
Cator, John, Efq. 40
Cavendifli, Lord Frederick, 266
Chabe, Marquis de, 35
Chambers, Sir William, 294
Chambcrlainc, George, Efq. 325
Chandos, Duchefs of, 91,239
Chauncey, Mis. 98
Cbefterfield, Earl of, 33, 119
Child, Lady Sufan, zoi
Child, Robert, Efq. 321
Clarence, Duke of, 223
Clarcndo.i, Earl of, 1 1 1
Clark, Richard, Efq. 68
Clarke, Rev. Mr. 140
Clay, Mrs. 18 1
Clayton, Sir Robert, 183
Clayton, Samuel, Efq. 55, 91
Clewes, Mr. 143
Coke, Lady Mary, 64
Colvill, Mr. 48
Col borne, Mrs. 143
Conolly, Lady Anne, 265
Conyers, John, Efq. 78
Cooke, Mr. 129
Cornwall, John, Efq. 134
Cornwall, Captain, 64
Corfellis, Caefar, Efq. 320

Cotton, Mr. 119

Cotton, John, Efq. 294

Coulfon, Mrs. 291

Cowper, Earl, 75

Cranmer, James, Efq. i36

Crawford, Mr. 1 12

Crawley, Mrs. 263

Cremorne, Vifcount, 64

Crfckitt.C. A. Efq. 46

Crolbie, General, 25*

Crofbie, Colonel, 265

Crofier, Mr. 251

Cmtchley, Jeremiah, Efq. 25*

Curries, Mrs. 2^4

Currie, Ifaac, Efq. 140,189

Currie, William, Efq. 138

Currie, Mark, Efq. 98

Curtis, William, Efq. 239





Dacre, Lord, 179
Dacre, Lady Dowager, 41
Dmiel, James, Efq. 127
D'Aranda, Mrs. 113
Darell, Sir Lionel, 223
Dartmouth, Earl of, 44.
Dafhwood, Sir Henry W. 74, 318
Davidfon, Duncan, Efq. aoo
Denifon, Jofeph, Efq. 8a
Dent, John, Efq. 74
Derby, Earl of, 198
De Valangin, Dr. 141
De Vifme, Philip, Efq. 286
De Vifme, Gerard. Efq. 298
Devonfhire, Duke of, 72,
Dick, Sir John, 217
Dorrington, Mr. 89
Dorfct, Duke of, 1 6a
Douglas, William, Efq. 254
Douglas, Lady, 1 1 6
Down, Richard, Efq. 37
Downlhire, Marquis of, 1 34
Drake, William, Efq. 227
Drummond, John, Efq. 41
Drumrnond, A. B- Efq. 113
Duane, Mrs. 268
Duckenfield, Sir Nathaniel, 14!
Dundas, Rt.Hon. Henry, 298
Dupre, Mrs. 297
Durand, J. H. Efq 62
Dyke, Sir John Dixen, 182, 201
Dy fart, Earl ef, i7


Eade, Jonathan, Efq. 193
Earner, Sir John, jjj
Eardley, Lord, 41
Egerton, Col. 251
Eggers, Henry, Efq. 319
Ehbank, Lonl, 293
Emmet, Richard, Efq. 1 34
Erfkine, Hon. Thomas, 120
Efdaile, Mr. 281
Eflex, Earl of, 62, 160
KlTex, Countcfs Dowager of, 2 J.1
Evelyn, Sir Frederick, 3*1


Fane, Francis, Efq. 200
Farnaby, John, Efq. 295
Faffett, Thomas, Efq. 16?
Field, William, Efq. 226
Filmer, Sir John, 26
Finch, Ladies, 323
Fiflier, Cuthbert, Efq. 87
Fitzgerald, Lord Henry, 258
Fitzherbert, Mrs. 87
Fitzherbert, Thomas, Efq. 234.
Fitzwilliam, Vifcount, 223
Fletcher, Sir Henry, 284
Forbes, James, Efq. 241
Ford, Sir Francis, 89, 25$
Fard, Randai,Efq. 293
Fox,Rt Hon. Charles James, 68
Fraine, Capt. Jofeph, 132
Francis, Philip, Efq. 233
Franks, Mr. 190
Franks, William, Efq. 91
Frederick, Sir John, 484
Fryar, John, Efq. 253
Fuhr, Edward, Efq. 161
Fullarton, Colonel, 227
Fuller, Mr. 179 .


Gardiner, Henry, Efq. 285
Garrick, Mrs. 128
Gafcoyne, Bamber, Efq. 34
Geary, Sir William, 47, 211
Gibbons, Sir William, 244
Glennie, George, Efq. 52
Gloucefter, Duke of, 78, 128
Glyn, Sir George, 95
Goddard,' John, Efq. 319
Godfrey, David, Efq. 141
Godfrey, Ambrofe, Efq. 203
Godfrey, William, Efq. 51
Godfall, Philip, Efq. 1 1 1
Goodwyn, Henry, Efq. 103,285
Gofling, William, Efq. 227
Goftli'ng, George, Efq. 294
Gott, Sir Henry Thomas, 63
Gower Sutherland, Earl, 29?
Gnmharu, Lady, ajj




Gravrs, Mr. 185
Gray, Ed ward, Efq. 138
Grcnvillc, Lord, 51, 85
Griffith^, Henry, Efq. 39
Grimfton, VilVount, 100
Grimftor, Hon. William, 105
Guillord, Cuuntcfs Dowager of, 56
Gundry,Mr. 240
Gwydir, Lord, 40


Hahn, Frederick, Efq. 186
Hales, Sir John, 209
Hammeifley, Mrs. 318
Hammer., Sir Benjamin, 200
Hamond,W.P. Efq. 115
Hatnond, Sir A- S. 98
Hankey, Mrs. 96
Harcourt, General, i3o
Harcourt, Simon, Efq. 31
Harding?, George, Efq. 214, 266
Hardwicke, Earl of, 263
Harence, Ber.jwiin, Efq. 96
Harman, John, Efq. 284, 319
Harrington, Earl of, 53
Harrifon, Benjamin, Efq. 179
Harvey, SirR. B. 177
Harvey, Eliab, Efq. 70
Hatwood, Wilham, Efq. 129
Hatch, James, Efq. 35
Heath, Mr. Juftice, 132
Heathcote, William, Efq. 182
Heathcote, Lady, 197
Heaton, John, Efq. 1 32
Heming, George, Efq. 241
Henniker, Sir John, 244
Herfchel, Dr. 238
Hervey, Mrs. 01
Hibbcrt, Thomas, Efq. 63
Hoare, Henry, Elq. iS6
Hoare, Henry-Hugh, Efq. 83
Hoare, Lady, 36
Hoare, Jonathan, Efq. 193
Hodges, Jeremiah, Efq. 284,
Hodgfon, Central, 193
Holden, Mrs. 8j
Holland, Loid, 137
Hollingfworth, William, Efq. 262
lii, Thomas Btand, Efq. 139

Hotham, Mifs, 240
Hotham, Mr. Baron, 26
Hotham, Sir Richard, 185
Howard, Field Marshal Sir G. 244
Howaid, Richard Bagot, Efq. 32
H .we, Admiral Earl, 212
Huddleftone, John, Efq. 84
Hudfon, Mr. 252
Hugforc), Mrs. 1 38
Hughes, Admiral Sir Richard, 244
Hughes, Lady, 182
Hulfc, Richard, Efq. 44
Hume, Sir Abraham, 320
Hunter, John,Efcj. 99


Jame, Rice, Efq. 318

James, Lady, 89, 209

James, Thomas, Efq. 91

Jtnkinfon, Mr. 185

Jervoife, Jervoife Cierke, Efq. 135

Jewdwine, Mr. 92

Jnchiquin, Earl of, 451

John fn, Rev. Mr. aia

Johofon, Richard, Efq. 149

Johnfon, Godfchall, Efq 213

Jones, Mrs. 219

Jones, Richard, Efq 295

Jones, J Efq. 296

Irby, Mr. 177

Ifherwood, Henry, Efq. 318


Keene, Whitflied, Efq. 221
Kenvvorthy, Mrs. 86,92
Keppcl, Mrs. 74, 141,313
Kerr, A. R. Efq. 323
King, Lur<i, 199
Kingfton, Jofepli, Efq. 37
Kutzleben, Baron, 191


Ladbroke, Mrfs, 98
Lade, Sir John. 6*
Lake, Sir f. W 88
Lark'm, Mrs. 44
Lafcclles, General, 87


Laurel, Mr. 47
Law, James, Efq* 51, 57
Lawibn, Mifs, 138
Leake, William, Efq. 290
Lee, Mr. z6j
Lee, Mrs. 164.
Leeds, Duke of, 186
Leicefter, Earl of, 134, 123
Lettfom, Dr. 56
Lewen, Mr. 165
Lewi/ham, Vifcount, 133
Lcyccfter, Rev. Mr. 295
Linull, Thomas,Efq. 161
Liverpool, 21:! of, 27
Lock, William, Efq. 47, 197
London, Bi&cp of, 97
Long, Sir James Tyiney, 287
Lonfdalc, Earl of, 171
Loughborough, Lord, 120, 31
Lovibond, Mr. 84
Lufhington, William, Efq. 56
Luther, Mrs. 1 1 1
Lynd, George, Efq. ^51

Murray, Ladies, 265
Mufgrave, Sir John, 144


Neave, Sir Richard, 80
Newnham, Nathaniel, Efq. 250
Northey, William, Efq. 92
Northampton, Count. Dow. of 221
Northumberland, Duke of, 234


O'Kdly, Patrick, Efq. 57
Oliver, Thomas, Efq. 18*
Onflow, Lord, 73
Onflow", Lady Dovrager, in
Ord, John, Efq. 18 1
Orford, Earl of, 245
Orkney, duntefs of, 74
Otteley, Mr. 54


Manners, S;r WiUiam : aio
M innigbam, John, Efq. a6l
Mansfield, Enrl of, 150
Marlborough, Duke of, 234
Matthias, Thoims, Efq. 87
Mathew, Job, Efq. 319
Mawbey, Sir Jofeph, 47
Mjy, Mr. 265
Miyerfbach, Dr. 265
Melbourne, Lord, 51
Melli/h, Mrs. 55
Mendip, L<ird, 265, 267
Meux, Richard, Efq. 87
Meyrick, James, Efq.ai2,29*
Meyiick, John, Efq. 209
Millej, Jonathan, Efq. 211, Dr. 97
Mollefon, William, Efq. 185
Moore, Lady, 153
Moore, Peter, Efq. 113
Morley, William, Efq. 101
Morgan, Sir Charles, 87
Morris, General, 27

. P.

Packftone, Rev. Mr. 453

Page, Richard, Efq. 130

Page, Mr. 323

Pallifcr, Sir Hugh, 63

Palmer, Sir C. H. 84

Palmctfton, Vifcount, 93 J

Pardoe, John, Efq.

Parker, Mr. 251

Parker, John Henry, Efq. 161

Paype, Mr. 74

Payne, Edward, Efq. 86

Payr.e, Gro'gf, Efq. 323

Pelham,Mifs, oa

Penn, John, Efq. 243

Pepys, Mr. 51

Perry, John, Efq 46

Perry, Mr. 313

Peters, Guprge, Efq. 134,25?

Petre, Lord, 140, 261

Petre, Hon. Robert Edward, 3iS

Pctie, Hon. George, 41

Penie, William, Efq. 9*



Petty, Mr. 43

Phillimore, William, Efq. 144

Pilgrim, James, Efq. 119

Pinchbeck, Mr. 251

piozzi, Mr. 150

Pitt, Stephen, Efq. 56

Pitt, Rt. Hon. William, 137

Pitt, William, Efq. 318

Plumer, Will am, Efq. 290

Pocock, George, Efq. 265

Pole, Sir Charles, 284

Polhill, Charles, Efq. 70

Polhill, Edward, Efq. 189

Pol worth, Lady Annabella, 213

Popple, Capr. 54

Porker, John, Efq. 191

Portland, Duke of, 54

Portmore, Earl of, 1 1 6

Porter, George, Efq. 441

Poulet, Countefs Dowager, 265

Powell, Mr. 263

Powlctt, Rev. Mr.

Powlett, Rt. Hen. Thos. Ord, 130

Prefcott, Sir G. W. 69, 134, aoo

Prefton, Richard, Efq. 46

Prefton, Robert, E<q. 319 "

Prime, Samuel, Efq. 294

PrinlVp, John, Efq. 160

Plotter, J. Efq. 319

Queenfberry, Dukeof, *2i


Raby, Alexander, Efq. 323
Radcliffc, SirC-F. 161
Raikes, William, Efq. 35
Randall, John, Efq. 96
Redm:in, John, Efq. 101
Richardfon, Mr. 119
Roberts, Mrs. 130
Robertfon, William, Efq. 2I
Robinfon, John, Efq. 234.
Rochefter, Up. of, 51
Rockinjham, Marchionefs of, 136
RoJcn, Earl of, 1 39

Roebuck, Mr. 140
Rous,T. B.Efq. 1 88
Rowdcn, Philip, Efq. 95
Rucker, John Anthony, Efq. 18 c
Rulh, W. B. Efq. 298
Rufhout, Sir John, 130
Ruflell, Lord William, 250
Ruflell, John, Efq. 31
Rutland, Duke of, 162


St. Quintin, W. T. Efq. 351
Salds, Count de, 136
Saliibury, Marquis of, 63, 131
Sanderf.n, Sir [ames, 285
Sayer, Henry, Efq. 54
Sebright, Sir John, 41
Shard, William, Efq. 210
Sharp, William, Efq. 9$
Shaw, Mr. 31
Shaw, Sir John, 69, 89
Sherrar, John, Efq. 161
Shuldham, Lord, 31, 78
Sidney, Vifcount, 70
Skinner, Matthew, Efq. ajr
Slack, Mr. 51

Smith, William, Efq. 78, 161
Smith, Samuel, Efq. 73
Smith, Thomas, Efq. 263
Smith, Robert, Efq. 80
Smith, Capt 253
Smyth, Sir William, 135
Snow, George, Efq. 133
Southampton, Lord, 96
Spencer, Earl, 297
Spencer, Countels Dowager, 30-
Spragge, Robert, Efq. 177
Stanhope, Earl, 69
Steele, Rt. Hon. Thomas,2i3
Stephens, Sir Philip, 97
Stephenfon, Rowland, Efq. 163
Stevenfoi, Mr. 54, jz
Stopford, Lord, 251
Stratton, James, Efq. 27,44
Sul; van, Richard Joieph, Efq. 25$
Sullivan, fohn, Efq. 220
Sunmer, George, Efq. 131



Talbot, Lady, 63
Talbot, Sir Charles, 185
Tankerville, Earl or, 2^4
Tatlock, Thomas, Efq. 185
Tempeft, Mr. 37
Temple, R. G. Efq. 227
Teflier, Lewis, Efq. 92
Thellufon, Peter, Efq. it I
Theobalds, Mrs. 151
Thiftlewaite, Robert, Efq. zzj
Thomfon, Beilby, Efq 113
Thompfon, John, Efq. 227
Thornton, Samuel, Efq. 73
Thornton, Robert, Efq. 73
Thornton, Henry, Efq. 73
Thurlow, Lord, 161
Tibbald, James, Efq. 251
Tollemache, Major, 76
Tooke, John Home, Efq. 198
Tower, Chriftopher, Efq. 140
Townfhend, Lord John, 1 34
Townfhend, Rt. Hon. Charles, 43
Trccothick, James, Efq. VJ
Tryon, Lady, 34
Turton, Dr 50
Twycrofs, Mr. 70
Tynfe, Mr. 184
Tyrconnel, Earl of, 74


Vere, James, Efq. 161
Vincent, Sir Francis, 044


Udney, Robert, Efq. 153
Urquhart, Mr. 290

Waller, Edmund, Efq. 1 16
Wallinger, Mr. 130.
Walpole, Hon. Richard, 80
Walfingham, Lord, 318
Walter, John, Efq. 253
Ward, Job 1, Efq. 292
Ward, H.T. Elq. 187,296
Warner, Simeon, Efq. 213
Warren, Sir George, 160, 161
Warwick, Earl of, 141
Watfon, Brouk, Efq. 233
Way, Benjamin, Efq. 83
Way, Mrs. 221

Weatherfton, Dalhoufic, Efq. 17^
Webber, William, Efq. 103
Webber, Col. 265, 3*1
Webfter, John, Efq. 285
Wegg, Samuel, Efq. 16
Welles, John, Efq. 51
Wefton, Mr. 68
Wefton, Henry, Efq. 138
Whately, Rev. Jofeph, 107
Whitaker, Mifs, 181
Wigfton, John, Efq. 264
Wrlkinfon, Mr. *co
Willis, Mrs. 37

Wilfon, General SirT. S. 63, no
Winchefter, Bp. of, 64
Wood,Tbomas, Efq. of Haling, 87
Wo. d,Tho.Efq. of Littleton, 181
Wood, Mrs. 3 1
Worfley, Sir Richard, 53
Wright, John, Efq. 144
Wright, Sir James, 310
Wright, Thomat, Efq. 96
Wroughton, William, Efq. 37
Wyatt, Richard, Efq7 1 37
Wyatt, Mr. 6x
Wynne, JLady, 153


WaldtgraYe, Countefj, Dw. 191
Walker, Ifaac, Efq. 139
Walker, Thomas, Efq. go, 135

York, Duke of, 199
Yorke, Hon. John, 151
Yung, Sir William, ale
Younr, Lady, 313


T ONDON was certainly. a considerable, opulent, and
J commercial city, in the reign of the Emperor Nero- It
is reprefented as fuch by Tacitus; and Ammianus Marcelli-
nus, who wrote in the reign of Julian the Apoftate, calls it
*' vetuftum oppidum, an ancient city." Its Roman names
were Londinum, or Londinium, and Augufta.* The firft
is ftill retained in its modern appellation : the lad is the fa-
rourite of the poets. Thus Congreve :

Rife, fair Augufta, lift thy head ;
With golden towers t!iy front adorn ;
Thy lovely form, and fre/h-reviviiig ftite,
In cryftal flood of Thames furvey.

This metropolis of Great Britain, one of die largeft and
molt opulent in the world, confifts of the cities of London
and Weftminfter and the borough of Southwark. The
two former are fituated on a gentle afcent, on the north
fide of the Thames ; the latter is feated on the oppofite
bank, in a level, and once very marftiy ground. The
extent of the whole from Limehoufe and Deptford to
Milbank and Vauxhall, is above fevea miles; but the

* Augufta vai a name given to feventy citiei in the Roman prevlnrei,
in honour of Auguftus. Hence London, as the capital ef the Trinebintei,
:a Britain, wat calif d Augufta Trinobantona.

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greateft breadth is only three miles. The curious reader,
\vho would contraft the ancient ftate of London with its
prefent great extent, may find amufement, by confulting
ritz- Stephen's account of it, in the reign of Henry II ; the
plan of London as it exifted in the time of Queen Elizabeth;
and Mr. Pennant's *' Account of London."

Of this wonderful contraft fome idea may be formed,
from an anecdote of the Earl of Burlington : " When that
Nobleman was afked why he built his houfe in PiccadillyyS
far out oftoivn, he nnfwered, " becaufe he was determined
lie would have no building beyond him." Little more than
half a century has fo inclofed Burlington Houfe with
new ftreets, that it is now in the heart of that part of the


LONDON, confidered in this extenfive view, as the
METROPOLIS, confifls of the CITY, properly fo called ;
the city of Weftminfter ; the fuburbsin the county of Mid-
dlefex ; and the borough of Southwark.

The City is divided into twenty-fix wards, each governed
by an Alderman. From the Aldermen, the chief magiftrate,
the Lord Mayor, is annually chofe-n. There are likewife
236 Common-Councilmen, who fit in one court, with the
Lord Mayor and Aldermen, and thus form, as it were, the
city parliament, which enacls the bye laws and regulations
of the corporation. There is likewife a Recorder, a Com-
mon Serjeant, two Sheriffs (who are alfo Sheriffs of Mid-
dlefex), a Chamberlain, a Town Clerk, a City Remem-
brancer, a Water Bailiff, a Common Hunt, and many in-
ferior officers.

WESTMINSTER, which was once a mile from London,
but is now united to it, is a diftincl city, the government of
which, both civil and ecclefiaftical, was once veiled in the
Dean and Chapter of Weftminfter ; but, fince the Refor-
mation, the civil part has been committed to laymen. The
High Steward, who is generally a Nobleman of rank, is
chofen by the Dean and Chapter,and has an Under Steward
who officiates for him, and is commonly Chairman of the
Quarter Seffions. Next to him is the High Bailiff, chofen
alfo by the Dean and Chapter. His power refembles that



of a Sheriff, for by him juries are fummoncd, and he make*
the return at the ele&ion of Members of Parliament.

The SUBURBS are under the jurifdicYion of the Magif-
tratcs of Middlefex, who, befide their County Hall, on
Clerkenwell Green, have an offics in Bow-Street, longdif-
tinguifhed for public fpirit and activity. But as there were
other Juftices of Peace, who degraded the dignity of Ma-
giftracy, by proftituting it to mercenary views, an Aft of
Parliament parted in 1792, by which feven other public of-
fires were eltabliflied, befide that in Bow-Street.* Three
Magistrates officiate at each of thefe : and, to deprive them
of all temptation to corrupt practices, they are prohibited
from taking any fees, in lieu of which they have each an
annual falary of 4oo/. The fees of office, which are paid as
ufual, are appropriated to defray the expences of thefe new

SOUTHWARK was long independent of the city of London:
but, in confequence of the inconveniencies arifing from the
efcape of malefactors from the gieat capital into this place,
Edward III granted it to the City, in confederation of the
annual payment of io/. It was then called the village of
Southwark: it was afterward named the bailiwick, ami
the corporation of London appointed the Bailiff. In the
reign of Edward VI, it was formed into a twenty- fixth ward r
by the name of Bridge Ward Without. On the death of
the Alderman of this ward, he is fucceeded by the next in
feniority, to whichever ward he may belong ; this ward be-
ing confidered as a finecure, and, confequently, the moft
proper for " The Father of the City.", The city has like-
wilea High- Bailiff and Steward here.


To begin with the public buildings of the metropolis,
the Cathedral of St. Paul, as the moft confpicuous, claims
our firft attention. This noble fabrick is 2292 feet in cir-
cumference, and 340 in height to the top of the crofs.

* Thefe offices are in Queen-Sq-.iare, \Vcftminfter; G-eat Marlbe-
rough-Sr.e'-t; H \tton-Scrcct ; Worihip-Strcet, Shoreditch ; Larabeth-
gtreet, Wbitechajpel { High Street, Shsdwelf ; anJ Union-Stre.t South-

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In the magnificence of exterior architecture, it is inferior
to none in Europe, except St Peter's at Rome. The rea-
der may find a copious account of the whole, in a fmall

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