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the clergy of the Church of England in the district assigned
to him should be placed under his jurisdiction. To this
munificent donation the S.P.C.K. and the Colonial Bishop-
rics* Fund each added ;^i,ooo. The Archbishop's choice
fell upon the Rev. C. P. Scott for the work, who returned
to England in July, 1880, and was consecrated on October
28 in St. Paul's Cathedral, when Dr. Moule was also conse-
crated to the missionary diocese of Mid-China. Dr. Scott
received the honorary degree of D.D. from the University
of Cambridge in 1880. His jurisdiction covers the six
northern provinces of China.

China, Western, The Right Rev. William Wharton Cas-
sels, Lord Bishop in ; Chung-king, China, He was educated
at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A.
in 1880. He was ordained deacon in 1882 and priest in
1883. He served as curate of All Saints', South Lambeth,
from 1882 to 1885. In 1885 he went out as missionary of
the China Inland Mission in charge of Pao-ning, in the
province of Szu-chuan, diocese of Mid-China, where he re-
mained until 1895. He was consecrated in Westminster
Abbey Bishop of the newly-formed missionary diocese of
Western China, on October 18, 1895.

Chota NagTpur, The Right Rev. Jabez Cornelius
Whitley, Lord Bishop of; Ranchi, Chota Nagpur, Bengal,
India, He is the son of the Rev. E. Whitley, and was born
in 1837. He was educated at Mercers' School and Queens'
College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A., being senior
optime in the mathematical tripos, in 1859. He was or-


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dained deacon in i860 and priest in 1861. He was S.P.G.
Missionary at Delhi, in the Punjab, from 1862 to 1869, and
missionary at Ranchi, Chota Nagpur, from 1869 to 1890.
He was at home on furlough from 1876 to 1877, and again
from 1885 to 1886, and was on sick leave in 1888. On
March 23, 1890, he was consecrated Lord Bishop of Chota
Nagpur, in St. PauPs Pro-Cathedral, Ranchi. The Bishop's
jurisdiction is exercised, by canonical consent, over the dis-
trict of Chota Nagpur, in the province of Bengal, though it
is still considered by the Indian (government as part of the
diocese of Calcutta. The Bishop married in 1861 the
youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Whittard, of Cam, Glou-

Christ Church, The Right Rev. Churchill Julius, Lord
Bishop of; Bishop* s Courts Christ Church, Canterbury, New
Zealand. He is the son of Frederick Gilder Julius, M.D.,
of Richmond, Surrey, by Ellen Hannah, daughter of Mr.
James Smith, of Nottingham. He was bom in 1847, ^^'^
was educated at Blackheath proprietary school, and at
Worcester College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in
1869 and M.A. in 1873. He was ordained deacon in 1871
and priest in 1872. He was curate of St Giles, Norwich,
from 1871 to 1873; curate of South Brent, Somerset, from
1873 to 1875; vicar of Shapwick, Somerset, from 1875 to
1878; and vicar of Holy Trinity, Islington, from 1878 to
1884. He then went out to Australia and was appointed
vicar of Christ Church Pro-Cathedral and Archdeacon of
Ballarat, Victoria, which offices he held till 1890. He was
consecrated Lord Bishop of Christ Church, New Zealand,
on May i, 1890, in Clmst Church Cathedral. His juris-
diction extends over part of the middle island of New
Zealand. He received the honorary degree of D.D. from
the University of Oxford in 1893. He married, in 1872,
Alice Frances, daughter of Colonel Rowlandson, of Bourne-
mouth. The Bishop is both intellectually and physically
a man of great power, and his manly and vigorous Chris-
tianity is exactly suited to the needs of his enormous dio-

Clos:her, The Right Rev. Charles Maurice Stack, Lord
Bishop of; Knockballymore^ Clones, Ireland, He is the son


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of the Rev. Edward Stack. He was born in 1825, and was
educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated
B. A. with a second class in the Divinity Testimonium exam-
ination in 1848, and M.A. in 1858. He proceeded to the
degrees of B.D. and D.D. in 1875. ^® ^^ ordained
deacon in 1848, and priest in 1849. He was Vicar of
Lack (or Colaghty), co. Fermanagh, from 1849 to 187 1 j
rector and vicar of Tydavnet, co. Monaghan, from 187 1 to
1873 ; ^^^ archdeacon of Clogher and rector of Monaghan,
from 1873 to 1886. He was consecrated Lord Bishop of
Clogher in Armagh Cathedral on June 29, 1886. His
jurisdiction extends over the counties of Monaghan and
Fermanagh, except two parishes and part of a third, with
portions of Donegal, Louth, and Tyrone. He is a J. P. for
Co. Fermanagh. He married in 1859, Margaret Jane,
daughter of Mr. Daniel Eccles Auchinleck, of Crevenagh,
CO. Tyrone. The Bishop warmly supported the late Lord
Plunket, Archbishop of Dublin, in his patronage of the
Spanish and Portuguese Reformed congregations. He ac-
companied the Archbishop to Madrid at the end of 1892,
when the two prelates were confined to their residence for
some time by the Spanish authorities, and with difficulty
obtained permission to hold a confirmation service. With
the Bishop of Down he assisted Archbishop Plunket in con-
secrating a Protestant Church in Madrid on Sept 23, 1894.
The three prelates afterwards consecrated Seiior Cabrera as
the first Bishop of the Spanish Protestant community.

Clonfert, see Killaloe.

Cloyne, see Cork.

Cochin, see Travancore.

Colchester, The Right Rev. and Ven. Henry Frank
Johnson, Bishop Suffragan of; TAe Rectory ^ Chelmsford.
He is the youngest son of Col. John Johnson, of Walbury,
Great Hallingbury, Essex, and was born in 1834. He was
educated at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge, where
he took the degrees of S.C.L. in 1857, and LL.B. in 1861,
and received the honorary degree of D.D. in 1895. He
rowed in the Cambridge eight against Oxford in 1854 and
1855, and, being appointed cornet of the Royal Dragoons
in the latter year, was about to leave for the Crimea, when


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peace was proclaimed. He left the army and was ordained
deacon in 1858, and priest in i860. He was curate of
Richmond, Surrey, from 1858 to 1859 ; curate of Sawbridge-
worth, from i860 to 1862 ; vicar of High Wych, Hertford-
shire, from 1862 to 1880; rector of Chelmsford from 1880
to 1894, and archdeacon of Essex from 1885 to 1894. He
was consecrated Bishop Suffragan of Colchester for the
diocese of St. Alban's in St. PauFs Cathedral on December
28, 1894. In the same year he was appointed archdeacon
of Colchester. The Bishop married, in 1857, Emily Ann,
daughter of Mr. Thomas Perry, of Moor Hall, Harlow,

Colombo, The Right Rev. Reginald Stephen Copleston,
Lord Bishop of ; ColombOy Ceylon, He is a son of the late
Rev. R. E. Copleston, formerly Fellow of Exeter College,
Oxford, and was born at Barnes Rectory, in Surrey, in 1845.
He was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, and won a
postmastership at Merton College, Oxford, where he gradu-
ated B.A. with a 2nd class in the final classical school
1869. As an undergraduate he proxime accessit for
the Hertford University scholarship, and obtained a first
class in classical moderations in 1866. He was twice presi-
dent of the Union, and was, with the late Mr. Edward
Nolan and Mr. Humphry Ward, joint author of The Oxford
Spectator, He was elected a fellow of St. John's College,
Oxford, and proceeded M.A. in 187 1. He became senior
tutor of that college, and was ordained deacon in 1872
and priest in 1875. He was consecrated Lord Bishop of
Colombo in Westminster Abbey on December 28, 1875,
at the age of 30, and received the honorary degree of
D.D. from the University of Oxford. The Bishop married,
in 1882, Edith Chenevix, daughter of the late Archbishop
Trench. His jurisdiction extends over the island of Ceylon.
In 1895 he was elected an honorary fellow of St. John's
College, Oxford. He is President of the Ceylon Branch of
the Royal Asiatic Society. He is the author of the volume
on ^schylus in the "Ancient Classics for English Readers "
Series ; Primary Charge ; Buddhism, Primitive and Present^
and other works.

Colorado, The Right Rev. John Franklin Spalding,

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Bishop of; Denver, Colorado, He was bom at Belgrade,
Kennebeck County, Maine, on Aug. 25, 1828. He is
sixth in descent from Edward Spalding, who, coming from
Lincolnshire, England, in 16 19, settled first in Virginia,
in 1627, moved to Massachusetts Bay, and lived in Brain-
tree, till in 1653 he became one of the founders and pro-
prietors of the town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Brought
up on a farm, young Spalding early acquired habits of
industry and thrift. He prepared for college at Camden,
Kent's Hill, and the North Yarmouth Classical Academy.
Entering Bowdoin College in 1849, he graduated in 1853.
After a year of school teaching — he had taught in schools
during all his school and college vacations — he entered the
General Theological Seminary in New York city in 1854
for the three years' course, graduating in 1857. He was
ordained deacon in 1857 and priest in 1858. He was
missionary at St. James's Church, Oldtown, Maine, from
Aug., 1857, to Sept., 1859, and then at St. George's Church,
Lee, Massachusetts, to Oct., i860. He was assistant
minister of Grace Church, Providence, R.I., from i860 to
1 86 1, and for a short time ministered in St. John's Church,
Providence. On April i, 1862, he became rector of St
Paul's Parish, Erie, Pa. This position he held for nearly
twelve years. Here he was one of the promoters and
founders of the new diocese of Pittsburgh in 1865. At
Erie he established a useful system of cottage lectures,
mothers' meetings, and sewing schools. He erected a new
parish church, and established new centres of mission and
Sunday-school work, building four chapels in the city. He
was a member of the General Board of Missions from 1865
to 1874, member of the General Convention from 1868 to
187 1, and Rural Dean of the Erie Convocation from 1866
to 1874, when sixteen churches were built in the Erie
Deanery. He was elected Missionary Bishop of Colorado,
Wyoming, and New Mexico by the House of Bishops on
Oct. 24, 1873, ^^d was consecrated in St. Paul's Church,
Erie, diocese of Pittsburgh, on Dec. 31, 1873. Colorado
was organized as a diocese in 1887, and admitted into
union with the General Convention in 1889. He succeeded
in having New Mexico erected into a separate jurisdiction


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in Oct., 1874, and Wyoming in 1886, though for several
years he was Provisional Bishop of the former territory.
The Bishop has accomplished a great work, especially in
Colorado. He founded St. Luke's Hospital, Denver, in
1 88 1. He also rebuilt Matthews Hall (the theological
school) in 1883, and Wolfe Hall, the seminary for girls,
and Jarvis Hall, or St John's Military Academy, in 1888,
at a cost of over $300,000, and organized them to consti-
tute the College of St. John the Evangelist, of which he is
president. The Cathedral of St. John was built in 1881,
with a seating capacity of 1,200. The Home for Consump-
tives, costing over $150,000, was founded in 1894-6. He
has built about forty churches and many parsonages, and
has placed the Episcopal Endowment Fund on a sound
financial basis. Trinity College gave him the degree of
S.T.D. in 1873, ^^d Bowdoin the degree of D.D. in
1894. The Bishop is the author of Modern Infidelity
(1862); The Threefold Ministry (1870); a Manual for
Mothers^ Meetings (1872) j Congregationalism in the Church
(1876); The Cathedral System (1880) j The Higher Educa-
tion of Women (1886) ; The Church and its Apostolic
Ministry: a course of sermons delivered in St. Mark's
Church, Denver, and in the Cathedral (1887); The Best
Mode of Working a Parish: lectures delivered in St
John's Cathedral (1889); Jesus Christ the Proof of Chris-
tianity : lectures and sermons delivered in various churches
(1891); and many addresses, charges, occasional sermons,
and reports.

Columbia, The Right Rev. William Willcox Perrin, Lord
Bishop of; Bishops s-close^ Victoria^ British Columbia, He
is the second son of the late Mr. Thomas Perrin of West-
burv-on-Trym, Gloucestershire, and was born on August 11,
He was educated at King's College, London, and at
College, Oxford. He graduated B.A. at Oxford in
.nd M.A. in 1872. He was ordained deacon in
id priest in 1872. He was curate of St Mary's,
npton, from 1871 to 188 1, and vicar of St Luke's,
npton, from 1881 to 1893. Both these are very
IS parishes. He was also Chairman of the South-
School Board. In November, 1892, the Synod of

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Columbia could not agree upon a successor to Bishop
Hills, and the matter was ultimately referred to the late
Archbishop Benson, who appointed Mr. Perrin. Mr.
Perrin was consecrated with the late Bishop Bum, of
Qu'Appelle, on March 25, 1893, in Westminster Abbey.
Bishop Perrin was enthroned in his Cathedral on June 29,
1893, o^ ^^® ^^y of his first Diocesan Synod. The
bishopric was endowed by the munificence of the Baroness
Burdett-Coutts. Bishop Perrin had a severe illness and
went to England in 1895, ^^^ subsequently returned with
restored health. He is unmarried, and lives with his sister.
The University of Oxford conferred on him the degree of
D.D. honoris causd in 1893.

Connecticut, The Right Rev. John Williams, Bishop
of, and presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church
of America ; Middletown^ Connecticut He was bom at Deer-
field, Massachusetts, on Aug. 30, 181 7, being a member
of an old colonial family of that town. He entered Harvard
at the age of 14, and, after remaining there two years, joined
the junior class at Washington (now Trinity) College, where
he graduated in 1835. He studied theology under Dr.
Samuel F. Jarvis, and was ordained deacon in 1838 and
priest in 1841. From 1837 to 1840 he was tutor in Wash-
ington College, and he then spent a year in travelling in
England and France. On his retum he was chosen assistant
rector of Christ Church, Middletown, Connecticut, from
which he was called to the rectorship of St George's Church,
Schenectady, New York. At Schenectady he acquired great
influence in his parish and among the students of Union
College, and he was nearly elected provisional Bishop of
New York on the suspension of Bishop T. Onderdonk. In
1848, at the early age of 31, he was chosen president of
Trinity College, and professor of history and literature.
The announcement of his election was received with general
approval. In 1851 Dr. Brownell, Bishop of Connecticut,
on account of his growing infirmities, asked for an Assistant
Bishop, and the Diocesan Convention chose Dr. Williams,
who was consecrated in St John's Church, Hartford, on
Oct 29. He was able to continue in charge of Trinity
College for two years, but in 1853, as his episcopal duties


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had greatly increased, he resigned the presidency and was
appointed Vice-Chancellor. Under his administration the
college prospered, its course of instruction was extended,
and large additions were made to the library. Owing to
Dr. Williams's profound theological learning and his ability
as a teacher, several graduates and others studying for Holy
Orders placed themselves under his tuition, and an informal
theological department grew up in the college. In 1854 a
charter was obtained for this department under the name
of the Berkeley Divinity school, and it was established at
Middletown. The Bishop has been from the beginning the
dean of the school and the principal instructor in doctrinal
theology, the history of the Reformation, and the Prayer-
Book. Many of the clergy of the Episcopal Church in the
United States have been trained by him. He has also
continued to lecture on history at Trinity College, to the
Chancellorship of which he succeeded when he became
Bishop of the diocese on the death of Bishop Brownell in
18^5'. For many years before that time the whole adminis-
tration of the diocese had been in Bishop Williams's hands.
In 1 88 1 he was appointed the first lecturer at the General
Theological seminary. New York, on the Bishop Paddock
foundation, choosing for his subject " The English Reforma-
tion " ; and in the same year he delivered the first series of
Bedell lectures at the Gambler seminary and College, Ohio,
when he lectured on " The World's Witness to Jesus Christ."
At the General Convention of 1883 and 1886 he was chosen
chairman of the House of Bishops, and he has constantly
served on important committees of the Bishops and joint
commissions of the Convention. In 1884 he visited Scot-
land for the centenary commemoration of the consecration
of Samuel Seabury, first Bishop of Connecticut, and preached
the commemorative sermon in Aberdeen. The Bishop is
a Churchman of the type of Dean Hook and Samuel Wilber-
force. Ever since his ordination he has been a diligent
student of ecclesiastical history. He has a great charm of
manner, and his personal influence over young men is
extraordinary. He is now the presiding Bishop of the
Protestant Episcopal Church. He received the honorary
degree of D.D. from Union College in 1847, Trinity College


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in 1849, Columbia College in 1851, and Yale College in
1883, and that of LL.D. from Hobart College in 1870.
His literary works include many contributions to the Ameri-
can Church Quarterly Review^ the Churchman^ and other
periodicals; a charge on Everlasting Punishment (1865);
with many occasional sermons and addresses; Ancient
Hymns of Holy Church (Hartford, 1845); Thoughts on the
Gospel Miracles (New York, 1848) ; historical sermons on
the Seabury Centenary (1885) ; and Studies in the Book of
Acts (1888). He has also published with additional notes,
an American edition of Bishop Harold Browne's Exposition
of the Thirty-nine Articles (1864). He is president of the
Society for the Increase of the Ministry at Hartford, Con-
necticut. '^l^^^-iX-t'fev^.

Connor, see Down.

Cooper, The Right Rev. Henry Edward, Bishop Suf-
fragan of Ballarat ; Victoria^ Australia, He was educated
at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated B.A. in
1873 ^^'^ M.A. in 1876. He was ordained deacon in 1872
and priest in 1874. The present Bishop of Ballarat, then
rector of St. George, Birmingham, gave him a title, and he
was curate there till 1875, when he went out to Australia
with Dr. Thornton, and was successively curate of St. Paul,
Ballaratj in 1875, and incumbent of Clunes, Victoria, from
1875 to 1884. He was Archdeacon of Hamilton, Victoria,
from 1884 to 1892, and vicar of Hamilton from 1884 to
1893. He was examining chaplain to the Bishop of Ballarat
from 1875 to 1895, and Archdeacon of Ballarat from 1894
to 1895. He was consecrated in St. Paul's Cathedral,
Melbourne, Bishop Suffragan of Ballarat on November i,
1895. I^ the same year he was presented to the rectory
of Warmambool, in the diocese of Ballarat. He received
the degree of T>,D,yjure dignitatis, from the University of
Dublin in 1895.

Corea, see Korea.

Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, The Right Rev. William
Edward Meade, Lord Bishop of; The Palace, Cork, He is
a son of the Rev. William Meade, rector of Inchinabacca,
Ireland, by Anne, daughter of Mr. Robert Boyle Warren,
of Kinsale. He was bom in 1832, and was educated at


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Trinity College, Dublin. He took the degree of B. A., being
senior moderator in mathematics, and obtaining a second
class in the Divinity testimonium examination, in 1857. He
also won Bishop Law's prize in 1857 ; the McCuUagh prize
in 1858 ; and the Fellowship premium in 1859, 1862, 1863,
and 1864. He proceeded M.A. in i860, and B.D. and
D.D. in 1873. He was ordained deacon in 1862 and
priest in 1863. He was resident master at Trinity College,
Dublin, from 1862 to 1864; Rector of Ardtrea, co. Tyrone,
from 1864 to 1893 ; prebendary of MuUabrack in Armagh
Cathedral from 1877 to 1883 ; treasurer of Armagh Cathe-
dral from 1883 to 1885 ; prebendary of Donaghmore in
St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, from 1882 to 1885 ; arch-
deacon of Armagh from 1885 to 1893; and examining
chaplain to Archbishop Knox, of Armagh, from 1886 to
1893. He was elected ad interim Bishop of Armagh on
Dec. 5, 1893, ^^^ was consecrated in St. Patrick's Cathe-
dral, Dublin, on Jan. 6 following, taking the see of Cork
vacated by Dr. Gregg on his election to the Primatial See
of Armagh. His jurisdiction extends over the county of
Cork, save three parishes. He married in 1864 Mary
Ferrier, daughter of Fleetwood Churchill, M.D., Dublin.

Courtenay, The Right Rev. Reginald, late Lord Bishop
of Jamaica ; 4, Serjeants /««, Fleet St., Zondon, E, C, He
is the second son of the late Right Hon. Thomas Peregrine
Courtenay, who was the son of the Hon. Henry Reginald
Courtenay, late Bishop of Exeter, and the younger brother
of the eleventh Earl of Devon. He was bom on Feb. 27,
1 8 13, and was educated at Westminster and Tonbridge
schools, and at Magdalen Hall (now Hertford College),
Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1835, proceeded M.A.
in 1838, and received the honorary degree of D.D. in 1856.
Mr. Courtenay practised at the Chancery Bar from 1839 to
1 84 1. He was ordained deacon in the latter year and priest
in 1842. While in deacon's orders he served as curate of
St. Stephen, Dublin, and in 1842 he was presented to the
rectory of Thomton-Watlass, Yorkshire, which he held till
1852. In the following year he was appointed Archdeacon
of Jamaica. He was consecrated Bishop Coadjutor of
Kingston, Jamaica, in Lambeth Palace Chapel on March


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25, 1856. The Bishop of Jamaica retired owing to ill-health
in the same year, though he Hngered till 1872, so that Dr.
Cotirtenay was in sole charge of the diocese of Jamaica from
1856 till his resignation in 1879. He married in 1842
Georgiana, second daughter of Admiral Sir J. P. Beresford,
Bart The Bishop was chaplain at L'Ermitage, in France,
from 1882 to 1888.

Coventry, The Right Rev. and Ven. Edmund Arbuth-
nott Knox, Bishop Suffragan of ; St Philifs Eectory^ Bir-
mingham. He is the son of the Rev. George Knox, vicar
of Exton, by Frances Marion, daughter of T. F. Reynolds,
M.D., of Carshalton, Surrey. He was born at Bangalore
in 1847, ^^^ was educated at St PauPs School, London, and
at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, of which society he was
a scholar. He won the University Boden Sanskrit Scholar-
ship and obtained a first class in classical moderations in
1867, graduated B.A. with a first class in the final classical
school and a first in the old law and history school in 1869,
and proceeded M.A. from Merton College in 1872. He
received the honorary degree of D.D. in 1894. He was
ordained deacon in 1870 and priest in 1872. He was a
fellow of Merton College, Oxford, from 1868 to 1885 ;
tutor of the college firom 1875 to 1885, and chaplain from
1879 to 1885. He was curate of Holy Trinity, Oxford,
from 1870 to 1874 ; vicar of St. John the Baptist, Oxford,
from 1874 to 1879; rector of Kibworth-Beauchamp,
Leicestershire, from 1884 to 1891 ; rector of Smeeton-
Westerby, Leicestershire, from 1887 to 1888; vicar of
Aston-juxta-Birmingham, from 1891 to 1894, and examin-
ing chaplain to the Bishop of Worcester from 1892 to 1894.
He was appointed honorary canon of Worcester Cathedral
in 1894. He was consecrated Bishop Suffragan of Coventry
for the diocese of Worcester in St Paul's Cathedral on
December 28, 1894, and in the same year he was appointed
Archdeacon of Birmingham and rector of St Philip's,
Birmingham. He married first, in 1878, Ellen, daughter
of the Right Rev. T. V. French, Bishop of Lahore (she
died in 1892) ; and secondly, in 1895, Ethel Mary, daughter
of Canon Newton, vicar of Redditch.

Cramer- Roberts, The Right Rev. Francis Alexander

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Randal, late Lord Bishop of Nassau ; 7^ VicaragCy Black-
burn, He is the son of the late Col. Cramer-Roberts, 68th
Regt, and was born at Armagh in 1840. He was edu-
cated at Rugby and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where
he graduated B.A. in 1862 and M.A. in 1868. He received
the degree of D.D. in 1878. He was ordained deacon in
1864 and priest in 1865. He was curate of Frant, Sussex,
from 1864 to 1868 ; curate of Hawley, Hants, from 1868
to 1870, and again from 1872 to 1873; rector of Llandinabo

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