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phets of the Old Testament. Trans-
lated by the Rev. J. F. Smith. Com-
plete in 5 vols. VoL I. General In-
troduction, Yoel, Amos, Hosea and

Digitized by



Zakhaiya 9—11. VoL 11. Yesaya,
ObadyaandMikha. VoL III. NaMm,
Sseplianya, Habaqqiiq, Zach^ya,
Y^remya. Yol. IV. Hezekiel, Yesaya
xl. — Ixvi. Vol. V. and last, Haggai,
Zakharya, Malaki, Jona, Baruc,
Daniel, Appendix and Index. 8vo,
cloth. 5 vols. Each 10«. 66?.

Oommentary on the Psalms. Trans-

lated by the Eev. E. Johnson, M.A.
2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Each 10«. ^d.

Oommentary on the Book of Job,

with Translation. Translated from
the German by the Rev. J. Frederick
Smith. 8vo, cloth. lOiJ. 6ff.

Frankfdrter (Dr. 0.) Handbook of Pali;
being an Elementary Grammar, a
Chrestomathy, and a Glossary. Svo,
cloth. 16«.

Fuerst (Dr. Jul.) Hebrew and Ohaldee
Lexicon to the Old Testament 4th
Edition, improved and enlarged. Trans-
lated by Eev. Dr. Samuel Davidson.
Royal 8vo, cloth. 2l5.

Kept also half-bound morocco. 26«.

Gill (0.) The Evolution of Ohristianity.
2nd Edition. With Dissertations in
Answer to Criticism. 8vo, cloth. 12«.

Goldschmidt (H.E.) German Poetry; with
the English Versions of the best Trans-
lators. Poems of Goethe, Schiller,
Ereiligrath, Burger, Heine, Uhland,
Komer, &c. &c. Translated by Car-
lyle, Anster, Blackie, Sir Th. Martin,
Shelley, Lord Ellesmere, Lord Lytton,
Coleridge, Longfellow, Edgar Bo wring,
Gamett, &c. 8vo, clotL 5*.

Gostwick (J.) and B. Harrison. Outlines
of German Literature. Dedicated to
Thos.Carlyle. New Edition. 8vo. 10«.

Gould (£ev. S. Baring) Lost and Hostile
Gospels. An Account of the Toledoth
Jesher, two Hebrew Gospels circulat-
ing in the Middle Ages, and extant
Fragments of the Gospels of the first
Three Centuries of Petrine andPauline
Origin* Crown 8vo, cloth* 7^. 6c?.

Hanson (Sir B. D.) The Apostle Paul and
the Preaching of Christianity in the
Primitive ChurcL By Sir R. D.
Hanson, Chief Justice of South Aus-
tralia, Author of " The Jesus of His-
tory," &c. 8vo, cloth. (Published at
12«.) 75. U.

Hardy (B. Spence) Manual of Buddhism in
its Modem Development Translated
from Cingalese MSS. 2nd Edition,
with a complete Index and Glossary.
8vo, cloth. 21».

— - — Eastern [Buddhist] Monachism j an
Account of the Origin, Laws, Disci-
pline, Sacred Writings, &c. &c. of
the Order of Mendicants founded by
Gotama Buddha. 8vo, cloth. 12a

Hausrath. History of the New Testament
Times. The Time of Jesus. By Dr.
A. Hausrath, Professor of Theology,
Heidelberg. Translated by the Revds.
C. T. Poynting and P. Quenzer. 2
vols. 8vo, cloth. 21&

Hemans (Ohas. I.) Historio and Monu-
mental Rome. A Handbook for the
Students of Classical and Christian
Antiquities in the Italian Capital.
Crown 8vo, cloth. IO5. 6a.

History of Mediseval Ohristiamty and

Sacred Art in Italy (A.D. 900—1500).
2 vols. 01*0 wn Svo, cloth. 18«.

Jones (Bev. B. Orompton) Hymns of Duty
and Faith, selected and arranged. 2nd
Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth. 3«. 6d

Keim's History of Jesus of Nazara. Con-
sidered in its connection with the
National Life of Israel, and related
in detaQ. VoL I. Introduction, Sur-
vey of Sources, Sacred and Political
Groundwork, Religious Groundwork,
Vol. II. The Sacred Youth, Self-recog-
nition, Decision. VoL III. The First
Preaching, the Works of Jesus, the Dis-
ciples, and Apostolic Mission. VoL IV.
Conflicts and Disillusions, Strength-
ened Self-confidence, Last Efforts in
Galilee, Signs of the approaching Fall,

Digitized by


Williams and Norgaie^B

Eecof^nition of the Messiah. Vol. V.
The Messianic Progress to Jernsalem,
The Entry into Jeru8alem,The Decisive
Struggle, The Farewell, The Last Sup-
per. Vol. VL The Messianic Death
at Jerusalem, Burial and Kesurrec-
tion, The Messiah's Place in History,
Indices. 8vo, cloth. Each 10«. 6ff.

Kitchin (D. B.) Introduction to the Study
of Provengal (Literature, Grammar,
Texts, Glossary). Crown 8vo, cloth.

Knighton (W.) Struggles for Life. By
William Knighton, LL.D., Vice-Presi-
dent of the Royal Society of Literature ;
Author of "The History of Ceylon,"
"Forest Life in Ceylon," &c. &c.
2nd Edition. Cloth. 10«. M.

Kuenen (Dr. A.) The Beligion of Israel to
the Fall of the Jewish State. Trans-
lated by A. H. May. 3 vols. 8vo.

31«. U.

Lectures on National Religions and

Universal Religions. (Hibbert Lec-
tures, 1882.) 8vo, cloth. 10«. 6rf.

Laing and Huxley. Fre-Histcric Bemains
of Caithness. By Samuel Laing, Esq.,
with Notes on the Human Remains
by Th. H. Huxley, F.R.S. 150 En-
gravings. 8vo, cloth. 9«.

Lane (£. W.) Arabic -English Lexicon,
derived from the best and most copious
Eastern Sources. Vols. I. to VII. (to
be completed in 8 vols.). Royal 4to.

Each 25tf.

Vol. VIII. Ease. 1. Edited by

Stanley Lane-Poole. 4to. 6^.

Latham (Dr. £. G.) Two Dissertations on
the Hamlet of Saxo-Grammaticus and
of Shakespear. 8vo. 5^.

Laurie (Professor Simon) Ethioa; or the
Ethics of Reason. By Scotus Novan-
ticus. 8vo, cloth. 6tf.

— Metaphysioa Nova et Vetusta : a
Return to Dualism. 8vo^ cloth. 6&

Lyall (0. J., M.A.I O.I.B.) Ancient Arabian
Poetry, chiefly prsB Islamic ; Transla-
tions, with an Introduction and Notes.
Foolscap 4to, cloth. 10«. 6(i.

Haoan (B. W.) The Besurreotion of Jesus
Christ An Essay in three Chapters.
Published for the Hibbert Trustees.
8vo, cloth. 6*.

Maokay (B. ¥.) Sketch of the Bise and
Progress of Christianity. 8vo, cloth.
(Published at \^b, M,) 6«.

Massey (Gerald) A Book of the Beginnings.
Containing an Attempt to recover and
reconstitute the lost Origines of the
Myths and Mysteries, Types and Sym-
bols, Religion and Language, with
Egypt for the Mouthpiece and Africa
as the Birthplace. 2 vols. Imperial
8vo, cloth. 30«.

The Natural Genesis ; or Part the

Second of "A Book of the Begin-
nings." 2 vols. Imp. 8vo, cloth. 30«.

Milinda Fanho, the. Being Dialogues
between King Milinda and the Bud-
dhist Sage Nagasena. The Pali Text,
edited by V. Trenckner. 8vo. 21*.

vide also Pali Miscellany.

Mind, a Quarterly Review of Psychology
and Philosophy. No8.1 - 40. 1876-85.
8vo, each 3& Annual Subscription,
post free, 12«.

Miiller (Professor Max) Lectures on the
Origin and Growth of Religion, as
illustrated by the Religions of India.
(Hibbert Lectures, 1878.) 8 vo, cloth.

10<. U.

Nibelungenlied. The Fall of the Nibel-
ungers, otherwise the Book of Kriem-
hild. An English Translation by W.
N. Lettsom. Crown 8vo, doth. *Ib, 6d

ITorris (B.) Assyrian Dictionary. Intended
to further the Study of the Cuneiform
Inscriptions of Assyria and Babylonia.
Vols. L to IIL 4to, cloth. Each 28*.

Digitized by



O'Otmy (Eug.) Leoturea on the Social
Life, Manners and Civilization of the
People of Ancient Erinn. Edited, with
an Introduction, by Dr. W. K Sullivan.
Numerous Wood Engravings of Arms,
Ornaments, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. 42^.

Oldenberg (Prof. H.) Bnddha, his Life, his
Doctrine, and his Order. Translated
by Dr. Wm. Hoey, B.C.S. 8vo. Us.

vide Vinaya Pitakam.

Pali Miacellany, by V. Trenckner. PartL
The Introductory Part ctf the Milinda
Panho, with an English Translation
and Notes. 8vo. is.

Peill (Eev. George) The Threefold Basis of
Universal Eestitution, Crown Svo,
cloth. Zs.

Perrin (B. 8.) Beligion of Philosophy, The;
or the Unification of Knowledge. A
Comparison of the chief Philosophical
and Religious Systems of the World.
Svo, cloth. 16«.

Pfleiderer (0.) Panlinism : a Contribution
to the History of Primitive Christian
Theology. Translated by E. Peters.
2 vols. Svo. 2\s.

Philosophy of Beligion on the Basis

of its History. I. History of the Phi-
losophy of Religion from Spinoza to
the present Day. Translated by the
Rev. Allan Menzies and the Rev,
Alex. Stewart, of Dundee. 2 vols.
Svo. 21«.

Lectures on the Influence of the

Apostle Paul on the Development
of Christianity. (Hibbert Lectures,
1885.) Svo, cloth. 10a 6d

Platonis Fhilebus, with Introduction,
Notes and Appendix ; together with
a Critical Letter on the "Laws" of
Plato, and a Chapter of Palseographi-
cal Remarks, by the Rev. Dr. Chas.
Badham, D.D. 2nd Edition, enlarged.

Svo, cloth. 4:8,

Platonis Euthydemus et Laches, with
Critical Notes and "Epistola critica"
to the Senate of the Leyden Univer-
sity, by the Rev. C. Badham, D.D.
Svo, cloth. is,

Oonvivium (Symposium), with Cri-

tical Notes and an Epistola (de Platcmis
Legibus) to Dr. Thompson, Master of
Trinity College, Cambridge, by the
Rev. C. Badham, D.D. Svo, cloth. 4«.

Poole (Beg. L.) Illustrations of the History
of Medieval Thought in the Depart-
ments of Theology and Ecclesiastical
Politics. (Printed for the Hibbert
Trustees.) 1884. Svo, cloth. 10«. 6^?.

Pratt (l)r. Henry) ITew Aspects of Life
and Religion. 440 pp. Crown Svo,
cloth. Is, %d,

Protestant Oommentary, A Short, on the
Books of the New Testament : with
general and special Introductions.
Edited by Professors P. W. Schmidt
and F. von Holzendorff. Translated
from the Third German Edition, by
the Rev. F. H. Jones, B.A. 3 vols.
Svo, cloth. Each 10*. 6d

Quarry (Bev. J.) Genesis and its Author-
ship. Two Dissertations. 2nd Edition,
with Notice of Animadversions of the
Bishop of Natal. Svo. 12*.

Benan (£.) On the Influence of the Insti-
tutions, Thought and Culture of Rome
on Christianity and the Development
of the Catholic Church. (Hibbert
Lectures, 1880.) Svo, cloth. (Cheap
Edition, 2«. 6d) 10*. M.

Benouf (P. le Page) Lectures on the Origin
and Growth of Religion as illustrated
by the Religion of Ancient Egypt.
(Hibbert Lectures, 1879.) 2nd Edi-
tion. Svo, cloth. 10*. 6c?.

Beville (Dr. Alb.) Prolegomena of the His-
tory of Religions. With an Introduc-
tion by Professor F. Max Miiller.
Svo, cloth. \Qs. M,

Digitized by



Williams and Norgate's

BeTille (Dr. Alb.) On fhe ITatiye Seligions
of Mexico and Peru. Translated by
the Rev. P. H. Wicksteed. (Hibbert
Lectures, 1884.) 8vo, cloth. \0s. 6ff.

^— The Song of Songs, commonly called
the Song of Solomon, or the Canticle.
Crown 8vo, cloth. 1». 6ff.

Ehys (Prof. J-., M.A.) Leotnres on fhe
Origin and Growth of Religion as
illustrated by Celtic Heathendom.
(Hibbert Lectures, 1886.) 8vo, cloth.

Beget (F. F.) An Litrodnotion to Old
French. By F. F. Roget, of Geneva
University; Tutor for Comparative
Philology,£dinburgh. (History, Gram-
mar, Chrestomathy, and Glossary.) 400
pp. Crown 8vo, cloth. ^8,

Sadi. The Ouliatan (Rose-Garden). Per-
sian Text, with Vocabulary by John-
son. Royal 8vo, cloth. 16«.

SaltuB (E.) Anatomy of ITegation. Crown
8vo, cloth. 7tf. ^d.

Samuelson (James) Views of the Deity,
Traditional and Scientific : a Contri-
bution to the Study of Theological
Science. Crown 8vo, cloth. 4*. 6c?.

Savage (M. J.) Beliefs about the Bible.
By the Rev. M. J. Savage, of the
Unity Church, Boston, Mass. 8vo,
cloth. 18. 6d.

Sayoe (Prof. A. H.) Lectures on the Origin
and Growth of Religion as illustrated
by the Babylonian Religion. (Hib-
bert Lectures, 1887.) 8vo, cloth.

10«. M.

Schmidt (A.) Shakespeare Lexicon. A
complete Dictionary of all the English
Words, Phrases, and Constructions in
the Works of the Poet. 2 vols. Imp.
8vo, 285. ; cloth, 31«. M.

Schrader (Professor E.) The Ouneiform
Inscriptions and the Old Testament.
Translated from the second Enlarged
Edition, with Additions by the Author,
by the Rev. Owen C. Whitehouse,
M.A. With a Map. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth. 21*.

Sohurman (J. G.) Kantian Ethics and the
Ethics of Evolution. A Critical Study.
(Published by the Hibbert Trustees.)
8vo, cloth. be.

Seth (A.) The Development from Eant to
Hegel, with Chapters on the Philoso-
phy of Religion. (Published by the
Hibbert Trusteea) 8vo, cloth. 6*.

Sharpe (Samuel) History of the Hebrew
Nation and its Literature. With an
Appendix on the Hebrew Chronology.
4th Edition, 487 pp. 8vo, cL la. 6d.

The Decree of Oanopus, in Hiero-

glyphics and Greek, with Translations
and an Explanation of their Hiero-
glyphical Characters. 16 Plates. Svo,
cloth. 78, 6d.

Hebrew Insiaiptions from the Valleys

between Egypt and Mount Sinai, in
their Original Characters, with Trans-
lations and an Alphabet 2 Parts. 20
Plates. 8vo, cloth. 7s. Qd.

vide also Bible, and Testament.

Smith (Arthur M.) A System of Political
Economy. 2nd Edition. 502 pp.
Crown 8vo, cloth. 7«. hd.

Smith (Bev. J. F.) Studies in Behgion
under German Masters. Essays on
Herder, Goethe, Lessing, Frank, and
Lang. Crown 8vo, cloth. 5«.

vide Ewald's Prophets and Job.

Socin (A.) Arabic Grammar. Paradigms,
Literature, Chrestomathy, and Glos-
sary. Translated into English. Crown
8vo, cloth. 7«. Qd.

Sophocles. The Greek Text critically
revised, with the aid of MSS., newly
collated and explained. By Rev. F. H.
M. Blaydes. L Pliiloctetes. IL Tra-
chinisB. III. Electra. IV. Ajax. 8vo,
cloth. Each 68.

Spencer (Herbert) First Principles. 7th
Thousand, with an Appendix. 8vo. 16«,

The Principles of Biology, 4th

Thousand. 2 vols. 8vo» Bis.

Digitized by



Spencer (Herbert) The Principles of Pay-
chology. 4th Thousand. 2 vols.
8vo. 36*.

The Principles of Sociology. 3rd

Thousand. Vol. I. 21*.

Oeremonial InatitntionB. (Principles

of Sociology, VoL II. Parti.) 8vo. Is,

Political Institntiona. (Principles of

Sociology, VoL II. Part 2.) 8vo. 12«.

Ecclesiastical Institutions. 2nd Edi-
tion. 8vo, cloth. 65.

The Data of Ethics. Being the

Pirst Portion of the Principles of
Ethics. Svo, cloth. 85.

The Study of Sociology. Library

Edition (being the 9th), with a Post-
script. 8vo, cloth. 10«. ^d,

Education: Intellectual, Moral, and

Physical. 8vo, cloth. 65.

The same, cheaper Edition, 12 th

Thousand. 12nio, cloth. 2& 6(f.

Essays \ Scientific, Political, and

Speculative, (Being the Firat and
Second Series re -arranged, and con-
taining an additional Essay.) 2 vols.
4th Thousand. 8vo, cloth. 16«.

Essays. (Third Series.) Including

the Classification of the Sciences. 3rd
Edition. 8yo. 8«.

Descriptive Sociology, or Groups

of Sociological Facts. Compiled and
abstracted by Professor D. Duncan,
of Madras, Dr. Richard Sheppig, and
James Collier. Folio, boards. No. 1.
English, 18& No. 2. Ancient Ameri-
can Kaces, 16^. No. 3. Lowest Eaces,
Negritto Eaces, Polynesians, I85. No.
4. African Eaces, 1 65. No. 5. Asiatic
Eaces, 18«. No. 6. American Eaces,
I85. No. 7. Hebrews and Phoenicians,
21tf. No. 8. The French Civilization,

Spinoza. Four Essays by Professors Land,
Van Vloten, and Kuno Fischer, and
by E. Eenan. Edited by Professor
Knight, of St. Andrews. Crown 8vo,
cloth. 5<.

Stephens (George) Old UTorthern Bunic
Slonuments of Scandinavia and En-
gland, now first collected and deci-
phered. Numerous Engravings on
Wood and 16 Plates. 3 vols. Each 50«.

Stokes (Geo. J.) The Objectivity of Truth.
Svo, cloth. 65.

Stokes (Whitley) Old Irish Glossaries.
Cormac's Glossary. 0'Davoran*s Glos-
sary. A Glossary to the Calendar of
Oingus the Culdea Edited, with an
Introduction and Index. 8vo, cloth.

10«. M.

Middle-Breton Hours. Edited, with

a Translation and Glossary. 8vo,



The Creation of the World. A

Mystery in Ancient Cornish. Edited,
with Translations and Notes. 8vo,
cloth. 6*.

Strack (H. L.) Hebrew Grammar. Para-
digms, Literature, Chrestomathy, and
Glossary. Crown 8vo, cloth, is, %d,

Strauss (Dr. D. F.) Life of Jesus for the
People. The Authorized English Edi-
tion. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 24«.

Sullivan (W. K.) Celtic Studies, from the
German of Dr. Hermann Ebel, with
an Introduction on the Eoots, Stems
and Derivatives, and on Case-endings
of Nouns in the Indo-European Lan-
guages. 8vo, cloth. 10«.

Tame (H.) English Positiyism. A Study
of John Stuart Mill. Translated by
T. D. Haye. Crown 8vo, cloth. 35.

Talmud of Jerusalem. Translated for the
first time into English by Dr. Moses
Schwab, of the Biblioth^que Nation-
ale, Paris. Vol. I. The Treatise of
Berakhoth (Blessings). Foolscap 4to.

Tayler (Bev. John James) An Attempt to
ascertain the Character of the Fourth
Gospel, especially in its relation to the
first Three. 2nd Edition. 8vo, cL 5«.

Digitized by



WtUiams and NorgateU Catalogue.

Testament, The Kew. Translated by S.
Sharpe, Author of "The History of
Egypt," &C. Uth Thousand Fcap.
8vo, cloth. 1«. 6^.

Thoughts (365) for Every Day in the Tear.
Selected from the Writings of Spiri-
tually-minded Persons. By the Author
of " Visiting my Kelations." Printed
with red lines. Crown 8vo, cl. 2«. ^d,

Turpie (Dr. D. HoO.) The Old Testament
in the New. Th& Quotations from
the Old Testament in the New classi-
fied according to their Agreement with
or Variation from the Original : the
various Readings and Versions of the
Passages, Critical Notes. Royal 8vo,
cloth. 12«.

Manual of the Ohaldee Language :

containing Grammar of the Biblical
Chaldee and of the Targums, a Chres-
tomathy, Selections from the Targums,
with a Vocabulary. Square 8vo, cL 7&

Vinaya Fitakam : one of the principal
Buddhist Holy Scriptures. Edited in
Pali by Dr. H. Oldenberg. In 5 vols.
8vo. Each 21«.

Wallis (H. ¥.) The Oosmology of the Big-
Veda : an Essay. 8vo, cloth. 5<.

Vhat I have Taught my Ohildren. By
a Member of the Theistic Church.
12mo, cloth. 28. 6d.

Williams (Bev. Dr. Bowland) The Hebrew
Prophets, during the Assyrian and
Babylonian Empires. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth. 225. 6d.

Psalms and LitanieSf Counsels and

Collects, for Devout Persons. Fcap.
4to, cloth extra. 12«. 6d.

Broadchalke Sermon - Essays on

Nature, Mediation, Atonement, Abso-
lution, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth. 7s, 6d.

Vright (G. H. B.) The Book of Job. A
new critically revised Translation, with
Essays on Scansion, Date, &c. 8vo,
cloth. 6*.

Zeller (Dr. £.) The Contents and Origin
of the Acts of the Apostles critically
investigated. Preceded by Dr. Fr.
Overbeck*s Introduction to tlie Acts
of the Apostles from De Wette's Hand-
book. Translated by Joseph Dare. 2
vols. 8vo, cloth. 2ls.

Zompolides (Dr. D.) A Course of Modem
Greek, or the Greek Language of the
Present Day. I. The Elementary
Method. Crown 8vo. 5&

WILLIAMS & NOBGATE have published the foUowingr Catalogrues

of their Stock.

1. Classical Cataloouk. Greek and

Latin Classics.

2. Theological Catalogub. Including

Philosophy and Metaphysics.

3. Erench Cataloque. General litera-

ture, History, Travels, &c.

4. German Catalogue. General Lite-


* Map Catalogue. Foreign Maps and

6. Linguistic Catalogue. European

* Italian Catalogue.

* Spanish Catalogue.

6. Oriental Catalogue. Oriental

Languages and Literature.

7. Medical Catalogue. Medicine,

Surgery, &c.

8. Natural History Catalogue.

Zoology, Botany, Geology, Palae-

9. Natural Science Catalogue.

Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics,
Mechanics, Chemistry, &c.

10. Art Catalogue. Architecture,

Painting, Sculpture and Engrav-
ing. Books illustrated by Artists.

11. School Catalogue. Elementary

Books, Maps, &c.


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14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London 5

20, Squth Frederick Street, Edinburgh.




Beard (Rev. Chas.) Port Royal, a Contribution to the History of
Religion and Literature in France. Cheaper Edition. 2 vols. Crown 8 vo. 12^

Bopp's Comparative Grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greeks Latin,
Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Slavonic Languages. Translated by E. B.
Eastwick. Fourth Edition. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth 31s 6d

Brewster. The Theories of Anarchy and of Law: A Midnight
Debate. By H. B. Brewster, Esa. Crown 8vo. parchment ^s

Christ (The) and the Fathers, or the Reformers of the Roman
Empire; being a Critical Analysis of the religious thoughts and opinion
derived from their lives and letters, as well as from the Latin and Greek
Fathers of the Eastern and Western Empires until the Nicene Council, with
a Brief Sketch of the Continuation of Christianity until the Present Day in
accordance with the Comparative Method of Historical Science. By an His-
torical Scientist. 8vo. cloth js 6d

Cobbe (Miss F. P.) The Hopes of the Human Race, Hereafter and
Here. Essays on the Life after Death. With a Preface having special
reference to Mr. Mill's Essay on Religion. Second Edition. Crown 8vo.
cloth ^s

Cobbe (Miss F. P.) Darwinism in Morals, and (13) other Essays.
(Religion in Childhood, Unconscious Cerebration, Dreams, the Devil,
Auricular Confession, &c. &c.) 400 pp. 8vo. cloth (pub. at los) ^s

Cobbe (Miss F. P.) The Duties of Women. A Course of Lectures
delivered in London and Clifton. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth 55

Cobbe (Miss F. P.) The Peak in Darien, and other Riddles of Life
and Death. Crown 8vo. cloth Js 6d

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r .^^.i>




cobbe (Mis LOAN DEPT.

Pre a . ^^^ |^^^j^ .^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ stamped below, or ^e PreSI
on the date to which renewed. ' '^—

Cobbe (Mi St Renewed books are subject to immediate recall

8vo. clotV

Cobbe (Mi)
Secular J-

tion. Crp

Cobbe (Mi

sereral ( ^iAY 8 WOZ

Echoes of
First Cr

with D-


Hti'^ ^' ^^

Gould (S-

r^t-^ — r c&w * - -

^ ?S^ ^ .^ Q-r.

^ ^


Mackay .

8vo. «

icerning t



Jons befor^^
r. J.Hamilt*

oth ^'

RECEIVEP ^^ond Editi<


^ REC-DU3 " ^"f Chn.m

ucount of t

Jiddle Ages, ^
es of Petnne a
Ivo. cloth. 7^





of Christianil
pub. at los 6d)

3r64fHJ'"r-8 la/a ^^^^ cent

■tjl 1 1 1C70 Jnry Sidgwick, IN
^ULil B/3 ^^^^^^ Rev. Jo

Vols. I. to XI

^r LD 21A-50m-3,'62

V^^ (C70978l0)476B


., Vols. I. to Al

General Library ^^ annum, pOSt fl

Uoiversity of California ^

Cloth, gilt

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vr .f'^.qQii


Putlished By millam IIIIIIIIIIIH


Author of

»le. The

ritings of

d afresh

22J 6c/

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