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5t023e &■ Wiefoter Public
Service Journal


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(Ed.)— Editorial.

Accidents: classification, 3S5; Intelligent Action in Preventing, 3^ti;

(Ed.), 374; Method of Preventing, 337; r. r. crossing, Dallas, US;

Reducing cost of, 156; Savannah (S lines), 445.
Accountants: Stone and Webster at Atlantic City, 401; Street and

Interurban Association meeting, 401.
Advertising campaign in Savannah, 445.
Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition, 39.
Alley Underground System, A Compact, 829.

American Street and Interurban Railway Association, 394; (Ed.), 371.
Analysis of total power load, 256.

Another Link in the Puget Sound Chain (Everett), 809.
Anti-free pass law, Texas, 77; (Houston), 118.
AnU-Prohlbitionists, victory (Ft Worth), 25.
Armatures, Motors, etc (Ft Worth), 182.
Artesian water for boilers, 245.
*'As Others See Us," 232.
Assistant treasurers of Stone & Webster.: at Atlantic City, 401;

dinner at Exchange Club, 402.
Association Conventions: Claim Agents', 894; American Street and

Interurban Railway, 394; manufacturers' exhibit, 395.
Atlantic CJlty (Street Railway (invention), 391.
Autobiography of Andrew D. White, From the, 250; (Ed.). 217.
Automatic block signals (Blue Hill St. Ry.), 168.
Automatic signal, Nachod exhibit, 398.
Antomotoneers (exhibit), 397.
Average price stocks (curves), opp. 258.
Axle and gear data (summary), 410.
Bad Feed Water (at Handley), 184.

Banks deposit and loan curves (N. T. Clearing House), opp. 259.
Banking institutions (Houghton County), 260.
Banquet in Honor of the Retiring lAanager (G. W. Wells). 252.
Baton Rouge news, 31, 103.
Bellingham Bay Improvement Co., 120.

Digitized by



Bellingham news, 120, 279, 428; news of Engineering Corporation, 187;

(Tries Municipal Ownership), 339; (Nooksack Falls), 341.
Bills: The Deposit System for Collecting; Lighting, 64.
Bitulithic pavement satisfactory in El Paso, 26.
Block signals (Blue Hill St Ry.), 167.

Blood (W. H.), on "How to Encourage Municipal Ownership" (Ed.), 372.
Blue Hill Street Railway Co. Despatcher System. 162; See also Canton.
Boilers, Artesian water for, 245.
Bonding EfQciency, *335.
Bonds, soldered rail, *335.
Book accessions, 213.
Boston Elevated Railway Co. (Lincoln Station), *301; (Charlestown

StaUon)» *416.
Bradlee, Henry G. (becomes member of the firm), 50.
Brake Shoes, etc. (Standard), 413.
Breakage by Lightning, Insulator, *264.
Breaks in overhead line, 237.
Brockton news, 40, 89, 190, 346, 428.
Brockton & Plymouth St Ry. Co. power station (Condenser troubles

and a remedy), 74.
Brockton & Plymouth Street Ry. Co. (Notice of Sunday Act), 359; See

also Plymouth.
Brockton's growth, 429.
Building up Traffic (Ft Worth), 179.
Calumet news, 22.
Cambridge, work on Boston Elevated Railway Company's power station.

at, by Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, 83.
Canadian "Pay as you enter" car, 399.

Canadian government regulation imposed upon electric meters, 275.
Canton news, 90.

(Capital & Public Service Corporations, 230.
Car exhibit, 399.
Car seat exhibit, 398.
Carbon Electric C^enerator, Jaques, 151.
Cars: dimensions (Jacksonville), 198; double truck (Jacksonville),

197; double motor (Pensacola), 201.
Catenary trolley line material, 400.

Cell Drier Machine Co. (Taunton), 207; construction for, by Engineer-
ing Corporation.
Central Station Develop Electric Power Business, Why should the? 72.
Charlestown Station, (Boston Elevated Railway Co.), 416; (notes), 83.
Charter: for commission government in Dallas, 109; New one in Et

Paso, 106.
Chase Shawmut Co. news, 208, 359, 430.
Chemical Department news, 289.
Chemical Fuel Economizers, 20.
Chicago office, 47.
Cigars shipped from Tampa, 451.
Citizens' Alliance (Houston), 116.

Digitized by



Civic Federation on Municipal Ownership, 139.

Claim Agents' Association Convention, 394.

Claim Department, 156; (Pt. Worth), 182.

Classification of accidents, 385.

Clearing house: curves, (N. Y.), opp. 259; receipts (Jacksonville), 19tf.

Collecting Lighting Bills, Deposit System for, 64.

Collisions, 386.

"Colored, For," "For Whites," (signs in Texas). 77.

Columbia Improvement Co., a factor in forming Stone lb Webster

Engineering Cor];>oratlon, 58.
Columbus, 159; news, 100, 430.

Commission form of government: Ft. Worth, 104; Dallas, 109.
Commutatlng pole railway motors. General Electric, 11.
Compact Alley Underground System, A, 329.
(Companies, combined statement of, 233.
Concrete stringer, (Dallas), 173.
Ck>ndenser Troubles and a Remedy, 74.
Construction Department, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation,

Contract Department: course in salesmanship (Minneapolis), 198; Pen-

sacola, condensed report, 271; Pensacola organized, 270.
0>ntract, Savannah lighting, 444.
(invention: St Ry., 391; (features of), 393.

Cooking ft heating by electrtcity, (demonstration, Houghton), 288.
Cooper heater exhibit, 400.

Copper: demand decreased (Houghton), 439; drop in prtce (Ed), 372.
Corporations: opinion of Judge Grosscup (Ed.), 133; Public Service,

Capital, etc, 230; see also public service corporations.
Cost of Accidents, Reducing, 156.

Cost: electric signs (Belllngham), 120; line maintenance, 236.
Coupons ft Dividends due, 127, 212, 292, 364, 456.
Course in salesmanship, (Minneapolis), 198.
Crossing accidents, 386.
Chimulative preferred stock, 240.
Current Literature References, 129, 213, 298, 365, 457.
Curves: average price of stocks, opp. 258; N. T. reserve deposits opp

259; rate on loans, opp. 259.
Daily Meter Readings as applied to Lighting and Gas C3os., 326.
Dallas: city charter prohibiting extension of free prtvilegee, 78; news,

108, 346; water-bearing sands, (artesian water for boilers), 245;

work at. 172.
Damage Case, An Interesting, (Dallas), 307.
Deltabeston wire tested in Seattle, 324.
Democracy and Public Service Corporations, 53.
Demonstration in cooking and heating (Houghton), 288.
Deposit System for Collecting Lighting Bills, 64.
Depredation: 16; from a manager's point of view, 69.
Despatcher System, Blue Hill Street Railway Co., 162.
Despatching, Success in Train (Handley). 180.

Digitized by



DeWitte's discussion of government ownership, 250, (Ed.), 217.

Difficulties in Parallel Operation, (Houghton), *424.

Dimensions of cars, (Jacksonville), 198.

Diplomatic Service as Allied to a (Jood Operating Service, 314.

Dividends Due, Coupons &, 127, 212, 292, 364, 466.

Dividends of combined companies, 233.

Double motor cars, (Pensacola), 201.

Drop in price of copper, (Ed.), 372.

Dust, method of laying (Red Jacket), 332.

Earnings, expenses, dividends, etc., of combined companies, 233.

Economic Rights & Their Attainment, (Ed.), 219.

Economizers, Chemical Fuel, 20.

Edison Electric Illuminating Co., See Brockton.

Editorial Comment, See Author Index.

Efficiency of Retort House Foreman, How to Increase, 66.

Eibel Process Co., news, 209, 289.

Electric flat irons at Minneapolis, 97.

Electric heating devices (Seattle), 272. See also flat irons.

Electric Lighting & Gas Cos., Daily Meter Readings as Applied to, 326«

Electric Lighting Rates, Simple, 59, 243.

Electric meters, regulations imposed by Canadian government, 275.

Electric park (Houghton), 192, 287.

Electric Power Business? Why should the Central Station Develop, 72.

Electric signs, possibilities of, (Bellingham), 120.

Electric Traction Equipment, Standardization of *404.

Electro Chemistry, Stone & Webster in the Field of, 150.

Elementary Naval Architecture, 343.

El Paso: Electric Railway Company's growth, 431; news, 26, 106, 276,
352, 431.

Emancipation Day in Paducah, 262.

EUnergency Installation, An, (Galveston), 248.

Employes, Selection and Instruction, 383.

Engineering Corporation: business (To put "His House in Order"), 256;
Stone & Webster, 57; news, 83, 186.

Engineering Department, a factor in forming Stone & Webster En-
gineering Corporation, 58.

Equipment, Standardization of Electric Traction, *404.

Everett: news, 119, 309; Company taken over, 447.

Exchange Club dinner to assistant treasurers, 402.

Expenses: keeping down (Fort Worth), 181; operating for combined
companies, 233.

Factors in Public UtiliUes, Three, 376.

Fair, state, held at Tampa, 278.

Fall River: news, 40.

Features of the Street Railway Convention, 393.

Federal Street, 93, Removed to, 6.

Feed Water, Bad, (Handley), 184.

Field Coils, Rewinding, 324.

Fire, at 4 Post Office Square, 6.

Digitized by



Flange of Wheel, Standard Section of Tread, 414.

Flat Irons at Minneapolis, 97 (See also Electric Heating).

Float of Savannah Electric Company in Labor Day parade, *462.

"For Colored," "For Whites," (signs In Tex.), 77.

PV)rt Hill Chemical Ck>., 151; news, 208, 289.

Fort Hill Square Laboratory, 4.

Fort Worth: (Building up Traffic), 179; (Claim Department), 182; com-
mission form of government, 104; (Motors & Armatures), 182;
news, 24, 104, 191, 356; (Track Building at), 178; (Value of the
Price Ust, The), 183; (Wiring for Lights), 184.

Free, connecting and lamps furnished, in signs, (Bellingham), 120.

Free privileges, extension prohibited by Dallas charter, 78.

Free sign proposition in Pensacola, 270.

Free transportation practically stopped in Texas, 78.

Fuel Economizers, Chemical, 20.

(Galvanized iron house, temporary (Galveston), 249.

Galveston: (Emergency Installation), 248; —Houston Electric (Com-
pany, 126; —Houston Intenirban, 267; news, 29, 266, 433.

Gaa Company, A Southern, (Columbus), 159.

Gas Ck>mpanies, Daily Meter Readings as applied to, and Blectrlo
Lighting, 236.

CJear & Axle data, (summary), 410.

G. E. M. lamps, (Lowell), 280.

Gem lamps with holophane reflectors vs. gas, (Pensacola), 270.

(General Electric commutating pole and railway motors, 11.

(Georgetown, Reinforced concrete power house for Seattle Blectno
Company at, 85.

"Gtot together Dinner," (El Paso), 433.

Gross earnings, expenses, dividends, etc., of c(»nbined companies, 233.

Grosscup, Judge, on corporations, (Ed.), 133.

Growth, 175.

Hallowe'en window Savannah Electric Company, 446.

Hancock: news, 22.

Handley: (Bad Feed Water), 184; (Success in Train Despatching),
Tex., 180.

Harvard Station, (Boston Elevated Railway), notes, 84.

Heater: car (exhibit), 400; electric (Seattle), 272.

Heating, (See Cooking, Electric heating).

"His House in Order," 255.

History of Stone & Webster organization, 4.

Holophane reflectors on gem lamps vs. gas, (Pensacola), 270.

Home Office; news, 79.

Hotel Pilgrim, (See Plymouth news.)

Houghton; county banking institutions, 260; St. Ry. snow fighting, 319;
news, 22, 92, 192, 287, 347, 439; news on copper price (Ed.), 371,
439; news of Engineering Corporation at, 85; power station (Diffi-
culties in parallel operation), 424.

House In Order," "His, 255.

Houston: Galveston, (See Galveston-Houston); news, 26, 114, 282.

Digitized by



How to Encourage Municipal Ownership, 387.

How to Increase Efficiency of Retort House Foreman, 66.

"How to Prevent Accidents," papers by motonnen and conductors, 157.

Illuminating streets by "stringers," (Houghton), 288.

Inspection (against accidents), 3S3.

Installation: An Emergency, (Galveston), 248; process of recording a
new (Dallas), 112.

Instruction & selection of employes, 383.

Insulator Breakage by Lightning, *2G4.

Intelligent Action in Preventing AccidenU,i 382; (Ed.), 374.

Interurban Era, The (Ed.), 298.

Interurban Railways, Texas Legislation Affecting Street, 76.

Inventions and Inventors^ 225.

Inventors, Inventions and, 225.

Investment, Preferred Stock as an, 240.

Jacksonville: Notice of new franchise, 46; news, 102, 195; news of Bta-
gineering Corporation, 84, 187.

Jim Crow ordinances affecting street railways, (Texas), 76.

Johnson, P. W. (The Prevention of Accidents), 337.

Journal, Stone & Webster, Public Service, (Ed.), 1.

Journal Box, Standard, 413.

Journals & journal bearings, (Standard), 412.

Keeping Down Expenses, (Ft. Worth), 181.

Key West: news of Engineering Corporation, 187.

Laboratory, Stone & Webster's, 147.

Lackawanna Steel Company rail Joint plate exhibit, 396.

Laurium, Houghton Company, Construction Work in, 95.

Lectures (on prevention of accidents), 157. See also Demonstration.

Legislation AffectiDg Street and Interurban Railways, (Texas), 76.

Letters from trainmen on prevention of accidents, 158.

Library of Stone & Webster, 213.

Lighting: Bills, Deposit System of Collecting, 64; contract in Savan-
nah, 944; Rates, Simple Electric, 59, 243.

Lightning, Insulator Breakage by, *264.

Lincoln Power Station (Boston Elevated Railway), *302, (notes), 83.

Loans, curves, N. T. clearing house banks, opposite 259.

Lowell: news, 280.

Lumen Bearing Company steel trolley wheel exhibit, 396.

Lyons, Miss.: demonstrator of cooking and heating by electricity,
(Houghton), 288.

Maintenance, cost of line, 236.

Manager, Banquet in Honor of the Retiring, (G. W. Wells), 252; The
Retired, talks, 7; What Manager can do to prevent accidents, 884.

Manufacturers' Association, 395.

Massachusetts Legislature statutes, "An Act to Provide for One Day's
Rest in Seven," 359.

Mayflower Grove, (Plymouth news), 91, 189.

McLean, Jefferson D., county attorney assassinated (Ft Worth), 24.

Meeting of the heads of departments: Houghton, 287; Minneapolis, IVS.

Digitized by



Meter testing in El Paso, 107.

Meters, See Electric, also Qbls.

Method of Preventing Accidents, 387.

Method of Reducing Cost of Accidents, 156.

Milk Street Building, 147: purcliased for Stone lb Webster organization

in Boston, 79; description, ♦154.
Minneapolis news, 96, 198, 267, 357, 441.
Miscellaneous notes, 126, 212, 292, 364, 456.
Modus viyendi between public of United States and its public senrice

corporations, 298.
Money Market, The Stringent, 258.
Money Situation, Notes on the, 378.
Motors and Armatures, (Fort Worth), 182.
Municipal Ownership: Civic Federation on, 139; How to Encourage,

387; (Ed.), 372; on a Small Scale, BeUingham Tries, 339; relation

to money market, (Ed.), 297.
National Civic Federation: (Commission Report on public ownerslilp,

139; investigation of gas, water, electric lighting, etc, (Ed.), 50.
National Electric Light Association Notes, 87.
Naval Architecture, Elementary, 343.
Northern Texas Electric Company, (See Fort Worth).
Negligence, (How to Encourage municipal ownership), 890.
Nemst lamps: for use in Houghton, 440; vs. gas (Pensacola), 270.
News from the Companies, 22, 89, 189, 264, 346, 428; (Ed.), 371. See

also names of the cities.
News of Home Office, 79.

News from Stone ft Webster Engineering Corporation, 83, 186.
New York clearing house deposit and loan curves, opposite 259.
Non-cumulative preferred stock, 240.
Nooksack Falls Development, (BeUingham), 341.
Northern Texas Traction Company, (Keeping Down Expenses), 181.

See also Fort Worth.
Notes on the Money Situation, 378.
Oak Clift news, 200.
Obsolete machinery, 175.
"Open Shop," Houston, 117.

Operating Service, Diplomatic Service as Allied to a Ctood, 814.
Operation, Some Difficulties in Parallel, (Houghton), *424.
Organization: Stone ft Webster in South and West ("As others see us"),

232. See also Stone ft Webster.
Osborne, W. W., on "Intelligent Action in Preventing Accidents," (Ed.).

Osier, Dr., References to, 7, 8.
Overhead Repairs, Railway, 236.
Paducah's Eighth of August, 262; news, 99.
Panic's money, 880.
Paving (El Paso), 353.
'Tay-as-you-enter," car exhibit, 399.
Pensacola news, 36, 201, 269.

Digitized by



Philip, R. A.: growth, 175.

Pilgrim Hotel. See Plymouth news.

Plymouth news, 91, 189, 442.

Ponce news, 41, 103, 203, 2S1, 349, 444.

Portable substation, (Ft Worth), 357.

Porto Rico, 40, 167.

Post Office Square, office at, 44.

Potter, Edward E., (Assistant Manager at Seattle), 422.

Power Load, Analysis of total, 256.

Power rates of Houghton County Electric Street Railway Company, Ro-
ductlon of, 95.

Power Station, Lincoln, (Boston EHevated Company), 302.

Practical Features, Some, 177.

Preferred Stock as an Investment, 240.

Preventing Accidents, Method of, 337.

Price: copper drops, (Editorial), 372; of Stocks, Curves showing aver-
age, opposite 258.

Prtce List, The Value of the (Fort Worth), 183.

Process of recording a new Installation In Dallas, 112.

Prohibition In Georgia, 205.

ProhlblUonists In Ft Worth, 25.

Public Confidence, Value of, 13.

Public and private operation of gas, water, etc., investigated by Na-
tional Civic FederaUon, (flkiltorlal), 50.

Public Service Corporation commended In Houston, 128.

Public Service Corporations: Capital and, 230; Democracy and, 53; and
modus Vivendi between them and public of United States, 2U8;
"Waste" In, (Bdltortal), 374.

Public Utilities: The Three Factors In, 376; Two Stages of, (Editorial),

Puget Sound: Chain, Another Link In the, 309; Electric Railway news,
122; International Railway and Power Company, 309.

Purchasing Department, a factor In forming Stone & Webster Engin-
eering Corporation, 58.

Puyallup & Orting railway line. 37.

Question Box, (Minneapolis), 198.

Quotations on Securities, 44; 124 (same), 210, 290, 360, 454.

Rail: bonds, soldered, *335; Joint plate, (Lackawanna exhibit), 396.

Railway: motors, commutating pole, 11; Overhead Repairs, 237.

Rate: curves on loans, N. Y., opposite 259; Simple Electric Light. 59,

Recording: a new installation (Dallas), 112; statistics, (Fort Worth),

Red Jacket, (Alley Underground System), 329.

Reducing Cost of Accidents, Method of, 156.

Regulations regarding electric meters imposed by Canadian govern-
ment, 275.

Relations with the public, Team work in the Companies, (Bilnneapolis),.

Digitized by



Reserve deposit curves, opposite 259.

Retired Manager Talks, The, 7.

Retort House Foreman, How to Increase the Efficiency of. «6.

Rewinding Field CJoils, 324.

Rice Institute (Houston), 283.

Rights, Economic and Their Attainment, (Editorial), 219.

Robh, Russell, (partner in the firm). 50.

Salesmanship, Course in, (Minneapolis), 198.

Savannah: lighting contract, 444; news, 33, 204, 444, *452.

Sawyer, Henry B., introduced at assistant treasurers' dinner, 402.

Seattle: news, 37, 118, 206, 272. 354. 446; news ol Engineering Corpora-

Uon, 85, 187.
Securities Department, The, 233. See also Quotations.
Selection and Instruction of Employes. 383.
Shuffleton, S. L., (accident), 187, 280.
Signal exhibit. 398.

Signals, automatic block. (Blue Hill Street Railway), 163.
Sign proposition in Pensacola^ Free, 270.
Simple Electric Ught Rates, 59. 243.
Snowfall (C^umet). 322.
Snow Fighting in the Copper Country, •319.
Soldered rail bonds. *335.

Solid rolled steel wheels on Ft Worth Interurban cars, 191.
Some Difficulties in Parallel Operation (Houghton), *424.
Some Practical Features, 177.
Southern Qas (3o., A, 159.
Southwestern Electric and Oas Association Convention at San Anton io«

Standard Axles, 411.

Standard Section of Tread and Flange of Wheel, 414.
Standardization of Electric Traction Equipment, *404.
Starting car accidents, 3S6.
State Fair at Tampa, 278.
State St, (No. 84), Removed to, 6.
Statement of companies, 233.
Statistics of Cities: Baton Rouge, 31, 103; Bellingham, 279; Brockton,

89, 190, 428; Canton. 90; Columbus, 100, 430; Dallas, 108; El Paso,

106, 276, 352, 431; Everett, 119; Fall River, 40; Ft Worth, 24, 104.

191; Galveston, 29, 266, 433; Houghton, 192, 439; Houston, 26, 114,

282; Jacksonville, 195; Minneapolis, 357; Oak Cliff, 200; Pensacoia.

36; Plymouth, 91; Ponce, 41, 281, 349; Porto Rico, 40; Seattle, 37,

272, 446; Sydney, 42, 122, 448; Tacoma, 37; Tampa, 36, 203, 277, 449.

Statistics, Recording (Ft. Worth), 178.
Sterling varnish (tested in Seattle), 324.
Stocks, curves showing average price of, opposite 258.
Stopping car accidents, 386.
Stone & Webster: Building, The New, *154; Chemical Department

news. 289; Engineering Corporation (chart) ♦67, news, 83, 186; in

Digitized by



the Field of Electro Chemistry, 150; laboratory. 147; list of com-
panies, 48, 132, 216, 296, 368, 460; Management Association notice
to employes, 367; Organization, History of, 4; loyalty (**A8 Others
See Us"), 232; Public Service Journal, Purpose of, 1; in the Tropics,

Stoughton Gas & Electric Co. to purchase electricity from Brockton, 89.

Street and Interurban Accountants' Association meeting, 401.

Street and Interurban Railways, Texas Legislation Affecting, 76.

Street Railway Convention, 391; Features of the, 393.

Stringent Money Market, The, 258.

"Stringers," means of lighting Houghton streets, 288.

Sub-station, Portable (Ft Worth), 357.

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