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thin. P. ps. c^arfo, oidrfo.

o^^ 2. k. n. Itching; the itch. -odJ9rtj,
-3ial^. To itch; to get itch.

^^?5o 8. v. t. To vanish; to perish.

J^^eSOO. = pJAi^ioo, g. V,

c^BjQT^a. n. Perishing, vanishing; transi-

c^Sj^ 8. a. Lost; vanished; perished, n.
Loss; damage; ruin, destruction. -23^
^Sv'. The casting of a lost nativity.
.-t5^C>. A sufferer from loss; a lost
life. -^A^' A blind man. -^5i«. A
lost thing, -^ci' Lost riches, c^^^o
a^od). Loss of one's organs of sense;

^Tib k. n. A good kind of honey.

cS^ 1. (= (^55j, e^c.) k. V. i. To wear out,
wane, wither, decay. 2, to faint.


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3, to become poor. P. ps. oi^dj,

tiA)2, (». of c^s^. = ?i?3, q,v.) Snuff;
also -a^a.

c^A;^0, ^A)7(o ( = cv!3^fl'o) k. n. Dawn,
twilight. f^A)tf«5. Early in the morn-

c^i^^eeoo h. n. Fortune, lot.

fitb^oii^^ li. n. Chastisement.

c^TJO a. k. n. Minuteness, smallness; a
little; a trifle. -n^e3. Early dawn.
-rv9S?. A light wind, breeze. -tfJ^.
A plant stinging like nettles; cow-
hage. -7^0^. A tawny colour, -^rio.
To smile. -oir^. A smile. -tDS?dJ.
Grey colour. -t)?2. Modesty, -^o^
£^. A little patience.

c3?Jj3t) h.w. Slight fever. -lod). To be

fijS 8. n. The nose. 2, (= oJA» 2) snuff;

a{80 -s^a. oJ^^. Relating to the nose;

snuff that produces sneezing.
ci^. = ci^y q.v.
ci^TS^"^ a. k. n. Softness, tenderness,

beauty. ci*f^^^. To be soft, tender,

nice, bright.
ti^^ itb. of ci^^ w. A tube.
li^^. = ciOci, q. V.
ci^ k. n. A crab.
cTO k. pro. I; also ^S9o. 2, four. -n^oo.

Four feet. -nseScO^U. A canter; a

cTO^ s. n. Heaven, the sky, atmosphere;

the abode of the gods.

cSSiS" s. n. A deity, god. -^*d, A multi-
tude of gods.

cTO^o k. a. Four. 2, (f.) an ant-hill.
-sJja. Four-fold.

{TO^ ^?i h. f. w. A Non-christian, un-

(3?£O0oA li* n. Dissatisfaction, discontent;

cTO^^ 8. a. Belonging to the stars,
sidereal. -^SJ^ri, Sidereal computa-
tion of time.
c3;)X 8. n. A snake, esp. the Ck)bra capella,
2, a fabulous serpent-demon. 3,
an elephant. 4, any great man. 5,
fire; cloud, darkness. 6, water. 7,
lead. -*c5.. A female of serpentine
extraction. -^ooUt), Siva. -'''^s^-
A kind of leprosy. -^5?3d. The tree
Mesua ferrea. -cioS. A species of sun-
flower; the Indian jalap. -S^ozStDJ.
A feast on the 5th day of Sr&vaps
for the worship of serpent-images.
-g^SsS. Placing a stone-image of
cobra for worship. -t3^. A snake-
coloured cane. -sl^O^r^. A tall, shrub-
by plant, Rhinacanthus communis,
-sixiOrt. A serpentine bracelet. •^^'
A jewel supposed to be found in the
head of a cobra. -eSjs^tf. The world
of the serpent demons. -s3o2br1. A
shelf, peg, hook. -sSdjr. N. of a
Kannada poet. -^9^. Abode of the
N&gas. -i3d>ci, -s^oSo. Vishnu.
-oS^ei. A woman with snake-like
tresses. -?3ooLirt. A middle-sized flower-
tree, Mesua feri'ea.
pipe used by snake-players.

cTOXt^I. ( = c3«r{, g. t?.) 8. n. A snake,
esp. the cobra. 2, an ornament with
the image of a cobra; also -^^
cS^rtdo. -9i)W. A disease of the skin;
childlessness. -sdolS^. = ^^7\^ofA^^
-ase)*^. The cobra.

croXd 2. {fr. ?Jrtd) 8. a. Belonging to a
town, civic; polite; clever. n. A
citizen. 2, =rf?53cTOrtO, q. v. 3, dry

ctoXD^, croXbeS' 8. a. Town-bred;
polite; clever. n. A townsman; a
citizen; a cockney.

cTOX^O (». of c3^rt530) n. Betel-nut:
the flrst chewing of betel-nut at a

«^d. A kind of


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cTOXsSC (=^rt5S€), q.v.) s. n. The betel
creeper. Piper heteL -aSrf rf. ± cloth
given to the son-in-law on the last
day of his marriage.

c3i)7;^i^c^ 8. n. A peacock. 2, Garada.

c39^eo^ 8. n. The serpent SSsha.

c3«>8a^ k. n. Bashfalness, shame, modes-
ty, decorum; grace. -'&Ujj -rtcti.
Shame or modesty to be lost. -r!^a.
A shameless person. -r^^A;^^^, -7^^:^).
Shamelessness, impudence, -rlidv^jx.
To feel ashamed. -t^o^. To give
up shame.

(3;)e;^jl. k. V. i. To become ashamed or
embarrassed. ^ti^. To cause to
be ashamed; to disgrace.

c3;>e^o 2. f. n. A naatcb, dance, dancing.
-5lJ9!io. To dance, act.

tS^^iTJo f. n. The sheriflf of a law-court.

c398:^j8^0 h. a. Delicate, soft, tender.

c3dt) h. n. A stem or beam of wood.

cS%>\i^ s. n. A play, drama, dramatic
representation. -zp^O, -s^dos^. An
actor, mime. -996. A play-house,

c3S^ k. n. Young plants, esp. of rice,
fit for transplanting. 2, transplant-
ing. 3, (f.) a kind of r&ga

^\S^ ( = ric^) k. V. i. To get within, to
be pierced or stuck into, as a thorn.
'V. t To fix in the ground, plant; to
pierce into. n. Planting; depth; also
c33i3i?. -tfjs^wj. A planting stick.
^9t3^. To make plant.

t^^o a. n. Dancing, or dramatic repre-
sentation, -rred. An actor, -nsd,
-rra^r. An actress. -53ooad, -dort.
A theatre.

fjijrirfj k. n. <^ ad. The day after to-
morrow; also c3i>acJj. [person.

cTOZS^Si, -X k. w. A rustic; a common

f3t)^ 8. n. The tubular stalk of any
plant. 2, any tubular organ, as an
artery, a vein, a nerve, etc, 8, any
pipe or tube. 4, a fistulous sore. 5,

the pulse. 6, a period of twenty-
four minutes; also -t?. 7, a juggling
trick. -t?So, -oicS. The pulse to beat,
-^tu. The pulse to cease. -cJja^sSo.
To feel the pulse. -SO^^. Examin-
ing the pulse.

cTOc^X k. n. A village-superintendent.
2, one of a caste so called in Canara;
f. 'f\^. -3c^. A n&diga's business.

c3dtl^ k. n. A province, district; the
country, -rl^rf. The headman of a
village. -nsjS. A common proverb.
-59ci!jS«e^rt. The accountant of a

^Z§ a. k. ad. Further, moreover, much,

jrof^ (= ^32x5tf, etc., q. V.) a. k. n. Bash-
fulness, shame, modesty, etc. 2
= ^rfj. ^riO. Shameless; a shame-
less person. o^c^O^c^. Shamelessness.
-r^A^. A shameless man. -r!a^.
To disgrace, reproach, -c^a. Popu-
lar report, common talk.

c3;>0®o 1. k. n. Fineness, goodness, good
quality, as that of cloth, grain, etc.;
honesty, truth. -^, -53o3. A trust-
worthy man,

c33r©o 2. f. n. A coin; money. -530^^.
Assaying money. -53^^. The agio on
money. -S3e>d). The detailed account
of various coins.

cTO^ (= ^d)) k.n. Smell in general; a
bad smell; stench. -r^JS^A, -lodL),
-Soft. To smell; to stink.

c3o;^. P. p. of c3^dj, q. V.

p;)qj 8. n. A protector; a master, ruler;
a husband. -»23^. Dependent, subject.

c3;)d 8. n. A sound, a tone in general.
2, a note of music; as: ^0^9., oD^e^^-
i?j3S?t)-, A)oaS-, etc,

Sroirf^ {th, of pios^od^) n. A husband's
sister; a brother's wife.

^c)C39d h. n. Insolvency, pauperism. c3e>
n^^. Insolvent; a pauper.

c3DDS>. = =3e>rf^, q, V,

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c3^Q?dO s. V. t. To sound.

7S*>zi^ k. V. t. To knead, as dough, etc.
V. i. To moisten, soak; to cool. fS^O
?3o. To knead.

j3^SjO"do<^ li. a. Out of order; unrepair-
ed, nnmended.

?33:3eodJ s. a. Aquatic. cSs^S^oOo. A
species of reed, Calamus fasciculatus ;
the orange-tree; the shoe-flower plant.

cTOcTO 8. a. Of different kinds, Tarious,
manifold, diyerse. ad. Variously,
manifoldly. Cpda.: -^^oljr, .'#t>?5,
-;^d, -g^=?5d, -tort, -0?A, -C)qS, etc.
-dj33rf. Various forms. c3e>o5^Z|iP'. Ho-
monymous; a homonym.

^^^ 1. k. pro. I.

c^c^O 2. k. v. t. To get wet, moist, damp.

P. pS. c3^^, c3^CSJ.

?33c^j»X^o k. a. Four hundred.

c330D 8. n. Joy; prosperity. 2, eulogi-
um or praise of a deity; a prayer
recited at the opening of a religious
ceremony or of a drama. -ooja^,
-S^cS. A commemorative offering to
the manes before any joyous occasion,
as marriage, etc.

c33ob^ 8. n. A barber; also cS'sart, ^^l>r{.

c3t)£p s. n. The navel. 2, the nave of a
wheel. 3, the centre, focus, middle.
4, a near relation.

(3;)rfo s. n. A name. 2, a noun. 3, the
sectarian mark of Vaishnavas. ad.
By name. 2, possibly. • -*#J3^^. The
pigmy cormorant. -ci tS^do. The
country sarsaparilla, Hemidesmus in-
diciis. -T?tf ra. The ceremony of nam-
ing a child. -qs^O. A Vaishnava;
renowned. -:j5?crfj. A name, title.
-sSd, -535£Sfl«. A noun. -?3^Cra. Bearing
in mind the name of a god. -Sejtfo.
To put on the Vaishnava marks; to
cheat. c3iddvJe)o-d-d. Renowned.

jTO7iicaJjc)"Co h. n. Disapproval. -sSjsrfo.
Disallow, disapprove. ["a coward.

(3;>doc3e)r h. w. Unmanliness, cowardice;

c3^^ s. n. Bending. 2, a N. for all
vowels, except w and w. -fl*. Having
a name.

c3^»SojdoL\ h. n. Disgrace, shame.

c3S^ h. n. A deed : letters patent.

c3t)odo (<&. of ^^^oiU) n. A lawsuit.

c3Do:JO^ s. a. Pre-eminent, chief, n. A
guide, leader; a chief, head; a
general, commander; a husband; f.
c3«o1j*. -^. Leadership. -S3^a. A
chief, headman, as of a caste,
village, etc.

cTOodoaD h. n. A deputy. -A)tf^^CT8^. A
native head clerk of a subordinate

cTOOao k. n. A dog. -*J^, -5^0. A
puppy, whelp. -^j3cJ. A mushroom.
-^ojjo., -rts^jj. The hooping cough.
-:^jt)A). The herb Ocimum album.
-lodJ^J, -rras»o. A wretched, miserable
existence, -t3<?;^::«. An annual herb,
Cleome viscosa. . -tS^w. The plant
Flacourtia sapida. -t5JSrt5?j, -tfjarSo.
A dog to bark. -oLo^. A bulbous
plant, Scilla indica.

cTOOSOoc^ {tb. of c3«^^ n. A barber.

cro"doX s. n. The orange tree; an

cTOTJrf 8. n. N. of a devarshi. -d^?^.
N^rada's lute : a kind of lute.

f35D;)^jse'd k. n. A very meagre man.

^■OZii a.n. A long arrow; a style to
write with.

c3t>Ut)orfor© (fr. ^^ divine spirit and
C90l>(^ pervading) s. n. Brahma.
2, Vishnu , Krishna {sometimes the
deity who was before all worlds). c3^
090dJ£^. Lakshml; Durg&.

?33& 1. k. n. A bow-string.

cTOD 2. s. n. A woman, wife.

c3*)B^^"d, c335??eCJ 8. n. The cocoa-

cTOt^o 1. k. n. A fibre : fibres of plants,
strings in mangoes and other fruits.

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2, cloth made of hemp, or linen;
also -oJja. -Ai^d. A female's linen
garment. -*Wj,. Fil^re-like pus to
form in a sore. -rt. A dealer in
fibres. -iS^dj. Fibres and roots.
-^E^. A guinea-worm.
oS)'db2. (cij=e3o) k. n. Smell, v. i. To
smell; to stink. P. ps, c^^O, ^:io.
-sS i3o«?, ^dot3^«?. A strong smelling
herb, Cleome pentaphylla.
^7>^1, (=^^) h. n. A horse or
bullook-shoe. -n^d, -looa. One who
shoes a horse or bullock.
JTOG» 2. h. n. A drain, gutter.
cTOC/aodoSOj h. a. Unfit, ineligible, n.

c33e>( = o55S?) 8. w. A tubular stalk-
2, a tube. 3, a period of 24 minutes.
c3;)0^ k. n. The tongue. 2, the clapper
of a bell. -*rfo. Appetite to be lost;
a promise to fail. -Ssg. A promise
to break; a slip of the tongue. -<ddo7lo.
To be able to speak fluently. -33,53j3
ra. Confidence in one's words or pro-
mises. -zS^Vj. To become unable to
utter. -eA)S??5j. To keep one's pro-
mise. -533Aj. Trustworthiness, -al®^

t^Crio h. n. Complaint; censure, sneer,
reprobation. -53J8:iJ. To disapprove,

cSSCJo, k. a. Four.

cTO«^a. Four feet.

^eo^fJ. Fourth. c39?j oQocJJ. 9. ^i>

sSj|j. Four times as much. cS^oa do.

Four or six; several, some. -^cj?^.

Every kind of work. -84?^, -tec^db.

All persons, every body. -tsaA,

-sScsr. The four castes. -O's'a, -c8?3.

The four points of the compass.

-sIjsoSj. To divide into four. -53J3;^.

Some words. ^i>t}jau^ejo. 4 J. ^v

ab . Forty, c^^e^*. Four persons.
(3t)^0X (tb, of ^li^) n. A barber.
N;>»^&Xf. n. A boatman; a helmsman.
cTOSDT^ ( = ^53sd) h. n. A broad tape.

^^^ s. w. A sailor ; steersman^ pilot.

c304 k. pro. pi. of ^^0, We. See it»

decl. 8. ^sio,.
cTO^ 8. w. A boat, ship, vessel. c3^5l.

cTOi2^ 8. n. Destruction, annihilation,

ruin, loss; death. -rtj3S??i>, -slrarfo.

To destroy, ruin, kill. -58j8ocio. Ta

be ruined, -ci- Destroying, e^c; ruin.
jr^si. h. n. Breakfast; luncheon.


o3t>;dj) 8. n. The nose. c3^A». Snuflf. c3^
Aitf, ^^?3. A nose; a trunk.

5rorf^.= c3a5^, q.v.

c33^ 8. It is not, there is not; non-
existence. '^. An atheist; an infidel.
-fl'Sc^, -fl«i, -*^, -flf^. Atheism; in-

cTO^ (= c3^t), q. V.) a. w. A pipe, tube.
etc. 2, the clapper of a bell.

c33^. <&. of ^sa, q. r.; al«o a water-
channel ; a weaver's shuttle.

cTOS? k. ad. To-morrow.

^0, = ^D*, ^S*, S>S55<, ^;^, g, v.

^)8^o^ 8. n. Fearless; without hesita-
tion or fear. ^8iotf. Boldness,

o)§tf€0 8. a. Noiseless. n. Silence,

^)o^eSo^ 8. a. Without remainder; com-
plete, entire.

^oTioX 8. a. Unattached; indifferent;-
disinterested, n. Unattachment, in-

^)orfoc3eSo 8. a. Doubtless, certain. n.

^)o?j5o;)C)rfJ s. a. Helpless, unassisted.

^)o^^'d 8. a. Sapless, insipid; worthless.

^S'U 8. a. Near, proximate, n. Pith,.

^)^"d s. n. A heap; a flock, multitude.

o)9«} hi. n. A Mohammadan marriage.

?i^^o 8. n. Wish, desire.

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^Vdojo 8. n. A heap, set, flock. 2, a

house, dwelling.
^rniitfTjO h. a. Plain, blunt, open, as a

person, speech, etc.
^?roo2y 8. n. An arbour, thicket.
^^OTJoeO 8. n. A flock, multitude.
^T^\B 8. n. Dishonest practice, deception,

?^^\Sa. s* «• Drawn down; low, base,

^"S^^^ 8. ». A house, dwelling.
^^J.rf a. k. n» Truth, certainty, ad.

Truly, certainly.
?y^^7j 8. n. Placing; a deposit, pledge,

trust. 2, a hidden treasure. ^v ?

i>?3j. To deposit; to bury.
c^i)^ 8. a. Complete, all, entire.
^Xd h. n. Fixing, as a hire, salary,

etc.; decision. -^j^do. To fix; to

t^7\7io a. n. Insertion. 2, a passage of

the vedas. 3, the vdda; a sacred

precept. a. Issued from; liberated,

set free.
^XtJ 1. (=^n)dj, q. r.) k. a. Straight,

erect; also ^irtoc5. -A^. An erect

ear. ^rtO"^. Straightness.
^Xd 2. {th, of ^i*d) w. The best of

^Xt^O. = riTljrfo, q. V.

?)X^r (=^rtrsjr) 8. a. Prideless, hum-
ble, n. Humility. ^rtiSr. A humble

?i7^, ^Assro?), ^TTOi^ h. n. Care in
looking after; tending; regard to.

^7(yd^ k. r. t. To be stretched forth; to
spread, expand; to become erect; to
rise; to swell, become proud, n. Ex-
pansion. ^rOO^. To stretch forth,

^Xja?;^ 8. a. Hidden, secret; profound,

o>X\3oo 8. a. Punishable.

^7(^zs*i^. ~ ^rra, q, v.

?)X TJ (tb. of ^2j*) n. Coercion, com-
^X id a. k. n. The tusks of an elephant :



^T^jSo 8. n. Keeping in check; coercion;
restraint; subjugation; humbling;
punishing. 2, rebuke, blame. 3,
aversion; dislike; a mental pain.
;^rlSo?cJ. To restrain, subdue, keep
in check; to punish. ^J^loT^d^,
Keeping in check.

oJ^ooUo 8. n. A vocabulary, dictionary.

?)^55[rr© 8. n. Friction, grinding, trit-

^e;^cxJO 8. n. A collection', a heap; as-

?^^.tb.0f?^^^,q.v. ^^^^^'^^

^ti r5, -'#, -7^ (tb. of ^si^^ei) n. A

^e:^ odo. <b. of ^? 0^, a- «^-

^a^ 8. a. Innate. 2, own. 3, real,
true, actual, genuine. n. Beality,
truth, -rtjw. A truthful man. -53j3
rtr. The proper way. -OjssS. One's
own shape. "^^i* True evidence.
'7i.= ^itertora. -doja. A moorah of
42 sheers.

^)3d;)do h. n. Ruler : the title of the
native sovereign of Hyderabad.

SJ&Se; 8. n. The forehead.

^Uo. abbr. of ^iac^ (in ^z^o, g. v.),
-^d.3. A drawn out, deep sigh.

- zaaJJ. To sigh deeply. fty|^e>JS^.

The spine. ^felgj^U. A long run.
^^ 1. = ftrfj, q. V. -Cij. That which is

long; length.
^^ 2. k. n. A strong stifling smell, as

that of tobacco, cayenne pepper, etc.

2, scum, froth.
^rio a. k. n. Length; extensiveness;

bigness. Cpds.: -TJ'd, -rJdPl, -rlootoj,

\j — *
-i3je25, ->3oj3rO, -?od, etc.

oj^o . = fto:^. P. p. of ^WJ^, g. V.

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^^n a. a. Continual, perpetual; endless,
eternal, eyerlasting^; necessary, essen-
tial. -*^'^. Daily observance, -tf
53or. A daily rites. -cio;J. As usual.
-ciOdj. An always poor man. -i, ^.
Eternity. -C3»rS. Daily alms-giving.
-ir^jd . A daily sr&ddha. ^)3^^aL• The
eternal soul.

5ig»jP9 (tb. of ^?^re) n. Weakness.

^>^;S^^^ s. n. An example or illustra-
tion. 2, a view, vision ; omen.

dcd^l. 8. n. A first cause. 2, end,
termination. 3, pathology.

?izs^^ 2. tb. of ^cp^oJ, q, V. -s^od,
-^, ^n^^. A patient man.

^)^3e^ 8. n. Command, instruction.

^:3. tb. of ^^, q. u. -rtEW. Sleepy
eyes. -dJSiio. To sleep. -sSjstoa.
Drowsiness. -o^£^ d^. To awake, -a^


ab. To be asleep. -Ai^^rio. To fall
^^(=^c5) 8. n. Sleep; slumber. 2,
sleepiness. -^s^. Sleep to be spoil-
ed. -7lod3<, -53J3siJ. To sleep. -aSab^.

^qJc^ 8. «. End. 2, death, loss. 3, = a

^?«>?5 8. n. Laying aside. 2, a recep-
tacle; a treasure, wealth. 3, a
place of rest. 4, effort, work. 5,
slowness, patience, pausing, -rtjss^j..
-2Jc&), -12)0^0, -5lj3C^, To consider.

^il^ 8. n. A receptacle. 2, a treasure,
wealth; a store. 8, the ocean.

^5 k. pro. Thou; a280 ^)5ol). ^j^. Thy.
^(^cio. Thine.

Sio^. = ^atj^. P. p. of ftwo , q. v.

SioOTiD. See s. ^wo , g. r.

^o6 8. n. Blame, censure, reproach,
abuse, scorn. ^oui^. A scorner.
^oa?i3. To blame, abuse, etc.

^)odn 8. a. Blamable; despicable.

ajcf^ p-o. Gen. 0/" ri?c^, q. v. Of thee,
thine, thy. Ace. ^c^c^. Da*. ?i^A

^^N k. ad. Yesterday, /ns^r. -oOjoci.
Z>a^ -r!. Gen. -odj, ^^ji.

^333^ 8.n. Falling down; dying, death;
ruined state. 2, putting down as
irregular or exceptional, as a word
in a compound ; exception. 3, a
particle (g.). -dJSSj. To destroy.

^e^r© 8. a. Perfect; accurate. 2, clever,
skilful. -J^oi, -i, -;jj. Skilfulness,

^80rf 8. a. Bound; caught, fettered;
confined. n. A fixed rule.

^)^0o^;jf3 8. n. Binding; a rule, order.

^^"d 8. a. Thick, dense, tight. ^zSa^
^3. Made close, dense, etc.

^80^ f© k. n. A marriage festival, ^i^
£ir<, A bridegroom's companion.

^8p3O90;^ h. v. *. To endure, suffer,
bear, succeed.

o)^X^ 8. a. Immersed; sunk in; de-

oioi^o^re s. n. Invitation, esp. to a

^T^SrfO. = c^sisJStoO, q. V.

^>oSJ9^)^ h. a. Exact, quite correct;

ad. Exactly, etc.
^^^ , ^^^n 8. n. A mark, aim. 2,

sign; omen. 8, cause, motive, reason.

-s»h. Because of, on account of.

-rrarf. A fortune-teller.
^>^Tl). = ^r{jd), q. V.

^Sa^Tj, 8. n. Twinkling, winking; the

twinkling of an eye; a moment. 2,

a minute.
^080 8. n. The Nimb-tree, Azadirachta

indica. -^^. The coral tree.
^oe5( = Cot3) k. n. The acid lime.

Citrus medica*
^^JOj^ 1. (pZ. of ^c^) k. pj-o. Your. -cJj.

Yours. i4cc. ^i5:^^?is^^• i4bi. <?)<ao ocJ.

Da*. ^sSjrt. Loc. ^53jO.
^^2. 8. n. Depth; a slope; a gap.

a. Deep, low.

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o^aSd^ s. a. Cheoked; controlled. 2,
fixed, permanent. 8, certain. 4,
positive, n. Restraint; a religious
daty. ^odbd. Restraint, restriction;
rule. 2, destiny, fate.

^odo^ (tb, of ^ocl)d) n. Trnthfulness.

^odo^o ( = cS^sl)) s. n. Ruling. 2, a rule,
law, precept; a regular practice;
appointment. 3, agreement, contract.
4, any religious observance. -^o3.
Regular and rigid observance of
meritorious rites or works. fioSi
C^^, Regulated, prescribed ; fixed.
ftcxij,aj?ii (= c3^,aj?oo). To restrain,
subdue; to lay down a rule; to
order; to appoint, fix; to nominate.

^)0djs»i3^ s. n. Guiding, governing. 2,
a ruler. 3, a charioteer. 4, a
boatman; a pilot. 5, rule, order.

^od»^;^. = ^al>Cij^ 8. ^oiisij, g. v.

c^Gio^T^ 8. a. Fastened to; appointed;
employed; assigned, ^odx)^. Injunc-
tion, order; charge.

^)cdoo^ a. n. A great number.

^oSjdeX 8. n. Application, use, em-
ployment. 2, order, command.
3, trust; business. ?icdjd^rs. A func-
tionary; a minister; a class of Br&h-
manas. ^odjd^A?;^. To assign; to
employ; to command.

aoSlafSif^ 8. n. Uniting; ordering', ap-
pointing to. ^i^3J^5^i5?oJ, To assign,
appoint, etc.

^5, ^c^, ^15 (= ^8) 8. pref. Certainty.
2, negation, privation. 3, out, without.

^"^tx^ 8. a. Illiterate. -*'^. An il-
literate person.

?)T5SOo h. n. Current price. -^^t' A

oJ'do^o^ 8. a. Unchecked, uncontrolled,

c^iTioditi 8. a. Unstained, untinged, pure.

^>I^^ 8. a. Engaged or interested in.

^ji^ (d = e3) k. n. Beauty, charm,
elegance; cf, ^0 1.

^TJo^ 8. a. Having no interval; con-
tinuous; without interstices, compact,
dense; uninterrupted, constant, ad.

^nzjU^iZ^ 8. n. A faultless or guiltless

^TJSSSajO 8. a. Imperishable; infallible.

^>"d33e^ 8. n. Absence of desire or ex-

o)T^qJF^ 8. a. Nonsensical, useless, un-

^)'d^Z^ 8. a. Unlimited, interminable.

^"rfdodorf 8. n. Without limbs or

?yd^^ 8. n. Fasting; a fast.

^)'dSoo9^T^ 8. n. Absence of selfishness.

^)T^Soo^\^ 8. a. Unselfish.

^D^^'dr® 8. n. Repudiation, rejection.
^OTtfO?^. To put away, repudiate,

o)D««T3o^ 8. n. Desirelessness.

r)'0«)99'd 8. a. Formless, shapeless; ugly,

^)"D3'^ez5 8. a. Unblamable, unobjection-
able, -rt. Unobjectionableness.
o)T3^^ h. a. Furnished with kal&batu,

as a cloth.
^u«)79'd 8. n. Groundlessness, poorness,

efc. ^o^qs^O. A poor person.
c^D;)cdj5;^ 8. a. Not causing trouble; not

requiring efforts; not fatiguing.
^t:?^ 8. n. Hopelessness, despair.
^)D;)^a5o 8. a. Supportless; friendless,

^'G9So«)T^ 8. n. Foodlessness, fasting.

^O^STsO. A fasting person.
^DS'CJ (tb. of ^o»cDt>) n. Doubtlessness^

certainty; calmness. 2, the sky.
^bl. (0=©*) k. V. i. To be arranged,

to be ready; cf. ?53 3. n. Orderly

^)B2., o)&^ k. n. Foldings: the folds

of a garment, as of a ddtra or


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^tiTi^ ( 0= C5». = naO^i)) a. k. V. U To pat
down; to arrange; to adjast. n.
Arrangement; display.

S>^e^ s. n. Looking towards, expect-
ation, waiting for. ^0^^ n. Looking
at; expecting; a look. ftO?*;^;^. To
look at, gaze at; to behold; to

^)Q^^T^ 8. a. Godless, atheistic, -^s^zi.
Atheism. -»39a. An atheist.

^Tli^ (dj=C5j) k.n. Orderly arrange-
ment; properness.

^)T^0^ 8. a. Uttered, explained, n. One
of the Tdd&ngas.

tS^o^ 8. a. Undoubted; true. . n. Un-
doubtedness, truth; unfailingness;
'^^"♦^de. [reposed.

?s6o4 "d 8. a. Without a reply; silenced,

^T^odfloeX 8. a. Inactive, lazy; without
employment. ^d^cSj^^f>. One who is

?i'^07jdj, ."d 8. a. Undisturbed; harm-
less, inoffensiye. n. Undisturbedness.

ftTioTJsio, »I^075^5TOc^, »TJ0Z5^^ 8. a.
Matchless, unequalled.

^T^zScdoo?^ a. a. Useless.

giTiOoj^p, -^ 8. a. Free from cares or

^T^oj;)cdo 8. a. Helpless, remediless.

^>Tio?i 8. n. Fame. 2, skilfulness.

^>T^:; 8. n. An order, command; a
written order, -eo, -H. Representing;
inyestigation ; determination, defi-
nition; sight; telling, narrating.
^^h^. To order; to make known;
to define. ^d/d^.olJ3o^. Being defined,

ts6jifK 8. a. Free from sickness, heal-
thy, well; also ^^diS^rt. ^3j3^a. A
healthy person ; also ^^^^f\.

^^Jde^ 8. n. Shutting in; check; coer-
cion, restraint; hindrance. r^{5j3^qb;^.
To obstruct; to restrain, keep hack.

ft^iaexJ (tb, of ^rfJ93) n. A message;
permission to depart.

^Xr^ 8. a. Gone out, disappeared, ex-
tinct. 2, freed from. rx
^XrS 8.n, Helplessness, misery, poTcr-
oiXrsSo 8. n. Going forth, setting out,
receding; departure; also -oi.

^Xorr©8. a. Without qualities, n. The

supreme soul.
^Xoroa 8. n. A shrub, the five-leaved

chaste-tree, Vitex negundo.
^i^Ojd^FZi,, -r« 8.n. A loud sound, noise.
?idiFfi 8. a. Unpeopled, uninhabited,

desolate. rt ^^,

LA god.

^airX) 8. a. Undeoaying, immortal, n.
^Sire; 8. a. Waterless, dry.

^aSe^^ s. n. Lifelessness. a. Lifeless,
inanimate. ^t&^FCi, A lifeless being.

o)P«rcdo 8. n. Decision, determination;
precise definition. 2, sentence, de-
cree, verdict. 3, final settlement.
-53J3:^, ^wro5o?l). To settle, decide,
come to a decision; to give a
verdict; to decree, order. ^^S-. Justi-
fication (Christ.). v^'. Damnation
(Christ.). ^

^cirodo 8. a. Pitiless, unmerciful,
unkind. f^ziFcdo. Unmeroifulness,

^OFsi^ 8. a. Assigned; directed; de-
scribed, ascertained.

^dJFSA^ 8. n. Faultlessness.

^rSer^ 8. n. Pointing out, denoting;
directing; order, command, direc-
tion; description. ?izi^F^^. To
point out, show; to specify, etc,

oidlFzi a. a. Luckless.

?i6ji^FZ\ a. a. Faultless; guiltless, in-
nocent. ^iSja^rii. A guiltless person.

?izfF^ (= ^qJoO 8. a. Poor. n. Poverty.

^>qir&?do 8. V. t. To determine, ascer-
tain, settle, make sure.

?i^F'6 8, n. Particularizing; determin-

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