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Al-Moklabas, No. 10, contains : Yakout Al-Ilamaoui. (Hiographie). — La vraie
science. — Une page de I'histoire d'Egypte, traduit de I'Economiste Euro-
p^en. — Aper^u de Thistoire des Etres et de I'homme, by M. J. G. Zakhim.
— Les ecoles et les caract^res, by G. M. Baz. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Al-Moktabas, No^ 44, contains: Al-Djahiz. (Hiographie). — Mot a mot et tra-
duction. — Une page d'histoire sur la Syrie, by M. J. G. Zakhim. — L'Uni-
versite d'Al-Moustanser billah. — Les savants k l*oeuvre, by I'Emir Chakib
Arsalan. — La bruy^re, par un de nos lecteurs a Bagdad. — L'imp^rialisme
aro^ricain. -^ etc., etc. (See p. 44).

American Antlqnariaii and Oriental Joornal, November and December, 4906,
Vol. XXVIII, No. 6, contains : Frontispiece. — Jamestown Exposition and the
Event which it Commemorates. — The History of the Hebrew Alphabet,
by H. Proctor. — Babylonia Tourist of the Abrahamic Age, and his Map
of the World, by A. H. Sayce. — Oriental Department, edited by Ch. H. S,
Davis. — Editorial. — Book Reviews. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

American Journal of Semitic Langrnages and Literatures, January^ 4907, Vol.
XXIII, No. 2, contains: Notes on Omen Texts, by M. Jastrow Jr. — The
Nature and Origin of "First Esdras", by C. C. Torrey. — Some Sumerian-
Babylonian Hymns of the Berlin Collection, by Miss M. J. Hussey. — (See
p. 44V

American Journal of Sociology, January, 4907, Vol. XII, No. 4, contains :
The Mind of Woman and the Lower Races, by W. I, Thomas. — Sociolo-
gical Signi6cance of the Bible, by L. Wallis. — Reviews. — etc., etc.
(See p. 44).

American Journal of Theology, January, 4907, Vol. XI, No. 4, contains: Has
Christianity the Moral Right to supplant the Ethnic Faiths, by H. C. Mabie,
P. Carus and F. A. Christie. — The Moral Level of the Old Testament

46. Great Russell Street, London, W. C. (opposite the British Museum)

Digitized by Vj-UU V IC


Scriptures, by T. Giesebrecht. — The Cry **Back to Christ" its Implicatior>
by Miss A. A. Forrest. — Africa and the Beginnings of Christian Latii>
Literature, by B. B. War field. — The Influence of Historical Studies on
Theology, by W. Rauschenbusch. — Critical Note, by C. Ren^ Gregory. —
Recent Theological Literature. — Books Reviewed. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Arya, October. 1906, Vol. VI, No. 4, contains: Hindu Marriage Law, by D. B»
R. Ragoonath Row. — Yoga Principles in Sacrifices, by S. R. Aiyar. -^ The
Gypsies of Malabar, by K. P. Pillai. — Agricultural Notes. — Some Hints
to Students, by S. R. Aiyar. — Conversion to Advaitism and its Universal
Adaptability, by T. B. Chetty. — Supplement. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Agiatie Quarterly Beyiew, January, 1907, Vol. XXIIl, No. 45, contains: Pan*
Islamism and the Sultan of Turkey, by A. Vamb^ry, — Indo-British Trade
with Persia, by N. M. Parveez. — The Mysore State : A Model of Indian
Administration, by Sir R. Lethbridge. — The Association of Indians witb
the Government of India, by Th. Morison. — The Burden of the British^
Indian in South Africa, by L. M* Ritch. — Exilic Jewish Eschatology: ii>
how far was it Zoroastrian ; by L. Mills. — Proceedings of the East India.
Association. — Correspondence, Notes and News. — Reviews and Notices. —
etc., etc. (See p. 44),

Baptist Missionary Reyiew, December, 1906, Vol. XII, No. 12, contains r
Thoughts on Revival, by Philemon. — The Gospel among the Sudras. by
G. H. Brock. — Editorial. — Mission News and Correspondence. — etc.^
etc. (See p. 44).

BibUeai World, December, 1906, Vol. XXVIII, No. 6, contains: Frontispiece. —
Editorial. — Palestine before the Coming of Israel, by G. A. Barton. — The
History of Israel to the Founding of the Kingdom, by Ch. Foster Kens. —
The Sources of Early Hebrew History, by T. K. Sanders. — The Religion
of Israel to Samuel, by L. W. Batten. — Annotated List of Books on Early-
Old Testament History, by J. M. P. Smith. — Current Opinion. — Book
Reviews. — etc. etc. (See p. 44).

Biblical World, . January, 1907, Vol. XXIX, No. I, contains: Frontispiece. —
Editorial. — Jerusalem in Bible Times : I. The Location of the Temple, by
L. Bayles Paton. — The Men who made Israel: 1. Introductory, by the late
G. S. Goodspeed. — Evolution and the Fall, by Ch. Reed Zahniser. — Expo-
sitory Studies in the Old Testament : I. The Stories of Origins, by H. L.
Willett. — Current Opinion. — An Advanced Course for the Sunday SchooU

— Work and Workers. — Book Reviews. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Brahmayadin, December, 4906, Vol. XI, No. 12, contains: The Bhagavad Gita
with Ramanuja's Commentary. — Mahomet and the Origins of Islamism. —
The Prophet of Awakened India. — A Lecture by a Disciple of the Swami.

— Practical Yedantism, by Swami Abhedananda. — Editorial. — Vedanta
Work. — etc., fete. (See p. 44).

Chinese Becorder, December, 1906, Vol. XXXVU, No. 12, contains : The Religion

46, Great Russell Street, London, W. C. (opposite the British Museum,)

Digitized by VjOOV It:


of Intelligence, by B. P. Bowne. — Sunday School Organization in China,
by W. C. White. — Psalmody in Foochow, by C. S. Ghampness. — Confe-
rence Notes, by G. H. Bondfield. — Educational Department. — Correspon-
dence. — Missionary News. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Comity de I'Asle fran^ise, December, 1906, Vol. YI, No. 69, contains: Les
^coles fran^aises d'Orient. — Le Budget des colonies pour 1907, by £. Payen.

— Le Probl^me anglo-indien : critiques et r^ponses, by C. Mourey. — L*Arabie
et la r6volte arabe, by Bachir. — Les Nouvelles Hebrides et le dernier
accord franco-anglais, by La Clavi^re. — Asie frangaise. — Chine. — Japon.

— Asie Russe. — Perse. — Bibliographie. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Creseent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 725, contains : The Growth of Christianity. — Edi-
torial Notes. — Islamic Ethics. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 726, contains : Trimmings. — News from the Metro-
polis of Islam. — Editorial Notes. — Thassos, by Z. A. Howard- Watson. —
etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 727, contains : Man still Brutal. — Editorial Notes. - -
Sanusiyah and the "Daily Mail", and Islam. — Liverpool Geological Associa-
tion. — etc., etc. (See p. .44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 728, contains : The Light of the Faith. — Our Con-
stantinople Letter. — Editorial Notes. — The Hamidieh Hospital, Constanti-
nople. — Christian Missions in Japan. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 729, contains: Alien Immigration into the British
Isles. — Order of Jumma Namaz. ~ Some Notes upon a Curious Geological
Discovery in Liverpool. — Editorial Notes. — Islam in Equatorial Africa. —
Opening of the Moslem School at Isale Gangan. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIII, No. 730, contains : Footprints of the Past. — Editorial
Notes. — Footprints of the Past. — [etc., etc. (See p. 44).

Crescent, Vol. XXVIIl, No. 731, contains : Footprints of the Past. — Editorial
Notes. — Death of the Shah. — The Late Shah. — etc., etc. (See p. 44).

(jleographical Jonrnal, January, 1907, Vol. XXIX, No. 1, contains: Journeys in
South-Eastern Mashonaland, by V. Dickins. — Dr. Stein's Expedition in Cen-
tral Asia. — The Structure of Southern Nigeria, by J. Parkinson. — Recent
Geological Reports from South Africa. — Reviews. — etc,, etc. (See p. 44).

Hindustan Reyfew, December, 1906, Vol. XIV, No. 88, contains: The New
Indian Nation, by C. T. Andrews. — Indian Patriotism towards the Empire,
by Lajpat Rai. — Indian Musalmans and Political Progress, by N. C. Kelkar.

— The Swadeshi Movement, by G. S. Arundale. — The Punjab Provincial
Conference, by M. Ram. — Hindu Protestantism III, by M. L. Zutshi. —
Topics of the Day. — Discussions. — Reviews. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Indian Antiqnary, August, 1906, Vol. XXXV. Part 445, contains: A Native
Account of the Thirty-Seven Nats, being a Translation of a rare Burmese

46, Great Russell Street, London, W. C. {opposite the British Museum.)

Digitized by VjOOvIC


Manuscript, by Sir B. G. Temple. — Tirumangai Alvar and his Date, by S
K. Aiyangar. — Miscellanea. — Book-Notices. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Indian Forester, November, 1906, Vol. XXXII, No. 11, contains: Recruitment
and Training of Candidates for the Provincial and Subordinate Forest Services.

— The Phases of the Moon on the Period for Felling Bamboos, by E. P.
Stebbing. — Improvement Fellings as a Method of a Treatment in Irregular
Forests, by G. — Preparation of Bhil Liquor from Mahua Flowers, by J. D. St.
Joseph. — Land Preservation in the Punjab, by R. O. Dutta Mai. — Cor-
respondence. — Reviews and Translations. — Miscellanea. — etc., etc. (See
p. 45).

Indian Forester, December, 1906, Vol. XXXIl, No. 12, contains: Selection by
Area. — The Spruce of Sikkim and the Ghumbi Valley, by Sir D. Brandis.

— Pterocarpus Dalbergioides, by F. H. Todd. — Timber Work in the
Andamans, by F. Traflford. — Correspondence. — Reviews and Translations.

— Miscellanea. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Indian Magazine, February, 1907, No. 434, contains: From the Editors Study.

— An Anthropologist Among the Todas, by J. Kennedy. — The Awakening
of Persia, by A. Qadir. — The Ameer of Afghanistan at Aligarh, by S. H. —
Indian Stone Cutting and Inlaying, by C. E. D. Black. — The '*Stree
Bodhe". — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Indian Bevies, December, i906, Vol. YII, No. 12, contains: Nation-Building, by
Mrs. A. Besant. — Royalty and Viceroyalty, by "Anglo-Indian". — A
Forgotten Indian Traveller^ by S. Chandra Ray. — Railways, an Investment
for ludians. — Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee. — America in Literature, by
J. Nelson Fraser. — Deussen's "Philosophy of the Upanishads*', by D. R.
Balaji Rao. — Famines in India: Two American Views, 1, by Oh. E.Russell,
II, by J. T. Sunderland. — World of Books. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Islamic World, Vol. VIII, No. 87, contains: The Jews under Islamic Rule, by
Sheikh Abdullah Quilliam Bey. — Monogamy versus Polygamy. — Islam
and the World and Islam, by Y. N. Parkinson. — Man and Moss, translated
by V. Hedman. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Journal of the African Society, January, 1907, Vol. VI, No. 22, contains: The
Progress of Uganda, by G. Wilson. — Notes on the Bahima of Ankole, by
Major Meldon. — The Future of the Transvaal, by Sir J. West Ridgeway. —
Native Affairs in South Africa. — Sir H. Johnston's "Liberia". — Correspon-
dence. — Editorial Notes. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Vol. XXII,
No. 61, contains: Nripatunga and the Authorship of the Eavir4jam4rga, by
K. B. Pathak. — An Epigraphical Note on Dharmapala, the second Prince
of the Pala Dynasty by S. R. Bhandarkar. — A Comparison of the Avestic
Doctrines of the Fravashees with the Platonic Doctrines of the Ideas and
other later Doctrines, by R. K. Dadachanji. — Magoudi on Volcanoes, by
J. J. Modi. — The Date of the Death of Nizami, by J. J. Modi — An

46, Great Russell Street, London W. C. {opposite the British Mtiseum),

Digitized by VjOOV It:


Eklingj^ Stone Inscription and tho Origin and History of the Lakulisa Sect,
by D. R. Bhandarkar. — Maratha Historical Literature, by D. B. Parasnis. —
The Death of Akbar: a Tercentenary Study, by R. P. Karkaria — The
first Englishman in India and his Works, especially his Christian Puran, by
J. A. Saldanha. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Oreat Britain and Ireland, January,
1907, contains: Studies in Ancient Indian Medecine II. On some obscure
Anatomical Terms, by A. F. R. Hoernle. — An Unidentified M. S. by Ibnal-
Jauzi. in the Library of the British Museum, Add. 7. 320., by H, F. Amedroz. —
The Five Rivers of the Buddhists, by W. Hoey. — The Foundation of Fust4t
and the Khittahs of that Town, by A. R. Guest. — The Pahlavi Texts of
Yasna XKII, for the first Time critically translated, by L. Mills. — The
Oldest Record of the Ramayana in a Chinese Buddhist Writing, by K. Wata-
nabe. — The Inscription on the Piprahwa Vase, by J. F. Fleet. — Further
Notes on the Babar-nama Mss : the Elphinstone Codex, by Mrs A. S.
Beveridge. — The Tablet in Cuneiform Script from Yuzghat, by Th. G. Pin-
ches. — Miscellaneous Communications, Notices of Books. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Korea Reyiew, November, 1906, Vol. VI, No. 1, contains: The Koreans in
Hawaii. — Min Yong-Whan. — Biographical Notes of Ancient Korea. — The
Religion of the Heavenly Way. — Gambling in Korea. — Editorial Comment. —
etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Madras Christian College Magazine, December, 4906. Vol. VI, No. 6, contains:
The Witness of the Oriental Consciousness to Jesus Christ, by H. Gulliford. —
The Pulayans of Cochin : IV, by L. K. A. Krishna Iyer. — Indian Agricul-
ture, by K. S. Srinivasan. — Thillai Govindan's Miscellany : III. Caste :
Edited by Pamba. — Notes of the Month. — Literary Notices and Notes. —
Correspondence. — Recent Periodical Literature. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Maha-Bodhi Jonmal, October and November, 1906, Vol. XIV, Nos. 10 and 11,
contain: The Ten Paramitas. — The Middle Doctrine. — Sayings of the
Omniscient Buddha. — The Hindu Mahaut of Buddha Gaya on the War
Path. — Notes and News. — The Dharma : its Characteristics. — A Bud-
dhist Ecclesiastical Meeting. — Catholic methods of Conversion. — etc., etc.
(See p. 46).

tfatti November, 1906, contains : Ancient Bronze in South America, by Miss A.
' C. Breton. — Migrations: Abstract of Seventh Huxley Memorial Lecture, by
W. M. F. Petrie. — Some Account of Sikaiana or Stewart's Island, by Ch.
M. Woodford. — Reviews. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Man, December, 1906, contains: The Use of Bufialo Hair by the North American
Indians, by D. I. Bushnell. — Notes on Some Native Medicines from Southern
India, by A. Gille. — Quae«itiones Totemicae, A, Reply to M. van Gennep, by
A. Lang. — Reviews. — etc., etc. (See p. 45).

Man, January, 1907, contains : Haida Portrait Mask, by H. Balfour. — Celtic

46, Great Russbll Street, London, W. C. (opposite the British Museum).

Digitized by VjOVJ vie


Sword Blades, by A. Lang. — Australia: Prayer, by R. R. Marett. — On a
Maul from Upper Egypt, by H. W. Seton— Karr. — Notes and Queries on
Dr. Randall — Maclver's "Mediaeval Rhodesia", by F. Eyles. — Reviews. —
etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Open Court, December, 4906, Vol. XX, No. 607, contains : Frontispiece. —
Theophanies, by Editor. — Hugo de Vries, by H. Hus. — Betrothal and
Marriage in China, by Editor. — The Message of Buddhism to Christianity. —
A Village School in Ceylon. — Book Reviews and Notes. — etc., etc.
(See p. 46).

Open Conrt, January, 1907, Yol. XKI, No. 608, contains: Frontispiece. ~ A
Retrospect and a Prospect, by Editor. — Conquest of River and Sea, by
E. L. Larkin. — God and His Immortals, by L. H. Mills. — A Puzzling
Case. A Statement of 0. 0. Burgess, commented upon by D. P. Abbott. —
Book Reviews and Notes. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Oriental Bibliography, Vol. XIX (for 1905), Part. % contains: Far East and
Australasia. — Aryans. — Semites. — (See p. 46).

Orient alistische Litteratnr-Zeitang, December, 1906, Vol. IX, No. 12, contains:
Die im Sommer 1906 in Kleinasien ausgefuhrten Ausgrabungen, by H.
Winckler — Arabische Mathematiker IX, by M. Steinschneider. — Sonne,
Mond und Morgenstern, by 0. Busing. — Die Alabaster — Reliefs Assur-
nasirpals II, etc., by A. Hermann. — Besprechungen. — Die heiligen vier
Flusse, by F. Hommel. — Altertums-Bericbte aus dem Kulturkreis des
Mittelmeers. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, December, 1906, Vol. Ill, No. 27, contains : The Week. — The Islamic
Doctrine of Sovereignty. — Scientific Investigation in India. — Parsis and
Physical Culture. — Correspondence. — The Proposed Reform of the Native
Marriage Act — to be modelled on the English Civil Marriage Act. —
Literature. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, December, 1906, Vol. Ill, No. 28, contains : The Week. — The Mystery
of Malaria, by R. Ross. — Indians Forest Museum. — Correspondence. —
Public School Education in England, VIII, by C. Eccles Williams. — Litera-
ture. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, December 1906, Vol. Ill, No. 29, contains : The Week. — The Social
Problem. — In the Days of the East India Company. — The Modern Indian
Drama, by M. A. Zahidie. — Mr. Dadabhai Naoroji. — Correspondence. —
My Note Book. — Literature. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, December, 1906, Vol. Ill, No 31, contains: The Week. — The Great Men
of Asia, by V. B. Mehta. — Fruit Industries for India. — Education among
Parsis, — Correspondence. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, January, 1907, Vol. IV, No. 1, contains: The Week. — A Study in
Constitutionalism. — The Great Men of Asia, by V. B. Mehta. — Banking

46, Great Russell Street, London, W. C. (opposite the British Museum).

Digitized by VjOOV It:


in India. — A little known Towers of Silence. — The Parsi Orphanage. —
Parsi Notes and News. — Correspondence. — Literature. — Gujarati Sup-
plement. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Parsi, January, 1907. Vol. IV, No. 2, contains: The Week. — A Year of Office. —
The Death of the Shah. — The best CJarecr, by Sir Edward Russell. — The
Mofussil Native Bar. — Correspondence. — The Proposed Reform of the
Native Marriage Act. — Literature. — Qujarati Supplement. — etc., etc.
(See p. 46).

Petermanns Mitteilangen, Vol. LII, No. 12, contains : Verteilung der Bevol-
kerung auf der Erde unter dem Einfluss der Naturverhaltnisse und der
menschlichen Tatigkeit, by A. Woeikow. — Bericht iiber die Marshall —
Inseln. by C. Jeschke. — Der Vulkanismus Savaiis, Samoa, by Fr. Reinecke. —
Kleinere Mitteilungen. — Geographischer Monatsbericht. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Prabnddha Btaarata, December, 1906, No. 125, contains: Sri Ramakrishna's
Teachings. — Occasional Notes. — Swami Vivekananda and Art, by P. Nath
Sinha. — Selection from Sanskrit: 'Sri Sankara's Veda-Vedanta-Sara. —
Swami Abhedananda in Madras, II. — News and Miscellanies. — etc., etc.
(See p. 46).

Proeeedlngs of the Society of Biblical Archaeologry, December, 1906, Vol.

XXVIII, Part 7, contains : The Chedor — laomer Tablets, by A. H. Sayce. —
The Tablets of Negadah and Abydos, by F. Legge. — Pre-Sargonic Times.
A Study in Chronology, by F. A. Jones. — Note on a peculiar Pendant
shown on Three Statues of Usertsen III, by Valdemar Schmidt. — The
Babylonian Gods of War and their Legends, by Th. G. Pinches. — A Leaden
Charm made under the Influence of Saturn, by E. J. Pilcher. — etc., etc.
(See p. 46).

Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, January, 1907, Vol.

XXIX, Part 1, contains: The Council's Report for 1906. — The Chedor-
laomer Tablets, by A. H. Sayce. — The Tablets of Negadah and Abydos, by
F. Legge. — Some Unconventional Views on the Text of the Bible, VII, by
Sir H. Howorth. — Some Notes on the XVIII th Dynasty Temple at Wady
Haifa, by P. Scott— Moncrieflf. — See p. 46).

Punjab Educational Journal^ December, 1906, Vol. II. No. 10, contains: Govern-
ment College, Lahore. — News and Notes. — Psychology and Teaching. —
Our London Letter. — Notice. — Correspondence. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Punjab Educational Journal, January, 1907, Vol. II, No. 11, contains: News
and Notes. — The Type in School Books and College Text-Books. — On the
Teaching of English. — The Convocation of the Punjab University. —
Science Notes. — Punjab News. — Eastern Bengal and Assam News. — Our
Bookshelf. — Notice. — etc., etc. (See p. 46).

Beyiew of Religions, December, 1906, Vol. V, No. 12, contains: Practical
Theosophy. — The Second Coming of Christ. — Some Superstitions and

46, Great Russell Street, London, W. 0. (opposite the British Museum),

Digitized by VjOOV It:


Evils swept oflf by Islam. — Jesus the Prophet. — The Brahma vadin. —
etc., etc. (See p. 47).

T^onngr P^O, October, 1906, Vol. VII, No 4, contains: Etude historique sur
Tri6u-vo-d6, by G. Dumontier. — Cinq lettres incites du P^re Gerbillon, by
H. Cordier. — Hsiian-tsangs Notice of P'i-mo and Marco Polo's Pein, by M.'
Aurel Stein. — La France et la Cochinchine, 1852—1858, by H. Cordier. —
M'^langes. — Bulletin Critique. — Bibliographie. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).

Tropical Agrricnlturist, November, 1906, Vol. XXVII, No. 5, contains: The
Price of Bubber, by J. C. Willis; — Rubber Industry in Malay Peninsula. —
Notes on some of the Dry Grains cultivated in Ceylon, by J. F. Jowitt. —
The Egyptian Cotton Worm. — Lessons in Elementary Botany and Agricul-
ture, by J. C. Willis. — Correspondence. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).

Tropfeal Agrrionltnrist, December, 1906, Vol. XXVII, No. 6, contains: Over-
production in Rubber, by J. C. Willis. — Block Rubber Mainufacture and
Preparation, by F. Pears. — Ceylon Camphor Industry, by E. J. Young. —
Cacao Cultivation in Ceylon, by H. Wright. — Correspondence. — etc., etc*
(See p. 47).

Wan Kwoh Kungr Pao, November, 1906, Vol. XVIII, No. 10, contains: History
of the Japanese Constitution, by D. Mac Gillivrny. — War inconsistent with
Christianity by D. Mac Gillivray. — Reorganization of Chinese Finance, by
E. Morgan. — Christianity as Viewed by Distinguished Japanese, by W. A.
Cornaby. — The Authority of Law in England, by W. G. Walshe. — Edi-
torials. — Science and Invention. — International Topics. — Miscellany —
etc. etc. (See p. 47).

Wan Kwoh Knng Pao, December, 1906, Vol. XVIII, No. 11, contains : Altruism,
or the man who gave Himself away, by Editor. — Mr. Bryan's Observations
in India, by Editor. — Mr. Dutt. and Goldwin Smith on the Situation in
India, by Editor. — To Oppose Missions is to Obstruct the Progress of
China's Development, by T. Richard. — Japanese in Korea, by W. A. Cornaby.
— Tenth Annual Report of the Anti-footbinding Society, by Mrs. Archibald
Little. — Editorials. — Science and Invention. — International Topics. — Mis-
cellany. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).

Zart08tatl, Vol. IV, No. 1, contains: The Great Magian, by P. D. Khandalewala. —
Some Interesting Portuguese Documents, by J. J. Modi. — An Irani Zor-
vastrian Marriage, by D. K. Shaharyar. The Origin of the Races of Mankind,
by F. S. Bardi. — Ancient ceremonies and the Changes they have under-
gone. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).

Zeitsetarift der Deutschen Morgenlftndischen Gesellschaft, Vol. LX, Part 4,
contains : Vedische Untersuchnngen, by H. Oldenberg. — Die grammatischen
Kategorien in ihrem Verhaltnis zur Kausalitat. Eine Untersuchung am Ma-
layischen, by W. Planert. — Ueber einen siidlichen textus amplior des
Pancatantza, by J. Hertel. — Das syrische Alexanderlied. Herausgegeben und
ilbersetzt by C. Hunnius. — Mehmed Emin, by Th. Menzel. — DasHimmels-

46, Great- Russell Street, London, W. C. (opposite the British Afuseum.)

Digitized by VjOOV It:


jahr als Grundelement der altorientalischen Chronologie, by E. Mahler. —
K. Kessler's handschriftlicher Nachlass. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).

Zeitschrift fllr Hebraeische Bibliogrraptale, September-October, 1906, Vol. X,
No. 5, contains: Einzelschriften Hebraica. — Judaica. — Kataloge. — Zusatze
und Berichtigungen zu Steinschneider, Die Geschichts-litteratur der Juden. —
Miszellen und Notizen, by M. Steinschneider. — Miszellen. — etc., etc.
(See p. 47).

Zeitschrift flir die nentestamentliehe Wissensehaft nnd die Knnde des
Urcliristeiltnms, Vol. VII, No. 4, contains : Die chronologischen Notizen und
die Hymnen in Lc. 1 uud 2, by Fr. Spitta. — The Gospel Commentary of
Epiphanius, by F. C. Conybeare. — Zur altromischen Bischofsliste, by H.
Boehmer. — Die Quelle der Phiiippusgeschichten in der Apostelgeschichte 8,
5—40, by H. Waitz. — Miszellen. — etc., etc. (See p. 47).



Published in England.


ALLEN (H. J.) — Early Chinese History : are the Chinese Classics

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