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N. Am. and E. Asia. Breeds in Am. from Pt. Barrow to mouth of
Yukon, Boothia and Melville Penins., and n. Ung.; winters on Pac.
coast from Wash, to s. L.C., and from N.J. s. to La. and s. Tex.

246. Ereunetes pusillus. Semipalmated Sandpiper.

Breeds from Arctic coast of N. Am. s. to mouth of Yukon and s. Ung. ;
winters from Tex. and S.C. through W.I. and C. Am. to Patagonia.

247. Ereunetes mauri. Western Sandpiper.

Breeds from Kotzebue Sound to mouth of Yukon; migrates mainly
west of Rocky Mts.; winters from L.C. to Venez. and from N.C. to Fla.

248. Calidris leucophcea. Sanderling.

N. and S. Hemis. In Am. breeds from Melville I., Ellesmere Land, and
n. Greenl. to Icel., n. Mack., and Pt. Barrow, Alaska; winters from cen.
Calif., Tex., and Va. to Patagonia; casually to Wash.

249. Limosa fedoa. Marbled Godwit.

Breeds from Vail, of Sask. s. to N.D.; migrates along Pac. and Atl.
coasts; winters from L.C. and se. states to Guat. and Belize.
251. Limosa hcemastica. Hudsonian Godwit.

Breeds from lower Anderson R. se. to cen. Keew. ; migrates e. of Rocky
Mts.; winters to Patagonia. Recorded from Montana; casual in Alaska.

254. Totanus melanoleucus. Greater Yellow-legs.

Breeds from Lake Iliamna, Alaska, ands. Mack., to Anticosti I., Labr.,
Ung., and s. B.C.; winters from s. Calif, and Gulf states to Patagonia.

255. Totanus flavipes. Yellow-legs.

Breeds from Kotzebue Sound, n. Mack., cen. Keew., and s. Ung. to
n. Que., s. Sask., and Vail, of upper Yukon; winters in Argent., Chile, and
Pata., and casually Mex., Fla., and Bahamas. Migrates mainly e. of Rocky

256. Helodromas solitarius solitarius. Solitary Sandpiper.

Summers from Keew., Ung., and Newf. s. to Neb., 111., and Pa.; win-
ters from W.I. to Argent.
256a. H. s. cinnamomeus. Western Solitary Sandpiper.

Summers from Kotzebue Sound and Gt. Bear Lake to Wash, and Colo.,
but probably breeds only casually in U.S. ; winter home unknown, prob-
ably n. S. Am.

258. Catoptrophorus semipalmatus semipalmatus. Willet.

Breeds from Va. s. to Fla., Bahamas, and Brownsville, Tex.; winters
from Bahamas to Brazil and Peru.
258a. C. s. inornatus. Western Willet.

Breeds from cen. Ore., s. Alb., and s. Man. s. to n. Iowa, s. S.D., cen.
Colo., and n. Calif., and on coasts of Tex. and La.; winters from Calif.,
Tex., and Gulf Coast to Mex.

259. Heteractitis incanus. Wandering Tatler.

Coasts and islands of Pac., interior Alaska, and Yukon Terr.; breeds


from Mt. McKinley, Alaska, to MacMillan River, Yukon, and s. to Prince
Wm. Sound; occurs w. to Norton Sound and n. Siberia; winters from L.C.
to Galapagos, in Hawaii and Oceanica; e. in migration to Crater Lake,

261. Bartramia longicauda. Upland Plover.

Most of N. Am. but mainly plains and prairie region e. of Rocky Mts.
Breeds from nw. Alaska, s. Mack., cen. Keew., cen. Wis., s. Ont., and s.
Me. s. to Va., Mo., Okla., n. Utah, and s. Ore.; winters on pampas of S.Am.
to Argentina.

262. Tryngites subruficollis. Buff-breasted Sandpiper.

Breeds along Arctic coast from n. Alaska to n. Keew.; winters in Ar-
gentina and Uruguay; casual on Pac. Coast n. to St. Michael, Alaska,
and ne. Siberia.

263. Actitis macularia. Spotted Sandpiper.

Breeds from tree limit in nw. Alaska, n. Mack., cen Keew., n. Ung.,
and Newf . s. to S.C., s. La., s. Tex., Ariz., and s. Calif. ; winters from Calif.,
La., and S.C. to s. Brazil and cen. Peru.

264. Numenius americanus. Long-billed Curlew.

Breeds from cen. B.C., s. Sask., and Man. to nw. Tex., n. N.M., and
ne. Calif.; winters from cen. Calif, and s. Ariz. s. to Guat., also s. Atl. and
Gulf coasts.

265. Numenius hudsonicus. Hudsonian Curlew.

Breeds from mouth of Yukon to Kotzebue Sound, and coast of n. Mack. ;
winters from L.C. to s. Honduras, from Ecuad. to s. Chile, and B.G. to
mouth of Amazon; migrates mainly along coasts; casual on Pribilof Is.

266. Numenius borealis. Eskimo Curlew. |

Breeds on Barren Grounds of n. Mack. ; winters in Argentina and Pata-
gonia; now nearly extinct.
270. Squatarola squatarola. Black-bellied Plover.

Nearly cosmopolitan. In Am. breeds on Arctic coast from Pt. Barrow
to Boothia and Melville penins. and winters from Calif., La., and N.C.
to Brazil and Peru.

272. Charadrius dominicus dominicus. Golden Plover.

Breeds from Kotzebue Sound along Arctic coast to mouth of Mack.,
and from Melville I. s. to nw. Hud. Bay; winters on pampas of Brazil
and Argent.

273. Oxyechus vociferus. Killdeer.

Breeds from cen. B.C., s. Mack., cen. Keew., and cen. Que. s. to Gulf
coast and cen. Mex.; winters from Wash., Ariz., Tex., Ind., and N.J. s.
to Venez. and Peru.

274. jEgialitis semipalmata. Semipalmated Plover.

Breeds from Melville I. and Cumberland Sound to Gulf of St. Lawr.,
s. Keew., s. Mack., and Upper Yukon; winters from s. L.C., La., and S.C.
to Patag. and Chile.

277. jEgialitis meloda. Piping Plover.

Breeds locally from Sask. to N.S. and s. to Va. and Neb.; winters on
coast from Tex. to Ga., and in n. Mex.

278. jEgialitis nivosa. Snowy Plover.

Breeds from Calif., Utah, and Kan. to Tex. and L.C. ; winters from Ore.
and Tex. to Chile; casual in Wyq., etc.

280. Ochthodromus wilsonius. Wilson Plover.

Breeds from Tex. along Gulf and Atl. coasts; winters from Fla., Tex.,
and L.C. to Guat.; casual at San Diego.

281. Podasocys montanus. Mountain Plover.

Breeds from e. Mont, to Tex. and N.M.; winters from Calif, and s. lex.
to L.C. and San Luis Potosi, Mex.

282. Aphriza virgata. Surf-bird.

Breeding range unknown, but probably interior of nw. Alaska; winters
in Chile to Strts. of Magellan; occurs in migration from Kowak R., Alaska,
to s. S.Am.


283a. Arenaria interpres morinella. Ruddy Turnstone.

Arctic Am., breeding from Mack. R. e.; winters from Calif., Tex., La.,
and S.C. to s. Brazil and cen. Chile.
284. Arenaria melanocephala. Black Turnstone.

Breeds from Kotzebue Sound to Vail, of L. Yukon; winters from B.C.
s. to Santa Margarita I., L.C.; casual n. to Pt. Barrow, Alaska, etc.

286. Hcematopus palliatus. Oyster-catcher.

Coasts of N. and S. Am. from Tex., La., and Va. s. on both coasts of
Mex. to W. I., s. Brazil, and cen. Chile. Breeds probably throughout its range.
286.1. Hcematopus frazari. Frazar Oyster-catcher.

Both coasts of L.C., rarely n. to Ventura Co., Calif.; casual on coast
of nw. Mex.

287. Hcematopus bachmani. Black Oyster-catcher.

Breeds along Pac. coast of N. Am. from Aleutians to L.C. ; winters from
B.C. s. to L.C.

288. Jacana spinosa. Mexican Jacana.

Rio Grande Valley, Tex., s. Fla., and Gtr. Antilles to Mazatlan, Mex.,
and Panama.

289. Colinus mrginianus mrginianus. Bob-white.

Trans, and Up. Aust. zones in e. U.S. from S.D. and Me. to Fla., the
Gulf, coast, and Tex. Introduced in Willamette Val., and Mflhfnir Co.,
Ore., and spread to Boise Vail., Ida. Also introduced in e. Colo.
2896. C. -v. texanus. Texas Bob-white.

Up. and Low. Son. zones from se. N.M. through Tex. to e. Nuevo Leon
and cen. Tamaulipas.

291. Colinus ridgwayi. Masked Bob-white.
S. Ariz, and n. Sonpra.

292. Oreortyx picta picta. Mountain Quail.

Humid Trans, zone strip of Pac. coast from sw. Wash. s. to Monterey
Co., Calif.; introduced on Vancouver I. and in e. Ore. and w. Ida.
292a. O. a. plumifera. Plumed Quail.

Semi-arid Trans, zone from n. Ore. and sw. Idaho s. along both sides
of Sierra Nevada and Inyo and Ventura cos., Calif.
2926. O. p. confinis. San Pedro Quail.

San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mts., Calif., s. to Hansen Laguna
and San Pedro Martir Mts., L.C.

293. Callipepla squamata squamata. Scaled Quail.

Up. and Low. Son. zones from s. Colo, and Panhandle of Tex. s. to
Ariz, and Vail, of Mex.
293a. C. s. castanogastris. Chestnut-bellied Scaled Quail.

Low. Son. zone of s. Tex. from Eagle Pass and San Antonio s. to n.
parts of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

294. Lophortyx californica californica. California Quail.

Humid Trans, and Up. Son. zones along Pac. coast region from s.
Ore. to Monterey Co., Calif. Introduced in Wash, and Colo.
294a. L. c. vallicola. Valley Quail.

Mainly arid Up. Son. zone from Oregon s. through Calif, and w. Nev.
to Cape San. Lucas, L.C.

295. Lophortyx gambeli. Gambel Quail.

Low. Son. desert region of s. Calif., s. Nev., Ariz., and sw. Utah, e. to
sw. cor. of Colo., and also in sw. N.M. to the Rio Grande and El Paso
region of Tex. and s. into ne. cor. of L.C. and to Guaymas, Sonora.

296. Cyrtonyx montezumce mearnsi. Mearns Quail.

Arid Up. Son. and Trans, zones from central parts of Ariz., N.M., and
Tex. s. to mts. of n. Coahuila, Chihuahua, and e. Sonora.

297. Dendragapus obscurus obscurus. Dusky Grouse.

Can. and Trans, zones in Rocky Mts. from n. Utah and Colo, to w.
N.M., cen. Ariz., and e. Humboldt Mts., Nev.
297a. D. o. fuliginosus. Sooty Grouse.

Timbered Tran. and Boreal zones of nw. coast mts. from Alaska and s.
Yukon to Ore.


2976. D. o. richardsoni. Richardson Grouse.

Rocky Mts., from sw. Mack. s. to Wyo., Mont., and e. Ore.
297c. D. o. sierrce. Sierra Grouse.

Fort Klamath, Ore., s. through the mts. of Calif, to Mt. Pinos.
299. Canachites franklini. Franklin Grouse.

S. Alaska, cen. B.C., and w. cen. Alb. s. to Wash., ne. Ore., cen. Idaho,
and w. Mont.
300a. Bonasa umbellus togata. Canada Ruffed Grouse.

Can. and Tran. zones from cen. Keew., s. Ung., and N.S. s. to New
Eng., n. Mich., Man., cen. Idaho, e. Ore., and Wash.
3006. B. u. umbelloides. Gray Ruffed Grouse.

Norton Sound to cen. Yukon and w. cen. Mack. s. to w. S.D., Colo.,
and n. Utah.
300c. B. u. sabini. Oregon Ruffed Grouse.

Coast ranges from s. Alaska s. to Humboldt Co., Calif.
301. Lagopus lagopus lagopus. Willow Ptarmigan.

N. parts of N. Hemis., s. in winter in Am. to B.C., n. Mont., Minn.,
Ont., and Que.

304. Lagopus leucurus leucurus. White-tailed Ptarmigan.

Mainly in Arctic Alpine zone of Rocky Mts. fromn. B.C. and cen. Alb.
s. to N.M., nw. Mont., and Vane. I., Wash.

305. Tympanuchus americanus americanus. Prairie Chicken.

Mainly Tran. zone from se. Sask. and s. Man. to Ind., Ark., ne. Tex.,
and e. Colo.
305a. T. a. attwdteri. Attwater Prairie Chicken.

Low. Son. zone in coast region of Tex. and sw. La.
307. Tympanuchus pallidicinctus. Lesser Prairie Chicken.

Up. Son. zone of Gt. Plains, from Kan. s. to cen. Tex.
308a. Pedioecetes phasianellus columbianus. Columbian Sharp- tailed Grouse.

Mainly Tran. zone from cen. B.C. and cen. Alb. s. to cen. Colo., Utah,
and ne. Calif.
3086. P. p. campestris. Prairie Sharp-tailed Grouse.

Mainly Tran. zone from s. Alb. and s. Man. to n. 111., Kan., and Wyo.

309. Centrocercus urophasianus. Sage Grouse.

Sagebrush plains of Trans, zone from cen. B.C., s. Sask., and nw.
N.D. s. to nw. Neb., nw. N.M., and e. Calif.

310. Meleagris gallopavo merriami. Merriam Turkey.

Trans, and Up. Son. zones in mts. of s. Colo., N.M., Ariz., w. Tex., n.
Sonora, and Chihuahua.
310a. M. g. silvestris. Wild Turkey.

E. U.S. From Neb. and sw. Kan. e. to cen. Pa. and s. to Gulf coast.
310c. M. g. intermedia. Rio Grande Turkey.

Lowlands of n. Tex. s. to ne. Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas.

311. Ortalis vetula mccalli. Chachalaca.

Sub-tropical zone in lower Rio Grande Valley, Tex., s. in Mex. to n.
border of Vera Cruz.

312. Columba fasciata fasciata. Band-tailed Pigeon.

Trans, zone from B.C., Utah, and Colo. s. through Mex. to Nicar.;
winters from sw. U.S. s.

313. Columba flavirostris. Red-billed Pigeon.

Mainly Tropical zone from lower Rio Grande Valley s. through Mex.
(both coasts) and C. Am. to Costa Rica.
315. Ectopistes migratorius. Passenger Pigeon.

Bred formerly from Mack., Keew., Que., and N.S. s. to N.Y., Miss.,
and Kan.; wintered principally from Ark. to Gulf States; now probably
316a. Zenaidura macroura marginella. Western Mourning Dove.

Mainly Up. Son. zone from Pacific Coast and San Clemente I. e. to
Miss. Vail.
318. Leptotila fulviventris brachyptera. White-fronted Dove.

Mainly Trop. zone from lower Rio Grande Vail, in Tex., s. through Mex.
(both coasts) to Guat.
319a. Melopelia asiatica trudeaui. White-winged Dove.

Trop. and sub-trop. zones from L.C.,s. Ariz., sw. N.M., s. Tex., and s.


Fla. s. to Cuba, Jam., and C.R.; casual inse. Calif., Colo., and Bahamas.
320a. Chcemepelia passerina pallescens. Mexican Ground Dove.

Low. Son. and Trop. zones from L.C., s. Ariz., and mid. s. Tex. s. to
C.R.; casual in s. Calif.
321. Scardafella inca. Inca Dove.

Low. Son. and Trop. zones from ne. L.C., Ariz., and s. Tex. s. to Guat.

324. Gymnogyps calif ornianus. California Vulture.

Coast ranges of Calif, from Santa Clara Co. s. to n. L.C. ; casual in
Ore. and Ariz.

325. Cathartes aura septentrionalis. Turkey Vulture.

Aust. and Tran. zones from s. B.C., Sask., w. Man., Minn., Ont., N.Y.,
and N.J., s. to n. Mex. and s. L.C.; winters throughout most of its Atl.
slope range but westward retires to the Ohio Vail., Neb., and Calif.

326. Catharista urubu. Black Vulture.

Low. Aust. and Trop. zones from w. Tex., Kan., Ind., and se. Va. s.
through Mex. and C. Am. to s. S. Am.; casual in se. Can., etc.

327. Elanoides forficatus. Swallow-tailed Kite.

Breeds locally from Sask., Minn., and S.C. s. to Argentina; winters s.
of U.S.

328. Elanus leucurus. White-tailed Kite.

Breeds in Low. Aust. zone in Calif., Tex., Okla., and Fla.; winters in
Calif, and Fla. and rarely to Guat. Resident from Venez. to Argent.

329. Ictinia mississippiensis. Mississippi Kite.

Breeds chiefly in Low. Aust. zone from s. Kan., 111., s. Ind. and S.C. s.
to Fla. and Tex. ; winters in s. Tex. and Fla. and rarely s. to Guat.

331. Circus hudsonius. Marsh Hawk.

Breeds from ne. Siberia, nw. Alaska, nw. Mack., cen. Keew., n. Que.,
and Prince Edw. I. s. to s. border of U.S.; winters from s. B.C., Ohio
Vail., and N.Y., s. to Bahamas, Cuba, and Colombia.

332. Accipiter velox. Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Breeds nearly throughout the U.S. and Can. from nw. Alaska, nw.
Mack., s. Keew., and Newf. s. ; winters from B.C., Colo., Iowa, and Mass.
s. to Panama.

333. Accipiter cooperi. Cooper Hawk.

Breeds mainly in Can. zone from s. B.C., s. Alb., s. Keew., cen. Que.,
and Prince Edw. I. s. to Calif., Colo., and e. ; winters from B.C., Colo.,
Neb., and Mass. s. to Colombia.

334. Astur atricapillus atricapillus. Goshawk.

Breeds in Boreal zones from nw. Alaska, nw. Mack., cen. Keew., and
n. Ung. s. to N.H. and Mich., and in mts. s. to Pa. and N.M.; winters
from Alaska and s. Canad. Provinces s. to Va., Ind., Okla., Tex., and
n. Mex.
334a. A. a. striatulus. Western Goshawk.

Boreal zones of Pac. coast region. Breeds from Cook Inlet, Alaska,
s. to Sierra Nev. of Calif, in lat. 36 30'; winters s. in Calif, and e. to

335. Parabuteo unicinctus harrisi. Harris Hawk.

Low. Son. zone in se. Calif., s. Ariz., s. Tex., La., and Miss., s. to Cape
San Lucas and Panama.
337. Buteo borealis borealis. Red-tailed Hawk.

Sask., cen. "Keew., and Newf. s. to Fla., Gtr. Antill., Gulf coast, and
ne. Mex.
337a. B. b. krideri. Krider Hawk.

Gt. Plains, from Wyo., N.D., and Minn., to Neb. and Mo.; in winter
to Wis., 111., Tex., La., and Miss.
3376. B. b. calurus. Western Red-tail.

W. N. Am. from mid. Yukon and cen. w. Mack. tow. part of Gt. Plains
and s. to Cape San Lucas and Guat.
337d. B. b. harlani. Harlan Hawk.

Low. Miss. Vail, and Gulf States from La. to Ga. and Fla. ; casual in
Colo., Tex., Kan., Neb., 111., and Pa.


339. Buteo lineatus Uneatus. Red-shouldered Hawk.

Breeds from Man., s. Keew., s. Que., N.S., and Prince Edw. I. s. nearly
to Gulf States ; winters s. to Gulf coast.
3396. B. I. elegans. Red-bellied Hawk.

Tran. and Son. zones from s. B.C. and Calif, s. to Nev., Mex., and L.C.

340. Buteo abbreviates. Zone-tailed Hawk.

Low. Son. zone in Ariz., N.M., and sw. Tex. s. through Mex. and C.A.
to Venez. and E.G.; casual in s. Calif.

342. Buteo swainsoni. Swainson Hawk.

Breeds from B.C. and Man. to Chile; winters from S.D. s. ; casual to
Alaska, Mack., Que., Ont., Me., and Mass.

343. Buteo platypterus. Broad-winged Hawk.

Breeds from cen. Alb., s. Sask., n. Ont., N.B., and Cape Breton I., s.
to Gulf coast and cen. Tex., mainly e. of Miss. ; winters from Ohio and Del.
Vails, s. to Venez. and Peru.
34 1. 1 Buteo albicaudatus sennetti. Sennett White-tailed Hawk.

Low. Son. zone from mid. Tex. to s. Mex. (both coasts).

345. Urubitinga anthracina. Mexican Black Hawk.

Low. Son. zone in s. Ariz, and Lower Rio Grande Vail. s. through Mex.
and C.A. to Peru and E.G.

346. Asturina plagiata. Mexican Goshawk.

S. Ariz, and lower Rio Grande Vail. s. to Costa Rica; winters s. of U.S.
347a. Archibuteo lagopus sancti-johannis. Rough-legged Hawk.

Breeds in Hud. zone from Aleutians, nw. Alaska, Arctic coast, and n.
Ung. s. to Newf., s. Ung., s. Mack., and cen. B.C.; winters from Ore.,
Colo., Minn., and n. boundary of e. U.S. s. to N.C., La., Tex., s. N.M.,
and cen. Calif.

348. Archibuteo ferrugineus. Ferruginous Rough-leg.

Breeds mainly in Tran. zone from s. Wash., sw. Sask., and s. Man. to
Kan., Colo., Utah, and s. Calif.; winters from Mont, to L.C. and Mex.

349. Aquila chrysaetos. Golden Eagle.

N. part of N. Hemis. In N. Am. from n. Alaska, nw. Mack., cen. Keew.,
and n. Ung. s. to N.S., Me., c. Ont., s. Keew., Man., S.D., w. Tex., cen.
Mex., and mid. L.C.
352. Haliceetus leucocephalus leucocephalus. Bald Eagle.

U.S. to s. L.C. and n. Mex., breeding in suitable localities throughout
its range; rare and local in Calif, and arid interior.

354. Falco rusticolus rusticolus. Gray Gyrfalcon.

Arctic regions. Breeds in Arctic America from Alaska e. to s. Greenl.;
in winter casual s. to B.C., Kan., Wis., Ont., and Me.

355. Falco mexicanus. Prairie Falcon.

Tran. and Son. zones from s. B.C. and se. Sask. to e. border of Gt.
Plains, and s. to s. Mex. and L.C.; casual e. to Minn, and 111. Breeds
throughout its U.S. range.
356o. Falco peregrinus anatum. Duck Hawk.

Breeds locally (except in nw. coast region) from Norton Sound, n.
Mack., Bothia Penin., and Greenl. s. to Conn, (in mts. to S.C.), Pa., Ind.,
Kan., sw. Tex., Ariz., and cen. L.C.; winters from s. B.C., Colo., and N.J.,
to W.I. and Pana.; occurs also in s. S. Am.
3566. Falco p. pealei. Peale Falcon.

Pac. coast region of N. Am. from Aleutians to Oregon. Breeds through-
out its range.
357. Falco columbarius columbarius. Pigeon Hawk.

Breeds from nw. Alaska and nw. Mack., s. in mts. to Calif., and from
cen. Keew., n. Ung., and Newf. s. to Me., cen. Ont., and Mich.; winters
from Calif, and Gulf States (casually farther n.) s. through Mex., C.A.,
and W.I. to Ecuad. and Venez.

1 Change in subgenus has changed sequence of old Check-List numeration.


357a. F. c. suckleyi. Black Pigeon Hawk.

Nw. coast region from B.C. to n. Calif.
3576. F. c. richardsoni. Richardson Pigeon Hawk.

Breeds in Gt. Plains region from mid. Sask Vail., and s. Alb. to N.D.,
and n. Mont.; winters s. to s. L.C., n.w. Mex., and s. Tex.; casual in Cal.
and Mo.

359. Falco fusco-ccerulescens. Aplomado Falcon.
Ariz., N.M., and s. Tex. s. through C.A. to Patag.

360. Falco sparverius sparverius. Sparrow Hawk.

Breeds from Up. Yukon, nw. Mack., s. Keew., and Newf. s. to Gulf
States (except Fla.); winters from Kan., Ohio, and Mass. s. through e.
Mex. to C.R.
360a. F. s. phalcena. Desert Sparrow Hawk.

Breeds from cen. B.C. and sw. Sask., Wyo., and w. Neb. s. to w. Tex.,
Durango, N.M., and s. Calif. ; winters from B.C. and Colo. s. to Guat.
362. Polyborus cheriway. Audubon Caracara.

Subtrop. and Trop. zones of n. L.C., Ariz., N.M., Tex., and Fla., s. to
Guiana and Ecuad.

364. Pandion haliaetus carolinensis. Osprey.

Breeds from nw. Alaska, nw. Mack., cen. Keew., s. Ung., and Newf.
s. to Gulf Coast, w. Mex., and L.C. ; winters from s. U.S. through L.C. and
Mex. to W.I. and C.A.; occurs also in S. Am. s. to Peru and Paraguay.

365. Aluco pratincola. Barn Owl.

Breeds in Up. and Low. Aust. zones of U.S. from Sac. Vail., Calif.,
Colo., Neb., Ind., and N.Y. s. to Gulf States and s. Mex. ; casually to Ore.,
Minn., Ont., Vt., and Mass.

366. Asio wilsonianus. Long-eared Owl.

Breeds from cen. B.C., s. Mack., s. Keew., s. Que., and Newf. s. to
Va., Ark., n. Tex., and s. Calif.; winters from s. Can. to Ga., La., and cen.

367. Asio flammeus. Short-eared Owl.

Nearly cosmopolitan. In N. Am. breeds irregularly and locally from
n. Alaska and Aleutian Is., n. Mack., n. Ung., and Greenl. s. to Mass.,
Mo., s. Kan., Col., and Calif.; winters from Calif., Wyo., Ind., and Mass.
s. to La., Cuba, and Guat.; common in Hawaii.

368. Strix varia varia. Barred Owl.

Breeds from s. Keew., s. Que., and Newf. s. to Ga., e. Kan., e. Colo.,
and e. Wyo.
3686. S. v. albogilva. Texas Barred Owl.

Mid. s. Tex.

369. Strix occidentalis occidentalis. Spotted Owl.

Son. zones of Calif, from s. San Joaquin Vail, s., and from Ariz., Colo.,
N.M., and nw. Tex. to L.C.
369a. S. o. caurina. Northern Spotted Owl.

Coast region from s. B.C. to cen. Calif.

370. Scotiaptex nebulosa nebulosa. Great Gray Owl.

Breeds in Hud. and up. Can. zones from tree limit in cen. Alaska and
nw. Mack. s. to cen. Keew. and Alb. ; winters in s. Can. Provinces, strag-
gling to n. Calif., Wyo., Neb., Ohio, N.Y., and New Eng.

371. Cryptoglaux funerea richardsoni. Richardson Owl.

Breeds in Hud. and up. Can. zones from limit of trees in cen. Alaska,
and n. cen. Mack. s. to n. B.C., n. Alb., and Magdalen Is.; in winter to
s. Can. but rare e. ; casual s. to Ore., Colo., Neb., Pa., and New Eng.

372. Cryptoglaux acadica acadica. Saw-whet Owl.

Breeds in Tran. zone from B.C., Alb., Man., Que., N.B., and N.S. s.
to Md., n. Ind., s. Neb., N.M., cen. Ariz., and e. cen. Calif.
372a. C. a. scotcea. Northwestern Saw-whet Owl.

Queen Charlotte Is., B.C., to Ore.

373. Otus asio asio. Screech Owl.

Minn., Ont., and N.B. s. to Ga. and ne. Tex. at about the 100th meridian.


3736. 0. a. mccalli. Texas Screech Owl.

Low. Son. zone from extreme s. Tex. to Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon,
373c. O. a. bendirei. California Screech Owl.

Sw. Ore. and Calif.
373d. O. a. kennicotti. Kennicott Screech Owl.

Nw. coast region from Sitka to Ore.
373e. O. a. maxwellice. Rocky Mountain Screech Owl.

Foothills and adjacent plains of e. Rocky Mts. from se. Mont, to cen.
373/. 0. a. cineraceus. Mexican Screech Owl.

Up. Son. and Low. Tran. zones of s. Calif., Ariz., N.M., nw. Mex.,
and n. L.C.

3730. O. a. aikeni. Aiken Screech Owl.
S. Colo, and e. to cen. Tex.

373/1. O. a. macfarlanei. MacFarlane Screech ^Owl.
Interior of B.C. s. to w. Mont., Ore., and e. Wash.

3731. O. a. gilmani. Sahuara Screech Owl.

Low. Son. zone of se. Calif., Ariz, (probably N.M.), and nw. Mex.
373.1. Otus trichopsis. Spotted Screech Owl.

S. Ariz, to Guat.
374. Otus flammeolus flammeolus. Flammulated Screech Owl.

Ariz., Colo., and w. Tex. s. to highlands of Guat.
374a. O. f. idahoensis. Dwarf Screech Owl.

Tran. zone in B.C., Wash., and Idaho s. to Calif.
375a. Bubo virginianus pallescens. Western Horned Owl.

E. Ore., Mont., and Minn. s. to w. Tex., ne. Mex., N.M., Ariz., and
se. Calif.
3756. B. v. subarcticus. Arctic Horned Owl.

Breeds from nw. Mack, and cen. Keew. to Vail, of Sask., and probably
glacier region of Mt. St. Elias and Mt. Fairweather; s. in winter to n.
U.S. from Idaho to Wis.
375d. 1 B. v. pacificus. Pacific Horned Owl.

Klamath Lakes, Ore., and valleys and s. coast of Calif.
375c. B.- v. saturalus. Dusky Horned Owl.

Pac. region from Ft. Yukon, Cook Inlet, and Prince Wm. Sound s.
along coast to San Luis Obispo Co., Calif., and in Rocky Mts. to Ariz, and
N.M.; in winter to Ft. Simpson, Mack. R.
376. Nyctea nyctea. Snowy Owl.

N. part of N. Hemis. In N. Am. breeds on barren grounds from Is. of
Bering Sea and Yukon delta to Melville I. and n. Greenl. s. to n. Ung.,
cen. Keew., and cen. Mack. ; winters from Arctic coast s. to s. Can. Provs.
and Mont, and irregularly to e. states; straggling to Calif., Tex., N.C., etc.
377a. Surnia ulula caparoch. Hawk Owl.

Breeds from nw. Alaska, nw. Mack., and Hud. Str. to Ung., (casually
Mont.), cen. Alb., and s. B.C.; winters s. to s. Can. Provs., casually to
Wash., Neb., Ind., and New Eng.

378. Speotyto cunicularia hypogcea. Burrowing Owl.

B.C. to Man. and s. to La. and Pana. ; migratory n. of Ore. and n. Kan.

379. Glaucidium gnoma pinicola. Rocky Mountain Pgymy Owl.
Timbered mts. of n. Colo., Ariz., and N.M., and Sierra Madreof Mex.

379a. G. g. californicum. California Pygmy Owl.

Humid coast Tran. zone from s. B.C. s. to mid. Calif.

380. Glaucidium phalcenoides. Ferruginous Pygmy Owl.
Tex. and Ariz. s. to s. Brazil.

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