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Carrying into effect these benevolent views,
would aff"ord the Parent Slaves much consola-
tion, from knowing that their children were
to be made partakers of the blessings of free-

* Verified by the reluctance of the colonial assem-
blies to adopt the recouiniendations of the British

dom, would tend to ameliorate and improve
their dispositions and in some degree reconeile
them to their present uidiappy condition, an-
ticipating the possibility of their children re-
deeming them ahso.

The first years expense of purchasing the
freedom of the children in the British West
Indies, of two years, (say from ten to twelve ,
years old) would not probably exceed four hun- I
dred thousand pounds; the next, and probably
the four or five succeeding years, each about
two liurdred thousand pounds, after that pe-
riod, from some of the freed females becoming
mothers, the expense would annually,
till all slavery terminated. An additional
impost duty on West India Sugar, making it
equal to the duty on East India Sugar, would
it is estimated, be more than ample to defray
the expenses of such purchases. s-

MU/urd,2 mo. lllh, 1828.

"asylum for" tyrants.

Strange, indeed, iv'ill it sound in Uic earsof an
European, — yet it is not more strange than true,
tiiat tfie mostprofliu;al(! and despotic oppressors
in the known world are now looking to Uim? Re-
public, as a government the most cunEjcuial to
their principles, and which will afford theni the
surest protection in the exercise of their usuri>a-
tion and tyranny ! The proud maxim, so long
inscribed on the front of our national banner- —
" an assylum lor the oppressed of all nations" —
if not superseded by, must now be coupled with,
the wordsthat stand at the head of this article!!
Alas, for the inconsistency of poor human na-
turel Ashameandacurse attendsthe generation
that supports a system of such unparralleiled

We have various accounts from the island of
Jamacai, and other West India colonies, which
leave no doubt on the minds of intelligent per-
sons, that the period of a general emancipation
of the slave holding population is drawing near.
Since the late rrbeilion in Jamaica, the urgent
entreaties of the philanthropists of Etigland, and
the stubborn refusal of the colonial authorities
to comply with the requisitions of the parent
government, have roused the dormant energies
of the British Ministry, and a determined reso-
lution has been formed to comjjeli\\G colonists to
abandon the horrid system of cruelty so long
practised by them, and to adopt a plan for the
cultivation of their lands by free labor. As we
might naturally expect, this has given great of-
fence to the corrupt enslavers of the colored
population ; and they are loud in their com-
plaints and denunciations of the British philan-
thropists and statesmen. Several statements
have appeareil in the newspapers of late, relative



Fiat Justiliu Kiiat CujIuiu.

to ttio intention ol' iiiiiiiy phinters to nniuve to
(he llnititl states, where, they suppose they will
be able to holil their slave "property," without
molestation, and pursue the same measures of
grinding oppression that they have been accus-
tomed to. A southern pupcr, ol' recent date,
has tiiis paragra()h:

■•We Uarn that a considerable number of the most
wealthy inhabitants of Jamaica have determined to
ubandon that island, nnj remove to the United States.
'l"he Uritish Colonial system, alias, the " American
sv'^tom" ofl^'ngland — and the condition of the slave
popubitiun — ha\«! reduced estates to one tenth the
value they once possessed."

And a New-York paper contained the follow-
ing article, a short time since : —

"Ex olficio informations luive been filed against the
editor of the Bahama Arg'us, for a libel on the Gov-
ernor. He has been eon(lemned lo im|>risonment by
a Jury composed of black and wlti'e men; and there
are no less than five other prosecutions of a similar
kind han^in-,' over liis head, as well as two, each, over
nine mdivicluals on the island.

"In the islanil ot Dominica the same mode of pro-


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