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Some account of Other Families of tlie Name

Francis Bacon Trowbridge

Author of The Cliampion Genealogy



Edition 350 Copies,
Of which 100 are illustrated.




In the spring of 1892 the author began collecting material
for a history of the American Hoadlejs, and now takes pleas-
ure in presenting to them the result of his labors. The town
and church records of Branford and the j^robate records at
Guilford have naturally proved the most fruitful field for
investigation, while many important facts have also been dis-
covered in the records at New Haven, Wallingford, Water-
^ bury, and other towns. Outside of Connecticut the author
. ^i has had to depend largely on correspondence to obtain particu-
v\^ lars of those who left their native State.

I The difficulties with which a genealogist has to contend are

V great. The records in different towns, and the towai and

^ church records in the same town often disagree, while the

^ registers in family bibles and the inscriptions on grave stones

V M are generally at variance with other sources of information.

VJ Then again the most careful correspondents sometimes make

mistakes, and accounts of a family by its different members

often disagree, so strict accuracy in dates in many cases is


The localities which have been the special homes of the
Hoadleys and with which their name is most closely identified
are the towns of Branford, Waterbury, Naugatuck and Ply-
mouth in Connecticut, Turin and Windsor in 'New York,
Burton and Columbia in Ohio, Canaan in Pennsylvania, Plain-
field in Indiana, Fairfield in Michigan, and Tinmouth in

The Hoadleys as a race are endowed with the same vigorous
mental and physical character and pride of family which dis-


tingnished their ancestors. They may well be proud of the
record of their forefathers, for they proved by the part they
took in the early Colonial struggles and in the later wars of
the Republic that the positions of trust with which they were
honored were wisely and deservedly bestowed upon them by
their State and Country. They have boldly gone out into
the wilderness and faced the hardships incident to all new
settlements, and their energy and enterprise have invariably
benefited the communities in which they have made their
hoines ; and in all civil, educational, and religious movements
they have been found progressive and ready to do their part
in laying the foundation of American society.

The author thanks the many friends who have contributed
to these pages, and hopes that they will derive as much pleas-
ure from the Genealogy as he has done from their corres-

Neiv Haiien, Conn., April, 1894-


Introduction . . . . .

Tabular View of Heads of Families
William Hoadley and his Descendants
Other Families of Hoadleys : —

John Hoadly of Guilford, Connecticut

Thomas Hoadley of Hartland, Vermont, and his De-
scendants ....

Miscellaneous Hoadleys
Corrections and Additions .
Index I. — Christian names of those bearing the surname

of Hoadley .
Index II. — Surnames other than Hoadley .
Family Register ....









The Hoadley Homestead in JSIorthford, Conn.

The Hoadley Homestead in Naiigatuck, Conn.

Capt. Calvin Hoadley's House in West View, Ohio

Col. Samuel Hoadley of Columbia, Ohio

Hon. George Hoadly of Cleveland, Ohio

Capt. Simeon Hoadley of New Haven, Conn.

Rev. L. Ives Hoadley of Northford, Conn.

Orrin Hoadley of Branford, Conn. .

Hon. Silas Hoadley of Plymouth, Conn.

David Hoadley of New York City .

Erastus W. Hoadley of Naugatuck, Conn. ,

Hon. George Hoadly of New York City

George Hoadley of New Haven, Conn.

Harvey Hoadley of New Haven, Conn.

Milo Hoadley of San Francisco, Cal.

George T. Hoadley of Plymouth, Conn.

Russell H. Hoadley of New York City

Rev. Burton J. Hoadley of Plymouth, Ohio

Henry H. Hoadley of Sheffield, Mass.

P. L. Hoadley of Newark, N. J. .

Rev. James H. Hoadley, D.D., of New York City

John C. Hoadley of Lawrence, Mass.

Horace P. Hoadley of New Haven, Conn. .

Henry T. Hoadley of Plymouth, Conn.

Prof. George A. Hoadley of Swarthmore, Penn.

Cane of William Hoadley the Settler .

Carleton E. Hoadley of New Haven, Conn.

The Hoadley Coat of Arms

The ai'totype poitiaits are by Bierstadt, New York.


The Hoadlej family originated in the south of England
and is supposed to have derived its name from one of two
parishes in Sussex, East and West Hoadly, (now spelled
Hoathly), one in the rape of Lewes, the other in that of

Mention is made in the Sussex Archeological Collections of
Margaret, daughter and heir of Solomon de Hotlilegh, (about
1280,) of William de Hodlegh, 1296, of Maurice de Hodleye,
1318, (11th Ed. ii.) King Edward ii sent Maurice de Hothlegh
on an errand from Tunbridge to London.

In Queen Elizabeth's time John Hodeley, of Lamberhurst
on the liorders of Kent and Sussex, had a chancery suit against
the vicar.

Thomas Hodely, of Sussex, pleb., of Queens College Oxford,
matriculated 7 Dec. 1616, aged 18, B.A. 1629, M.A. 1623.

Li the ITtli century there were a number by the name hi
various parishes of Sussex and Kent, who were small land-
holders, and the name is still to l)e found in those counties.

The place of Inrth neither of John Hoadley of Guilford,
nor of William of Branford, has as yet been ascertained,
though there appears to be reason to suppose that the former
came from Kent. That they were related is probable, but the
fact rests only at present on family tradition.





The Settler.
and Brant'ord,

(Branford, Conn.)



(Naug-atuck, Conn.)

(Columbia, Ohio.)

(Naugatuck, Conn.) (Naug-atuck, Conn.)
(Bellows Falls, Vt.)
[ Jude^',
t (Naugatuck, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)


(Branford, Conn.)


(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.

(Branford, Conn.)
j Joseph'^,*
I (Branford, Conn.)
I Nathaniels
I (Waterburj% Conn.)


(Branford, Conn.)
1 (Branford, Conn.)


(Branford, Conn.)

(Bi-anford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

I (Branford, Conn.)

1 (Turin, N. Y.)
I Jameses
I (Branford, Conn.)

Ben j amines
(Branford, Conn.)


(Windsor, N. Y.)


(Branford, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Middlefield, Conn.)


(Paris, N. Y.)

(Canaan, Pa.)

(Waterbury, Conn.)

(Branford, Conn.)

(Branfoi-d, Conn.)

Male line extinct.



William Hoadlky, or Hoadle, as lie spelt the name, the
ancestor of hj far the greater pai-t of those who bear the
name in this country, was born in England about 1630.* He
tirst appears in Saybrook in 1663. In 1666 he bought the
homelot of Rev. Abraham Pierson of Branford, when the
latter removed to Is^ew Jersey. This lot was on the west side
of the public green where the Totoket House now stands, and
there he conducted his business as a merchant, his shop being
next to his dwelling house.

William Hoadley's name appears on the new Plantation
Covenant of Branford January 20, 1667-8. He was |)ro-
pounded as a freeman of the Colony at the May session of the
General Assembly (May 13,) 1669, and was admitted in the
following October. He was one of the representatives or dep-
uties for Branford at nine sessions of the Assend)l_y between
1678 and 1685, and one of the patentees of the town Fel)-
ruary 16, 1685-6. He was one of the selectmen several years
between 1673 and 1690. At a town meeting held June 26,
1683, he was chosen and appointed to keep the ordinary in
Branford. The death of his wife, perhaps, occasioned him to
lay it down, and his successor was chosen to keep it March 28,
1687. In the time of Sir Edmund Andros William Hoadley
was one of the grand-jurors at a court of quarter-sessions held
at New Haven in June, 1688. He was one of a committee
appointed October 11, 1686, to make application to the geii-
eral court at Hartford for liberty for the town to embody into
a church estate. In 1699 he was one of a committee to build
a meeting house, and was often on committees to procure a
minister foi- the town. The town gave libertv in Decemlier,

* William Hoadley and Thomas Harrison are i-eeorded in Branford as r>8 > ear
old in 1688.


1701, to Mr. William Hoadley, senior, to build a pew in the
meeting house for himself and family and two of his sons and
their wives ; he building it upon his own charge, and after his
decease and his wife's the pew to be at the town's dispose,
they paying reasonable charges according to the value of it.

The name and time of death of the first wife of William
Hoadley are unknowai. He had eight children according to
the list taken January 17, 1676, but the names of but seven
are known and six survived him. He died in November or
December, 1709, aged about 79 years. The date of his inven
tory is December 27th, and its amount £1,116. He left a
will, but it was rejected by the probate court, and the settle-
ment of his estate was the occasion of a tierce and long con-
tinued litigation among his heirs. This will has never been
found and its provisions are unknown.

" An Inventory of the estate of Mr. AVilliam Hoadley late
of Branford, deceased, as it was taken by us Nathaniel Harri-
son and John Rose, Junior, December ye 27th 1709."

The inventory fills over four pages in Vol. Ill of New
Haven Probate Records. Among the items are the fol-
lowing :

House, barn, and homelot, 6^ A (£10C) ; 10 A Land and meadow in the
Mill Quarter (£50) ; f A in Little Mill Quarter (£3i); li A meadow in Mill
Quarter (£7^^) ; 1 A meadow in Little Mill Quarter on near side of an isl-
and (£5) ; 2f A meadow up the river (£15) ; 1^ A meadow at the Wallet
(£7) ; U A meadow at Stone Hill Point (£0) ; parcel at Stony Creek (£7i);
parcel at the mouth of Pine Creek (£12) ; 4^ A plowing land at Great Isl-
and (£20) ; 3 A at Little Plain (£12) ; 4 A at Indian Neck (£20) ; 60 A at
Beaver Swainp (£4) ; 2 A upland and swamp at Cole pit plain (£4) ;
piece of swamp on the back side of the town (£10) ; 10 A pasture (£30) ;
parcel commonly called the hop-ground (£30) ; 159 A of 4th Division
(£79) ; right in undivided land (£80) ; 16 A at Stratford ; Samuel's part :
20 A at Hop Yard Plain (£40) ; 20 A near the School laud (£20).

Wearing apparrel, including gloves, muslin and silk neckcloths, spec-
tacles, cane, and wig.

Household furniture and furnishings (a large and handsome assort-
ment), razor, looking glass, silver seal,* spinning wheels, bibles and law
book, hollaud napkins and table cloths, quantitj" of pewter.

Farm implements and produce, and a great nvimber of live stock.

A Mulatto maid (£25) and an Indian boy (£4).

* William Hoadley's name and seal are affixed to the deed of release from Bran-
ford to New Haven.


Total amount of the inventory was £1166— 3s — 2cl.

The order of division was to William (the eldest son a
double portion), Samuel, John, Nathaniel Finch, Nathaniel
Johnson, Abraham, and widow Ruth.

The following are all the mention the author could find of
William Hoadley on the Town Records of Branford :

In Vol. I.

W. H. signed an order to settle a minister 20 Jan. 1667. p. 319.

19 Jan. 1669 — W. H. enters an action against Jolin Whitehead to the
value of 30s. damages for the latter's hogs for breaking into his orchard
and eating his apples. The court awarded the pltf. 15s. and costs.
p. 209.

28 Jan. 1670— W. H's. ear mark was a T on the near buttock and a
hollow bit out of the under side of both ears. p. 362. On 19 Dec. 1674,
his ear mark was a T on the buttock and a half penny under each ear.
pp. 367, 372.

15 Nov. 1670— W. H. sold a gray horse to Josiah Ward. p. 137.

22 Mar. 1671 — " Be itt knowne to All men by these p'^sents that I Wil-
liam Hoadly of Brainford in y^ County of Newhaven have Bargained :
Sould ; Alianated & made over And by these presents do give alianate
and make over unto Anthony Howde of the Aforesaid Towne & County
my now Dvvellinge house w'h Barne or Barnes out houses yeards orchard
frut trees & home Lot Lying betweene M'. John Wilford's on j* South
West, the River South East John Rogers and Thomas Sargent Northeast
w'h the fences belonging thereunto'' * - "■■ p. 247.

[Signed] William Hoadle

1 Aug. 1673— W. H. sells land to Robert Foote. p. 97.

2 Mar. 1674-5 — Thomas Whedon entered an action vs W. H. and Sam-
uel Ward, collectors for the town, for a debt due him from the town and
costs for work done for the town 40s. Court awarded the pltf. £1 — lis..
he to pay the costs.

17 Jan. 1676 — A list of the number of children each planter had was
made and W. H. is accorded 8 ch. p. 118. And in a list of the estates
of the planters of Branford his estate was £119, which was sixth in
amount out of a list of thirty-seven, p. 119.

21 Dec. 1677 — W. H. was chosen constable (p. 127) on the same day his
portion of fresh meadow was laid out to him.

4 June 1678— At a town meeting W. H. and William Maltby were ap-
pointed to agree with Mr. John Arnold to keep a school in the town and
they are to see what may be collected in the town from those that have
children for the satisfaction of the schoolmaster, p. 131.


15 Avig. 1678— The Towne have unanimously agreed that what hath
been formerly proposed to Mr. John Wise and Mr. Daniel Russell for
their incouragement in reference to their coming amongst us to carry on
the work of the ministry, Shall be confirmed to Mr. John Harriman, Jr.,
that he do come amongst us and carry on the work of the ministry in
Branford for the future. The Towne have appointed Capt. Topping,
Thomas Harrison, Daniel Swaine, Edward Barker. W. H., Samuel Pond
and Eleazer Stent or any five of them to treat with Mr. Harriman and to
act in the behalf of the whole town until things depending are brought
to an issue, p. 131.

14 Mar. 1678-9— At a T. Meet. Mr. Rosewell, W. H., and John Frisbie
were appointed to run the line between Branford and Wallingford and
do give them full power to act in behalf of the town. p. 142.

28 May 1679— Edward Frisbie entered an action against W. H. for in-
jury done by his swine (7 bush, of peas), p. 136. Value and costs for
pltf. On the same day W. H. entered an action against Samuel Brad-
field for damages to his fence 20s.

11 Sept. 1679— At a T. Meet., W. H., William Maltby and Eleazer Stent
were chosen listers, p. 111.

11 Dec. 1679— At a T. Meet., Edward Barker, Robert Foote and W. H.
were appointed to lay out land. p. 144. At the same meeting W. H.,
William Rosewell and Thomas Harrison were appointed to lay out farm
lands to the inhabitants.

5 Jan. 1679 — W. H., Ed. Frisbie and Noah Rogers, appointed to lay
out land. p. 146.

20 Jan. 1679— At a T. Meet, the inhabitants authorized and appointed
W. H., Edward Barker, Eleazer Stent and John Frisbie to be agents on
a committee to lay out lots to succeeding inhabitants, p. 113.

28 Jan. 1679 — ^W. H. laid out tlie lots drawn by the inhabitants by
lot. p. 156.

13 Feb. 1679— W. H., John Frisbie and Peter Tyler were chosen towns-
men for the year ensuing, p. 156.

25 Mar. 1679— W. H., William Rosewell and John Frisbie were chosen
a turnpike committee, p. 111.

17 June 1680— The town appointed Mr. William Rosewell, Edward
Barker, W. H., Thomas Harrison, John Frisbie and Eleazer Stent a com-
mittee to treat with New Haven concerning some pretended claims to
some land in our township.

24 Jan. 1680 — W. H. and Michael Palmer apprized a stray x'ed heifer
taken up by Eleazer Stent at 40s. p. 402.

26 Apr. 1681— Edward Barker and W. H. are appointed to take an
account of what corn there is in the town with the number of persons
according to what was recommended to the town by the Governor and


Council, p. 310. On same day and page W. H. was allowed 40s. for a
law book which he formerly bought for the town.

6 Dec. 1681 — W. H. chosen to audit town accounts, p. 87.

31 Mar. 1681— W. H., Sam Pond and John Linsley, Jr.. were appointed
to lay out land. p. 308, and II. p. 26.

In Vol. II.

7 Jan. 1683— The town agreed to give Rev. Mr. John Wilson a call and
appointed Mr. William Rosewell, Mr. Edward Barker and W. H. or any
two of them to acquaint Mr. Wilson with the mind of the town and treat
with him and solicit him in the matter, p. 17.

The Lands of William Hoadley were :

In Vol. I. — At Long Hill, p. 97; Cannon Brook Qviarter. p. 97; Mulliner's
Neck, pp. 97. 233; Stony Creek, pp. 97, 266 and II. 251; Dutch
house neck, p. 97; Fresh meadow, p. 127 and II. 242; West Quar-
ter, p. 237; Norton's meadow, p. 257; Mill Quarter, p. 285 ; The
Swamp (which he and 10 others had dammed and drained and
wei'e allotted for their trouble), \>. 354: Homelot mentioned, p. 418
(4 Mar. 1675-6).

In Vol. II.— Newfield lots, p. 12 (13 Mar. 1682-3); rec'd land, p. 17 (7 Jan.
"83); Dodd's Hill, p. 77 (15 Jan. 1692-3); took up John Hawk's land,
p. 77 (1 Mar. 1692-3); Hopyard Plain, p. 77 (15 Jan. 1692-3); bo't of
Samuel Swain, p. 192 (9 Sept. 1691); Rose's Meadow, p. 193, to son
Abraham H., p. 218 (at Dodd's Hill, 25 Feb. 1703-4); 3d division,
p. 233 (29 May 1704); to sons John and Abraham H., p. 269 (28 Mar.
1704); to Jonathan Rose, p. 292 (on east side of the river, 8 Apr.
1707). There are also memoranda of exchange of lands in I. p. 385
and II. 246.
See " Gen. Reg."' iii, 153 for a B'ford deed meut. W. H.

1. Mr. William Hoadley, known sometimes as "Captain,"
born about 1630 in England ; died in November or December,
1709, in Branford, Conn, Partienlars as to liis iirst marriage
and wife are unknown. He married, 2d, about 1686, Mary
(Bullard) Farrington, widow of John Farrington of Ded-
hani, Mass., and daughter of William Bullard of Charlestown,
Mass., and Dedham, who died 12 May 1703 in Branford.
He married, 3d, in Branford, about 1704, Kuth (Bowers)
Frisbie, widow of John Frisbie, and daughter of Rev. John
and Bridget (Thompson) Bowers, baptized 20 December 1657
in New Haven ; died 26 April 1736 in Branford.



2. i. William, b. , m., 1st. Abigail Frisbie, 2d, Elizabeth Frost.

3. ii. Samuel, b. , m. Abigail Farrington.

4. iii. John, b. , ni. Mercy Crane.

iv. Mary, b. , m. a. 1698, Nathaniel Finch of Branford.

T. Elizabeth, bapt. 15 Feb. 1668, d. before her father.

vi. Hannah, bapt. 8 Nov. 1670, m. Nathaniel Johnson of Branford.

5. vii. Abraham, b. , m. Elizabeth Maltby.

2. William Hoadley ( William'), born ; died 30

May 1738 in Branford, Conn.; married, 1st, Abigail Frisbie,
daughter of Edward Frisbie of Branford, whose dates of
birth and death have not been found. He married, 2d, about
1703, Elizabeth Frost,* daughter of John and Mercy (Paine)
Frost, born in 1673 in New Haven, Conn., who died 6 March
1740 in Branford.

"William Hoadley, Jr., on the first Monday of Jnne, 1710,
applied for letters of administration on the estate of his
father, which the court refused. He appealed to the Court of
Assistants which granted his suit. However, it seems he did
not have administration either alone or with JSTathaniel John-
son, his brother-in-law.

William Hoadley was granted the privilege of setting up a
saw-mill on Stony river, if he would agree to sell boards at 5
shillings and not take more than half a log to pay for saw-
ing it.

He was very light complexion ed and his wife very dark.


i. Mary, b. 23 May 1691 ; m. T Oct. 1713, Adam Eaynor of Bran-
ii. Hannah, b. 27 Apr. 1693. [ford,

iii. Jemima, b. 24 Mar. 1695-6 ; m. 1st, 3 June 1718, Joshua Fuller
of Branford ;t m. 2d, 20 June 1740, William Allen.


iv. Elizabeth, b. ; m. 38 Nov. 1725. John Kiuciad of Bran-
ford. ? 2d, Joshua Dudley of Branford ; 3d, Titvis Fairman.

* She was divoi'ced, on her petition, from William Reynolds who had deserted
her, Oct. 1702.

t They lived together about fourteen years, when he became insane and after his
recovery went to Mass. and deserted her. She got a divorce Feb. 7, 1739-40.


6. V. William, b. 13 Feb. 1707 ; m. Sarah Fiisbie.

vi. Lydia, b. ; m. 1st, 9 Nov. 1780, Alexander Montgomery ;*

m. 2d, 28 Apr. 1737, John Bray of Branford.

3. Samuel Hoadley ( William'), born ; died 8 Feb-
ruary 1714 ill Branford, (k)nn.; married 6 March 1689 in
Branford, Abigail Farrington, danghter of John and Mary
(Bullard) Farrington, born 30 April 1668 in Dedhani, Mass.;
died 26 February 1745 in Branford.

Samuel Hoadley is first mentioned in Branford records
April 24, 1683, when he was chosen one of the haywards of
the general held. On March 4, 1687, he and others were
granted a parcel of land one mile square in the western and
northwesterly part of Branford, and he became one of its first
settlers. He lived at Hopyard Plain, called also Hoppit and
Hoppin Plain, and was killed under a hay mow. His inven-
tory dated December 16, 1714, amounted to £1087. His ear
mark was a crop on the top of the right ear and a half penny
on the under side of the left ear.


i. Abigail, b. 5 Jan. 1690; m. 5 Dec. 1711, Joseph Frisbie of

7. ii. William, b. 10 Dec. 1692 ; m. Mary Harrison. [Branford.
iii. Hannah, b. 16 Dec. 1694 ; m. 30 June 1720, Daniel Harrison of

8. iv. Samuel, b. 20 Feb. 1696 ; m. Lydia Frisbie. [Branford.
V. Gideon, b. 17 Apr. 1699 ; d. young. [Branford.
vi. Lydia, b. 28 Dec. 1701 ; m. 12 June 1723, Josiah Harrison of

9. vii. Benjamin, b. 24 July 1704 ; m. Lucy Harrison.

10. viii. Daniel, b. 9 Dec. 1706 ; m. Elizabeth Howd.

11. ix. Timothy, b. 14 July 1709 ; m. Mary Harrison.

4. John Hoadley ( lT7///«/y^'), born ; died 1 Novem-
ber 1725 in Branford, Conn.; married 30 October 1701 in
Killingworth, Conn., Mercy Crane, daughter of Henry and
Concurrence (Meigs) Crane, born 21 June 1680 in Killing-
worth, She was married, second, 11 July 1733 in Branford,
to Capt. Josiah Stevens of Killingworth. He died there 17
December 1736. She died there 18 August 1739.

♦They lived together about one month. They were divorced on her petition,
1 Mar. 1733-4.










John Hoadley is iii'st mentioned in Branford records De-
cember 16, 1689. He styled himself a " hnsbandmai^.'" His
ear mark was a half-penny on the under side of each ear and a
slit on the top of the right ear,


i. Thomasine. b. 30 Nov. 1702 ; d. bef. 29 Dec. 1725.*
ii. Maky, b. 18 Apr. 1706 ; m. 27 June 1734, Joseph Frost of B'ford.
iii. Hannah, b. 18 Apr. 1708 ; [m. Samuel Harrison of Branford.]
John, b. 5 Mar. 1709-10 ; m. Lydia Rogers.

Joseph, b. 17 Apr. 1712 ; m. Abigail Bradfield. [Killingworth.
Abigail, b. 12 Sept. 1714 ; m. 21 Oct. 1736, Jedediah Pierson of
Dinah, b. 11 Sept. 1716 ; m. 25 Mar. 1737, Samuel Nettleton of
Nathaniel, b. 11 Apr. 1721 ; m. Anna Scarit. [Killingworth.

5. Abraham Hoadley ( William'), born ; died 11:

July 1748 in Branford, Conn., "advanced in years"; married
14 Jannary 1697-8 in Branford, Elizabeth Maltby, daugh-
ter of Capt. William Maltby the first, born 30 April 1676
in Branford; died 14 December 1747 in Branford.

Al)raham Hoadley was SY'orn a freeman of Branford in
1702. He was a farmer. His ear mark was a half -penny on
the under side of each ear and a slit in the left ear.

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