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This surname is very ancient,
CRtiSI'iV and is derived from two Kng-
lish words, Cross and By (bury.
Ijurjjli or borough, meaning tlie town of the
cri>,-.>. We find the name from the very begin-
ning of the use of surnames in luigland. In
1JU4 t )(Ie banilman. lie embarked from lx)ndon for
Xew lingland in May. 1635. in the ship "Susan
and lillen," Edward I'ayne, master. He was
twenty-six years of age, his wife, .Vnn, twenty-
five, and their son, Thomas ( later Rev. Thomas ) ,
eight months old. Simon Crosby and family
landed at lioston and settled at Cambridge, then
known as Cambridge Farms, where he became
a proprietor in November, 1635, was admit-
te(l a freeman March 3. 1^36, and Xovember 7.
of same year was elected a selectman and
>erved as such again in K538, which fact |)roved
he was a man who jjossessed strong endow-
ment^< of j)ersonal character. He had several
grants of land in Cambridge, and is called a
yeoman in the deeds. His house stood at the
ctjrner of IJrattle street and Lirattle s(|uare,and
later became known as the IJrattle place, hav-
ing passed into the hands of Rev. William
lirattle. .Simon Crosby ilied in lf>39, at the
early age of thirty. His widow, left with her
three small children, married, in 1646, Rev.
\\ illiam Thompson, of I'raintree, but was again
left a widow a few years later, and died Octo-
ber iS, i(t~S. Mr. Thomjison was the first min-
ister of the church at liraintree: he was a grad-
uate of ().\ford and a man of distinction. He
preparef i')33.
Children of .Sinmn and Ann (."ro>by: Thomas,
born in Ilngland. i'\^4: Simon, born .August,
i^>37. both in Cambri3.

( I

(II) Rev. Thomas Crosby, .son (jf .Simon
Crosby, was born in England, i()34, and was
undoubtedly named after his grandfather, as
was the custom in those days, or for his ma-
ternal grandfather. When he graduated from
1 larvard in 11)53. like most of the graduate^ he
became a clergyman. He succeeded Rev. John
Mayo, of I larwich, .Massachu.selts ( now I'rain-
tree), who was called to settle over the Second
Church at I'.oston. This necessitated Rev.
Thomas (.'rosby settling at Harwich, where he
went in 1653. then unmarried. His salary was
only five jxjUDds per annum. His ministry
terminated at Harwich and Kastham in 1670.
for what cause is not stated. 1 Ic was. however,
in good repute throughout the colony. He was
an e.vcellent religious teacher, of excellent char-
acter, and after liis ])astorate ended took u\> a
business career and became a successful man
of affairs. He removed to lioston, where he
died December, 1702. Xearly all by the name
of Cro.sby in Ca])e Cod are his descendants.
His widow, .Sarah, married (second) John
Miller, whose wife. Margaret Winslow, had
dieil in I'.oston. Rev. Thomas Crosby married.

about \(>l)2. Sarah . Children, all born

at Harwich, Massachusetts: 1. Thomas, dea-
con, born .\pril 7, if>63: died 1731. 2. Simon,
horn July 3, \(yf>S'. died January i, 1718; mar-
ried, .August 27, i^Kji, .Mary Xickerson. 3.
Sarah, born March 24, if/)7. 4. Joseph, men-
tioned below. 5. John, born December 4, 1(170;
died May 25, 1714. 6. Thomas, twin with
John, died I'ebruary, i(')7i. 7. William, born
March, 1673: married, .\i)ril >(k 171 i, .Mercy
Hinckley. 8. Ebenezer. born March 28. i(>73.
(j-io-i I. Mercy, Increai^e and .Ann, triplets, born
April 15, i()78. 12. IClea/.er, born .March 30.
I ( 1X0.

(III) Joseph, son of Rev. Thomas Crosby
(named for his uncle, Joseph Crosby), was
born at Harwich, Massachusetts, January 27,
i6r)f>: died at Yarmouth. Mas.sachusetts, May
30, 1723. .After his marriage to .Mehitabli
Miller they removed to Yarmouth, where he
became a proprietor. In the summer of 1712
he was among the many who were assigned
lands, this being from a decision made IVbru-
ary, 171 1. of the proprietors of the conunon
lands agreeing that one third of the undivided
tracts be laid out to the umlividcd proprietors

2i)l )



according to their interests therein for i)lanting
lots, and one-third more for wood lots. Of
the whole number of three thousand one hun-
dred and eighteen shares Joseph Crosby had
twenty-six and a half, which was a maximum,
lie became a planter or yeoman. He was a
member in full communion of the First Church
there. Me antl his wife were buried in tiie l-"irst
church burial-ground at \'armouth. 1 le married,
February i6, 1692-1)3, .\Jehital)le Miller, (laugh-
ter of John Miller. Child, Theophilus, men-
tioned below.

(IX) Theophilus. son of Joseph Crosby,
was born at Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Decem-
ber 31, 1693. Like his father, he became a
planter, and followed fishing, as was the cus-
tom in those days. lie inherited much of his
father's projierty and lands. In the fire before
October, 1827, ninety-three \-olumes of Barn-
stable county records of deeds were destroyed,
only one volume being saved, and many of the
deeds i)rior to 1700 were destroyed, making it
difficult to trace the Crosby properties in and
around Yarmouth. In one record the writer
finds Theophilus Crosby a cordwainer, but
whether he followed this trade is not known.
He married, February 14, 1722-23, Thankful
Winslow, of Harwich, Massachusetts. Chil-
dren: Simon, born 1724; William. 1726: I-Iben-
ezer, 1728: Judah, 1730; Isaac, 1731 : Richard.
1732: Mehitable, 1734; Sarah, 1736: .Miller,
mentioned below.

(Y) Miller, son of Theophilus Crosby, was
born at Harwich, Massachusetts (l>rewster|.
1738. He was named after his grandmother,
Mehitable (Miller) Crosby. He was reared
after Puritan ideas, gaining his education dur-
ing the winter months, and like most of the
Crosbys was during his earlier days engaged
during the smnmcr months in fisiiing or coast-
wise trade, which he later followed. I le gained
a competency for those times, and at his death
left his widow in comfortable circumstances.
In 1793, when she was fifty-five years of age,
shortly after the death of her husband, she im-
migrated with her family to Brattleboro, Ver-
mont, from the "Cape." "She used to say it
was to keep her boys from going to sea, as she
lost her son Joseph by drowning at sea." She
had every inducement to go to Brattleboro, as
her twin brother, Isaac Crosby, had been set-
tled there for several years on a large farm and
doing well. He purchased for his sister an ad-
joining farm of forty acres (she had the money
to pay for it), where she and her family settled,
the homesteads being not far apart. She was a
most capable and energetic woman, able to take

up the cares and burdens of the new home.
Here she spent her life, and with the aid of her
three sons, who lived at home during their
early manhood days, made the place vield a
handsome living. She was an active woman up
to within a few years of her death ; she died of
old age while sitting in her chair, at the age of
ninety-two. She followed the jirecepts of the
Holy Word, and trained her children in the
paths of righteousness, and it is said she was a
member of the Brattleboro church. Miller
Crosby married, 1769, Rebecca Crosby, born
1744, died November 9, 1836, daughter of Ele-
azer Jr. and Lydia (Crosby), the former of
whom was a grandson of Rev. Thomas Cros-
by. ChiMren : i. Tabitha, born January 14,
177 1 ; married Edward Ripley; moved to Deer-
field, Massachusetts, where she died. 2. Joseph,
born October 12, 1772; lost at sea. 3. Rebecca,
born May 30, 1775; married her cousin, Isaac
: lived at Durmston. \"ermont. 4. Wat-
son, born November 7,^1776: mentioned below.
5. Keziah, born .April 15, 1779: married Rich-
ard Crosby, her cousin ; moving to Derby, Can-
ada ; she was noted as a singer. 6. Isaac, born
-March 22, 1781 ; married Lucy Barrett : moved
to Jamestown, New York. 7. Elkanah, born
.\pril 15. 1785: died September 17, 1831 : mar-
ried, 1807, I'"lavia Harris: moved to Catskill,
New York; children: Emery, born July 15,
1808: William Harris February 5, 1810; Suel,
July 22, 1812; .\nna, June 25, 1815 ; Mary, July
17, 1818; -Ann Eliza, May 14. 1821 : Elizabeth,
.April 30. 1824; Roswell. .August 30, 1827.

( \T ) Watson, .son of Miller Crosby, w'as
burn at Harwich. Massachusetts. November 7.
1776; died at lirattleboro. X'ermont. At the
age of seventeen years he accompanied his
widowed mother and brothers and sisters to
Brattleboro, \'ermont. where they settled, clear-
ing the land. Watson, being the eldest son,
much of the responsibility of the settling of
the jiioneer home devolved on him. With the
assistance of his most capable and energetic
mother the new home was established, land
cleared and crojis planted. Here in this \'er-
mont town he s])ent his life. In early man-
hood he learned the trade of shoemaker which,
with farming, he followed the greater part of
his life. At the death of his mother in 1836
the farm came to Watson. Owing to his hav-
ing endorsed a note for a neighbor and which
when due he had to assume, he lost his entire
property, anil removed to the village of West
Brattleboro, where he settled with his family
f)n a small farm in the near neighborhood of
the grandparents of President Rutherford R.



1 laycs, liaviny piircliasi-d tlic farm from sav-
ings laid l)y. Ilere lie thrived and prusijcretl,
raised a larj;c family, ])iirsiied farming on a
small scale, and followed his trade of shoe-
maker. He died here at the advanced age of
eighty-three years, lie was the soul of honor
in all his transactions, and was known for his
wit and as a joker. While of medium build
he was much of an athlete, and it is said to the
age of seventy years could jump over the back
of an ordinary chair. lie and his wife. Desiah,
were consistent and faithful members of the
llrattleboro Congregational Church. He was
an old line Whig and influential in his com-
ir.unity. He married, at llawlcy. .Massachu-
I Its. .November 28, 1804, Uesiah liangs. born
; Mawley, December 9. 1783. ilaughter of
Deacon Joseph Hangs. Children: i. Olive,
born .August 2. Henry I'.arrett, born
.April 13, 1813 ; mentioned below. 7. Jeremiah
.Mayo, born l-cbruary 8, 1817; died May 19,
18(^13; moved from ilrattlebum, Nernmnt, to
.Norwalk, ( )hio ; engaged in hardware business ;
married. .September 13. 1840, Laura .Ann Hol-
land, born .Slay 27, 1819; children: i. Henry
Watson, born .August 2

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