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l. 12. A, B and G] Pray God.
l. 13. A _omits_] in prison.
l. 15. A and F] mine. A] turne.
l. 27. A, B and G] deserv'd it.
l. 33. A] griefes.
l. 35. A] womans. F] woman.
l. 36. A] lost.
l. 39. G] unconstancy.

p. 199,
l. 7. A] kill me Ladie.
l. 9. A _omits_] Lady.
l. 15. A] for were.
l. 20. A] in the.
l. 26. A, B and G] is as firme.
l. 27. A] and as lasting.
l. 28. A, B and G] in the. C] in th' ayre.
l. 31. A] murmurs.
l. 37. A - D and G] wrongs.

p. 200,
l. 1. A by mistake _omits_] Spa.
l. 2. A, B, C and G] Our ends alike.
l. 9. A] hee's asham'd.
l. 17. A] pray believe me.
l. 19. A, B and G] No more.
l. 20. A] and Mardonius.
l. 32. A - G] outlast. Folio _misprints_] too.
l. 38. A] is that.

p. 201,
l. 5. A] know.
l. 10. A] pratling.
l. 11. A] to it.
l. 15. A - G] Beside.
l. 17. A] Sirra.
l. 23. A] Staffe poak't. A, B, C and G] through. F] throw.
l. 24. A - D and G] broke. l. 25. D, E and F] stifled with.
l. 30. F] worst.
l. 35. A] you may say Sir what. Folio _misprints_] you.
l. 36. A gives this line to Mardonius.

p. 202,
l. 3. A, B and G] I thank God.
l. 5. A] doe it.
l. 6. A _omits_] Doe.
l. 13. A _Adds_] and a Souldier like a termogant.
l. 16. A] let um be prisoners.
l. 18. F] them.
ll. 19 and 20. A gives these lines to Bacurius.
ll. 21 and 22. A and G give these lines to Spaconia.
l. 22. A, B, C and G] deare.
l. 23. A] Ex. Bacu. with Tig. and Spa.
l. 24. A, B, C and G] have you.
l. 25. F] prove.
l. 30. A] Sadlers.
l. 32. A, D and F] darest.
l. 33. A] knowest.
l. 34. G] will not.
l. 37. A] shall then tell. B] of this.
l. 40. A] Where. F] them.

p. 203,
l. 1. A _Adds after_ off] doe, kill me.
l. 2. A _omits_] worse.
l. 4. A, B, C and G] a dead sleepe.
l. 5. A] Like forraigne swords.
l. 10. A] all thine.
l. 12. G] Wilt. A] with me good Mardonius.
l. 20. A, B and G] and all beautie.
l. 22. F] she is not.
l. 23. A] doe enlarge her.
l. 26. A] that would have.
l. 29. E and F] heat.
l. 30. E] To here wretched. F _omits_] a.
l. 38. A] knew of. B, C and D] knewst the.

p. 204,
l. 7. A] is it.
l. 15. A - D and G _omit_] a.
l. 16. A _omits_] Thousands. E and F] Thousand. A] denie it.
l. 18. A, B and G] vertue.
l. 24. A _omits_] all.
l. 26. A - G] stooles there boy.
l. 32. A, B and G] and my deare.
l. 33. B, C and G] to th' cause.
l. 35. F _omits_ this line.
l. 37. A prints the words 'be wise, and speake truth' as the
conclusion of the second Sword-man's speech.

p. 205,
l. 4. A] If he have.
l. 5. B - E] If a have. F] If I have.
l. 12. A] case.
l. 13. A, B and G] an honourable.
l. 15. A, B and G] we Sword-men.
l. 17. A, B and G] drawne ten teeth. A - G] beside.
l. 18. A] all these.
l. 21. B - E] a crackt.
l. 22. A] with crossing.
l. 26. A - G] There's.
l. 30. A, B, C and G] mile.
l. 32. A - G] mile.
l. 34. A, B and C] 'Tis a the longest. G] o' the longest.
l. 35. A by mistake gives this line to Bessus and the following
speech to the first Sword-man.

p. 206,
ll. 5 and 6. F] word forc'd.
l. 9. A - D and G] case.
l. 12. A] sit. G] sat.
l. 13. A] it had.
l. 15. E and F] delivery.
l. 19. B - E] A should. F] And should. A - D and G] deliverie.
l. 24. A] by th'.
l. 25. A] you are.
l. 28. A _omits_] the.
l. 32. B and G] that we.
l. 33. Folio _misprints_] honesty. A] good Sir to th'.
l. 35. A] The boy may be supposd, hee's lyable; but kicke my

p. 207,
l. 7. A] Still the must.
l. 9. A - D and G _omit_] I. A] againe, againe.
l. 12. F _omits_] my.
l. 20. A] at the kicke.
l. 22. F] baren scorn, as I will call it.
l. 27. A - G] sore indeed Sir.
l. 29. A] the foole.
l. 30. A] Ah Lords.
l. 32. A, B, C and G] laught.

p. 208,
l. 5. A - G] size, daggers. F] sizes.
l. 16. A] To abide upon't.
l. 20. A, B, C and G _omit_] me. F] Both get me.
l. 21. F] cleane.
l. 22. G] what you have done.
l. 27. F] Go will, and tell.
l. 28. A - D] Or there be.
l. 29. A _omits_ and _before_ Gob.
l. 33. A _omits_] Exit Gob.
l. 34. A] you are. A, B, C and G] and I would. A, B and G] to
l. 38. G] the rising.
l. 39. B, C and G] I shall.
l. 40. Folio _misprints_] Ban.

p. 209,
l. 3. A] does.
l. 6. A] I prethee.
l. 8. A, B and G] I am.
l. 23. A, B and G] In as equal a degree. C and D] In equal a degree.
l. 27. A] I prethee.
l. 33. C, D and E] and there is. E] no cause. F] and there is none
can see.

p. 210,
l. 6. D, E and F] stop.
l. 11. A, B and G] God keepe you.
l. 12. A, B and G] cause.
l. 19. A] innocents.
l. 20. A, B and G _omit_] that.
l. 24. A, B and G] it is.
l. 27. A, B and G] as it lists.
l. 33. A encloses 'Which I beseech thee doe not' within brackets.
l. 36. A, B and G] For God knows.
l. 39. A] start eye to.

p. 211,
l. 2. F] them.
l. 5. A] should.
l. 11. F] them.
l. 20. A, B and G] sinnes.
l. 32. A] no steppe.

p. 212,
ll. 1-6 and 8. F] them.
l. 2. A] them.
l. 5. Folio] and them.
l. 6. A] drinke them off.
l. 25. A gives this line to Panthea.
l. 27. D, E and F] brother.
l. 29. B] i' this.
l. 35. A _omits_] Why.
l. 38. A, B and G] I know thou.

p. 213,
l. 4. A, B and G _omit_ too _before_ scrupulous.
ll. 8 and 9. In place of these lines G reads] I dare no longer stay.
l. 9. A and B] hotter I feare then yours.
l. 11. A, B and G] for God's sake.
l. 14. A _omits_ stage-direction. B and G _omit_] several
wayes. A _Adds_] Finis Actus Quarti. B and
C _Add_] The end of the Fourth Act.
l. 15. A] Actus Quinti Scaena Prima.
l. 19. A] leave to visit. l. 20. A] hands.
l. 26. A] officers.

p. 214,
l. 3. B - F] were a valiant.
l. 6. A] something lighter.
l. 28. A - D _omit_] he. G] h'as.
l. 29. B - F] a was.
l. 30. A] in his. E and F] in in's.
l. 31. A - E] a my. F] in my. G] i'my.
l. 33. A, B and G] like to wicker Targets.
l. 35. A _omits_] he. A] so low a sence.
l. 36. A] should.
l. 38. A, B and G] That this strange fellow.

p. 215, l. 3. A - D and G] broke. A - G] or a shoulder out. A - F]
ath' stones. l. 4. A] of my. l. 10. A _omits_] the. l. 13. Folio
_ misprints_] Catain. l. 16. A _omits_] Sword. l. 19. A] thus
kicke you, and thus. B and G] thus kicke, and thus. l. 21. A - D
and G] told you that. l. 23. A _omits_] Sword. A - F] a should. l.
25. A, B, C and G] a one. l. 26. A _omits_] beats him. l. 29. A,
B and G] Sir I know. l. 30. A _prints_ 'Bes.' at the beginning of
the following line, thus making this line part of Lygones'

p. 216, l. 6. A, B and G] you would. l. 7. A, B, C and G] strange
now to have. l. 12. Folio _misprints_] danghter. l. 13. A, B and
G] of being. l. 15. A _omits_] Lygo. l. 18. A _omits_] Sword. l.
19. A] ath' sword. l. 20. G] h'as. l. 23. A] a kick't. l. 24. A
_omits_ 'Bes.,' thus making this line part of the second
Sword-man's speech. l. 25. A _omits_] Sword. A gives the words
'Now let him come and say he was not sorry, And he sleepes for
it' to '2,' i.e., the second Sword-man. l. 26. B - F] a was not.
B - F] a sleepes. l. 28. A _omits_] clear. G] Exeunt omnes. l. 34.
A prints this stage-direction after the words 'There he is
indeed' in l. 35.

p. 217, l. 3. A, B, C and G] businesse will. l. 5. B] the Armenia
state. l. 9. F _omits_] is. l. 20. A - G] couldst prate. l. 28. A]
vild. B and C] vilde. B - F] commendations. l. 30. A, B and G] or
rather would I. l. 34. A and F] mine own. l. 38. A] and like it.

p. 218, l. 3. A] in the. B, C, D and G] i' the. l. 6. B
_ misprints_] my Prince. l. 8. A] beside. l. 12. A] men. l. 13. C]
Cawdle. l. 14. A] your Queene. l. 21. A] should speake. l. 27. A]
a Queene. l. 33. A, B and G] Good God. l. 37. A, B and G _omit_]

p. 219, l. 4. A] that shall. l. 6. A _omits_] all. l. 7. A] a
servant. l. 11. A] and Swordmen. In A this stage-direction is
printed after the following line. l. 15. A - F] ath' sword. l. 17.
A - D and G _omit_] much. l. 20. A] I can aske. l. 23. A] will
require launcing. l. 24. A] and full. l. 28. A _omits_] must. l.
31. A, B and G] God continue it. l. 32. F _misprints_] they to

p. 220, l. 5. The two Sword-men are throughout the scene referred
to in A as '2' or '1.' l. 6. A _omits_ 'Bac.,' thus giving the
line to the second Sword-man. l. 13. A - G _omit_] on. F] them,
that have. l. 16. A - F] ath' law. l. 22. F] That is. A] their
paines. l. 26. A] ye rogues, ye apple-squiers. l. 31. A] a many
of. F] a beautie of. l. 33. E] I do beseech. l. 35. A - F] A this

p. 221, l. 4. A] in your pocket slave, my key you. B and G] in
your pocket slave, my toe. l. 5. A] with't. l. 11. A - G] doing
nothing. l. 12. A _omits_ this stage-direction. B] Enter Servant,
Will. Adkinson. l. 13. A - D] Here's. l. 14. A] I am. A] prethee.
l. 15. A] beate um. l. 17. A _omits_] Sir. l. 18. A _omits_]
Captain, Rally. A] up with your. F] rally upon. l. 20. A] cride
hold. l. 22. E and F] vit me. l. 23. A, B and G] breath. A
_omits_] Exit Bac. l. 25. A] Ime sure I ha. l. 26. B - F] a kicke.
B - F] a will. l. 27. C - F] beside. l. 29. A, B and G] yes, God be
thanked. l. 33. A, B, C and G] is a. l. 34. A] hands.

p. 222, l. 2. A _omits_] clear. G] Exeunt omnes. l. 4. A - D and G]
bore. After this line A _Adds_] - Hell open all thy gates, And I will
thorough them; if they be shut, Ile batter um, but I will find the
place Where the most damn'd have dwelling; ere I end, Amongst them all
they shall not have a sinne, But I will call it mine: l. 5. A - D and
G] friend. A, B and G] to an. l. 13. B, C and D] a comming. l. 14.
A - G] does your hand. l. 19. This line from 'I can' and the next line
are given by A to Mardonius. l. 24. A] humblier.

p. 223, l. 4. A, B and G _omit_] and. l. 12. A] thinkest. l. 13.
G] these are tales. l. 15. A - D and G] should get. l. 17. A]
Farre other Fortunes. l. 19. A, B and G] God put. G] temporall.
l. 20. A _Adds_] Exit. B and. G _Add_] Exit Mar. l. 21. A - D and
G] errors. l. 27. A, B and G _omit_] more. l. 35. A - D and G
_omit_] my.

p. 224, l. 4. F] knowest. l. 9. A] doest. l. 12. A] and I when I.
F] knowest. l. 16. B and F] meanst. l. 17. A, B, C and G] a lie.
A, B and G] God and. l. 22. A, B and G] wouldst. l. 28. A]
gavest. l. 31. A] your selfe. B and G] it thy selfe. l. 38. A and
G] know it. l. 39. E and F] staind.

p. 225, l. 7. A, B, C and G] allowest. l. 15. C - F] doest ...
doest. l. 17. A - D and G] Cease thou strange. l. 18. A]
contemn'st. ll. 20 and 21. Folio _misprints_] dear ...
punishnment. l. 35. A and C] expects. B] expectes. D] expectst.
G] expect'st. l. 39. A] thou wicked.

p. 226, l. 10. A, B, C and G] of a law. l. 19. A _omits_] you.
ll. 25 and 26. A - G] Land as she. l. 29. A _misprints_] _Arb_. l.
31. A - D and G _omit_] a.

p. 227, l. 2. A] opportunitie. ll. 4 and 5. A, B and G] and God
was humbly thankt in every Church, That so had blest the Queene,
and prayers etc. l. 12. A - D and G] quicke. l. 14. A] abed. l.
16. A] sware. l. 20. A] the Queene. l. 23. A - G] yeare. l. 28. A]
her talke. l. 32. A] sparke. l. 35. A, B and G] till I am. A] are
silver. l. 37. A _omits_] too. I. 38. A, B and G] yes God knowes.

p. 228, l. 2. A by mistake _omits_] _Gob_. A] dare. l, 3. A]
them. l. 4. A - G] waites. l. 7. A] Ent. Mar. Bessus, and others.
l. 8. A _omits_] _Arb_. A] Mardonius, the best. B _misprints_]
_Mar_. l. 11. E and F] happie. l. 14. A] On, call. l. 19. A
_omits_] _Exit a Gent_. l. 24. A _omits_] I swear it must not be;
nay, trust me. l. 26. B and C] beare. l. 28. A] but you are not.

p. 229, l. 1. A] I say she. l. 8. A] Armenian king. I. 15. Folio
_ misprints_] morrning. l. 16. A _omits_ this stage-direction. l.
24. A and G] He shall. B] A shall. C] An shall. l. 25. A - G]
shall. l. 26. F _omits_] that. l. 31. A _misprints_] thinke. l.
35. In place of this stage-direction A after the word 'Queen' in
l. 33 _reads_] Enter Pan.

p. 230, l. 6. A gives this speech to Mardonius. l. 7. A _omits_]
at first. l. 8. In A this stage-direction occurs after 'Queen' in
the following line. l. 14. A and F] Maist. G] May'st. l. 17. F]
them. l. 20. A - G] your Queene. l. 23. A - G _Add_] Finis.


p. 152, ll. 8 and 9. A - D and G] 3 ll. _dare, day, I_. l. 27. A]
2 ll. _of, thus_. ll. 33 - 35. A] 3 ll. _Earth, Prince, Acts_.

p. 157, l. 20. A] 2 ll. _king, away_.

p. 159, ll. 3 - 8. A - D and G] 8 ll. _praise, worthy, death, lies,
there, though, dust, envy_. ll. 11 and 12. A - D and G] 3 ll.
_ windes, I, speake_. ll. 29 - 38. A - D and G] 14 ll. _lives, said,
truth, bin, see, parts, world, farre, yeares, mee, thee, wilt, I,
thus_. l. 40 and p. 160, ll. 1 - 4. A - D and G] 6 ll. _Take,
which, love, I, mee, eare_.

p. 160, ll. 6 and 7. A, B and G] 2 ll. _Mardonius, Jewell_.

p. 161, ll. 21 and 22. A - D and G] 3 ll. _newes, not, Gobrias_.
ll. 27 - 33. A - D and G] 9 ll. _farre, sinnes, teares, feele,
brest, stand, eyes, world, me_. ll. 37 - 39 and p. 162, ll. 1 - 7.
A - D and G] 14 ll. _know, died, life, pardon'd, fit, olde,
thence, out, there, live, me, deathes, life, him_.

p. 163, ll. 16 - 22. A, B, C and G] 9 ll. _of_ (C = _halfe_),
_ free, thine, prisoner, force, me, unwilling, Tigranes, there_.
D] 7 ll. _halfe, free, thine, force, me, Tigranes, there_.

p. 164, ll. 1 and 2. A - D and G] 2 ll. _health, jealous_. ll.
25 - 35 and p. 165, ll. 1 and 2. A - D and G] 16 ll. _regard,
prisoner, escape, prisoner, woman, me, say, her, Lord, grace,
arme, womanhood, death, sonne, why, speake_.

p. 165, ll. 14 - 17. A - D and G] 5 ll. _Time, know, thinke, heart,
urgd_. ll. 35 and 36. A - D and G] 2 ll. _it, believ'd_. ll. 38
and 39. A - D and G] 3 ll. _you, die, uncredited_ (D = _should_).

p. 166, ll. I and 2. A - D and G] 4 ll. _Then, me, King, plots_ (D
adds l. 3). ll. 5 - 8. A - D and G] 5 ll. _me, content, power, me,
done_. ll. 19 - 23. A - and G] Prose. ll. 25 and 26. A] _These,

p. 167, ll. 9 and 10. A] 2 ll. _well, so_. l. 19. A - D and G] 2
ll. _readie, morrow_. ll. 21 - 28. A] 10 ll. _hereafter, office,
discourse, how, victorie, doe, danger, long, while, beate_. ll.
21 - 24. B - D and G] 4 ll. _hereafter, office, discourse,
victory_. ll. 25 - 28. B - D and G] Prose.

p. 168, ll. 11 and 12. A - D and G] 2 ll. _Bessus, nothing_. ll.
39 and 40. A - D and G] 2 ll. _kindnesses, name_.

p. 169, ll. 2 - 5. A - D and G] 5 ll. _letter, enough, you, me,
me_. ll. 25 and 26. A and G] 2 ll. _Already, foolish_. ll. 37 - 40
and p. 170, ll. 1 - 4. A - D and G] 12 ll. _Lord, live, um, Just,
um, mee, heare, way, care, you, enjoyes, worth_.

p. 170, ll. 5 - 10. A - D and G] Prose. ll. 13 - 18. A - D and G] 8
ll. _you, power, leave, like, him, humours, lesse, offer'd_. ll.
27 - 29. A] 2 ll. _pleasure, Madam_.

p. 171, ll. 10 - 15. A - D and G] 9 ll. _unreasonably, seeme, ill,
ought, faire, good, prayer, me, you_. ll. 31 - 40 and p. 172, ll.
1 - 6. A - D] 24 ll. _weepe, words, sorrow, me, him, Thalestris,
me, sweare, slay, thee, himselfe, me, yet, face, you, eares,
eyes, him, hope, dead, him, fast, ceremony, him_.

p. 172, ll. 15 - 21. A - D and G] 11 ll. _not, desire, others, me_
(or _not_), _wrong, birth, injure, hither, commanded, ready,

p. 174, l. 20. A - D] 2 ll. _king, now_. ll. 23 - 29. A - D and G]
11 ll. _full, subjects, love, height, you, me, warre, imagine,
word, blouds, peace_.

[Footnote 1: The prose printings of E and F have not been

p. 175, ll. 4 - 6. A - D and G] 4 ll. _man, home, hearts,
deliverance_. ll. 11 - 22. A - D and G] 17 ll. _wrong, spectacle,
people, me, deserved, you, dwels, man, compare, selfe, you, too,
name, fall, loves, content, worke_. ll. 35 and 36. A - D and G] 2
ll. _Children, is_.

p. 176, ll. 23 - 35. A - D and G] 14 ll. _Sir, hands, know, her,
home, stubbornnesse, like, her, Jewell, mad, sister, is, Land,

p. 177, ll. 1 - 10. A - D and G] 11 ll. _Too, friends, know, loth,
passe, constraint, so, speake, health, love, againe_.

p. 178, ll. 16 and 17. A - D and G] 3 ll. _die, returne, life_.
ll. 30 - 32. A - D and G] 4 ll. _ill, kneele, gaine, you_.

p. 179, ll. 21 - 25. A - D and G] 7 ll. _earth, alas, command, me,
short, sister brought_.

p. 180, l. 31. A - D and G] 7 ll. _Gobrias, meane_.

p. 191, ll. 35 and 36. A - D and G] 2 ll. _utterd, careleslie_.

p. 192, ll. 9 - 12. E and F] 3 ll. _And, love, thou_. ll. 10 - 12.
A - D and G] 3 ll. _Advice, love, thou_. ll. 16 and 17. A - D and
G] 3 ll. _This, caution, it_ (G _Adds_ l. 18). ll. 20 and 21.
A - D and G] 2 ll. _it, it_.

p. 194, ll. 5 and 6. A] 2 ll. _cutlers, King_. l. 22. A] 2 ll.
_will, whatsoever_.

p. 195, ll. 21 and 22. A] 2 ll. _in-, Monsters_.

p. 196, l. 38, and p. 197, ll. 1 - 3. A] Prose.

p. 197, ll. 4 and 5. A] 3 ll. _you, Spaconia, thus_.

p. 199, ll. 9 and 10. B - D and G] 3 ll. _Ladie, passe, King_. ll.
12 and 13. A and G] 2 ll. _from, remov'd_.

p. 201, ll. 7 and 8. A] 2 ll. _All, folly_. l. 15. A] 2 ll. _Sir,
warrant_. ll. 39 and 40.

p. 202, ll. 19 - 22. A] Prose.

p. 204, l. 6. A - D and G] 2 ll. _false, letter_. ll. 36 - 38. A] 2
ll. _Truth, Prince_.

p. 205, ll. 26 and 27. A - D and G] 3 ll. _Another, distance,

p. 207, ll. 11 - 13. A - D and G] 3 ll. _Toge-, man, brother_. I.
24. A - D and G] 2 ll. _Sir, since_.

p. 209, ll. 31 and 32. A] 2 ll. _me, brother_.

p. 212, ll. ii and 12. A] 3 ll. _Panthea, gaze, out_. ll. 23 and
24. A] 2 ll. _you, gone_.

Act 5 is in verse in Quartos A, B, C and D, in prose in Quartos E
and F from p. 214, I. 22. As the Second Folio also prints it in
prose it has been decided to give here the verse of Quarto A
(1619) in full.

Actus Quinti Scaena Prima.

_Enter Mardonius, and Ligones_.


Sir, the King has seene your Commission, and beleeves it, and
freely by this warrant gives you leave to visit Prince
_Tigranes_ your noble Master.


I thanke his Grace, and kisse his hands.


But is the maine of all your businesse
Ended in this?


I have another, but a worse; I am asham'd, it is a businesse. -


You serve a worthy person, and a stranger I am sure you are; you
may imploy mee if you please, without your purse, such Officers
should ever be their owne rewards.


I am bound to your noblenesse.


I may have neede of you, and then this curtesie,
If it be any, is not ill bestowed:
But may I civilly desire the rest?
I shall not be a hurter, if no helper.


Sir, you shall know I have lost a foolish daughter,
And with her all my patience; pilferd away
By a meane Captaine of your Kings.


Stay there Sir:
If he have reacht the noble worth of Captaine,
He may well claime a worthy gentlewoman,
Though shee were yours, and noble.


I grant all that too: but this wretched fellow
Reaches no further then the emptie name,
That serves to feede him; were he valiant,
Or had but in him any noble nature,
That might hereafter promise him a good man;
My cares were something lighter, and my grave
A span yet from me.


I confesse such fellowes
Be in all royall Campes, and have, and must be
To make the sinne of coward more detested
In the meane Souldier, that with such a foyle
Sets of much valour: By description
I should now guesse him to you. It was _Bessus_,
I dare almost with confidence pronounce it.


Tis such a scurvy name as _Bessus_, and now I thinke tis hee.


Captaine, doe you call him?
Beleeve me Sir, you have a miserie
Too mighty for your age: A pox upon him,
For that must be the end of all his service:
Your daughter was not mad Sir?


No, would shee had beene,
The fault had had more credit: I would doe something.


I would faine counsell you; but to what I know not:
Hee's so below a beating, that the women
Find him not worthy of their distaves; and
To hang him, were to cast away a rope,
Hee's such an ayrie thin unbodied coward,
That no revenge can catch him:
He tell you Sir, and tell you truth; this rascall
Feares neither God nor man, has beene so beaten:
Sufferance has made him wanscote; he has had
Since hee was first a slave, at least three hundred daggers
Set in his head, as little boyes doe new knives in hot meat;
Ther's not a rib in's bodie a my conscience,
That has not beene thrice broken with drie beating;
And now his sides looke like to wicker targets,
Everie way bended:
Children will shortly take him for a wall,
And set their stone-bowes in his forhead: is of so low a sence,
I cannot in a weeke imagine what should be done to him.


Sure I have committed some great sinne,
That this strange fellow should be made my rod:
I would see him, but I shall have no patience:


Tis no great matter if you have not, if a laming of him, or such
a toy may doe you pleasure Sir, he has it for you, and Ile helpe
you to him: tis no newes to him to have a leg broke, or a
shoulder out, with being turnd ath' stones like a Tanzie: Draw
not your sword, if you love it; for my conscience his head will
breake it: we use him ith' warres like a Ramme to shake a wall
withall; here comes the verie person of him, doe as you shall
find your temper I must leave you: but if you doe not breake him
like a bisket, you are much too blame Sir. _Ex. Mardo. Enter
Bessus and Sword-men_.


Is your name Bessus?


Men call me Captaine Bessus.


Then Captaine _Bessus_ you are a ranke rascall, without more
exordiums, a durty frozen slave; and with the favour of your
friends here, I will beate you.


Pray use your pleasure Sir, you seem to be a gentleman.


Thus Captaine _Bessus_, thus; thus twinge your nose, thus kicke
you, and thus tread you.


I doe beseech you yeeld your cause Sir quickly.


Indeed I should have told you that first.


I take it so.


Captaine, a should indeed, he is mistaken:


Sir you shall have it quickly, and more beating,
You have stolne away a Lady Captaine Coward,
And such a one.


Hold, I beseech you, hold Sir,
I never yet stole any living thing
That had a tooth about it.


Sir I know you dare lie
With none but Summer Whores upon my life Sir.


My meanes and manners never could attempt
Above a hedge or hey-cocke.


Sirra that quits not me, where is this Ladie,
Doe that you doe not use to doe, tell truth,
Or by my hand Ile beat your Captaines braines out.
Wash um, and put um in againe, that will I.


There was a Ladie Sir, I must confesse
Once in my charge: the Prince _Tigranes_ gave her
To my guard for her safetie, how I usd her
She may her selfe report, shee's with the Prince now:
I did but waite upon her like a Groome,
Which she will testifie I am sure: If not,
My braines are at your service when you please Sir,
And glad I have um for you?


This is most likely, Sir I aske your pardon,
And am sorrie I was so intemperate.


Well, I can aske no more, you would thinke it strange Now to have
me beat you at first sight.


Indeed I would but I know your goodnes can forget
Twentie beatings. You must forgive me.


Yes, ther's my hand, goe where you will, I shall thinke
You a valiant fellow for all this.


My daughter is a Whore,
I feele it now too sencible; yet I will see her,
Discharge my selfe of being Father to her,
And then backe to my Countrie, and there die;
Farewell Captaine.



Farewell Sir, farewell, commend me to the Gentlewoman I praia.


How now Captaine, beare up man.


Gentlemen ath' sword your hands once more, I have
Beene kickt againe, but the foolish fellow is penitent,
Has ask't me mercy, and my honor's safe.


We knew that, or the foolish fellow had better a kick't
His Grandsire.
Confirme, confirme I pray.


There be our hands againe.


Now let him come, and say he was not sorry,
And he sleepes for it.


Alas good ignorant old man, let him goe,
Let him goe, these courses will undoe him.


_Enter Ligones, and Bacurius_.


My Lord your authoritie is good, and I am glad it is so, for my
consent would never hinder you from seeing your owne King. I am a
Minister, but not a governour of this state; yonder is your King,
Ile leave you.



There he is indeed, _Enter Tig. and Spaco_.
And with him my disloyall childe.


I doe perceive my fault so much, that yet
Me thinkes thou shouldst not have forgiven me.

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