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of it, are interred near relatives. East of my twin brother's grave is
that of my uncle, William Morehead. The lots of Washington Waid
and William Morehead bound our lot on the east, and the lots of
Cyrus Goodwill and George Roudebush on the west.

Elsewhere I give the record of others interred in this cemeter}',
Jiot already mentioned in \ny 1886 Souvenir.



At page 45 in this book I have said something of
this Book of Books, and placed on record the following
appropriate sayings from the pen of John Locke, the
eminent English theologian, which are well worthy of
repetition here:

It [the Bible] has God for its author, salvation for its end, and
truth, without any mixture of error, for its matter. It is all pure, all
sincere, nothing too much, nothing wanting.

The Bible is a library in itself, not only on account of
the vast amount of knowledge it contains, but because of
the multitude of its Books, Chapters, Verses, etc., and as
a matter of interest to the general reader, particularly the
juvenile portion, I here append a summary of Bible
Facts, a portion of which already appear in this volume
at page 238.

The Bible contains as follows: 39 books in the Old Testament, 27
in the New; 929 chapters in the Old, 260 in the New; 23,214 verses in
the Old, 7,929 in the New; 592,439 words in the Old, 181,253 in the
New; 2,728,100 letters in the Old, 838,380 in the New. A recapitula-
tion of these figures shows that there are in the entire Bible 66 books,
1,189 chapters, 31,143 verses, 773,692 words, and 3,566,480 letters.

The middle chapter is Job xxix; the middle verse is Psalm cxviii:
8; the shortest chapter is Psalm cxvii; the shortest verse is John xi:
35, " Jesus wept; " there is another in the New Testament as short in
point of words, but not in letters, viz. : First Thessalonians v: 16, " Re-
joice evermore; " the shortest verse in the Old Testament is, " Remem-
ber Lot's wife. " Ezra vii: 21 contains all the letters of the alphabet.
The word " and " occurs in the Old Testament 35,543 times, in the New
10,684; total, 46.227 times in the entire Bible. The word " reverend "
appears but once, and will be found in Psalm cxi: 9. Tiie word "girl "
appears twice in the Bible — in Joel iii: 3, and in Zechariah viii: 5;
the word "bo}'" three times — in Genesis xxv: 27, Joel iii: 3, and
Zechariah viii: 5. The nineteenth chapter of Second Kings and
the thirty-seventh chapter of Isaiah are alike. There is no date from
beginning to end in the Bible. It comprises some sixty documents,
and is supposed to have been written by about forty men. Fifty-four
miracles are recorded in the Old Testament and fifty-one in the New,
total 105. In the book of Esther the Deity is not once mentioned.



OUR LAND is indeed a land of liberty. No tyrant have we to
reign over us, to bind us down in oppression's chain; but we are a free
people who enjoy the rights and privileges of a free and moral govern-
ment. We have no king to rule over us, and make laws of injustice,
and compel us to submit to his authority, who could, if he pleased, re-
duce us to poverty and wretchedness, and make us miserable by his
own power, whicli he could exercise over us at his own will if he
chose. No, thank Heaven, we are not under such a Government as
this; but we are in a land of liberty, a land of freedom where we enjoy
the smiles of Heaven, as it were, and have the privilege of hearing the
gospel preached, and also of reading the Bible, which is the best of
books, and which teaches men the way to heaven, revealing to us what
we must do in order to inherit eternal life beyond the grave.

Truly if there are any people who enjoy liberty and freedom they
are the American people, who live at the present period of time. And
who is there among us Americans that does not love and admire his.
native laud, which is so dear to us? It was for our native land that
our ancestors fought so bravely, and died so willingly on the field of
battle! They were faithful and true to their country, and looked for-
ward with the expectation of finall}' achieving a glorious victory over
their cruel oppressors; and after a long and hard struggle they suc-
ceeded in their attempt, and came off conquerors over their enemies.
We are the people who now enjoy the fruits of their victory, and we
ought to cherish friendship, love and peace.

Francis C. Waid.

Blooming Valley, 1851-52.

In comiectiou Avitli the above I have thought it not
out of place to add a list of the Presidents of the United
States, in a condensed form necessitated by lack of space.


George Washington, the "Father of our Country," was born
in Westmoreland County, Va., February 22, 1732, a son of Augustine
and Mary (Ball) Washington. His great-grandfather, John Washing-


ton, emigrated from England to Virginia in 1657, and became a pros-
perous planter. He had two sons, Lawrence and John, former of
whom married Mildred Warner, and had three children, John, Augus-
tine and Mildred. Of these Augustine, the father of George, first
"married Jane Butler, who bore him four children, two of whom, Law-
rence and Augustine, reached maturlt}^ Of six children by his sec-
ond marriage, George was the eldest, the others being Betty, Samuel,
John Augustine, Charles and Mildred. Augustine Washington, father
of George, died in 1743. As the life of George Washington is a por-
tion of American History as familiar to every true American as house-
liold words, notliing more need be said here, even did space permit,
further than to give a brief record of his presidential life. In Febru-
ary, 1789, he was unanimouslj^ elected President of the United States;
at the expiration of his first term he was unanimously re-elected, and
at the end of this terra he absolutelv refused a re-nomination. Janu-
ary 17, 1759, he mnrried Mrs. Martha (Dandridge) Custis, a widow.

The Presidents who have come after George Washington have
been as follows:

Year of

Online LibraryFrancis C WaidTwin souvenir of Francis C. Waid : comprising his First, Second, and Third souvenirs → online text (page 37 of 60)