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Twin souvenir of Francis C. Waid : comprising his First, Second, and Third souvenirs online

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Online LibraryFrancis C WaidTwin souvenir of Francis C. Waid : comprising his First, Second, and Third souvenirs → online text (page 44 of 60)
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Englewood, some seven or eight miles south of Chicago
postoffice. Mrs. Cromwell (who was Miss Mary Williams
before marriage) was once my pupil when I taught school
in the Cowen district, near Blooming Valley, Peun. ; she
has two sisters, Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. DeShon (also old
pupils of mine), living on Evanston Avenue, near to
Lincoln Park, and I believe it is twenty years since I
last saw them. Their mother, Mrs. Christina Williams,
is living with Mrs. Cromwell. Mr. Cromwell Avas kind
enough to present me with a complimentary ticket of
admission to the Board of Trade, which enabled me to
see through all the different departments intelligibly,
such as the buying and selling of the various descrip-
tions of produce, the market quotations, etc. Afterward
I went to No. 162 Evanston Avenue, where I found Mrs.
Cromwell and her two sisters, already mentioned, and
their husbands, at their home, and we passed a very
pleasant visit.


Having been taken suddenly unwell while in Chicago,
I did not spend much more time in that "Enchanted
City," but concluded to hurry on homeward; accordingly
at 11:30 on New Tear's Eve, within half an hour of the
demise of 1890 and the birth of 1891, I resumed my
eastern journey. By the time I reached Crestline, Ohio,
Avhere I got a cup of coffee and a sandwich, I was feeling
better. On the cars I bought a couple of books, "Ser-
mons by Rev. Sam Jones," and a work containing selec-
tions or "gems" from the sermons and addresses deliv-
ered by Talmage, Beecher, Moody, Spurgeon, Guthrie,
Parker, etc. — which proved the best of companions to me
during the remainder of my trip, and the reading of
them gave me great comfort and consolation.

At 8:10 P. M. January 1, 1891, I arrived at Meadville,
Crawford Co., Penn., where I put up for the night (which
by the way was a very rainy one) at S. C. Derby's. On
my return to Meadville I looked for the first time on the
Soldiers' Monument, not then dedicated. Next day I
proceeded to the home of my son, Franklin, where I re-
mained till Saturday ; then made a call at my son Fred's
after which I came to m}^ son Guinnip's home, and wish-
ing to rest and recruit my health I here remained in
peace and quietude.

It is a little over three months since I left Meadville
on this my fifth trip to Kansas and the West; and to me
it has been a remarkable one, including, as it did, labor,
business and pleasure, and many good visits to old
friends and new. I think now as I sit in my old home,
surrounded by its many sweet associations, of the dear
ones whom I met; of the pleasant incidents that ofttimes
lent to my journey the spice of adventure; of the various


places I visited, and, above all, what I hold in undying
remembrance, of the favors and blessings our all-wise
Heavenly Father has at all times bounteously poured out
to me — favors and blessings that seem to me to have been
multiplied since I gave Him my heart forty years ago.

Time flies and our days soon pass away. Some one
may look in after years on the spot where our remains
are then reposing, and think of us as we do of those dear
ones "not lost but gone before." May we have treasure
in Heaven, and be ready, when called, to join the angelic
throng in that land of pure delight where God shall wipe
away all tears from our eyes; where there shall be no
more death, nor sorrow, nor pain, for all former things
shall have passed away.

"Two worlds are ours; 'tis ouly sin
Forbids us to descry
The mystic heaven and earth within
Plain as the sea and sky!

Thou, who hast given me eyes to see

And love this sight so fair,
Give me a heart to find out Thee

And read Thee everywhere."

God is Good.


Online LibraryFrancis C WaidTwin souvenir of Francis C. Waid : comprising his First, Second, and Third souvenirs → online text (page 44 of 60)