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ADAMS OX EJECTMENT. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Action of
Ejectment, and the Resulting Action for Mesne Profits, bj' John Adams, serp:eant-at-
law. Tlie fourth American from the Loudon edition, witli Notes of the Decisions made
by the Supreme and Circuit Courts of the United States, and by the Courts of tlie several
States, whose decisions have been reported ; together with the Statutory provisions, in
relation to those actions, contained in the Revised Statutes of New York ; and Prece-
dents of Entries, Pleadings, and Pi'ocess adapted thereto, by John L. Tillinghast, coun-
sellor-at-law: To which are added Annotations'and References to the most recent
American Decisions, by Thomas W. Clerke, connsellor-at-law. Carefully collated, and
made to correspond with the latest London edition, corrected by the author ; together
with additional Notes and Decisions in the Courts of the several States. By William
Hogan, counsellor-at-law ; and continued by T. W. Waterman. Embodying all the
Atnerican and English Actions, to the present time. $5.

ALLEN ON SHERIFFS. The Duties and Liabilities of Sheriffs, in their various relations
to the Public and to Individuals, as governed by the principles of common law, and regu-
lated by the Statutes of New York. Revised, Corrected, and Enlarged, by Otis Allen,
counsellor-at-law. $3.

THE AMERICAN CHANCERY DIGEST. Being an Analytical Digested Index of all the
Reported Decisions in Equity of the United States Courts, and of the Courts of the seve-
ral States, to the present time, witli Notes and a copious Index. Also an Introductory
Essay, comprising an Historical Sketch of the Court of Chancery, an account of ilie na-
ture, powers, and functions of the Court, and the organization and equity jurisdiction of
the Court of the United States, and of each of the States of the Union. By Thomas
W. Waterman, of the New York Bar. 3 Vols. $15.

ANTHON'S NISI PRIUS REPORTS. The Law of Nisi Prius: Being Reports of Cases
determined at Nisi Prius, in the Supremo Court of the State of New York; with Notes
and Commentaries on each case. Second r^dition. With many additional cases never
published before. Judges presiding : — Chief Justice James Kent, Justices Van Ness,
Thompson, Spencer, and Yeates. 1 Vol. $4.

ARCHBOLD'S CIVIL PLEADING. A Digest of the Law relative to Pleading and Evi-
dence in Civil Actions, by John Frederick Archbold, barrister-at-law. Second Ameri-
can, from the last London edition. $4.

iRCHBOLD'S PLEADING AND EVIDENCE. Ardibold's Summary of the Law rela-
ting to Pleading and E- once in Criminal Cases: with Statutes, Precedents of Indict-
ments. &c., and the .ce necessary to support them. By John Jervis, Esq., Q. C,


of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, with the Patent of Precedence. American,
from the London edition; much Enlarged and Improved, l>_y W. N. Welshy, Kfq., of
the Middle Temple, banister-at-law, Recorder of Chester. To whicli are added innu-
merable American and English, and brought down to the present time. By
Thomas W. Waterman. 3 Vols. $16 50.

BAEBOUR'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. A Treatise on the Practice of the Court of Chan-
eery, with an Appendix of Precedents. By Oliver L. Barbour, counsellor-atlaw. 2
Vols. $12.

BARBOUR'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the
Court of Chancery of the State of New York, from 1845 to 1847 By Oliver L. Barbour,
ccunsellor-at-law, successor ol Paige, and in continuation ol Johnson, Hopl<ins, and
Paige. These decisions are considered the ablest and most reliable of any oilier in our
country. 3 Vols. $15.

BARBOUR'S CRIMINAL TREATISE. The Magistrate's Criminal Law : a Practical Trea-
tise on the Jurisdiction, Duty, and Authority ot ilie Ju-'^iices ol tlie Peace in the Slate of
New York in Criminal Courts. Containing also a Summary of tlie Law relative to
Crimes and Punishments, with an Appendix of Forms of Proceedings. By OHver L.
Barbour, counsellor-at-law. Second edition. Much enlarged with Notes and Refer-
ences, and additional Forms. $5.

BARBOUR'S LAW OF SET-OFF. A Treatise on the Law of Set-Off, with an Appendix
of Precedents. By Oliver L. Barbour, counsellor-at-law. $2.

BARBOUR'S SUPREME COURT REPORTS. Reports of Cases, in Law and Equity, in
the Supreme Court of tlie State of New York, under tlie New Constitution, 1846. By
Oliver L. Barbour, counsellor-at-law. 17 Vols. $59 50.

BEAMES' NE EXEAT. A Brief View of the Writ of Ne Exeat Regno, with Practical
Remarks upon it as an I'lquilable Process. By John Beame.«. of Lincoln's Inn, barri.ster-
at-lavv. First American edition, with Notes "of the recent English and American Deci-
sions. By H. W. Warner, solicitor and counsel in Chancery. $0 75.

BEEBE'S QUESTIONS TO GRAHAM'S PRACTICE. Questions adapted to Graham's
Practice of the New York Supreme Court; and comprising an Analysis of that work.
By Pierre Ogilvie Beebe, student-at-law. $2.

BENEDICT'S AMERICAN ADMIRALTY. The American Admiralty: its Jurisdiction
and Practice, with Practical Forms and Directions. By Erastus C. Benedict. $5 50.

BLYDENBURGH ON USURY. A Treatise on the Law of Usury, to which are added
the Statutes of the several States relating to interest now in force, togetiier vvitli a Di-
gest ot all tiie Decisions, and an Index to the Reported Adjudications from the Statutes
of Henry VIH, to tiie present time. By J. W. Biydenburgh, counsellor-at-law. $3.

BRIDGMAN'S CHANCERY DIGEST, Vol. IV. A Digest of the Reported Cases on
Points of Practice and Pleading in the Courts of Equity in England and Ireland, and of
the Rules and Orders of the same Courts; from the earliest period to the present time;
intended as a Companion to Bridgham's Equity Digest. By R. 0. Bridgman, of Lin-
coln's Inn, barrisier-at-law.

BRIGHT'S HUSB.AND AND WIFR. A on the Law of Husband and Wife, as
respects properly: Partly founded on Roper's Treatise, and comprising Jacob's ^otes
and Addiuons thereto, by Joiin Edward Bright, Esq., of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-
law With copious Notes and References to the American Decisions, and also an
Appendix, containing the Statutes of every State in the Union, in relation to the rio-hts
and property of females before and after marriage. By Ralph Lock wood, counsellur-at-
law. 2 Vols. $10.

GAINES' C.^SE^i. Cases argued and determined in the Court for the Trial of Impeach-
ments and Correction of Errors in the State of New York. By George Caines, coun-
sellor-at-law. .$4.


CAINKS' RErOUTS. Now York Term Reports of Cases aro:ued and determined in the
Supremo Court of tliat Slate. Third edition just pul)lislied, containin;;- Notes and Kefer-
onces to all llie American and Kn^lisli decisions, lo iho time of publicalion, liy Water-
man; witli Corrections and Additions. By George Gaines, counsellor-at-law. 3 Vols.

CALIFORNIA PRACTICE. A Treatise on the Practice «x{-4lio 'Courts of tlie State of
California, carefully adapted to tiio existing law. By J. B. Hart, of tiie San Francisco
Bar. $3 50.

CAMPBELL'S NISI PIMUS REPORTS. Reports of Cases determined at Nisi Prius, in
the Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the Home Circuit, from the sit-
tings after Micliaclmas Term. 48 Geo. IH, 1807, to tho sittings after Hilary Term, 50
Geo. Ill, 1816. boih inclusive. By John Campbell, of Lincoln's Inn, barristir-at-law.
To which are added Notes referring to the American Authorities. By Samuel Howe,
counsellor-at-law. 4 Vols. New York, 1810 to 1821.

CHITTY'S CRIMINAL LAW. A Practical Treatise on tiie Criminal Lnw, comprising the
Practice, Pleadings, and Eviilence, whicli occur in tiie course of Criminal Prosecutions,
wlietlier by Indictment or Information : wiili a copious collection of Precedents of In-
dictment.<5. Information, Presentments, and every description of Practical Forms, with
Compreliensive Notes upon each offence, the Process, Indictment, Plea, Helence, Evi-
dence, Trial, Verdict, Judgment, and Punishment. By Josepli Cliiit}', of tlie Jliddlo
Temple, barrister-at-law. Fourth American, from tho Second and last Lond(jn Edi-
tion, corrected and enlarged by tlio author; with Notes and Correction.s. By Kidiard
Peters and Tiios. Huntington To whicli are now added. Notes and References to tho
cases decided in the Courts of the United States and of the several States, to the pre-
sent time, as well as to the late English decisions. By J. C. Perkins, counsellor-at-
law. 3 Vols. $12.

CLANCY'S RIGHTS OF WOMEN. A Treatise on tlie Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of
IIus')and and Wife, at Liw and in Equity. By James Clancy, barristur-at-law.
Second American, fi-om the last London edition. In press.

CLARKE'S CflANCKRY REPORTS. Reports of Chancery Cases, Decided in tho Eighth
Circuit of the State of New York, liy Hon. Frederick Whittlesey, Vice-Cliancellor. By
Cliarles L. Clarke, counsellor-at-law. $5.

COMYN ON CONTRACTS. Tlie Law of Contracts and Promises, upon various .subjects
and with particular persons, as .settled in the Action of Assumpsit. In Three Parts.
By Samuel Comyn, of the Middje Temple, barrister-at-law. The fourth American,
from the last London edition. Revised and Enlarged by the addition of American and
later Englisli Cases. In press.

OOMSTOCK'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in tlic Court of Ap-
peals of the State of New York. By George F. Comstock, Esq., State Reporter.
Judyes' names : Freeborn G. Jewet:, Greene C. Bronson, Addison Gardner, Charles H.
Ruggles, Samuel Jones, William B. Wright, 'I homas A. Johnson, Charles Cray, Eli.sha
P. Hurlburt, Ira llarri.s, Daniel l^ratt, Henry W. Taylor, Selah B. Strong, Daniel Cady,
William H. Slianliland, James G. Iloyt. 2 Vols. $5.

CONNECTICUT REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme
Court of Errors in tlie State of Connecticut, from 1814 to 1853. inclusive; prepared
and pulilished in pursuance of a Statute Law of the State. Second edition, (Jorrected,
with Notes and References to the .several State Reports. This series of very valuable
Reports is now to \>e had complete, and at a Reduced Price. By the Hon. Thomas
Day. 21 Vols. $105.

COURT RULES. Rules and Orders of the Court of Chancery of the State of New York,
as Revised and Kstablished by Chancellor Walworth, in 184+, with Precedents of
Writs, Orders, and Bills of Costs, approved by the Chancellor, and Notes of Decisions,
showing ilie Practical (Jonstruclion of the Rules.

Rules and Orders of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Revised and
Established i>y the Court, in May Term, 1845.

Rules of the Court of Appeals of the State of New York. Adopted at a Term of
the Court held at the Capitol in the City of Albany, on the Gth day of July, 1847.

Rules of Practice of tho Supreme (Jouri of the State of New York, at. Law and in
Equity, as established l)y the Guurt at July Term, 1847. With Precedents of Writs,
Orders and Bills of Costs, and Notes of Decisions.

Rules of Practice of tlie Superior ('ourt of the tJity of Now York.

Rules and Orders of the Couri of Common Pleas, for tho City and County of Now


COWEN'3 CIVIL TREATISE. By Esek Cowen, Judge of the Supreme Court. Fourth
edition. Re-written and adapted to the present state of the law. By Wilham Tracy,
counsellor-at-la\v. $5.

COWKN'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court for
the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors of the State of New York, from
1823 to 1823. By Esek Cowen, counsellor-at-law, and successor of Johnson. 9 Vols.

CROWN CIRCUIT COMPANION. The Crown Circuit Companion: First American edi-
tion into whicli has been incorporated the work formerly published under the name of
the Crown Circuit Assistant. Both works have also been carefully Revised, and such
additions made thereto as modern Statutes and Decisions have rendered necessary. $3,

ESTATE. A Compendium of the Law and Practice of Vendors and Purchasers of
Real Estate. By J. Henry Dart, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law. With Notes and
Relereucesto American Decisions, by Thomas W. Waterman, counsellor-at-law. $5 50.

DAYTON'S SURROGATE. The ofBce of Surrogate, Surrogates and Surrogates' Courts,
and Executors, Administrators and Guardians, in the State of New York. A Compi-
lation of the Statutes, and a Summary of the Judicial Decisions of the State of New
York, relating to tiie Office of Surrogate, tiie Proving of Wills, the granting of Probate,
Administration and Guardianship, and the Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Executors,
Administrators and Guardians, arranged in tlie lorm of a Treatise. By Isaac Dayton,
counsellor-at-law. With an Appendix, containing several decisions upon the above
named subjects, not elsewhere reported, and forms and precedents for practice in the
Surrogates' Courts, and tor the use of Executors, Administrators and Guardians.

DEAN'S MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. Principles of Medical Jurisprudence, designed
tor the Professions of Law and Medicine. By Amos Dean, coansellor-at-law and
Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the Albany Medical College. Second Edition.
$4 50.

DENIO'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued an'd determined in the Supreme Court,
and in the Court lor liie Correction of Errors of the State of New Yoric, irom 1845 to
1848, inclusive. By Hiram Denio, successor of Hill and the continuation of Johnson,
Cowen and Wendell. 5 Vols. $20.

DIGEST OF SOUTH CAROLINA REPORTS. A Digest of the Cases Reported in the
Constitutional Reports of South Carolina. By a Member of the Charleston Bar.

DUNLAP'S PALEY'S AGENCY. A Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent, chiefly
with reference to Mercantile Transactions. By William Pale}', of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.,
harrister-at-law. The tliird edition, with considerable Additions, by J. H. Lloyd, of
the Inner Temple, Esq, barrister-at-law. Third American edition, with extensive
Additions, referring to, and embracing all the cases both English and American, to the
present lime. By John A. Dunlap, Esq., coun.sellor-at-law. $4.

EDEN ON INJUNCTIONS. A Treatise on the Law of Injunctions. By the Hon. Robert
Henley Eden, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law. Tliird American, from the last Lon-
don edition: to wiiicli is added copious Notes and References to all the decisions of
the Courts of the United States. aiMi of the different States, on this subject. By Jacob
D. Wheeler, counsellor-at-law. A new edition, by James Haig, Esq., of Lincoln's Inu,
barrister-at-law. Fourth American edition, from the last English. By Waterman,
containing all the American and English Decisions to the present time, making two
large 8vo. voLs,, a complete work on this subject. $10.

EDWARDS ON PARTIirS IN CHANCERY. A Practical Treatise on Parties to Bills
and other Pleadings in Chancery: witli Precedents. By Charles Edwards, counsellor-
at-law and in equity. $2 50.

EDWARDS' CHANCKRY REPORTS. Reports of Chancery Cases decided in the First
Circuit of the Slate of New York, by the Hon. William T. McCoun, Vice-Chancellor.
By Charles Edwards, counsellor-at-law. 4 Vols. §20.

EDWARDS ON RKCKIVERS. On Receivers in Chancery, with Precedents. By Charles
Edwards, counsellor-at-law, Author of " Edwards on Parties," and Reporter of the
Vice-Cliancellor's Court of tiie First Circuit of the State of New York. $5.


ELLIOTT'S DIPLOMATIC CODE. Tho American Diplomatic Code, embrnoinpr a collec-
tion of Treaties and Conventions between tlie United States and Fon'i<rn Powers, from
1778 to 18:^4; witli an abstract of important Judicial Decisions on Points connected
with our Foreign Relations. Also, a Concise Diplomatic Manual, contaming a sum-
mary of tiie Law of Nations, from tlie works of Wici^iiefort, Vattel, Martens, Ward,
Kent, Story, &c , &c., and other Diplomatic Writin<i;s on Qii'^rtTms of International Law,
useful for Public Ministers and Consuls, and for all others liaving official or commercial
intercourse with Foreign Nations. By Jonathan Elliott. 2 Vols. $12.

ENGLISH CHANCERY REPORTS. Tiiose very valuable and important Decisions are re-
pulilishod verbatim from tho London copy, with notes and references to English and
American Authorities. By John A. Dunlap, and continued hj the Hon. E. F. Smith,
being the Reports of Cases argued and determined in the High Courts of Chancery,
the Rolls Court, and the Vice-Chancery Courts of England. Published in full,
without any condensation whatever. The first 18 Vols, bound: each contnin 2 Vols,
of tho English Reports, and are sold for $5 per Vol. The subsequent 17 Vols, at
$3 per Vol. 53 English Vols in 35 American Vols., with Notes, &c. to American De-
cisions. This very Valuable Series of Reports will be published from time to time,
and at the very low price of $3 per Vol,

ESPINASSB] ON PENAL STATUTES. A Treatise on the Law of Actions on Penal Sta-
tutes in general. By Isaac Espinasse, of Gray's Inn, barrister-at-law. First Ameri-
can from tho last London edition.

EWING'S NEW JERSKY JUSTICE. A Treatise on the Office and Duty of a Justice of
the Peace, Sheriff, Coroner, Constable, and of Executors, Administrators and Guar-
dians, in which are particularly laid down the rules for conducting an action in the
Court for the trial of small causes. With approved forms, by James Ewing, Esq., late
one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, in the County of Hunterdon. Third
edition, revised and corrected by a Member of tho Bar. With the New Constitution
added. $3.

GRAHAM ON NEW TRIALS. An Essay on New Trials. By David Graham, Esq.
Second edition, Revised and Improved. By David Graliam, Jr.

GRAHAM'S PRACTICE. A treatise on the Practice of the Supreme Court of the State of
New York. By David Graham, counsollor-at-law. Third edition. Revised. Enlarged
and Improved, in 2 Vols. The first volume is' already published. $5.

HILL'S Rl'^ PORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court, and
in the Court for the Correction ol Errors of the State of New York. By Nicholas Hill,
Jr., counsellor at-law, and continuation of Johnson, Cowen, and Wendell. 7 Vols. $28.

BILLIARD ON REAL ESTATE. Fourth edition, very much Enlarged, with Notes and
References, by the author. 2 Vols. $12.

HOFFMAN'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases decided in the First Circuit of
the State of New York. $5.

HOFFMAN'S LEGAL STUDY. A Course of Legal Study, addressed to Students and the
Profession generally. By David Hoffman, Jr., Utr. Doct. Gottingen. Second edition.
Re-written, and much Enlarged. 2 Vols. $5.

HOPKIN'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in tho Court
of Chancery of the State of New York. By Samuel Hopkins, counsellor- at-law, and
successor of Johnson. 1 Vol $5.

HOWARD'S PRACTICE REPORTS. Report of Cases argued and determined in the Su-
preme Court, at Special Term ; with the Points of Practice decided, from October Term.
1844, to July, 1850. By Nathan Howard, Jun., counsellor-at-Iaw, and Deputy Clerk
of the Supreme Court. 10 Vols. .$35.

HUMPHREYS' PRECEDENTS. A Collection of Practical Forms in Suits at law; also
Precedents of Contracts, Conveyances, Wills, &c. ; and Proceedings under the Pension,
Patent, and Naturalization Laws of the United States, with Annotations and References.
By Charles Humphreys, counsellor-at-law. 2 Vols. $10.

JACOB AND WALKER'S CHANCERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and de-
termined in the High Court of Chancery, during tlie time of Lord Chancellor Eldon. By
Edward Jacob and John Walker, of Lincoln's Inn, barristers at-law. First Ameri-
can from the first London edition. With Notes and References to American Cases. By
Henry W. Warner, solicitor and counsellor in Chancery. 2 Vols. $12.


JOHNSON'S CASES. Reports of Case.s adjudged in the Supreme Court of Judicature of
the Slate of New York, (rom January 1799, to 1803, inclusive, togellier witli Cases de-
termined ii! tlie Court lor the Correction of Error.^ during tliat period. A second edi-
tion. Witii many additional cases not included in tlie former edition, taken from the
Manuscript Notes of the late Hon. Jacob Radciift", one of the Judges of the Supreme Court,
and associated with the Hon. Morgan Lewis, James Kent, (since Chancellor of tlie State,)
Egbert Benson, John Lansing, Brockholst Livingston, and Smith Thompson— the two
latter were subsequently appointed Judges of t!ie Supreme Court of tiie United States.
With copious Notes and References to the American and English Decisions. Tlie writ of
MANDAMfs lias been treated fully of in 2d Vol. of these reports, and references to the
cases in it, and have been introduced, together with a complete collection of forma and
precedents, not found elsewhere. By Lorenzo B. Shepard, counsellor-at-law. 3 Vols.

JOHNSON'S CH.\NGERY REPORTS. Reports of Cases adjudged in the Courc of Chan-
cery of New York. By William Johnson, counsellor-at-law. Containing the Cases
from March, 1814, to December, 1823, inclusive. With a General Digested Index of the
Cases Decided and Reported in the Court of Chancerj^ and in the Court for the Correc-
tion of Errors, on Appeal, from 1799 to 1822, inclusive, with a Table of the names of the
Cases, and of the Titles and References. James Kent was Chancellor during the above
Reports. 7 Vols. $40.

JOHNSON'S REPORTS. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court
of Judicature, and in the Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Er-
rors in the State of New York. By William Johnson, counsellor-at-law. Third
Edition. With additional Notes and References. 20 Vols. $75.

LAMBERT ON DOWER. A Treatise on Dower, comprising a Digest of the American
Decisions, and the Provisions of the Revised Statutes of the State of New York. By
Eli Lambert. $1.

LAW OF FIXTURES. A Treatise on the Law of Fixtures, and other Property', partaking
both of a Real and Personal Nature ; comprising the Law relating to Annexations to
the Freeliold in general ; as also, Emblements, Charters, Heir- Looms, etc., with an Ap-
pendix, containing Practical Rules atid Directions, respecting the Removal, Purchase,
Valuation, etc., of Fixtures between Landlord and Tenant, and between Out-going and
In-coming Tenants. By A. Amos, Esq., and J. Ferrard. Esq., barristers-at-law. The
second edition, with copious Notes and References to all the English Cases to the time
of publishing, by Joseph Ferrard, Esq., barrister-at-law. The second American
edition, from the last English, will contain all the Cases decided in the Courts of
Law in the United States, and the courts of the several States on the subject, to the pre-
sent time. With a Digest of the Statute Laws of the several States relating to the sub-
ject. By William Hogan, counsellor-at-law. $3.

LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES.— Vol. IX. Laws of the United States of America,
from the 4th of March, 1833, to the 3d of March, 1839, including all the Treaties nego-
tiated and ratified within that period, and several other valuable Documents which have
resulted from, or are connected with, the Acts of Congress and Treaties. Together with
copious Notes and References. Volume IX, corresponding with, and intended as a con-
tinuation of the Edition of Bioren & Co., as published by authority of an Act of Con-
gress. Printed by Autliority ot an Act of Congress. $9.

LOCKWOOD'S REVERSED CASES. An Analytical and Practical Synopsis of all the
Cases argued and reversed in Law and Equitj^ in the Court for the Correction of Er-
rors of tlie State of New York, from 1799 to 1847 ; with the names of the Cases, and a
Table of the Titles, &c. By Ralph Lockwood, counsellor-at-law. $4.

LUBE'S EQUITY PLEADING. An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Pleading, con-
taininer a Compendium of the Practice of the High Court of Chancer)', and the Founda-
tion of the Rules, to^rether witli an Illustration of the Analogy between Pleadings at
Common Law and I'^quity. By D. G. Lube, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law. Second
American, from the last Loudon edition. Witli Notes and References to American
Cases. By J. D. Wheeler, counsellor-at-law. $3.

MACOMB'S COURTS MARTIAL. Tlie Practice of Courts Martial. By Alexander M'Comb,

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