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ture, his most important works, his most distinguished contem-
poraries, the leading events of the time, and, in most cases a few
clear words of explanation or criticism.

W. B. Chamberlain, Prof, of

Rhetoric, Oberlin College : Its clear-
ness, compactness, and readiness for
reference must make it one of the
most useful tools for either teacher
or student. It gives a vast amount

of most valuable information in the
most economical manner possible. A
very valuable feature is its correla-
tion of literary with political and
general historical events. I regard
it as a decided success.

Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet.

For the use of Colleges, High Schools, Academies and Clubs. By Car-
boll Lewis Maxcy, A.B., Associate Principal and Instructor in Eng-
lish, Troy (N.Y.) Academy. Square 16mo. Cloth. 200 pages. INIail-
ing price, 50 cents ; for introduction, 45 cents.

A VERY few notes have been added to explain passages which
would otherwise be unintelligible. The most famous quota-
tions are grouped at the end of each act.

The Philosophy of American Literature.

By Greenough White, A. INI. 12mo. Flexible cloth, iv + 66 pages.
By mail, 35 cents ; for introduction, 30 cents.


The Best Elizabethan Plays.

Edited with an Introduction by William R. Thayer. i2mo. Cloth.
611 pages. By mail, $1.40; for introduction, $1.25.

rpHE selection comprises The Jew of Malta, by Marlowe; The
A Ichemist, by Ben Jonson ; Philaster, by Beaumont and Fletcher ;
The Tivo Nolle Kinsmen, by Fletcher and Shakespeare ; and The
Duchess of Malfi, by Webster. It thus affords not only the best
specimen of the dramatic work of each of the five Elizabethan
poets who rank next to Shakespeare, but also a general view of the
development of English drama from its rise in Marlowe to its last
strong expression in Webster. The necessary introduction to the
reading of each play is concisely given in the Preface. Great care
has been used in expurgating the text.

Felix E. Schelling, Professor of
English, University of Pennsyl-
vania : This has proved invaluable
to me in my Seminar. All profes-
sors of Englisli literature must wel-
come such intelligent and scholarly
editions of our enduring classics.


Charles F. Richardson, Prof, of
English, Dartmouth College : The
book is an excellent one, intelligently
edited, equipped with brief and sen-
sible notes, and introduced by a
preface of real critical insight. Alto-
gether, it is well fitted for college use.

A Method of English Composition.

By T. Whiting B * ncroft, late P'-ofessor of Rhetoric and English Lit-
erature in Brown University. 12mo. Cloth. 101 pages. Mailing
price, 55 cents ; for introduction, 50 cents.

Notes on English Literature.

By Fred Parker Emery, Instructor in English in the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Boston. 12mo. Cloth. 152 pages. By mail,
$1.10; for introduction, fl.OO.

nnHIS book is a departure from the ordinary mode of teaching
English Literature. It follows the critical, comparative, and
philosophical method of the best univc^'sities, and combines the
advantages of the tabulated synopsis of authors and books with
those of the critical literary history. History, politics, society, and
religion are studied with the proper perspective in relation to liter-
ature, and are made to show why literature is necessarily charac-
teristic of the age that produced it.

Leroy Stephens, P?'es. Western
Pennsylvania Classical and Scien-
tific Institute, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.:
Nothing that I have seen compares^

with it in the value of the references
by which history and literature are
kept so closely linked together.



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Online LibraryFrancis Jeffrey JeffreySelections from the essays of Francis Jeffrey → online text (page 21 of 21)