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at Betchton, there was another Hugh Broome, son of Geoffery, baptised at
Sandbach, 3rd March 1585. Possibly he may be the man who married
Margaret Twemlow, though in that case he was a very young bridegroom, unless
he was christened very late.

At any rate there was a connection between the Broomes of the Brook and
the Twemlows in the i8th century, as mentioned in Chapter HI. and Earwaker's
Sandbach, pp. 279 and 285.

To the information there given, I have only to add that Francis Twemlow's
note-book says that Mary Hilditch (the heroine of the elopement to Gretna Green
with Captain Francis Lowndes) was born 12th April 1755. It also contains a
number of payments made for her shoes, clothing, &c., and a doctor's bill,
shewing that she had smallpox in 1764.

George Twemlow of the Hill, by his will of 1808, left a sum of money in trust
for her and her children, the last instalment of which was paid over by Thomas
Twemlow of Peatswood to her trustees in 18 18.

The Brook Farm was on the old road between Cappers Lane and Dean
Hill, but the new road passes to the south of it, and on a higher level, so that
few people see the old house. The house must have been a very handsome one,
with a stone basement story, and half-timbered work above, the upper story
projecting beyond the lower. Some of the old windows remain, and are full of
interest as they have not been tampered with by restorers. The Betchton Manor
Rolls show that it was the property of the Broomes as late as 1790.

2. The Merriells, Merryells, or Merrills. These people were the
hereditary bailiffs of the Wilbraham portion of Betchton Manor. Ralph Merriell,
who was overseer of the will of John Twemlow the elder, was the son of John
Merriell, and was baptised in 1563. His tenement was at Hassall Green. The
old house has been turned into cottages, and the land goes with a new house
known as the " Fields Farm." It had belonged to a man named Hare in Henry
IV's time.^ Ralph Merriell took an active part in the legal proceedings of 1613,
giving evidence on behalf of the plaintiff, and making a distraint on one of the
defendants. Roger Wilbraham notes that on one occasion he allowed the
widow Lawton to take wood to which she had no right.

His son, John Merriell, was baptized in 1592. His wife's name was Cicely,
and she died in 1657. John lived to be 93, and died in 1685. Roger Wilbraham
valued him highly as an honest and faithful agent. In 1708 Merriell's tenement
was held by Richard Jackson.

3. The other overseer of John Twemlow's will was Richard Kettle. He
seems to have acted on behalf of the occupiers of land who bought up the
manorial rights of the Fittons, for the official transcript of part of the Fitton
title, which is dated 161 3, was issued by the Court on the request of Richard
Kettle. In 1605 he married Joan Shawe, and in 1608 his son Richard was
baptised. In 1629 he died, and his wife soon after.

I. Wilbraham M.S.S. at Delamere.


Online LibraryFrancis Randle TwemlowTwemlows, their wives and their homes from original records → online text (page 20 of 34)