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Undbb Grand Cbxtral Hotbu


jfintereiL, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1800, by

Francis S. Williams,

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

«ttCtftôtypïl) At TtttS


In offering to the public the present work, its authof
and compiler would distinctly say, that he does not pro-
pose it as a substitute for any of the Speaking French
Grammars now in use, which are undoubtedly essential in
any thorough course of French instruction ; but, in com-
mon, he presumes, with all other teachers, he has found
from actual experience, that a complete knowledge of
these Grammars alone, does not enable a pupil to speak
French, and that without some plan for carrying the
scholar on from the point where the grammars leave him,
the end at which they all aim is not attained.

At this point different teachers employ different
methods, all more or less successful; but the text-books
have seemed to the author of English into Feench, ill
adapted to secure the desired result. They consist of
phrase books in double columns, to be committed to mem-
ory, or of English exercises, to be turned into French,



arranged to illustrate the rules of Grammar. Both arô
useful, but both are slow processes, — the former severely
taxing the memory, the latter being rather an exercise in
composition than in conversation.

The author's own experience in teaching is, that con-
stant practice in turning English into French, is at this
stage necessary ; but the phrases must be somewhat con-
nected and susceptible of literal translation ; there must
also be some easy continuous text, and enough of both to
exercise the pupil for several months daily, and create in
him a confidence that his own thoughts also may be ex-
pressed in French. This exercise requires, then, a book
specially adapted to the purpose, and it is to supply this
want that English into Feench has been prepared.

It begins with a Yocabtjlakt of twenty-two lessons, on
many familiar subjects, and including many words, which
pupils will not easily find in their dictionaries. It is not,
of course, intended that these lessons shall be learned
consecutively. One a week is suggested as perhaps the
best method of using this portion of the work.

In preparing the Conveesation, the author has availed
himself of materials found in other English phrase-books;
but not without great labor of selection, revision and
adaptation ; for he has admitted no phrase from beginning
to end, which has not been subjected to the test of prac,
tice, or been altered to conform to his plan, of presenting
in itself no obstacle to immediate conversion into French,


Particular attention is invited to the Idiomatical
ExPBESSiONS, arranged alphabetically for every important
verb in the language. Though put in the infinitive for
convenience of reference, they should by no means be sim-
ply committed to memory in the order in which they stand.
They are intended to form the material of an extempore,
original, and idiomatic conversation on topics of the day,
place, or class, and, with a slight preparation on the part
of the teacher, the exercise may be made very attractive
and instructive.

In preparing the Pkovekbs, those only have been admit-
ted which are in use in both languages. It is evident that
proverbs cannot be translated literally; hence, if studied at
all, they must be committed to memory. As pupils are
constantly asking how to say some of the more common
ones, the author, in inserting these, has been at some
pains to make the list as complete as possible.

The last and most difficult stage in this plan of instruc-
tion is the translation of a continuous text; and for this
teachers have been obliged to use ordinary English books.
The difficulty of translating them is, however, so great,
that the exercise becomes a slow and laborious one, little
suited to promote one of the first requisites of good con-
versation — readiness. The Fragment from Yoltaiee
here presented is not open to this objection. It has been
selected, on account of the extreme facility which this
author's writings afford for this peculiar exercise. No



apology is offered for the style of the translation, the de-
fects of which, viewed as an English composition, consti-
tute ïiiA chief excellence for the purpose for which it is
mtroduced — that of furnishing an easy text for retransla-
tion into French.

In preparing the Key, with the aid of a competent
Parisian, the use of tu has been purposely omitted, as
entirely unnecessary to any American child, and because,
when used improperly, as it often is, it creates a ludicrous
effect, much like saying, " how are you ? " on first presen-
tation to a lady, or to some distinguished personage.

It will probably be asked, by some teachers, whether
it is well to place the Key in the hands of the pupil. To
this the author would say, that the pupil without it must
have recourse to his grammar, dictionary, or teacher.
Were the object in view discipline of the mind by the
exercise of reflection and research, the end would be
better attained without the Key ; but as conversation to
be endurable must be rapid, and as the child learns his
own tongue without any thought of grammar or dic-
tionary, every means of facilitating his progress should
be freely offered him. All that is important is, that he
should fully master every lesson, and this the teacher can
ascertain from his recitation when he has the English only
before his eyes.

F. s. w.

Boston, Sept. 15, 1860.





VOCABULARY, consisting op

Man and his relationships 1

The body ; members, &c ....2

Names of occupations 3

The senses; diseases; remedies 5

Clothes; trinkets, &c 7

Houses; rooms, &c. . , : 10

Furniture 12

Meals ; pood and dishes 14

Beasts ; birds ; pishes ; insects ; reptiles 17

Trees; plants; fruit; flowers; vegetables 19

Time ; dates, &c. 21

"Weather 22

Festival days. 24

Countries; cities; geographical terms 25

Law, army and navy terms. • 26

Church terms 28

School terms; stationery; punctuation 30



Tools, and games 82

The country; agricultural implements 34

Theatrical terms. 35

Journeying; buildings 36

Intellectual attributes; moral qualities 38










A MAN, a "Woman,

a family, the father,

the mother, the child,

a boy, a girl,

a son, an only son,

a daughter, a brother,

a sister, a twin brother,

a twin sister,

the grandfather,

the grandmother,

the great grandfather,

the great grandmother,

a grandson,

a granddaughter,

the uncle, the aunt,

a nephew, a niece,

a godfather, a godmother,

the godson,

the goddaughter,

a husband, a wife,

a father-in-law,

a mother-in-law,

a son-in-law,


TJn HOMME, une femme,
une famille, le père,
la mère, l'enfant,
un garçon, une fille,
un fils, un fils unique,
une fille, un frère,
une sœur, un frère jumeau,
une sœur jumelle,
le grand-père,
la grand'mère,
le bisaïeul,
la bisaïeule,
un petit-fils,
une petite-fille,
l'oncle, la tante, •
un neveu, une nièce,
un parrain, une marraine^
le filleul,
la filleule,

un mari, une femme,
un beau-père,
une belle-mère,
un beau-fils, ou gendre^
1 civ


a daughter-in-law,

a brother-in-law,

a sister-in-law,

a relation, m., a relation, /!,

a near relation,

a distant relation,

a cousin, ^?2., a cousin,/!,

a first cousin, m.,

a first cousin, /!,

a second cousin,

a grand-nephew,

a grand-niece,

the guardian, the ward,

an old fiiend,

une belle-fille, ou bru,

un beau-frère,

une belle-sœur,

un parent, une parente,

un proche parent,

un parent éloigné,

un cousin, une cousine,

un cousin germain,

une cousine germaine,

un cousin issu de germain,

un petit-neveu,

une petite-nièce,

le tuteur, le ou la pupille,

un ancien ami.

The body, the head,
the forehead, the face,
the skin, the complexion,
the beard,

the features, tlie eyes,
the eyebrows, the eyelids,
the nose, the mouth,
the lips, a tooth,
the teeth, the gums,
the palate, the tongue,
the throat, the cheeks,
the whiskers,
the ears, the chin,
the neck, the shoulders,
the back, the waist,
the limbs, the arms,


Le corps, la tête,

le front, la figure,

la peau, le teint,

la barbe,

les traits, les yeux,

les sourcils, les paupières^

le nez, la bouche,

les lèvres, une dent,

les dents, les gencives,

le palais, la langue,

le gosier, les joues,

les favoris,

les oreilles, le menton,

le cou, les épaules,

le dos, la taille,

les membres, les bras,


the elbow, the hand,

the fingers, the thumb,

the nails, the legs,

the knee, the foot,

the ankle, the heel,

the sole, a toe,

the backbone,

the chest, the lungs,

the breath, the heart,

the stomach,

the liver, the blood, a bone,

an artery, a vein,

the pulse, the nerves,

the hair, curled,

braided, the parting,

a curl, a rope,

brushed back,

smooth hair,

a red-haired lady,

a light, fair-haired lady,

a dark-haired lady,

le coude, la main,

les doigts, le pouce,

les ongles, les jambes,

le genou, le pied,

la cheville, le talon,

la plante, un orteil,

l'épine du dos,

la poitrine, les poumons,

l'haleine, le cœur,


le foie, le sang, un os,

une artère, une veine,

le pouls, les nerfs,

les cheveux, frisés ou bouclés^

nattés ou tressés, la raie,

une boucle, une torsade,

à la chinoise,

des cheveux lisses,

une rousse,

une blonde,

une brune.


An aechitect, a farmer,

a gardener, a surveyor,

a lawyer, a physician,

a miller, a surgeon,

a schoolmaster,

a tutor,

an instructress,

an apothecary,

a sailor, a banker,

Un architecte, un fermier,

un jardinier, un arpenteur,

un avoué, un médecin,

un meunier, un chirurgien,

un maître d'école,

un précepteur,

une institutrice,

un pharmacien,

un nàatelot, un banquier,


a merchant,

a tradesman,

a shop-keeper,

a baker, a butcher,

a grocer, a stationer,,

a tobacconist,

a tailor, a dress-maker,

a seamstress,

a hatter,

a milliner,

a bookseller, a book-binder,

an engraver,

a musician, a tuner,

a printer, a goldsmith,

a watch or clock-maker,

a jeweller, a broker,

a stock-broker,

a pawn-broker,

an upholsterer, a carpenter,

a joiner, a glazier,

a painter, a dyer,

a hosier,

a postman,

a bootmaker, a shoemaker,

a cutler, a pastry-cook,

a confectioner, a cooper,

a Lair-dresser, a brewer,

a coach-maker,

a fishmonger,

a locksmith,

a mason or bricklayer,

a slater,

a paper-hanger, a saddler.

un négociant,

un commerçant,

un marchand,

un boulanger, un boucher,

un épicier, un papetier,

un marchand de tabac,

un tailleur, une couturière,

une ouvrière,

un chapelier,

une marchande de modes,

un libraire, un relieur,

un graveur,

un musicien, un accordeur,

un imprimeur, un orfèvre,

un horloger,

un joaillier, un courtier,

un agent de change,

un prêteur sur gage,

un tapissier, un charpentier,

un menuisier, un vitrier,

un peintre, un teinturier,

un marchand de bas,

un facteur,

un bottier, un cordonnier.

un coutelier, un pâtissier,

un confiseur, un tonnelier,

un coiffeur, un brasseur,

un carossier,

un marchand de poisson,

un serrurier,

un maçon,

un couvreur,

un colleur, un sellier.



a manufacturer,

a sugar-baker, a mechanic,

a weaver, a plumber,

a laundress,

a laborer,

a sweeper,

a chimney-sweeper,

a child's nurse,

a wet nurse,

a nurse for the sick,

un manufacturier,

un raffineur, un artisan,

un tisserand, un plombier,

une blanchisseuse,

un ouvrier,

un balayeur,

un ramoneur,

une bonne,

une nourrice,

une garde.

The sen^ses,

a sense, sight,

hearing, smelling,

taste, feeling,

a sensation, pleasure,

a pain,

a sharp pain,


an illness, the headache,

a cold, a cough,

a cold in the head,

a cold on the lungs,

a fever,

a fit of ague,

shivering, the sore throat,

the toothache,

sickness (nausea),

a disease,

the scarlet-fever,

the small-pox.


Les sens,
un sens, la vue,
l'ouïe, l'odorat,
le goût, le toucher,
une sensation, le plaisir,
une douleur,

une douleur vive, ou aiguë,
des élancements,
une maladie, le mal de tête,
un rhume, une toux,
un rhume de cerveau,
un rhume de poitrine,
une ou la fièvre,
un accès de fièvre,
le frisson, le mal de gorge,
le mal de dent,
le mal de cœur,
une maladie,
la fièvre scarlatine,
la petite vérole,



the measles,

the hooping-cough,

an inflammation in the chest,

neuralgia, the mumps,

a sty,


a stitch in the side,


the sick headache,

an itching, the gout,

dizziness, home-sickness,

the blues,

a fall, a sprain,

a scratch, a burn,

a cut, a prick,

a scar, a remedy,

a pill, lozenges,

physic, a mixture,

a gargle,

a poultice,

a blister,

bleeding, cupping,

a plaster,


lint, ointment,

a leech,


rest, sleep,

a cure, a relapse,

the death-pangs,

the death-rattle.

la rougeole,

la coqueluche,

une fluxion de poitrine,

la névralgie, la gourme,

un compère-loriot,

des engelures,

un point de côté,

le mal de mer,

la migraine,

mie démangeaison, la goutte,

le vertige, le mal du pays,

les humeurs noires,

une chute, une entorse,

une égratignure, une brûlure,

une coupure, une piqûre,

une cicatrice, un remède,

une pilule, des pastilles,

une médecine, une potion,

un gargarisme,

un cataplasme,

un vésicatoire,

une saignée, une incision,

un emplâtre,

du taffetas d'Angleterre,

de la charpie, de l'onguent,

une sangsue,

du soulagement,

du repos, le sommeil,

une guérison, une rechute,


le râle.


A SET of clothes,

a set of baby's clothes,

the dress, the head-dress,

a dressing-case,

a comb, a brush,

scissors, a razor,

a shaving-brush,

soap, pomatum,

a curl-paper, a hat,

the crown, the brim,

the lining,

a cap (as worn by hoys),

clothes, a coat,

a great-coat,

a frock-coat,

a waistcoat, a jacket,

the collar, the sleeves,

the coat-skirts,

a seam, a wrinkle,

the lining, the facings,

a pocket, a button,


the button-hole,

pantaloons, drawers,

suspenders, the linen,

a shirt,

a shirt-bosom, a collar,

a stock,

a cravat, a bonnet,

a straw bonnet,

crown, cape, ruche.


Un" teousseaf,

une layette,

la toilette, la coiffure,

un nécessaire,

un peigne, une brosse,

des ciseaux, un rasoir,

une brosse à barbe,

du savon, de la pommade,

une papillote, un chapeani,

la forme, le bord,

la coiffe,

une casquette,

des habits, un habit,

une redingote, un paletot,

une redingote courte,

un gilet, une veste,

le collet, les manches,

les pans,

une couture, un pli,

la doublure, les revers,

une poche, un bouton,

des manchettes,

la boutonnière,

un pantalon, un caleçon,

des bretelles, le linge,

une chemise,

une chemisette, un col,

un col,

une cravate, un chapeau,

un chapeau de paille,

calotte, bavolet, iniche,



front, inside, strings,
bow, blonde-lace, feather,
wire, shape, open,
spotted veil, silk-tulle,
delicate pink, light green.

passe, tour de tête, brides,
nœud, blonde, plume,
laiton, forme, évasée,
voile à pois, tulle illusion,
rose tendre, vert pomme,

a cap (as worn hy women)^ un bonnet.

a woman's jacket,

a gown, frock or dress,

a party-dress,

full dress,


full skirt, plain dress,

dress of one color,

under dress,

striped dress,

plaid dress,

double skirt,
flounced dress,
train-dress, tucked dress,
small-pattern dress,
large-pattern dress.

une camisole,

une robe,

une robe de bal,

grande toilette,

robe de ville,

jupe ample, robe simple,

robe unie,

robe de dessous,

robe à raies,
( robe écossaise,
(robe à carreaux,

robe à disposition,

robe à deux jupes,

robe à volants,

robe à queue, robe à plis,

robe à petit dessin,

robe à grand dessin,

pattern (for cutting a dress), patron de robe.

high neck, low neck,

lining, tight body,


a loose dress,

wide sleeves,

open sleeves,


plain body, fulled body,

arm-hole, piping,

corsage montant, décolleté,
doublure, corsage serré,
robe de chambre,
un peignoir,
manches larges,
manches ouvertes,
garnitures, passementerie,
corsage plat, corsage froncé,
entournure, liséré



a breadth, fringe,

small fringe, puff,


a petticoat, a corset,

the holes, the lacing,

a neck-kerchief,

inside neck-kerchief,

a tie,

a large cape, a small cape,

a collar,

an apron, a belt,

a ribbon, a string,

a knot, a buckle,

a clasp, a hook,

a set of jewels,

a necklace, a bracelet,

a ring,

an ear-ring,

a scarf,

a shawl, a cloak,

a riding dress,

a boa, a muff,

a veil, boots,


laced boots, shoes,

all kinds of shoes,

shoes ready made,

patent leather boots,

ladies' boots,

heeled boots,

slippers, stockings or hose,

a garter, a handkerchief,

gloves, a fan, ^

un lé, frange,

effilé, bouillon,


un jupon, un corset,

les œillets, le lacet,

un fichu,

un corps de fichu,

un nœud,

une pèlerine, une berthe,

un col,

un tablier, une ceinture,

un ruban, un cordon,

un nœud, une boucle,

une agrafe, un crochet,

une parure,

un collier, un bracelet,

une bague,

une boucle d'oreille,

une écharpe,

un châle, un manteau,

un amazone,

un boa, un manchon,

un voile, des bottes,

des guêtres,

des brodequins, des soulierfl,


souliers tout faits,

des bottes vernies,


bottines à talons,

des pantoufles, des bas,

une jarretière, un mouchoir,

des gants, un éventail,



a smelling bottle,

an opera-glass, spectacles,

a cane, an umbrella,

a parasol, a watch,

a repeater,

the dial, the hands,

the works,

the spring, the chain,

a pocket-book, a pencil,

a card, a purse,

some money,


un flacon, [des lunettes,

une lorgnette, des besides,
une canne, un parapluie,
une ombrelle, une montre,
une montre à répétition,
le cadran, les aiguilles,
le mouvement,
le ressort, la chaîne,
un portefeuille, un crayon,
une carte, une bourse,
de l'argent,
de la monnaie.


A HOUSE, the front,

the door, the number,

the knocker, the bell,

the key, a latch,

the scraper, a step,

the hall or entry,

the ground floor,

the parlor, a wall,

a partition, the stairs,

the banisters, the steps,

a story, a suite of rooms,

a room,

a furnished room,

the front room,

the back room,

a lock,

the key-hole,

a bolt, a hinge,

Une maison, la façade,

la porte, le numéro,

le marteau, la sonnette,

la clef, un loquet,

le décrottoir, une marchés

le vestibule,

le rez-de-chaussée,

la salle, un mur,

une cloison, l'escalier,

la rampe, les marches,

un étage, un appartement,

une chambre,

une chambre meublée,

la chambre de devant,

la chambre du fond,

une serrure,

le trou de serrure,

un verrou, un gond.



the "window, tlie sash,

a pane of glass,

a curtain,

a tassel, the shutter,

a blind, a balcony,

the drawing-room,

the ceiling, the paper,

the chimney, the hearth,

the floor,

a bed-room,

a dressing-room,

a closet,

the dining room,

the nursery,

a library, a garret,

an attic, the roof,

a beam, a joist,

a platform,

a spout,

a pipe, a drain,

repairs, a stone,

a brick, a slate,


mortar, cement,

plaster, paint,

a scaffold, a board,

the expense, the taxes,

the rent, the tenants,

the neighborhood,

a neighbor,

la fenêtre, le chassis,

un carreau de vitre,

un rideau,

un gland, le volet,

une jalousie, un balcon,

le salon,

le plafond, 1^ tenture,

la cheminée, l'âtre,

le plancher,

une chambre à coucher,

un cabinet de toilette,

un cabinet, une armoire,

la salle à manger,

la chambre des enfants,

une bibliothèque, un grenîei;

une mansarde, le toit,

une poutre, une sohve,

une plate-forme,

une gouttière,

un tuyau, un égout,

des réparations, une pierre,

une brique, une ardoise,

de la chaux,

du mortier, du ciment,

du plâtre, de la peinture,

un échafaud, une planche,

les frais, les impositions,

le loyer, les locataii'es,

le quartier,

un voisin.




The ruETaTiTEE,

a piece of furniture,

the tongs, the shovel,

the poker, the bellows,

the fender,

the grate,

andirons, a hod,

the fireside, a screen,

a furnace,

the register,

a table, a chair,

an arm-chair, a sofa,

a cushion, a stool,

the cupboard, the shelves,

the bureau, a drawer,

a book-case,

the shelves,

a toilet-table,

a wash-stand, the pitcher,

the basin, a towel,

a looking-glass, a bed,

the bedstead, a straw bed,

a mattress, a feather bed,

a pillow,

the pillow-case,

the bolster, sheets,

a sheet, a blanket,

the coverlet, the curtain,

pictures, a picture,

the frame, the glass,

tiie print, a house-clock,

Le mobilier,

un meuble,

les pincettes, la pelle,

le tisonnier, le soufflet,

le garde-cendre,

le fourneau,

les chenets, une poilette,

le coin du feu, un écran,

un calorifère,

la bouche de chaleur,

une table, une chaise,

un fauteuil, un sofa,

un coussin, un tabouret,

l'armoire, les tablettes,

la commode, un tiroir,

une bibliothèque,

les rayons,

une toilette,

un lavabo, le pot à l'eau,

la cuvette, une serviette,

un miroir, un lit,

le bois de lit, une paillasse^

un matelas, un lit de plum%,

un oreiller,

la taie d'oreiller,

le traversin, des draps,

un drap, une couverture,

le couvre-pied, le rideau,

des tableaux, un tableau,

le cadre, le verre,

la gravure, une pendule.



a vase, a candlestick,

a candle, a wax candle,

the wick, snuifers,

an extinguisher,

a chandelier, a gas-burner,

a lamp, china,

a set of china,

a statue, the pedestal,

an ornament, the gilding,

the carpet, the sideboard,

the waiter,

a cup and saucer,

a bowl, the sugar bowl,

the sugar tongs,

the tea pot, the coifee pot,

the silver, the cruet-stand,

the oil cruet,

the salt cellar,

the pepper box,

the mustard pot,

a salad dish,

a decanter, the kitchen,

kitchen utensils,

the oven, a range,

a kettle, a sauce-pan,

the cellar, a cask,

a tub, a pail,

a broom, a trevet,

a flat-iron.

a gridiron,

a clothes-horse,

a chopping-knife,

an egg-boiler,

un vase, un chandelier,

une chandelle, une bougie,

la mèche, des mouchettes,

un éteignoir,

un lustre, un bec-de-gaz,

une lampe, de la porcelaine,

un service de porcelaine,

une statue, le piédestal,

un ornement, la dorure,

le tapis, le buflfet,

le plateau,

une tasse et la soucoupe,

un bol, le sucrier,

les pinces à sucre,

la théière, la cafetière,

l'argenterie, l'huilier,

la burette à l'huile,

la salière,

la poivrière,

le moutardier,

un saladier,

une carafe, la cuisine,

la batterie de cuisine,

le four, un fourneau,

une bouilloire, une casserole,

la cave, un baril,

un baquet, un seau,

un balai, un trépied,

un fer à repasser,

un gril,

un séchoir,

un hachoir,

une coquetière.




The meals, a meal,


a luncheon,

dinner, tea, supper,

a course (at dinner),

the dessert,

the table-cloth,

a napkin, a spoon,

a fork, a knife,


new bread,

stale bread,

home-made bread,

a loaf,

the first cut, crust,

crumb, crumbs,

a piece of bread,

a slice of bread,

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