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Frank E. Chipman

VOL. in

As a copy of the original is practically unobtainable, this reprint
is offered to enable Law Libraries to complete their set of this
valuable Index.

The edition has a limited printing.

Buffalo. N. Y. DENNIS fc CO.. INC

October. 1954

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VOL. Ill, 1898—1908

Points more tbAn all the lawyers In Bohemia can learnedly handle

Shakbspkabk: WiuUr*s TaU, Aa IV, Sc $




■-^ '■.

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^ ^


r*^ Riverdaie Press, Brookline, Mass,, U. S, A.

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The necessity and usefulness of an Index to L^al Periodical Literature is

not to be questioned. Many minor topics of the law, which are wholly neglected

or only briefly treated in the text-books, are often exhaustively treated in the

legal journals by able lawyers. The great mass of the contributions to these

^ periodicals has been made by lawyers and judges who are not authors of text-

^ ^ books, and who have not published their articles in any other form.

i This volume indexes the leading articles, and such other lesser articles as

^ seem of permanent value, published in the legal periodicals, printed in the

^ English language, during the period from January, 1898, to December, 1907,

^ as well as such articles printed during 1897 that were omitted from Jones,

Vol. II. Altogether 612 volumes have been indexed. Several other sets were

examined but were found to contain only cases or matter of no permanent

v5 interest.

vo The general plan of this volume is somewhat different from that adopted

by the late Judge Jones in the first t^o volumes of the series. It is also more
elaborate than that of the Index to Legal Periodicals published for the Ameri-
\:5 can Association of Law Libraries since the beginning of 1908. The plan used
in this volume is a combination of titles and subjects. It is designed more for
the lawyer than the librarian. Use has been made of two digest classifications.
The West Publishing Company has graciously allowed the compiler to make
such use of their American Digest classification as he thought necessary in
order to make this volume useful to the legal profession. The articles published
in the English, Irish, Scotch, Canadian, and British Colonial periodicals have
been classified under the Mews Digest scheme, the use of which is gratfefuUy
acknowledged. The author index is elaborate and is designed for the reader to
locate any article indexed by reference to it alone.

The Bar Association Reports, as such, have not been indexed. The compiler
has found that most, if not all, of the principal articles and addresses printed
therein were also published in the legal periodicals and are so made accessible
to the users of this volume.

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As this volume was compiled during 1918-19, the book-reviews printed
during the period covered have been omitted, as any interest therein has now
^nerally been lost.

The table of cases gives only such as have been specially criticized or com-
mented on in leading or semi-leading articles.

The greater portion of the volumes indexed were found on the shelves of the
Boston Book Company. When that supply was exhausted the compiler was
forced to make use of the libraries. Grateful acknowledgment is made to Mr.
John T. Fitzpatrick of the New York State Law Library, Mr. Edward B.
Adams of the Harvard Law Library, and Mr. Edward H. kedstone and Mr.
Howard L. Stebbins of the Social Law Library, for many courtesies extended.

The work of compiling this volume was commenced, by request, in January,
1918. It was carried on almost entirely outside of office hours. Evenings and
holidays, for sixteen months, were cheerfully sacrificed that the work could be
completed at the earliest possible moment. The compiler wishes to thank his
many friends who have assisted him in his work by their kind words of encour-
agement, without which he possibly would not have been able, to carry on.
Now that the work is done it is with a feeling of regret that he could not have
had more time in which to smooth off the rough edges and incorporate additional
features for its greater usefulness.

F. E. C.
Boston, May 10, 1919.

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Albany Law Journal Alb. L. J. ...

Allahabad Law Journal > . Alia. L. J. . . .

American Journal of International Law .... Am. J. Int. Law •

American Law Register. Am. L. Reg. . .

American Law Review Am. L. Rev. . .

American Law School Review Am. Law Sch. Rev.

American Lawyer Am. Law. . . .

American Legal News Am. Leg. N. . .







Banking Law Journal Bank. L. J. . .

Bar, The (West Virginia) Bar . . . .

Barrister Barrister . . .

Bench and Bar (New York) Bench and Bar .

Bombay Law Reporter Bom. L. Rep. .

Brief of Phi Delta Phi Brief . . . .








Calcutta Law Journal Cal. L. J.

Canada Law Journal Can. L. J. . .

Canadian Law Review Can. L. Rev. .

Canadian Law Times Can. L. T. . .

Cape Law Journal Cape L. J. . .

Case and Comment Case and Com.

Central Law Journal Cent. L. J. . .

Chkago Legal News Chk. Leg. N. .

Columbia Law Review Colum. L. Rev.

Commonwealth Law Review Com. L. Rev. .






Green Bag Green Bag .

Harvard Law Review Harv. L. Rev.


Illinois Law Review IlL L. Rev.

Indiana Law Journal Ind. L. J.

Irish Law Times Ir. L. T. .




Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation J. Comp. Leg. . oa. 2 v., n.s.


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Titici Abbreviatioiw Volumes

Juridical Review Jurid. Rev 10-19

Justice of the Peace J. P. * 62-71

Kansas Lawyer Kan.Law 3-14

Law Journal (London) L. J 33-42

Law Magazine and Review Law Mag. and Rev. . . . 23-33

Law Notes, London .' . . • L. Notes [Gib.] .'.... 17-26

Uw Notes. New York L. Notes [N. Y.J 2-11

Law Quarterly Review Law Q. Rev. 14-23

Law Times (London) L. T 104-124

Madras Law Journal Mad. L. J ^17

Medico-Legal Journal Med. L^. J 16-25

Michigan Law Review Mich. L. Rev 1-5

Natal Law Quarterly Nat. L. Q 1-6

National Corporation Reporter Nat. Corp. Rep 15-35

New Irish Jurist and Lo(^ Government Review . N. Ir. Jur. 1-5

New Jersey Law Journal N. J. L. J ; 21-30

North Carolina Law Journal N. C. L. J 1-2

North Carolina Journal of Law N. C. Jnl. of L 1-2

Ohio Law Bulletin Ohio L. B 39-^2

Oklahoma Law Journal Okla. L. J 1-6

Revue Legale (n.s.) Rev. L^ 3-13

Scots Law Times Scot. L. T 6-14

Scottish Law Review Scot. L. Rev 12-23

Solicitors Journal and Weekly Reporter .... Sol. J 42-52

South African Law Journal S. A. L. J lS-24

Southern Law Review (Atlanta, 1901-2) . . . . So. L. Rev 1

Virginia Law Register . . . Va. L. R^ 4-13

Washington Law Reporter Wash. L. Rep 26-35

Western Reserve Law Journal West. Res. L. J 4-7

Yale Uw Journal Yale L. J S-17

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Abandonment of dutreas. 40 Ir. L. T.

130 [1006].
AlMtementt or exemption. [W. P. M.

Black] 12 Soot. L. Rev. 23 [1806].
— of revereioiier's suit on death of the widow

or reversioner. [P. R. Ganapati Aiyarl

11 Mad. L. J. 72 [lOOl).

Abbott, Austin. [1831-1806.] Sketch, with
portrait. 7 Case and Com. 37 [1000].

Abri, The murder of. [David Werner
Amram] 13 Green Bag, 002 [1001].

See also Deeds.

Abstracts and their verification. 108 L. T.
214 [1000].

Abstracts of land titles. (C. H. Kirsliner]

12 Kan. Uw. 1 [Sept.-Oct. 1006].
Abstracts of title. 38 Ir. L. T. 211, 217

Abutting owners* Righu of, as against

telephone and telegraph companies. [G.

C. Hamilton] 52 Cent. L. J. 205 [1001].
Al»ya8ina« Justice and crime in. [Maynard

Sliipl^] 40 Am. L. Rev. 721 [1006].
Accident insurance as effecting the measure

of damages. [J. Campbell Lorimer]

10 Jurid. Rev. 58 [1007].
Law of employer's liability and insurance

against accidents. [Walter Gorst Clay]

2 J. Comp. L^. o. s. 1 [1807].
Total disability. [George Lawyer] 50 Cent.

L.J. 404 [1000].
See also Workmen's Compensation.

Accidents at summer amusement resorts*

6 Uw Notes [N. Y.] 38 [1002].
Accidents — violent, external, visible.

[George Lawler] 50 Cent. L. J. 5 [1000].
Chapter of accidents. [Wm. Arch. Mc-

Clean] 12 Green Bag, 653 [1000].
Definitions of accident, accidental, acdden-

uUy. [Stanley B. Atkinson] 30 Law

Mag. and Rev. 430 [1006].
Fatal accident enquiries. [J. Henderson

Begg] 12 Jurid. Rev. 30 [1000].
The liability of a landlord for accidents due

to non-repair. 43 Sol. J. 203 [1800].
The meaning of "acddent**^ in the Workmen's

Compensation acts. 4 N. Ir. Jur. 186,

101 [1004].
On the estimation of disability and disease

due to injury. [Wyatt Johnston] 6

Rev. Leg. 478 [1000].
Questions of law suggested by the accident to

the president's carriage. [Seymour D.

Thompson] 36 Am. L. Rev. 723 [1002].
What is an accident? 44 Sol. J. 444 [1000].
Accommodation bills. 110 L. T. 488

Accomplice. [Suvendranath Ray] Bom.

L. Rep. 210; 4 Alia. L. J. 260 [1007].
— Uw of. 4 Bom. L. Rep. 7 [1002].
Accord and satisfaction. [Samuel Willis-
ton] 17 Harv. L. Rev. 450 [1004].
Accord and satisfaction, the payment of a

leaser sum than the whole in satisfaction

of a debt. [Ben Kendall] 57 Cent. L. J.

244 [1003].

Digitized by




Hotchpot, satisfaction and ademption of

legacies. 26 L. Notes [Gib.] 185 [1907].
Part payment of claim as accord and satis-
faction. [Rasrmond D. Thurber] 5

Bench and Bar, N. Y., 90 [1006].
The accounts of local authorities. 71 J. P.

374 [1007].
Accountant in court. [F. H. Macphenon]

4 Can. L. Rev. 513. 531 [1005].
Accounting in trade-mark cases. [GuyCun-

ningham, Joseph Warren] 20 Harv.

L. Rev. 620 [1007].
Accounts stated, and mutual, open, and cur-
rent. [P. Duraiswamy Iyengar] 6

Bom. L. R. 200 [1004].
Civil bill appeals in matters of account. 34

Ir. L. T. 170 [1000].
Law of executorship accounts. [Frederick

Whinney] 120 L. T. 411 [1006].
Municipal audits and accounts. 60 J. P.

100, 121, 133 [1005].
The period during which accounts may be

directed. 45 Sol. J. 777, 785 [1001].
Accretion. Rights to land made by. [W.

S. CampbeU] 52 Cent. L. J. 306 [1001].
Accumulations. 117 L. T. 144 [1004].
Acknowledgment by one of several devisees

intrust. 42 Sol. J. 738 [1806].
Acknowledgments of simple contract debts.

45 Sol. J. 443 [1001].
Recordation and acknowledgments. [Jolin

Garland Pollard] Va. L. Reg. 035

Right of officer to amend his certificate of

acknowledgment. [B. R. Webb] 55 Cent.

L. J. 84 [1002].
When negligence of carrier will render him

liable for loss of goods caused by act of

God. [John T. MarshaU] 61 Cent. L.

J. 84 [1005].
AdU personalis cum persona morUur, [John

J. Power] 10 Can. L. T. 120, 166, 201,

215 [1800].
See also Parties, Practice, and Procedure,

Action for money paid by person only morally

liable. 12 Mad. L. J. 375 [1002].

Actions against justices. 68 J. P. 374 [1004].
Actions against public authorities. 63 J. P.

Actions against the Commonwealth for torts.

[A. P. Canaway] 1 Com. L. Rev. 241

Actions by equitable owners. 50 Sol. J. 54

Actions by trustees in bankruptcy. [Ira

JeweU Williams] 48 Am. L. R^. 543

Actions for injuries from fright. 30 Chic. Leg.

N. 11 [1006].
The actions redkUnlaria, and aestimaioria sen

guanti minoris. 2 Natal L. Q. 86 [1003].
Actions under the Directors' Liability Act,

1800, and the Statute of Limitations.

44 Sol. J. 342 [1000].
Are bodily injuries resulting from nervous

shocks actionable? [PauIMoeee]20Nat.

Corp. Rep. 81, 117 [1000].
Attaching dividends. 110 L. T. 511 [1001].
Blackmailing actions. 30 Ir. L. T. 1 [1005].
Causes of action. 46 Sol. J. 760 [1002].
Collision actions and resHtiUio in integrum.

121 L. T. 383 [1006].
Crucial issues in labor litigation. [Jeremiah

Smith] 20 Harv. L. Rev. 253, 345, 420

Declaratory suits by Hindu reversioners.

[Jnandranath Boee] 1 Cal. L. J. 53

The difference between an action for a

rescission and one upon a rescission.

[W. A. Gardner] 60 Cent. L. J. 384

The first law case. 38 Chic. Leg. N. 56 [1005].
Frivolous and vexatious actions. Mad. L.

J. 278 [1800].
Hearing of actions. [H. E. Garle] 115 L. T.

550 [1003].
Is action by holder against drawer or in-

dorser of a bill of exchange on the last

day of grace premature? [Silas Alward]

23 Can. L. T. 233 [1003].
Joinder of actions in fire insurance litigation.

[Frederick T. Case] 18 Green Bag, 302

Jurisdiction over non-residents in personal

actions. [Edward Q. Keasbey] 5 Colum.

L. Rev. 436 [1005].
Liability of military men to dvil actions. 106

L. f . 216 [1000].

Digitized by





MalidoiM motive as a ground of action. [J.
HmmU HeodcrMn] 13 Jurid. Rev. 452

A mere right to sue. 10 Mad. L. J. 300 [1900].

Of actions, old and new. [George H.
Smith] 39 Am. L. Rev. 223 [1905].

Old law suits and old monuments, stones
and lore. 105 L. T. 427 [1398].

Possessory suits in the Bombay Presidency.
[Krishnaha MohnnU Jhaveri] 2 Bom.
L. R. 261 [1900].

The position of receivers in debenture-
holders' actions. 50 Sol. J. 92 [1905],

Right of assignee of a judgment to sue officer
for breach of duty in r^ard thereto oc-
curring before assignment. [E. M. Ful-
ton] 11 Va. L. Reg. 867 [1906].

Specific relief. (Sstish Chandni BanerJI]
2 Cal. L. J. 23, 39, 53, 71. 80. 95, 108

Subsequent actions in respect of personal
injuries. 40 Jr. L. T. 259 [1906].

Suit against defendants who are foreign
subjects. 13 Mad. L. J. 185 [1903].

Suits against a state. (Joseph Whelesa]
34 Am. L. Rev. 689 [1900].

Suits against states by individuab in the
Federal Courts. [William Trickett] 41
Am. L. Rev. 364 [1907].

Suits between states: Kansas v. Colorado.
[Garmaii F. Randolph] 2 Colum. L.
Rev. 283, 364 [1902].

Suits by foreign corporations. [Rajmiond
D. Thurber] 9 Bench and Bar, N. Y., 54

Suits of dvil nature. [R. Padmanab-
hochari] 4 Alia. L. J. 73 [1907].

Suits on contracts for benefit of third per-
sons. [M. E. E. Kerr] 66 Alb. L. J. 312

Vexatious actions and pleadings. [Walter
H. Trueman] 18 Can. L. T. 251 [1898].

A vildng lawsuit. [Samuel Scorille] 12
Green Bag. 567 [1900].

When does an action accrue for the breach
of the implied warranty of title in the sale
of chattels? [Arthur H. Ryall] 57 C^nt.
L. J. 164 [1903].

Adah-, John D. [1842-1908.] Obituary.
36 Chic. Leg. N. 101 [1908].

Adam and Eve, The case of. [David Wer-
ner Amram] 13 Green Bag, 198 [1901].

Adams, John Quincy. [1767-1848.] Note.

37 Chic. Leg. N. 164 [1904].
Adcmiition. Ill L. T. 173 [1901].
— of legacies by external interference. 51 Sol.

J. 527 [1907].
Adjoining land ownen. Rights and du-
ties of, — lateral support. [Arthur P.

VnO] 54 Cent. L. J. 483 [1902].
**AdJuatm«nt** under the Local Govern-
ment acts. 68 J. P. 289 [1904].
Administrative law, The enforcement of.

[W. Harrison Moore] 1 Com. L. Rev. 13

AdminiatratiTe trusts. 12 Jurid. Rev.

45 [1900].

See Executors and Administrators.
Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. [Fl^-

erick Bousman] 36 Am. L. Rev. 182

Admiralty County Court jurisdiction and

legislation. 105 L. T. 5 [1898].
Admiralty droits and salvage-gas float

Whitton, No. II. [R. G. Marsden] 15

Uw Q. Rev. 353 [1899].
Arrest of property for salvage by receivers

of wreck. 105 L. T. 309 [1898].
Enforcement of a right of action acquired

under foreign law for death on the high

seas. [G. Phittp Wardner] 21 Harv. L.

Rev. 1.75(1907].
Extension to the admiralty of the fellow

servant doctrine. [Fl^cric Cunning-
ham] 18 Harv. L. Rev. 294 [1904].
Liability in admiralty for injuries to seamen.

[Fits-Heniy Smith, Jr.] 19 Harv. L.

Rev. 418 [1906].
Limitation of liability of vessel owners.

[James D. DaweU, Jr.] 16 Yale L. J. 84

Liability of owners of vessels for torts of

mate, and injuries to roustabouts. [R.

G. Brown] 54 Cent. L. J. 264 [1902].
Partition of a vessel in admiralty. [James

D. DaweU, Jr.] 15 Yale L. J. 394 [1906.]
Private property on the high seas. [G. A.

Finkehiburg] 38 Am. L. Rev. 641 [1904].
Respondeat superior in admiralty. [Frederic

Cunningham] 19 Harv. L. Rev. 445

Scottish admiralty jurisdiction. [A. M.

HamUton] 18 Jurid. Rev. 199 [1906].

Digitized by




Some liabilities attaching to sunken vcteels.

106 L. T. 452 [1899].
Some peculiarities of the admiialty law.

[John C. Walker] 7 L. Notes [N. Y.] 128

State sUtutes and admiralty. (Jamet D.

DeweU] 15 Yale L. J. 51 [1905].
Articled clerks and admission of attorneys.

(C. H. Van Zyi] 19 S. A. L. J. 240 [1902].
Admission to New York bar. [F. S. Smith]

16 Yale L. J. 514 [1907].
The bar examination from the standpoint

of the law school student. [W.E.Walx]

1 Am. Uw Sch. Rev. 306 [1905].
The bar examinations. 120 L. T. 370, 438

Constitutional power of the courts over

admission to the bar. [Blewett Lee] 13

Harv. L. Rev. 283 [1899].
Examinations for the bar. [Lawrence Maz-

weU, Jr.] 48 Ohio L. B. 805 [1903]; 16

Green Bag, 89 [1904].
Is the average candidate for admission to

the bar prepared to pass a satisfactory

examination on brief making? 1 Am.

Uw Sch. Rev. 231 [1904].
A law examiner's experiences. 22 S. A. L. J.

18 [1905].
Legal education and the bar — a brief in

opposition to arbitrary requirements of

candidates for admission to the bar.

(Charlet F. Carusi] 2 Am. Law Sch.

Rev. 91 [1907].
Practical suggestions for the conduct of

bar examinations. [Hfrflis R. Bailey]

1 Am. Uw Sch. Rev. 304 [1905].
Preparation for the bar. [Laurence Maz-

weU] 39 Am. L. Rev. 822 [1905].
Should a law school diploma admit to the

bar? 1 Am. Uw Sch. Rev. 196 [1904].
The standard of admission and legal ethics.

[Charlet F. Warren] 1 N. C. L. J. 205

Some admission requirements considered

apart from educational standards.

[Luden Hu^ Alexander] 1 Am. Uw

Sch. Rev. 345 [1905].
The state board — a landmark in lawyer-
making. [Lucius H. Perkins] 1 Am.

Uw Sch. Rev. 301 [1905].

Admiaelons in pleading. 41 Ir. L. '^- h

11 [1907].
««Admit nothing.** 117 L. T. 340 [1904].
Adoption by Hindu widows. 9 Bom. L.

Rep. 1 [1907].
Adoption in India. [John D. Mayne] 1

J. Comf>. Leg. 237 [1899].
Adoption suits. 3 Bom. L. R. 269 [1901].
Construction of authorities to ado^t. 14 Mad.

L. J. 231 [1904].
Hindu law: adoption of an only son. 8 Mad.

L. J. 1 [1898].
Limitation act, articles 118 and 141. [P.

Duraiswamy Aiyanger] 2 Bom. L. R.

121 [1900].
Limitation in questions of adoption and the

recent Privy Council case. 16 Mad. L.

J. 375 [1906].
A mediaeval cause celebre. [MatUacute v.

ManUumU [1226] 2 Bracton's Note Book,

200] [John Maicy Zane] 1 lU. L. Rev.

363 [1907].
On the devesting of estate on adoption.

\J. Rajaram Row] 2 Bom. L. R. 101

Parish councils and the adoptive act. 62 J.

P. 339 [1898].
Power of the Kamavan of a Tarwad to make

an adoption. 10 Mad. L. J. 217 [1900].
The receiving mother. 9 Mad. L. J. 229

Some problems in the Hindu law of adoption.

12 Mad. L. J. 117 [1902].
Some topics on the law of adoption. [P.

R. Ganapathi Iyer] 15 Mad. L. J. 307

Validity of adoption devesting estate. 8 Mad.

L. J. 411 [1898].
The adulteration of brandy. 68 J. P. 146

Selling adulterated articles — when no

offence. 66 J. P. 529 [1902].
Social intimacy as proof of adultery. 12 Va.

L. Reg. 368 [1966].
Wife testifying against husband's paramour

in adultery cases. [Edward W. Faith]

60 Cent. L. J. 164 [1905].

Digitized by





Adversary pocaesrion. [Danid H. Leake]

Adversary possession, or the open question

in Virginia. [F. W. Sims] 4 Va. L. Reg.

1 [1898].

— A rejoinder. [H. C. McDoweU, J^.]

4 do. 8 [1898].

— Again. [Paul Pettit] 4 do. 138 [1898].
Adverse po ssess ion — a review of New

Brunswick cases. [Silas Alward] 19

Can. L. T. 237 [1899].
Adverse possession of municipal highways. [M.
J. Gorman] 5 Can. L. Rev. 445 [1906].
The constructive possession of a claimant

by adverse possession. [F. W. Sims] 4

Va. L. Reg. 557 [1899].
Conveyance of lands by one whose lands

are in the adverse possession of another.

[Georfte P. Coetlgaii, Jr.] 19 Harv. L.

Rev. 267 [1906].

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