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Walter L, Go_pdwin

June's, 1925.

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V-N \




material collected in the search for

the ancestry of


Immigrants of 1632

and Residents of

Hartford, Connecticut.

Volume IT.

Hartford, Connecticut



Marriage Allegations. dates. page.

Bishop of London 1597 to 1639 i

Marriage Licenses.

Bishop of London 1555 to 1719 3

■London Facidty Office. . i545 to i574 5

Ely Diocesan Registry 1580 to 1613 5

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1586 6

Norwich Consistory I479 to 1696 6

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1625 to 1633 9

Sudhury Archdeaconry 1590 to 1595 9

Parish Register Abstracts.

Bedford 1563 to 1649 10

Buckingham 1668 to 1690 1 1

Cambridge 1558 to 1704 11

Cheshire 1561 to 1791 20

Devon 1561 to 1626 22

Essex 1543 to 1710 23 '

Gloucester 1624 to 1641 48

Hertford 1550 to 1629 48

Huntingdon 1 562 to 1629 53

Kent 1564 to 1640 56

Lincoln 1571 to 1642 65

London 1564 to 1664 65

Middlesex 1540 to 1706 72

Norfolk 1539 to 1800 80

Northampton 1567 to 1660 116

Nottingham 1586 to 1633 117

Oxford 1 547 to 1699 1 18

Rutland 1598 122

Shropshire 154° to 1697 122

Somerset i599 to 1637 130

Suffolk 1544 to 1790 131

Surrey 1549 to 1608 162

Wilts 1614 to 1621 163

Wills and Administrations.

Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1403 to 1708 164



Bedford Archdeaconry

Berkshire Archdeaconry

Buckingham Archdeaconry

Cambridge Vice Chancellory

Ely Archdeaconry

Ely Consistory

Ely Bishop's Registry

Cardigan Archdeaconry

Chester Consistory

Cornwall Archdeaconry

Devon, Exeter Archdeaconry

Exeter Consistory

Durham Consistory

Essex Archdeaconry


Bocking Peculiar

Colchester Archdeaconry . . .
Essex and Herts.

Archdeaconry of Middlesex. . .

Commissary of London

London Consistory

Hereford Consistory


Hitchin Archdeaconry

St. Albans Archdeaconry

Huntingdon Archdeaconry


Canterbury Archdeaconry

Canterbury Consistory

Rochester Consistory

Leicester Archdeaconry

Lincoln Consistory

Dean and Chapter

Stowe Archdeaconry

London Archdeaconry


Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's .

Peculiar of the Arches

Middlesex Archdeaconry

1625 to 1695


1550 to 1698


1523 to 1640


1 581 to 1628


1602 to 1622


1541 to 1673


1 564 to 1599




161 1 to 1647


1603 to 1642


1618 to 1663






1480 to 1636


1585 to 1598


1646 to 1664


1505 to 1649


1 574 to 1639


1 526 to 1640


1556 to 1602


1 551 to 1699


1691 to 1692




1533 to 1695


1474 to 1690


1481 to 1701


1461 to 1624


1627 to 1630


1504 to 1684




1628 to 1703


1 548 to 1698


1422 to 1689


153610 1646


1689 to 1696





Norfolk Archdeaconry 1464 to 1690 616

Consistory I545 to 1667 636

Norwich Archdeaconry 15 16 to 1685 638

Norwich Consistory 1429 to 1698 656

Norwich Dean and Chapter 1612 to 1627 693

Northampton Archdeaconry 1617 to 1636 694

Peterborough Consistory 1 567 696

Oxford Archdeaconry and Consistory. . . 151 1 to 1666 696

Oxford and Bucks PecuHars 1627 to 163 1 701

Shropshire, Bridgenorth Pecuhar 1641 704

Somerset, Taunton Archdeaconry 1547 to 1698 704

Stafford, Litchfield and Coventry Con-
sistory 1538^0 1630 717

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1447 to 1696 733

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1408 to 1694 758

Surrey Archdeaconry 1499 to 1658 ^^'j

Commissary 1668 783

Lewes Archdeaconry 1543 to 1677 783

Sussex, Chichester Peculiar 1559 79^

Wiltshire, Dean of Sarum Peculiar 1587 791

Corsham Peculiar 1633 792

Worcester Consistory 1552 to 1618 792

Warwick, Worcester Consistory 1563 to 1575 795

York Consistory or Prerogative 1557 to 1693 795

Ireland Prerogative 1597 to 1680 804

Chancery Proceedings 1533 to 1657 806

Chancery Depositions 15 — to 1653 1043

Court of Requests 1567 to 1602 1073

Chancery Bills, Ireland 1578 1083

Close Rolls 1569 to 1654 1084

Common Pleas Rolls 16 — to 1617 1119

Exchequer Depositions 1617 1120

Feet of Fines 1584 to 1649 ^i^o

Inquisitions Post Mortem 1332 to 1639 1125

Lay Subsidies 15 — to 1664 1131

Compositions for First Fruits 1570 to 1634 1132

Duchy of Lancaster Papers to 1580 1 132

Domesday Book 1086 1133

Patent Rolls 1284 to 1332 1134



Pipe Rolls ?

Hundred Rolls 1275


Church Wardens accounts 1581

Vestry records book abstracts 16 19

Manor Rolls Homage 1616

Manor Rolls 1604

Essex and Herts.

Commissary Court 1622


Ely Diocesan Registry 161 5

Essex Archdeaconry 1633

Colchester Archdeaconry 1588

Canterbury Case List 1621

Rochester Consistory 1569

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1587

Norwich Consistory i555

Yarmouth Assembly records 1556

Taunton Castle documents 1 569

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1622

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1591

Ipswich Court Rolls 1603

York Apprentices Enrollment 1600

British Museum Documents 1656

Ireland State Papers 1653

Cambridge University,

Matriculations and Degrees 1544

List of persons named Ozias


to 1276

to 158?
to 1632
to 1632
to 1638

to 1632

to 1616


to 1634


to 1634 1



to 1605


to 1588 ]


to 1568


to 1613 ]


to 1596 ]


to 1623 ]




to 1607 ]






to ? ]


to 1658 ]












1066 to 1688.

William the Conqueror Oct. 14,

William II Sept. 9,

Henry I Aug. 2,


Henry II Oct. 25,

Richard I July 6,

John April 6,

Henry III Oct. 19,

Edward I Nov. 16,

Edward II July 7,

Edward III Sept.

Richard II Jnne 21,

Henry IV Sept. 29,

Henry V Mar. 20,

Henry VI Aug. 31,

Edward IV Mar. 4,

Edward V April 9,

Richard III June 26,

Henry VII Aug. 22,

Henry VIII April 21,

Edward VI Jan. 28,

Mary July 6,

Elizabeth Nov. 1 7,

James I Mar. 24,

Charles I Mar. 17,


Charles II May 29,

James II Feb. 6,

1066 — Sept. 9, 1087

1087 — Aug. 2, 1 100

1 100 — Dec. I, 1 1 35

"35— Oct. 25, 1 154

1 1 54— July 6, 1 189

1 189 — April 6, 1 199

1 199 — Oct. 19, 1216

1216 — Nov. 16, 1272

1272— July 7, 1307

1307— Sept. 1327

1327— June 21, 1377

1377— Sept. 29, 1399

1399— Mar. 20, 141 3

141 3— Aug. 31, 1422

1422 — Mar. 4, 1461

1461— April 9, 1483

1483— June 26, 1483

1483— Aug. 22, 1485

1485— Apr. 21, 1509

1509— Jan. 28, 1547

1547— July 6, 1553

1553— Nov. 17, 1558

1558— Mar. 24, 1603

1603 — Mar. 17, 1625

1625— Jan. 30, 1649

1649 — May 29, 1660

1660— Feb. 6, 1685

1685— Dec. II, 1688


William Goodwyn, tayler, Dewelling w^^in the p'einct of the
Cathedral Church of the Holly and vndivided (Trinity?) of
Norwich. Will 13 April! 1612; proved 5 October 1612. To
reparation of church of Thorpe next Norwich called Bishops
Thorpe los. To poore in said town of Thorpe 20s. To poore
at buriall 40s. To singing mass in Cathedrall Church 20s. To
wife Margery bed etc, hers before marriage, Jewells etc, also
annuity of £20 to be paid in church porch of St. George Tombe-
land by my kinsman Henry Rose of Norwich, grocer, wife not
to claim dower and to discharge bond to Mr. Thomas Anguish
now maior of Norwich and in that case all houses and land in
Thorpe to her for life then to said Henry Rose etc. To my three
sisters, Joan Bruse, Bridgett Wakefeild, and Margarett Jaxon
40s. apece. To Robert Rose of Bungay Cordin' (sic.i.e. cord-
wainer) 40s. To William Rose his son my god son 40s. To my
godson the son of Richard Wakefeild of Beckles, tayler 40s.
To eldest son of Rowland Lynsey of Norwich, blacksmith £5. To
eldest son of Thomas Nash of Norwich, cloathworker 40s. To
godchildren William More and William Trewe executors. Wit-
nesses : John Brett, Robt Brett, Arthur Fayreman, Robert Kip-
pinge, scr.

Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Book 2 (1600-1652),
folio 146, folio 147 in calendar and No, 16
of file for 1612-1615).

Thomas Gooding, cytty of Norwich, freemason. Will 16 June
1625; proved 23 January 1627/8. To be buried in Cathedral
church of the undivided Trynity in Norwich nere wife Elizabeth.
To poore of the church there 6s.8d. To wife Barbera all goods
she brought also 20s. for ring. To neece Elizabeth Bollerd 20s.
To godsonne Thomas Alyn los. Rest to brother Robert Gooding
executor. Witnesses : Richard Oakes, John Burghe, Ed :

Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Book 2 (1600-1652),

folio 319.



Edward Goodwine of Irchester county Northton, yeoman.
To Katharine my now wife all she brought with her and a barn
next Thomas Mason. To Edward my son the house next to
Nicholas Goodwin on the South now in occupation of Edward
Kempstead. To son John £120. To daughter Susan £120. To
Agnes Jackson my kinswoman 6s.8d. To Elizabeth Houghton
my sister I3s.4d.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, AV. folio 360.

Richard Goodwyne of Irchester. Will 30 October 1617;
proved 27 November 161 7. To Anne my daughter iioo when
16. Anne my wife to have my lands till my son Richard is 21, if
he dies to Nicholas Goodwin my brother. My wife Anne to pay
my mother Amy Goodwine £28. To Elizabeth and Anne Gutten
two daughters of Nathaniel Guttens £16. Residuary Legatee and
Executrix: Wife Anne. Overseers: Brother Nicholas Good-
wine and Thomas Ekynes, junior. Witnesses : Talbot Whiston,
Edward Goodwine, and Thomas Ekins, junior.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, series 2 register M, folio 41.

Margery Goodwind, County Northampton, widdowe. Will 21
February 1618; proved 7 September 1619. To be buried in the
church yard of Wick diocese. Daughter Elizabeth Lord 50s, and
to her four children that she had by John Archer 50s. To daugh-
ter Barnes 50s. and to Richard Barnes 50s. and to the rest of her
children 50s. To son Frances Goodwin 50s. and to his two chil-
dren 50s. To daughter Hobbes 50s. To Mary Goodwine my
goddaughter los. To Thomas Goodwin younger los. To Wil-
liam and John Goodwin sons of John Goodwine 6s.8d. each. To
William Grene's three boyes I2d. apiece. To Gilbard and Bar-
boro, widdo (Ken?) widd. Edmonte, widdo Jenkenson, Blunche
Tomkenes, one peck^ of barley apiece. To Taft hald a sticke of
barley. Residuary legatee and executor: Hendry Goodwin.
Witnesses : John Pollard and Nicholas Gare.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, series 2, Book P, folio 84.

William Goodwine, Heinton. Will proved 27 January 1622/3.
To my wife three beice and twelve sheepe also two lambes, also


seven stocks of bees. To son Richard £6. To son William £5.
To son George £$. To son Nicholas £5. Monie oweinge to
me which I give to my wife to pay my childrens portions which
my father Goodwine oweth £7 and my brother Thomas Goodwine
owed £12. Richard Maur of Imley other £7, John Banden of Fin-
mere other £3, Robert M Marton his man oweth 12s. 8d. and
Thomas the 8s. alsoe of which money I give £21 to my four sonns
and £9. 9s. to my wife. Leese of prior and all goods to wife
executrix. If wife die son Richard to have lease. Childrens
portions to be paid - 20 Septeml^er 1624. Overseers: Henry
Perkins, Thomas Goodwine, and William Gibbons. Inventory
£67. 8s. 5d.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, 2d Series, Register N,

folio 37.

Robert Goodwin, Kettering. Will 26 Maye 1629; proved 24
July 1629. To repair of church 3s.4d. To poor 3s. 4d. To
Robert Goodwin the younger of Weekely, house and land. Rest
to wife executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Lamford, Richard Good-
win and George Baker.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, ist Series, Register O. E.,

folio 161.

Katherine Goodwin of Irchester, county Northampton, widdow.
Will 13 September 1636; proved 17 December 1636. To Thomas
my eldest son I2d. To Edward my son the little red cow. To
John my son the black heifer. To Susanna my daughter the
brindle cow. To poor of Irchester and Knoston 20s. Residuary
legatee and executrix : daughter Susan. Witnesses : Nicol
Mason, and Nicholas Goodwin.

Archdeaconry of Northampton, Series 2, Register C,

folio 186.

John Berton, Oakham. Will 8 March 1610; proved 25 June
161 1. For default of heirs to son and nephew etc., property to
Anthony Goodwin of Egleton and to his heirs. To my brother
Anthony Goodwin's children. Proved at Peterborough.
Archdeaconry of Northampton, Book 8, folio 177.



Henry Lynnell, Paulespury, Northants. Will 30 January 1566 :
proved 24 July 1567. Witnesses: Richard Goodwyn and John

Consistory of Peterborough (at Peterborough), Book 3,

folio 173.


Richard Goodwin of Swatcliff (Swalcliffe?). Will 22 Octo-
ber 151 1 ; proved 11 January . To be buried in the body

of the church at Swatcliff. To the mother church of Lincoln 2d.
To our Lady in the chawncell of Shutford one sheep. To the
rode in the chappell one sheepe. To the basyn bifor the rode
in Swatcliff one shepe. To the bellys one stryke of malt. Two
trentalls to be sung for my soul, one at Wroxsron and one at
Swatcliff. To Alice my daughter iio. Residuary legatees and
executors : Julyan my wife, and Symond my son. Overseers :
Edward Wikham, gent, and Edward Hatwen. Witnesses :
George Blonte, gent, scrivener, John Clerk, William Savage and
Richard leycester. Debts owing to me. : Roger Barnesby 20s,
Walsall Bocher of Banbury 12s. gd.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, series i,
Register i, folio 82.

Thomas Goodewyn of Alkerton. Will 19 December 1530;
proved 8 October (1531). To be buried in churchyard of Alker-
ton. To mother church of Lincoln 2d. To the hy awter of
Alkerton 2d. To the church of Alkerton a shepe. To the church
of Horley a shepe. To the church of Shewyngton a stryke of
barley. To the chapel of Wallistotte a stryke of barley. To
chapell of Ipwell ditto. To church of Hornton ditto. To Rich-
ard my son a cart, a plough, and two horses, a cow, a bullock,
and 48 sheep. To Anne my daughter 24 sheep, and a cowe. To
Henry my son six sheep, two silver spoones and a broche. To
John my son six shepe and liyoe of been. To each of my god-
children 4d. To grey friars of Oxford 2s.8d. To son William
Lownde a sheep. Residue to wife Elizabeth. Executors : Son
Henry and wife Elizabeth. Witnesses : Sir William Lownde,


parson, Richard Ludyatte, Richard Goodwyn, with others.
Proved before Dr. Morgan.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register i, folio 58.

Elyzabeth Goodyn of Alkerton, county Oxon, wydow. Will 2
March, 35 Hen. 8 (1543/4) ; proved 16 May 1544. To be buried
in Alkerton churchyard. Sole legatee and executor: son Rich-
ard Goodyn. Witnesses: Thomas Tristram, Henry Goodyn, sir
Thomas Wyllms, prest.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register i, folio 177.

Henry Goodwyne. priest and curate of Chakenden, county
Oxon. Will 20 September 1545; proved 4 November 1545. To
be buried in the churchyard of Chakenden. To my mother, my
best long gown and 20s. To my brother Richard my russet
jacket, my hosen, my bed with all things belonging, and 20s. To
Rychard Watson my gostly father, my best cloake and hosen, and
3s.4d. to sing a trentall for my soul and all Christian souls. To

my cosyne Goodwyne, I give my chamblett. To the

church of Chakenden I2d. To every of my godchildren 3s.4d.

and Thomas paye but to them, and my cloke and dub-

lett to Robert Abbott. To master a year of Stoke, a satin
cappe. To John of Goryng my wood knyfe. Residuary legatee
and executor : brother Rychard. Wytnesses : Mr. Richard Wat-
son my goostley father, and Agnes Lovegay that kept me in my

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register 2, folio 107.

John Godwyn of Ilmere, county Bucks. Will 10 July 1551 ;
proved 14 December 1551. To be buried in churchyard of
Ilmere. To Annes my wife, four kyne, if she marry, but two.
To every child that I have, two beasts to be delivered at the dis-
cretion of William Clarcke of Hadnam, Sir James Wythington,
vicar of Ilmere, Thomas Godwyne, and Edmund Godwyne. To
John my son £3. 13s. 4d. To William my son £4. To Edmund
my son 5 marks. To Thomas my son £3. To Margery my
daughter £3. To Thomas Godwyne my father my mare. To


Roger Miller 2s. Residuary legatee and executrix : wife Annes.
Witnesses : Sir James Wythington, vicar of Ilmere, Wylliam
Clarcke of Hadnam, Thomas Godwyn of Ilmere, Edmunde God-
wyn of Ilmere, Edmunde Godwyn of Ilmere, with others.
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register 8, foHo 117.

John Godwine of Wyllstotte, parish of Wardenton. Will 11
August 1559; proved 29 June 1559. To be buried in the church-
yard of Mary Mawdelyn in the touwne of Wardenton. To the
altar 6d. To the church a sheep. To my godchildren 2d. apeece.
To Richard my son, my ieron bounde carte. To Roger my son
my mylons, and to Richard and Roger the part of my tyethes
that I have at Wardenton, and my hald yard I have of William
Collins whene my wyfe doth marrye. To Thomas Tymcocke 2d.
Residuary legatees and executors : Agnes my wife, Richard,
Roger, and Thomas my sons, Alys and Margaret my daughters.
Overseers: John Hornycroft, John Ettington, and William Gar-
nar. Witnesses : Sir Thomas Laye, priest, Thomas Goodwin,
John Densy, and William Garnar with others.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford Series I,
Register 6, folio 250.

Henry Godwine of Horleye, county Oxford, husbandman.
Will proved 18 February 1559. To Joann Suffolke, eldest daugh-
ter of John Suffolke, twenty sheep, four pewter dishes, one
brasse potte. To Henry Gable ten sheep. To John Taylor of
Wroxton two sheep and one hive of bees. To Thomas and Elen
Gable, son and daughter to Henry Gable, two sheep each. To
Henry and Kinborowe Taylor a sheep each. To Henry, Mary,
and AHce Hall, son and daughters to William Hall, a sheep each.
The table standing in the hall with the Crowe of Irne and the
two wedges to remain as heirlooms, if the heir makes sale of the
house, to go, the table to Henry Goodwin, son to John Goodwin,
the Crowe to William Taylor, the wedges to William Hall. To
William Hall ten sheep. To John Godwin, son to me, twenty
sheep. To Henry, son to John Goodwin, one sheep. To my two
daughters Elizabeth Hall and Margaret Taylor to have Joan
Suffolkes legacy in keeping till she is 18. Residue to my wife
Elin Godwin, Jees Godwin, and Grace Goodwin. Executrix :


Wife Elin, Overseers: William Mayes of Horneton, Wylliam
Hall of Bourton, William Tayler of Wroxton, and Henry Gabell
of Bloxam. Witnesses: Sir Roger Bendbowe, Wylliam Hall,
and Thomas Pare, with others. At London £70. I3s.2d.
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register 8, folio 35.

Richard Goodin of Awkerton. Will : no date ; proved 23
March i58o( ?) To be buried in the churchyard of Awkerton.
To the high Altar I2d. To Thomas my son my house and land
in Awkerton, also my teams. To John my son a leron bownde
carte and £4. To Henry my son £4. To Elynne my daughter
£5. To Margery £5. To Elsibeth £5. To Agnes £5. My wife
to live with my son Thomas. Executor: son Thomas. Over-
seer : Henry Godwaye. Witnesses : William Goodman, and
Nicholas Rusyll.

Consistory of Oxford, Series I, Register 6, folio 316.
(?) (Hudson says 1580. I think 1560. R. L. Steele).

Richard Gooddwin of Bodicot, parish of Adderburye. Will 8
July 1581 ; proved 23 September 1581. To Jhon Goodwin my
son, the lease of my house on condition he does not sell it. My
wife to live in it for life while a widow, and my daughter Jone
Gooddine, if she need it, or to pay to my daughter yearly 6s.8d.
To my son John a bond made between me and Thomas Cosens
and Jerom Kenthe of Adderburye. To my son Richard a
weeninge pigge and a table clothe. Residuary legatees and
executrixes : Ales my wife and Jone my daughter. Overseers :
Thomas Hall, John Wise, and Thomas (Pigge?).

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register 10, folio 52.

Mawde Goddine of Hinton (Henton?), county Oxon, Nun-
cupative will I February 1589/90; proved 25 February 1589/90.
To the poor of Chinner and Hinton los. To the poor of Thame
los. To her five godchildren 5s. To William Monday I3s.4d.
To the mother of said William, and to her family 6s.8d. To
Robert Mondaye's children I3s.4d. To Elizabeth Everton los.
To her son in law Robert Tomson als Lambe. To the three
children of said Robert 3s. To William Everton 6s.8d. To


Agnes Mortimer one peticote. To Cislie Manne ditto. Her
clothes to her daughter AHce Tomson als Lambe and Elizabeth
Everton. Residuary legatee and executrix: neece Elizabeth
Everton. Witnesses: Hierom Parsloe, Agnes Mortimer, good-
wiffe Adams and good wi fife Warner.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Book II (1588-1593), folio 72.

Alice Goodwyne of Alkerton, Diocese of Oxon, widow. Nun-
cupative will 3 December 1600; proved 23 April 1601. In
presence of Margery Whitting of Alkerton and Elizabeth Warner
of the same town. To her son Henry Goodwin 50s. and one
pair of sheets. To John Goodwin her son £4 and two pair of
sheets. To Thomas Goodwin her son, ditto. Residuary lega-
tee and executor : son William Goodwin. Overseers : Phillip
daulton, and Richard Goodwin of Alkerton.

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
vol. 14 (1599-1603), folio 96.

(No date) Administration of goods of John Goodwin of
Cassington, Diocese of Oxon, to his brother Henry Goodwin.
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I,
Register 14 (1599- 1603), folio 166.

Robert Goddin of Emsham (Ensham?), county Oxon. 18
February 1603 Administration to Margaret, relict of same.
Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series 2, Vol. i, folio 305.

William Goodwin of Adderbury, county Oxford. Will 23
March 1632/3; proved 2 May 1633. To my brother Mathew
Goodwin all my wearing cloathes. To my godson William
Goodwin, son of said brother Mathew Goodwin, 20s. to be paid
within three months of my decease. To each of the other chil-
dren of my brother los. apiece. To Ann Whitbee, daughter of
Alee Whitbee of Knoll deceased, 30s. To Margaret Edes, the
wife of William Edes of Knowle, los. To my aforesaid godson
William Goodwin one brasspot, one cupboard after the decease
of my wife Margaret. Residuary legatee and executrix, wife
Margarett. Overseers : my friends Mr. John Coles and John
Lantin 2s.6d apiece to buy them gloves. Witnesses : Jane West,
Sara Yeamans. Proved Chippingnorton. Inventory made i


April 1633 amounting to £38. los. 2d. Praysers : Henry Gard-
ner and Richard Lynde.

Consistory of Oxford, will filed 1633.

John Goodwin of Rowleright (Rollright?) Magna, county
Oxford, Clerk. Will 21 June, 18 Charles II, 1666; proved 20
March 1666/7. To my son Nathaniel £5, To my daughter
Wergne, my daughter Bryon, my daughter Stoaden, my daugh-
ter Stokes 1 2d. apece. To my grandchild John Goodwin, ye son
of Richard Goodwin, iio. To the poor of the parish 20s. Resi-
due legatees and executors : my eldest sonns Samuel and Richard
Goodwin. Witnesses : Richard Lethaceland, James Brownes.
Proved at Oxford. Inventory made 19 March 1666/7 value
£134. iQs.od. Rector of Roolright Witnesses: Thomas Endell,
John Witt. Samuel and Richard Goodwin valuers.
Consistory of Oxford, will file 1666/7.


William Gooddin, Banbury, Oxon, cordwayner. Will 21 Sep-
tember 1626; proved 11 May 1627. To church of Banbury I2d.
My house vnto my three sonnes John, Rebeart and William Good-
din, after death of Alice Goodwife(sic) my wife. To two
daughters Ann and Ellen Gooddin £3 apeice to be paid by three
sons in gateway of house. Wife Alee Gooddin executrix. If
she marry house etc. to sonns. To daughter Elsabeth Williams
los. and to her three children Thomas, Elsabeth and Grace 2s.
each. Overseers: Seth Pope and Robert Humphries. Wit-

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