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Close and iio in money in full satisfaction of his child's portion.
To William Coalts my son in law iio in full satisfaction of my
daughter Jane's child's parte. To Anne Goodwin my daughter
four score pounds of good and lawful money. To John Rich-
ardson £5 when 24, if he die before 21, then the £5 to the children


of George Goodwin. To Jane daughter of George Goodwin a
heiffer. To Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth and Ann the children of
the said George Goodwin four score ewes and lambs. To the
poor of Bingham 20s. To the church of Bingham los. at the
disposing of Mr. Porter, George Francke, Robert Summer and
Bryan Richman. To Mr. Porter los. To George Francke los.
To Robert Sommer los. To Bryan Richman los. I make Mar-
gery my wife and Elizabeth Goodwin my daughter executrixes.
Overseers : Mr. Porter and George Francke. Witnesses George
Francke, Robert Sommer, and Bryan Richman.

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 35, folio 345.

14 June 1690 was proved the will of Thomas Gooden late of
Pendlebury, county Lancaster. Administration to son Richard
Gooden and John Cheaveley, executors.

Consistory of York, Act Book 1675-1705, page 231.

27 February 1693 was proved the will of John Goodwin gentle-
man, late of the city of London Administration to Thomas
Hesketh, armiger, sole executor.

Consistory of York, Act Book 1675-1705, page 306.

William Tophan, Grissington (Grassington?), in county York,
yeoman. Will 16 April 1640; proved 27 November 1641. To
be buried in Lynton parish church. To William Tophan, eldest
son of Robert Tophan my son deceased, messuage or tenement
and all lands in Grissington finding meate drinke close and lodg-
ing fit for her degree and calling to Genet my wife, my son
Steaven and daughter Elizabeth to have profit of said lands for
ten years for educating my son Robert's children viz Willys,
Robart, Thomas and Isabell and Genet. If daughter Elizabeth
marry again she to have no profitt of said land but only the third
part of one marke of Antiente Rente belonging to house where
I dwell containing one half an oxgang for her life. To grand-
child Willya Tophan husbandry geare, he suffering it to be used
at the house as need shall require. To every child I am grand-
father to, a sheepe except those in this house. To sons Thomas
Tophan and Henry Tophan all such money as they doe owe.
Also I doe give vnto one schoole xxxx shilling to be set forward
by my executors and the parson of the parish of Linton and the



churchwardens of the same within the towneship of Grissinge
aforesaid for ever and not elsewhere. Rest of goods in two
parts, one part to said Robert, Thomas, Essabel and Genet
Tophan children of son Robert etc., other part to Thomas Tophan,
Henry and Steven Tophan. To Elizabeth Tophan daughter of
son Richard Tophan deceased £4 at 21 on condition she shall not
molest executors concerning the will of Richard Tophan her
father or the will of John Tophan his brother or the will of
Anthony Tophan their grandfather etc. Executors to sett for-
ward the legacies to five children of son Robert Tophan deceased
till they are 21. Executors: sonns Thomas, Henry and Steven
and Willym son of Robert Tophan. To poore of Grissingham
20s. To making a bridge at Holebeckhead beneath the tower
end 3s. 4d. To making of one brege at Scawe Foot 2s. 6d. if the j
neighbors do agree to make the same. To mending of the way ;
betwixt West close and Richard Roberts close at the middle i
3s. 4d. Crop of corne and hey in house or upon the field to be j
spent in the house. My wife, son Steven and daughter Eliza- \
l)eth and her children to have crop before mentioned. My son |
Steaven or any of son Robert's children joined in the bill or bond '
to have same etc. Wife Genet to be content with meate etc. Son i
Henry to have two bushels for four years viz : one of skilley and \
one of barley. To William Topham son of Robert Tophan a '
bed etc. Witnesses : John Pearte, Wm Weste. j

Consistory of York, file will November 1641. \


John Goodwyn. Will 12 January 1540; proved 29 March j

1 541. To be buried in "Sancte marie kirke erthe at Scard- j

burghe" To Katherin Gierke a net. To Jennet Person a mat- ;

tress. To Gregorie Conyers a son of Richard Conyers a pair of i

beads of corall. To Isabell Conyers a belt. To mr Richard i

Paporthe 2s. Residuary legatees and executors : sons William I

and Richard and daughter Isabell. Supervisors and governance '

of my three children, John Harwode, Richarde Demande and j

Nicholas Johnson. Witnesses : sir Richarde Paporth my curate, 1

John Harwoode, John Hoster. j

Prerogative Court of York^ Register 11, folio 511. j

Richard Goodwine of Kerkebie in Ashefield, county Lincoln. :
Will 7 April 1557; proved no date given. In nomine Dei, Amen.


To be buried within the chancel of Kirkbie aforesaid. All right
and interest on my ferm unto Margret my wiffe so longe as she
kepes a widow and if she chance to marie, I will that Thomas my
Sonne shall have the full right and interest of it. To the right
worshipfull Sir George Perpointe my landlord my grey ambling
horse for to be good not unto my wiff and my children as hath
bene affore. To Thomas my sonne two kie, two ewes, two lambs,
besides his parte. To Christopher, IMargret, Edward, Isabell and
Marye my children each a heifer calf, a year old, and
and two ewes and two lambs besydes their childs partes.
Prerogative of York, Register 15, iii foho 225.

Johan Goodwine, town of Nottingham, parish of St. Maries
widow. Will 19 March 1586. To son Henrie Goodwine. To
son Marke Goodwine. To daughters Johan Pendleton, Margerie
Grundien, Ales Watsonne. To Burton Goodwine. To Edward
Goodwine my son. William Goodwine my late husband.
Prerogative of York, Book 23, folio 391.

Ambrose Goodwin, Barnistone, deceased. Nuncupative will —
day of July 1619; proved 4 May 1620. In hearing of John
Robinson of Silphom, Mathew White and Marion Aggatson. To
sonn Leonard Goodwin his smith shope with toules and furniture.
Rest to wife Anne executrix. Witnesses as aforesaid, John
Robinson Mathew White and Marion Aggatson and others.
Prerogative Court of York, Register 36, folio 10.

Mathew Goodwin late of Scarborough, diocese of York,
deceased. Administration of goods of, 5 October 1620, to Mar-
gery Godwin, widow and relict of deceased.

Prerogative Court of York, Admon Act Book Dickering,
1608-1617, no folios.

Peter Goodwin, Warsopp, Notts. Administration of goods of
II December 1620 to Ann Goodwin.

Prerogative Court of York, Admon Act Book, Retford,
1 608- 1624, no folio.

Richard Goodwine of Scawer, county York, husbandman.
Will 31 July 1626. To daughter Elizabeth £5. To Elizabeth


Maye, daughter of Robert Maye, I2d. To Richard Hull, son of
Henrie Hall, I2d. To wife Margaret care of daughter Eliza-
beth. Witnesses : Samuel Moore, Thomas Home.

Prerogative Court of York, Register 39, folio 86.

Nathaniell Goodwin, Remston (Rempston?), county Notting-
ham, blacksmyth. Will 20 Aprill 1629; proved 4 January 1629.
To be buried in Remston church by late wiffe. To poore of
Remston 6s.8d. To my sister Joane Judson 40s. To kinswoman
Margrett Harris 20s. To Phillipp Horriman £5, my wife's best
gowne, sheetes, a heffer to make her a cowe called motherlike.
To Nathanyell Heone my apprentice all my other iron and iron
worke both at this shoppe and my shoppe at Loughborrowe and
residue to my syster Alice Sutton, executrix. Overseer : Anthony
Maur, minister of gods word. Witnesses: John Maior, Gabriell

Prerogative Court of York, Register 40, folio 449.

James Eggleston of Settrington, county York. In the name
of God Amen the xvjth day of November Anno dni 161 2. I
James Eggleston of Settrington wthin the Countie of Yorke,
yeoman, sicke in bodie yett of p'fect mynde and memorie praised
be Almightie God do make this my last will and testamt in manner
and forme following. First I give my soule to almightie god and
my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of Settrington aforesaid.
Itm. I do give eu'y poore widdowe in the towne of Settrington
ijd a peece. Itm. I do giue to my sonne John Egleston that pt
of my house wherein I nowe dwell wch is in the occupacon of
Rowland Colbye togeather wth the buildings and garth egresse
and regresse as it is nowe occupied and devided. Itm. I do giue
the other pt wherein I dwell my self wth the buildings garth and
dovehouse as it is nowe devided vnto my sonne James Eggleston.
Itm. I do giue all the errable land togeather wthall the pasture
and comon thereto belonging vnto my said sonnes James Egle-
stone and John Eglestone equallie to be devided betwene them
and to theire heires for eu'. Itm. I do give to my sonne Bygod
Egleston vj" by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Doro-
thie Eggleston vj^' by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Jane
Egleston vj" by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Eliza-
beth Egleston vj^' by legacie. Itm. My will and in regard I haue


,£^iven half of my land to my sonne John Egleston that he shall
pay vnto my daughter Margrett Eggleston the some of vj^' when
shee shall come to lawfuU aige. Itm. My will is and in regard
I haue given the other halfe of my land to my sonne James Egle-
ston he shall pay to my daughter Alice the some of vj^^ when shee
shall come to lawfull aige. All wch legacies of vj'^ aforesaid my
intent and meaning is shall bee vnto eu'y one of them in full
contentmt and satisfacion of their seu'all childres pte and porcons
Itm. I do give to my brother Ralf Marker his fower children
eu'ye one of them one ewe. Itm I do appoint my brother Ralfe
Marker sup'visor of this my will. The residue of all my goodes
whatsouer my debts paid and fun'all expences discharged I do
give and bequeath vnto James and John my children whome I
do make executors of this my last will and testamt. And I do
give the tuicon of my children to my wief Julian all those wch are
in mynoritie. Witnesses hereof Mathew Faram, Roland Coulbie,
Thomas Bell Ralfe Marker, Robert Melme. Et eisdem die et
Anno (1613) deus decamus cert de p'bacone hmor testi p
testes Noiatos iuratos &c. Commisaq fuit ado honor euisdq
defunct Juliane eius relict (ad solu opus et) su execut in deo
testo noiat in niinori etate existen prius iurat &c Saluo iure


Prerogative of York, Liber 32, folio 328.

Ann Topham widow late wife of Mathew Topham of Newhall,
county York, deceased. (A fragment) Will undated; proved
December 1636. (Cannot find the act.) Executor my father
Thomas Bosvile of Newhall Esq. To my sister Ellen Royston
£3. To my niece Ellen Royston ... To my brother Pollards
younger children ... To my cozen John Mume and his wife

• • • To Harrison 20s. To my cozen Thomas Ser . , .

To Barnard Goodwin 5s. To William Oxley . . . Residue
to my father Thomas . , . Witnesses: John Mume (rest torn

Prerogative of York, December 1636 File no. 52.

Matthew Topham of Newhall (parish Otley) (a fragment)
Will 21 September 1636; proved 5 December 1636. Anne shall
be with ch. . . . To Samuel ... To Lady Topham £10.
To Mr. Dickonson . . To Thomas Boswell Esq. and Anne his


wife my ... To Mr. White . . . and that Mr. Birchall i

. To n;iy sister Roulston 40s. To Mr. Poole £3-6-8. To j

Matthew sonne of Lady Topham my gray suite. To Christofer j

Topham, merchant, £3. To Edward Gillott his wife . . to i

Mathew Gillott her sonne £3. To my cozen Mary Scrlby £3. ;

To Xpofer Geldert, merchant, 40s. To Joanney Malton 20s. i

To Eden Frost 20s. To Mary Parker, my wives servant, £4. To j

Thomas Harrison of Woodhall 20s. To Ursular Carr 20s. To 'i

Anne Dynnes, servant to Lady Topham, 20s. To Mary novv^ ser- j

vant to Lady Topham los. To Bosugll Thornebury, sonne to j

Willm Thornebury, 40s. To my cozen William Faireweather i
whome I ordayne Executor. . . Residue to my loving brother

Sanuell Topham. . . , and governed by Mr. Alderman Hoyle. !

Witnesses: Willm Lee, Jer. Waddington, George Peacocke, 'i

Willm Oxeley, Marie Parkin, Mre. Topham and Mr. Fairwether. -I

Prerogative of York, December 1636, File no. 53. j|



I April 1597, Captain William Goodwyn Esq. To Catherine ]
my wife and sole executrix all my lands. To my Lyfetennte ]
Ellice Lloyd all money due to me to pay my debts and £20-0-0 ;
to himself. To John Brewster my enceynt £5-0-0. To Ursula
Thorpe my Ostes £5-0-0. To my cosen Francis Goodwyn my i
Spanish rapier. To Frascis Fuller my sword. To Richard i
Shirry a pair of hose. To my friend Mr. Lister two pair hose. ;
To John Barrowe £3-0-0. To my Oste Mr. Thorpe my doublett. '
Overseers my Lyfetennte Mr. Elliot of Dublin, merchant Wit-
nesses Mathew Lister, Elis Lloyd. |
Proved 7 May 1597. Wm. Goodwin.
Prerogative Court of Ireland, filed will.

William Goodwin. Will 5 May 1652; proved 16 August 1654.

I have left my wife Julian Goodwin my executrix and Mary j

Goodwin my daughter heir. It. wife heir to £40 which she is to |

demand of Mr. William Davies living at Ludlow at ye Swan in [

Shruppshire in England. To daughter ]\Iary a plate cupp to be i

demanded of Quarter Master Brady belonging to Major Ottaway j

of horse. I bequeath George Venables my comrades my best suit j

etc. Fifth give to George Goodwin, taylor, my brother living in •


Shruppshire in Ludlow for bond of £40 to give to wife. Wit-
nesses : William Chambers, Edmond Fowler, John Locke, cor-
porall of Foote. Proved by relict Julian Goodwin at Dublin.
Prerogative Court of Ireland, Book 4 (1632-1654),
folio 440.

Francis Adams. Will 15 October 1680; proved 3 February
1 680/ 1. To wife Prudence lands purchased of Mr. Hitchcocke
according to deed perfected by Dr. Robert Wood bearing date 21
December 1669. To said wife all goods to leave among children
etc. and £150 a year to be deducted for debts. To daughter Eliza-
beth and son Frances £100 etc. To my Aunt Sharpe 40s. a year
as in another writing, also £20 ditto. To my brother Adams his
wife and her mother 20s. pieces of gold. To my sister Martha
Randolph ditto. To son Frances and daughter Elizabeth 20
marks yearly out of estate. To son Randolph als Randall and
heirs male all estate not disposed of and in default to said son
Frances, then to brother John Adams and heirs, then to kinsman
Richard Adams ditto, then to kinsman John Adams ditto, then
to kinsman Charles Adams etc. etc. To my daughters Mary and
Elizabeth 2000 marks more if sons die without heirs males or
else whole estate etc. If daughter Mary die before she is married
or 21, then to daughter (sic — unfinished) Administration with
will annexed of Francis Adams of Boandstone, county West-
meath, to widow Prudence Adams.

Prerogative Court of Ireland, will book 11
(1671-1682— A.H.), folio 113.

John Dowling, Inchequire, county Kildare, gent. Will 20
January 1676; proved 21 October 1676. To be inteered neere
grand father in St. Cavans church in parish of Cloonenagh in
Queens County. Wife Kathren Dowling executrix of all goods
and brother Morthaugh Dowling overseer. To Mr. Mathew
Archbold 4s. To my vmcle Thady Dowling 30s. To Mr. Car-
roll of Doonard 7s.6d. Desire wife to gett a stone from Kil-
kennie to lay over my body. Witnesses : Mary Brancher, James
Coghlane, and Thady Dowling.

Prerogative Court of Ireland, Will Book 11
(1672-1681),— A.H.), folio 81.






































Joan Goodwyn, wife of John Goodwyn, London.
John Goodwyn and Alice his wife and John Sen-
dell, Co. Norfolk.

William Goodwyn of Riseden, Northamptonshire,
and John Halle.

Cristofer Goodwyn and Jane his wife and John
Cockett, Co. Suffolk.

Wylliam Goodwyn son of John Goodwyn, tene-
ments in All Halow, Barkyng, city of London.
Edward Goodwyn and Hugh Goodwyn (no Co.
given )

Thomas Goodwyn and Joan his wife and John
Trusse, Co. Suffolk.

Rohert Goodwyn, gentleman, and Walter Cope,
lands in Portbury, Somersetshire.
Raynold Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of William
Hares, Co. Suffolk.

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Robert Hol-
dych, Co. Norfolk.

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of John ( ?)
(very faded) ?

Thomas Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Thomas
Lolls, Co. Lincoln.

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Henry
Lamme, Co. Norfolk.

Thomas Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Mary
Myles, Beds.

William Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Walter
Rede, Somersetshire.

Rowland Goodman, mentioned in suit of John
Stacye, London.

Robert Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Harry Toly,

John Goodwyn, of Mundam. mentioned in suit of
Henry Brande, Norfolk.
Early Chancery Proceedings, 1533- 1538.


1533-38. Orators John Goodwyn and Alice his wife. Whereas
one Margaret Botynaunt sometime wife of Robert Sendell,
mother to the said AHce was seased of a messuage called Brians
tenement and 20 acres of land in Roklonds, county Norfolk, after
whose death the premises ought to descend to Alice as daughter
of and heir of Margaret. Divers evidences are in the hands of
one John Sendell who takes the profits, Sendell says he is him-
self seised of the property, and in any case Margaret has a son
living named John Botynaunt who would be heir.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 800.

1533-38. William Goodwyn of Riseden, Northamptonshire,
husbandman— one John Halle of the same town, gentleman in
27 year of the present Reign (Henry VHI) destroyed two of
your orator's cattle worth £30 and refuses to make recompense —
Complainant has no writing acknowledging the same and cannot
obtain payment.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 801.

Christopher Goodwyn and Jane his wife, one of the daughters
of John Cokett of Suffolk, Esq, deceased — The said John was
seised of the Manor of Hopton and Evetsall and other property

and therof enfeoffed Sir Robert Ratcliffe, Knight ( ),

Sussex, Sir Richard Walden, Knight, John Harby, Esq, John
Crofts, William Brampton, William Spence and divers others
to the use of John Cokett and of his heirs. After John Cokett's

death one Edward Cokett, son, ( ) and died about the

year of ( ) Henry VHI, twenty years past. Your orator

Jane has been paid only £50 of the iioo. (damaged).

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 802, 1533-38.

Orator, William Goodwyn, son and heir and executor of the
will of John Goodwyn of London, mariner, and free of the craft
of Woodmongers, lately deceased. Whereas John Goodwyn
about 26 August, 19 Henry VHI, in consideration of the long
and good service your orator had done to his father in his appren-
ticeship and long time since. John gave to his son William a
lease of three tenements called the Pye Rents pertaining to the
Chauntery of All Hallows, Barking within the City of London.
In his last will John says his son to keep an obit for him, which


he does keep, but one John Onley, being Juge in the Counter of
Bredstret London and kinsman to Johanne Goodwyn, widow, late
the wife of the said John and step-mother to your orator for the
favour thet John Onley doth bear to Johanne by reason hereof
that he would not marry the said John Goodwyn my father till
he had paid for her the sum of £50, whereof a great portion was
due to the said John Onley for which he entered an action of
trespass against your orator for holding the three tenements.
John Onley meeting your orator in Whitef riars, London, rebuked
him calling him false knave &c, moreover Johanne has got into
her possession my father's goods to the value of 300 marks, yet
would make no recompense to your orator for his child's part,
so like a step-mother most unnatural intendenth utterly to undo
your orator. Prays writ of certiori.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 803, 1533-38.

Orator, Robert Houlte of Bylley Longe in the County of Not-
tingham, yeoman. Whereas one William Gudwyn of Notting-
ham, flechr and late of the Sheriffs of the said town, before
whom then beinge sheriff by force of a plaint entered by Edmind
Eylston against Mihill Rcddes the said Edmond recovered certain
sums of money. Mihill was arrested till payment should be
made — your complainant with others became bound for the
money, the money being recovered Houlte paid it over, but the
receipt was not signed and William Gudwyn has taken action
against Houlte, Goodwyn says he has not served or caused to
be se;-ved plaints against Houlte nor has he put him to great

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1233, 1547-51.

Orator John Wyskard, John Whytmay, Lucye his wife, Rich-
ard Calybut, Kateryne his wife, John Wymbysshe, Mary his wife
and Robert Chapman and Elizabeth his wife — . Whereas one
William Curteys late of Nekton, county Norfolk, deceased, was
seised with other manors and messuages of a messuage with
appurtenances and 300 acres of land in East Dereham county
Norfolk and 200 acres of land meadow &c. in Shernyng and 200
acres in Beerton and Kempton county Norfolk and in a messuage
called Anthonys with appurtenances and 300 acres of land in
Nekton and the Manor of Moller with appurtenances 1000 acres


of land &c. in East Dereham county Norfolk and being so seised
died. By whose death the property came to the next heirs of
William Curteys i.e. to John Wyskard as son and heir to Mar-
garet one of the daughters of the said William Curteys, and to
the said Lucy, Kateryne, Mary and Elizabeth as sisters of Mar-
garet and daughters of William Curteys. So it is that the
evidences, writings &c. are come into the possession of Sir Roger

Townsend, knight, Elizabeth late the wife of Robert ( )

Thomas Hogan, esq, Thomas Mullyng, gentleman, Edmond
Goodwyn, gentleman, Johanne Hawke late the wife of Gyles
Hawke, deceased, William Hawke, yeoman, and Paule Mason,
yeoman, by which evidences certain sure conveyances have been
made i.e. Thomas Hogan lands in East Dereham and Skernyng
and Thomas Palmer and Thomas Mullyng the lands and tene-
ments in East Dereham and Edmund Goodwyn, Johanne Hawke
and William Hawke have wrongfully entered into the lands and
tenements in Nekton.

Answer of Sir Roger Townsend.

In consideration of a marriage between Richard Townsend,
esq, cosen and heir apparent of the said Sir Roger and Katherine
daughter of Sir Humphrey Browne, knight, now wife of the said
Richard, did enfeoff of the premises in Beeston and Kempston
amongst other Manors of John Shelton, knight, to the use of
Richard Townsend and Katherine his wife and their heirs
male &c.

Answer of Edmond Goodwyn, gentleman.

Edmond Goodwyn says that one Robert Goodwyn late of Nek-
ton in the county aforesaid, deceased father to the said Edmond

( ) was seised of a messuage and croft containing one

parcel of these lands. Robert Goodwyn being so seised by his

deed dated ( ) 27 year of our late sovereign Henry VHI,

enfeoffed the said defendants Christopher Goodwyn, to have and
to hold the said messuage and tenements with appurtenences to
Christopher Goodwyn, Robert Rust, (damaged).

Immediately after the enfeoffment the property was trans-
ferred to the defendants and they have peaceably enjoyed the
same for thirteen years.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1277, 1547-51.


Orator, Robert Warren and Mary his wife — Whereas one
Henry Godwin of Alueley, county Essex, was lawfully seised of
one messuage, one orchard, and garden in Alueley and being so
seised died, after whose death the premises descended to Agnes
Gudwyne and Elizabeth Goodwine as two daughters and one heir
of the said Henry. They entered upon the premises but Eliza-
beth died and with issue Agnes succeeded to the whole estate,
she married Peter Richardson by force where Peter and Agnes
were seised of the premises, and about fourteen years past for
divers sums of money paid to them by the steward and John"
Martine, granted it to Robert Warner but certain evidences are
in the hands of Richard Payne who refuses to surrender them.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1282, 1547-51.

Margery Goodwyn of Framlingham, was daughter of John
Saye deceased.

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