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Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1277, 1553-55.

Orator, Robert Brushfield. Whereas Thomas Paynter your
orators grandfather — to whom Robert Brushfield is heir, owns
twenty acres in Monyashe, county Derby, on whose death they
descended to Johan Paynter daughter and heir— she married Wil-
liam Brushfield, by virtue of which William and Johan became
seised of the premises and had issue your orator to whom the
property descended — Your orator having confidence in Rich-
ard (Co?)tes, Robert Cotes, and Thomas Goodwyn was content
for them to occupy the property. (bad condition).

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1332, 1553-55.

Orator, William Buknam bought five years ago of Robert
Barker, certain wares for £60 for the payment of which i6o
and also for £6 interest of a year, your orator then being a minor,
together with Thomas Goodwyn and Robert Kyng bound them-
sevles jointly to pay the principal his mother repaid, but £6 per
annum interest has been paid for four years but at Easter, i^
and 2"*^ years of Philip and Mary yovir orator at Ipswich oflfered
Robert Barker £20, his business having decayed. Barker then
sued Goodwyn who is like to be condemned to pay i8o.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1334, 1553-55-


Richard Cattlyn, John Hyxson, John Sarieant, John Foster
and the most part of the inhabitants of Aylton (Elton) county
Huntingdon — . Whereas about a hundred years ago, divers
godly persons were named, we do not know, gave certain lands
and tenements i.e one tenement six cottages and six acres of
land meadow and pasture in Aylton to certain persons and their
heirs to these uses, i*^* to let the same for the ease of the town
and to discharge the power of contribution to the King, the rest
to repayr the parish church and maintain the poor and nedye
people and to help and set forth soldiers as they should be recom-
mended, this was carried out for some time, but now one Robert
Sapcotts of Elton, esq, has got a lease of eight acres of all the
premises of one John Goodwyn and three other of the new
feoffees against the will of most of the inhabitants of the said
town. Master Sapcottes hath gotten the writings into his
hands &c.

Answer of Robert Sapcotes, Esq.

He says Robert Goodwyn of Elton, husbandman, Robert Ives,
Peter Abythorne, Robert Hamlyn, Edward Sands, and William
Hamlyn the younger of Elton where (were?) seased of such
lands as to hold for four score years. The indenture of the lease
was openly read in the presence of Nicholas Burton, John Greg-
orie, William Sherman, William Nelson, William Hamlyn, senior,
John Ives, Sir William Cleypole, William Royse, Robert Page,
Robert Bette, John Saunders, John Sherman &c.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1340, 1553-55.

(1554?) Symon Doble of Bishops Lydyard, Somerset, hus-
bandman. Whereas our late sovereign King Edward VI was
seised of the Manor of Bishops Lydyard — one Thomas Clarke
Esq, surveyor of the manor for £20 paid to our late sovereign,
let to your orator a messuage and half a yarde land &c, to hold
to him and his wife and their eldest child, but one William Good-
wyn then and yet being steward of the manor has refused to
admit your orator. The said William Goodwyn and one William
Browne, gentleman about 22 January in the present i^*^ year of
Queen Mary enter and expel your orator from the premises, and
has brought an action of perpose? against him.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1347, i^*^ Mary.


Your poor suppliant Margery Goodwyn widow, late wife of
William Goodwyn deceased daughter and one of the heirs of
John Saye late of Framlingham county Suffolk, deceased, and
Johane Colles cosyn and one of the next heirs of the said John
Saye. Whereas John Saye was seised in one messuage and tene-
ment and three acres of land in Framlingham and of one other
messuage and one acre of meadowe, the said (same?) descended
and ought to descend to your suppliants, i.e. to Margery Goodwyn
daughter of deceased and Johane Colles cosin i.e daughter of
one Colles late wife of ( ) Colles deceased, another daugh-
ter of John Saye. One John Cowles of the same town has
obtained power. Robert Cowles said that John Saye enfeoffed
him of the property.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1352, 1553-55.

Orator, Valentyne Goodwyne and Margaret his wife, one of
the daughters of John Myller of Thorneham, county Norfolk,
deceased. John was seised of a messuage &c in Tychewell,
county Norfolk of the yearly rent or value of £8, he bequeathed
these to Agnes wife of the said John Myller so that she kept
herself unmarried, and after her decease or marriage, premises
to go to Margaret one of the said orators and gave to Margaret
all the evidences, Agnes entered into the premises holding them
with remainder to Margaret &c, afterwards Agnes -married John
Baskerfield at Thornham, by which the premises ought to come
to the said Margaret. John Myller also bequeathed iioo to the
said Margaret, also 400 ewes and 100 wethers, to be taken out
of his sheep at Brancaster. He ordained executors, Agnes his
wife, Roger Thatcher and John Wynde. Supervisor Thomas
Payne of Castle Acre. Payne to take sufficient money to the
bringing up of Margaret. Afterwards John Myller of Thorn-
ham died about five years past, after whose death and after
Agnes had remarried Thomas Payne entered into the premises.
The iioo was paid to him and the 500 sheep handed over to him
&c. writings, evidences to the use of Margaret, afterwards she
married Valentyne Goodwyne, she has asked for the money &c.
but has not received it. Payne replies that the charge is untrue.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1352.


Valentine Goodwyn and Margaret his wife apparently of Bran-
caster. Margaret was daughter of John Myller, deceased of

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55-

Orator, William Goodwyn. Whereas one John Thurkell was
lawfully seasen of a tenement and certain lands called Baylys
and of one close called Slade croft in the town and parish of
Bocking, county Essex, and by his deed indented did give and
assure the said close, parcel of the premises called Slade croft to
one John Gierke and to his heirs reserving 2/- rent to the said
John Thurkell and to his heirs for ever out of the said close. The
said Gierke was lawfully seased of the said property and John
Thurkell of the rent of 2/-. This descended by right to Thomas
Thurkell brother and heir to John Thurkell — . John Thurkell
granted the premises to James Dundabend who granted it to your
orator. But Glement Gierke having the said deed with holds the
rent from your orator.

Early Ghancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55-

Orator, Raffe Goodwyn — Wheras Andrew Sylyerde and
Mary his wife, William Drury and others were seased to the use
of the said Andrewe and Mary and their heirs of one messuage
called the Newe Place and 100 acres of land — in Ipswich and
in Stoke next Ipswich and they by deed the date of which is
unknown to your orator, granted the said messuage to Chris-
topher Haward and Thomas Haward for certain years yet
enduring paying to the said Andrew and the others £6 — by force
of which Christopher and Thomas have entered into the premises,
Thomas died and Christopher is also dead having made your
orator executor. The indenture has come into the possession of
Richard Fulmerton, ask for its return.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55-

Orator, Valentine Godwyne and Margaret his wife — . That

whereas the ( ) late disolved Abbey ( ) in the county

of Huntingdon was seased in right of the late Monastery of the
Manor of Brancaster ( ) and in Brancaster county Nor-
folk, the late Abbot granted the said manor with appurtenances


to ( ) of Norfolk, now deceased, father of the said Mar-
garet your orator for divers years yet enduring by reason of
which to the said John Myller — he granted this and other prop-
erty to John Wynde, on condition that your orator should have
goying, feadde and kepte till she should be i8, 400 ewes in the
ewe flock and 100 wethers in the wether flock paying for every
100, 20/- yearly. John Wynde made his will, leaving to Mar-
garet now one of your orators going within the field of Bran-
caster for 500 sheep. He made Robert Wynd and Richard
Robyns his executors, but they keep the indenture and refuse to
be bound by it.

Robert Wynde's answer.

The property belonged to the Abbot of Ramsey and the late
Abbot granted it to John Wynd, he denied the claim of Margaret.
Replication of Valentine Goodwyn and Margaret his wife they
deny that the grant made by the Abbot of Ramsey to John IMyller
was unexpired when the suffered lease was made to John Wynde.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55-

Orator, William Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife late the wife
of John Peirce. Whereas the said John Peirce a little before his
death did give all his moveable goods and being worth 100 markes
more to John Peirce his son, the son to pay the said Elizabeth
40/- per annum — The father John Peirce died about 16 years
since, this was paid after the marriage of Elizabeth with the
present husband but John Peirce of his covetus and gredye mynde
witholds it.

Answer of John Peirce.

( ) Wyngfylde, knight, deceased was seased of a cer-
tain messuage in Framlingham, county Suffolk called Ramsolls,

he sold this to ( ) father to the said defendants and to his

heirs According to his father's will he paid to Elizaneth 40/-
per annum which he paid till 1553 — He claims this was in lieu
of dower which she has also obtained from the estate, hence he
will not pay.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1354, 1553-55-

Orator Richard Goodwyn, administration of the goods of
Edward Goodwyn his father Edward Goodwyn was seised of


divers goods to the value of £13-6-8. 10 stone of wool value
40/-. 6 quarters of malt value 40/ 3 kyne value 26/8. 2 horses
value £3. 2 wenung calves 13/4. 40 sheep value £4-6-8. Edward
Goodwyn died intestate at Horton county Stafford, the goods
have come into the possession of John Turner the elder and John
Turner the yunger and Edward Fynny who wrongfully detain


The father of Richard Goodwyn is named John Goodwyn and
is still alive.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1355, 1553-55-

Orator, James Raynborowghe of Ipswich, clothier. Whereas

one Matthewe Goodwyne of Ipswich about one year and a half

now last past bargayned and sold to one Thomas Raynborowghe,

brother to your said orator, three packes of wool for the sum of

£12 to be paid to the said Matthewe on a certain day now past

I of which the said Thomas Raynborowghe paid to the said Mat-

; thewe Goodwyne £6 and after that the said Matthewe caused the

said Thomas Raynborowghe to be arrested in the said towne of

Ipswich for the non-payment of the other £6. After that the said

Thomas found surety in the said town of Ipswich one John Cray-

M ford who took upon him that the said Thomas Raynborowghe

5 should appear and answer to the said suite. After that the said

, Thomas Raynborowghe departed out of the town of Ipswich and

Iremaineth in places unknown either to your said orator or to the
said Matthewe Goodwyne and hath no goods or chattels suffi-
cient to discharge the debt of £6 wherefore the said Matthewe
i Goodwyne and the said John Crayford whom the said Matthewe
Matthewe (correct) doth specially favour considering and imag-

Iining between them how to discharge the said Crayford and to
burden your said orator with the payment of the £6 the said
Matthewe Goodwyne hath now caused your orator to be arrested
upon a playnte of debt of £6 affirmed against him by the said
Matthewe Goodwyne now depending in the Court of Ipswich
before the bailiff there, which playnte Matthewe Goodwyne hath
declared against your orator untr^uly saying that he sold half the
wool to the said Thomas Raynborowghe for £6 and half to your
orator for £6, whereas he sold no goods whatever to your orator


who owes nothing to Matthewe Goodwyne. Your orator offered
by wager of lawe to try the case but at the time given your orator
was "veryly syckly and weke" and not able to travel about for the
bringing up of so many witnesses as were necessary, but if your
orator had been in perfect health he could scarcely have found
within the town of Ipswich any person who durst have sworne
on the behalfe of your said orator against the said Mathew Good-
wyne being a man for his power and authority within the said
town not only much feared but given to malice and revenge
against such as he conceveth any matter of displeasure. For as
much as your orator is a very poor younge man and not able to
stand in the defence of the said suite against the said pleyntiffe
in the said Court of Ipswich. He prays the King and Queen to
grant a writ of certion? for the case to be tried in the High
Court of Chancery at Westminster and to grant a writ of sub-
poena requiring the said Mathew Goodwyne to appear there etc.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1377.

Your orator, Richard Rede, knight. Whereas the late- Abbot
of Chersey, county Surrey, was lawfully seased in his own
demesne and as of fee as Abbot of the said Monastery of the
rectory and parsonage in the said town. The Abbot with the
consent of the convent of the said Monastery by deed dated 14
June, 6 Henry VIII, did let the said rectory and parsonage to
one (faded) and Anne Gierke, widow, for certain years they
yeelding and paying therefore to the said Abbot ? 4d, by force
of which the said John Tutchyner and Anne Gierke became
possessed of it. The interest which they had in the property
your orator now has by good and lawful conveyance. It now is
in the Queen's hands by reason of the suppression of the monas-
tery but so it is that one William Goodwyn late of Barmesey
county Surrey, gentleman, being surveyor unto the Queen's
Majesty on the 21 May, first year of the Queen, let the property
to your orator he to pay £9-6-8. This he paid to William Good-
wyn but before it was paid over it pleased Almighty God to call
the said William Goodwyn out of this world, by reason of which
your orator has been compelled to repay the same £9-6-8 to the
use of the Queen's Majesty. Since the death of the said William
Goodwyn, one Elleyn Goodwyn late his wife as executrix of the
will of her late husband did not only enter into all lands and
tenements of the said William but also take into her hands the


custody of his goods and chattels being of a very good and sub-
stantial value and very able to satisfy and paye both your orator
the said £9-6-8 and also all other William Goodwyn's creditors.
Which said Elleyn your said orator divers and sundry times after
a very gentle and peaceable manner hath desired to see him repaid
the said £9-6-8, yet that to do the said Elleyn hath always denyed.
As your orator hath no specialitie of the said William Goodwyn
by writing acknowledging the receipt, he has no remedy, and

prays etc.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1378.

Orator, Robert Braythwaite one of the Queen's IMajestys
Groomes of her Graces Chamber — . That wheras King Henry
VIII by letters patent dated 12 September, 20 of his reign, grant
and to farm let to your orator the tithe corne &c. in the town and
fields of the Bury of Luston county Herts for twenty one years
and he remained in possession till one John Goodwen and John
Daye his man by commandment of said John Goodwen of
( ?). well and malice hath entered the property and dam-
aged ditches &c.

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1405, 1556-58.

Valentyn Goodwyn and Margaret his wife daughter of John
Myller deceased. Whereas the Bishop of Norwich was seised of
the Manor of Thornham v/ith hunting, hawking, fishing, and
fowling — and the Rectory he granted a lease of the premises of
John Myller for fifty years, John Myller of the good will he bare
ij to John Yong and John Smith did jointly put them in the same
lease without any payment or reward.

(deed mutilated).

Answer of Thomas Cutts.

He being not a man of such great substance or with so many
friends of the complainant, but he had done no injury to com-

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1429, 1556-58.

John Goodwyn of ( )scombe, county Somerset, clothier,

and Alice his wife ( ) by the testament and last will of

John Yarberry late of (Bruton?) in said county, clothier,
deceased, except the will of John Yarbery his father, about 21


May 1 55 1 last past (damaged). John Tucker owed to the estate
£57-9/-, afterward the said John Tucker at Bruton after whose
decease administration of his goods was granted to Mary late
wife of the said John Tucker hy force of which the said Mary
took upon her the administration of the goods of John Yarbery.
Now Mary married John Mounteney, your orators have several
times asked for the said £57-9/- which they refuse to pay.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1430.

Orator, William Goodwyn of Adesley Grene, Staffordshire — .
One Thomas Whytmore of (Garhill?) in same county — in the
time of the last Reverend Father in God, Stephen, late Bishop of
Wynchester, brought a bill of complaint against your orator,
alleging that Edmund Whytmore father of the said Thomas

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1430.

Orator, Roger Jackson. Whereas one Richard Wuersdale did

of late ( ) in i and 2 years of our Lord and Lady, Philip

and Mary, exhibit a bill of complaint declaring that wheras one
Agnes Wyersdale was seised of a messuage ten acres of land and
acre of pasture in Crawson, county Leicester, and a messuage

and croft nine acres in B( ) and being so seised took to

husband one William Goodwyn who was seised of the premises
in right of his wife and the said William and Agnes had issue
one John Goodwyn who died without issue, afterwards Agnes
died and William Goodwyn her husband survived and held the
property which ought to descend to your orator as cousin and
next heir to Agnes, that is the son of William Wyersdale, son
of Richard Wyersdale of Denton, brother of William Wyersdale
of Belver, father to the said Agnes. Richard Wyersdale of
Brisby county Lincoln, husbandman, moved the said Richard
Wyersdale against your orator, and has purchased his rights &c.
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1443, 1556-58.


Plaintiff William Barkenham. Defendants Timothy Fitzallen,
John Fairweather and others. Fraud etc. Lands etc. in parishes
of St. Mary and St. Augustine in Ipswich, county Suffolk, of
which Robert Goodinge was seised etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings Elizabeth, B, bundle 10, no. 9.





Plaintiff Edward Blewhaysett. Defendants Jermyne Good-
wyne and Sir Henry Woodhouse. Contract. Manor of Pawling
etc., county Norfolk, of which the defendant Woodhouse was
seised for years who demised a messuage called Pawling Grange
to the other defenadnt.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 4, no. 4.

The town of Bury St. Edmunds by Robert Golding, esqre,
Robert Mawe, Anthony Payne, Henry Collings, William Coke,
Roger Barber, Thomas Dounday, Richard Walker, Thomas Good-
riche, senr., Thomas Rocket, Thomas Hammond, Robert Sparke,
Francis Movmdford, Edward Francys and William Faircloughe
als Faircliffe, governor of the Free Grammar School of King
Edward VI in Bury St. Edmunds. Defendants Edward Gooding

als Goodwyn, Robert Knappe, Stratton, widow, John

Merreles, Thomas Sewyer, and William Dawes. Bill to quiet
possession. The chantry of Kirketon als Shotley with appur-
tenances and lands and tenements called Hanslett, Stirpe, Houles,
Crowes, Tenements and Cokes situate in Kirketon als Shotley
and in Chelympton als Chelmson in county Suffolk to the said
chantry some time belonging etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 14, no. 25.

Plaintiff Owyn Biggs. Defendants Robert Dickman and Alice
Goodwin. Personal matters.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 28, no. 45.

Plaintiffs Fythche and John Goodwin, churchwardens and
Richard Wyndell and others, overseers of the parish of Bocking.
Defendant John Robinson, Humfrey Smythe and William
Smythe. Bill to recover a legacy to charitable uses, the sum of
£400 bequeathed by Joan Smyth, widow, to be invested for pro-
ducing a yearly fund for the relief of the poor of Bocking, county

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 29, no. 44.

Plaintiff Leonard Crosse. Defendant Gerrard Errington,
Nicholas Errington, William Godden and Robert Owen. Claim
by purchase lands within the mannor of Wells, county Somerset,
sometime parcel of the possessions of the dissolved house of the
Priory and Convent of St. John Baptist in Wells now the estate
of defendants Errington.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, C, bundle 3, no. 34.



Plaintiffs Richard Collyns, Henry and John Collyns. Defend- |

ants Richard Boghurst and Emie his wife, and John Moncke. |

Bill to establish title by purchase. Lands in Wrotham, county j

Kent, sometime the estate of John Goodwyn an idiot and pur- !

chased of his heirs by the plaintiffs' father. ;j
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, C, bundle 17, no. 39.


Plaintiff Thomas Freeman. Defendants Thomas Goodwin and

Thomas Grace. To be relieved against a bond. Lands in Stat- j

folde, county Beds, the inheritance of plaintiff sown by him with ]

barley and the crop sold to defendants. j

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 2, no. 53. j


Plaintiff Richard Francklyn. Defendant John Marshe. Deeds, j

Land in Barnett, county Herts, conveyed to plaintiff and his late j

father. Bill states that the Manors of Barnett and East Barnett !

were granted by King Edward VL to John Goodwyn and John j

Maynard. j

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 3, no. 57. !

Plaintiff John Fancer. Defendant Richard Goodwyn. Per- |
sonal matters. ;

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 5, no. 27. !



Plaintiffs Henry Farrant and Johan his wife. Defendant Anne i
Stumpe. Claim by lease a messuage, grist water mill and land

within the manor of Thrale, county Devon, granted to John j

Truslowe by Thomas Goodwyn, gent, on a lease for lives the -

reversion thereof being afterwards in Paul Stumpe and Anne i

his wife. ;

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 9 no. 50. \

Plaintiff John Goodwinge. Defendant William Allen, Personal


Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. i.


Plaintiff William Garnett. Defendants Thomas Goodwyn and ^

his wife. Personal matters. ';

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. 19. I


Plaintiff John Godwyn. Defendants William Godwyn and
Edward Harrys. To quiet plaintiff in possession. Messuage
and land in Stanley in the parish of Chippenham, county Wilts.,
held of Sir Edward Baynton, knight, of his manor of Stanley
for the Hves of plaintiff's father. Plaintiff and defendant.
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. 35.

Plaintiff Anthony Godwyn. Defendants Thomas Whytinge
and John Lawden. To be relieved against claims of debt.
Lands in Chelvey, county Somerset, the inheritance of Elizabeth
Hales, widow, which plaintiff had purchased on behalf of John
Lewis, deceased.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 3, no. 14.

Plaintiff Cicely Goodwyn widow. Defendant John Smith.
Answer only. Appears to relate to land held of the manors of
Bar wicks and Scotneys and freehold lands adjoyning claimed by
Cicely Goodwyn. No parish or county mentioned.

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 3, no. 15.

Plaintiff Robert Goodwyn. Defendants John Masy and Wil-
liam Horte and others. To obtain compensation for plaintiff's
services in procuting a charter. Bill states that plaintiff was
employed by defendants to obtain a confirmation of the rights
and privileges of the town of Wrington which, before the disso-
lution of the Monastery of Glastonbury, was part of the posses-
sions of the said abbey and had then a market and fair as stated
in the bill and that he obtained the Queen's charter accordingly
which concerned as well other towns and parishes as the town
and parish of Wryngton viz. the towns and parishes of Weston
and Ditchett, county Somerset, Sturmynster county Dorset, and
Martyn, county Wilts., all which were also parcell of the posses-

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 11 of 44)