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cion of repayment in twenty years and said William entered into
said barne and parcell of land and also enjoyed remainder of
said land. But now since the decease of said William the said
land descended to Hughe Inglesand as sonne and heire who now
claims the whole etc. With answer of the defendant.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 63.

To Rt. Hon. etc. John, Lord Bishopp of Lyncoln, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaynt of Thomas Goodwyn of Moniash,
county Derby yeoman that twenty yeares since sised of a farme
and lands in (torn) called Bourne End and having occa-
sion for money had some speech with one William Englesant of
Moniash, husbandman, for purchase of part of the said lands with
condition of repayment within twenty years Said Englesant
since deceased and descended to Hugh Englesant his sonne and
heire and (who?) entered said lands and not only said part as is
conteyned in the deed of agreement but also remainder of said
lands paying no rents etc. and ref useth to accept money for repay-
ment and recovery as in said deeds is expressed and your orator
having noe evidences etc. etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 17, no. 78.

Date torn off. The second answer of William Goodwin
defendant to John Harrison plaintiff. Whereas by the report of
Mr. Doctor Legge one of Masters of this Court, 19 May last,
that this defendant should answer whether he the defendant did


promise plaintiff that the issue which should be lawfully begotten
between the defendant and Margaret the plaintiff's daughter in
consideration of the marriage should inherit lands mentioned in
the said bill that should descend to him from Humfrey Goodwin
his father and that this defendant should answer to the conveyance
of secret estates to persons unknown to the plaintiff with purpose
to disinherit his two daughters had by said Margaret and this
defendant's careless and dissolute education of his daughter Anne.
Albeit that the first point in former answer appeareth to be suffi-
ciently answered and the said two other points are not materiall,
yet to satisfy the Court the defendant saith that defendant about
the time of his marriage with the said Margaret did not promise
etc. etc. and he saith that it is since the said marriage celebrated
some thirty-five years and he saith that he hath conveyed the said
land so as his issue male may inherit before his issue female to the
said estates but one lease of his defendant's said land in Hurd-
low and Momarsh in county Derby unto one Humfrey Goodwin
and Henry Harrison for twenty-one years towards the payment
of marriage portion of one Elizabeth one of the daughters of this
defendant by the said IMargaret whom one Thomas Needham
by the plaintiff's practice did secretly take away and marry with-
out this defendant's privity. And defendant saith he hath care-
fully brought up Anne in said report married as well as his other
children and not to be termed an idiott etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, H, bundle 31, no. 50.

June 3, 1603. Complaint of Jone Edwardes of Christ church
Norwich, widow, that one William Goodwin of the said city was
indebted some £10 which she asked payment — but the said Wil-
liam Goodwin having a badd and corrupt meaning to defraud
your oratrix confederated in practice with one Thomas Twaytis,
dark and William Pawling (as appears by a book of reckonings)
6 June 1603. Answer of William Goodwin. Demurrer of
Thomas Thwaytis and William Pawlings. That he owes £6 and
subscribed his name in the book for that amount. The complain-
ant did for certain yeares past did use the trade of brewer and
the said Goodwin did have beer to about £6 and she afterwards
delivered six barrels of beer for which he was to pay 50s. and
she urged one quarter of faggot wood for which he was to pay
5s. and the defendant has delivered at several times in money



and other values £ii that is to say at one time £5 in money and at
another time £3 in money and at another time 40s. in money
and another time delivered 100 faggot wood for 20s. whereof
the said complainant paid to the defendant the sum of £4 or £5
the said complainant being indebted to the defendant for ferrage
of her, her servants and goods for the space of eight years over
a ferry which he holds by lease from the Dean and Chapter of
Norwich and about the ist of December, 44 Elizabeth referred
to the' arbitrations of one Thomas Thwaytis and one Thomas
Pawlinges who acknowledge acting as arbitrators and one being
discontented with their award they persuade them to continue

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford V, 83.

4 June 1603. Plaintiff Edward Goodinge of Ipswich, county
Suffolk gent. In November, 43 Elizabeth, with one Robert
Rymner the elder of Ipswich, merchant, and became bound in
£200 for payment of £100 to Richard Brook of Nacton, Suffolk,
Esquire. Lymner promised to deliver certain broadcloth then
in the custody of one Coleby a sherman. Plaintiff had to pay the
£105. Robert Lymner senior and the younger conspire to
become bankrupt. Answer of Robert Lymner — denies the con-
federacy with his son and generally denies.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 94.

25 June 1604. To Right Hon. Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight.
Bill of Complaint of Margaret Goodwin, widdow of Richard
Goodwin late of Wills, county Somerset, Esqre. deceased, that
said Richard before marriage in consideration of £300 given in
marriage by Robert May of Charterhouse Hidon in said county,
Esqre, deceased, suppliant's father promised to make an estate of
his said lands etc. in Wells to some of complainants friends in
trust for said complainant for her jointure and the said Richard
then in possession of 9 acres of meadow in occupation of Wil-
liam Bowerman of Wells Esqr and 8 acres arrable and other
lands in occupation of one Hayward and one Androwe Alvard,
Thomas Sayard, lying on the way from Welles to Wookey and
other lands late in the occupation of one Christopher Pawlet,
Richard Corfield, Walter Marchant, William Bathe, Robert Nor-
ton, one Gallington, William Austin, clarke, Robert Sheppard,


Agnes Kinge, widow, Johane Lane, wedowe, Richard Alvard,
Richard Godwin the elder of Wells, gent, Richard Tanner, David
Tryon of Wookeye, Agnes Haggatts, widow Alvard, John Aishe,
and the said Richard Godwin, Robert Hort, and one Woornall, the
said William Bowerman, William Godway, Symon Chariton,
Edmond Brangwell, Richard Corfield, all of which said premises
in the parish of St. Cuthberts in Welles, county Somerset, and the
said Richard being married to your said complainant about 18
Elizabeth by an indenture dated 20 August in trust for the per-
formance of said contract reposed in Christopher Kenn, esquire,
John Woolfe, Dr. in Phisicke, both deceased, and John May
brother to complainant granted the said lands in trust for com-
plainant and the said indenture was delivered to the said John
Man. Now the said Richard Godwin and the said Kenn and
Woolfe being deceased the said John May refuseth to convey the
said premises to complainant etc. etc. With answer of John May
of Charterhouse 14 February 1604.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 4, no. 24.

25 June 1604. To Right Hon Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight.
Bill of Complaint of Anthony Godwin of Wookey, county Somer-
set, gent, that about 10 February a year last past purchased for
the lives .of William, Thomas and Robert Godwin complainants
sonnes messuage or inne in the Hugh Streete in Welles in county
Somerset called the Starre wherewith there has beene a way
leading out of Chamberline Street there unto or neere the back-
side of the said inne with a gatehouse and a wall there and a
garden adjoyning one John Jorden there, parchment maker, now
pretendenth tytle to the same and your orator for quietness hath
offered to recompense the said Jorden for his supposed title yet
who by plotting with one John Wookey of Welles, innkeeper,
covenanted with one Abraham Kinge of Welles, gent, that the
said Kinge should buye the said way ground and garden for one
year which was accomplished and the said Jorden afterwards
intreated your orator to compound with him for his title which
your orator was willing to do to avoid suits of lawe and it was
agreed between the said Jordan and Katherine his wife and the
said complainant this 2nd June that your orator should enjoy
the said way and gatehouse etc. etc. for twenty one yeares from
exceping of the said King's lease without any hindrances from


said King or any other and in consideration thereof the said
Jordan should use the same to lay his parchment to dry etc. and
that your orator should pay to the assignees of the said Jordan
£10 and for performance that Edward Huysh of Welles, Notary
Public, should become bound and that a lease should be made.
Said Huysh complainants son in law. Said lease to be left in
hands of Thomas Barron, Mayor of Welles, yet upon draft of
said agreement being read to said Jorden and the said Huysh
expressing his willingness to become bound for payment of said
£10 the said Jorden at the instigation of said Wookey refused to
performe said agreement and hath made secret estate to the said
Wookey etc. etc. With answer of John Jorden, Katherin his
wife and John Wookie defendants.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle ii, no. 66.

17 April 1605. Plaintiff Arthur Hall of London, esquire.
That becoming about twelve years past bound in one recognizance
of £2500 to John Ballett late of London, gouldsmith, deceased,
conditions being contained in two paire of indentures Valentine
Saunders and Owyn Wood in the right of Joan his wife and as
executors of said John Ballett have gotten judgment on said
recognizanse against your orator on the Eve of Saint Michaell
the Archangell last past did extend the moytie of the mannors
lands, tenements, etc, possessed by your orator in county Lincoln.
Since the said recognizance acknowledged your orator did lease
to one John Shee of Grantham for divers years to come and
not ended fourescore acres of lande, medowe and pastures in
Harraby, county Lincoln, yielding ii8 per annum and your
orator did lease to one Raffe Butler 16 acres of pasture for divers
years at £4. I3s.4d. per annum and one year and a half past he
also did lease to Dorothy Harrison, widow, 26 acres of pasture for
a yearly rent of £8 also in the 2nd year of H. M. reign he did
lease to Thomas Passam 20 acres of pasture at i6.13s.4d. per
annum and also about three yeares ago he did lease Simond
Goodwin one tenement with appurtenances being in Grantham,
county Lincoln, at £7 per annum also Robert Symson did hold
9 acres of land at £3. 6s.8d. per annum— one John Cherrington
leased 7 acres at £3. 5s.8d. per annum and William Wells leased
4 acres at £1. i3s.8d. per annum. All which lease holders were
evicted and your orator has no remedy of his one half years rent


due because the evictions took place one day before the rent fell
due which they now deny owing. Demurrer of Symon Goodwyn.
Pleads uncertainty and insufficiency.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 33, no. 79.

29 April 1605. To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere. Bill of
Complaint of Edward Goodwin of Dorking, county Surrey, gent,
brother and guardian of Richard Goodwin on behalf of said
Richard. That Edward Goodwin late of Dorking, gent, your
orator's late father deceased was seised of a copyhold messuage
in Milton in the parish of Dorking holden of the Mannor of
Milton and so seised permitted one William Hill of Dorking in
said county, yeoman, to inhabit same from year to yeare under
some small rent. Your orator's father died about two years
since and said messuage descended to said Richard youngest son
of said Edward according to custome of said mannor. Now
said Hill refuses to give up possession pretending to have a lease
for years unexpired and offering to pay rent but not of half the
vaule etc. yett hath permitted the said messuage etc. to grown
ruinous and had committed great waste and cutt down tymber
trees etc. With answer of defendant, 2 May 1605, mentions
William Ratcliff gent, lord of the Mannor of Milton. Lease
granted in consideration of a bond of £40. Replicacon of Com-

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 8.

29 October 1605. Complaint of Danyell Howse, vicar of
Melton All Sants, Norfolk, is lawfuly seized of the vicarage and
glebe lands etc. for twelve years past and had all the evidences
and writinges untill about Michaelmas twelvemonths. At the
request of one Gyles Awstin of Melton aforesaid and John Good-
wyn of Norwich, scrivener, who said they intended to purchase
other lands three tenements in Melton adjoining plaintiff's tene-
ments and requested to peruse his evidences which he allowed
them, then they requested your orator to lend them 5000 pieces to
help them the easier to bound about the lands which he did and
having gotten into their custody they refuse to deliver them
knowing the orator hath no remedy at common law and your
orator doth not know certain dates. And also by an agreement
between said Awstin and your orator said Awstim was to have


18 acres of land belonging to the vicarage. Awstin sent him
some corn no price agreed. Goodwin caused him to be arrested
in Norwich. Awstin being a man of great wealth knowing your
orator was a very poor man. Bond. Engrossment. Answers of
Giles Awstin and John Goodwin They have free land together.
Chancery Proceedings, James I, M (H?), bundle 6, no. 93.

12 November 1605. Answers of Thomas Norris, gentleman,
and Petronell Hastinges, defendants. To the Bill of Complaint
of one Anthony Goodwyn, gentleman, complainant. True that

complainant with one Leonard became bound

in £40 for payment of i 18 father to this defend-
ants and the said Hugh Norris defendant's father about March

last was seven yeares dyed intestate and shortly after

did take letters of administration of his said deceased father his
goods etc. etc. True that his said father in his lifetime did deliver
said obligacion to Abraham Kinge mentioned in said bill denyeth
that the money due was paid to his said father in his life time to
defendants knowledge said Kinge delivered said obligacion to the

said Petronell Hastinges being this defendant's

sister to be delivered to this defendant who accordingly delivered
same to defendant. True that said obligacion was not sett down
in inventory exhibited for that the said bond was not then in
defendant's possession nor in three years after but after delivery
defendant demanded payment who replied that he thought same
was sattisfied and that he had a release etc. and then request for-
bearance of any suyte etc. etc. yet although many times requested
complainant did never show any dischardge or proof of payment
or give any other sattisfaccon. Defendant Hastings answers to
same effect mentions one William Bowreman in Welles, Esqre.
deceased, denies that the said complainant at house of the said
Bowreman paid said £18 to her father Hugh Norris, their said
father of Kinne to complainant did forbeare to presse com-
plainant for payment Defendant only wishes to recover payment
of due debt etc, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 44.

23 January 1605. Plaintiffs Walter Nurse of Weston under
Pennyarde, county of Hereford, gent, and John Nurse his son
administrators of all the goodes chattells etc. of Charles Nurse


deceased brother of the orator Walter Nurse. About thirty two
years since one John Stafford, esquire, deceased being seised of
land, errable meadows and pasture containing about 200 acres in
Mydleton als Mylton, Keynes, county Bucks, did lease the same
for sixty years to said Charles Nurse the exact terme or date your
orators cannot sett forth without sight of the indenture which is
in the possesion of persons after named. About eighteen years
past Charles Nurse being in possession of the said lands etc. died
intestate being possessed of other property of value of £300. The
administration of whose estate was committed to the widow Mar-
garet Nurse now also deceased who entered into possession.
Upon whose death the administration was granted to your orators
who became entitled to all writings indented and to enter into all
property devised thereby which they did. Whereupon one
Thomas Woodalls and Richard Goodwyn of Mydleton als Milton
having by some casual meanes gotten into their custody the said
writings did wrongfully enter into the farmehouse and lands etc.
etc. and evicted your said orators and have practised with Sir
William Stafford, knight, (the owner) to get a new and colorable
estate therein delivering the said writing to Sir William Stafford
or undertakes to do so, etc. Answer of Richard Goodwin This
defendant lent Thomas Woodsall the other defendant £200 upon
security of the farm in question — never dealt with the plaintiffs —
does not know them etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 6, no. 2"].

15 November 1607. Plaintiff Sir Edward Coke of Godwicke
in county of Norfolk, knight. Being life tenant of certain lands
etc. as freehold called Halhowse tenements in Wherestead in the
said county of Suffolk of which he can grant a lease of twenty
one years subject only to the accustomed rents of the Manor of
Bromehall, county Suffolk. In the first year of James in October
Sir Edward Coke agreed to grant a lease to John Gooding and
Richard Gooding of Wherested, gentlemen, of the said tenement
and landes for the terme of eleaven yeares from the feast of St
Michaell the Archangel next following for a fyne of fifty poundes
to be paid in hand by Richard Gooding and John Gooding and
the yearly rent of £5 which is only the accustomed rent for the
said messuage. Sir Edward Coke seals and delivers to the Good-
wins his parte of the indenture. The Goodwins having got pos-


session of the tenements and lands which were really worth £20
a year and having gotten into their handes divers deedes etc. and
by ensealed indenture having acknowledged the receipt of the
£50 which had not been paid they refuse to pay that £50 or
to seal the indenture. Plaintiff seeks redress and damages.
Answers of Richard Gooding and John Gooding. Robert Aylmer
servant to the complainant. Deny making any covenants, state
they have lived for ten or sixteen years and they have dwelt in
the same tenement and still do so paying £5 to plaintiff per annum

as formerly agreed. Last February one — Withe son of

Richard Withe of Brockdish, county Norfolk and shewed him a
sealed writing stating it was a lease. Mr. Clement Coock's Sir
Edwarde's heir, not being in the lease they refused to sign the
counterpart. They pray to be dismissed and their costs paid.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 15, no. 51.

23 November 1609 Complaint of James Wardrop the elder and
Robert Mason, gent, and James Wardrop the younger that James
Wardrop senior, March 4, James I. borrowed of Richard Good-
win, butcher, £30 and above personal security in a £60 bond.
Money paid but bond not given up.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 23, no. 9.

7 April 1 610. To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere. Bill of
Complaint of Francis Goodwin of Wooburn, county Bucks,
knight, having occasion to provide himself with apparell hath pur-
chased stuff for same in London and the country one Admindab
Cowper of London, taylor, pretends that your orator owes him
£16 for a tustavata gowne made and delivered to your orator's
daughter, your orator requested proof of same which said
Cowper delayed to do yett now hath commenced a suite against
your orator. Prays that said Cowper may discover when and
how he bought said stuffe and delivered said gowne etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 59.

19 November 1610. To Rt. Hon Thomas Lord Ellesmere,

Lord Chancellor etc. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of

P Tadington, county Derby, yeoman that John Owtram late of

Tadington, yeoman, was possessed of a lease for years yet endur-


ing from Robert Eyre of Hyslowe in said county, esqre. of one
messuage and farme and divers lands etc. in Tadington and soe
possessed about April 1598 it was agreed that complainant should
have the said messuage etc. during the terme of eighteen years if
complainant should so long live paying yearly rent of ii8 and
that said Owtram should pay all out rents and rents reserved with
provision that if the said Owtram desired to dwell therein then
complainant should leave at expiration of a yeare or two years
notice and your orator paid said Owtram £4. 2s. 2d. for a fyne
for all the tythes corne etc. etc. upon said messuage for a term of
twenty yeares the said Owtram to repay same roteably if he
should dwell therein and further if said Owtram should desire
to sell his whole interest then your orator should have the same
and further it was agreed that complainant should pay for the
said Owtram to one William Foxelowe the sum of £y. 8s. od. at
a certain date then to come and should defaulte the same out of
said rent, all said agreements sealed and delivered your orator
found the said messuage etc. much overrated and it was then
agreed that your orator should leave the said tithe and should
have the said messuage during all the terme the said John had
and that 30s. a yeare should be abated out of said rent and the
said messuage etc. except the said tithes were then granted to com-
plainant and your orator believing he had a good estate in same
for seventeen or eighteen years at least your orator was at great
costs to make the same more profitable and hath taken other lands
at Bruchfield adjoining of purpose to spare the said lands and to
bring them into better condition being now of much better value.
But now one Raffe Orme and Henry Booth perceiving that com-
plainant hath bettered said lands have persuaded the said Owtram
to make some conveyance to them and hath made divers entries
and secret estates etc. to defraud your orator etc. etc. Answer
of John Owtram one of defendants at Dronfield 11 January, 8

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 44.

Undated. 161 1 ? To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere, Lord
Chancellor etc Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn. That
about six years past there was an agreement made between com-
plainant and Christopher Blackwall and Robert Blackwall, sonne
of said Christopher, that the said Robert should take to wief


Anne Goodwyn daughter of complainant thereof and in consider-
ation complainant should pay to said Christopher and Robert £40
and that the said Christopher and Robert should convey that
capitall messuage or tenement one cottage three barnes two
gardens two yards or crofts 20 acres arable land or meadow with
all appurtenances pastures feedings etc. etc. in the towns of
Tudington and Prestcliff, county Derby, now or late in occupa-
tion of said Christopher to the use of said Robert and Anne for
their lives and to their heirs male at the death of survivor in
default to the heirs female and indentures of said agreement
were sealed and delivered and your orator paid the said £40 and
did find the said Robert and Anne and their servants with meate,
drincke and lodging for one whole yeare after said marriage and
did manure plowe and sowe the said lands with corne and did
harvest same at complainant's own costes of at least £40 and the
said Robert and Ane after said marriage had issue one onely
daughter Alice yet alive and after the said Anne dyed without
other issue after whose death the said Robert Blackwall and
Richard Buxton whose daughter the said Robert hath since mar-
ried have gotten into their hands both parts of the said indenture
and combyning with the said Christopher intend to convey the
said messuage etc. to other uses so that the said Alice shall not
have the said messuage etc. after the death of said Robert and
refuse to make any assurance to the said AHce etc. With
answers of Robert Blackwall and Richard Buxton defendants at
Bakewell 18 January, 9 James. Denies any such agreement or
that they have possession of both parts of indentures as alledged.
Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 59.

8 June 161 1 Plaintiff John Wookey of Wells in county Som-
erset, inholder. Whereas one Richard Goodwyn late of Wells
in the county of Somerset, esquire, deceased, was possessed for —

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