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yeares past for divers years to come and unexpired of divers
messuages lands and tenements lying in the parish of St. Cuth-
berts in Wells and about — yeares past did grant unto John
Bridges of Meere, county Wilts, gent, all the said premises with
the indenture agreeing to pay John Bridges his heires etc. £100
at the limit of his lease Goodwin's son Benjamin entered into
possession and two years ago being in great need of money came
to your orator and entreated him to buy certain tenements and


parcells of ground in and about Wells being part contained in the
said mortgage but distrusting the validity of the title of Benjamin
at first did refuse, but Benjamin waxing importunate and vowing
earnestlie that the premises were free of all encumbrances your
orator did pay £32 and Benjamin Goodwin granted under a deed
— day of — year of James I two acres of meadow in a close called
Lyme Rell close and a plot of ground without the same close
whereupon sometyme stood a lyme kell and a tenement or cottage
lying in Wells and one voyd plot of ground lying in one other
street called Beggars street in Wells and three yards of meadow
lying in Polsham meed to hold for divers years to come. But
John Bridges to whom the premises were mortgaged being de-
ceased and John Bridge the son being likewise deceased the
assignment in mortgage being come to one Arthur Crew and
other executors of John the son and the said premises forfeited
before Benjamin made the estate into your orator hands which
he well knew, and said Benjamin did confederate with one
Bartholomew Coxe of Wells, gent, an attorney of H. M. Courts
of Common Pleas at Westminster to buy the residue of the lands
contained in said mortgage and get the writings into their hands
etc. etc. Answer of Bartholomew Coxe January 14, 1612. In
September past Goodwyn did deliver a deed and parcell of a
messuage in Chamberlaine street in Wells and certaine land with
the original indenture made by the master and burgesses of Wells.
Charges plaintiff with conspiring to have writings made dated
before this defendants writings therefore he repudiates all lia-

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 21, no. 145.

28 October 161 1. Answere of Siban Pigott the defendant to
the Bill of Sir Francis Goodwine, knight, complainant True that
defendant is now and his ancestors were for many years possessed
of the manor farme or graynge house of Collwicke and divers
closes thereto belonging and believeth it true that the said Sir
Frauncis is seised of the three coppices named Hame Greene
Copice, Slashers Copice and the Copice nexte the Lady Pellames
Woods as parcel of the Manor of Haddesdon. Further defend-
ant saith there hath byn tyme out of mynde a common waye for
the inhabitants of Hame and Wotton and all other townes and
villages lying on the Southwest side of the saide woods to goe


into the woods of the complainant by ye pownde of the said Sir
Francis adioyning to Hame Greene and soe by the close of one
Robert Becks adioyning his house and through the woods of the
said Sir Francis through Eyhope woods into ye nether parte of
Oringe Hill neere Binoll lane bridge and soe to Buckinghame and
Winstowe being anneyent, markett townes and all other townes
on the W. and N. W. partes and likewise for all men having
occasion to travayle from Dodershall, East Claydon or Bottle
Claydon on the North part to goe to the city of Oxford or to
Hame or Wootton and other townes on the West or South
West syde of the said woodes and when the said woodes were
encopised there were gates placed and left unlocked for the
said passage and the said Francis and owners of the said woodes
did never use the way by Eytrappe Woods but eyther to Ham-
greene or through this defendant's groundes and placed gates
for that purpose and defendant hath made gates for the purpose
of using the said wayes and can make proofe thereof by witnesses
and the said defendant further saith that his predecessors were
never denied any passage until about thirty (30) yeares since
when there was some varyance between the said Robert Pigott
defendant's grandfather and Sir John Goodwine complainant's
father yet defendant's said grandfather Mr. Francis Pigott de-
fendant's father and the said defendant have used the said ways
without contradiction by the said Sir John and complainant untill
this yeare and now the complainant hath placed greate chaynes
and lockes to the said gates and greate hedges and great ditches
across the said ways to the great damage of the said defendant
and others and if complainant hath suffered any harme by the
pulling up of said hedges etc. etc. it hath not been the will of
defendant if he might otherwise have his lawful passage etc.
prays to be dismissed etc Replicacon of complainant, says that de-
fendant and others have only used said passage on suffrance and
not of right.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 75.

26 November 161 1. To Rt Hon Thomas Lord Ellesmere, Lord
Chancellor. Bill of Complaynt of William Goodwin D.D.
and Deane of the Cathedrall Church of Christe in Oxon of the
foundacion of Henry VHI and the Chapter of the same churche.


Your orator seised of the Rectory of Little Compton in County
of Gloucester and Glebe lands in Little Compton of tithes etc.
Whereas Sir Robert Cotton of Little Compton, knt, and Dame
Elizabeth his wife in right of the said Elizabeth is seised in the
Mannor of Little Compton and having by casuall meanes got the
deeds etc of the said rectorie and deprived your orator of the
greatest part of the profitts etc. and have lately built a lodge and
banks in said mannor for breeding etc. of cowyes to the greate
damage to your orator and the inhabitants of Little Compton.
Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G. bundle 17, no. 80.

25 January 1612 Plaintiff Phillip Amptyll of the parish of
St. Gyles in the Fields, county Middlesex, yeoman, sues Margarie
Goodwyne wife of Morgan Goodwyn of Faversham, county
Kent, for legacies due under will of John Gibbons her late hus-
band of Whitstable, Kent, deceased, due to the orator's wife
(sister of John Gibbons) now deceased, of £4 and also a legacy
of wearing apparel and 40s. to the brother Nicholas Gibbons.
The widow being sole executrix took everything and remarried.
Chancery Proceedings, James I, A, bundle 50, no. 135.

16 November 1613. To Right Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere.
Bill of Complaint of John Gooddinge of Lynkynhorne, county
Cornwall, husbandman, that John Dyngle of Linkinhorne, yeo-
man, about 26 Elizabeth was seised of two closes of land called
Halewill and the orchard Parkes in the said parish and by lease
granted the same to Richard Goodinge deceased, complainant's
father for twenty one yeares from The Annunciation, 1591 at
yearly rent of los. and the said Richard entered and about
twelve years since died possessed thereof and the said estate etc.
ought to come to your orator for the residew of said termes and
your orator entered and about December i James, demised the
same to John Landrye of Linkenhorne, husbandman, for seven
years at same rent of los. which the said Landry promised to pay
to the said Dyngle and your orator agreed to become bound in
i20 for quiet possession etc. and your orator delivered a bond to
that effect as he believed. Now the said Landry combyning with
one John Budge of Lynken home procured the said bond to be
drawn for all the said terme of yeares remaining and having


gotten the originall lease hath continevved in said premises and
refuseth to pay the said rent to said Dingle and threatenes to sue
your orator upon the said bond and further the said Budge about
7 years past bought four heififers of Complainant and now re-
fuseth to pay for same etc. With answers of John Landry and
John Budge 17 January, 11 James, at Linkenhorne.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 3, no. 52.

10 November 1614. To Right Honorable Thomas Lord Elles-
niere, Lord Chancellor. Bill of Complaint of Burton Goodwin
of Nottingham in county and towne of Nottingham, yeoman, in
June, 8 James, agreed between Anthony Kinnersley of Loxley in
county Stafford, esquire, and Francis Kynnersley son and heir
apparent of said Anthony of one part and your suppliant of the
other part in consideration of £140 grant a lease in towne of
Uttoxeter etc. etc. Much mutilated and decayed. With answers
of defendants.

Chancery Proceedings, James L G, bundle 17, no. 7.

24 January 161 4 Plaintiff Thomas Goodwin of Elstree,
Herts and Katheryn his wife, William Hewst, citizen and merch-
ant taylor, of London and Mary his wife and Debora Catesbye.
That Thomas Catesby of Whiston, North Hants, esquire, de-
ceased father of oratrixes Katheryn, Marie and Debora was in
his life time seised of various manors of £1500. Having tender
care towards said Katheryn Marie and Grace, Debora and
Elizabeth made his will finding his body weak he entered into
a bond to pay £100 to Elizabeth his eldest daughter since deceased
and £100 each to the said oratrixes Katheryn Marie and Debora
and the said Grace, expressly charged his son and heir George
Catesby to see these legacies discharged. George deferred all
payments for twenty seven years. Answer of Sir William Lane,
knight, 27 April 161 5 About twenty seven years agoe said
Thomas Catesby having many younger children among the rest
the said three daughters died making no will. He has made all
good meanes to get the said charges out of the personal estate
which also came to said George his son and heir. Lane is willing
to go to law and did so acquaint Mr Serjeant Yelverton since
one of H. M. Justices being uncle to the said plaintiffs and Mr.
Thomas Paget then of the Middle Temple being of counsel with


this defendant and persons well, known to Thomas Catesby and
*all parties and he remembers said George Catesby had no lands
descended in fee simple whereby said bond could be levied his
said father conveying and settling the said lands to George in his
lifetime. Does not know what became of the bond whether it was
consumed or worn away but has often seriously moved George
Catesby to extend his love.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 19, no. 35.

24 November 161 5. Plaintiff Richard Coke als Carrowe of
Tuddenham in the county of Norfolk, yeoman, sonne of the said
Richard. In May 1613 were indebted to Theodore Goodwyn,
gent, the sum of £70 and gave a bond of ii20 as security to be
paid at three several dayes iio, £40, sio, and £20. Plaintifif has
paid £10. £40, and £12.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 4, no. 14.

29 January 161 5. Priscilla Goodwine an infant within age
by Marke Motte a gardian that whereas John Goodwine late of
Bocking, county Essex, clothier, was lawfully seized of two
messuages or tenements of the yearly value of £20 or upward
situate in Bockinge af oresayd and of the same ten years ago died
seised which tenements came rightfully to Priscilla Goodwyn and
two others her sisters as heirs of said John Goodwine, the eldest
of whom was sometime since married to one Robert Worley of
Bockinge a yeoman and since that shee and the other are dead
without heyers of her body begotten so all the said property
ought to descend to the oratrix yet the said Robert Worley
brother in lawe of your oratrix having in the tender yeares of
your oratrix having married her sister and by whom or other
casual meanes gotten into his handes the charters, writings etc.
etc. concerning the said property knowing your oratrix cannot
for want of said charters etc. make title nor defend her right or
interest and hath entered into the said property and withholds it

from your oratrix and whereas one Philemon Pilgrim

of Bocking, yeoman, did sometimes since the recognizance of
which is unknown to your oratrix unto one William Wade late
of Ridgwell in Essex, yeoman, uncle of your oratrix acknowl-
edged a recognizance for the well payment of £80 unto the said
William Wade in trust for the use and behoof of your oratrix


and of her sisters since this acknowledgement the said Wil-
liam Wade is dead but before his decease made a will in writyng
made the said Alice sole executrix who administered the goods
and chattells of the said William Wade and since married Phillip

Wrettam, Cambridge, in county of Cambridge, cartour,

all the deedes of William Wade or in his handes have come into
the possession of Phillip Wrettam and his wife amongst others
the recognizance now of right belonging to your oratrix. Phil-
lip Wrettam and his wife combining with Worley endeavour to
withould from your oratrix do try to suppress and defraud her
of all benefit although the oratrix has divers tymes asked Worley
to allow her enjoyment of the lands etc. and to give up the deedes
which each and every one of them refuse to do which lands to
the disinheritance of your oratrix being an infant of tender years

and if speedy redress be not given Robert

Worley married Mary Goodwin in 12 James he says John Good-
wine died possessed of goods etc. etc. of great value. He died
intestate. His wife Johan takes out letters of administration but
some friendes of the daughters induced her to revoke the same
to the end that Philemon Pilgrim of Bockinge, clothier, should
administer and in consideration he was to give securitie to pay
thirty pounds a year to each of the said three daughters at the
several ages of 21 yeares or dale of marriage which should first
happen so they did not marry before their ages of 18 years. If
anyone dies the rest to have her share and whoever had the bring-
ing up of the said children Pilgrim would allow £3 per annum
per child. Then Philemon Pilgrim administered and had all the
goodes of John Goodwine and Philemon Pilgrim in the 4th
year of James entered into a recognizance to William Wade of
Ridge well, a man chosen as trustee to the children being their
uncle, etc. etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 60.

22 February 1615. To Right Honorable Thomas Lord Elles-
mere Lord Chancellor etc. Bill of Complaint of Richard Barker
of Stoke next Naylond, county Suffolk, yeoman, executor of one
Richard Barker of Warmingford, county Essex, yeoman,
deceased, father of the said complainant. Has paid the debts of
the said Richard to the full value of goods etc. left by said Rich-
ard and which came to complainant. Dyvers dealings between


the said Richard and one Phihp Barker of Naylond, county Suf-
folk, yeoman, and the said Richard became bound as suretie for
said Philip and said Philip to said Richard to save him harmless
etc. etc all or great part paid in lifetime of the said Richard and
the residue compounded by the said complainant with said Philip.
Said Richard about 20 Elizabeth, became bound to one William
Goodwyn of Woodbridge Hasketon, county Suffolk, gent, in ii20
only in trust or for no good cause or consideration the said bond
being long since satisfied and delivered up to be cancelled but
being uncancelled either by the means of Faith Barker, widow of
the said Richard and daughter in lawe of the said Goodwin or
some other meanes has come to the hands of the said Goodwyne.
Now the said William Goodwyn and Phillip Barker knowing that
complainant cannot make direct proof of any payment by the said
Richard now labor to recover the value from your orator in
respect of his said father's goods etc. etc. and have commenced
suite at Common Lawe etc. etc. upon obligacon of £40 dated 30
October, 8 James, and upon the said pretended bond of ii20 and
upon one other bond of £40 to one Edward Spencer gent, of the
debt of the said Richard on which the said Phillip stood bound
as suretie for the said Richard. Said Spencer hath delivered a
release to the said complainant and hath offered the same release
to the said Phillip which the said Phillip refuseth and also to
deliver the said bond. Prays to be relieved etc. etc. not knowing
the conditions of the said bond etc. etc. Replicacion of com-
plainant. Answer of Phillip Barker one of defendants, 10 April
1 616. Answer of William Goodinge, gent, one of the defendants
at Woodbridge 10 April, 14 James that about 25 October, 22
Elizabeth he lent to said Richard £60 who became bound in £120
for payment in 1581 no part paid neither the bond at any time
delivered to said Richard said debt forborne for that the said
Richard had married Faith Barker one of the daughters in lawe
to the said defendant and by entreaty of Margaret wife of the
defendant mother of the said Faith and the said Richard also
being much troubled and sued by others for his debts. Hath now
commenced a suite for that the said complainant hath obtained the
possession of the goodes of the said Richard more than sufficient
to pay his debts, etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, B, bundle 16, no. 75.


14 November 1616. Complaint of one John Woodgate Est
Bergholt Suffolk, clothier, that William Holloway late of Este-
bergholt, deceased, was seized in fee of "Consuallo" in Tendring,
county Essex, and by his last will devised the said lands to his
sonn William Holloway and to his daughter Mary ii20 at 20 or
marriage out of the said lands and the said William Holloway the
father did make his wife Elizabeth executrix and died, after
which Elizabeth took to husband one John Goodwin of Estberg-
holt,, clothier, and orator taking to wife said Mary divided the
£120 but said John Goodwyn refused except orator entered into
bond of £240 to repay or else when Mary was 21 make assualls
of "Consuallo" to Williams Holloway the son, Mary being under
age and unable to make said assurance. Orator and wife always
willing to make assurance, while William Holloway the son was
living or to his heirs since his death though not strictly in law
bound to do but John Goodwyn refuses to deliver bond etc. 25
October 161 7. Answer of John Goodwin, Woodgate and wife
neglected to make the assurance though William Holloway the
son lived three years after Mary was of age and now his sisters
and co-heirs are being defeated of inheritance.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 24, no. 61.

15 May 161 7 To the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bacon,
Knight, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. William
Goodwyne of Grays Inn, county Middlesex gent, complains that
whereas one, Margaret Betts late of London, widov/, deceased,
having one son and three daughters unmarried did about three
years last past, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized
between the said William Goodwyne and Margaret her daughter,
promise to give unto the said William Goodwyne the sum of £300,
viz iioo at the time of the marriage and the residue in one month
after the decease of the said Margaret the mother; and the said
Margaret Betts did accordingly pay the said iioo, and did after-
wards i.e. in October 1615 make her last Will and Testament in
which she bequeathed to the said William Goodwyne £100 to be
paid within six months of the death of the said Margaret ; and
did also bequeath to the first daughter that the said William
should have, being called by the name of Anne, £50; when she
should attain the age of 14; and further appointed that the


executors of the said will should within the space of four years
after the testator's death, convey certain premises worth £600
to her son Edmund Betts, to be held by him and his lawful
issue or in default of such issue, to remain to her three daughters
and their heirs forever, and did bequeath to Elizabeth, another
of her daughters, £120; and did constitute as executrix to her
Will one Bridgett Hall, and devised that if the said executrix,
then a widow, should marry again before she should have duly
performed the contents of the said will, she should, before her
marriage, become bound in the sum of £1500 to one Sir Edmund
Garisell Knt. and one Gregory Garisell Esq. with condition that
the said Bridgett and her intended husband should duly perform
the same, and on the refusal of the said executrix to be bound
in said sum, the annuity accrueing to her as Executrix to cease
and one of her, the testator's, children to be made executor or
executrix in her stead. And afterwards the said Margaret Betts,
thetestator died leaving goods and chattels to the value of £2000:
and said Bridget took possession and being indebted to your
orator in £300 beguiled your orator into signing a deed of release
of said debt and promised your orator to bequeath him more than
the said £300. Then, your orator under age, sealed such a release
conditionally. Yet after the said Bridgett hath married with one
Edmond Newgate, said Bridget and Edmond refused to satisfie
complainant or to pay the said legacies, etc.

The joint and several answers of Edmund Newgate and Bridg-
ett his wife defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Wm. Good-
wyn, gent.

The said defendants while acknowledging the truth of other
things set forth in the said Bill of Complaint, do deny that the
said Margaret Betts deceased did leave behind her goods and
chattels to the value of £2000 and that they have in any way
attempted to defraud the said William Goodwyn and others of
their legacies etc. They do say that the said bill is untrue and
insufficient in this and other points and are willing to prove the
same as the honourable Court shall award, and pray to be dis-
missed, etc. Dated 15 March 161 7.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 13.

25 June 1 61 7. Humfrey Churchman of Hopton Wafers,
county Salop, yeoman, Complainant. Showth that whereas one


Richard Hide late of Hopton Wafers gent., and nowe deceased,
was in his life time seized etc. of one messuage or tenement and
40 acres of land etc. in Hopton Wafers and then and forty years
before in the occupacon of Edward Churchman your orator's
father of Ongland (?) in consideration of the good service there-
tofore done vnto the said Richard Hide as also in consideracion
of a greate sume of money then payde by your orator unto the
said Richard Hide and other considerations did by his deede
execute with liverie and seisin, demise and lett vnto your orator
and his assigns all that the said messuage etc. for tearme of the
life of the longest liver of them at the yearlie rente of thirty
shillinges etc. But now so it is that about three yeares paste the
said Richard Hide being so seized of the reversion of the premises
died thereof so seized. After his decease the reversion descended
to Humf rey Hide gent, sonne and heire of the said Richard Hide,
deceased. By force of which descent the said Humfrey Hide is -
so seized of the said messuage etc. And your orator having by
some causuall meanes loste the said lease which the saide Hum-
frey Hide and one Thomas Kinersley gent, by some causuall
meanes have gotten into theire handes, custodie and possession,
together with divers other deeds and writings . . . have made
divers entries uppon your orator's possession and the said Hum-
frey hath made some lease unto the said Thomas Kynnersley etc.
And for as much as your orator payed valuable consideration for
the said estate and therefore thinks that in all equity he should
enjoy the same against the said Humphrey Hide being heire and
against the said lease made by said Humfrey Hide to said
Thomas Kynnersley and requests the court to issue a writ of
subpoena directing the said Humfrey Hide and Thomas Kynner-
sley to appear and give cause why they should not deliver up
into your orator the said lease and other writings and to show
uppon what title they purpose to avoid your orator's said lease.
7 July 161 7 The answer of Thomas Kynnersley gent, one of
the defendants to Bill of Complaint of Humfrey Churchman,
Complainant. Admits that Humfrey Hide did by indenture
demise and grant the said messuage lands etc. unto him, this
defendant, for the some of five pounds by virtue of which lease
the defendant entered and belives that he was lawfully possessed
of the said messuage etc. etc. Denies that he has in his posses-
sion the deeds, writings, etc. etc. which are mentioned by the


complainant and which are mentioned by the complainant and
which he alleges are in possession of the defendants, etc. etc. etc.

The Answer of Humf rey Hide, gent., to the above bill of com-
plaint of Humfrey Churchman, complainant.

The replicacon of Humfrey Churchman, complainant, to the

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