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Answer of Humfrey Hide, gent, and Thomas Kinnersley, defend-

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 19, no. 5.

21 November 161 7. Complaint of John Woodgate of Estberg-
holte als East Darfeld, county Suffolk, clothier. Whereas
William Holloway late of Estbergholt, clothier, deceased, was
seized of his freehold for terms of his own life of divers lands
known as Casuells Sett situate Tendringe, county Essex, the re-
version of same after death of said William to Sara now the
wife of Daniell Woodgate. Did make his last will about nine
years last past and did devise unto William Holloway his sonne,
by Elizabeth his second wife, and to the heirs of the said William
and his heirs for ever and did bequeath unto your oratrix Mary
the some of £120 to be paid at her age of 20 or marriage— Mary
conveying all her right or interest in casuells for behoof of the
said William Holloway and the said William Woodgate the father
did ordain Elizabeth his late wife (now the wife of John Good-
win) his sole executrix who proved the will of etc. etc. and short
tyme after tooke to husband John Goodwin of Est Bergholte,
clothier, who thus possessed himself of all goods chattells etc.
refused to pay the legacy of ii20 etc. etc. Answer of John
Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife — guardians of their children
Elizabeth, Anne, Susan and Mary half sisters and coheirs of
William Holloway the son.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 30, no. i.

15 June 1618. To Lord Bishop of Lincolne. Bill of Com-
plaint of William Goodwin of Graies Inne, County Middlesex,
gentleman. Refers to the same matter as in G. 1/65. Said
Roger then being 70 years of age. Answer of Richard Good-
win at Buxton, county Derby, 22 September, 16 James. Richard
Goodwin brother to the said Roger.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle i, no. 7.


10 May 1619. To Rt. Hon. Lord Verulam, Lord Chancellor.
Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of Taddington in county
Derby, executor of will of Roger Goodwyn late of Hurdleborne
in said county deceased. About eight years past communication
between Humfrey Goodwyn of Hurdlow and said Roger of one
parte and Sir George Fulwood of Midleton in said county, knight,
and Francis Fulwood of Midleton brother of said Sir George
Goodwyn (sic) of the other parte re marriage between said Hum-
frey Goodwin and Joiste Fulwood sister of said Sir George. Said
Humfrey worth i6oo at least said Joyce an ancient mayde past
childebearing of the age of 50 or thereabouts and only £100 for
her porcon said Sir George and Francis refused their consent
but after further communication said marriage was arranged etc.
Said Humhfrey had other children at the time of WilHam sonne
of said Humphrey, George Goodwyn another son. With answer
of George Goodwyn and replicacion of Richard Goodwin.
Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 13, no. 36.

16 October 1619. To Francis Lord Verulam, Lord Chancellor.
Bill of Complaint of one George Goodwyn of Harley, county
Derby, yeoman, about three years past tooke to wyfe one Anne
Barber who at that time had dyvers somes owing to her in hands
of dyvers persons somme of them yett unknown to your orator
as said Anne deceased before revealing them neither had shee any
securitie etc. and on her death bed could not remember the par-
ticulars but among the rest one Nicholas Cresswell of Fourth
in said county borrowed several somes of your orator's late wife
etc. etc. in presence of witnesses your orator knoweth not etc. etc.
Said Creswell her neighbour and kinsman etc. etc. (signed at
bottom. W. Goodwyn) Answer of Nicholas Cresswell deny-
ing that he had any moneys.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 5.

22 November 1619. Complaint of John Cicell of Beudley,
county Worcester, yeoman, that whereas about July, 16 James
one John Hardwick late of Bewdley aforesaid, yeoman, now
deceased, did cause several actions to be brought against one
Burton Goodwin of Ribsford in said county, yeoman, for debts
and about 11 August, 16 James I, did come to trial in courte of


said town before William Key, gent, bailiff of said towne and
Humfrey Brookesbie, gent, deputy recorder thereof and your
orator was then foreman of the jury and bringing in verdict at 12
of the clock aforesaid bailiff having received the same discharged
your orator and the jury who came noe more that day, and in find-
ing of which verdicts in behalf of plaintiff Hardwick your orator
did demeane himself justly nor ever had any dealings with
plaintiff or defendant nor did receive one penny or any bribe
of said Hardiwck whereupon said Burton being much displeased
on account of the verdict against your orator and Humfrey
Brookesby, Matthew Brookesby, Esqre, brother of said Hum-
frey Brookesby, John Hardwick, plaintiff and John Carpenter
one of jurors supposing them to have acted corruptly did about
I of October, 16 did exhibit an informacon before H. M. Coun-
cell established in the Marches of Walles in the name of Marma-
duke Lloyd, esquire, his M's attorney attending same councell
against said Mathew Brookesbie, Humphrey Brookesbie, John
Hardwick, your orator and John Carpenter supposing certain
offences at the said trial your orator as foreman with said (sic)
Payton and Rowes and rest of jury did sincerely deliver up their
verdict, which matter being before H. M. Councell about June
last, XVHI the year, it pleased councell without any hearing to
order said five defendants to pay to said Goodwin £4 apiece in
full payment of £20 because of false statements of said Good-
win and also of Thomas Hay ward, Humfrey Payton and John
Bowes, and said five defendants did enter into bond of £40 for
payment of £20. and whereas each were to pay £4 apiece yet
said Burton Goodwin, Thomas Hayward, Humfrey Payton, and
John Bowes did plot with one Richard Badam, gent, to write
said bond so that said Matthew Brookesbie, Humfrey Brookes-
bie, your orator and John Hardwick should pay which was not
the intent of the councell, and your orator tendered said Burton
Goodwin etc. £4 which they utterly refused to accept. 19 Feb-
ruary 1 619 Answer of Burton Goodwin that said parties com-
bined to weary him with suites and excessive charges and are
worthy of severe punishment etc. and councel recommend a
mediation for both parties and one Mr. Bryan Crowther a grave
and ancient member of councell examined case and said they
gave proof of said offences etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 2j, no. 30.


9 October 1620. Complaint of Humphrey Goodwin, Raw-
marshe, county Yorke that Richard Cudworth of Bargh, parish
of Darton, county Yorke, yeoman, about 21 June 161 3 pretending
to be the whole owner of one cottage in Rawmarsh aforesaid.
Said land then in tenure of one William Jackson, husbandman,
and one Little Pingle in Rawmarshe etc. etc. in occupation of the
said Humphrey except lease made to one Anthony Goodwyn your
orator's sonne for twenty one years etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 18, no. 21.

30 January 1620. William Read of Bockinge, Essex, grocer,
complains that John Goodwin late of Bockinge, clothier, about
eighteen yeares since died intestate leaving Mary, Elizabeth, Pris-
cilla. P. Pilgrims sold to Read for valuable consideration on
April 5, 14 year of James, the messuage in Bockinge called West-
woode before the sale was completed William Read hearing of
the recognizance given by Pilgrim had made fearing that this
as well would be charged as well as other land of said Pilgrim
thereto so they agreed that £50 of the purchase money should
remain in William Read's hands. The care of the inheritance
of the three sisters was decided by M. Barron Brumley about
9 May, 16 year of James, that the money received on recog-
nizance should be divided in three. Two parts to go to Priscilla
Goodwin absolutely. Worley to have the 3rd part, then Priscilla
and Worley promise P. Wrettam and his wife to agree in some
way that to sue William Read and others who purchased lands of
the said Pilgrim from which suit he prays relief.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, R, bundle 10, no. 33.

7 February 1620. Plaintiff John Pearse of Southmolton in
county Devon, gent. Robert Sherland of Southmolton in said
county, merchant, being seized of messuages, closes, land pastures
etc. etc. called Southaller in Southmolton in said county, dies
owing monies to one Phillipp Greenslade and one James Webbe
and others by bond and to the children of one Thomas Sherland
his brother for legacies amounting to iioo or thereabouts. Robert
Sherland mortgages certain lands to one John Pearce to discharge
some of these debts viz. the Weddledowne, the Quarry Park, the
New Park and Stoniball and some others upon which the said
plaintiff could raise sufficient to compensate him for any money


disbursed in the payment of Shetland's debts. Thus believing
the leases to be good ones Pearse did by money and giving
security and his own credit. But immediately after this arrange-
ment said Sherland fell into some new bargains and new agree-
ments with one Henry Goodwine of Torrington in county Devon,
which two, understanding or presuming that the said agreement
made with your said orator was then void he did try to eject
your said orator and so put him to the loss of all his said dis-
bursements and within one year of making the said lease to your
orator the said Robert Sherland then granted the said Henry
Goodwine a lease for many years. Henry Goodwine then enters
into possession and brings action of trespass against said John
Pearse out of reason and in conscience knowing well the true
relation of Sherland and Pearse. Robert Sherland has now left
the country and cannot be found. Goodwin having paid no
consideration for his said lease having taken it only to annoy and
injure the said orator he prays relief.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, P, bundle 26, no. 15.

28 April 162 1. Complaint of Joseph Hancocke of Farley,
Chamerlaine, South Hants, clerke. John Goodwin late Farleigh,
deceased, entered in surety for one Nicholas Bacon of Launston
in said county to one Thomas Simons of Winton for £40 —
Goodwin's wife or widow wanted the bond returned (her name
was Jane) her brother John Earlsman — Earlsman says he has
paid to John Pettis all charges.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, H, bundle 11, no. 60.

30 April 1 62 1. To Rt. Hon Francis Viscount St. Albans, Lord
Verulam. Bill of Complaint of James Godwin of Bishoppes
Waltham, county Southampton, carpenter. That four years since
borrowed of Francis Soppe £4. los. and agreed to enter into bond
for payment about three months after but by practise between
said Soppe and one John Tennys, scrivener, in Bishoppes Wal-
tham made a bond in penall some of iio for payment of £5 14s.
od. and the said Soppe did after put the said bond in suite
whereupon one Anthonie Clifford bought the said bond for
£6. los.od. without the privity of complainant and said Clififord
came to complainant and demanded for security that complainant
should convey his part of the messuage of George Sheriff in


Bishops Waltham then in occupation of complainant for ninety
nine years with right of recovery on payment of said £6. us. od.
and said Qifford entered into a bond of £13 with complainant
for monies owing to Mrs. Richards for clothes bought in London
now the said Clifford refuseth to redeliver said lease and bond
etc. With answer of Francis Sopp, John Tyms and Anthonie
Clifford defendants 5 May 1621.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 10, no. 30.

20 June 1621. Plaintiffs, William Earle of Pembroke, Lord
Chamberlaine to your Majesty and the Lady Mary Countess of
Pembroke his wife, Thomas Earle of Arundell and his wife the
Lady Countess of Arundell and Henry Lord Rythen and his
wife the Lady Elizabeth. The Earl of Shrewsbury father of the
said ladies (deceased) being possessed of certain tenement lands
etc. in Chilmerton, in county Derby, now or lately in the tenancy
of one Richard Goodwyn and also of other lands etc. called
Flagge, in county Derby, now or lately in the holding of Hugh
Sheldon and of another messuage etc. also in Flagge now or
lately in the occupation of Ann Redferne, widdow, which lands
etc. at the death of the Earl of Shrewsbury descended to the said
ladies and they entered into possession — but Goodwin, Sheldon
and Redferne having somehow gotten the deeds in their hands by
which the plaintiffs title would be clear they pray relief and

Chancery Proceedings, James I, P, bundle 6, no. 64.

21 November 1621 To the Lord Bishoppe of Lincoln. The
Bill of Complaint of one Henry Goodwin of Orsett, county
Essex, husbandman. Mentions John Silvester Henry and Wil-
liam Hunt or Hart, Henry Devenish etc. etc, John Goodwin
father of complainant. Reference to a previous bill. Very
decayed and incomplete and torn.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 55.

20 February 1621. To Rt. Hon. John, Lord Bishoppe of
Lincolne, Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godwyn of
Linsinton in county Southampton gent, your said orator's father
in his life tyme was surveyour to the late Queene Elizabeth etc.
and did make dyvers bookes of surveys etc. for which he was to


have recompence £200 and possessed of suche bookes and having
two sonnes, your orator and one Anthony Goodwyn, and other
great estate died so possessed and likewise seised of one messuage
in Lyminton and of dyvers bonds etc. died intestate, your orator
being his nexte heir and administrator but then being in London
and not knowing of his death one Thomas Cassell, John Smith,
John Long, Richard Belfrye, Agnes Butler, widow, Agnes
Butler her daughter, now wief of one James Bulkley, William
Knight combyned etc. to get the said booke of surveye and all
the personall estate of said Anthonye and Brake entered said
messuage and did take and carrye awaye the said booke writings
goods etc. and your orator understanding of the death of his said
brother repayred from London to Lyminton and entered said
messuage as heire and found nothing there etc. etc. and after
taking administration intreated the said Cassell etc. etc. Bill

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 16, no. 39.

17 May 1622. Henry Goodwin of London, gent. — that whereas
Sir Frauncis Howard of Sayes in county Surrey, knight, being
about to marry Jane Mounson, daughter of Sir WiUiam Moun-
son, knight, it was agreed on the feast of St. Michael in the nth
year of James, Sir Fraunces Howard agreed to marry Jane
Mounson according to the lawes ecclesiastical and Sir William
Mounson agreed to surrender to Sir Francis Howard a grante
he had from Charles, Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral of
Admiral Lieutenant or Captain General of his Majesties forces
serving on the narrow seas also to endeavour to obtain a grant
of that office to Sir Francis Howard for his life. Your orator
did serve Sir Francis Howard as his clarke through the suite
and was present when Sir William Mounson instructed his coun-
cill to draw up the patent to the said effect. No wages are
allowed for a clarke in the grant only for a retinue although
there will be much writing of packetts and letters. So Henry
Goodwin advised Sir Francis to obtain a decree that 8d. per diem
for a clarke might be inserted in his grante — shewing there was
a precedent Sir Richard Leveson had two clerkes with fees and
wages — Sir Frauncis caused such claim to be allowed in the
grante or said he would. Henry Goodwin goes down for Sir
Francis Howard with the patent to Roiston where the King now



is — for signature — to attend on Sir Thomas Lake one of the
clerkes of the Signett and after signature Sir Francis Howard
makes his father in law his deputy then Henry Goodwyn did
serve him, Sir Willaim Mounson, who was told of the agree-
ment as to the said 8d. per diem which Monson acknowledged.
Henry Goodwyn writes many packetts and letters by direction of
Sir William Mounson and as his servant in the house and con-
ducted law suite etc. for the space of seven years. Sir William
Monson hath not given one penny wages nor entertainment for
serving him as a clarke. Neither did Sir Francis Howard give
him any reward for his travails. Howard agrees to give up his
office to Sir H. Marvin and offered Henry Goodwyn three years
purchase of 8d. per diem being £12. 3s. 4d. per annum — and gave
Henry Goodwin a bill for £35 and for ii2 more which Sir
Francis had received of the wages which £48 Sir Francis after-
wards paid and promised as a gentleman to pay all arrears, which
he does not doe. Henry Goodwin finds Sir Francis Howard has
received ii8. So Henry Goodwin goes to his lodging in Black-
friars who denies receipt. At last Sir Francis denyes ever owing
it to him.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 13, no. 25.

November 20th, 1622. Complaint of one John Allenne of one
John Goodwyn pretended he owed ii8. i2s.od. by bond bound
to one Richard Bowyer and Rowland Dentree and the said John
Godwin, Rowland Daintree, and William Horsley arbitrators,
lease in the parish of Milwich. county Stafford. Engrossment,
Bond and answer of William Goodwin.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, A, bundle 9, no. 5.

24 January 1622. To Right Honorable John, Lord Bishoppe
of Lincolne, Lord Keeper of the Create Scale of England, Com-
playnt of Thomas Goodwyn, citizen and farrier, of London and
executor of the will of Daniel Moorton late of St. Mary Mag-
dalen at Bermondsey in county Surrey, Lether dresser. Said
Moorton about 16 James being journeyman to one Gilbert Wal-
pole of the said parish, lether dresser, was persuaded by the said
Walpole to leave his trade and undertake a voyage to the East
Indies in a shipp called The Charles of London. Said Walpole
supposing him to be the heire apparent of Henery (Goodwin?),


sithence deceased, of certain lands etc. in Cambridge and unde
the pretence of furnishing the said Daniell with necessaries for
the said voyage etc. drew him into a bond of iioo 17 December,
16 James, for payment of £50 in twelve days after the arrival of
the said shipp and 13 January, 16 James, sealed a lease of all the
lands, messuages etc. etc. reverting to the said Daniell on decease
of said Henry Goodwyn his grandfather for two years at rent
of a peppercorne and then the said Walpole did altogether neglect
the said furnishing etc. or except some small thinges to the
valewe of 40s. at most. Your orator, neerest kinsman to said
Daniel, who being at Groves and ready to depart, sent to London
to your orator etc. etc. and your said orator furnished him with
apparell etc. and said Daniell of his own accord 16 February, 16
James, made his last will and made your orator his executor
giving the said Gilbert Walpole the some of £5 in consideration
of the sum he had disbursed and required the said Gilbert to
deliver up all deeds etc. etc. and about 19 James said Daniell
died and your orator proved his will and offered the said £5.
But now the said Gilbert hath opened a suite of law upon said
bond, etc. With answer of defendant. '

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 22.

February 1622. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father
in God John. Lord Bishopp of Lyncolne, Lord Keeper. Bill of
Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of Newe Buckenham, county
Norfolk, hatter, and Anne his wife that thirty two years years
since John Kettleborough, Augustine Perry and Robert Simonds
borrowed from Thomas Browne late of Disse in said county,
yeoman, your oratrix late husband £60 etc. etc. With answer
of Thomas Taylor one of the defendants devises and denies any
right of complainants in said tenement in Disse as joynture of
the said complainants through death of the said Thomas Browne
etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 12, no. 30.

6 February 1622. To Right Hon. and Reverend, John, Lord
Bishopp of Lincoln. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwynne
of Rushmeane, county Suffolk, yeoman, that about eight or nine
yeares since one William IMerryman sometimes of Carlton in said
county, husbandman perswaded your orator to give him one of.


your orator's daughters in marriage with above £100 for her por-
con and after the estate of the said Merryman being greatly
decayed and he being much indebted to your orator, your orator
for good and reasonable consideration had conveyed to him goods
of the said Merryman to the valewe of £50 and out of the said
goods etc. etc. discharged a writ of execution brought by one
James Sellinge of Carlton against said Merriman for the somme
of £12 and after discharged writt of Phillip Hayward of Carlton
for £7 and your said orator afterwards satisfied the widow
Chapman and one Thomas Carter of Carlton and others all poor
creditors of the said Merriman to the value of above £40 and
further your orator hath provided for his said son in lawe and
daughter and their two children and yett now William Cantram
of Lowestofife, gent. Robert Battaly of Hallsworth, gent, and
others creditors of said Merriman combining together procured
Edward Hunne of St. Margarets and Robert Mellinge of Somer-
lyton, gent, and John Layinge of Ipswich commissioners to pro-
ceed in Bankruptcy against said Merriman with the intent also
to ruin your orator and to procure to themselves the said goods
etc. With answer of Robert Bettells, gent, and William Cant-
ram, gent, at Hallsworth 28 April, 21 James.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 47.

17 May 1623. Complaint of Thomas Clarke of Ashborne,
county Derby, plaisterer. that whereas one Thomas Cockayn of
Ashborne, county Derby, esquire did by indenture i May. 8
James I, demise unto Isabell Jeake als Fisher late of Ashborne,
widow, deceased, croft in Ashborne called Schoole House Croft
then in the occupation of one Isabell for three score years of
said Thomas Cockayn if he should so long live. And whereas
the said Isabell Jeake did by her deed 3 January, 8 James I,
assign unto Thomas Goodwin her son aforesaid croft, to have
after her death for term then unexpired. Now said Thomas
Goodwin of Southwark in county Surrey, butcher, after death of
the said Isabel Jeake did by deed, 5 July 1622, sell to your orator
said lease. Now said Thomas Goodwin of Southwark and one
Thomas Goodwin of Ashborne in the parishe aforesaid and

(sic) his wife have devised means to defraud your

orator of the said close and yet to enforce your orator by suite
to pay for the same said Thomas Goodwin and wife pretend to


have some interest in the same and to exclude your said orator
saying Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke had no interest in the
same to convey. Now said Thomas Goodwin and his wife have
no interest except what they have obtained from Thomas Good-
win of Southwark and the said Thomas Goodwin of Southwark
knowing that your orator hath lost that assurance made unto
him said he will make over his interest to some other person and
hath within six months last prosecuted suit against your orator
etc. Bond and engrossment. Together with answers of the
said Thomas Goodwin of Ashborne and Margarie his wife.
That at the time said Isabel Jeake being in speech of marriage
with one Richard Harrison then of Bradborne, county Derby,
yeoman, and intended that if said marriage had gone on the croft
ought to be only Isabel Jeake's for life, shee, said Isabel Jeake,
did assign over said crofte to her son Thomas Goodwine of
Southwarke without any money and without the privitie of said
Thomas Goodwyn of Southwarke, he then living in Southwarke
which is no myles from Ashborne where said Isabel Jeake his
mother then was. And said assignment was delivered in trust
to one Roger Riley of Okeover wood houses in county of Staf-
ford, yeoman, to be safelie kept by him which was not known to
said Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke for many years after.
And when same was known to him and for that £6 was to be paid
to one John Clarke of Codnor by said Isabel Jeake for debt of
said Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke and for that his said
mother was grown poore he did give directions to said Riley to
give assignment to said Isabell Jeake and did write to said Riley
signifying his consent that his mother should have said assign-
ment back to be cancelled and she should dispose of said croft
at her pleasure and said Isable Jeake for natural love to Margarie
Goodwyn being her only daughter as also and in consideration

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