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that said Margerie Goodwin should pay for her several debts
which she said defendant before her marriage with Thomas
Goodwin of Ashburne and after same also, did pay, she Isabel
Jeake did i6 February. 15 James I, assign over said croft etc
and said Thomas and Margerie Goodwin have ever since their
marriage occupied the same. Sworn at Ashborne 14 June 21
James I.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 22, no. 61.


18 November 1623. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father
in God, John, Lord Bishop of Lincolne. Bill of Margaret Good-
win, widowe, late wief of William Goodwin of Grayes Inne,
county Middlesex, Esqr., Edmond Newgate and Bridget his wife
executrix of the will of Margaret Betts, widowe, mother of the
said Margaret Goodwin. That upon a marriage between the
said Margaret and the said William Goodwin an agreement was
made about October, 12 James, between the said Margaret Betts
and one Roger Goodwin of Hordlow, county Derby, gent, uncle
to the said William and who had no children that if the said
Margaret Betts would give £100 with her said daughter and if
her said daughter survived the said William that then the said
Roger would pay the said Margaret Goodwyn the sum of iioo
within six months after the decease of the said William and after
the said Margaret Betts paid to the said William the severall
somes of £40 and £60 so agreed and that about three years since
the said Roger being possessed of a good estate made his will and
knowing he was to pay said £100 in case the said Margaret out-
lived her said husband gave no other legacy to the said Margaret
or to her said husband and made one Richard Goodwyn of Hord-
low, county Derby, his executor and albeit your oratrix hath
given notice of the death of the said William and demanded the
said sum of £100 yett doth the said Richard refuse to pay the
said £100 albeit he hath assetts sufficient of the goods etc, of the
said Roger pretending that the said William had given a release.
Complainant believes that the said Roger made a deed securing
the said £100 to complainant but if so same is come into the hands
of said Richard etc. etc. With answer of Richard Goodwyn
defendant at Buxton, county Derby, 16 January, 21 James.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle i, no. 65.

18 November 1623 Plaintiff Richard Goodwin of Sherrington,
Gloucester, yeoman. About eighteen years ago one George
Danvers then of Blisworth, Northampton, gent, seized of fee
simple of land in Upton, county Warwick called Dugerswell side
etc. etc. and by lease 20 November, 4 James I to Thomas Tisdall,
esquire and said Tisdale made a will about thirteen years ago —
widow Maude executrix now deceased eight years ago. The


widow made Rowland Searchfield D.D. and William Postocke,
gent, executors leased at 26 October, 14 James I to said orator
and John Barton of Alkerton, Oxon, husbandman, and John
Meakes and James Whitley of this place, husbandman. Meekes
and Witley has possession of indenture.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 87, no. 44.

22 November 1623. Plaintiff, Hodges Goodwyn of Bridg-
water in county Somerset, gent. George Goodwyn of Axbridge,
county Somerset, gent, plaintiff's younger brother three years
last past seized one messuage and about 30 acres of land in
Towerhead in the parish of Banwell in said county Somerset
which he wished plaintiff to buy alledging it was worth £500.
Plaintiff being young and unmarried and brotherly agreed to
purchase by convenient payments amounting to £600 — £200 in
a short time the residue at said plaintiff's convenience. Plain-
tiff paid the said £200 and £20 extra, then finding the tenement
very ruinous and meane had to expend at least £40 on repairs.
Resting on the defendant's honesty now the conveyance had
passed to him. George intending to settle himself by marriage
and needing a good round sum of money sought to sell the said
tenement etc. etc. for a good sum and yet keep plaintiff's money
in hand. George to pay plaintiff nine score pounds and then to
make the best bargain he could for himself. Having sold the
said lands etc. etc. for a good sum to one Edward Crosland.
Defendant states that he sold the said property for much less
than agreed — £600 — so he refuses to pay anything at all but he
keeps it for the damage he has received. And being bound with
the said plaintiff in a bond for £40 to one — Hinley for the pay-
ment of £20 which George has paid out of said plaintiff's money
to Hurley and obtained a letter of attorney from Hurley to sue
the said plaintiff upon his bond and arrested plaintiff for which
said plaintiff prays release etc. etc. Answer of George Good-
win, gent. 26 November 1628.

Chancery Proceedings James I, M, bundle 23, no. 28.

9 February 1623 Plaintiff, Richard Goodwyne of New Buck-
ingham, Norfolk, hatter. Thirty two years since John Kettel-
boroughe, Augustine Perry and Robert Symons did borow and
hire of one Thomas Browne late of Dis, Norfolk, yeoman, your


orator's wifes' late husband and did borow i6o and entered into
a bond of £60. Defendant agreed to pay Elizabeth Browne,
mother of Thomas Browne deceased, £6 per annum for the use
of £60 and at death of Elizabeth Browne they were to pay £63 to
Thomas Browne who died leaving the bond in the hands of the
said Elizabeth who reserved it and received this £6 until two
years before her death which occured about fourteen years ago.
Orator's wife Ann Brown, widow of Thomas Brown, next of
kin to Elizabeth the bond will apply to as administratrix of goods
of Thomas Brown. Elizabeth Browne delivered the bond to
Margery Neane of New Buckingham, widow, mother of Ann.
Elizabeth Antill, aunt to your orator, did deliver about eleven
years since into the hands of Anne Gostlinge plaintiff's sister a
sum of money to be distributed among her kindred £io of which
to plaintiff which she refuses to pay. Plaintiff is also defrauded
of an orchard the property of his wife's late husband by Thomas
Taylor, John Tythall and Isaac Taylor of Great Yarmouth of
the value of £4 per annum. Having no relief at common lawe
prays relief. The answer of Thomas Brown. A general denial.
Engrossment. The answer of Anne Goslinge. Says the other
defendants alone are liable and that the said action is one of

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M (G?), bundle 28,

no. 55-56.

ID February 1623 Complaint of Mathewe Bate of Butter-
leigh, county Derby, gent, and Robert Bate of Little Chester,
Derby, gent that about November, 17 James I at a conference
between your orator and one Francis Goodwyne of the town of
Derby, glover, was had concerning a marriage to be had between
Francis Goodwyn the younger, son of said Francis the elder, and
Sara Bate your orator's daughter and if your orator would
promise to give in marriage portion £200 the said Francis the
father would convey to the said Francis the son as much lands as
cost him £1000 and which should be worth £50 per annum.
Plaintiff paid £100 part of dowry but Francis Goodwyne had
not made any such assurance and the two Francis's seeking how
they could wrest the £100 have commenced a suit. Francis
Goodwin the elder being elected one of the town Bayliffs of
Derby. Edward Bayleys Town Gierke. Judgement was ob-


tained against plaintiff in Derby Court and he and Robert Bate
had to give security and now the two Goodwyns and William
Devonport threaten to commence suit at common lawe The mar-
riage was celebrated in January, 17 James I. Engrossment
Bond. Answers of Francis Goodwin the elder, Francis Good-
win the younger and William Devonport defendants. There was
no such promise but a deed is prepared and are ready to execute,
but not conditional at all.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 28, no. 8.

22 April 1624. Richard Godwine of the Middle Temple, gent,
that whereas by special appointment of Arden Waserer late of
Clapham, county Bedford, esquire, deceased and James Waserer
esqre son and heir apparent of Arden Waserer, all those pastures
and woodes groundes with their appurtenances called ....
Stallinge containing by estimacon 26 acres situate in the parish
of Clapham aforesaid now in the occupation of your orator were
lawfully conveyed unto Valentine Saunders of London esquire,
Edward Newport of Pelham in county of Herts, esquire, Chris-
topher Thoresbye of Bockinge in Essex, esquire and William
Thoresbye gent, son of Christopher are trustees for James
Waserer who might not only enjoy the rents etc. but dispose of
the inheritance at his will and pleasure and Valentine Saunders
Edward Newport Christopher and William Thoresbye as trustees
for James Waserer who was in need of divers sommes of money
for the payment of his debts did offer to sell them to your orator.
The trustees promised to convey property to Richard Goodwine
and James Waserer by writing under his hand before divers
credible witnesses dated ffowerteenth day of January last did
promise to cause the trustees to convey etc. discharged of all the
joyntures of Dame Rebecca Sekeford, widdow, late wife of Sir
Henry Sekeford, deceased, and of all other incumbrances giving
present possession at Lady day following — Richard Goodwine
paying to James Waserer i6o upon one month nest after the
making the assurance and to free James Waserer of a debt of
£40 and upwards due to Richard Goodwine. Therefore a deed
was made to bear date 20 March last between the trustees and
Elizabeth Waserer the mother and James Waserer upon payment
of iioo to James Waserer the pastures etc. were to be Richard


Goodwins for ever. James Waserer and his mother Elizabeth
sign an indenture penned and perused by their council and agreed

to by Richard Goodwine. But the trustees refuse to join

the sale or to seal the indentures. Richard Goodwin paid £55 to
James Waserer parte of the iioo. etc.etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, 8, — ?

ult May 1624. To Right Hon. John, Lord Bishopp of Lin-
colrie. The Bill of Complaint of one James Goodwyn of
Woodbridge, county Suffolk, gent, and one William Curtys of
Rendham in said county, yeoman. That one Thomas Thurston
of Rendham in said county, deceased seised of dyvers lands etc. in
Rendham held of the feoffees in trust to the Rt. Hon. Thomas,
Duke of Norfolk, since deceased as of his Mannor of Burnes in
Rendham or of Sibton in Sibton, county Suffolk at rent of 2 id.
per annum and other lands there as appears by the Court Towlls
dating from 8 Edward IV to 31 Henry VHI and so seised the
said Thurston 21 June, 29 Elizabeth sold the said lands etc. etc.
to George Gibbs then citizen and fishmonger of London, since

deceased, and the same are since come to one Gibbs

who now holdeth the same and the said Thurston also sould other
lands parcells of the same to Thomas Browne and the same after
by conveyance came to John Thurston, son of said Thomas, or
to John Thurston his sonne who after 16 James sould the same
to your orator James Goodwyn, except two closes which after
descendeth to Richard Thurston, elder son and heire of said
Thomas, who sould the same to William Browne of Rendham and
at a Court holden apporcionment of the rents of the said lands
was made. Now one Israeli Frere having purchased the said
mannor and to make a gayne for himselfe endeavoureth to
recover the whole rent from your orator. Mentions Alice Thur-
ston relict of said Thomas and Mr. Scrivener now owner of the
Manor of Sibton and the said Israeli Fryer by combynacion with
the said John Thurston the elder and the said Gibbs and hath
caused one William Hardinge his bailiff to distrayn upon your
orator's cattle etc. the said Harding bailiff also Thomas Foster
Esqr, Thomas Albury, Henery Gerard, Roger Penell, William
Baker and William Harris feoffees of the said manor to the use
of said Fryer striping the whole rent and averages from your


orator also raises a question of right of way from said lands
etc. etc. With answere of Israeli Frere, gent, and William
Harding two of the defendants, 2 June 1634.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 2, no. 56.

8 June 1624. Action by Hodges Goodwyne of Axbridge,
Somerset, against his brother George, (See vide Alitford 23/8
1623 November 22 in these notes) George Bickombe, James
Jeffery, Robert Evans, Andrewe Westover, George Gleson, James
Gleson, Adrian Bower gent, Margaret Doddington widowe.
Answer of George Goodwyne.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 30, no. 39.

18 June 1624. To Right Hon. etc. John, Lord Bishop of Lin-
coln. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwine of Ewerbye,
county Lincoln, gent, using his art of surveying and measuring
land gained yearly i8o for maintenance of self, wife and family.
Entreated by Sir Sebastian Harvie Knt to enter his service, sur-
vey lands, receive rents etc. in counties Saloppe, Staffs., Wiltesse,
Lincoln and Notts leased messuage in Ewerbie for twenty one
years at rent of £28. i8s. improved said messuage without
accompt, received £25 and £100, used own occasions, no sattis-
faccion, gave bonds. Said Sir Sebastian never demanded. 18
James Sir Sebastian died intestate. Relict desired orator to
travell with her to London and elsewhere and to manage estate.
Since married Sir Thomas Hinton, Knt. No sattisfaccon or
recompense. Now put bonds in sute etc. Answer of Sir Thomas
Hinton, Knt and Dame Mary his wife, 26 June 1624.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 8.

15 October 1624. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father
in God John, Bishopp of Lyncolne, Lord Keeper. Bill of Com-
plaint of Richard Goodwyn of New Buckenham, county Norfolk,
hatter, and Anne his wife. That one Margery Neave late of
New Buckenham your orator's mother about seven years since
dyed and by will nuncupative freely gave your orators all such
debts then due to her and all her personall estate without any
lymitation etc. Now one John Kendall, the younger, of New
Buckenham did owe about 100 markes to said Margery for car-


tain ground bought and payed your orators for some tyme after
for the use of the sayed monies. But fearing the weakness of
the said Kendales estate and desiring the sayd monies or better
security and joyning with one WiUiam Verdon late of New
Buckenham, brother in lawe to the said Kendall, and pretends a
former will to one Jonas Verdon, deceased brother to the said
William, which if true the said acte would be voyd etc. and by
witholding the sayd moneys sayd Kendall and said Verdon cause
your orators much misery in theire ould age etc. etc. and they
pray your Lordshipps for release etc. etc. With the answer of
William Verdon, gent, and the said John Kendall the younger,
defendants. Believe that what the said Margery died possessed
of, she did give to her said daughter Anne, that said Kendall
bought three acres of land for £75 and paid £25 to the said
Margery and other £50 to be paid to the said William Verdon
and Jonas Verdon his brother, then a merchant of London, now
deceased, sonnes to the naturall brother of the said Margerie and
gentleman of good estate etc. and that the said money was to
be used for the better provision of said Anne and her children
only by reason of her husband's ways etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 12, no. 34.

19 October 1624. Plaintiffs Robert Bodkin of Henley vppon
Thames in the county of Oxon, yeoman, and Robert Reade of
Caversham in the same county, husbandman. Some three years
past William Goodinge of Henley induced Robert Bodkin to take
up his former trade of malster promising to lend him £20 and sell
him goods to the further value of iio to enable him the better
to forward the business. Believing these promises the plaintiff
did enter upon the said trade, called on Godding for the £20
and £10 worth of credit and was bound with Robert Read by one
obligation of the penaltie of £60 to ensure the repayment of the
£30 and interest. A deed was made and sealed and delivered to
Gooding but he refused utterly to pay to either plaintiff the £20
or £10 worth of goods which was to the great discredit and loss
of Robert Bodkin he being a young man and having but a small
stock on his lande and refuses to deliver up the bond — prays for

Chancery Proceedings, James I, B, bundle 2, no. 59.



Answer of plaintiff John Beales to the complaint of Ewin
Goodwyn, Anthony Smith and John Page defendants. Robert
Page did enfeoff his son William Page in the lands in said bill.
That Robert Page in his life time did convey said premises to
Phillip Page, father of John Page or to Margaret wife of said
Ewin Goodwyn. This orator traverseth etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 92, no. 9.

Replicacon of Mathewe Bismer complainant to answere of
William Goodwyn defendant Saith in all as he in his said bill
hath said etc. except one meadow in Kingsley denyeth etc. or that
said defendant now holdeth said messuage for thirty four yeares
last past by the demise or lease of Sir Phillippe Draycott Knt,
deceased, made to same defendant for life or that the revercon
doth belong to said John Draycott as cosen and next heir unto
said Sir Phillippe.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 133 no. 46.

The Replicacion of John Bridges, complainant to answer of
Dorothie Male and Margaret Goodwin, two of the defendants.
Complainant sayeth that he will iustifie his said bill etc. to be
true and not conceived by any sinister or foreign procurement etc.
Further that the said Richard Goodwyn was lawfully seised of
the said messuage etc. vnto the said John Bridges deceased the
complainant's father conveyed and did continue in possession
solely by the sufferance of the said John Bridges yett in lawe
was well and truely conveyed for the considerations mentioned
and from the said John the father derived and come to your
orator as executor of his said father. True that complainant did
deliuer the said originall lease and assignment to the said Richard
Goodwyn but it was only at the earnest request of said Goodwyn
with entent that he miglit show the same to his mother in lawe
Dorothie Maie one of the defendants and upon his promise that
the said Dorothie would allow him some good procon towards
redemption of the premises and did promise to redeliver the said
lease etc. or to give sattisfaction for said lease and albeit com-
plainant was willing to accept some pecuniary recompense and


hath often demanded said deeds yett hath often been refused.
Prayeth that said lands may be produced and deteyned in court
and hath good cause for his said Bill.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Huberd, B, bundle 146,

no. 28.

The Replicacion of John Bridges, complainant to the Answere
of John Maye one of the defendants. Complainant for replica-
con sayeth and averreth yt his bill of complaint in euery article
is true and yt the said Richard Goodwyn did for the consideration
in the said bill alledged assigne over his estate in the said mes-
suage etc. in the said bill menconed and further that the said
messuadge was at the tyme of the said assignment made to the
said John Bridges, father of complainant, in the lawful possession
of the said Richard Goodwin and that complainant at the time
of exhibiting his said bill was and is executor to the said John
Bridges the father and further that upon the request of the said
Richard Goodwin tl>e sonner to enduce the said complainant
alledg'ed that his mother in lawe Dorothie Male one of the
defendants imediately upon view of the said originall lease and
assignment would disburse money for the redemption thereof
out of the hands of complainant which the said Richard did
promise to procure but did never effect and complainant for
that purpose only delivered the said deeds to the said Richard
without that, that the said messuage was in the possession of anie
other then the said Richard or in mortgage at the tyme of said
assignment to the said Richard or intend to convey any estate
or that complainant did receive any recompense for redeliuery
etc in the said answer is alledges and without that that any other
matter etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Huberd, B, bundle 149,

no. 12

Complaint of John Baxter of the borough of Derby, gent, in
the county of Derby and John Lord of Boylson in said county,
executors of the will of Anne Burton, widow, against Burton
Goodwyn, tanner, and Thomas Hill of the town of Nottingham.
Concerning certain burgages messuages lands and tenements in
Nottingham once Robert Burton's late one of the alderman of


Nottingham deceased which descended to one Edward Goodwyn
grocer of Nottingham as husband of said Burton's sole daughter
and heiress Margaret an annuity or dower to the widow Anne
Burton still remaining upon said tenements which said Edward
Goodwin whith his mother Johanne about 19 years ago did agree
to commute for £5 per annum to be paid out of their own lands
etc. to be paid at the feaste of St Michaell Tharchangel and the
annuycion of the blessed Virgin Mary in the southe porche of
the parish churche of St. Peter in Nottingham which has been
done for the space of 12 years when Edward Goodwin made a
conveyance of the lands whence the £5 annuity was derived to
some persons unknown. Johanne Goodwyn the mother and
Margaret the wife died and about 10 years ago the said Edward
Goodwyn died and the lands etc. descended to Burton Goodwyn
son and heir of said Edward (he being within age) his guardians
paid the annuity till about 6 years ago. About 18 months ago
said Anne Burton made her will leaving the arrears to the plain-
tiffs, her executors for certain purposes and shortly afterwards
died. In October last Burton Goodwyn came into full age of 21,
Burton Goodwyn of Nottingham tanner and one Thomas Hill of
the same town, vintner, have entered into possession of the lands
etc. and possess the deeds of annuity and the plaintiffs know not
where they be whether in chest locked or bag sealed and refuse
to pay therefore etc.

2 (James?) I. January 19th Answer of Burton Goodwyn to
the supposed executors of the will of Anne Burton. The claim is
unfounded to wrongfully vexe and molest a younge begynner in
the worlde and a man not in case to waste that little foundacon
which he hath asserts that Anne Burton released her right of

2 (James?) I. 19th January Answer of Thomas Hill. That
the annuity was determined by said Edward's death etc.

Replicacion of said plaintiffs.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 158, no. 109.

The Replicacon of Anne Buckland, widdow, complainant to the
joynt and seuerall answers of Aiine Goodwyne, widow, John
Wood, Richard Poole, William Homer Samuell Newington and
Goddard Newington defendants. Said complainant for replica-
con sayeth as shee before in her said bill of complaint hath said


and doth and will averre iustifie maintaine and prove her said
bill and every matter and thing therein conteyned be good iust
true certaine and sufficient in the lawe to be answered vnto and
that the answeres of the said defendants are very uncertaine
untrue and insufficient in the lawe to be replyed unto for many
apparent faults and ymperfecons therein conteyned. Without
that, that any other matter or thing- in the said defendants
answres contained materiall or effectuall in the lawe to be replyed
unto and not herein sufficiently replyed unto confessed avoyded
traversed or denied is true all which matters this replyant is ready
to averr and prove etc.etc.etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 164, no. 26.

No date. Robert Churchman of London, merchantailor, com-
plainant in a suit against one George Nichols and Nicholas
Gladwin both of the parish of Coxall, county Essex, clothiers,
defendants to obtain a judgment for damages claimed by said
complainant for the misuse of premises rented to the defendants
(in Coxall) by the said complainant. Requests the court to issue
a writ of subpoena commanding the said defendants to appear
and answer the charge etc.

Tho. Brome.
Writ only. No answer.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 26, no. ii.

No date. Complainant, John Churchman of Reculver, county
Kent, yeoman, shows that whereas Elizabeth Quested, 'then Vid-
dowe and now ye wife of William Watts about six years since
did live in a farme consisting of a messuage, malthouse, landes

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