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wiffe of Thomas Lomas late of Longnor, county Stafford, yoman,
deceased, in behalfe of said Joane Lomas and Anne Lomas an
infante of tender age by the said John Lomas (sic) her guardian
one and one half yeares old, only daughter and heir of said
Thomas deceased and of your oratrix Johanne that the said
Johane being the only daughter of your oratrix Elizabeth and
about three years since being the relict of one John Ryley, yeo-
man, deceased and worth in good estate about £650 one Robert
Lomas of Needham Grange, county Derbie, the elder, yeoman,
having noe yssue and being much indebted and desirous to leave
his lands to said Thomas his nephewe and to have some state
himself for life if said Thomas should marrie. He the said
Robert the elder and Robert the younger his nephew and brother
of said Thomas became suitor to your oratrix Elizabeth that said
Thomas should marry your oratrix Johanne and in consideration
of the said Johane her estate the said Robert the elder should
surrender his said coppiehould lands to the use of the said Thomas


with Other covenants etc. agreed between the said EHzabeth and
Johane and the said Robert thelder, Robert the younger and
Thomas and Edward Lomas and other friends etc. during the
Hfe of said Robert the elder and Anne his wife and said Robert
Lomas became bound to your oratrix Elizabeth in £1000 and said
marriage took place and the said Thomas had yssue the said
Anne and during his said marriage disposed of your said oratrix
johane hir estate or the greater part thereof to said Robert the
elder Robert the younger or Edward Lomas or some of them and
your orators have often entreated said Robert to performe his
said covenants and the said Robert the elder and Robert the
younger and Edward doe still delay to performe same and now
clayme dyvers debts alledged to be due to them by said Thomas
albeit they have wasted your orators estate etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 30.

I June 1625. To Rt. Hon and Rt. Rev Father in God John,
Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of
William Godwyn of Tottnes, county Devon, husbandman. That
about midsomer last was twelvemonth was arrestion within the
jurisdiction of the borough of Totnes at the suite of John Pope
of said town and said Pope recovered judgement against your
orator to recover £5 and your orator was laide in prison for a
longe time in misery etc. and after procured his enlardgement and
said Pope with Henry Reynolds and Toby Reynolds of said
towne did violently enter into the house of your orator pretend-
ing that said Pope had an execution and were appointed baylififs
and seized all the goods and chattels of your orator well worth
iio and amongst the said goods, divers deeds, specialties etc.
one bond of £30 wherein one Edward Roll, gent, stood bound to
your orator and albeit your orator hath often entreated said Pope
to return! said papers etc. yet he doth still refuse whereby your
orator is defrauded and is unable to bring his action against said
Roll. Prays for a writ to discover what deeds etc. said Pope
and Reynolds have taken. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 34, no. 6.

16 June 1625. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventrie,
Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of William Goodwyn of the
parish of St. Gyles without Cripplegate London, gent, that Francis


Noone late of Martlesham in county Suffolk, gent, and Dorothie
his wife being as he affirmed seised of the Mannor of Martlesham
als Martlesham Hall and of the advowson of the parish church
there did about a yeare since in consideration of £1700 whereof
your orator paid £700 and secured him to pay other iiooo after
the death of Marie Moswell of Bramf ord in said county, widdow,
grant said mannor and appurtenances in Martlesham Kesgrave,
Bealinges Magna, Bealinges Parva, Ramesholt, Trinitie St. Marie,
Trinitie St. Martins and Foxall in said county and all other lands
of the said Noone and also the said advowson etc. to use of your
orator and did affirm that said lands etc. etc. were cleare of all
titles charges etc. etc. But now your orator is assured that the
said Noone hath only an estate for life therein with reversion
to his eldest sonne and dyvers others and combining with one
Edward Rigges, clerke, deceased William Seely and his wife
executrix of the said Rigges and Edward Voyce, dark, to defraud
your orator hath made dyvers secret estates of said lands and of
the said advowson and hath suffered dyvers judgements to incum-
ber said lands etc. etc. so that your orator is likely to be deprived
of said mannor and lose his said moneys etc. etc. With answer
of Edward Voyce, clarke, one of the defendants 17 November
1625. Mentions Jane Seely in her widdowhood.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 33, no. 6.

10 November 1625. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 1
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Robert Godwyn of

Thurlebeare, county Somerset, clerk, administrator of the goods ,,
etc of Grace Dobbyn, deceased, her sister (sic) late wife of

Richard Dobbyn of North Petherton in said County, husbandman, j

and John Devenish of Bridgewater in said County, clerke. That j

Robert Godwyn late of Martock in said county your orator j
Robert's father about twenty six years since then sensed of lands

and goods etc. to valewe of £2000 etc did make his last will and j

bequeathed to said Grace Dobyn his daughter the some of i8o i
and Barbar his wife, mother of your orator, executrix and shortly

after at Martocke died and said Barbara proved said will and

put out said monies and also about 9 Maie, 21 James, communi- i

cation was had between Johan Dobbyn, mother of said Richard i

and the said Richard and one Gregorie Ball of North Petherton, '

Master of Arts, who had married said Barbara and the said I


Grace touching a marriage between the said Richard and Grace
and it was agreed that whereas the said Joane was possessed for
life of one tenement and 40 acres of land in North Petherton, cop-
piehold of the Manor of Hampe and Adscombe in said county-
should in consideration of said marriage and of a greate some to
her paid promised which said Gregorie Ball as a friend in trust
for the said Grace at the next court surrender the moiety of said
tenement etc. to use of said Richard who had an estate in rever-
sion etc. for his life and after is she live the said one halfe to
said Grace and also that said Richard and Grace should enjoy
seven closes of land etc. in Womanstone in said county containing
14 acres held by grant of Sir Robert Wroth, Knt and said Rich-
ard did agree to assure to said Grace for her life lands to value of
£10 per annum and after said marriage said Richard had paid
or did assure to be paid to said Grace for her porcon ii45 and
your orator trusting to the promise of said Jone and Richard did
become bound to said Richard in £20 for payment of iio. But
now that said Richard and Joane have become possessed of the
porcon of said Grace did refuse to surrender the said moytie of
land etc. or to allow said Richard and Grace to enjoy said seven
closes and said Joane continued to possess same and said Grace
took such a conceipt thereof that after a greate and languishing
sickness and having noe issue she the said Grace died having at
the time divers bonds etc. remaining while she was unmarried
etc. among others one of £20 of your orators John Devenish and
other bonds of Gregorie Ball George Standerd, George Brains and
others which said Richard combyning with said Joane hath gotten
into his hands and intendeth to make benefitt of said bonds etc.
Answer of Richard Dobyn one of the defendants 14 Nov. 1625.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 35, no. 54.

19 November 1625 Answer of Thomas Goodwyn, Esqr,
defendant to exception taken to his former answer to complain-
ant of Henry Blenerhasset, etc. Rents of manor etc. by Edward
and Nicholas Rookewood etc. Sir Francis Jones etc. Sir John
Blenerhasset, etc. John Gilson etc. William Webbe.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 122, no. 34.

24 November 1625. Complaint of Thomas Knight of Eve-
sham, county Worcester, that about February last being 22 James
I. was seised of messuage etc. lands etc. in Great Hampton and


Little Hampton, county Worcester, of £40 yearly value and your
orator being much indebted resolved to make sale, one Anthony
Goodwyn of Dorrington, county Gloucester, pretended wished to
deale for said purchase and viewing said messuage etc. did agree
to purchase on conditions viz : That said Anthony Goodwyn
should pay £615 i.e. £5 on i May last, iio more at time of assur-
ance, i200 on 29 September last past and £200 3 Maye 1626 and
residue on 29 September 1626 and your orator to convey to him
said premises and to grant to him one furnace of lead, one yowl-
inge stone, one malt mill and certain tablets and contract con-
cluded about 28 February last, 22 James I. and said orator to
his great charges did not only remove divers goods then remain-
ing in the said messuage to another town far distant from Great
Hampton and did sell away cattle etc. Said Anthony Goodwyn
expresslie said unto your orator that he would not pay said sums
pretending purchase was too dear and refuseth to make any
recompense etc. Bond and engrossment. Demurrer and answer
of Anthony Goodwyn That since supposed agreement com-
plainant hath sold away said lands and prayeth to be dismissed
from the said charges wrongfully sustained etc. Certain articles
written by one Byddle and this defendant always told said com-
plainant he would not make any conclusion of the said bargain
without the advice of one George Bonner, counsellor and about
24 June last to the said George Bonner four evidences or titles
etc. and the said complainant having gotten into his hands said
articles from the said William Byddle etc. this defendant did
refuse by advice of counsel to proceed any further etc. etc. This
defence taken at Alcester, county Warwick. 19 January, i
Chas. I.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 3, no. 13.

10 February 1625 Complainant Phillip Berry of Brockford,
county Suffolk, blacksmyth and Francis his wife. Whereas
Roger Goodwyn late of Pulham St. Marye. county Norfolk, gent,
father of said Francis by will 10 April. 5 James I. gave to
Marye his wife all lands etc. in Pulham St. Marye and Pulham
Magdalen, Thelton, Osmondeston als Scole, Trende and Dickie-
borough in said county Norfolk during widowhood etc. and
further gave to his four younger sons John, Roger Danyell and
Pretyman iioo each at 24 (which Roger died in the life time


of his father) and to his four daughters Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
and Francis fioo at 21, if wife did not pay etc. then his eldest
son Thomas Goodwyn should pay. Thomas to have £30 a yeare
till he should be 21 etc. untill he came to the age of 30 years
then she is to make it up to £35. Roger Goodwyn died 10 James
seised of lands etc. to yearly value of £170 or thereabout and a
personal estate of £300. On this the wife became administratrix
(Roger Goodwyn having appointed no executors) took the profits
and chattells and in four yeares educated her children. Nine
years later Thomas Goodwyn the son soliciting his mother to
turn over his father's estate to himself promising to pay the
debts and legacies. This she does in a deed dated January ist,
14 James and made over everything to Thomas Goodwyn for a
rent charge of 20 markes per annum during her life and one
other for £11. 13s. 4d. if she should enjoy certain copyholds in
Thelton. The oratrix being now 23 applied for her legacy which
her brother refuses to pay. Relief prayed.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 102, no. 62.

12 February 1625. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of
Swaffham, county Norfolk, cartwright, eldest sonne and admin-
istrator of the goods of Seffra Goodwin late of East Walton in
said county, widow, deceased. That the said Seffera Goodwin
being possessed in her own right of dyvers horses, cowes, sheepe,
corne, graine etc. in the fields of East Walton and other townes
in said county and linnen and woollen and other household stuffe
and dyvers debts etc. amounting to £120 and upwards about
Michas 1644 died soe possessed intestate and letters of adminis-
tration were granted to your orator 2-^ October 1644 by Clere
Talbott, Doctor of Lawes in the Diocese of Norwich and your
orator ought to be thereof possessed. But one Roger Forest of
Walton, gent, William Kedwin of Great Massingham, John
Platefote, James Overman of Walton, husbandman, John Good-
win of Walton, cartwright, Francis Goodwin of Sparham by
Norton, cartwright, and Thomas Ward of Sparham, yeoman,
and Anne his wife persons trusted by said Seffra with the
keeping of dyvers specialties to have received the money and
deliuered up the bonds or taken other security on their own
names and being indebted themselves to the said Seffera do now
deny and refuse payment of the said somes and debts to your


orator and by combynacon to defraud your orator hath converted
a greate parte of the said estate of cattle, etc to their own uses.
Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 14, no. 55.

27 June 1626. To Sir Thomas Coventry, Knt, Lord Keeper,
etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyne of Newe Lymington,
county Southampton, Knt. Three years since Walter Longe then
Esqre, now Knt. was indebted to Clara Studley, widdow, for
£90 for arrearages of a certain rent charge out of his lands to
be paid to said Clara and your orator had done business for said
Clara in respect of same and had laid out money for her and had
married one Anne Mawditt a verie nere kinswoman of said Clara
and to pay to other kinswomen of said Clara £4.0 and retayne
residue of said £90 said Clara by licence of attorney and repay red
to said Longe for said money and said Sir Walter Longe at
appointment of your orator payd one Edward Sadler £10 and
did become bound by your orator in £160 for residue etc. but
about two years since one Danyell Helmes als Elmes in name
of said Clara did come to your orator demanded to see said
bond etc. and did snatch said bond and ryde away with same
etc. and your orator was dyrected by said Clara to recover said
bond etc. Andswer of Daniell Helmes als Elmes clerk 15 June
1632. Said Clara Studley was defendant's wives Aunte and com-
plainant took said bond in his name contrary to hir will, and
said Clara in June 1624 made hir will and made one John Helmes
als Elmes this defendant's son, an enfant, executor etc. Said
Sir Walter Long sealed other bond in this defendants name etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 3, no. 41.

22 November 1626 To Rt Hon Sir Thomas Coventrie, Knt.
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Jasper Goodinge of Fram-
lingham, county Suffolk, yeoman, that William Port late of
Harleston, county Norfolk, brewer about Aprill, 2 Charles did
contract with one Timothie Damont of Harleston, apothecary,
to sowe certeyne lands of said Port to halves with barley and
pease the said Port to provide the seed and be at the charge of
plowing etc. and should take halfe the said corne and the said
Damont the other halfe and said Port did about same time sowe
20 acres of land in Radnall and Mandham in said county


Norfolk with barley worth about 40s. per acre and 20 acres
with pease after 20s. per acre etc, and about six weeks after
the said Port for a certeyne some paid by your orator the full
value of the said corne did sell his moytie to your orator and
your orator did acquaint said Damont etc. with the said bar-
gaine and when said corne became rype your orator repaired
with workmen to cutt down same but said Damont with intent
to defraude your orator did forbidd your orator to meddle with
same, but did sett workmen to cutt down same and did carry
away all the said corne to his own use and refuseth to allow
your orator the said corne which he has so bought etc. With
answer of Timothie Damont, defendant, 19 January, 2 Charles
at Harleston, says Porte had monies of him and did not discharge
his debts etc, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 7.

7 May 1627. Complainants Francis Higgenbotham of Long-
nor, county Stafford, gent, and Joane his wife and Anne Lomas
infant about 3 years old, daughter of said Joane Higgenbotham
by said Francis Higgenbotham. That whereas Sir John Harpur,
knight, deceased seised of one messuage etc. in Longnor and
one cottage in Tafield head by indenture i February, 15 Jas. I.
did grant John Ryleye deceased for eighty years (if said John
Ryley and said suppliant Joane Higgenbotham and Joane Rogers
als Ryley should so long live). By virtue whereof said John
Ryley entered into possession and about eight years since (died
?) intestate and administration granted to your suppliant Joane
Higgenbotham and said Joane Higgenbotham took possession.
Your suppliants Joane and Francis Higgenbotham ought to take
rents of said messuage for eighty years determinable upon death
of said Joane Higgenbotham and Joane Ryley als Rogers who
are not livinge and whereas Thomas Lomas former husband of
your said suppliant Joane Higgenbotham was seised of messuage
etc. in parish of Hartington, county Derby and of Alstonfield,
county Stafford, and one cottage in Crowdicote in Manor of
Hartington late in tenure of Margarett Wheldon, widowe, and
elose called Nicho Flatt and said Thomas Lomas having issue by
said wife your suppliant Joane Higgenbotham, Anne Lomas,
said Thomas Lomas died and said messuage etc. descended to
Anne Lomas being the only child of the said Thomas Lomas,


and at a court 12 December last, suppliants Francis and Joane
Higgenbotham made her guardians. But George Goodwin of
Longnor, yeoman, William Goodwin of the Wheeldon trees,
county Derby, yeoman, Elizabeth Goodwin, widow, Jane Good-
win, Humphrey Goodwin. Richard Swindell. John Bosley, and
Joane Cooke, got into their possession original leases and say
your suppliants have no right in said lands etc. and have taken
away the child Anne Lomas being 3 years old etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 65. no. 2.

10 October 1627. Complaint of George Walsham of Gfingley,
county Nottingham, gent, and Grace his wife sole sister and heirs
of William Kettle late citizen and clothworker of London
deceased. That whereas said William Kettle being seized of one
messuage etc. in New Fishstreete London in parish St. Magnes
commonly called Holie Lambe did, abovite thirteen years since,
by indenture lease the same to one Francis Goodwin, citizen and
fishmonger of London, for thirty one years for £10 yearly agree-
ing to repair and sett up the messuage one story higher, And
said William Kettle about last day of June 1617 died and said
messuage came to Grace and your orators have received of said
Goodwin, John Greenehill, their tenants or servants for said
Goodwin yearly rent of iio only to Annunciation 1625 so rent
for two years due at midsumer last past £20 etc. Now said
Francis Goodwin and one John Greenehill of Harrow on Hill,
county Middlesex, tanner, and Richard Greenehill, citizen and
fishmonger of London, said Goodwin pretends he did long since
transfer his interest in the same to said John Greenehill, but said
John Greenehill says he has no interest but that said Richard
Greenhill ought to pay who is poore and is but servant to John
Greenehill his brother and the said lease is mislaid etc. etc. 18
October 1627 answers of said Francys Goodwyn seeks to give
color to his case. 19 October 1627. Answer of John Greenehill.
9 November (sic) 1627. Answer of Richard Greenehill says does
not know whether said William Kettle was seised of said mes-
suage but believeth he did lease in 13 November, 10 Jas. L to
John Greenehill this defendants brother who by deed 23 July,
II Jas. L did assign his interest to this defendant. True it is
rent not paid but defendant conceiveth that he ought not to and
upon his removal out of house left certain goods etc. besides
20 nobles due to him etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 82, no. 59.


24 January 1627. Complaint of Henry Blenerhasset of Lin-
colnes Inne, county Middlesex, esquire, against one Thomas
Goodwyne, esquire, of Little Stoneham, Sufifolk, defendant.
That whereas Edward Rockewoode of Ewstone, county Suffolk,
esquire, was seised of the mannors of Ewstone alias Cockefield
Hall, little Hall and little Fakenham in the said county and of
the mansion house of Ewston Hall and with all appurtenances
etc. etc. that the said Edward Rockewood, Nicholas Rockewoode
of Ewston, esquire, sonne and heire of the said Edward, John
Fuller, John Mann of Ewstone aforesaid, feoffees in trust to the
said Edward, who did the 14 January, 2 James I. let the same
to Thomas Johnson, Roger Allanson, Humphrey Handford and
Hugh Hamersley, citizens of London, the aforesaid Ewston.
little Fakenham, greater Fakenham, Barnehams. and Tusyfoards
of the value of £500 per annum who assigned same to said Sir
Frauncis Jonas, knight, citizen and alderman of London, who
the first December 17 James assigned the same for £1200 (£400
paid) to Sir John Blennerhassett, knight, one of the Barons of
the Exchequer of Ireland (though since deceased) and Thomas
Goodwin of Little Stonham, Suffolk, esquire, and your orator the
son and heir of the said late Sir John Blenerhasett at which
time sixteen years ago still unezpired and now eight (eight) years
remain (Now the profits were to be divided) The counterpart
indenture was left with the said Goodwin who was the more
trusted but who now endeavours to defraud your orator of the
residue. 13th February 1627. The answer of the said Thomas
Goodwin. A general denial. Mentions one William Webbe.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 16, no. 43.

30 January 1627 Bill of Complaint of John Bussell of Ched-
sey, county Somersett, about four yeares since one John Goodinge
then of Chedsey aforesaid, now deceased, upon some difference
then between Christian wife of said John Goodinge and your
orator's wife etc. etc. did induce your orator to be bound in a
bill to pay £20 etc. on condition said orator should at all tymes
save harmless the said John Goodinge and wife Christian from
all former suits brought against them in Ecclesiastical Court of
Wells etc. and your orator did lett 2 acres to said John Good-
ing for five years etc. Said John Goodinge about Lamas last
dyed etc. etc. Plea of Christian Goodinge widow etc. and John
Bussell of Chedsey, yeoman.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, B, bundle 94, no, 35,


6 February 1627. Henry Bastard of Create Dunham in county
Norfolk, gent, complains that his greate uncle Richard Bastard
of Greate Dunham, gent, being seized of messuage and lands
within the townes fieldes and privitie of Great Dunham, Little
Dunham, Estlexham, Westlexham, Kempston and Grymston in
said county of Norfolk with deeds, charters, evidences, coppies
of Court Rolles, rentales surveyes, terrars and of the escripted
etc. concerning those messuages and lands which are now de-
scended to your orator and heires and all deeds etc. of right
belonging to him he complains that Elizabeth Bastard the widow
of Richard Bastard deceased did during her widowhood (about
twelve years) did employ one Vincent Goodwyn of Cley juxta
Mare, clerke, who married Elizabeth Cutler a neere kinswoman
of her the said Elizabeth Bastard, in her worldly busyness and
affairs particularly in proving and keeping of the said deeds etc.
Elizabeth Bastard died about two years since and Vincent Good-
wyn took upon him to be executor of Elizabeth Bastard and got
into his hands all or a great part of the deedes charters etc. before
mentioned. After decease of Elizabeth Bastard your orator's
father was heir. Henry Bastard deceased now who demandest
of Vincent Goodwyn who gave up some which Henry Bastard
imagined to be all. But Vincent Goodwin still retains deeds and
property, of this Henry Bastard complains. Answered, denial,
claim for costs.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, B, bundle 95, no. 21.

28 October 1628. Complaint of Jeffrey Burwell of Grays Inn,
county Middlesex, gent, against James Goodwyn, gent, defendant.
That whereas Jeffery Pittman late of Woodbridge, county Suf-
folk, esquire, deceased did purchase lands of the manors of Mel-
ton cum Ufford and Kingston, county Suffolk, now seized of the

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