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Dean and Chapter of Elye to whom are due certain fines and said
Dean and Chapter and one James Goodwin of Woodbridge afore-
said one of the clerks of George Evelin, esquire one of the six
Clerks in Chancery did agree not to take more than one years
profitts whereby Jeffery Pittman gave a greater price and built
a house and devised them to your orator by will who wishing to
be admitted to said manors finds James Goodwin and the Dean
and Chapter extortionate.' Answer of James Goodwin 10
November 1628. Grandfather Pitman. Court held 28 March


last. Jeffery Pittman senior died May before. William Pitt-
man brother of Jeffery and Katheryn his wife. William Warren,
Thomas Bolton, gent, and William Starke and Margaret his
wife previous tenants.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 93, no. 57.

John Godden Jur. 18 November 1628 Marie Godden Jur. 21
November 1628. The joynt and seuerall answeares of John
Godden and Mary his wife two of the defendants to the Bill of
Complaint of William Sweeting and Susan his wife, John Blinck-
arne and Dorothy his wife and Elizabeth Williams complainants.
Defendants saving and reserving to themselves etc. etc. all
advantages etc. etc. for answer to so much thereof as them these
defendants concerneth or lyeth in their knowledge. Say that
they certainly knoweth not that the said Susan, Dorothie and
Elizabeth were or are daughters or coheires to one John Pearse
or to Johane the wife of the said John in said bill named and also
know not that William Bourne named and alledged to be the
grandfather of the said Susan, Dorothie and Elizabeth was seised
in the said messuages in the said bill specified or that being so
seised made his will in such manner as in the said bill is alledged
or that he had yssue William Bourne and Johane his daughter or
that the said William the son had yssue four sonnes or that the
said messuage etc being of the nature or tenure of Gravelkind in
the county Kent descended to the said four sonnes. But said
defendant Mary for herself believeth that John Beare, gent,
defendant's late husband was seised in two messuages etc. in
Milton and Gravesend in said county Kent in the East streete
there and in one messuage in East Mailing or Ditton in the said
county called the Beare and that the said John Beare so seised by
will about 21 October, 21 James devised to this defendant Mary
all his messuage etc. in Milton and East Mailing and Ditton for
lyfe with remaynders and other provisos as by the said will doth
appeare and about eight years after said John Beare dyed and
after and untill her intermarriage with defendant John Godden
this defendant did take the rents and that ever since said mar-
riage both defendants say that they have received said rents in
right of said Mary and disclaymneth any other interest in any
other messuage menconed in said bill and that defendant John is
a stranger to any other matter in said bill contayned. Deny to


their knowledge that the messuage in occupation of said Nicholas
Barker or James Morris or any other messuage have been par-
cell of the said messuage called the Sunne as is suggested. Deny-
that they have gotten any deeds and concerning the said messuage
etc. or belonging to complainants. Without that that any other
matter etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, S, bundle 129, no. 149.

1628? The Replicacon of William Sweetinge and Susan his
wife, John Blinckarne and Dorothie his wife and Elizabeth Wil-
liams, widdowe, to the joynt and seuerall answers of John Good-
win and Mary his wife, Edward Beare, Richard Beare, Nicholas
Barker, Thomas Taylor, Nicholas Swanne, James Morris, Eliza-
beth Coachman, widdowe and Henry Osborne defendants. Said
complainants say in all things as they have before sett forth and
alledged in their bill and doe and will ever averre and prove the
same to be true in euerye parte therof and they marvaile that the
said defendant John Beare should by his answeare clayme the
house called the Blacke Anchor in Gravesend in county Kent by
conveyance to hym from Richard Bourne. Whereas they find
by the will of Richard Bourne that the said house called the
Blacke Anchor was by will given unto Richard Blithe his heires
etc. upon condicon the said Richard should pay to severall per-
sons £60 and these complainants say that defendants answeares
in many particular thinges therein conteyned are very uncer-
tayne and insufficient in the lawe to be replied to and without that
that any matter or thinge in the answeares of the said defendants
or any of them conteyned materiall to them replyed unto and not
before answered denyed etc. etc. is true all which matters etc. etc.
Chancery Proceedings Charles I, S, bundle 128, no. 40.

25 November 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Baron of Allesborough, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John
Goodwin of Mendlesham, county Suffolk, and Sara his wiefT.
That Edmund Jennor father of said Sara in his lief tyme seised
of one messuage etc. in Groundesborough Culpho, Great Berl-
ings, Playford in said county and other lands in said townes etc.
of yearly value of i6o and personall estate etc. and in his last
will devises said messuage etc. to Ann his wieff upon trust untill
his youngest sonne Edmund came to 21. Then at the death of
his said father 7 years of age and gave to your said oratriic £50


at 1 8 and to Martha one other daughter £50 at 18, and having
yssue by a former wife two sonnes and three daughters devised
to every of said three daughters £100 apiece at 18 and made said
Ann his executrix about 15 years since dead said Sara then about
9. Said Martha is since dead before 18 or married. The said
Anne did intermarry with one Jeremy Biggs also deceased. Said
Sarah married said John Godwyn about seven years past and hath
often intreated for said legacy etc. etc. With answer of Anne
Biggs, defendant.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 7, no. 4.

27 January 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodinge als (Reynolls)
of Ottery St. Mary, county Devon, yeoman, seised of a fourth

part of messuage or farme etc of (ffemtrey als ) in

said county one Richard Stoford of Ottery St. Mary, gentleman

gotten into his possession divers deeds etc. and hath

without any right hath converted the yssues and profits

of said fourth part etc. and having said deeds your orator cannot

make any proofe of tytle ec. etc. hath become bound to

which your orator partly for debt of said Stoford and partly
for debt of your orator and your orator hath given bound in
counterpart to said Stoford and your orator hath paid said debts
etc. and there being some suite touching said messuage and lands
of Venetery als ffenetery into which said Stoford hath unlawfully
entred now doth refuse to deliver upp said counterbonds etc.
albeit your orator hath truely sattisfied all his said debts etc.
With answer of Richard Stoford defendant to bill of complaint
of John Goodinge als Reynolls, 11 May 1627 Much torn etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 3.

(1628?) The replicacion of John Goodinge, complainant to
the answere of Richard Stoford, gent, defendant. Said bill con-
taining only six or seven sheets of paper and touching only three
charged in fewe words those that the defendant having no tytle
in the fourth part of the farme of Fenebury and lands menconed
hath entered and disseised the complainant. Secondly that
defendant having gotten into his hands divers deeds etc. by which
complainants tytle is manifest and approved. Thirdly that said
Stoford having divers counterbonds made by this complainant


for Slicing (saving-?) him harmless wherein defendant stood
bound with replyant and said monies being satisfied and bonds
taken upp defendant was never damnified yett did threaten to
putt said counterbonds in suite against your orator out of his ill
affection to complainant being his mother's brother and hath putt
in an answer conteyning forty sheets of paper tedious and imper-
tinent discourse etc. Replyant hath put in all the deeds etc. in
his possession to this Court and which defendant hath obteyned
and for which your complainant did not complain but for other
deeds etc. concerning the premises defendant pretendeth that
there was only one bond to William Chaplin, gent, of £ioo for
payment of £52 yet maketh no mencion of other bonds this com-
plainant entered into and of counterbonds for securitie as suretie
and will maintaine and prove his said bill etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 155.

I February 1628 To Right Hon. Francis, Lord Verulam.
Bill of Complaint of Thomas Adams, yeoman and Francis Hunt,
yeoman. That John Helliar of Okingham, county Berks, yeoman
about nine years since became indebted to Thomas Adams com-
plainant in £20 and for security conveyed one messuage etc. in
Wokingham, county Berks on mortgage only with condition of
recovery on payment and about the same time the said Adams
borrowed of John Goodwyn of Yately in county Southampton,
yeoman, £20 for twelve months and for payment both complain-
ants entered into a bond of £40 said Hunt being suretie and for
his security said Adams oflfered to make over the said mortgage
to said Hunt but the said Hunt caused the said mortgage to be
handed over to said Goodwyn who had married Florence his
mother and after the said John Hilliar or his heire for him paid
the said Goodwyn the said £20 and the said Goodwyn then deliv-
ered the said assurance and did often promise to deliver the said
bond to your orators but did not so doe before his death who by
his will made Margerie Goodwin his wife and Dorothy his daugh-
ter executrixes, said Dorothy now wife of John Feild, — and
died and said Margerie and Dorothy proved said will yett know-
ing the said £20 to be paid the said Margerie and Dorothy and
John Feild threaten to put the said bill in suite against your
orators. Said John Goodwyn about 20 December, 34 Elizabeth
married the said Florence Hunt, widow of Thomas Hunt, of


Wokingham, yeoman deceased father of complainant who dyed
intestate leaving four children William Hunt, the elder, deceased,
Francis, William the younger, and Anne Hunt said Thomas
desired said Florence to distribute £10 apiece to his said children
but before said somes paid the said John Goodwyn by his mar-
riage got possession of the goods etc. of the said Thomas Hunt
and hath refused to pay said somes. Further your orator Hunt
hath trusted the said Goodwyn to receive the rents etc. of divers
messuages etc. in Wokingham yet the said Goodwyn never paid
or accompted to your orator for said rents and since his death
three years since the said Margerie and Dorothy hath refused to
make any satisfacconn to your orator etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, A, bundle ii, no. 25.

12 February 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of James Goodwin of Petistice,
county Suffolk, gent, and Johan his wyef one of the daughters
of John Cooke late of Marlesford in said county deceased. That
said Cooke at time of his death having only three daughters
Katheryne the wyef of Edmonde Dawe, gent, Johan one of your
orators and Elizabeth the wyfe of Thomas Cuttinge and having
a good estate and a purpose to devide same among his said daugh-
ters about 26 February last made his will and bequeathed to said
Katherine messuage he dwelt in with appurtenances etc. in
Marlesford and Little Clemham, except a close called Aldonaes,
being of the value of £60 per annum and your oratrix messuage
in occupation (of?) Margarett Reade, widdowe, and lands etc.
in Marlesford, Ashe and Hachston except one fferme lately pur-
chased of one Garrard in Marlesford and also dyvers parcels of
land in said parish lately purchased of Tovell nere howse late
Salverstons and also lands purchased of Robert Tymer in occu-
pation of said Thomas Cuttinge and Richard Coppinge, land in
close of Mr. Henry Ewen then in occupation of your orator's
father and one other house and certeyn lands to value of £38
per annum and to the said Elizabeth other messuage and lands
etc. to value of £30 per annum and also to your oratrix £300 to
be paid by said Katherine out of said lands and made the said
Cuttinge his executor. Whereby he had £600 and goods etc. to
make his wife's porcon equal and rest of his estate equally between
his said daughters and shortly after called his said daughters and


their husbands together and charged them that they should
agree quietly etc. and soon after dyed. But now said Edmund
Dawe and Katherine and said Thomas Cutting and Elizabeth give
out that they are co-heirs with your oratrix in the said parcells
of land so devised to your oratrix and that they will enter etc.
that if any mistake was made it was in the writing of said will
and that your oratrix was to have the porcon devised to said
Katherine etc. Do utterly refuse to release said parcells of land
to your oratrix as by said will was intended. With answer of
Edmund Dove one of the defendants 15 June 15 Chas. N. B.
Dawe and Dowe in Bill, Dove in answer.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 54, no. 50.

March 17, 1628 Answer of Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, to
the complaint of John Duke, esquire and Parnell his wife. Sir
Thomas Rowe owner of Clopton Hall, Kingshall, Brendhall,
Wastilies and Basses and of other lands etc. Marriage portion
of Lady Rowe. William Cage, esquire and Sir John Rowse the

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, D, bundle 54, no. 47.

1629 Plaintifif Barnaby Bryan of the towne of Northampton,
knight and dame Mary his wife executrix of dame Mary Farmer,
widdow, her mother with Sir Thomas Wyneman knight, com-
plains of Arthur Goodwyn and his wife Jane of Winchington,
county Buckes, esquire by insubstantial claims and threats bind-
ing the carryinge out the will and challenges Arthur Goodwyn
to prove his claim.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 116, no. 56.

2.^ April 1629 To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper. The Bill of Complaint of one William Goodwin
of the parish of St. Clement Danes in the Strand, county Middle-
sex, merchante taylor. That your orator and one Edmund Greg-

orie of county Oxford, gent, and one Israeli Freer,

gent, att the entreaty of one Edward Allcocke of Rampton,
county Cambridge, esquire lent to the said Allcocke divers somes
etc. and who for security gave by waye of mortgage severall par-
cells of land in Rampton and said mortgage became forfeited for
non payment and said Edmund Gregorie's securitie who had lent


most of the monies was held to be insufficient etc. and the said
Israeli Freers not being very good in respect of dyvers incum-
brances etc. and the said Gregory brought suite for more and
better security ymploying one Gyles Gregory his eldest sonne etc.
etc. who tooke the said assurance in his owne name and the said
Gyles having yssue a sonne aged about twoe yeares an infant
shortly afterwards dyed so seised and the said premises so mort-
gaged descended to the said infant although they should have
been mortgaged to said Edmund who was like to lose the said
lands and his money being £2500 and the said Edmund procured
your said orator and the said Freer to joyne with him to procure
a private act of Parliament to have the said Manner of Rampton
and the said lands secured to him the said Gregory, your orator
and the said Freer for the payment of the said monies etc. etc.
to be sould to pay the said debts and the residue to the said All-
cocke etc. and your said orator having already an estate in the
said Mannor and a recognisance of one Sir Humphrey Tufton
for ii200 for the payment of i6oo had noe need for any further
security but at the earnest entreaty of the said Gregory and his
promise to the better secure your said orator was content to
joyne with him and the said Frier and in the Parliament held,
21 James, it was enacted that the said Mannor etc. should be
sould for £5000 at least to satisfie the creditors etc. etc. and if
not sould by the said Allcocke within three moneths then cer-
teyne gentlemen nominated vix. Sir Thomas Fanshaw, knight,
Frauncis Conesbye, esquire, and William Cobb, gent, should sell
the same and untill sold receive the said rents etc. etc. and pay
interest for the said debts. But the said premises not being sold
and your orator receiving not the interest as enacted possession
being held by the said Allcocke who took the profitts etc. etc.
your orator and said Gregorie and said Frier were counselled to
exhibit their bill etc. etc. and your orator layed out great somes
on said suyte and the said Freer and Edmund Gregory and also
Roger Gregorye and Edmund Gregorye the younger promised to
repay their shares etc. and your orator procured a decree that
said premises should be sould to one Sir John Leman for £5000.
But now albeit said Gregory hath gotten sattisfaction for his
said debt by your orator's meanes and the said Freer hath paid
his share of said charges yet do the said Edmund, the elder,
Roger and Edmund Gregory the younger, utterly refuse to pay


anie share of the great charges your orator hath been att or to
give anie satisfaction for his greate losses of time and business
etc. etc. With answers of Edmund Gregory the elder, Edmund
Gregory the younger and Roger Gregory defendants, 29 April

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 14.

II May 1629. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Baron
of Alesborough, Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of James
Goodwyn, gent, one of the clarkes of George Evelyn Esqr one of
the six Clarkes of the High Court of Chancery. That having a
Sonne named William whom he was desirous of apprenticing
about May last was two yeares was made acquainted with one
Daniell Dobbins of the cittie of London, marchant adventurer
who wanted a servant and was aboute to goe abroade to Russia
with broade cloathes etc. and said Dobbins was content to take
your orator's sonne as servant with him for seven yeares for
some of £40 and would furnish him with apparell etc. which your
orator did doe and, 23 June 1626, indentures were drawn up and
after about Midsummer two yeares since said Dobbins and your
orator's sonne William departed for Russia and your orator
desired said Dobbins not to trust your orator's said sonne until
he had shewn his fidelity and did therefore give no bond for
his said son. But after arrivall at Colmogroe in Russia said
Dobbins departed thence to Muscoe and continued there eight
months leaving your orator's son at Colmogro aforesaid whereby
your orator's son was putt to many hardships and charges etc.
and your orator sheweth that said Dobbins on his return de-
manded accompt of his said son which he was unable to do by
reason of said chardges and caused his sone to be grievously
beaten etc. and turned him out of his service etc. and now doth
demand of your orator greate somes of money for compensation
which he alleges for damages sustained through your orator's
son's neglect and inability to accompt for all monies so received in
Russia etc. With answer of Daniel Dobbyns, marchant, defend-
ant, 19 May 1629.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 23, no. 64.

1629? RepHcacon of James Goodwin, gent, to the answers of
Daniell Dobbins, defendant That there was no such agreement


between defendant and this replyant, that defendant should take
William Goodwyn named in his answere into Russia and that if
he was not fit to undertake his employment that the defendant
would not on his return to England entertain the said William
Goodwin, this Replyant's sonne, but release him etc. this replyant
satisfying all such charges etc. and denies that said replyant's son
did ymploy himself to idle company etc. as is aledged, further
sayeth that his sonne was twice robbed at Colmegro during his
abode there as is truely stated in said bill etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 54.

2 June 1629. To Right Hon. Francis, Lord Verulam. Bill of
Complaint of Pryscilla Goodwyne of Brancktrie, county Essex,
singelwoman, that John Goodwin late of Bocking, county Essex,
clothier, deceased was in his life time seised of in fee male or
in fee tayle generall of one messuage etc now in possession of
one Fortune Fenner, widow, situate in Bockin and of the same
about fifteen years since died so seised together with the deeds
etc. concerning the said messuage etc. and which of right ought
to come to complainant being the sole and only daughter of said
John and which by reason of the infancy of complainant and
under collour of executorship of the will of John Goodwine,
grandfather of your oratrix, have since the death of the said
John Goodwyne beene in the possession of the said Fortune
Fenner. But now the said Fenner being careless of the estate of
complainant and for her owne profitt and those who work upon
her age and infirmities hath of late defaced, imbezzled and can-
celled or burnt divers of the deeds concerning said messuage etc.
and doth refuse to deliver up other deeds concerning complain-
ants said inheritance albeit knowing that your oratrix ought to
have the same being the only daughter and heiress of said John
and by concealing the said deeds and the said will and your
oratrix having no copie the said Fenner hath entered said mes-
suage etc. and made divers secrett estates to persons unknown
to complainant and doth detayne same from your orator and your
orator being without remedy to recover the said premises or to see
the said last will of the said John Goodwin prays that the said
Fortune Fenner may discover the said deeds and will etc. etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 68.


23 June 1629 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper, Bill of complaint of John Godwyne of Gosport, county
Southampton, butcher, that three or four yeares since possessed
of dyvers goods etc. one John Barton thelder of Farnham in said
county, marchant, endeavouring to get possession of said goods
enticed Mary Godwyne now deceased, your orator's then wife, to
grow at variance with your orator to convey said goods etc. to
said Barton promising same should be ready for her use and did
break open your orator's house and convey away goods and
moneys etc. to the value of £200 and albeit your orator hath often
requested said Barton to make satisfaction yett doth he still refuse
etc. With answer of John Barton, defendant, 17 September 1629.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 22.

25 August 1629 Complaint of Symon Payne, citizen and cord-
wayner, of London and Godly his wife. That Thomas Hackett,
citizen and draper, of London deceased being in his lifetime
seized in his demesne as of fee of and in one messuage or tene-
ment (now converted and made three messuages or tenements)
situated in Finches als Finch Lane in the parish of St. Michaell
upon Cornhill, London being thus seized said Thomas Hackett
died some eighteen years since when the premises descended by
right unto Hester Eayre as sole daughter and heir of said Thomas
Hackett and the then wife of Rowland Eayre of Orsett, county
Essex, gent, now deceased on whose death his widow was seized
of the said property and intermarried and tooke to husband Wil-
liam Goodwyne of Orsett aforesaid, gent, and the said William
Goodwyn and Hester his wife being so seized of such estate
your said orator did bargaine with the said William Goodwyn
and Hester for all the said premises with their appurtenances
etc. and he hath paid and is to pay for the same the full some of
£450 for which William Goodwin and Hester his wife and one
Lawson Corles were to convey the said premises to your orator
his heirs etc. which they did. But now said so it is that certain
deedes writings etc. etc. concerning the said premises which
should belong to this complainant are come into the hands of said
William Goodwyn and Hester his wife or some others who by
color of paid evidences may in time molest your orator and
although the orators have divers times required William Good-
win and his wife to yield up the possession of the said premises


and give up the deeds which they refuse and deny. Your com-
pHanants not knowing certain dates or whether the writings are
in bagge or box sealed or in chest or cupbord locked being without

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