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remedy at common lawe pray relief. Answer 1629, August 27.
General denial — mentions a recognizance of £400 to one Anthony
Webbe gent.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle 89, no. 32.

October 10, 1629 Complaint of George Hawghton apothe-
cary, of London that one Doune about fifteen years since had a
lease in Rosemary Lane in county Middlesex from one Robert
White your orator's wife's father and assigned it to one Barnaby
Smythe, ironmonger, who yet enjoys it but it has fallen into
ruin and one room which heretofore held over 200 barrels of beer
is so decayed that it is now worth only £7 per annum whereas it
was worth £12, has asked Smith to repair it. Smith is con-
federating with Henry Goodwyn who hath the next piece of
ground and desires to build same messuages to be called Good-
wyn Rents, so plaintiff desire Smythe to give up counterpart of
lease etc. Answer of Henry Goodwyn. Bill is only vexatious
and merely to make charges.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 19, no. 24.

29 October 1629 The further answer of Daniell Dobbins,
defendant to the Bill of Complaint of James Goodwin, complain-
ant. In obedience to the order of the Court saving himself etc.
etc. that he should not lay any trust upon complainant's sonne
William Goodwin in Russia untill the defendant had seen his
fideltie denies that ever Complainant did so entreate him or that
complainant's son should be always att his elbowe or promise
any suche thinge but that defendant intended that anie appren-
tice he should take should remaine att some place whilst defend-
ant travailed into Russia. Denies that complainant mentioned
anie bond for security or that defendant would not require anie
bond. No other material matter to answere etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 38, no. 10.

6 November 1629. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of William Goodwin of parish of
■St. Margaretts in New ffishe streete London, citizen and ffounder.


That about October, 12 James did enter into bond of £20 for
payment of £11. los. to Thomas Muns late citizen and draper of
London and aboute November, 14 James came to agreement
about said debt and your orator dehvered certain goods in full
satisfaction of £7 parcell of said debt and after did pay one
Thomas Acton, servant to said Thomas Muns, for use of said
Muns £3. IDS. and your orator being a tayler did make certain
garments to use of said Muns and for his wife and children and
servants amounting to 34s. by your orator's bills at dyvers tymes
shewn to Susan Muns wife of said Thomas in his lifetime and
your orator further did assigne to said Muns one bond of £20
for payment of £10 due to your orator from one George Ward
of Capston, county Cheshire, gent, and said Muns did promise to
deliuer said bond and did promise to be accomptable for such
moneys as he should receive from said Warde but before delivery
said Muns dyed and after said Susan his relict intermarryed
with one Pawle Clapham who hath since put the said bond in
suite and hath received judgement and seeketh to enforce the
whole penalty and further that your orator about eight years
since arrested said Ward but for want of his said bond was
damnified to the sum of £5 yett said Susan and Pawle hath often
refused your orator said bond, your orator having no remedy to
etc. etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 2^, no. 6.

8 November 1629 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord
Keeper of the Create Scale. Bill of Complaynt of Jasper Good-
win of Dorking in county Surrey, gent. In Oct. 1624 borrowed
of Theophilus Typton of Reigat in said county, gent, £200 and
in presence of Richard Day and William Lane customary tenants
of said Mannor of Dorking surrendered a copiehold tenement etc.
for use of Thomas Moore of Widfield in county Surrey, Esq.
in trust for said Typton with condicon for payment of £205 on
4 February next ensuing and said £205 was paid to said Typton.
Now said Moore to the undoing of your said orator demands
payment of said £205 with interest etc. and combyning with said
Typton etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle i, no. 56.

17 November 1629. Complainant, Ozias Churchman, citizen
and marchant tayler. Defendants, William Lane of Glendonn,


county Northampton, esquire and Roger Tuder, Warde,

clerke, William Twigden and . Dispute in connec-
tions with a deed or grant of a certain estate which complainant
shows was lawfully conveyed to him by one William Lane of
Glendonn, county Northampton, in consideration of the sum of
£560 which orator was to pay to the said William Lane. The
estate in dispute was in the Advowson and right of patronage
of the Rector or Parsonadge of the parish church of Branison
als Brandeston, county Northampton. Writ.

Answer of William Lane and Roger Tuder, two of the defend-
ants to the above bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman, com-
plainant. Dated 12 May 1630.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 72, no. 22.

1629? The replicacon of Jasper Goodwin, gent, complainant
to the answer of Thomas Moore Esqr and Theophilus Typton,
gent, defendants. Saving to himself now and at all tymes all
advantage and benefits of excepcion to the uncertentye and insuf-
ficiency of the said answere. Sayeth all and every matter and
thing as in his said bill he hath formerly and truely said and will
avere, maintain and prove his said bill and every matter and thing
therein contained to be true certaine and sufficient etc. and that
seuerall answers and the seuerall materiall things therein con-
teined are untrue, uncertaine and insufficient etc. and that said
bill in all things is true and will prove same in such manner and
forme as is therein conteined etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 48.

23 November 1629 ( ?) To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of
Harwick, county Essex, chirurgeon, sonne and heir apparent of
Robert Goodwyn of Ipswich in county Sufifolk, gent, moved by
his said father to dispose of himself in marriage did about i
February, 2 Chas. espouse Abigail Goldingham one of the daugh-
ters of Henry Goldingham then of Ramsie in said county Essex,
gent, and about 12 January shortly before it was agreed that
your orator should have for a marriage porcion certen lands in
Harwich and Ramsie of value of £5 or £6 per annum and the
some of £166 per annum to be paid as specified and debt of one
Arthure Everard Esqr of £24 to be assigned to your orator and
said Henry Goldingham became bound to your orator and said


Robert his father for performance etc. and your orator's father
by articles of said date agreed to surrender according to cus-
tome of the mannor of Earles Stonham in said county Suffolk
his f arme or messuage etc. and appurtenances in Earles Stonham
then in occupation of Richard Syllett to your orator and his heires
etc. and further the said Robert Goodwyn and Marian his then
wife (since deceased) should also convey to your orator to hold
after their seuerall deaths their messuage or dwelling house with
tenement adjoyning then in occupation of Thomas Molson with all
appurtenances in the parish of St. Margaretts in Ipswich and
about said time your orator's said father complaeyning that he
was in debt desired to your orator to lend him £40 part of said
porcion which was agreed and said Goldingham became bound to
your orator's father for i8o for payment of said £40 on last
daie of February and said Robert also acquired of your orator
a bond of £100 for payment of i6o to said Robert as security for
payment of said debt amounting to £40 or thereabouts. If said
£40 be paid by said Goldingham then to return said bond of £100
to your orator and said Robert also desired your orator to become
bound for payment of £27.ios. in the event of your orator having
noe yssue by his said wife would be a greate helpe to your orator's
brother and would delyuer said bond if your orator should haue
yssue and would not clayme any satisfaccon while your orator
lived. But now your orator's said father and the said Golding-
ham combyning to defraud your orator of his estate doth threaten
to put said bonds in suite and doth refuse to convey to your orator
any such estate as agreed uppon or to give your orator any sattis-
faccon etc. etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 10, no. 38.

27 November 1629. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Arthur Goodwin of Over
Winchenden, county Bucks, esqr and Jane now his wife. That
Mary Lady Farmer, widdow, late wife of Sir George Farmer
Knt, deceased, grandmother to your oratrix Jane possessed of
a great personall estate and seised of dyvers lands etc. in North-
ton and Beds, and intending to bestow same upon her children
and grandchildren not long before her death made a lease of all
her said lands tenements etc. to one Sir Thomas Wenman, Knt,
brother to your oratrix and to Richard Trist, esqr. and Thomas


King", gent, in trust to pay all her legacies etc. and about same
time made her will and among other legacies particularly to your
oratrix Jane to be paid by the Lady Zinquere one of her daugh-
ters now wife of Sir Barnaby Bryan, Knt, and made the said
Sir Thomas Wenman and Lady Zanquere executors and before
her death in presence of her said daughter and your oratrix
desired her servants to putt up dyuers peces of plate in napkins
purposely for your oratrix and requested your oratrix to come
again, to see her in her sickness and take away such things as
shee should have redy and said Lady Zanquere promised to per-
form all she should tell her to do who secretly remoued said
articles and told the said Lady Farmer that your oratrix had taken
same away and shortly after about eight years since died and
said Sir Thomas Wenman relinquishing exorship said Brian and
his wife administered and have taken possession of all the said
estate etc and do utterly refuse to deliuer upp any part of (to?)
your oratrix nor her husband etc. With answer of Sir Barnaby
Brian, Knt and Dame Mary his wife defendants. 11 January,
5 Chas.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 48, no. 64.

23 November 1629 or 11 February 1629. The Answeres of
Paule Clapham and Susan his wife to the Bill of Complaint of
William Goodwyn, complainant. That defendants have ground
to demurre to the said bill in that the said complainant might
have remedy at common lawe and that by reason of this said
bill complainants might have some collour thereupon to procure
an injunction upon the said bond and that the chardges concern
defendant Susan for matters done within her knowledge before
her marriadge with the said Paule. Believe it to be true that
complainant did enter into a bond of £20 for payment of iio to
one Thomas Muns but deny any knowledge of agreement between
the said complainant and the said Muns or that complainant did
deliver any goods in satisfaccon of the said debts or that any
monies at all were paid for the said debts or any garment worked
etc. etc. for which the said complainant hath not been paid.
Believes that the said complainant did make one paire of whale-
bone bodice worth about 4s. and was paid in ready money by the
said Muns then the husband of this said defendant Susan. Denies
that said complainant ever assigned any bond to the said Muns


to be sued for her or that he would be accomptable for any such
monies received from one George Ward and the defendant says
that after the death of the said Muns and the marriadge of the
defendant Paule with the said Susan said bond of £20 nott being
satisfied or any parte thereof these defendants did aboute three
yeares past did putt this bond into suite and have gott judgement.
The said money being the porcon of the five children of the said
Muns and that no accompt was ever demanded in the life time
of the said Muns etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 38.

Jan. 20, 1629 Plaintifif John Busell of Chedsey, county Somer-
sett, complains that John Goodinge late of Chedsey in order to
please his wife in her differences and disputes with the orator's
wife did pursue him with many unkindnesses knowing him to be
poor and ignorant did induce the orator for peace and quietness to
bind himself to the said John Gooding in a ImII of £20 to pay £g, 25
March, 1625 and another bond of £5 that he should hold John
Gooding and Christian his wife harmless in any suite which were
pending against them in the Ecclesiastical Courtes of Welles and
all costs and damages. Gooding refuses to deliver the bond for
cancellation on the payment of the said £9 and having let cer-
tain ground to John Gooding under a bond of the orator of quiet
possession which John Gooding promised to give up for cancella-
tion and also that the other bonds should never turn to the orator's
loss or harme. John Gooding often confessed that no money was
owing upon the bond or had past and that he only gave them his
wife Christian satisfaction for ye tyme who was offended with
your orator's wife for some words that has passed between them.
He prays them both to be delivered and cancelled. Answer of
Christian Gooding, widdow, claims the bonds were in considera-
tion of her husband giving up certain actions against the plaintiff.
With signature of Gualt Ralegh, Rector of Chedsey.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 98, no. 9.

1630. Your orator Daniel Elines of Milkston in county Wilts,

clerk Walter Longe of Draycott in the county of

(eight years ago) then esquire and now knight was

indebted to Clare Sudeley of Downton for £100. One John
Goodwyn of Lymington is sent as messenger by Clare to demand


the payment of all due. He receives £20 and afterwards a bond
iioo (on false statements) from Longe.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, E, bundle 13, no. 50.

16 April 1630. Complainant William Lane of Henlye upon
Thames, county Oxon, yeoman. That about thirteen years last
past having occasion to use moneys repaired to one H. Sutton
then dwelling in the Old Baylie, London who did lend £40 so as
your orator would procure one John Goodwyn of Henley to
become bound with your orator unto said Sutton by obligacon of
iSo for repayment. Said Goodwyn became so bound and your

orator with one John Maborough of (sic) county Oxon

would countersecure said Goodwyn by like obligacon of £120
for indemnifying said Goodwyne against the principal bond for
Sutton and your orator received said £40 from Sutton and with
said Goodwyne (date knoweth not) for payment at a day now
past and soon after your orator with obligacon of said Mabor-
ough dated i8 October, 3 James I, became bound to said Good-
wyne and said bonds were received by said Sutton and Good-
wyne. And not long after and before money due to said Sutton
said Goodwyne fearing loss etc. obtained with your orator's
consent from one Thomas Btn-t £24. los. due to your orator for
malt which money he said he would pay to said Sutton in part
payment and soon after said Goodwyne caused your orator to
be arrested and would not release unless your orator put in his
hands £16 residue of the debt of £40 whereupon your orator was
forced to sell the fee simple of a tenement in Henley at under
value to one Radulph Elmes, esqre and handed £16 to Goodwyne
on his promise to discharge said debt and deliver to your orator
both the bonds. But now about five years past and before said
Goodwyne had delivered both said bonds to your orator said
Goodwyne departed this life and Joane Goodwyne the widow
who had the bonds and well knew all the former passages and
that at time of last payment (being about seven years before her
husband's death) he never questioned your orator etc, she having
gotten letters of administration of estate threatens to exact the
counterbond etc. unless your orator will give her ten loads of
wood. T. Throckmorton. 23 April 1630 Demurrer and answer
of Joane Goodwyn, widdowe, defendant to bill of complaint to
be relieved of counterbond by complainant and one John Mabor-


ough about thirteen years past etc. about seven years before his
death her said husband received £34 and £6 and about five years
past he died intestate and she is administratrix notwithstanding
her husband's promise to give bond and counterbond to com-
plainant and said payments made long after principal bond was
forfeited and not bound by any promise of defunct and so doth
demurr, never knew of any bond of i8o but said Goodwyne and
John Maborough in obligacon 18 October, 8 James I. became
bound to one Henry Greene, citizen and haberdasher, of London.
(Very complicated but no other names.)

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, L, bundle 11, no. 47.

12 May 1630. Answer of Thomas More. Esqr. one of the
defendants to the bill of complaint of Jasper Goodwyn, gent, com-
plainant. About October mentioned that the other defendant
Theophilus Tipton received out of some debtors of this defend-
ant i200 deliuered same to complainant and received the sur-
render menconed in said bill, said surrender to be voyd on
payment of £205, said £205 was tendered on 4 February in said
bill menconed but this is denied but this defendant received inter-
est on said £200 from Tipton and sent to Dorking to the said
complainant that he had not received said money etc. Tenement
in Dorking mentioned etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle i, no. 55.

6 June 1630. The second answer of Israeli Frere, gent, one
of the defendants to the bill of complaint of James Goodwin,
gent, and other complainants according to the report of Robert
Rich, knt, one of the Masters of the Honorable Court dated 7
February 1624. That upon serche of the rowles of the mannors
of Barnes in Rendham in the bill named it appears that the mes-
suage and 20 acre freehold were houlden of the Mannor of Rend-
ham in knight's service by rent of 5s. id. per annum, viz. in a
court rowle of the said mannor dated Thursdaie next after the
feast of All Saints in 8 Edward IV it is enrolled, also in 31
Henry VIII but that it does not appeare elsewhere.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 9, no. 25.

8 June 1630. Complaint of Edward Terold of Eye, county
Suffolk, gent, that about ten years past did borrow of John Good-


wyne of Dysse, county Norfolk, iio and for surety your orator
together with William Terold of Dysse, apothecary, became '
bound in £20 and before day of payment mutually agreed between
your orator and said John Goodwyne that he should continue to
hold the £10 without renewing bond and the said Goodwyne
agreed that although bond should become forfeit he would take
no advantage and same became forfeited and about three years
after by appointment of said Goodwyne unto one Thomas Sher-
man, gent, in discharge of what said Goodwyne did then owe said
Thomas Sherman for rent etc. and about three years since your
orator sent £10 by a servant of his to said Goodwyne who
received same and said 20s. more would have discharged the
bond. Now said Goodwyn knowing said bond is forfeited and
your orator no plea and that 40s. paid to John Sherman etc. doth
deny the payment of said somes etc. and doth threaten to take
his whole forfeiture.
Bond and Engrossment.

Answer of John Goodwyne defendant that about eleven years
ago complainant did borowe and did become bound with one
William Terold of Disse his brother etc. etc. on condition that
if said complainant should pay to him £11 on 8 April 1620 at man-
sion house of this defendant in Disse etc. then said bond void.
Saith said complainant did neither pay said £11, but true that
complainant (torn) £12 and about October 1628 (torn) residue
about Christmas next following, but denies 40s. paid to John
Sherman, etc. Sworn to 5 October 1630 (Signature of John

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, T, bundle 8, no. 12.

14 June 1630. Further answer of John Barton, defendant to
Bill of Complaint of John Godwin, complainant. Utterly deny-
eth that the said Marye the complainant's sayd late wife by the
perswasion etc. of defendant to provoke complainant or to break
open complainant's howse or chestes and steale awaye his goods
and money or that shee did by this defendant's meanes convey to
this defendant's keeping or to any other person to this defend-
ant's knowledge any goods or chattells or money to be conveyed
to this defendant other than £25 in this defendant's former
answeare expressed and further that he hath any goods of com-
plainants and that the said £25 being deliuered to defendant by


complainant's said wife for the use of John New her sonne by a
former husband and as parte of his porcon as shee affirmed this
defendant sayeth that about 12 April 1626 this defendant payed
said £25 (the said Mary being dead) unto the said John New
and tooke his dischardge etc. on receipt and as security to hold
him harmless against the said John Godwine, the elder, of Far-
ham, my father in lawe, and that he hath noe other securitie from
said John New and that about four yeares since he received from
said Mary a perse or bagge with money but that some it was this
defendant knoweth not he then being in his shopp at Fareham
and that defendant redeliuered said perse to one of the servants
of said Mary some short time before her death and said servant's
name was Margarett Pullocke and that he defendant did never
know contents of said purse etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 49.

3 February 1630. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Sir Francis Goodwyn of
Winchenden, county Bucks, Knt that Rt. Hon Edward, late
Earle of Bedford, about seventeen years since unable to manage
his estate did by deed give power to the Lady Lucy, late Countess
of Bedford, his then wife and the said Countess did take upon her
the ordering of said estate etc. untill their deaths about twelve

years then following of Lee in the parish of Upton,

county Bucks, Esq. and Henry Lucas of London, Esqre, feoffees
in trust of the Mannor of Moore in county Hertford to the use
of said Earle did make a lease of same about thirteen years since

to Baker, Knt, Sir Thomas Smith and Sir Richard

Smith, Knts, and which lease did after come to William Terry,
John Couldwell and John Couchman for security for £10300
owing by said Countess to Sir Paul Banninge, then Knt, after
Lord Baninge and did assign same to Rt. Hon. William, late
Earle of Pembroke, Lord Steward of his Maties household who

had taken up certain monies and to trusted by said

Earle and Countess upon trust that the said debts being satisfied
the said Earle of Pembroke and your orator should be freed from
such bonds etc. as they were in for said Earle and Countess men-
tions Rt. Hon. Lord Morley, Edward Woodward who had divers
messuages etc. late the inheritance of the Rt. Hon. John, late
Lord Harrington, deceased brother of and your


orator and said Edward Woodward and others so trusted by said
Earl and Countess entred into dyvers bonds etc. to Sir James
Cambell Knt, Sir John Leman Knt, Edward Duncomb, Esqre
to said Henry Lucas etc. and your orator kept said lease as
security for payments and to save your orator harmless and said
Countess requested your orator to send same to her for the yearly
renewing of said Lord Baninge's assurance and said Edward
Woodward trustee of the goods etc. of the said Earle and
Countess and of the said late Lord Harrington and Lady Har-
rington and about three years since the said Earle and Countess
died and your orator endeavoured to take letters of administra-
tion yet the said William, late Earle of Pembroke procured letters
of administration etc. by John Ansty, Gent, his servant and did
possess themselves of all goods etc. and with Sir John Thorogod

doth pretend that the said Terry, Couldwell, hath made

an estate of said premises etc. etc. and the said William, Earle
of Pembroke being deceased hath descended to the Rt. Hon. Phil-
lip, Earle of Pembroke his brother and doth refuse to disengage
your orator from said bonds or to satisfy your orator for dyvers
payments made in respect thereof etc. With answers of John
Ansty, defendant 3 May 1631, Sir John Thorowgood, Knt,
Michaell Oldesworth and Gyles Rowback, Esqre, three of the

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