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defendants 3 May 1631. Torn and partly illegible.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 51.

February 5, 1630. Raphe Coates of Crowdicot in the county
of Derby, taylor, complains that George Goodwyn of Harley in
the county of Derby and Roger Goodwyn of Hordlow, Derby,
yeoman, stood bound to Hvunfrey Johnson late hus-
bandman deceased in the some of £20. Answer of George Good-
win with names attached Richard Goodwyn, Richard Clayton,
George Goodwin, and Richard Bateman.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 11, no. 11.

27 April 163 1 The disclaymer and seuerall answere of John
Palmer one of the defendants to the Bill of Complaint of James
Goodinge, gent, and William Curtis, yeoman, defendants, (sic)
Said defendant saving to himself all advantage etc. and for
answer in so much as concerneth himself saith that William
Hardinge and Israeli Frere in the bill named have not or had in


their custody or possession any writings or extents which would
declare or mayfest any matters in the said bill declared as is
pretended and denyeth that he hath anie waies plotted or com-
byned with the said Hardinge or Frere or that they or anie of
them have stopped upp any of the barres or gates in the said bill
menconed other wise than as this defendant confesseth that about
fifteen years since he was servant to the said William Hardinge
he then a farmer of the said Home meadowe and other the
grounds of the said Frere and that defendant by command of
said Harding did wedge upp the barres of the said meadowe and
said Harding did forbidd said John Thurston to use anie way
or passage through said meadow and said Thurston entreated
leave to pass through said meadow and did give leave to said
Harding for his servants and horses and carte to pass through
the lands of said Thurston for an easier passage to Saxmundham
markett and by such leave said Thurston did at tymes use the
said passage and way. Defendant denieth that he hath at anie
tyme threatened complainants etc. and prayeth to be dismissed,
etc. etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. 50.

29 April 1 63 1 To Rt Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Sir Francis Goodwin of Upper
Winchenden, county Bucks, Knt, and Edward Woodward of Lee
in said county, Esqr. that with Sir William Harrington of Bay-
worth in county Leicester, Knt, deceased, as sureties for the Rt,
Hon. Edward Eale of Bedford, deceased and the Lady Lucy his
wife deceased by bond 10 November, 16 James became bound to
Edward Buncombe of Little Okeley, county Northampton, Esqr.
in i6oo for :£3i5 which said some was not paid and said bond
became forfeited and also became bound to Henry Lucas of
London. Esqr. in i300 for payment of £130 also not paid, said
Harrington, kinsman of said Countess of Bedford, said Earle and
Countess did grant him certain lands in Turnham in said county
Middlesex to pay said debts and about five years since said Har-
rington made his sister the Lady Morrison, widow, his execu-
trix and did leave sufficient to satisfie said debts. But now said
bonds have been put in suite against your orators and said Lady
Morrison doth refuse to satisfie said debts. With answer of
Dame Morrison, widow, dated 3 September 1631.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 49.


6 May 1631. To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwine of Henlie
uppon Thames, county Oxon, on behalf of himself and Abraham
Goodwine his sonne an infant under 21 whose guardian your
orator is. That William Goodwin your orator's father deceased
was seised of one messuage and divers lands etc. etc., in Henlie
upon Thames and did by conveyance assure same to Henrie
Goodwin his youngest sonne and his heires etc. with remaynder
to your orator and his heires etc. etc. and afterwards he died and
the said Henry your orator's brother since being so seised of the
said messuage etc. etc. and as is pretended by fine or otherwise
dis-annulled the estate taile of some part of said premises and
seised of parte of other messuage etc. finding himself weake etc.
about November 1629 made his will and did devise after his
death and the decease of his wife to Abraham your orator's said
sonne the said premises and to your orator and his children other
parcells of land etc. etc. and parte of his personall estate and
appointed Alice his wife executrix and a short time after he
died and the said Alice hath possessed herself of the whole of
the estate of said Henrie and hath gotten the deeds etc. etc. and
doth pretend that same are lost and having since married one
Thomas Shirwood of Compton, county Berks, gent, they the said
Thomas and Alice have suppressed said will and deeds etc. and
do refuse to produce same or to sattisfy your orator on behalf of
his said sonne etc. etc. With answer of Thomas Shirwood, clerk
and Alice his nowe wife, defendants, at Newburie, Berks. 9 June,
7 Chas. L

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 13.

20 May 1 63 1. Complainants Ozias Churchman, citizen and
merchantailor of London, and George Sheppard of London,
grocer, executors of the last will and testament of Andrewe
Ou'ton, late of London, haberdahser, deceased. That whereas
the said Andrewe Ou'ton being executor of the last will and
testament of William Churchman, late of Hungerford, county
Salop, gent., deceased, did about twenty yeares sithence take upon
him the probate and execution of the said will after the death of
the said William Churchman who left behind him two children, a
sonne and a daughter. And did appoint said Andrew Ou'ton
to take the charge and government of the said two children and
to have the education of them, leaving them no greate porcons or


legacies for their further maintenance for your said orator
showeth that the said Mary was not to have any more than ii20
or thereabouts, for her said porcon, which Andrewe Ou'ton
after the death of their said father tooke the said two children
vidett William Churchman the sonne and Mary Churchman the
daughter, nowe the wife of Thomas Tomkies, into his charge of
educacion and brought them up to London where the said An-
drewe Ou'ton lived and to his greate charge and cost etc. did for
many yeares together bringe up the said William Churchman in
the universitie of Oxford and the said Mary in London with him,
to her needle, dauncing and such qualityes beseeming a gentle-
woman etc. in so much that the small porcon shee had was farre
too little to maintaine her, shee being of a greate high spirit and
presuminge much upon the love and favour of the said Andrewe
Ou'ton was inforced to supply the means of her maintainance
out of his own estate, as by the books of accompte belonging to
said Andrewe Ou'ton, now in the hands of orator Ozias Church-
man, as one of the executors of the said Andrewe Ou'ton doth
more plainly appeare. And orator further showeth that the said
Andrewe Ou'ton was seased etc. of some estates of inheritance
of messuage and diuers landes in the county of Salop and being
so seased the said Mary Churchman, nowe the wife of Thomas
Tomkins did so farre prevaile with the said Andrewe Ou'ton,
her unckle, that she procured him to convey or assure the rents
of said messuage, lands etc. etc. unto her selfe, or to her nowe
husband for and untill the remaines of her porcon left her by
her father should bee satisfied with promise to reconvey the same
to him, his heirs etc. when the arrearages should be fully satis-
fied, etc. But so it is that the said Thomas Tomkies and Mary
his wife haveing gott into theire possession the said messuage,
etc. etc. in recompence of her said porcon, and other somes of
money and goodes properly due, and belonging unto the estate of
the said Andrew Ou'ton which your orators ought to paye unto
such of the creditors as have sued your orators at the common
lawe refuse to pay etc.etc. Orators ask that a writ of subpoena
be issued against the said Thomas Tomkies and Mary his wife
citing them to appear before the Court to answer the charge to
show cause etc.etc. Answer to the above bill of complaint is

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 6, no. 3.


21 June 1631 Bill of Complaint of Ralph Goodwyn of Lud-
lowe, county Salop, Esqre. Whereas John Pauncefoote late of
Harfield, county Gloucester, Esqre. and Dorothy his wief hoth
deceased seised in Mannor House called Pauncefootes Court in
Much Cowarne, county Hereford, and so seized hy indenture
dated 12 March, 13 Elizabeth for consideration paid by Robert
Binghell of Whitwick in said county Hereford, gent, deceased
and Elizabeth his wife also deceased with all appurtenances
except one poole of water and the soile thereof lying beneath the
church of Cowarne for tearme of sixty one years which terme
ended 1632 one William Reade of Much Cowarne about four-
teen years past obtained right of said Robert etc. Then about
twelve years Sir Walter Long, Knt, Somersett Fox, Esqr, Charles
Thynne, Esqre and Richard Sellman, gent, then obteyned the
lease and in consideration of £1250 paid by your orator and your
orator so having purchased said premises still in tenancy of said
William Reade yet said Reade refuseth to allow your orator to
enter etc. and your orator not knowing terms of said lease to said
William Reade from said Robert Binghell and Elizabeth is unable
etc. Answer of William Reade, 25 June 1631.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 4, no. 31.

27 June 1631 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Thelveton,
county Norfolk, gent, that Roger Goodwyn, deceased, your
orator's father was in his life time or about the last day of April
1612 at the request of, and for the debt of, Richard Crane late
of Thorndon, county Suffolk, gent, and Richard Crane sonne
and heire apparent of the said Richard did enter into and become
bound with the said Richard the father and Richard the sonne in
one bond of £200 for payment of £105 on 3 November then next
unto Richard Hamond gent, also now deceased and the said
Richard the father or Richard the sonne did pay to the said
Hamond in his lifetime £100 or thereabouts being the principall
but the interest remayning unpaid the said bond 'was uncancelled
in hands of said Hamond and shortly after your orator's father
died and after about sixteen years since the said Richard Hamond
put said bond in suite against your orator and did also proceed
against the said Richard Crane the father and son and obtained
judgement against your orator with a cesset execucion untill the


death of Mary Goodwyn your orator's mother then tennant for
life of the lands of the said Roger the reversion thereof being
to your orator and your orator repaired to said Hamond who
promised that if your orator would procure the said Richard
Crane to be arrested for the said interest due he the said Hamond
would release your orator from the said judgment which your
orator did at great chardge and trouble and the said Crane and
Hamond agreed to a composition and the said Crane was released.
But now said Richard Hamond is dead and John Hamond, gent,
his brother and administrator doth utterly refuse to release your
orator from said judgement and doth threaten your orator etc. etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 46, no. 47.

29 June 1631. Complainant. Ozias Churchman, citizen and
merchant taylor of London, showeth that whereas Joseph Church-
man of Sidbury in the county Salop, gent, your orator's brother
being indebted etc. was inforced to take money of one Edward
Homes, clerke, and for security and repayment thereof the said
Joseph Churchman did lease and demise by way of mortgage to
the said Edward Homes one capitall messuage and divers lands
in Churchstocke in the county of Montgomery, the lands etc. being
worth much more than the said Mr. Homes then paid for the same.
And the said Joseph Churchman about four years now past made
means to your orator to redeem the said lands from the said
Homes likewise from another lease or mortgage held by one
Hugh Powell of Barwick, county Salop, gent. etc. And your
orator further showeth that the said Joseph Churchman being
arrested and imprisoned in the towne of Shrewsbury upon divers
accons of debt and having continued in prison for ye space of
3 yeares, in consideracon of certain disbursements of your orator
in discharging his debts, did promise to ♦demise and lease unto
your orator the said capitall messuage etc. etc. in Churchstock and
likewise one other messuage also in Churchstock in the posses-
sion of one John Hicks, and other lands in the possession of
Richard ap Davie, Richard ap Lewis, and one Morris Powell etc.
etc. and said orator further showeth that Elizabeth Middleton,
now wife of Richard lloyd of Churchstock knowing that orator
had redeemed the said capitall messuage and premises out of the
hands of Mr. Homes and Mr. Powell, and about two years past
repaire vnto Samuell Greeves of Berington, county Salop, clerk.


whom orator had imployed in trust for him to lett and lease the
said lands, desire to become tenant of orator and agreed with the
said Mr. Greeves to hould the same from yeare to yeare at ye
yearly rent of £23 etc. etc. But so it is the said Elizabeth since
the agreement with Mr. Greeves having married and taken to
husband the aforesaid Richard lloyd and they having sold the said
capitall messuage and lands, redeemed, as aforesaid, have suf-
fered and committed much waste and destruction, in and upon
the premises and have fallen or caused to be fallen and cutt
down some died oaks etc etc. And one Thomas Hodgkyns hav-
ing now entered and got into the possession of the said capitall
messuage which the said lloyd beeing then departed from and
having lett the same and hath not given any security for the
fyne or fore rent neither hath hee the said Hodgkyns given any
security and doth further deteyne and keepe the possession
thereat and doth refuse to take any lease thereat from orator or
procure suretye for payment of rent, etc. Orator prays that said
Hodgkins may be compelled by the Court to scale the bonds and
procure security for payment of the fine and rent and that the
Court may grant to orator writs of subpoena durected against
Richard lloyd and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Hodgkyns, John
Hicks and Richard ap Lewis, the defendants in the said com-
manding them to appear and answer all and singular the premises
as mentioned in this bill of complaint. The joint and several
answers of Richard lloyd and Elizabeth his wife two of the
defendants in the above bill of complaint of Ozias Chruchman,
complainant. Recapitulation of much of the above and denials
etc. The answers of the other defendants in the said suit are

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 52, no. 47.

22 October 1631. Answer of Phillip, Earle of Pembroke and
Montgomery, Lord Chamberlaine of his Maities Household and
Member of the P. C, to Bill of Complaint of Sir Frances Good-
wyn, Knt., complainant. Doth not know of what disabilitie late
Rt. Hon. Edward, Earle of Bedford about seventeen years since
had to manage his estate or what authoritie he did give to the
Lady Lucie, late Countess of Bedford, his then wife or did
mortgage said lands. Deeds etc. etc. Thinketh it true that said
Earle of Bedford was seised in said Mannor of Moore and having


occasion to use monies did take up same at interest of Sir Pawle
Baringe, Knt, after Lord Barringe and did for security convey
said manor to said Lord Baringe as Rt. Hon. William, late Earle
of Pembroke, deceased this defendant's brother deceased did
about June 1626 contract to take up said mortgage and convey-
ance of same was made with consent of said Countess of Bed-
ford to the said Earl of Pembroke, Lord Steward and John
Thorowgood the Esqre and now Knt, servant to the said Earle
of Pembroke and same was sett over to Michael Owldsworth
and Gyles Rowbushe also his servants in trust for said William,
Earle of Pembroke and after did borow a greate some of said
Lord Barringe and for security did convey said monies to certain
persons named by said Lord Baringe with condition of repayment.
But whether the said Henry Lawcas and Edward Woodward
menconed M'ere feofees of the said Manor of Meare in trust for
said Earle of Bedford and did make any lease of same to the said
Sir Henry Baker, Sir Thomas Smith, and Sir Richard Smith,
Knts, defendant knoweth nor or that complainant had ever any
estate in said mannor or that if he had doth believe that com-
plainant did surrender same etc Doth not know that complain-
ant or Lord Morley or Edward Woodward were trusted with any
lands etc. the inheritance of the late Lord Harrington deceased or
that complainant ever received the profits of said lands etc. or

whether William Terry, John Goldwell and John C

ever had said lease. Believe that a great parte of the personall
estate of said Earl of Bedford was by law committed to one John
Anstie who did grant same to this defendant's brother whence
same descended to this defendant Prays to be released etc Fur-
ther answer of John Anstey, gent, defendant.

Chancery Proceedings, G, bundle 25, no. 47.

26 November (1631 ?). To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Sir Frances Goodwin of
Over Winchenden, county Bucks, Knight, Edward Woodward of
Upton, county Bucks, Esquire and Edward Buncombe of Little
Oakley in county Northampton, Esqr. That your orators with
Sir W^illiam Harrington of Twickenham, county Middlesex, Knt,
by obligation dated 18 May, 20 James became bound to one
Thomas Chapman, Esqre. in £400 for payment of i2io on the 20
November next ensuing and after about Trinity terme, i Charles,
the said bond was put in suite against your orators and Sir Wil-



Ham Harrington and about Easter or Trinitie terme, 2 Charles,
seuerall iudgements were obteyned against your orators and their
sureties whereuppon your orators did sattisfie the said debt with
interest, costs, etc. and had the said bond deHvered upp. But
now your orators have at dyvers times desired to have satisfaccon
acknowledged on record but could not get the same to be done by
the said Thomas Chapman in his lifetime neither by Charles
Yeomans his executor etc. Prays that writt may be issued to
shew cause why said satisfaccon should not be acknowledged.
With answer of Charles Yeomans defendant 9 December (1621 ?)
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 30, no. 2.

26 April 1632. Complainants Thomas Hopkins of Hearnehill,
county of Kent, yeoman and Dennys his wife, relict and execu-
trix of the last will and testament of Robert Chruchman, late of
Hearnehill, potmaker, deceased, your orators being guardians
unto Richard Churchman the surviving sonne and heire of the
said Robert. Show that whereas the said Robert Churchman
was seized etc 21 May 1624 of one messuage etc. in Hearnehill
whereupon one work house and one pott kiln was erected by the
said Robert which premises said Robert had purchased of
Thomas Giles and Ann his wife. And orators show further that
the said Robert in his will date 21 May 1624 did devise the said
messuage to Dennys his wife for the term of her natural life and
at her death to go to his two sons Richard Churchman and
Thomas Churchman and their heirs forever. Shortly after
making the said will the said Robert Churchman died and the said
Dennys entered into possession etc. and being thereof seized for
life did marry your orator Thomas Hopkins after which marriage
your orator did demise the said mesuage etc. to Philip Drinkel
and Edward Cornefore both of Hearnehill, potmakers, for the
yearly rent of £5. But so it is the said Philip Drinker and
Edward Corneford having gotten into their hands both partes
of the said lease have denied to pay your orator any rent but
have confederated themselves with one Robert Bonyer of Bulinge
in the countie of Kent, laborer and have made divers fraudulent
oathes etc. with intent to defraud your orator etc. The complain-
ants petition the Court to summons the said Philip Drinke,
Edward Corneford, and Robert Bonyer to appear and answer
the premise.


27 April 1632. The joint and several answers of Philipp
Drinker, Edward Corneford and Robert Bonier, defendants to
the bill of complaint of Thomas Hopkins and Dennys his wife,
the relict and executrix of the last will and testament of Robert
Churchman, gardian in seisage unto Richard Churchman the
surviving son and heir of the said Robert Churchman, complain-
ants. Denials etc. etc. Mentions Thomas Eyles and Ann his wife
and Wilham Bailie.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, H, bundle 39, no. 9.

29 November 1631. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Godwyn D.D. that
Dauid Phillipp of Trellenny in the parish of Matherne, county
Monmouth, was seised of certene lands etc. in the parishes of
Mounton and Chepstow in said county and so seised in considera-
tion of £140 borrowed of one Thomas Hackett in the county of
Gloucester, gent, did convey same to said Hackett with condition
of redemption and said Phillipps perceaving of his inability to
redeem same, came to one Thomas Phillipps his brother, then
servant to your orator, to entreate your orator to provide the
said £140 and did promise that the said lands should be settled
on the said Thomas your orator's sonne and your orator should
have security thereon and your orator did borrowe the said £140
of one Thomas Barkley and others and gave bonds for payment
thereof and did deliver the said monies to the said Thomas and
Dauid Phillips or to the said Hackett for his use yet the said
Dauid doth delay to make said assurance to your orator or the
said Thomas. But now the said Dauid and Thomas have made
dyvers secret estates of said premises etc. and do refuse to make
any satisfaccon to your orator albeit your orator hath been at
great charge for interest etc. on said £140 etc. etc. With answer
of Dauid Phillips defendant.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 32, no. 73.

24 January 1631. To Rt. Plon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn of Westwich,
county Norfolk, that your orator about 5 Aprill last became bound
unto Peter Knife and Thomas Giles of Westwinch, yeoman, in
one bond of £50 to pay towards the maintenance of John the
bastard sonne of Susan Browne untill he shall attaine the age of


12 yeares if he soe long live the some of sixteen pence weekly.
But now your orator having paid £3 viz. 40s. by the appointment
of said Kimpe and Giles to the overseers of the poore at West-
winch and 20s. unto Robert Bate, clerk, of said parish towards the
maintenance of said childe yet because the said somes were not
paid weekly and in the church porch of Westwinch the said
Kimpe and Giles have commenced a suite at lawe upon the said
bond intending to recover the penalty thereof albeit your orator
hath offered to pay all the arrearages if any there be of the said
i6d. weekly and your orator hath no remedie etc. etc. With
answer of Peter Kimpe and Thomas Giles defendants, 9 April,
8 Charles that at quarter sessions about said tyme said Goodwyn
was adjudged to be the reputed father of said bastard that said
minister is deceased and complainant hath no authority to pay
any monies to him etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 55.

Jan 1 63 1 Bond and Engrossment. Answer and demurrer of
Pawle Godwin, Doctor of Dyvinitie, one of defendants to bill
of Robert Robotham, Doctor of Dyvinitie, complainant. Saith
true it is that complainant married Frances eldest daughter of
Frauncis, Lord Bishop of Hereford, and that said Lord Bishop
having use of moneys did desire this defendant to be suretie for
him for payment of f 100 to one William Bull of Welles, gent,
now deceased, if said iioo could be procured of said WilHam
Bull which was done and thereupon obligacion of £200 for pay-
ment of £100 sealed for use of said Bull was delivered to this
defendant to scale and upon request of said Bishop and complain-
ant he did deliver as his act and deed. And thereupon this
defendant short time after did receive but whether full sum of
iioo doth not know now. But defendant saith that whatever
sum he at any time received by reason of said bond he fully

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