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delivered either to said Bishop or to complainant (being then
imploid by him in his affairs) and did not detaine any part thereof.
And defendant denieth that he ever undertook to procure and
take up of said William Bull said iioo and defendant further saith
that he hath heard that complainant since his managing said
Bishops affairs and undertaking to discharge his debts hath
satisfied some part of said moneys to Elianor Bull, widow, execu-
trix of said William Bull deceased, but how much knoweth not.


But this defendant hath been arrested by said Ehanor Bull for
this debt and this defendant then received from Lord Bishop and
complainant several judgements on behalf of said Elianor Bull
and so secured this defendant from anie molestacon. Defendant
doth not deny that he ever desired said complainant to pay for
him as Prebendarie of Moorton and Waddon belonging to
Cathedral Church of Hereford sum of £3. 12s. od. and whereas
by bill of complaint it appeareth that said complainant did appoint
this defendant to receive for him £500 of one Mr. Clegge and
to pay over same to Mrs. Susan Godwin, now wife to said Lord
Bishop, this defendant answers, charges not true. At Welles,
Somerset 16 January 6 Chas. L

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, R, bundle 9, no. 8.

20 January 1631 To Rt. Hon. Lord Coventrie etc. Com-
plainant. Joseph Becke of Ham, county Bucks, yeoman, that
Robert Becke late father deceased was seised of messuage in
Ham parish of Waddesdon, county Bucks and Sir Frances Good-
wyn of Winchendon, county Bucks, knight, lord of manor, your
orator's said father in or about the 4 year Charles L agreed to
pay i220 to said Sir Frances should convey said messuage etc. to
said Robert Becke and heirs etc. and did pay greater part etc.
and died 14 December last leaving your orator son and heir and
your orator hath paid residue and he Sir Francis hath conveyed
to persons unknown to your orator said messuage etc. 4 July
163 1. Answer of Sir Francis Goodwyn, knt. manor of Westcott,
Bucks, said Robert Becke employed one Francis Steevens, clerk
unto Sir Richard Moore, knight, etc. and an obligacon for defend-
ant to be bound to save the Lady Sandes concerning her joynture
etc. and lease to one Alcock etc. until death of complainant's said
father one Sharpe etc. Ann and Rebecca two of daughters of
said Robert Becke, said Ann being married unto one William
Henderson to have £100 and said complainant plotting said that
his sister Temperance being somewhat simple yet whom her
father loved most of them all etc. late Earl and Countess of B.
(faded) and one Mr. Edward Duncombe one of servants of said
Earl etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 123, no. 35.


23 January 163 1. To Rt. Hon. Lord Coventry, Complainant,
Elizabeth Chamberlaine of Toft, county Cambridge, widow,
relict and administratrix of Thomas Chamberlaine, late of King-
ston said county, Esqre. deceased. That whereas the said
Thomas Chamberlaine about 2 Charles I. became indebted to John
Paske and William Overton of Cambridge, drapers, for £100 in
stuffs taken on trust of said John Paske, and William Overton 3
July 3 Charles I. became bounden for £200 not paid and said
Thomas Chamberlaine being seised of jMannor of Kingston said
county bargained and sold the said manor to John Crane of Cam-
bridge, gent, and said John Crane fearing encumbrancee did
retain £1000 out of payment etc. etc. and about two years past
said Thomas Chamberlaine having sold all lands and died intes-
tate leaving to said executrix five small children and estate about
£790, now said John Paske died and said William Overton sur-
viving hath put said bond in suit. And your oratrix further
sheweth that whereas said Thomas Chamberlaine about 17 James
I did become bound to one Thomas Goodwyne of Toft aforesaid,
yeoman, in some of £8 and £4 to be paid on March next 18
James I. etc. £12 on 19 James I, and £14 in all £70, and the said
Thomas Goodwyn made his will and appointed one Richard
Goodwyn of Toft, yeoman, his executor and said Thomas Good-
wyn did hire certain grounds of mannor of Kingston etc, said
Richard Goodwyn being son and executor of said Thomas Good-
wyn prays to be released etc. etc. Answer of Richard Goodwyn,
defendant, 4 February 1631 did not know that Thomas Chamber-
laine was seised of manor of Kingston but believed that Sir
Thomas Dakers was seised thereof for that he this defendant and
Richard Pecke and Thomas Wailer( ?) and Richard Euersee(?)
hired of said Sir Thomas Dakers parcell of said mannor paying to
said Sir Thomas Dakers or to Air. Golleit( ?). Defendant denyeth
that he hired any grounds of said Thomas Chamberlaine or that
said Thomas paid to Thomas Goodwyn any sums towards dis-
charging debts etc. etc

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 15, no. 41.

26 April 1632. To The Right Honourable Thomas, Lord
Coventry, Lord Keeper etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of James
Goodwyn thelder, gent, one of the clerks of George Evelyn,


Esquire, one of the six clerks of the High Court of Chancery.
That Wilham Bacon of Blakenham, county Suffolk, gent, about
midsommer last was twoe yeares desiring to take a fearme of
your orator in IMartleshame in said county Suffolk then in occu-
pation of one Robert Dameron and it was agreed that the said
Bacon should enter the same at a rent of £41 a yeare and cer-
tain porcons of said lands etc. being coppiehold it was agreed to
make a lease of one yeare only with condicion for payment of
said rent etc. and the said Bacon entered the said farme etc. and
settled Robert Bacon his eldest sonne therein and enioyed the
same for about two years and the sayd William payed the first
half years rent saue los, and also the next half yeares rent saue
los. and the said Bacon did not acquaint your orator with anie
intention of leaving but paid the next half yeares rent saue los.
at a date after the date due in the said agreement and meeting
your orator at Ipswitch blamed his said sonne for not paying
the said rent sooner etc. etc. and conteynewed the tannant of
said premises untill the feast of St. Michaell last, when your orator
hearing that the said Bacon meant to leave the said farme and
had hired another farme in Marton in the said county off of one
Sir Richard Brooke, knight, your orator expected to receive the
halfe yeares rent then due with the arrearages etc.etc. But now
said William and Robert conspiring to defraud your orator have
conveyed away all their goodes with intent to defeate your orator
for distrayning and have also conveyed away certain doors etc.
etc. and do refuse to pay your orator the said rent due etc. etc.
With answer of William Bacon, gent. 2 May 1632.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 39, no. 25.

I May 1632 Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Mar-
ham, county Norfolk, etc. the younger, plowright and Bridgett
his wife the sole daughter and heire of Joseph Barwicke late of
Narborough in said county deceased. Said Joseph about twenty
years since seised of a messuage and lands in Marham 20 acres
part freehold and part copiehold and Robert Taime late of Swaff-
ham in said county, yeoman, nowe deceased and Bridget his wife
at the same time also seised in right of said Bridget of a mes-
suage etc. in Narborough and other lands etc. in same containing
30 acres held of the IMannor of Graces by custom of said mannor
now in occupation of Nicholas Oxburgh of Narborough, yeoman.


and Robert Oxburgh his sonne etc. and so seised the said Robert
Tanne and Bridget for consideration paid by said Barwicke and
conveyance of his said messuage in Marham to said Robert and
Bridget and did soon after pay £50 and make said conveyance but
before surrender could be made to the cort of said Mannor of
Graces of said messuage in Narborough, said Joseph dyed leav-
ing only yssue your said oratrix, she then of the age of one month
or thereabouts, and soon after said Nicholas Oxburgh did inter-
marry with Katheryn Barwick the widow, mother of your said
oratrix and said Nicholas and Katheryn during the education
bringing up of your oratrix intreated said Robert and Bridget for
a conveyance of said messuage as agreed etc. with your said ora-
trixes father she then being an infant of aboute one yeare which
said Robert was willing to doe but said Nicholas with intent to
defraud your said oratrix, your oratrix was not menconed in said
deed and said Nicholas having yssue by said Katherine the said
Robert Oxburgh about eight years since the said Katherine died
your oratrix not then being of age and your oratrix now lately
having come to the age of 21, and your orator having lately mar-
ried your said oratrix, your orator has in a friendly way intreated
said Nicholas to deliuer up said messuage etc. which he utterly
refuseth etc. With answer of defendants.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6, no. 14.

13 November 1632. To the Right Honourable, Thomas, Lord
Coventry, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Hugh Godwyn of
Stanley of parish of Chippenham in county Wilts, yeoman, that
Joseph Batten of Stanley, weaver, on 14 September last was
seised of a tenement etc called Purtons hold and divers lands
etc. etc. of the Mannor of Stanley for life by Coppy of Court Roll
and importuned your orator to buy said estate and with consent
of Sir Edward Baynton of Bromham in said county. Knight, lord
of said mannor agreement was made that said Batten should
surrender said lands etc., etc. to be granted to your orator, your
orator to forbeare any benfitt thereof, except two grounds parcell
thereof then in your orator's occupation untill the feast of The
Annunciation following and should pay said Batten and should
pay certain somes at dates specified and on same date there was
an agreement between your orator and said Sir Edward Baynton
that at the next courte after said surrender should grant the said


tenement and lands etc. to your orator for life and your orator
should pay £5 in earnest and £95 more at the said nexte courte
and note in writing was made and sealed etc. according to the said
agreement. Except that mention of the earnest money was not
made etc. and said earnest money was paid 40s. to Batten and £5
to Baynton and on 5 October last a court was holden and your
orator paid said £95. But the said Batten to defraud your orator
of the said 40s. and all benefitt of said estate and now refuseth
to surrender said lands etc. and absented himself and said Sir
Edward Baynton could not grant said tenement etc. to your orator
albeit said Sir Edward was ready to have done the same and doth
still refuse albeit your orator hath paid the said somes of 50s,
£5 and £95 but to provide said moneys hath sold divers goods
and cattells at unseasonable rate and at great losse etc. With
answer of Joseph Batten, defendant.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 21, no. 42.

13 November 1632. Complaint of Robert Kemp of Chenston,
county Hereford, esquire. That whereas Edward Kemp late of
Whitborne said county Hereford, esquire, deceased, father of
your orator was seised of freehold in divers mannors, rectories,
lands, tenements etc. near townes of Almeley als Almeby and
Estnor in Hereford and Ichistwell, county Southton, which the
said Edward Kemp did hold by lease for lives whereof some still
living and said Edward Kemp by his will, 8 February 161 3, did
devise all same tenements etc. to your orator and did constitute
said (sic) Eliza Kemp sole executrix who executed same and
about August 161 5 said Edward Kemp died soe seised and said
Eliza Kemp did convey all said lands etc. to William Jefferies of
Doncastle, county Worcester, esqre and Edward Badley of Lon-
don esqre and John Hoskins late of Sedbury, county Hereford,
Doctow of Lawe, deceased, as trustees for raising iiooo after
her decease to be paid to John Smyth late of Bullingham, county
Hereford, deceased, if he were then living, if not then to said
children provided if after said Eliza's decease your orator should
pay iiooo to said trustees to use of John Smith or children that
then remainder of leases to come to your orator and shortly after
said Eliza Kemp made her will and W^illiam Jefiferies executor
and about February, 4 Charles I. died and said Jefferies did get
into his custody said indenture and all leases of said Edward


Kemp and entered into all the manners etc. and hath and doth
receive all rents etc. and your orator cannot procure etc. Your
orator gave notice to said William Jefferies lo June 163T that
would pay what was not paid of £1000 and William Jefferies
answered that they were only parties in trust and would receive
same and your orator tendered said £1000 to him and requested
leases and accounts and said William Jefferies refused and your
orator about August 1632 communicated with one Francis Pem-
ber, Citty of Hereford, esqre, about sealing unto him said lease
and agreed your orator should sell said lease to said Pember and
said Pember paid as part £100 being sold at six years purchase,
but no money paid to your orator by said Pember in connection
of consideration of lease and your orator compelled to enter into
being with one Lewis Powell his surety in obligacion of £1000
and your orator did about same time contract with one Charles
Godwin of Whitborne, county Hereford, gent, to sell unto him
said lease of Estnor and to enter unto him obligacion of £1000.
Said Pember and said Godwin having commenced suite combina-
tion between said Pemberton, Goodwin, and Jefferies to take
advantage of your orator etc. Bond, engrossment. Answer of
Charles Godwin, 4 May, sayeth that said Eliza Kemp had no
right to convey premises that complainant had all estate remain-
ing etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 8, no. 13.

13 November 1632. The further answeare of Samuell Good-
wyn one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Christian
Phillippes, widow, complainant not acknowledging his former
answeare to be defective etc. etc. and that it is impossible for him
to answeare the matter of trust more fully sayeth that Ralph Hogh
did at plaintiff's direction assigne the messuage etc. to Marcell
Rivers and this defendant. But for what trust this defendant
knoweth not because neither complainant nor said Hugh did
expresse any trust concerninge the same. But because this
defendant was to have £20 per annum out of the premises both
by agreement with plaintiff's husband in his life time and by the
plaintiff's promise after his decease this defendant believes said
assignment was made for security for said £20 and for benefit of
plaintiff as to the overplus etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle i, no. 57.


25 November 1632. Answer of John Skipp, clerk, one of the
defendants to bill of complaint of William Goodwyn, Grace
Eacock, Richard Thurston, Richard Bond, complainants. Doth
not knowe wether his brother Thomas Skipp did owe any parte
of the monies menconed in said bill but that he was seised of the
Rectories and other things etc. menconed etc. 22 November 1632
Answer of Frances Skipp the younger to said bill. That she
doth not know that Richard Skipp as suretie to Thomas Skipp
was bound to said complainants but believes that said Thomas at
his decease was much indebted and that said Richard as his sure-
tie was much engaged and suffered imprisonment etc. Thomas
Skipp Sonne and heire of said Thomas, said Thomas Skipp at time
of his decease was indebted to this defendant etc. Doth now
believe said Thomas was seised of said lands etc. Answer of
Frances Skipp, widdowe, one of the defendants to said com-
plainant's. Believes that her said sonne Thomas was much
indebted at time of his decease also to this defendant in various
bonds etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 3, no. 56.

5 December 1632. Complainant Sir John Howell of Wrotham,
county Kent, knight, that whereas Rt. Rev. Father, Walter,
Bishop of Rochester was seised of all lands etc. in Trottescliffe,
county Kent called West Park and did by indenture 16 Novem-
ber, 5 Charles L did let unto James Godden of Trottescliffe,
county Kent, yeoman, said lands during natural lives of said
James Goodwin and Henrie Goodwin sonne and heir of said
James Godden and of James Gooden son of said James Gooden
for 40s. yearly and said James Gooden and 19 March last for
fioo did lease said lands and said James Gooden of Trottes-
cliffe had before i.e. 15 December, 6 Charles L made lease of said
lands to one William Scudder for ten years and your orator
entered into treaty for purchase of said lease and said William
Scudder for iioo paid on 18 January next did by indenture 17
May last grant residue of terme of ten years. And now James
Gooden the father and Henry Gooden of the Courtlodge in
Trottescliffe and James Gooden gent, his sonne having gotten
possession of original lease and will put your orator out of pos-
session etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 4, no. 16.


4 February 1632 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn of Kingsby
in county Stafford, weaver that Raph Goodwyn, deceased, your
orator's late grandfather was seised in a messuage and lands
etc. in Gayton in said county and having three sonnes, viz.
Thomas his eldest, William his second, and Raph Goodwyn his
third Sonne did by indenture convey same to his use for life and
after to the use of said Raph his youngest son his heires etc. in
default to said Thomas his sonne and dyed and the said Raph
entred and after the said Thomas died leaving your orator his
sonne and heire and after the said Raph dyed without heires and
said premises did remayne to your orator as heire of the said
Thomas and your orator entered and ought to have enjoyed same.
But now Roger Heath, John Heath his sonne, John Cooke, Hum-
frey Cowdall, Elizabeth St. Andrews, widdow i Hat-
ford, gent, and ffrancis his wife, Henry Goodwyn, Margaret
Dowlar, widow, Dorothy Fowlar, widdow, Roger Dawson, George
Webb and others combyning to defraude your orator have gotten
the deeds of said premises and deny your orator's tytle to said
premises and have taken the profitts thereof for dyvers yeares
and refuse to make satisfaction etc. With answer of Elizabeth
St. Andrews, widdow, Roger Heath, John Heath, John Cooke,
and Humfrey Cowdall, five of the defendants, 17 April 1633.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 25.

II May 1633 To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper, etc.. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of the
citty of Norwich, gent, that about November 1631 did demise to
one William Spincke of the said citty the Inne called the White-
horse in the parish of St. Martyns at Pallace in said city with the
stables etc. etc. and playhouse adioyning. Except such part as your
orator did lett to one William Alderson, vintner, for one yeare and
from yeare to yeare so long as both should agree paying £30 yearly
and if the players should come down and use the said playhouse at
any time during any one yeare then said Spincke should pay for
use thereof £5 besides the said £30 and if said Spincke should
goe out of the said Inne he should give a halfe yeares warning
and that the said Spincke should furnish the said Inne with
thirty feather beds and householde stuffe etc. etc. and the said
Spincke at Christmas 1631 entered and held the same untill Feb-


ruary or March 1632 and albeit your said Spincke did neither |

furnish the said Inne with above five bedds nor with sufficient j

other household stuffe etc. and albeit the players came down in i

the sommer tyme in the said yeare and made use of the said play- j

house to the benefitt of the said Spincke of above twenty marks '

(20) and gave not any notice of his departure yett while you said j

orator was in London he secretly ranne awaye out of the said I

house and carried away divers goodes and stooles of your orator's i

but also denyed to pay your orator any rent or to sett forth what j

goods he had conveyed away and both he and his wife disgraced !

the said Inne whereby your orator could not lett said Inn for soe '

muche and did drive away said Alderson etc. to the damage to '

your orator of iioo and over etc. etc. With answer of William j

Spinke and Mary his wife defendants, i June, 9 Charles. |

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 31, no. 14. '


15 May 1633 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord j
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of Chelmesford, j
county Essex, goldsmith that Edward Carding of Friering in I
said county, chairemaker, and Jane his wife were about Aprill j
1 63 1 seised in right of said Jane in one messuage in Ingatestone i
value £24 per annum and reversion of £8 after the death of Wil-
liam Marsh and your orator agreed with said Carding that he ;
said Carding should efifect a surrender of same to use of such as '
your orator should nominate for good consideration paid and i
said Carding became bound to your orator for performance etc.
and your orator having said purchase money ready did often
require said Carding to performe his said covenant which said ;
Carding hath refused unless your orator would pay him i20 more i
and combyning with one Christopher Nailer of Felsted in said 1
county and Thomas Nailer of Blackmore his brother to disap- j
point your orator etc. With answer of Christopher Nailer,
defendant, 17 May 1633 and Edward and Jane Carding two |
defendants 22 May 1633. ;
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 51. I

28 May 1633. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord |

Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Egburie, |
county Southampton, yeoman. That Thomas Nalder als Noulder

having by his labours gotten certeyne monies about December, j


7 Charles came to your orator and offered to give him certaine
monies if your orator would give him security for payment of the
use thereof, so long as said Nalder was able to work, your orator
then after to finde and provide for said Nalder meate drinke etc.
etc. so long as hee lived and would give your orator said monies
at tyme of his death and said Nalder brought to your orator about
£40 and your orator together with one John Legatt and Samuell
Broadhead became bound to said Nalder in bond of £70 with
condicion to pay £46 at a certain day etc. etc. But said Nalder
behaving himself ill in your orator's house your orator's wife
perswaded your orator to repay said monies she knowing the
termes etc. etc. but your orator would not pay said moneys untill
he had the said bond etc. etc. Said Nalder prepared a general
release and received said monies and did promise to bring said
bond etc. and shortly after said Nalder died and did not deHver
said bond which has since come into the hands of one Phillipp
Butler and Margery his wife, the said Margery, your orator
thinketh, being sister and administratrix of said Nalder and com-
bining with Richard Gardener of Newbury in county Berks,
husbandman, said Gardener brought his suite against said John
Legatt and caused him to be arrested and said Legatt pleaded
the release dated 23 January, 7 Charles, and said Butler denied
it was the deed of said Nalder but jurie decided it was his deed.
But now the said Defendants doe prosecute an action in Kings
Bench against your orator in said bond etc. etc. With answer of
Phillip Butler and Margery his wife and Richard Gardener,

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 19, no. 54.

8 July 1633. Complaint of Peter Woman of Clarkenwell,
county Middlesex, baker. That about twenty years last past first
began and hath since continued occupation of baker and hath
maintained himself wife and family and hath occasion to buy
much wheat for making bread. And whereas one Edwarde
Goodwyn of Dorkin, county Surrey, having for many years been
farmer and seller of wheat to bakers dwelling in or near Cittie of
London wishing to gain more profits etc. did about ten years
since sell to your orator grain to be paid at future time at rates
to be prized by him amounting to £40 and said wheat was musty
etc. and your orator lost many customers and for payment of


same entered into three bonds, and having paid said sumes and
said Goodwyn privately promising to deliver up said bonds, your
orator was drawn into obligacion November, 7 Charles I. for

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 23 of 44)