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weekly payment of 2od. during life time of your orator's wife and
your orator of this hath paid £7 at several times etc. etc. and
became bound i November, 8 Charles I. etc and did pay etc. etc.
and said Edwarde Goodwyn did privately promise to extend day
of payment etc. But said Goodwyn denyeth said promises and
your orator having been lately visited by extensive sickness hath
failed in his payments and the said Edwarde Goodwyne hath com-
menced several suites etc. etc. 13 July 1633 Answer of Edward
Goodwine, gent. Denyes that he wrested undue profits. That
his wheate was sweet and clean and that said complainant did
pay several sums parcells of said £40 and 16 October, 7 Charles
I. did make release to said complainant of all matters between
them etc. during the life of Dorothy the then and now wife of
said complainant etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 59, no. 31.

26 October 1633. Complainants Ozias Churchman, and John
Rowley of London, marchants, executors of the last will and
testament of William Rowley, late of London, marchante,
deceased, who in his life time was lawfully possessed of divers
goods marchandizes and somes of money to the value of £4000
in Leefeland within the Dominion of the kinge of Sweeden, in
the partes beyond the sea. Showe that in the month of July 1631
said orator John Rowley being then in Leefeland aforesaid did
lay out part of the said money in buyeing of sixety eight last of
tarre for the accompt of said orator Ozias Churchman then and
yett resideing in London which by the direcion of said John
Rowley was shipped by one Robert Williams at Burgs in Finland
in the partes beyond the sea in a shipp whereof one Daniell
Hurrey was then master, and consigned to orator Ozias Church-
man, and upon the arrival of the consignment in London said
Ozias Churchman payed the said shippmaster £150 for the fraight
of the said consignment But neither of the said orators being
free of the Eastland Company (who by theire charter have the
sole trade from those countries of ffinland and Leefeland) and
soe were not inabled to land the tarre in theire owne names, the
•said Ozias Churchman requested Robert Key of London, mer-


chant, being one of the said Eastland Company and having at
that time twenty five last of tarre in the said shipp for his owne
accompte, to take upon him the ownershipp of your orators said
fifty eight lasts etc. etc. and to land the same with his owne to
the intent only to prevent the seizure thereof by the said com-
pany, which the said Robert Key did and further without any
order or direction of your orator sould the said consignment of
orator with some of his own unto one Lawrence Lee of London,
Salter, who the next morning after refused the bargain, pre-
tending that he was deceived therein etc.etc. Suit is to recover
damages etc.etc. and the said Robert Key, together with one
Peter Key, sonne of the said Robert, and Thomas Cudworth
are named as defendants. Other names mentioned in the bill of
complaint are Nicholas Kilner, woolen draper, dwelling in Grace
Church Street, London, Charles Adland, haberdasher, Coleman
Street, London, Mr. Justice Hutton, Mr. Justice Jones, Mr.
Justice Crooke and Roger Hornblow. Answer of Thomas Cud-
worth one of the defendants to the above bill of complaint of
Ozias Churchman and John Rowley. Answer of Peter Key to
said bill of complaint Answer of Robert Key to said bill of
complaint. The second and further answer of Robert Key.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 14, no. 37.

8 February 1633 Bill of Complaint of William Godwyne, the
younger, of Milton in the county of Somerset, yeoman that
about three years past did enter into a treatie with one Edward
Barlowe of Wells in said County, yeoman, concerning a marriage
to be had between your orator and one Cicilia Barlowe, daughter
of said Edward, and said Barlowe did promise your orator that
he would give your orator, as much as William Godwine thelder
of Milton aforesaid, your orator's father, would bestowe and
your orator's said father standeth seised of certain lands of the
yearly value of £8 in Faringdon in said county and in lands in
Charlton in said county £15 per annum and other lands which
with the aforesaid amount to iioo per annum or thereabouts
and your orator as heire apparent said lands ought to descend
etc. and the said Barlowe knowing your orator's father would
assure on said marriage certain lands well worth £300 and the
foresaid possibilities by descent etc. did press your orator to
hasten his said marriage and he would make his daughter's


porcon equall etc. and your orator about two years since did
marrye said Cecilia and your orator's father did assure to your
orator lands to the value of i300. But now said Barlowe doth
denye to give anything towards the support of your orator and
his wief and whereas said Barlowe did deliuer the some of £8
to your orator which he did pretend was part of said porcon and
which was used in childbed yet now said Barlow doth pretend
that said £8 was only lent to your orator and doth threaten an
action at lawe for recovery of said £8 etc. With answer of
Edward Barlowe, defendant, 12 April, 10 Charles at Wells.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 41.

7 May 1634. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Ewin Goodwyn of Geddinge
in county Suffolk, clerke, that Robert Page late of Geddinge,
yeoman, deceased father of Margarett Page, now wife of com-
plainant, was seised in the Mannor of Geddinge and in the
messuage called Geddinge Hall with dyvers lands etc. in Ged-
dinge of valewe of £100 per annum and being indebted to
dyvers persons in somes amounting to £240 and desiring to pay
same and secure a mayntenance for himself and his seven chil-
dren Phillipp his eldest son, William, Alice Agnes, Frances,
Joane and said Margarett did about thirty years since grant
said Phillipp the said mannor messuage etc, the said Phillipp
to pay said debts and £300 more for benefitt of said Robert Page
and his heirs and for the mayntenance and preferment of his
said children and said Phillipp did about May 14 James, convey
by way of mortgage to said Robert certain closes etc. for pay-
ment of said £300 for security of payment of same and said
Robert in default of payment did enter into said closes and said
Robert for preferment of your said oratrix and in consideration
of certain debts of £60 owing to one Thomas Gulinge and £60
to William Page and to Alyce her sister, now wife of Robert
Turner, and to Robert Turner and John Turner his sonnes and to
Frances her sister, now wife of Leonard Taylor, clerke and
to Thomas Page her grandchild and to Anthony Smythe, sone
to her sister Anne Smythe, and to her daughter Smyth and to
Thomas Button in all £200, he the said Robert did convey said
closes to this complainant Margarett in performance of said debts
etc and your orators did become bound for performance of same


and said bond is now come into the hands of WilHam Page who
doth deteyne the same albeit your orators have satisfied some
of said debts and have given bonds and security for others and
also doth clayme an interest in said closes and doth threaten
your orators with an accon for trespass etc. against William
Polyn tennant to your orators and combyning with one John
Page, George Bacon, William Brewster and Raphe Waller
witnesses to said deed which now the said William and John
Page have gotten into their hands and refuse to deliver to your
orators etc. With answer of John Page one of the defendants.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 17, no. 62.

7 May 1634. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of complaint of Ewyn Goodwyn of Geddinge
in county Suffolk, clerke, that Robert Page late of Gedding,
yeoman, deceased father of Margarett Page, wife of complainant,
was seised in the Mannor of Geddinge and in the messuage called
Gedding Hall with other lands etc. appertaining and being
indebted to dyvers persons in £240 and willing to have same
satisfied and for the raising of a some for mayntenance during
his life and for the preferment of his children viz. Phillip, Wil-
liam, Alice, Agnes, Frances, Johan, and Margarett did about
thirty yeares since grant to the said Phillip the said mannor,
messuage, lands etc. he to pay the said debts and £300 more and
the said Phillip for security of said £200 did mortgage certain
closes to said Robert the father and for failure of said payment
said Robert Page did enter and said Robert for preferment of
said Margarett and in consideration of the payment of certain
somes of money to Thomas Girling and to William (Page?) one
of the defendants in this suit. To Alice his sister, wife of Robert
Turner. To Robert Turner his son and John Turner his sonne.
To Francis her sister, nowe wife of Leonard Tayler, clerke. To
Thomas Page her grandchild and to Anthony Smyth, sonne to
her sister Anne Smyth, and to her daughter Smyth and to
Thomas Button in all i2oo after death of said Robert hee the
said Robert hy deeds 20 January, 17 James did convey said closes
to said Margarett and said Margarett became bound in £200
to pay said monies and performe said covenant which said
indenture and bond is come into the handes of William Page
who doth detayne same and refuse to deliver same to your orator


and said Robert Page about a yere since dyed and since the
said Margarett and complainant have sattisfied said Girhng and
others and the said Wilham hath combined with one John Page
of Woolport, county Suffolk, to defraud your orator and hath
contrived divers deeds etc. etc. and hath entered said lands and
brought action of trespass against William Poley your orator's
tenant, names of George Bacon, William Brewster and Ralphe
Waller witnesses of said deed erased from said deed which said
William and John now denye to be the deed of said Robert
whereby your orator is like to be defeated etc.

Answer of William Page one of the defendants.

Admits that his father Robert Page was seised in fee of the
premises mentioned in the bill, and that R. P. afterwards by deed
of feoffment dated lo May 39 Elizabeth 1597 enfeoffed him of
a piece of pasture ground called the Dovehovise close containing
5 acres in the town and parish of Gedding, co. Suffolk, then held
and occupied by said Robert Page, and another piece of pasture
ground called great dovehouse close containing 10 acres, also
another piece of pasture ground containing 3 acres called Ox
meadow, all of which lie together in the town and parish of
Gedding. To hold in fee after the death of Robert Page. Says
that Robert Page died about April 1633. and that he entered on
the 3 closes soon after. Says that the 3 witnesses to the deed
were all men of great worth and credit while they lived but
were all dead before the trial. CompP set on foot a new title
to the lands and caused John Page to seal a lease thereof to John
Head to try the title who has now this present Michaelmas term
arrested this def*. and George Edwards his tenant.

(Signed) William Page.
This answer was taken and William Page and sworn at Bury
S^. Edmunds, co. Suffolk, 15 Nov*". 1634, before us

Anthony Adams, Alexander Gent.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 26, no. 68.

8 November 1634. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Orsett,
county Essex, yeoman, and Hester his wife late the relict of
Rowland Eyres of Orsett, gent, deceased. That Thomas Haskett
late citizen and Draper of London, father of your oratrix was
in his life time seised of divers messuages lands etc. in Orsett


and other places in the said county and one messuage etc. in
parish of St. James in the Ventry in or nere Thames streete
called the Blewe Boare now in occupation of Richard Carter,
browne baker, and of other bowses in said city and having onely
your oratrix his daughter and sole heire dyed and your oratrix
became seised thereof and did marry the said Rowland Eyre
who thereby became interedded and took the rents etc. and
possessed himself of the deeds etc. and becoming indebted was
remitted into the custody of the Marshall of the King's Bench
and there lay untill he died. Sir George Reynell Knight now
deceased then being Marshall who did gett into his possession
all the said deeds etc. etc. and your orator did prefer a bill against
the said Sir George to obtayne the said deeds etc. and an order
was made that said deeds should be delivered to your oratrix
but before your oratrix could obtayne said deeds said Sir George
Reynell dyed and after your oratrix married and the said deeds
are come into the hands of one Reynell, esqre, sonne of said Sir
George and one Alexander Baker of London, chirurgeon, having
gotten some of the deeds by combynation which said Sir George
or his servant in his life tyme or with said sonne hath entered
the said messuage called the Blewe Boare in Tower Street (sic)
and by combynacion with the said Carter receiveth the rents etc.
pretending that hee hath a tytle sometimes by conveyance from
.said Rowland Eyre or by tytle paramount to the title of your
oratrix's late father etc. etc. and do refuse to shewe your orators
the said deeds etc. etc. With answer of Alexander Baker,
esqre. one of the defendants, 14 November 1634.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 27, no. 64.

22 February 1634. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyne of Little
Stoneham in county Suffolk, Esq. administrator of Anne Good-
wyn his late wife, deceased, and gardian of John Goodwyne his
sonne, an infant aged about 16, sonne and heire of the said Anne
who was one of the daughters of Nathaniell Partrich, deceased,
and sister and heire of Johane Partrich, deceased. That your
orator and said Anne in Trinity terme last, 10 Charles 1634 did
exhibit their bill against Sir Anthony Aucher of Bishops Borne,
county Kent, Knight, and Edward Partrich, sonne and heire of
William Partrich late of Bridge, county Kent, Esquire, deceased,


to be releived for the seuall rents etc. of fio apeece appoynted
to be payd to said Anne and Johane at church porch at Kingstone,
county Kent, and shewing that said WilHam Partrich was seised
of the manner of Kingstone and the advowson thereof, and by
indent 21 December, 40 EUzabeth 1597, between said WilHam
Partrich and WilHam Mason then of Graies Inn, county Middx, j
gent, since deceased and William Scott them of London, gent, 1
also deceased, did convey said manner etc. to said Mason and 1
Scott and by indenture of same, late between same parties agreed |
to make such conveyances etc, etc, and by further indenture that j
such conveyance should be made after death of aforesaid then !
his wife to use of said Mason, hee paying to said Anne and Johan
yearly iio apeece and to their heires for ever, etc, or instead j
iioo apeece within one yeare after his said wife's decease paying j
then said estate to use of said Edward Partrich his sonne and !
after about 21 June, 40 Elizabeth 1597, said William Partrich i
dyed and said Mason and Scott assigned the reversion to Henry |
Goldsmith of Grayes Inne, Esq. and William Watson of same, j
gent, to the use of said Mason paying the said annuyties, and i
after the said Johane dyed in lyfetyme of said aforesaid without ;
yssue and all her right descended to said Anne and about sixteen j
years since your orator married said Anne and ought to have the i
said yearly somes and said aforesaid about September 1631 dyed j
and said somes became payable etc. and he understanding that j
said Sir Anthony Aucher had gotten possession of said lands, etc. |
and well knowing the said trust and lymitation, your orator
requested said Sir Anthony to pay said somes which he doth i
refuse and having gotten the said indentures and writings
detayneth the same from your orator who having no means to
compel said Edward Partrich to enter said premises or having I
entered to compel him to pay said somes prays to be relieved for
said somes and since said bill exhibited and said Anne having
dyed the said matters still depending and said John being heire
to said Anne prays that proceedings may be served, etc. With
answer of Sir Anthony Aucher, Kt, 6 April, 11 Chas. 1635. ;
Refers to former Answer. j

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 52. I


20 May 1634 To Rt. Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord i

Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyne of Dor- 1


king, county Surrey, gent, that with one William Leighe of
Abinger als Abingworth in said county, gent, and William Leighe
his Sonne, about twenty eight years since became bound to Wil-
liam Hill late of Dorking, deceased, as suretie for the said Wil-
liam Leighe the father and William the sonne and for their sole
debts in bond of £50 for payment of £25 and interest which said
some was truly paid by the said William Leighe to said Hill, and
the said Hill about eighteen years since dyed and by will ordained
his son William executor and said William Leighe the sonne
died about eight yeares since, and said William the father died
about two years since. But neither William Hill the father nor
William Hill the sonne during the lives of the said Leighes
demanded the said some of £25 from your orator but now the
said William Hill the sonne knowing said obligacon to be duely
satisfied having gotten possession of said bond hath sued your
orator, and Sheriff of said County about 10 May instant in
absence of your orator hath forcibly entered into your orator's
dwelling house and hath putt out your orator's family etc.
whereby your orator is damnified in his creditt to the value of
£500 or more and said Hill hath entred said bond in a suite
against your orator to recover the said penalty. With answer of
William Hill, defendant, 20 May 1634.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 65.

1635.? The replicacon of Thomas Goodwyn, Esqr. and John
Goodwyne, Gent, complainants to the answeare of Sir Anthony
Aucher, Knt. one of the defendants. Saving to themselves nowe
and att all tymes hereafter all advantages of excepcon to the
incertainty and insufficiency of the sayd defendants answeares
for replicacon say as they have before sayd in theire said bill
and do and will averr and iustifie and maintaine their said bill
and revivour and every matter and thing therein contayned to
be certaine true and sufficient to ])ee answered unto etc and that
the answeare of the said defendant is uncertaine untrue and insuf-
ficient to be replied to and further say that Anne Goodwyne late
wyfe of the said replyant and mother of the said John about 14
December last dyed and that said replyant John Goodwin sonne
of the said Thomas Goodwyne is also sonne and heire of the said
Anne deceased and that the said severall rents in the said bill
mentioned are by the death of the said Anne come to the said


John Goodwyne and that the said Thomas Goodwyne is adminis-
trator to the sayd Anne and ought to be tenant by the courtesye
of England to the said seuerall rents and have all the averages
etc and without that that any other matter or thing is materiall
etc. etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. 80.

10 June 1635. Complaint of Thomas Keylocke als Kewelocke
of Minsterworth, county Gloucester, yeoman. That whereas
one John Keylock als Kewlock late of Minsterworth, yeoman,
great grandfather of your orator and whose heire your orator
is i.e. Sonne and heire of Anthony Keylocke who was sonne and
heire of William Keylock who was sonne and heire of said John
Keylock was seised of messuage being in Morecott, parish of
Minsterworth, between land of Anthony Arnold, gent, on one side
and land late in occupation of William Arnold als Yearnold ye
younger on ye other side etc. being twenty acres and did lett
same to Nicholas Hayward and John Hayward his sonne for life
for 5s. id. yearly and after death of Nicholas said John entered
and paid said rent to said John Keylock and after to his son
William Keylock and after death of said William Keylock said
messuage descended to Anthony Keylocke his sonne and heire
father of your orator who continued seised of said messuage and
received yearly rent of said John Hayward untill death of said
John Flayward after which Margarett widow and executrix of
said John Hayward paid unto said Anthony one cowe who
declared she had no further estate in said premises and did yield
up the said messuage. But the said Anthony in regard she was
left of mean estate suffered her to enjoy the said messuage for
said rent during his life time and the said Anthony being now
deceased the inheritance has come to your orator and now the
said Margaret having since married one Richard Fewterer of
Minsterworthe, yeoman, they the said Richard Fewterer and the
said Margaret have combined with one William Goodwynm and
Joane his wife to defraud your orator of premises. Made secret
entries and spoiled houses etc. etc. Bond.

Joint answers of William Goodwyn and Joane his wife two of
the defendants to Bill of Complaint of Thomas Keylocke als Kew-
locke, complainant. Say they do not know whether John Key-
locke als Kewlocke named in said bill was great grandfather to


said complainant or whether said plaintiff be his heire as in said
bill alledged nor do they believe that the said John Keylocke
was in his life time lawfully seised of messuage tenements or
lands as in bill menconed or did lett same to Nicholas Hayward
and John Hayward his sonne for their lives at such rent as is
untruely furnished by said bill. Neither do they believe any such
lease made nor rent paid by said Nicholas or John Hayward or
by the defendant Margareett Hayward widow and relict of said
John Hayward. Neither believe the William Keylocke in bill
named or his sonne Anthony or said complainant were at any
time seised of said messuage or any inheritance of same ought
to descend to them. And whether said defendant Margarett as
executrix and administratrix of said husband John Hayward
did pay to said Anthony Keylocke any such herriotts or put said
Anthony in possession said defendants know not, but do not

believe that if said Anthony was " " he would have

allowed said Margarett to enjoy same all his life time at only
5d. yearly. Further say they are ignorant of chardges brought
against them in said bill as said defendant William came but lately
to dwell in these parts being a strainger and she defendant Joane
came into these parts a strainger at first when she was married
to her first husband William Hayward with whom she lived as his
wife about nine years and no longer and defendants say that all
the time they have lived in Minsterworth where said land lyeth
the same hath ever been accounted by old men and neighbours to
be the inheritance of the Haywards and not of said Keylocks and
do believe said lands by same report belonged to said Nicholas
Hayward and descended to his eldest sonne John Hayward and
said John did make lease for use of Margarett his first wife
determinable upon her death and died leaving no issue whatever
whereby inheritance came to William Hayward his brother and
after his death descended to William Hayward eldest sonne of
said William Hayward and after whose death these defendants
believe inheritance ought to come to William Hayward an infant
now living, eldest son and heir of William Hayward, deceased.
Defendants deny any combinacion whatsoever etc. or having any
deeds etc. or have entered premises and spoiled houses etc. etc.
The marks of William Goodwin and Jone Goodwin.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle ii, no. 13.


16 June 1635. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of the parish
of St. Gyles without Criplegate, gent, that Francis Noone, late
of Martlesham in county Sufifolk, gent, and Dorothy his wife
being as the said Francis did affirme seised of the Mannor of
Martlesham als Martlesham Hall with the advowson of the parish
church of Martlesham did, about a year since in consideration of
£1700. viz. £700 in hand and iiooo after the death of Marie Mos-
well of Bramford in said county, widdow, grant to your orator
the said mannor etc. and all appurtenances, rights,, etc. in Martle-
sham, Resgrave, Bealing Magna and Bealing Parva, also Rames-

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