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holt, Trinity St Marie and Trinity St. Martins, and Foxwell in
said county and all other the lands of said Noone and the said
advowson etc. and said Francis did affirm that said premises were
cleare of all debts, charges etc. and had good right and title to
convey same etc. But now your orator is informed that said
Noone was not seised thereof to his own use but had only an
estate for life with reversion to his eldest sonne and other chil-
dren and dyvers other persons and combining with one Edward
Biggs, clerk, now deceased, William Seely and his wife, execu-
trix of the said Riggs and Edward Voyce. clerk, to defraud your
orator and did make divers secret estates of said mannor etc to
the said Riggs, Seeley and Voyce and others and hath acknowl-
edged divers assignments etc. and do keep back from your orator
all the deeds, evidences etc. so that your orator is Hkely to be
defrauded of all the monies he hath payd etc. With answer of
Francis Noone, gent, defendant at Woodbridge 6 October, 11
Chas. L

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 35.

22 June 1635. Complaint of John Havers of Stockerston,
county Leicester, esquire, that Robert Goodinge of Bamford,
county Sufifolk, gent, having occasion to use monies whereby
he determined to supplie himself by selling lands for that pur-
pose enquired after Chapman and by one Richard Nightingell
of Ipswich, Sufifolk, gent, brother in law to said Robert Goodinge
ofifered to sell to your orator, manor of Freston and all lands etc.
of Robert Goodinge in said Freston, Wolverston and Whersted
in the said county Sufifolk, with advowson of church of Freston
and your orator and Robert Goodinge did by articles 28 May


last did convey manor and church of Freston to your orator
for £2175, i. e. £5 in hand and £1000 on 12 June now instant
and securities of £2000 for payment of residue within 10 days
after Michelmas next and no timber to be cut except what allowed
to farmer of premises. And also your orator should have stone
table in parlor of Mannor house at Freston, long table in hall
and bedstead in great chamber and said Robert Goodinge should
not take awaye any wainscot dressers or benches and the said
Robert-. Goodinge and Richard Nightingell declared Robert
Goodinge to be seised of said manor and that it was of yearly
value of £1120 and free of all arrears etc. made by Robert
Goodinge or Thomas Goodinge his late father deceased, Robert
Goodinge his grandfather or Thomas Goodinge his greate
grandfather also deceased and your orator hath paid £5 and is
willing to proceed with his contract and now learns that the said
Robert Goodinge contrary to articles cut down timber and that
the said premises have been so entailed by said Robert Goodinge,
Thomas Goodinge his father, Robert his grandfather and Thomas
his great grandfather that said Robert Goodinge hath no power
to make any assurance of said premises : and are not of said
yearly value, and are subject to arrearges etc. and your orator
cannot proceed etc. and is likely to be at loss etc. 23 June 1635.
Answer of Robert Goodinge, gent. Richard Nightingale, gent,
defendants to bill of John Havers, Esqr. complainant. True it
is did agree to sell etc. and said Robert Goodinge sayeth that

about one hundred years ago since one Lattimore (sic)

was seised of said premises and did convey to Thomas Goodinge
this defendant's great grandfather and after descended to Robert
Goodinge defendant's grandfather and to Thomas Goodinge this
defendant's father and after decease of him Thomas and Mary
his wife, this defendant's mother who had an estate in same part
of same by force of a joynture from this defendant's father
which said Mary did outlive this defendant's father and after
did marry one John Sherwood, Doctor of Phisick, and since
deceased and defendants say they know of no rent etc. except
3/6d. per annum due to King's Majesty which all paid unless
neglected during time said Mary outlived said Thomas etc. and
have heard that certain sums owing to King when said Mary
and John Sherwood enjoyed (said John Sherwood still living)
but what sums defendants know not and Robert Goodings said


he intended to discharge same if any. And defendant Rich-
ard Nightingale sayeth hath heard of mortgage made by
defendant Robert Goodinge to one Christopher Haywarde
of parcell of land for £100 which same Robert Goodinge
saith is paid and further say they know of no encum-
brances except one indenture, triparte, 13 day June instant
between this defendant(i) complainant (2) and Samuell Sam-
wayes of Whersted, Suffolk, clerk and John Nightingale of
Ipswich, gent (3) which they have sold to said Samuel Samwayes
and John Nightingale said manor to hold from 27 November
next for ninety nine years for £3017 on 8 October next and
£1177 etc. that then this voyd etc. And except lease of parcell
now in possession of Christopher Clifford for divers years etc.
and deny been any timber cut etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. H, bundle 17, no. 65.

13 February 1635. To The Right Honourable Thomas. Lord
Coventry, Lord Keeper, etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of Henery
Goodwin of Hoorne, County Surrey, gent, and Florence his
wife executrix of the will of Thomas Emery late of Arsley,
county Bedford, gent, deceased, that said Emery was possesst
of a good personall estate and having issue many daughters did
disburse great somes of money for their marriage portions etc.
viz. to Katherine Emery his eldest daughter married to Nicholas
Crispe of county Leicester, Esquire £1000 or £1200, Eliza-
beth married to Edward Thorrold of Graies Inne. Esquire £1000,
to Anne his youngest daughter married to William Carter of
Burford. county Bedford, gent. £700 and by a will dated 10
August 1632 gave to said Katherine Elizabeth and Anne an
increase of their portions and if any be not content or molest
his executrix then the said legacies to be devided among the
residue who should be content etc. etc. and made your oratrix
then unmarried his executrix and the said Thomas Emery about
July last died and your oratrix proved the said will and with
your orator Henery Goodwin since their intermarriage are readie
to pay the said legacies albeit they have not recovered one thirde
parte of the said debts of the said Thomas Emery yet the said
Edward Thorold have commenced suite in the Court Christian
against your orators for the said legacies and threatens further
euites etc. etc. for a greater portion etc. etc. and doth seek to


trouble and vex your orators who are ready to pay said legacies
if he would seale and dicharge etc. etc. which said release and
discharge the said Thorold and his wife doe utterly refuse etc.
etc. and have caused a very longe bill to be drawne against your
orators etc. etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 5.

28 May 1636 To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Robert Goddyn of Leeddington,
county Wilts, husbandman, that about twenty yeares since one
Henry Curtis then charged with a bastard child supposed to be
begotton by him uppon the body of one Elizabeth May which
child was called Johan Curtis, said Henry being compelled to
provide for said child did send for yom^ orator and agreed to
give your orator being his half brother £3 yearly towards the
keepinge of said child and your orator did consent and kept said
child for the space of thirteen yeares and cost above £40 and
your orator at his own chardge travelled to London and bound
said child apprentice there at a cost of £10 or more and said
Henry hath in said time paid only £3 and hath often promised
your orator to deale fairly with him etc. But now your orator
well stricken in age and for providing for his owne children
hath desired said Curtis to give satisfacion which nowe the said
Curtis doth utterly refuse etc. Plea, Demurrer and Answer of
Henry Curtis, defendant 18 June, 12 Charles at Highworth.
Pleads of statute of limitations 21 James that if any promise
was made that about forty years since an agreement was made
for plaintiff to keep one of defendant's children in exchange for
one of defendant's and defendant did keepe one Alexander one
of the plaintiff's children, denyes any promise of payment, etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 34, no. 9.

15 January 11 Charles 1636 Ipswich. Answere of William
Seely and Jane his wife, two of the defendants to the Bill of
Complaint of William Goodwin, gent, complainant. Bill is
exhibited against these defendants to put them to unnecessary
expences. Answere already made to a former bill exhibited at
suite of Dorothy Cutler then complainant but for further answere
to this bill, defendants do not know what estate Francis Noone
and Dorothy his wife had in said Manor of Martlesham etc.


or whether they sold same to complainant as alleged or what ;
grants or encumbrances said Francis had, said defendant William !
Seely hath married Jane the relict of said Edward Riggs, but j
believe said Noone was lawfully seised of the said advowson and i
granted same to said Riggs on the first presentation to said advow-
son and believe said deed is in possession of Mr. Voice and said '.
Riggs so possessed about nine years since died and administra-
tion was granted to said Jane his relict etc. who about eight !
years since granted said advowson to said Voyce, clerk at Wal- i
sham in said county Suffolk. But that now (no?) other assign- ,
ment was made by these defendants and do denye any combination !
etc, etc. I
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 34. :

28 April 1637. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry, '.

Lord Keeper. The Bill of Complaint of Hanslett Godden of \

Thurmham, county Kent, gent, and Anne Ruffen, wydow, daugh- ■•

ter of the said Hanslett. That about five yeares since communi- ;

cation had between your orator Hanslett Godden and Henry I

Ruffen of Eastchurch in the Isle of (Sheppey?) in the said '|

county Kent touching a marriage between Thomas Ruffen, |

Sonne to the said Henry, and your said oratrix Anne and it was j

agreed amongst other things that your orator should give £200 ;

to the said Thomas and that the said Henry should give to his said '

Sonne money or stocke and goods to the valewe of £300 and about ,

five yeares since said marriadge did take effect and your said j

orator paid the said £200. But the said Henry did not performe I

the said agreement but did get from the said Thomas the said I

£200 or some greate parte thereof or did putt up some small ;

stocke for the same at unreasonable rates. Whereby the said j

Thomas was kept from the said £300 and was also defrauded of \

the other said moneys and aboute a yeare since the said Thomas '

died intestate having issue by the said Anne two small children i

and very small or noe personall estate besides the said £300 in I

hands of the said Henry and the said Anne tooke letters of I

administration and ought to have the said £300 and hath re- j

quested payment. But the said Henry refuseth the same saying j
sometimes that he hath payed the same and at other times that

there was noe such agreement etc. etc. With answer of Henry j

Ruffen defendant about 4 May 1637. He hath conveyed a farm ;


called Homeplace in Minster in the Isle of Sheppey of the yearly
value of £26 which the said Anne enjoys etc. etc. and other stock

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 63.

1637? The Replicacon of Hauslett Godden and Anne Ruffin,
wydowe, complainants to the Answere of Henry Ruffin, defend-
ant. Saving advantage of exception to the insufficientcy of said
answere say that in all things as in their said bill they have for-
merly said and doe and will avere and maintaine the said bill to
be true and sufficient to be answered unto in such manner and
sorte as in the said bill sett forth with that that it was agreed
between the complainant Hauslett Gooden and the said defend-
ant that the complainant should give £200 to Thomas Ruffin sonne
of the said defendant in marriage with the said complainant Anne
and that defendant should give unto his sonne in money or
stocke and goods to the value of £300 and said Hauslett did paye
the said Thomas the said £200 according to said agreement with-
out that that the said defendant did give his said sonne money
stocke etc. to the value of £300 and with that the said Thomas
Ruffin did satisfie the defendants for all such stocke and other
things as the defendant sould and turned over to him with an
overplus and that defendant did put of stock vnto his said sonne
at unconscionsable rates and without that there is any other matter
or thing in the said answer to be replied unto and will prove

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6i, no. 102.

27 June 1637. To Right Hon. Lord Coventry, Lord Keeper
etc. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Salhouse in county
Norfolk, husbandman, that about 27 March, 17 James, did borrow
of one Robert Bale, the elder, £20 and with one Thomas Steward,
Esquire as suretie became bound to the said Bale in £40 for
payment at St. Michaell in 1620 at the mansion house of the said
Bale in Skeyton and your orator well acquainted with the said
Bale and trusting him to take noe advantage etc. was not verie
careful to pay the said monies at the said date yet soone after-
wards did pay the said Bale or to his use the some of £21, viz,
to wife of the said Bale £6 To Henry Spendlowe, gent. £5 and
£10 and to him the said Bale and his wife eight combes one


bushell and two pecks of seed rye at ordinary rate of los. the
combe and comes to £4.. 3s. gd. and one combe and two bushells
of seed wheate at 14s. which come to 21s. and your said orator
about the same time lent to the said Bale £6 who repaid £5. los.
and your orator did lay out for the said Bale to the Lord of the
Mannor of Mayton for three yeares rent due for certain coppie-
hould lands the said Bale held 21s. od. and also at severall times
lent to the said Bale 20s. and again 20s. and there is due from
the said Bale for keeping and depasturing half one hundred ewes
£4. OS. od. and also to your said orator farmer of the Rector
ympropriate of Salhouse for five titthe lambes sold to the said
Bale at 3s.4d. and i6s.8d. and for the keeping of said lambes 5s.
also for 100 wethers 20s. also for five horses los. also the said
Bale is to allow your orator for the tithe of 8 acres of rye los.
also your orator did lay out for the said Bale to Mrs. Prudence
Nutting 20s. all which somes your orator computes and cast up
to be £37. 17s. 5d. yett the said Bale doth refuse to deliver upp
the said bond to be cancelled or to come to accompt with your
orator but hath putt said bond in suite against your orator to
recover penaltie etc. With answer of Robert Bale, defendant,
5 October, 13 Charles, claims interest on the said bond etc.etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 58, no. 42.

28 June 1637. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventrie,
Lord Keeper etc. etc. The Bill of Complaint of James Goodwyn
of Rendham, county Suffolk, gent, one of the sworne clerkes of
Robert Casear, Esqre one of the Six Clerkes of The High Court
of Chancery for thirty years passed and for many yeares to
come possessed of the Mannor of Melton cum Ufford in the said
county Sufifolk, by demyse from the Deane and Chapter of the
Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity of Elye and dyvers coppie-
hould landes etc. holden by dyvers persons fynable at the will
of the Lord amongst others one William Browne of Uflford in
said county who holdeth of the said Mannor i acre 10 perches in
a close lately John Wythers before that John Marryotts and
before that John Delbrookes in Bouldge in county Sufifolk to
which one John Burward at a court held 17 March, 9 Elizabeth
ivas admitted and paid the fyne and rent of 3d. per annum while
owner and afterwards i October, 16 Elizabeth after death of
said Burward one Thomas Browne having purchased said land
of his executors and was admitted and paid said rent etc. and


afterwards did surrender the same to one William Browne who
the 12 Aprill, 22 Elizabeth was admitted etc. etc. and paid the rent
etc. etc. until 30 September, 11 James and then surrendered the
same to the use of the first named William Browne his sonne and
afterwards was admitted and paid the 20s. fyne your orator
being then Lord of the Mannor paid the said rent and service
etc. etc. until 5 Charles since when the said Browne hath neg-
lected to pay the said rent and said service and hath alsoe altered
the boundaries of the said lands etc. and doth utterly refuse to
pay the said rents etc. etc. With answer of William Browne,
defendant, 27 September, 13 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 50, no. 10.

29 July 1637 To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Beniamin Goodwin and
Charles' Harris of London, linnen draper that two years since
using said trade in London and being partners at request of Wil-
liam Leicroft then of London, skinner, did sell to said Leicroft
divers parcels of linnen cloth of value of £286 and said Leicroft
agreed to paye same at end of six moneths and gave his bond but
shortly after said Leicroft transported same into the Somer
Islands commonly called the Beamoders to Richard Leicroft his
brother then resident there and soon after pretended disabilitie
in his estate and said debt remayneth wholly unpaid and the
said Richard Leicroft coming to England agreed to pay said
debt for his brother William Leicroft then absent and that hee
might have further time giving his bond and releasing his said
brother William Leicroft and your orators sealed said release and
delivered up his said brother's bond to be cancelled. But now
the said Richard Leicroft having gotten said release and his said
bond being lost or mislaid and intending to shipp away all his
goods etc. etc. here in England to defeate and defraude your
orators and that your orators for want of said bond have noe
remedy pray to relieve themselves etc. With answers of Richard
Leicroft, defendant 11 August 1637. Prays to be released until
date of payment of said bond which is yet to come to be enabled
to return to his wife, children and estate, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 45.

31 October 1637. Complainant, William Churchman of Thing-
land, county Salop, clerk, showeth that whereas in the year 1621


he, the said complainant was Curate of the parish Church of
Ecton(?) in the county of Northampton and during the said
tyme of orator's abode and residence there one George Catesby
of Ecton, Esq. understanding that orator had a temporall estate
or inheritance worth 50 li per annum, conceived such love and
affection and took such good liking towardes your orator that
haueinge seu'all daughters to marry hee was willing to admitte
of a treaty of m'riadge to be had betweene your orator and
Maulde, then third daughter of him the said George and the
rather to procure and induce your orator further, the said George
being then lawfully seized of the advowsons of the rectory or
parish Church of Ecton worth 180 li. per annum, also of the
Rectory of Whiston in the said county of Northampton worth
100 li. per annum did in private betwixt your orator and himselfe
faithfully promise that immediately after such intermarriage
between your orator and the said daughter, the said George
would not only in parte of a further porcon he intended to bestow
upon his said daughter, but would convey to orator, and to his
use the next presentation after the next avoydance of, and into
the said severall Rectoryes or parish Churches afforsesaid, but
also presently after the decease of Jane, mother of him, the said
George, then liveinge, and now some two yeares since deceased,
hee the said George as a further porcon would etc. upon which
faire promises your orator married the said Maulde etc. etc.
The defendant, the said George Catesby appears not to have
lived up to his promises and the complainant now sues for dam-
ages. Asks that a writ of subpoena be issued directing the said
George Catesby to appear before the Count and answer the
various premises as set forth in the bill of complaint. Writ.
No answer.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 97. no. 33.

15 November 1637. Complaint of Thomas Keble of Newton,
county Suffolk, gent, that whereas your orator about fourteen
years last past by solicitation of friends of one Henry Darbey
of Needham Market and in said county Suffolk, gent, now lately
deceased did become suitor in marriage to Elizabeth Darbey one
of daughters of said Henry Darbey and communication about
that time had between Gyles Keble, gent, your orator's father
concerning portion by said Henry Darbey and a joynture by


your orator and his said father, and agreed portion to be £300
and promised that at said Henry Darbey's death would make said
EHzabeth equal in porcon with Marye one of other daughters
of the said Henry Dai^bey then unmarried and if he had greater
estate would devide it equally between said Elizabeth and Mary
and marriage took place and a joynture made. Said agreement
made privately, no witnesses except Gyles Keble your orator's
father since deceased. Said Mary has often heard hir father
say he. would divide equally between his two daughters. Now
said Henry Darbey having at his death greater estate by £2000
than at time of agreement she said Marie did in his life time
by sinister means endeavoured to get to herself the whole estate
and for better effecting thereof having had in life time of her
father a secret agreement of marriage to have byn had between
her and one Stephen Gooding late of Brantham, county Suffolk,
contrary to her father's liking who told her that if ever she
should marry said Stephen Gooding he would never give her
any parte of his estate whereupon she did promise her said
father that she would never marry said Stephen Gooding and
the said Henry Darbey influenced etc. by said Marye or for some
other persons working upon the infirmities of old age etc. of
said Henry Darbey, said Henry Darbey did so convey away his
said estate that your orator cannot have any parte thereof and
having greatest part of his estate in goods and chattells amount-
ing to £3000, said Henry Darbey being lately dead, inestate and
the said Mary having now married the said Stephen Gooding
have taken possession of all goods etc. and say said Henry
Darbey died worth not one groat and have not taken out letters
of administration. Bond, engrossment. Joint answers of
Stephen Gooding, gent, and Mary his wife. Say they do not
know of any agreement by said Henry Darbey to give said com-
plainant £300 as marriage procon and would make said Eliza-
beth at his death equal in portion, and said Stephen Gooding
sayth he doth not believe any such promise made for he was
suitor to said Mary long before marriage of said complainant
and there happened some difference between said Henry Darbey
and said Stephen Gooding concerning a marriage portion which
was the only reason the marriage did not take place but when
said complainant was fully agreed to marry said Elizabeth he
came to town of Ipswich to buy his wedding apparell in the shop


of one Robert Benham, a mercer at which time this defendant
met him and went over together to Kings Head in Ipswich said
complainant spoke these words to defendant "Stephen Gooding
you have been a long time about (blurred) and will not marry
without a great portion but I have concluded a match but I have
accepted £300 if he gives me more I shall be thankful etc, and
said Mary sayeth she hath heard her father say he offered said
complainant £200 and would devide but that said complainant
refused and demanded £300 and she hath also heard Edward
Derby, her uncle, affirm same etc. and said Henry Darbey did
4 June, 10 Charles I. make his will thus : Whereas I have pre-
ferred my two daughters Beatrix and Elizabeth in marriage do
give Mary executrix all goods. About 14 Aprill, 11 Charles
made deed of gift to Mary of all goods in Bury St. Edmunds
and elsewhere and said father sayeth that before he did give her
all and said defendant sayeth she have received of her Grand-
mother Tuckles etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 19, no. 18.

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