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1637? Replicacon of Thomas Keable, gentleman to Stephen
Goodwyn, gentleman, and Mary his wife. Says that the answer
is uncertain and untrue and reaffirms his statements to be true
etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 26, no. 22.

Nov. 16. 1637. Andrew Coggan of London, merchaunt, com-
plainant. That one Richard Hounsell late of Lymhouse of
Middlesex, marriner, became bound to George W'aters of Lym-
house, marriner, for £60 at his return from the East Indies in
his good ship the Unicorn of which he was master. He went
on said voyage for the East India Company who owed him £505.
6s. 8d. for wages etc. etc. by account made up on February nth
by one Jeremy Sandbrook one of the officers of the East India
Company. This said good ship Unicorn did not return to the
river of Thames but was cast away and the said Richard Hounsell
died upon the voyage by which reason the said £60 was not due.
About the 17 March, 15 Charles I Richard Hounsell made his
will among other legacies gave George Waters and Jane his wife
£105 and made one Andrew Hounsell, deceased and your orator
pxecutors and your orator has for six years past lived beyond


the seas and did not prove the will till February 16, 10 Charles I.
and the debts due since the death of Hounsell — and the East
India Company have confederated with Jane Waters late the
wife of George Waters and now the wife of Richard Goodwin
to defraud your orator. The answer of Richard Goodwin says
he is a widower with four small children living- by daily labour
being employed in his Majesty's service became acquainted with
Jane and thought she would be a careful wife and to bring up
his children so he married her six years since. Jane married with
one lliomas Rydge, a dyer, and the company paid her everything,
and being in distress she married Richard Goodwin. Rydge have
converted the sum to his own use and left her in distress and want.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 117, no. 47.

8 February 1637 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Robert Godwin of Staple Fitzpaine
in county Somerset, clerk, that for years past hath had dealings
Beniamin Smith of same, butcher, and John Trowbridge of
Taunton, county Somerset, wollendraper in their usual comoditye
etc. etc. for which your orator and his wife did pay ready money
or did trust the said Smith to put same down in his booke, said
prices agreed upon and said Smith did bring meate home to
your orator when he had a bad markette etc. but did charge
your orator at higher rates etc. and your orator had accompt
with said Smith but did not agree thereunto and the said Smith
being indebted to one Thomas Yeard a grasier for cattle bought,
your orator became bound with said Smith for payment and your
orator satisfied same and did take upp said bond. Although
your orator did not owe soe much money to said Smith who did
promise he would give your orator a true accompt etc. But
now said Smith combyning with said Trowbridge hath com-
menced suite against your orator for said accompte for meate
etc. yet do refuse to give your orator any accompt etc. of monies
payd or goods bought etc. With answer of John Trowbridge
defendant, Taunton 7 April 16, 14 Charles. Answer of Beniamyn
Smith defendant, ditto.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 60, no. 48.

27 April 1638. To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Anne Goodwyn execu-


trix of Richard Goodwyn, gent, your oratrix's late husband
deceased that he being servant to Sir WilHam Denny, Knight,
your oratrix's said husband was by meanes of the said Sir Wil-
liam Denny admitted to the society of Grayes Inne and about
four or five yeares since the said Denny being estated in a cer-
teyn building in Grayes Inne where he now liveth for a terme of
fifty yeares agreed that your oratrix's said husband Richard
Goodwyn should have a chamber therein for consideration agreed
upon and a some of £36 was paid and the said Goodwyn entered
for the said terme and your oratrix's said husband agreed to lett
the same and did receive rent for the said chamber without con-
tradiction of the said Denny and the said Denny had dyvers
pictures etc. etc. of the value of £50 (as is well known to the said
Sir William Denny (Note, this occurs in every line or so and
fills up the document) placed in his house in Norwich to be rede-
livered at request etc. etc. Dyamond ring etc. etc. said Goodwyn
having occasion for money etc. became bound with the said Sir
William Denny to Sir Edward Bullocke, Knight, in £200 for the
payment of iioo and to John Aderley, gent, and to secure said
Denny did mortgage his messuage called the White Horse in
parish of St. Martins in the said city of Norwich with condition
of redemption etc. and said debts were paid and satisfied and
bonds taken up said Richard Goodwyn made his will and
bequeathed said messuage to your oratrix his executrix. Now
said Denny having the original deed pretendeth that he hath
a right to said messuage in consideration of the said £36 paid
and not in consideration of said bond etc. and pretendeth other
bonds due to Mr. George Bayfeild and other monies not satis-
fied with intent to defraude your oratrix of said messuage etc.
etc. With answer of Sir William Denny, knt. defendant, 29
May 1638 and further answer of same 18 June.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, Bundle 36, no. 15.

April 1638. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Anne Goodwyne of parish of St.
Andrewes Holborne, widdow, executrix of Richard Goodwyn,
gent, her deceased husband. Dyvers controversies between
Christopher Marshall, gent, late husband of Elizabeth Marshall,
widdow, and George Gardiner, gent, concerning lands in Wenas-
ton in county Suffolk which said Gardiner was to convey to said


Marshall called Hunger Downes purchased of Bartholomew
Nobbs and Bridgett his wife and Burrgaes Pightell purchased of
one Baxter and also a messuage in parish of St. Martins in citty
of Norwich which said Marshall was to convey to said Gardyner
and your orator's deceased husband and decree was made in this
court touching said controversies the certeynty whereof your
orator cannot sett forth the said writing being entrusted to said
Marshall and said Gardiner with one John Chickeringe did enter
into bond to performe same etc. Robert Morse, Dame Elizabeth
Cleere, Richard Baxter, Christopher Story mentioned, the said
Elizabeth to defeate your oratrix of the benefitt of said decree
threatened to sue your orator upon said bond etc. (Mutilated)
With answer of Elizabeth Marshall widdow defendant 23
November 1628 (1638?) Denyes any knowledge of said writ-
inges and hath not quietly enjoyed said lands hath purchased
anew Burrages Pightell and had frequent interruptions from
said Nobbs etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 61.

May 14 16 — ? The Replicacon of Anne Goodwyn, widdow, to
the answeares of Elizabeth Marshall one of the defendants
Averrs bill to be true and sufficient answeare for most part uncer-
tayne etc. etc. Further that the said Christopher Marshall in
his life time and the said Elizabeth Marshall ever since the said
Richard Goodwyn and the said Chichkeringe entered into the
said bond unto the said Christopher, the said Christopher and
said Elizabeth have enjoyed the said copyhold lands etc. called
Hunger Downes and Burrages Pightell and that if anything was
waid (paid) it was not above £10 to procure the surrender of the
same. Said surrender taken in the name of defendant Sher-
woode to the use of the said Elizabeth and the heires of the said
Christopher and the said Elizabeth acknowledges that if the said
surrender was so made £40 and £32. 8s. od. were to be payed by
the said Elizabeth to the said Richard Goodwyn and the said
Elizabeth hath received the rents etc. etc. and no prejudice hath
answered for the want of a surrender and the complainant is
ready to pay the said £10. H she will pay the said 40s. per
annum and the £85 mentioned in the said bond defendant hath
had double sattisfaction, viz. possession and the rents and the


moneys in the said bond mentioned. Complainant does not claim
the £40 and the £32. 8s. od. as executrix or administratrix of the
said George Gardiner but as the executrix of Richard Goodwin
to whom the said Gardiner made over the said somes and the
said 40s. per annum and the benefitts in the said decree men-
tioned and that the said Richard Goodwyn never obscured
himself but walked frequently about the streets of London. Pur-
chase of the White Horse in Norwich mentioned.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 30.

1638? The Rejoynder of Elizabeth Marshall, widdow, one of
ye defendants to ye replication of Anne Goodwyn, widow,
complainant. Mentions Bridget Nobbs one of the defendants.
Interest in coppehold premises called Barrage Pightells and Hun-
getdownes which she was to surrender unto ye heires of this
complainant's late husband Marshall deceased (sic). Somes of
£40 and £32. 8s. left in hands of Christopher Marshall this defend-
ant's late husband untill such surrendered by said Bridget Nobbs
and one Richard Baxter of said interest purchased of George
Gardiner, Richard Goodwyn late husband of said complainant.
Says money was lent without any relacion to the purchase of the
surrender etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 10.

1638? Answere of Dame Elizabeth Clere, widow, to the Bill
of Complaint of Anne Goodwyn widdow. Mentions controver-
sies between Christopher Marshall Richard Baxter and George

Gardiner Grange menconed in said bill but what

agreement between said Marshall Gard(iner) .... defend-
ant knoweth not Hon. Court between the said Mar-
shall Gardiner and Baxter nor of any decree made . . . said
bonds and securities or into whose custody they were delivered
or of any agreement . . . coppiehold lands called Burrages
Feild in her Mannor of Wenaston Grange to the said Mar ....
or hath heard that complainant's late husband did pay any money
to said Baxter . . . Said lands should be surrendered to said
Marshall widdow . . . Nobbs for surrendering Hunger
Downes . . . Defendant gave directions about a yeare since
to Robert Morse, gent, one other . . . Weniston Grange that
he should not admitt John Girling sonne of William Girlinge


. , said coppiehold lands became forfeited . . . said
Morse her steward. Mutilated and undecipherable in a great


Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 43.

5 December 1638. The Answers of Robert Morse gent and
Thomas Sherwood, gent, two of the defendants to the bill of
Anne Goodwyn, widow, complainant. Robert Morse believes
that there were controversies between Christopher Marshall and
George Gardener, gent, concerning the messuage etc. named
which said Gardener was to convey to the said Marshall. Doth
not know what bonds complainant's husband became bound in to
the said Marshall or John Chickeringe but hath seen in the
hands of Elizabeth Marshall one bond of the said complainant's
husband and Chickeringe to the said Marshal but for what con-
sideration he knoweth not. That at a generall courte of the
Mannor of Wenharton, county Suffolk, 18 Aprill, 9 James,
Frances Baxter, gent, father of Richard Baxter named (this
defendant then Steward) was admitted tennant to 3 acres of lands
between the lands late Coldmans late of John Feltham gent, N.,
Mannor of Melles late in occupation of Thomas Feltham, S.,
lands of Henrie Garling and the way called Bartholomew Lane,
E., at rent of 26s.8d. which said Baxter did not pay but soon
after died and Richard Baxter was his onely sonne. Believes that
said Frances Baxter held no other lands of the said mannor.
Believes that the said Richard Baxter became seised of lands in
Wenharton Grandge and Melles and being very wastefull and in
want and as he pretended about to ward beyond the seas desired
to surrender same to said Richard Goodwyn and did give notice
of said surrender but said Elizabeth Marshall by letters declared
that it would bee a great prejudice to her and the said Goodwyn
being desirous to enter marriage with said daughter of said Eliza-
beth which she opposed and desired your orator would purchase
same of said Baxter and conveyance was made to your orator
and Thomas Sherwood defendant's nephew and his clerke,
denyes any combynacion etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 27, no. 43.

24 December 1638. Complaint your poor orator James Averell
of Ash in county Kent. That one Thomas Averell of Ridley in


said County, yeoman, seised of land in Kent messuage and land
called Bostall in Southstreet parish of Moopham. Kent did about
II September 1556 make his will and did bequeath unto Robert
Averell sone and heir all the said messuage etc. and said Robert
had issue five sons i.e. Thomas who died in his father's lifetime,
James your orator's father, Nicholas, Robert and Henry and died,
and said messuage came equally among survivors and 12 acres
did fall to James your orator's said father and about sixteen years
since did sell same unto one Stephen Godden who did enter into
possession and since hath gotten possession of all deeds etc. for
want of which your orator cannot recover his just title etc. etc.
26 October 1638 answer of Stephen Godden, saith etc. by inden-
tures 14 January, 21 James for 3 score and i pounds paid to
James Averill said complainants father did enfeoffe this defend-
ant and Samuell Godden etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, A, bundle 38, no. 24.

1638 Plaintiff, Rose Dew of St. Margaretts, Westminster,
Middlesex, widow, late the wife of John Dew. John Dew in
1608 November 5 was seised in property known as Mayes House
in Goodrich, county Hereford, yearly value of 200 marks made
a settlement in plaintiff's favour entered into an indenture between
him John Dew of Hunsone, county Hereford, gent, and John
Lightborne, sailor and Robert Jerrard, tallow chandler, citizen of
London to secure all his possessions a life interest to the plaintiff
in case she survived him of an annuity of £30. A second inden-
ture between John Dewe and John Mulys and Edward Talbot,
trustees of plaintiff, made December I first year of the Kings
reigne. The sign of the Angel, St. Clement Danes and other
tenements to the yearly value of 200 marks — property in Glouces-
ter. The property being mortgaged and John Dew in debt his
wife and her trustees took the whole over. An indenture between
John Dewe his wife and son Thomas and Phillip Johns of West-
minster, Middlesex, fishmonger and Dorothie his wife one of the
daughters of John Dew and Katherine daughter of John Dew
and John Mulys of the parish of Trynty Minories. London to
sell to Richard Pryce for £425 the messuage etc. called the Angel,
St. Clements Danes tenanted by Peter Middleton with seven other
tenements. Thomas Goodwyn D.D. and Thomas Swifte, clerk,
inhabiting wrought upon John Dewe to sell them the said mes-



suage, tenements and lands gave up what deeds he had obtained
the indentures from his wife upon which they paid him some
small sum of money and induced him to fly over seas where he
died shortly after whereupon Goodwin and Swift laid claim to
the estate Answer of Goodwin, 28 January 1638.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, D, bundle 53, no. 60.

(Blurred) 1639 Complaint of William Masters of Peyeaton,
county Somerset and Elizabeth his (effaced) Hard-
acre deceased being about 20 year of late Queen (sic) seised . . .
lands and tenements not long before parcell of said manor and
three cottages belonging in Huntspill, county afore-
said, then in tenure of Thomas Blower deceased for term of his
life . . . before the severance thereof one Edward Smith
then contracted with said John Smith and .... and in
behalf of said Thomas Blower in i8o paid by said Edward Smith
to said John Smith etc . . . unto Agnes then wife of said
Thomas Blower, John Blower and your oratrix Elizabeth, sonne
and daughter of said Thomas Blower . . . said John Hard-
acre . . agreed by indenture tripartite 13 November, 24 of late

Majestic between Edward Smith, John Hardacre and Ta

Hardacre that said John Hardacre should stand seised of said
manor for use of said Thomas Hardacre and Jane and said
Thomas within three months next after said marriage etc. should
grant . . . said Agnes John and Elizabeth Blower (your
oratrix) .... Thomas Hardacre and Jane his then wife

entered into said Manor Thomas Blower entered

into said tenement and about 15 James I. dyed after which Johane
his wife was admitted during her widowhood said Johane about
two years after marrying one Richard Lyme forfeited her said
widow's estate and then your orator by right of said Elizabeth
was admitted .... inheritance being in said Edward Smith
who dyed about 44 her late Majestic descended to Jane his daugh-
ter who with William Ceely, gent, her then husband entered and
at Court held 2 August, i James I. etc. for their mannor of
Ashton . . . grant to said oratrix two cottages etc. But now
Robert Goodwin, William Prowse and Valentine Trim, gent,
confederating with Thomas Bunwell and Stephen Bidlecome
and having upon death of said William Ceely and Jane his wife
and of said Thomas Blower gotten into their possession court


rolls etc. of said mannor together with two coppies granted to
your oratrix in pretence thereof and of some estate claimed from
heirs of John Hardacre in default of heirs of Thomas Hardacre
and Jane have entered into the mannor and have ousted your
orators etc. November 1639 Joint answers of Robert Good-
win, William Prowse, Valentine Trim, gent. Thomas Banwell
.'Uid Steeven Biddlecombe, defendants, to complaint of William
Masters and Elizabeth his wife say that they believe it true that
John Hardacre was seised of Mannor of Alston Mavis, county
Somerset and that John Smithes was also seised of coppie hold
lands etc formerly parcell of said mannor and in one tenement,
three cottages and 44 acres which had likewise been parcell of
said mannor being in Hunspill, county Somerset, formerly in
leinue of Thomas Blower deceased for term of his natural life,
but did not know that said Edward Smiths did ever contract with
John Smiths in behalf of Gliomas Blower for i8o etc. unto Agnes
(ben wife of Thomas Blower etc. a lease 99 years granted to
Thomas Blower by John Smith if Agnes his then wife John his
Sonne and b^lizabeth, the nowe complainant, daughter should live
etc, for a marriage to be had between Thomas Hardacre and
Jane daughter of Edward Smiths etc. This defendant doth
claim mannor of Alston Mavis which this defendant purchased
from John Hardacre heir and legatee of Thomas Hardacre and
defendants say it was conveyed to them William Prowse, Valen-
tine Trim and one William Evans, gent, and said William Evans
hath released his estate etc. etc. and a tenement late in occupation
of one Julian Bunwell etc. etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, M, bundle 6, no. i.

26 June 1639. To Rt. Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Godwin of Over Stanton,
county Hereford and Ales his wife, daughter and heire of Rich-
ard Lochard of Stanton, gent, deceased. That Roger Badland
and Katherine his wife and Richard their sonne were seised in
one messuage or tenement etc. in Over Stanton and Molesley and
Waples Over in said County and in consideration of a marriage
between Hughe Lochard, gent, and Elinor daughter and heire
of said Richard conveyed same to said Hughe and Elinor then
his wife with remaynder as is contayned in said assurance etc.
and said Hugh entered etc. and having issue Richard their eldest


son and dyvers others and said Hugh died and said Elinor
entered, after whose death said premises should come to said
Richard who entered and took to wife Elizabeth daughter of
George Brace, gent, and had yssue Ales your oratrix and his only
daughter and dyed and said estate should come to your oratrix.
But the deeds etc. of said premises having come into the hands of
one Thomas Lochard of Wallerton. county Salopp, gent, brother
of said Richard or one William Bcdland of Over Stanton the
said Thomas Lochard hath caused some secret estates to be made
with intent to defraud your orators etc. etc. With answer of
William Badland one of the defendants 27 September, 15 Charles
and Thomas Lochard, defendant 2 October, 15 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 61

I July 1639. To The Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coven-
try, Lord Keeper etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of Burton Good-
wyn of the towne of Stafford, county Stafford gent. That one
Anthony Kinnersley, Esq. since deceased Edward Blunt and
Edward Kinnersley or some of them were seised for the benefit
of said Anthony Kinnersley of one messuage in Uttoxeter in said
county and divers houses etc. belonging and in particular of

seuerall closes called the Dearne Dale mcadowes Pewes

Normans and Hudsons Grounds and so seised by an indenture of
lease dated 26 March, 6 James for £400 demised same to Ralph
Fowell of Uttoxeter, deceased, for life of said Ralph and Joane
his wife and one Thomas their sonne and the longest liver at
yearly rent of £5 and one fatt veale at Easter and a quarter of
fatt beefe on Whitson Eve and the best beast for every tenant
dyin by way of heriot and the said Ralph entered and by inden-
ture of II October, 17 James demised same to one Thomas Cow-
per for the said lives and the said Cowper did enter and by an
indenture dated 24 October, 2 Charles, did grant the same to your
orator during the said lives and your said orator did enter and
the same was confirmed to your orator etc. etc. but afterwards
one Sir Richard Grobham now deceased and since his decease his
executors doe pretend some precedent tytle to the said estate and
clayme rents from your orator and now one Robert Topleys, Wil-
liam Topleys, Arthur Townsend, Richard Brisco and Thomas
Fowell by combynacon with others unknown having gotten into
their hands the originall lease etc. etc. clayme tytle to said estates


and give out that they will weareie your orator with suites etc. in
lawe etc. etc. With answer of Thomas Fowell one of the defend-
ants 18 October 1639.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 45.

10 July 1639. Bill of Complaint of Burton Goodwyn of Staf-
ford in county Stafford, gent. That Anthony Kinesley, Esquire
since deceased Edward Blunt and Edward Kinnsley were seised
for the benefit of Anthony Kinnsley in a messuage etc. in Vtox-
eter in county Stafford and divers houses and lands etc. etc. and
by indent about 26 March, 6 James for £400 demised same to
Ralph Fowell of Utoxeter, deceased, for life of said Ralph and
Joane his wife and Thomas Fowell their sonne at rent of £5 per
annum and one fatt Veale at Easter and a quarter of fatt beefe
at Whitsonevan and ye beste beaste for every tenant dyeing for
heriotts and said Ralph Folwell entered and the said Ralph and
Joane and Thomas by indenture 11 October, 17 James, for £400
and dissolvinge of severall debts demised said lease to Thomas
Cowper for their lives who did enter and by grant 24 October,
2 Charles, demised same to your orator for the said lives and your
orator entered and the said Thomas Fowell did by deed 10
November, 2 Charles, resign all rights etc. to your orator and
said Anthony Kinnsley deceased hath other issue Francis who
doth pretend that his said father hath had no power to make the
said originall lease and about twelve years since did question the
title in a suite of lawe and did after confirm your orator his title
yet afterwards Sir Richard Grobham, Knt. now deceased and his
executors since did pretend title to said estate and did evict your
orator and your orator did pay rent to the said executors and also
to said Thomas Cowper and now one Robert Topleys, William
Topleys, Arthur Yowsend, Richard Bristowe and Thomas Fowell
by combination etc. to defeat your orator having the deeds etc.
do refuse your orator entry etc. etc. With answers of Arthur
Townesend, Robert Toplifife, and William Topliffe, defendants
at Ashburie 2 June, 17 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 22, no. 34.

20 November 1639 To Right Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry,
Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of William Godwyn of Wells,

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