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county Somerset, chaundler. That Ashton Aylworth late of


December, 12 Charles, seised in his demesne as of

fee or shopps cellars etc. appertaining in Wells in

the West side of a streete there called Sadlers and

treaty was had between your orator and the said Aylworth con-
cerning the buying of the said messuage 1636 it

was agreed That his heires or to such person as he

should nominate and your orator should pay the said Ashton

£30 which was said Ashton Aylsworth one Thomas

White of Wells, gent, should be the person to whom said mes-
suage should be conveyed" for the benefitt and the

said White being so sei&ed by like assurance to

your orator But one Anne Meade of Wells in said

County widow, Thomas Meade of Walcombe in parish of St.
Cath having gotten into their hands the said con-
veyances pretending that they or one of them have

a lease for a certain term or for life made to them or to Hughe
(Meade deceased) . ... long time before the said con-
veyance made by the said Ashton possession of said

premises and do refuse your orator possession ;

or to shew forth by what tytle etc etc With answers of Ann
Meade defendants. Great part undecipherable and torn.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 63.

28 November 1639. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord
Coventry, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Roger Goodwyn
of the Hurdlow in county Derby, yeoman, on behalfe of himself
and Humfrey Goodwyn his sonne, a minor. That Humfrey
Goodwyn of Hurdlow deceased your orator's late father was
seised of one messuage and 17 acres of land in Hurdlow and pos-
sessed of a lease of twenty one yeares of 20 acres of ground
being 10 acres in Hurdlow and 10 acres in Earlesterndalle in said
county Derby and a lease of twenty one years of 4 acres adioyn-
ing Hurdlow Hayes and a lease of twenty one years in 5 beast-
gates in the coates feild and 35^ beastgates in the Heybutts and
so seised made his will and made Joyce his wife and your orator
executors and your orator did take the execucion thereof and
said Joyce is since dead and said lands were devised to your
orator for life being his eldest sonne, remainder to his first sonn,
etc. and remainder of his goods etc. equally between the said
Joyce and your orator and since the death of said Joyce your


orator hath entered into her halfe of the said lease and lands etc,
and did make a conveyance of some part of said premises to
George Goodwyn als Mottram then of Harley in said county in
trust for the use of your orator and to reconvey same upon
request and no consideration was paid although expressed with
all which the said George Goodwyn and also George Parker of
London, esqr. and Thomas Harvey of Hudwall, county Derby,
clarke, and Francis Meade of Ttratton( ?) in the county Stafford
and Peeter Waden, yeoman, were acquainted and the original
leases were delivered to the said Thomas Harvey to be safely
kept for your orator's use But now said George Goodwyn
George Parker and Francis Meade and others combining to gain
possession of some estate in said lands etc. and to defraud your
orator have obtained possession of said original leases and the
said George Parker doth pretend that he hath an absolute estate
in said premises etc. and doth utterly refuse to deliver up said
deeds etc. With answer of George Parker, esqr, Frances Mayett
and Robert Naven defendants, 11 January, 15 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 30, no. 64.

22 April 1640. To Right Honourable Sir John Finch, Knight,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Robert Goodwyn of St.
Katherines, county Middlesex, yeoman, that the Master Brothers
and Sisters of the Hospital of St. Katherines neere the Tower of
London by indenture 5 Aprill, 6 Charles did grant to Roger Wil-
liams of the Cittie of London, bricklayer, four tenements in St.
Katherines Lane in the precincts of said parish hospitall with
appurtenances for forty yeares at a yearly rent of 49s 4d. and
said Williams by deed 14 May, 12 Charles, 1636 for £450 assigned
to your orator the same premises etc and your orator being so
possessed became acquainted with one James Damille(sic) of
London, gold wire drawer, who did rent of one Mr. Phillip
Jacobs within the forrest of Bradon in county Wilts 73 acres of
pasture etc. paying £36. 12s. yearly which hee would lett having
noe skill in husbandry and it was agreed that your orator should
grant to said Daniell and Hellen his wife the said tenements etc.
then in occupation of Richard Ward, Phillip Griffin, Richard
Clever, Christian Graynes, widdow, William Humphreys, Blaunch
Evans, widdow, Joane Goodelle, widow, James Townsend, Wil-
liam Davis, Elizabeth Ingram, widdow, Anne Taylor, widdow,


Katharine Davis, widdow, Walter Hillon, Anthony Cowper,

John Smith, Phebe Hobbs, Symes, widdow and Henry

Dunston and said Daniells would grant a lease of said 73 acres
etc. and your orator held other tenements in occupation of
Thomas Smith, John Hobbs, Samuel Miller, Mary Maleton, John
Charlesworth, and Robert Kidgin and did grant same to said
Daniell and one John Underwood, a scrivener of Bishopgate
Street in parish of St. Buttolphs without Bishopsgate, was
ymployed to draw up said deeds etc. But said Daniell and
Underwood combyning to defraud your orator and having gotten
possession of the lease of said tenements so refuse to carry out
said agreement etc. With answers of James Daniell and Ellen
his wife defendants i May 1640, also answer of John Under-
wood, defendant same date.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 36, no. 64.

12 May 1640. Complaint of Thomas Ellaker citizen and haber-
dasher, of London. That one Edward Godwyn ditto by lease of
the 2nd of August 1637 let to Thomas Ellaker shop called
Golden Dragon in Fleet street in parish of St Dunstans, William
Hammerton, servant of Thomas Ellaker, dispute of rent. An-
swer of Edward Godwin.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, E, bundle 9, no. 37.

27 June 1640. To Rt. Hon. John, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper
etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of the Towne and
Port of Dover, county Kent, gent, that about 11 May 1626 by
indenture consideration of £120 paid by one William Wentworth
of same, deceased, sold by way of mortgage one messuage etc. in
parish of Buckland next Dover yearly at £20 with condicon of
redemption and that he would take noe advantage but if said
moneys were not paid then fresh writings might be drawn and
your orators interest. But about five years since said Wentworth
did putt your orator out of said messuage etc and did take posses-
sion and receiue the rents etc. did after promise he would reassure
back said premises etc and albeit your orator did often ofifer
payment of said monies to said Wentworth in his life time, about
August 1628 did make his will and Alice his wife executrix and
did charge said Alice not to take any advantage of your orator
but to reassure same if monies were paid in one year after his


death, and after died, and the said AHce married one Thomas
Brown of London, Esqr. to whom your orator offered said
moneys as agreed and your orator paid part of said monies yet
now the said Thomas and Ahce and one Samuell Wentworth
combyning to defraud your orator do utterly refuse to accept
residue of said monies or to grant your orator possession etc.
With answers of defendants, 29 October 1640.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 58.

1640? The Replicacon of Edward Goodwin, gent, complain-
ant to the answere of Thomas Browne, Esq. Alice his wife and
Samuell Wentworth defendants. Saving to himself now and at
all tymes all advantage of execpcon etc. to the uncertaintie and
insufficiency in the lawe for the said answere for replicacon there-
unto saith in all and every matter and thing as in and by his
said bill hee hath said and doth and will averr and maintaine and
prove his said bill and all things therein contained to be true
certeyne and sufficient to be answered unto as in the same are
sett forth etc. without that that any other matter or thing is
materiall etc. to reply to and not herein confessed etc. etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 28.

164- ? Bill of Complaint of Edward Godwyn of the citty of
London, haberdasher. That about 24 May, 15 Charles indenture
between said Edward Godwyn and Thomasine his wife of one
part and Robert Oliver of Larborne, county Kent, Esqr. of the
other part. Consideration £150 that before the end of Trinity
terme then next said Edward and Thomasine should make a
lease to said William Oliuer (sic) for 99 years of a messuage
etc in occupation of one Thomas Jourdayne and the said Robert
would pay £250 more in six months after said lease a short time
after said Thomasine dyed and said Robert Oliuer to defeat your
orator refused to pay said £250 or to carry out the agreement
and combined with one Francis Brudenell and Walter Dobell etc.
etc. ^ With answer of Walter Dobell Esq. one of the defendants.
Denies that he knew anything of said lease and if his name was
used in same that it was done by some of his friends in trust etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 7.

21 November 1640. Plaintiffs, Nicholas Whiston, citizen and
merchant of London and Anne his wife one of the daughters of


John Whitfield of Worth in the county of . Whereas

John Whitfield was possessed of certain messuages and lands

called an in Worth and in Charlewood and in divers other

townes in the said county Sussex and in county Surrey he settled
a good part on Nicholas Whiston plaintiff's father and heretofore
parson or rector of the parish church of Worth and to Abraham
Edwards of Worth to secure a payment of £200 a year to his
child or some other sums for their advancement in marriage.
Since your orators father's death Abraham Edwards as sole
trustee has become possessed of all the writings of his manor of
Marston Magna.

(Vide Transcript Mitford 75/105) Answer of Thomas Whit-

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I (M, bundle 75, no. 109?)

25 January 1640. Complainants, Robert Churchman of the
City of London, marchantaylor, and John Churchman, son and
heir of the said Robert, showeth that whereas about the 17 day
of June 1639 there was a treatie and communication betwixt your
said orator Robert Churchman and one Nicholas Eyles of
Longon (London?), Joyner of marraiage to be solemnized
betwixt your said orator John Churchman and Sarah the only
daughter of the said Nicholas Eyles. In consideration of said
marriage the complainants show that the said Nicholas Eyles
promised to bestow on the said John Churchman and the said
Sarah presently after the decease of him the said Nicholas, all
his lands, tenements, goods, chattels etc. etc. Shortly after the
marriage above arranged had taken place, the complainants allege
that the said Nicholas Eyles did inveagle your said orator John
Churchman to become bound with him in several great summes of
money to several men to a great vallew, but now refuses to secure
him of and from the said bonds. It is also alleged that one
Thomas Thomson a fishmonger of London did inveagle your
orator John Churchman to become bound for him to several men
for great sums of money and the said Nicholas Eyles it is alleged
now declares that he will make over all the residue of his estate
etc. to one Thomas Price of London, chandler, etc. The com-
plainants petition the Court to summon the said Nicholas Eyles,
Thomas Thomson, and Thomas Price to appear and answer
etc. Writ. The joint and severall answers of Nicholas
Eales, Thomas Price and Thomas Thomson the defendants to the


bill of complaint of Robert Churchman and John Churchman son
and heir of the said Robert, complainants. Recapitulation,
Denials etc.etc. of the premises set forth in the above writ.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 100, no. 47.

6 February 1640 To Right Honorable Sir Edward Littleton,
Knight, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John Gooddinge als
Balson of Sheebeare, county Devon, yeoman, that five or six
yeares since your orator with one John Nicholl of Shebbeare,
gent, as his suretie became bound to John Colwill of Bradford in
said county, husbandman, in a bond of £4 for payment of 40s.
and at the date when payable or shortly after your orator with
one William Staddon a servant of the said Nicholl repaired to the
said Colwill with the said principall some with intent to have
taken upp said bond but, said Colwill not being in, your orator
tendered said 40s. and 6s. interest to one Stephen Colwill sonne of
said John and also to two of the daughters of said John but they
refused to accept same neither had they said bond and your
orator entreated the said children to acquaint the said John etc.
etc. But the said Colwill shortly after caused your orator to be
arrested upon the said bond and your said orator again tendered
the said principall and the interest and charge which the said
Colwill refused and said he would accept it at the Stannary Court
and your orator promised he would be there but the said Col-
will persuaded your orator not to go and that your orator should
not be at any further charges etc. etc. Yet said Colwill hath
obtained judgement against your orator and charges to the some
of £$ and caused the same to be levied upon your orator's goods
etc. etc. and refuseth to delivered upp the said bond etc. With
answer of John Colwill defendant i May, 17 Charles

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 49, no. 50.

9 February 1640. To Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Littleton, Knight.
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Tonbridge,
county Kent, clothier, and Anne his wife. That Walter Kipping
late of Tewdlie in said county, gent, was seised of lands in Tewd-
lie, Capell, Pemburie, Brenchlie, Tonbridge, Herdlowe, Burling
and Snodland and elsewhere in said county of value of iioo per
annum and upwards and of a personall estate etc. of £1500 and
about December 1635 made his will and bequeathed to your ora-


trix Anne by the name of Anne Towne, widdow, his grandchild
£200 to be paid after certeyne other small legacies amounting to
aljout £40 and made one Martin Jefifery of Maydstone in said
county, gent, executor he to take rents etc. of said lands to pay
said legacies etc. and after the death of said Walter Kipping said
Jeffery took upon him the executorship of said will etc. and pos-
sessed himself of said goods etc. and also took £300 in debts etc.
owing to said Kipping etc. and reciued all the rents etc. of said
lands etc. sold tymber etc off said lands and ought to have paid to
said Anne the legacie of £200 as aforesaid But now said Matin
Jeffery doth utterly refuse to paye same etc. and doth threaten to
prosecute said Anne if she did seeke to recover said legacie etc.
and said Jeffery hath since the intermarriage with your orator
refused to pay same etc. With answer of Martin Jeffery gent,
defendant, 2 June 1640 is willing to pay same as soon as he can
rayse said monies etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 37.

12 February 1640. To Right Honourable Edward, Lord
Littleton. The Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells in
county Somerset D.D. and Toby Rose of London, gent. That
said Paul Godwyn about Marche 1637 or 1638 having occasions
for moneys and knowing one John Clement of South Parvelt in
county Dorset, clerk, who had before married your orator's Paul
his eldest daughter, since deceased, with whom said Clement
received a great porcon in marriage etc. etc. and did lend out
monies on interest your orator did borrow of the said Clement
£50 and he became bound with the said Rose as suretie in £100.
Now since that time your orator and the said Clement have had
many friendly passages together and your orator as his father in
law and in respect etc. hath disbursed many and dyvers somes for
said Clement for tenthes and contribucon money and for release
of a suspencion granted by the Bishopp against him etc. etc. said
Clement, Prebend of Wells and support of the children of said
Clement. But now albeit your orator hath often tendered said
some of money in satisfaction of said bond the said Clement
taking some offence ref useth to deliver same and threatens to put
said bond in suite against your orators etc. etc. With answer
of John Clement, clerke, defendant 8 May, 17 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 23, no. 20.


13 February 1640. To Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Litleton, Knight,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Henry Goodwin of Henley
uppon Thames, county Oxon, gent, that had communication with
Roger Bragge of Eaton, county Bucks, gent, concerning buying
some messuages or tenements in Fleet streete in parish of St.
Bride als Bridgett, London, and agreed to pay £510 for some etc.
and for his right in said messuage assured your orator that Roger
Bragge father of said Bragge, deceased by his will bequeathed
said tenements to Beniamin Bragge his son and in default of
heires to said Roger etc. and said Beniamin did enter a mortgage
same to one Henry Maundrell and died without yssue and said
Roger to get said tenements in his possession did borrowe of
Arthur Wingham, D.D.. his brother in lawe by marriage, £160
and also to buy in the thirds of the wife of said Beniamin etc. and
said Roger shewed your orator an agreement with said Dr.
Wingham joyning with him in said sayle he to take £200 of said
purchase money in full sattisf action of said debt of £160 and at
Michaelmas terme twelve months last year your orator paid said
Roger £205, said Dr. Wingham now refuses to allow your orator
to view deeds concerning said messuage notwithstanding your
orator hath paid said Roger £205 etc. etc. With answer of
Arthur Wingham and Roger Bragge, defendants.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 8, no. i.

20 May 1641. Complainant Richard Walton of Leedes, county
Yorke, chapman. Whereas in 1636, 1637, and 1638 having suites
in courte at Yorke employed one Edward Goodwyne of York, said
county, gent, being an attorney or sollicitor at lawe to prosecute
said suites and said Goodwin promised to do so, and your orator
caused money to be delivered to said Edward Goodwin and said
Edward Goodwin disbursed money and rendered bills to your
orator and your orator made payment of a date to said Edward
Goodwyne and Peter Massey, gent, servant and agent to said
Edward Goodwyne and has receipts but now said Edward Good-
wyne and Peter Massey have brought suite against your orator
and your orator hath lost receipts etc. etc. i June 1641 Answer
of Edward Goodwin. Did disburse in 1633 against Turner etc.
against Cowper etc. against Hather etc. Answer to Jenkinson
and answer to Colbeck, against Mosse, against Greatehead,



ag-ainst Oliver Edwards against Potter, against Burrow, suite
of Wiggin etc. Denies that he requires any money not justly
due etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 51, no. 25.

13 July 1 641. To Right Honourable Edward, Lord Littleton,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Walter Godden of town of
Maidestone, county Kent, gent, and Jane his now wife execu-
trix of Thomas Rassell late of Maidestone, county Kent, beere-
brewer, deceased. That Stephen Hastnett of Maidestone in said
county, a mercer, fallen into decay in his said trade and very
small meanes of livelihood for himself and his wife and his
family having some acquaintance with said Thomas Rassell, late
husband of your oratrix Jane, did about five years since acquaint
him that he had a purpose to keepe a common alehouse in Maide-
stone and to procure a license did importune said Rassell to
creditt him with such beere as he should have occasion to drawe
etc. etc. and at a certain rate of los. the barrell and the said
Rassell did deliver severall barrells of stronge beere at dyvers
times to the quantity of 40 barrells and the said Stephen Hast-
net and Allice his wife did pay severall somes of money but did
leave unpaid £18 in the lifetime of the said Rassell and which the
said Stephen did promise to pay but before any payment was
made about two and a half years since the said Rassell made his
will and died and your oratrix Jane his executrix proved his said
will and about a yeare since did intermarry with your orator
Walter Gooden. But now the said Stephen Hastnett and Allice
his wife do denye that the said Rassell did ever deliver any such
stronge beere or that they ever were indebted in the said some of
£18 to the said Rassell etc. etc. With answer of Stephen Hars-
nett and Alice his wife defendants 18 January, 17 Charles that in
a previous suite had been dismissed.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 19, no. 15.

13 Nov. 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord
Keeper, etc. Bill of Complaint of William Greenfeild an infant
by Joane Mathewe of Worth, county Sussex widdow, late wife

of Matthew of Leigh, county Surrey, yeoman, deceased

and formerly wife of Samuel Greenfeild late of Shellwood,
county Surrey, yeoman, his mother and gardian. That said


Samuell Greenfeild was in his life tyme seised of a messuage or
tenement called Ridge according to the custom of the Mannor of
Dorking of yearly value of £26 and being indebted to Jasper
Goodwyn of Dorking, the elder, gent, in some of £62 did about 6
June 1628 borrow of said Jasper £50 more and for security did
surrender said messuage etc. to the use of Jasper Goodwyn, one
of the younger sonnes of said Jasper the elder, with condicion of
repayment etc. and before the day of redeemption said Samuell
Greenfeild dyed and said Jasper caused said surrender to be
brought into court and his sonne to be admitted and said Jasper
hath ever since received the rents etc. and have only paid your
oratrix the yearly some of ii2 yet notwithstanding that said
Goodwyn hath received said rents and your oratrix hath often
tendered said monies so borrowed by said Samuell Greenfeild
as are due if the said Jasper the father and Jasper the sonne will
render a full accompt of said rents etc. yet they do refuse to
deliuer same on pretence that said Greenfeild did absolutely sell
said messuage etc. and that they will take advantage of forfeiture
of said lands etc. With answers of Jasper Goodwyn the elder, ]
of Dorking gent, and Jasper Goodwyn his sonne, defendants 15 '
January 1641. ij

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 26, no. 55. \

15 November 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton etc. I

Complainant Raphe Godwin late of Redborne, county Hertford, \

vintnor that about five years since intending to settle in some con- ',

venient place and calling in the country to raise livelihood for your j

orator, his wife and children and your orator unfortunately grow-

ing acquainted with one Bartholomew Bond, Bailifif to Sheriff of i

said county, said Bond being possessed of inne and tavern in Red- j

borne, and offering it as such easy rates and no other inn to be ;^

erected in town your orator did take it on a twelve years lease etc. ]

and within 3 years after Air. Alderman Abell, assignee for Rt. '■

Hon. Lord Goreing, did erect two other innes, your orator com-

plammg said Bond did take the house and goods (inventory of ^

latter given) £150 lis. 8d. and likewise sold to him some poultry, J

sheets, etc, etc. and having gotten possession said Bond hath I

turned wife and children out of doors etc. and saith Sr. Anthony I

Chester, Bart, wished him to keep 30s. etc.etc. I

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 2, no. 61. I


i6 November 1641. The answers of John Page, defendant, to
the Bill of Complaint of Ewyn Goodwin, Gierke, complainant.
Doth not knowe of any treatie of marriage between complainant
and Margaret Page daughter of Robert Page, deceased, or of
any agreement between said parties or of any sale or conveyance
of lands etc. or of any payment of said Margaret to said Robert
Page of £200 for any said close called Dovehouse Glose or any
other lands or of any bond entered into by said Robert Page or
that complainant's father Ewin Goodwin should procure any
estate etc. Believes complainant did marry said Margarett with-
out consent of said Robert her father and that complainant
hath taken letters of administration of estates of said Robert and
that said Robert did about i May, 14 James by indenture between
said Robert, Phillip Page eldest son and then heire apparent of

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 27 of 44)