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said Robert, and this defendant's father did convey the manor of
Goddinge als Goddinge Hall and Thurmewoods als Thurnewoods
and the advowson of Godding etc. in said county Suffolk to said
Phillip etc except a lease made by said Robert Page to one John
Alders to expire 1691 and an annuity of £20 per annum to Mar-
gery then wife of said Robert and Phillip descended to William
Page father of the defendant and to this defendant as adminis-
trator of said William and Phillip. This defendant hath entred
since against complainant on a bond for money owing by com-

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 15.

30 November 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton,
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells
in county Somerset, D.D. and one of the Canons of the Cathedral
Church at Wells that about fifteen years past one William Wood-
house, clerk, became a suitor by way of marriage to Hister one
of your orators two only daughters and your orator being inter-
essed in a farme in Kingweston in said county worth £80 per
annum for three lives the said Woodhouse did agree to give your
orator £500 for the moyetie of the said farme, said three lives
being all living and it was further agreed that after said marriage
your orator should entertain said Woodhouse, his wife and
family, with meate etc, and should provide for said Woodhouse
some spirituall living and that said Woodhouse should provide a
yearly some of £40 for mayntenance of your orator's said wife


for life and were shortly after married and your orator enter- !

tained same for space of four yeares and your orator did obtain '

the presentation of the Vicaridge of Long Sutton in said county :

of yearly rent of £70 and after to the Vicarage of Butleigh in i

said county worth f 100 per annum and other favours etc. But i

now said Woodhouse doth refuse to give your orator any ]

acknowledgement after his preferment to Long Sutton for his |

intertainement etc. and to settle or to assure to the said Hester ]

any competent joynture and doth also desire to possess himself j

of your orator's studdy of books after your orators death being of •

great valewe and doth give forth that he hath a graunt or gift ',

of same and doth detayne dyvers articles of household stuff etc. j

Bill only. j

Chancery Proceedings, Charles L G, bundle 11, no. 6. !

8 February 1641. Complaint of Edmund Johnson, Okeham, '

county Rutland, mercer, and Isabell his wife. That a bond for !

£10 from one Roger Hacke of Whiffendyne, Rutland and £4 lent i

to Elizabeth Clarke, sister of Isabell, and after married to Jasper i

Goodwyn of Eggleton, but now deceased, due from said Jasper 1

Goodwyn, who denies same. 7 April 18 Chas. L Denial of j

Jasper Goodwyn, I

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, I, bundle 5, no. 39. ]

11 February 1641. Plaintiff. Charles Bowles of Chatham, 1
Kent, gent, and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Thomas j
Cole late of Woodbridge, county Suffolk, merchant, deceased. ]
James Goodwyn being for the time Lord of the Manor of King- |
ston refused to grant a lease except for double fine the plaintiff's |
wife Anne being then a minor and finally excluded her when of \
age from possession of the estate which was copyhold lands held 'i
from Dean and Chapter of Ely, James Goodwin the elder, James '
and George Goodwin, sonnes. Long answer of James Goodwin
and sons. John Lowe and Henry Usherwood, two copyhold
tenants. Thomas Cole, Thomas Boulton and Thomas Warren.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 54, no. 66.


12 February 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord I

Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Trottiscliffe, ;

county Kent, gent. That about eight years since became bound j


with Thomas Goddin, gent, your orator's father and James
Goddin your orator's brother and one James Goddin your orator's
vncle to one John Whiffin of Ridley in said county in a bond of
£500 for payment of £250 and interest at 6% at the end of six
months at which tyme said Thomas Goddin provided said monies
and dehuered same to said James Goddin his son with direcons
to pay the same to said Whiffin and the said James accordingly
did pay £200 part of said some with the interest etc. and desired
said Whiffin to take his security for the £50 residue for six
months which said Whiffin agreed to do and your orator at
request of said James did become bound in a bond about 23 Sep-
tember, 12 Charles in £100 for payment of same with interest
etc. and said Whiffin did cancell said bond for £250 and at tyme
of payment of said £50 said James Goddin and Whiffin came to
agreement for continuance of said money etc. and for two or
three years said James Godden did pay the interest etc. and also
then paid the principall and interest then due and said Whiffin
expressed himself well satisfied and promised to deliuer said bond
to be cancelled. But now said John Whiffin having said bond
in his hands doth deny to deliuer said bond or to cancell same and
pretends other monies to be due and doth refuse to declare to
your orator what somes are due albeit your orator is willing to
pay same or anie such somes etc. With answer of John Whiffin
defendant, 19 February 1641 says that other £50 was borrowed
and not paid for etc, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 15, no. 31.

12 February 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of James Goodwyn of Rendham
in county Suffolk that for twelve yeares past hath been possessed
of the Mannors of Melton cum Ufford and Kingston neere Wood-
bridge in said county with all appurtenances etc. by demyse from
the Deane and Chapter of the Cathedrall church of the Holy
Trinitye of Elye and one Thomas Cole of Woodbridge, deceased,
in his life tyme seised of dyvers lands etc. coppiehould of said
Mannor of Kingston did about 16 Aprill 1631 make his last will
and bequeathed to Agnes Battle als Cole his third daughter, nowe
wife of Charles Bowles of Chatham, County Kent, gent, when
20, messuage called the Dayerie then in occupation of one Har-
vye in Woodbridge and other lands then in occupation of John


Carr and to Alice Battle als Cole his then wife, mother of said
Agnes, the said lands messuage etc. until said Agnes came to 20
and after surrendered said messuage and dyed and said Alice
after was admitted to said lands etc. and after about 1639 said
Agnes then married and so did not take up said lands etc. then
in occupation of said Charles Bowles and William Frost and
Edmund Lied and proclamation of seisure was made of which
your orator did take noe advantage and said Bowles with one
Jonathan Basse, came to your orator and desired him to take noe

advantage of said proclamation but to admitt his said wife to ;

said lands soe given by said will and that said Bowles would paye \

your orator the fyne uppon said lands etc. and your orator was |

content and said Jonathan Basse at a court holden 9 October, 16 'i
Charles produced a letter of attorney from said Bowles and his

wife to admitt the said Agnes etc. and your orator then demanded |

his said fyne and said Steward then demanded of said Basse i

money for said admittance whereon said Basse replied that he |

had no warrant to pay any monies at all etc. etc. Lands of John j

and Thomas Warren and Thomas Boulton and Alice his wife and i

Francis Crowe mentioned adioyning said lands your orator ]

demanded said fyne of said Bowles who complained of the great '

amount thereof and your orator gave said Bowles particulars i

thereof and your orator took proceedings for recovery thereof \

and said Bowles combyning to defraude and defeat your orator |

hath caused your orator to be arrested on suerall writs etc. at j

suite of Richard Horsman and others. With answers of Jona- i

than Basse, defendant, 23 April, 18 Charles at Woodbridge and ;

Richard Horseman and ]\Iary his wife same date, and William :

Frost and Ednuind Led defendants, same date. Demurrer of 1

Charles Bowles and Anne his wife defendants, 18 May 1642. '

Very long and in a bad state. j

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 48. '

14 February 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, l

Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goddin of !

Trottiscliffe, county Kent, gent, that James Goddin one of your j
orator's sonnes with James Godden, sonne of Henry Goodin his
neare kinsman, about six years since became bound to one Edward

Chatfield in iioo for payment of £50 at a certain date etc. and j

about said date when payment was due your orator did pay said ;


£50 on behalf of his said sonne and said bond was deliuered and
cancelled and said James did promise to repay your orator but
now said James having gott into his hands the noate or writinge
of promising to repay same and finding that said bond is cancelled
etc. refuses to pay said monies etc. Pleads that said monies
were the debt of your orator etc. and doth deny any recompense
to your orator etc. With answer of James Godden, defendant.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 42.

28 April 1642. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Bretby,
county Derby, yeoman, and Alice his wife heretofore the wife of
John Cope of Thulston in said county, yeoman, and administra-
trix of said Cope. That Dorothy Cope of Thulston, weddow,
late wife of Richard Cope of Thulston, yeoman, about 16 January,
15 Charles was possessed of a farme and lands etc. in Thulston
which her said husband had taken by lease from Sir John Stan-
hope late of Elvaston in said county, deceased, and Mary his wife
for twenty one yeares and about 20 January, 15 Charles, said
Dorothy being desirous to leave to her sonn John the charge of
husbandry and settle her said sonn agreed that said John should
pay the rent thereof and allow said Dorothy part thereof to her
own use etc. and said John entered and shortly after said Dorothy
did leave said farme but did not deliver said lease etc. and said
John 7 May, 17 Charles died and left your oratrix now wife of
William Goodwyn in possession of said farme. But now said
Dorothy hath entered said farme and denyeth your orator's
possession etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 40, no. 46.

25 IMay 1642. To Right Honorable Edward, Lord Littleton,
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Jasper Goodwynne of Dor-
kinge, county Surrey, gent. That on 26 August 1636 seised in
diners messuages lands etc. in said county to value of £800 per
annum and possessed of diners goods etc. to value of iiooo and
upwards did treat for a marriage between your orator and Mary
Dallender his now wife, then relict of William Dallender of
Buckeland in said county, esqr. deceased, and at said time agreed
with Thomas Coningsby of Northmyms in county Hartford, Esqr.
brother to said Mary that your orator should settle upon said


Mary for her jointure lands to the vakie of iioo per annum for
Hfe and if shee should survive to settle the most part of his per-
sonall estate on said Mary and did deliver to said Thomas Con-
ingesby a bond of £1000 for performance of said agreement and
shortly after did marry said Mary and your orator having bet-
tered his estate and for further increase erected a brewhouse in
Dorkinge and made great profitt untill about a yeare since when
visited with a great sickness, which doth still continue, one
Edward Goodwynn your orator's sonne by a former marriage
coveting your orator's estate in his life time did combyne with
one Matthew Carleton, Councellor at Lawe and uncle to the said
Edward and with one Thomas Carleton brother of said Mathewe
and other persons and repaired to your orator in his greate sick-
ness and did sollicit your orator to convey all his estate etc. in
trust to the said Edward and that he the said Edward should
allow your orator sufficient yearly meanes for your said orator
his wife and family and pay your orators debts and procons to
your orators daughters and younger children and did promise to
reconvey same when your orator should be restored to health etc.
and did produce certeyne deeds etc. affirming that they were only
in trust etc. But now said Edward having got said conveyances
etc. hath possessed himself of all your orators sayd estate etc. and
all deedes etc. thereunto belonging and doth refuse to deliver
same upp to your orator although often requested etc. With plea
of Mathew and Thomas Carlton and Edward Goodwyn, gent,
defendants says that complainant by name of Jasper Goodwyn,
the elder, of Dorkinge, gent, hath given a release 25 May, 18
Charles after exhibiting said bill. Jurat 21 and 23 June 1642.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 20, no. 3.

22 June 1642. The answer of Stephen Tomylyn to bill of
complaint of George Godden, Thomas Godden, John Turnor and
Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Godden and Awdry springters and
Joane Godden widdowe. Walter Godden, deceased, possessed
personal estate and that he did make a will and give the plaintififs
such legacies as they sett forth and appointed the defendant
Stephen Tomlyn to be executor and then dyed. The affects
amounted to £107. lis. 6d. only. He denies their accusation that
he hindered in the realization of the goods or that he concealed or
left out anything from the inventory. To his knowledge the


defendant paid John Everett £20 which Walter Godden promised
to pay to Mary Tomlin whose mother Francis Tomlyn, a widdow,
he married on the day of the marriage. He also paid to Mary
Godden £5 parte of a legacy from Walter Godden of £47. lis.
6d. which she received in full later. £5. os. od. each to Grace and
Mary Carter daughters of Thomas Carter and Margarett his
wife. £3. I2s. od. damage and costs to them allowed. £12. os.
od. costs in the same suite. £4. los. od. costs of inventory sale
etc. £2. los. od. to Alexander Browne legacy. £7. 6s. 4d.
Ecclesiastical courts. 15s. od. wages due to servant. 3s. od. to
Thomas Willard and £7. os. od. widdow Godden, executrix of
Nicholas Godden. Altogether £108. 7s. lod. Walter Godden
had lands in Kent which he conveyed to Sir John Howell for
£700, how much of it Walter Godden received defendant knoweth
not. He prays all claims may be dismissed.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 9.

30 November 1643. Plaintiff. Benjamin Feild an infant of
nine years noe (old?) by his father gardian and next friend
Stephen Feild. Whereas Edward Goddon late of Rymarsh
(Romney Marsh), county Kent, yeoman, deceased, having for-
merly married one Margaret Courthope als Pennell (by whom
he had a great estate in marriage and affinity in worth and
quality) also deceased aunt to the whole blood to your orator on
the mother's side that is to say natural sister of Elizabeth Court-
hope natural mother of Elizabeth Evereden your orator's natural
mother and said Margaret dying without issue and said Godding
surviving her having no issue and living a widdower taking
much affection to your orator taking him as his own child promis-
ing to bring him up educate him and make him a scholar which
he did and taking care that your orator should be well educated
and not be chargeable to any person made his will in 1639, 29
September, in which among other things bequeathed £30 at the
age of 23 to be paid by his brother Thomas Goddin executor. In
case of death of plaintiff before 23 the legacy was to be devided
among his brethren. Thomas Goodin was to pay this over in
case of his receiving some certain moneys from one Thomas
Goodin the son of Thomas Goodin. In case the said estate
realised much less than the said bequest all round was to take
place except in the case of the said plaintiff and one Johanne


Goodin. Some years since said Thomas died, son Thomas suc-
ceeds as the executor. Answer 15 December 1643 Father of
Feild has been abroad and but a few months in England being
a sailor.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 3, no. 16.

13 February 1643 Complaint of William Pecocke, parish of
St. Andrews Holborne, county Middlesex. Whereas being one
of his Majesties sworne servants and one of the yeoman of the
gard attending his said Majesty in ordinary and having occasion
to use money and being desirous to sell his yeoman's place of the
Guard to raise this same did about fourteen years now last past
bargain and sell the said place unto one Edward Goodin of
Dorkyn in the County of Surrey on his pretence that he bought
it for one Benjamin Goodin his naturall sonne. The custom of
such place is that such person as holdeth the same is to have the
same place during life. In consideration of which said Edward
Goodin assumed and promised to pay your orator iioo for said
place and that he or his executors should pay to complainant 28s,
monthly during the natural life of your orator (the iioo was paid
and Edward Goodin entered into a statute staple of £200 for
payment of the said 28s. a month which remained in Edward
Goodwin's custody) aboute tenne yeares ago he your orator
having occasion to use the sum of £60 did by way of mortgage
assyne to Edward Goodin the said 28s. monthly in consideration
of the said £60 — the statute staple to be in the hands of George
Plucknett of the Citty of Westminster, scrivener, as security os
repayal at the end of one year with £4 interest. But so it is that
Edward Goodin did utterly make default to pay the 28s, monthly
for the yeare after the mortgage of this same and combining with
said George Plucknett to defraud your orator and now Edward
Goodin giveth out speeches he will not pay any more to your
orator and soe for the sum of £60 would wrest from your orator
the said monthly pay contrary to equity etc. Answer of Edward
Goodwyn, gent, and George Plucknett 1644 May 22. Denies he
bought the place on pretence as he never had a sonne named
Benjamin — on the 27th June 1627 defendant entered into a statute
staple of £200 to pay at or in the then writing shopp of John
Plucknett, scrivener, situate in the New Pallace in Westminster
... the monthly sum of 28s. Pleads the statute staple was to


be cancelled if the £60 was not repaid to time and asserts that

for same he has not paid the 28s. and is liable for nothing further.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle 15, no. 15.

24 June 1644. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin the
younger of Songer Farme in county Warwick, sonne and heyre
of Anne Goodwin, deceased, late wife of Thomas Goodwin of
same farm and one of the daughters and co-heirs of Tymothie
Harris, deceased, one of the sonnes of John Harris, late of Long-
borowe, county Gloucester, yeoman, deceased, John Lea of Chip-
pinge Camden, county Gloucester and Marye his wife another
daughter of said Tymothie. That the said John Harris was
seised in divers houses etc. in Longborowe and Condicoats in
said county Gloucester of value of £300 and in the 24 Elizabeth
bequeathed to said Tymothie one of his sonnes all his lands etc.
aforesaid and to his heires and in default to right heires of said
John and shortly after died and Tymothy entered and after lived
in Ireland for many years and after married and dyed leaving
his said two daughters Anne and Marie who after married said
Thomas Goodwin and John Lea and by reason of said abode in
Ireland your orators were for a long time unawares of the title to
said lands etc. etc. and after diligent search have discovered their
said title and right but cannot find that any conveyance was ever
made or any fine levyed to barre your orators yet one Will Ince

of in county and Ann Matthewes, widdowe,

by combinacion together and with dyvers others not yet known to
your orators upon pretence of some secret estate made by said
Timothie have possessed themselves of the said estate and have
received the profitts etc. to their own use and refuse to discover
to your orators by what right etc. they hold said lands etc. etc.
Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 25.

4 July 1644. Answer of William Goodwyn, defendant to the
Bill of Complaint of Richard Hughes, complainant. Saith true
it is that about the time mentioned in complainant's bill hee this
defendant being possesst of a parcell of Virginia tobacco which
hee this defendant brought over from Virginia to London in a
shipp called the Virginia Merchant to quantity of 13 hogsheads
and being willing to part the same and haveing long acquahitance
with said complainant's wife who for about twenty years has


dealt in such comoditis and after some conference said complain-
ant and wife did agree to buy said tobacco at 6^ and after
examining one hogshead refused to take same at rate and did
turn same back to this defendant and only received 12 hogsheads
at rate of £42. 6s. od. being allowed for fraught and customs and
this defendant expecting to receive the said £42. 6s.od. hath often
requested it of said complainant and wife who delay to pay and
defendant compelled to commence suit and at tryall in Guildhall,
London, Easter term last before Mr. Justice Bacon jury found
for this defendant and allowed him i13.6s.4d. Damages whole
doth amount to i47.16s.4d. all as yet unpaid and for which this
defendant doth intent to prosecute complainant and defendant
doth deny any contract etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 40, no. 60.

4 January 1644. Complaint of Thomas Coningsby of North-
mymes, county Hartford, Esquire. That in August 1636 was
entrusted by Mary Ballinge, then widow of William Ballinger
of Bucklane, county Surrey, then lately deceased, and sister unto
your orator to treat with one Jasper Goodwin of Barkeing,
county Surrey, gent, (who was then seised of some lands to value
of £700 and good personal estate) touching a marriage by ye said
Jasper and ye said Mary to take some assurance in your orator's
name from said Jasper which your orator did and in consideration
of joynture and estate said Mary had from her husband said
Jasper did scale and deliver articles to your orator for conveying
lands to ye value of £100 per annum for maintenance of said
Mary and did agree to leave her, if she survived him, most of his
estate and that said Mary should have management of a brew-
house in Barkeinge where said Jasper lived and said Jasper did
deliver to your orator a bond of £1000 for performance of said
articles and shortly after they married, said Jasper having much
bettered himself thereby and for many years enjoyed for his own
use and of his children by a former wife and allowed no part
for discharging said debts of Mary according to agreement and
said Jasper was about three years since visited with a great sick-
ness and at that time Edward Goodwyn his sonne by a former
wife coveting ye possession of ye said brewhouse with intent to
defeat your orator's sister of any parte of Jasper's estate did
combine with Thomas and Matthew Carleton, uncles of his


mother's side, and getting all said Jasper's estate conveyed to said
Edward Goodwin and did repair to said Jasper and persuade him
to convey all his estate together with said brewhouse to said
Edward Goodwyn and in consideration said Edward to allow
said Jasper yearly £ioo and pay his debts and all such portions
as said Jasper should give to his daughters or younger children
and could at pleasure revoke said agreement etc. and did in ye
night in absence of Mary produce some deeds ready engrossed of
some old date before ye mariage and by colour thereof possessed
himself of said Jasper's estate and of said articles and expulsed
said Jasper and his wife and family out of dwelling house, but
refused Jasper any maintenance or to perform any parte of
promise. About May 1642 said Jasper sent for your orator wish-
ing to settle on his wife what he had agreed he and his wife
entreated your orator in regard said Jasper still sicke etc. and
was then shortly to go to the Bath, to commence suite at lawe for
recovery of estate and said would pay what money should bee
expended and put same in writing and your orator caused in
Easter terme 1642 bill to be exhibited in name of said Jasper
against said Edward and said Edward and confederates not
wanting to be discovered prayed a release from said Jasper to
burye said suite etc. and having said release ready drawn pre-
tended out of atTection to accompany him part way to the Bath

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