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but in truth to make him seal the same which he did etc.

24 January 1644. Further answers of Matthew Carleton and
Thomas Carleton two defendants to the bill of Thomas Con-
ingsby, Esqre. complainant, say complainant would have been
satisfied by their former answers and say never did read, see, nor
hear articles for joynture of Mary Goodwin said complainant's
sister as in said bill is set forth and at and before making of con-
veyance of the estate by the defendant Jasper Goodwyn unto his
Sonne Edward Goodwyn and other of defendants did not know
of agreement between Jasper and Mary. And as to what provi-
sion made for Jasper and his younger children none was made
but some was made for performance of last will of said Jasper
Goodwin that younger children be provided for and have heard
that Edward doth maintain children etc. etc.


Further answers of Jasper Goodwin and Edward Goodwin,
gents. Did not know of agreement and say no provision for


Jasper Goodwin and younger children and Edward Goodwyn saith
he caused a coppie of conveyance to be deHvered to Mary Good-
win this defendant's mother in law and sister to complainant and
that the said Jasper Goodwin not long after his departure from
the brewhouse returned to this defendants to Dorking where
he now lives and the said Jasper Goodwin being very weake and
sicke and having an occasion to go to Bath for his said infirmities
this said defendant paid all charges of the said journey and the
said Jasper Goodwin being very week in memory he cannot recall
what promise he made to him by Edward Goodwin, but if any he
hath since made a release etc. etc. Taken at Dorking 20 January,
23 Charles I.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 18, no. 9.

undated. 164- ? To Rt. Hon Commissioner Keeper of Great
Scale. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of citty of
London, haberdasher, about 24 May, 15 Charles, agreed between
your orator and Thomasine his wife of one part and Robert
Oliver of Layburne, county Kent, Esqr. of other part considera-
tion £150 lease of 99 years for messuage tenement etc. in parish
of Thurneham in said county Kent then in occupation of Thomas
Jourdaine and £250 more in six days after said lease made.
Short time after said Thomasine dyed, said Robert Oliver to
defeat your orator and avoyde payment of said £250 did com-
byne with one Francis Bradnell deceased to charge your orator
with dyvers actions for said £150 unless your orator would wave
his right to said agreement etc. etc. and fresh articles with said
Robert and Francis and one Walter Dowble. Deed indented 25
June 1644 between said parties consideration £312 said Robert
Oliver having entred and taken rents etc. refuses to pay £212
balance of said £312 etc. Said Budnell deceased. Judith Bud-
nell administratrix.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 7, no. 65.

1 64-? The replicacon of Edward Godwin, plaintiff, to the
Answeres of Robert Oliver and Judith Brudnell administratrix
of Francis Brudenll. Saving all advantage etc. to the uncer-
tainties and insufficiencies of said answer will justifie and prove
his said bill and all and every matter and thing therein contained
to be certaine true and sufficient etc. as by the same bill is alledged


and sett forth etc. and further the replyant hath payd for the
proper debt of the said Francis Brudnell to Thomas Ferby and
his assigns the some of £50 and without that, that the said
Francis Brudnell hath payd or satisfied complainant the some of
£100 parcell of £140 or that he hath paid for this replyant residue
of the said some or for residue of the some for the said lands or
tliat the said Oliver hath paid said Brudnell on behalfe of this
replyant or that any other matter or thing is materiall etc and
will prove his said bill etc. etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 103.

— February 1644. Complaint of Edmund Johnson of Ake-
ham, county Rutland, mercer, and Isabell his wife. That
whereas said Isabell during the time between the intermarriage
of your said orator Edmund Johnson, your oratrix Isabell had
given unto her by her aunt several somes of money for Isabell and
the children of your orator. Said Isabell did about six years
hence did lend in name of Elizabeth Clarke, sister unto said
Isabell, then living in the house with your said orators £10 in
trust for said Isabell's use unto one Roger Packe late of Whisson-
dyne, county Rutland, yeoman, deceased, for payment of which
said Roger Packe became bound at a day long past. Likewise
your orator did lend to said Elizabeth Clarke £4 which she
promised to repay etc. One Jarvis Goodwin of Egleton, county
Rutland, tanner, knowing sums lent in trust for Isabell and said
Jarvis Goodwin having about five years since taken to wife said
Elizabeth Clarke possessing himself of said bond repaired secretly
to said Roger Packe persuaded said Roger Packe to pay bond to
him and promising to Isabell to pay she did omit to call in for
the same for two or three years etc. Bond. Engrossment.
Answer of Jervace Goodwin. Doth not know what sums were
given unto said Isabell nor by what aunt etc. Strange his wife
should owe complainant any money nor att her decease being
very sickly for i]^ years before her death.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, I & J, bundle 5, no. 39.

(on the back is an obligation of Mathew Billing to Richard
Jackson for payment of £12 at dwelling house of said Jackson
at Chesterfield on 5 September nexte after date (almost illegible
through dirt) 27 February 1644. To Commissioners. Bill of


Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of the Citty of (Yorke) gent,
heretofore and for many years an attorney admitted to prosecute
at court holding at York and in February 1632 one Peter Man of
the said city having dealings with many persons for drapery
ware repayred to your orator and retained your orator as his
attorney etc. for the space of above eight yeares and there was
due to your orator for his said services and for fees disbursed
etc. £107. 2s. lod. and your orator purchased seuerall parcells of
cloth of the said Man on very deare sales in part sattisfaccon of
his said debt and uppon a just accompt said Man was indebted to
your orator in £57. los. () and yett now said Man hath brought
an accon against your orator for a pretended debt for cloth etc.
etc. (Much worn and dirty)

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 62, no. 74.

May 1645. The oratrix Anne Fabyan of Chewe in county
Somerset, widdow of John Fabyan, clerk, inherits an estate to
which her husband was heir after the death of Katherine Bourne,
widdow, of two messuages or tenements now being three or more
at the further end of the alley called Bansted Alley als Red Lyon
Court near Smithfield in the parish of St. Sepulchres without
Newgate, London also a yard called Coleyard and other property
mentioned in various places in the city named. Thomas Bourne,
Thomas Goodwin and Richard Goodwin combine with — Nicolls,
Henry Collins, Robert , John Grey, Edward Norrell, Wil-
liam Cummington, Lewes Godfrey, Henry Newcombe, Thomas

Watson, Clay wid., Anne Kendall, Anthony By water,

Henry Johnson, Henry Wickham to withold rents from oratrix.
Henry Collins answer. John Goodwyn and Richard Goodwyn.
They are kinsmen of Katherine Bourne and both of the city of

Chancery Proceedings, Charles 1, F, bundle 15, no. 54.

14 May 1645. Torn. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint
of Robert Goodwin of Home, county Surrey Esqr. John Good-
wine of the Inner Temple London, Esqre. William Methwold of

London, Esqr. William Bidolph and Theophilus Sir

Richard Gurhey, Kt. and Bart William Rolf e, Esqre, Henry Jack-
son, gent. Executors of the will of Henry Smith, Esqre. deceased,
for his estate given in trust, for charitable uses, Mary and Eliza-


beth Dalby, spinst(ers) Katherine Beale, widow, Thomas Gell,
Esqre, Anthony Marshall gent, William Blake of Estenton,
county Southampton, gent, executors of Nicholas Blake, gent.

deceased, Francis Twine of gent. John Buchfold and

Margarett his wife and the said William Rolfe Ezechiell John-
son, Clerk and Margarett his wife, Peter Zoam and

his wife executrix of Peter Corne, gent, deceased, Sir Richard
, Pickering, gent, John Blakeston, gent, execu-

tors of Sir John Fenner, Knt, deceased, Stonehowse.

Sir Richard Berney, Knt. and Bart, John Huxley, Esqre,

Narler, gent, Eliza , John Graunt Baker, Allexander

Stafford, gent, all creditors of William Blake, Esqr. for specially
etc. etc. due to the said Gurney, Rolfe and Jackson, Mary and
Elizabeth Dalby, Peter Boyes, Katherine Beale, Thomas Gell,
William Blake, fifra John Weddell, Ezechiell and Mar-
garett Johnson, Peter Zoan and wife. Sir Richard Uredale, Knt.
Anthony Pickering, gent, John Blakeston, gent, Elizabeth James,

widdow, Allexander Stafford, Stonehowse, Sir Richard

, John Huxley, Nailer, , John

Graunt : said William Rolfe lent great somes and also surety for
said Blake and Sir William Blake, Knt. deceased his father and
for ten years your orators Rolfe, Goodwin and Methwold have
had no consideration etc. Lands in Kensington and St. May

County Midd, etc. mortgaged, Anne wife of said Blake

and her children. lands assigned to said Anne, Edward

Kirton, Arthur Upton, Esqre, Reginald Read, gent, etc. for use
of said Blake. "Rose" in Knightsbridge in parish of St. Mar-
garet, Westminster, in occupation of Elizabeth Sharpe, widdow,
now in occupation of Leonard Rhodes etc. Asks for accompt of
goods etc. of said Blake. With answer of William Blake, Esqre.
defendant, 31 May 1645.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, hundle 55, no. 57.

8 June 1645. Complaint of William Hart, an infant, by Jone
Hart his mother and guardian. That whereas Thomas Boorne,
late citizen and barber surgeon of London, deceased, was seised
of one tenement in Winchmore Hill, parish Edmonton als Edel-
meton, county Middlesex then in occupation of said Thomas
Boorne and of messuage divided into two, one in occupation of
John Baker, victualler, other in occupation of Edward Neale,


butcher, being near Smithfield Bars, parish of St. Sepulchre,

bought from one and Barben and wife and about i6

January, 5 Charles I, for love said Thomas Boorne to John
Fabian, clerk, son of Catherine Fabian sister of said Thomas
Boorne, for his advancement in marriage should after decease
of Thomas Boorne and Katherine his wife granted them to him
as son and heir of John Fabian, deceased, and for want of issue
to William Hart your orator's father and Thomas Boorne died
shortly after and William Hart your orator's father died about
two years since. Katherine Boorne died 19 December last she
having the deeds entailed upon Anne Godwine, Thomas Godwine,
Richard Godwin, Henry Colrick and Thomas Chapplyn, etc. etc.
Answer of Ann Godwin, Thomas Godwin and Richard Godwin
say that John Taylor now or late citizen and haberdasher of
London, son and heir of Agnes Taylor wife of Edmund Taylor
sole daughter and heir of Laurence Dilke deceased, died having
estate in said messuage. Said John Taylor and Jean his wife
did about 24 April. 13 James I convey same in feife to Thomas
Boorne late citizen and barber surgeon and Katherine his wife.
And one Thomas Baber son and heir of Thomas Barber late of
Peckham, Surrey, clerk, deceased and Helen his wife did by
indenture 20 h^bruary, 17 James I. grant same to Thomas Boorne
and Katherine his wife. Katherine granted same to Richard
Godwin her kinsman, eldest son of John Goodwin late of St.
Sepulchres. Richard Godwin the second son.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 26, no. 48.

16 June 1645. Complaint of John Harrington citizen and
merchant of London that there being acquaintance between him
and one John Goodwyn of London, woollen draper, and said John
Goodwyn did in January 1643 bargain with your orator (who
was about to make a trading voyage into Russia) to accomodate
your orator with £100 of broad cloth on following conditions:
that said Goodwyne should buy the cloth out of Blackwall Hall,
London, your orator being present and the said Goodwyne to take
id. profit on every shilling and to allow your orator six months
time for payment and your orator appointed time for them to
go to Blackwall Hall and buy but said Goodwyn neglected
appointment and afterwards bought ten broadcloths and pro-



fessed they were for your orator and your orator accepted them
as part and said Goodwyn desired what color they should be dyed
and your orator did give directions. And about March 1642 or
Aprill 1643 the said Goodwin desired to barter with your orator
for quantity of beeswax (^40) which your orator had left with
said Goodwyne for warehouseroom and the said Goodwin
accepted it at £6. 15s. per cwt. and your orator also to have strong
waters at 4s. per gallon in return for the beeswax and so did join
hands and pledge bargain to be as binding as any covenant. And
about ten days after said bargain your orator meeting the said
Goodwyn and one Eliazar Ay res and the said Goodwyn refused
to carry out the bargain and in May 1643 i^ was bargained that
the said Goodwyn should send tenn pounds worth of cloth (to be
returned if not liked) and your orator not liking the cloth said
Goodwyne refused to accept it back and time for shipping draw-
ing near your orator did ask for broadcloth but said Goodwyn
(lid refuse and now refuses to indemnify your orator, and the said
Goodwyn did 6 June 1644 did procure William Hawkins and

(sic) Crofton, officers of Poultry Courte London, to arrest

between 12 and i of the same daye (being full exchange time)
upon the Royall Exchange, London and in presence of divers
friends etc. Your orator cannot procure any witnesses to agree-
ment unless one Elizar Ayres brother in law of said Goodwyne
and the said Goodwyne's apprentice but both are gone beyond the

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 72, no. 2.

26 June 1645. Ozias Churchman and Thomas Kynaston, citi-
zens of London, complainants. Ask the Court to grant a writ of
injunction restraining one Daniel Burton from proceeding in a
suit to recover interest on a bond, which was entered into aNout
six years previously by William Price Esqr, William Davis (and
Edmond GritTeth as suretie with the said William Price and
William Davis) and the said Daniell Burton for 200 li. with con-
dicon thereuppon endorsed etc. which the said William Price and
William Davis making failure to pay etc. unto the said Burton,
and the said William Price removing himselfe into his Majesties
quarters, the said Edmond Griffeth was sued to an outlawrie
uppon the said bond for the debt etc. etc, and the said Grififeth
was arrested etc. etc. and therevppon at the request of said


Edmond Griffeths your orators became baile for him uppon the
outlawrie, and not long after, hee, the said Edmond Griffeth, and
your orators came to a treatie with the said Daniell Burton con-
cerning the discharging of your said orators from and of the :
said baile etc. etc. But the release having by some means come
into the hands of the said Burton, notwithstanding the agree-
ments and condicons understood between them and previously
settled, and knowing that some of the witnesses are now gone to
parts beyond the seas or live in places remote, and obscure, now
denyeth that he sealed the said release albeit he knoweth all the
premises aforesaid to be true etc. etc. and doth now endeavour
to recover the penaltie of the said bond etc. i

W. fifoxwist. i

Writ only. No answer. !

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 31, no. 13. 1



27 June 1645 Bill of Complaint of Edward Godwin of Bur-
linge in county Kent and Brett Nettar of Aldenham in county
Hereford, gent, that Stephen Brett late of city of Canterbury,
gent, deceased, was seised in one messuage and 54 acres land in j
parish of Thurnham in said county Kent and in other messuages j
and lands in parish of Suave in Romney Marsh and in Medlay in |
Walland Marsh and in Tenterden and in Ivye church in Romney I
Marsh and in Woodchurch and New Romney in said county Kent ^
and did about eleven years since dye so seised and said messuage ;
etc. did descend to Thomazine his daughter, and heire then the |
relict of Thomas Nettar deceased, mother to your orator Brett .
Nettar and since the wife of your orator Godwin as by seuerall ,
incjuisitions taken will showe etc. and by death of said Thomasine \
did descend to your orator Brett Nettar and that after the death
of /aid Stephen Brett dyvers suytes did arise between your j
orators and the said Thomasine wife of the said Goodwin and ;
Percival Brett, Thomas Bret, and Richard Brett, said Percival '<
and Richard being sonnes of John Brett brother to said Stephen, ;
who did lay clayme to part of said premises by reason of a pre- :
tended will etc. and the said Percival dyed and said sutes were '
continued by said Richard and Thomas Brett and John Finch, j
who married the widdow of said Percival, soe long as said 1
Thomasine did live and since her death about six years since the j
said suites have depended between the said Thomas Brett and j


[ohn Finch, the said Richard being also deceased and your orators
to determine said suites referred same to John Edwards, Thomas
Kitchill, John Harefleet, and William Knight, gent, and did come
to some agreement and did enter into bonds to performe said
agreement for release and conveyance of said lands etc. and said
agreement and deeds etc. were to be deliured to one Mr. Love-
lace a Master in Chancery to be enrolled. But now said Thomas
Brett and the said Thomas Kitchells, one of the arbitrators, com-
byning to defraud your orators refuse to deliuer said lands etc.
as agreed to said Mr. Lovelace, etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 13, no. 66.

5 January 1645. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of
London, gent, that Robert Meade, citizen and stationer of
London and Joane his wife or one of them was about ten or
eleven yeares seised of an estate in one messuage etc. called the
Golden Dragon in Fleete streete in parish of Dunstan in the West
and so seised by indenture, last day October 1635, for considera-
tion of £150 paid by your orator for a fyne and at rent etc.
conteyned did grant said messuage unto your orator with appurte-
nances excepting two roomes and before said tyme your orator
was in possession said messauge by meanes of a former lease and
for a tyme your orator occupied said rooms paying a reasonable
rent and stowed dyvers goods etc. to value of £200 etc. But now
Daniell Banckes, citizen and merchant taylor, of London and
Richard Bancks of London, silekman, under collour of some lease
from said Meade did about January, 15 Charles and by combina-
tion with one Lucie Andrews now the wife of Andrewes did take
possession of the said roomes and have gotten into their posses-
sion all your orators said goods etc. and do refuse to redeliuer
same to your orator to your orators great loss etc. and have
exhibited a bill of complaint against your orator concerning the
said roomes and goods with intent to involve your orator in suites
etc. With answer of Richard Banckes and Daniel Banks, two
of the defendants, 11 February 1645.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 28, no. 6.

II February 1645 Bill o^ Complaint of Thomas Till of
Coggeshall, county Essex, clothier, that one Thomas Peacock of
Coggeshall, clothier, deceased about fifty years since seised of


dyvers messuages in Coggeshall and so seised made his will and
bequeathed said messuage and especially one messuage in

Coggeshall worth £40 per annum to one Ambrose Till of

in said county, uncle to your orator and to his heires etc. etc. and
in default to one Thomas Till your orator's father and shortly
after the said Thomas Peacock died and the said Ambrose entered
and about eleven years since died without anie yssue and the said
messuage descended to your orator as the sonne and heire to his
father Thomas. But although your orator hath enjoyed part of j
the said messuages and lands etc. yet one Robert Godwyn of

, gent, intimate with the said Ambrose procured said j

Ambrose to make his will leaving him the said Robert the said 1
messuage in Coggeshall worth £40 per annum and the said 1
Goodwyn hath since enjoyed the said premises and taken all rents
etc. well knowing that the said Amrbose had not any power to 1
bequeath the said messuage etc. 16 April 1646 The answer of |
Robert Goodwin, gent, defendant he says that the said Ambrose I
Tyll in his life time made a recovery and by his will gave part of j
a messuage in Great Coggeshall to his said nephew Thomas Till j

and , , other moyety of the said messuage j

etc. to Marcell Goodwyn his brother in law this defendant's
father and Jone his wife and that any question should be settled
by Mr. John Dodd of Create Coggeshall, clerk and Roger Benion,
gent, executors of his said will etc. and after difiference had arisen
by indenture 14 March 6 Charles between John Dodd and Roger
Benion as executors ist part, complainant Thomas Tyll, 2nd part
Marcell Goodwin and Jone his wife sister of said Amrbose 3rd
part, and Thomas Coney and Isabell his wife 4th part, agreed that
said Marcell and Jone and this defendant should enjoy certaine
roomes etc. in the said messuage etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 3, no. 23.

May 14, 1646. Plaintiffs Thomas Brett of Tenterden in county
Kent, gent, and John Brett, citizen and merchant taylor of
London, claim the peaceable possession of land etc. devised to
him by Stephen Brett of Canterbury and Romney Medley, Ten-
terden, Woodchurch, Stephen Brett's daughter widow of Stephen
Netter, deceased, now re-married to Edward Goodwin and Brett
Netter her son. Arbitrators, John Harefleete, Thomas Piper,
John Edwards, Thomas Kitchell and William Knight, etc.etc.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 13, no. 29.


I June 1646 To Rt. Hon. Commissioner of Create Seale.
Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of Baling in county Kent
and Bett (Brett) Netter of Aldenham in county Hereford, gent.
That Stephen Brett deceased, grandfather of your said orator
Brett Netter seised of a messuage and 54 acres in parish of
Thorneham in said county, and one other messuage and 60 acres
in Suave in said county and 27 acres Meadowe in Medley in
Walland Marsh and other lands in Tendden and Woodchurch
and Romney old Romney in said county and said Stephen about
twelve years since dyed so seised and said messuage etc.
descended to Thomazine daughter and heir to said Stephen, then
widow and relict of Thomas Netter deceased and mother of your
orator and after ye wife of your orator Edward Godwyn as by
inquisitions taken after the death of said Stephen doth appear
and said Thomasin dyed soe seised and said messuage descended
to your orator Brett Netter after the death of said Thomasine
diners suits between your orator Edward Godwyn and Perceval!
Brett, Thomas Brett, and Richard Brett sonnes of John Brett,
brother to said Stephen, whoe did lay clayme to some part of
said messuage etc. by a pretended will, one John Finch since
married to Katherine, widow of said Percevall. Said Richard
Brett since also deceased your orators willing by arbitratement of
William Knight, gent, and other to purchase their lease and
quietness etc. With answ^er of John Finch and Katherine his
wife and Thomas Brett and Sarah his wife.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6, no. 66.

15 June 1646 Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goddin of Padles-
worth in county Kent, gent, that Edward Goddin your orator's
brother being indebted to your orator in the somes of f32.19s.od
said Edward did about 25 May, 8 Charles, become bound to your
orator in a bond of i6o to pay same etc. Said bond since come
to the hands of said Edward Goddin and about April 1636 said
Edward borrowed £50 more of your orator and with Robert
Goddin one other of your orator's brothers became bound in
iioo for payment of same and since said bond is deliuered up to
be cancelled and otherwise secured to your orator in a larger
some etc. and after the said Edward did desire to borrow as much
as would make up said £50 to £300 and to giue security on mort-
gage of some lands he held in Kent and your orator provided
£240 and to make up said £300 included £10 paid of said £32.195.

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