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od. etc. and said Edward and Robert about June 1636 did convey
to your orator with power of redemption for payment of £342
the said lands and your orator did deliuer up said bond of iioo
leaving- iio only of said £32. 19s. in part payment. Now said
Edward hath proferred his bill of complaint against your orator
to have reliefe against your orator of the remaynder of £32.
19s. od. etc. albeit that said Edward had acknowledged said debt
and had given your orator full release of all childs parte under
the will of Edward Goddin his late father deceased etc. With
answer of Edward Goddin, gent, defendant, 3 July 1646.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 15, no. 24.

17 Tnne 1646 Plaintiff. JMary Fountaine, widow, relict and
late wife of Hugh Fountaine of the liberty of the Dutchie of
Lancaster in the Strand in county Middlesex, sattinraiser. Hugh
Fountaine being a friend of Tobyas Goodwyn, taylor, of said
Dutchy tooke great paines to procure him a lease of messuage in
the Strand wherein the said Tobyas Goodwyn now dwellcth for
severall years. He persuaded your orator to become under tenant
for a shop and one room at £4 yearly rental and he further
entreated your oratrix's husband to cause to be digged a small
cellar under the messuage and he faithfully promised the longest
liver should continue in possession and the oratrix's late husband
not only caused the cellar to be digged but also at great losse
made a stall on the streete and glazed the backside of the same
and further in or about October 1643 there beinge a general
view of amies in these partes he the said Tobyas Goodwyn was
enforced to set forth a foot soldier for the Parliament against
Basing House. Her late husband was induced to go on, resting
on the aforesaid promise. Tobyas further promised if her late
husband should grow lame or dye that he Tobyas Goodwyn would
take care of her the oratrix, having induced Fountain to go as
his substitute. Fountaine came home sicke and shortly died after
languishing, leaving her a poor widow with a sickly child and
greate with child ready to be delivered and said Tobyas Good-
wyn provided her a roome in Drury Lane and promised, on
having use of the shop and cellar etc., to provide her with main-
tenance and said Tobyas Goodwyn provided a sedan and against
your oratrixes will, her husband being dead in the house and she
being big with childe and in labour pains, carried her in the night


by force to the lodging in Drury Lane. She is also ignorant of
how much of her goods Tobyas Goodwin has converted to his
own use. Answer 30 October 1646. Denies any promise and
denies the removal by force and touching the proof before the
Committee of the Militia at the Savoy true it is the committee
examined the complainant and found she had no cause. Her
husband having no other subsistence did voluntarily take the
service and he Goodwyn has voluntarily contributed 50s. to edu-
cate his child but did not intend to continue this if not able.
Paid 50s. and 25s. but now being in poor circumstances discon-

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 7, no. 27.

1646? Replicacion of Mary Fountaine, widowe to the answere
of Tobias Goodwyn, defendant. Says that the bill is true etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 52, no. 24.

4 November 1646. Complaint of Ozias Churchman, citizen
and merchantaylor of London. Suit to recover money from the
estate of Thomas Greenfeild, the posthumas son of Thomas
Grenfeild a citizen and dyer of London, deceased, by his then
widow Mary Greenfeild, afterwards the wife of Ozias Church-
man the complainant. By the terms of Thomas Greenfield's will
dated about 17 day of March 161 7 the then unborn child was to
enjoy certain legacies or sums of money and freehold rights (the
said testator being freeman of the city of London) at his age of
21, his mother, the said Mary, to have the use and employment of
£200 for his education etc. At about the age of 18 the said son
and heir, Thomas Greenfield, was apprenticed by his stepfather,
the said Ozias Churchman, to one William Hitchcock, a woollen
draper and citizen of London, the said Ozias Churchman, the
stepfather paying (as he alleges) a certain sum of money and
also binding himself and said William Hitchock for another sum
of money in behalf of his stepson's apprenticeship Which sums he
claims were forfeited by reason of said apprentices's failure to
meet the requirement of his employer, the said William Hitchcock,
etc, etc. The suit is to recover damages etc, and money which
complainant alleges he loaned to his said stepson, Thomas, now
deceased, to buy him wearing apparel, at the time of his marriage


etc. etc. The defendants in the suit are Joan the wife of the said
Thomas Greenfeild son of Thomas Greenfeild (and stepson of
Ozias Churchman) both deceased, the said Joane being adminis-
tratrix, and one Daniel Holhngsworth a merchant tailor of
London, and George fifinesman of London, taylor, and father of
the said Joane, who doe in speciall manner know and are privie
to all the matter herein sett forth etc" The answer of Joane
Greenfeild, widow, to the bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman,
complainant dated 4 November 1646. The said Joan alleges that
her husband died intestate in the month of September 1645. etc.
and that the said complainant Ozias Churchman owed her hus-
band money etc. Denies etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 14, no. 37.

19 November 1646. The seuerall answers of Daniel Hollings-
worth one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Ozias
Churchman, complainant. Refers to the will of Thomas Green-
feild of which Marie, the then wife and widow of said Thomas
Greenfeild was executor. (This evidently refers to the suit of
which abstract has already been made see copy 14/37 and this
answer should properly go with the said bill of complaint from
which it has apparently become detached and is now indexed as
a separate suit) As in the said previous suit this answer con-
cerneth the claim of Thomas Greenfeild the posthumous son of
above mentioned Thomas Greenfield deceased, by said wife IMary,
and Joane Greenfeild the wife of Thomas Greenfeild junior, who
were also defendants in the bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman
who had married the widow of Thomas Greenfeild the elder.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 66, no. 13.

4 November 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
Thomas Wilks of Wenderton in county Warwick, gent, and Mary
his wife one of the daughters of (Avery) Holtam, Dorsington,
county Gloucester, yeoman, deceased. That said Avery Holtam
your oratrix's father was at tyme of his death possessed of a
personall estate in reddy money plate etc. to valewe of £240
aboue his debts etc. and about 3 October 1623 dyed intestate leav-
ing fower children John, Edward and Vrsula Holtam and your
oratrix Mary and after his death, your oratrix and hir brothers
and sisters being infants not fit to administer, one Anthony Good-


wyn who marryed your oratrix father's sister pretending to take
the tuicon etc. of your oratrix and to manage said personall estate
for use of your oratrix hir brothers and sister etc. and did dis-
pose of same — and one Richard Hoham of Dorsington, father of
said Avery and grandfather to your oratrix, being possessed of
a personal estate etc. etc. to valewe of iiooo on about 14 October
1623 made his will and bequeathed to his son Avery his fower
children John, Edward, Vrsula and Mary £40 apiece at 18 or to
survivors etc. and appointed said Anthony Goodwyn their uncle
to have said monies to their use etc. and also did direct that mes-
suage in occupation of Joseph Hicks should be for mayntenance
of Emanuell Holtam son of said Richard and your oratrix and
of her said brothers and sister etc. the children of his said sonne
Avery and after the death of his said sonne Emanuell then to
the said Edward Holtam your oratrix younger brother for terme
of said lease and made said Anthony Godwyn his sonne in law
executor and dyed and said Anthony proved said will in P. C. C.
and hath possessed himselfe of said estates, being before a man
of small meanes etc. and your oratrix attained her age of 18 years
about 19 December 1636, and about May 1645 married your
orator Thomas Wilks and there is now due on said legacies and
interest etc. which your orators hoped said Anthony would
honestly pay etc. etc yet said Anthony Goodwyne refuseth to pay
said legacies etc. etc. and would turn over to your orators some
desperate debts alledged etc. With Answer of Anthony Good-
wyn, yeoman, defendant 21 January 22 Charles. That estate did
not amount to valewe menconed in bill etc. Sworn in presence
of William Malwod and others.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle i, no. 36,

23 January 1646. Complaint of Thomas Marker of Sail,
county Norfolk, gent, and William Buhner of Gestwicke als
Geistwight said county Norfolk, gent, executors of last will of
William Cocke late of Twyford said county Norfolk deceased.
That William Goodwyn of Stibbard said county, clerk, having
taken to wife Susan Cocke one of sisters of said William Cocke in
Male, 13 Charles L did perswade him said William Goodwyn
the said William Cocke to give him £300 as marriage porcon and
William Cocke soon after he attained the age of 21 years by
obligacon 10 Maie became bound unto said William Goodwyn for


i6oo conditioned for the payment of said £300 at a day soon
after now long since past said William Goodwyne then having
little or noe lands of inheritance to make a jointure for his wife
and James Sherringham of Woodnorton, said county Norfolk,
butcher, being seised of one messuage etc. in Wood Norton and
other towns adjoining of yearly value of £30 wishing to sell etc.
agreed between said William Goodwyne and William Cocke that
they should purchase same and said William Cocke should pay to
said James Sherringham as much money as was due upon said
obligacion and said William Goodwyn should pay residue and
said lands to be settled on William Goodwyn and Susan, and so
purchased and conveyed to William Goodwyn and said William
Cocke soon after did with consent of said William Goodwyne
pay unto James Sherringham as much of £300 as was then due
and said William Goodwyne promised to deliver up said obliga-
con and said William Cocke also disbursed f 10 for said William
Goodwyne and did become bond together with said William Good-
wyne by obligacon unto said James Sherringham for £80 condi-
tioned upon the payment of £40 to be paid to James Sherringham

after the death of Sherringham, widow, mother of said

James Sherringham, and said William Goodwyn agreed to keep
said William Cocke harmless etc. Yett now albeit he said Wil-
liam Cocke did live many years after money paid upon first obli-
gacon and discharged and nigh place where William Goodwyn
lived yet said William Goodwyn never demanded any money, not
after his (said William Cocke's) death, but did often acknowl-
edge it discharged and said William Cocke being dead and your
orator and Robert Cocke of Thorneham said county Norfolk gent,
his executors having proved the will, and said Robert Cocke
refused to take executorship he said William Goodwyne refuses
to pay said £10 lent but hath put said obligacon of £600 in suite
etc. Die February 1646. Answer of William Goodwyn, clerk,
sayeth that William Cocke being indebted unto Susan Cocke now
defendant's wife in £300 due for marriage portion from her
father Nicholas Cocke, gent, deceased, while she was unmarried
and being married he prevailed with said William Cocke to
become bound to him in £600 conditioned for the payment of
£300 in satisfaction of said £300 given to said defendant's wife
by her father which said William Cocke has secured etc. and fur-
ther sayeth that lands so to be purchased of said Sherringham


being- mortgaged to one Josias Fawether of Halsworth, county
SuiYolk, esq. it was agreed to pay the same to said Fawether and
said William Cocke being indebted to defendant in £60 besides
the £300 agreed that said William Cocke should pay £19 to one
Bird and also to James (Josias) Fawether etc. etc. and about six
months before death of said William Cocke who died about six
years sithence, said defendant and he came to a perfect account.
Chancery Proceedings Charles I, M, bundle 5, no. 20.

3 February 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
William Goodwin of Stabberd, county Norfolk, clerk. That
William Cocke of Twiford in said county, gent, deceased, was
about nine years since indebted to your orator in the some of i6oo
for payment of £300 and in dyvers other somes and that about
seven or eight years since there was a treaty of purchase between
your orator and certain messuages etc. of one James Sheringham
lying in Woodnerton and elsewhere in said county which was
afterwards concluded and a great part of said lands was mort-
gaged to one Josiah Fawether of Halesworth, county Suffolk,
gent and other part incumbred by a judgement to one Bird, it was
agreed that said somes should be paid by your orator and your
orator them importuned said Cocke for said moneys soe indebted
which said Cocke seemed willing to doe according to his present
ability and did offer to give security for said payments which said
Fawther refused to accept unless your orator would become bound
to him etc. in £600, for said £300 as security for said payment and
your orator agreed to become bound in seuerall bonds for said
payment and said Cocke duely paid two of said amounts etc. but
fayld to make payment of other obligations for payment of £140
and permitted your orator to have judgement against him during
his lyfe tyme and did also fayle to pay said Bird some part of
his obligacion etc. and the said Bird acquainted one Thomas
Marker, his father in law and one William Bulmer, gent, his
kinsman, therewith and said Marker did perswade said Bird to
forbear his debt soe due from said Sheringham. But said Cocke
shortly after dyed having made said Marker and Bulmer his exec-
utors leaving them sufficient to pay his debts etc. and said exec-
utors took possession of his estate. But now said Marker and
Bulmer do refuse to satisfie said Fawther and Birde the remayn-
der of said somes due or to pay to your orator the said somes due


by said Cocke and threaten to enter into suite against your orator
said bonds so given by your orator as security for debts of said
Cocke, etc.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 5.

12 February 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
Cicely Goodwyn of Portsmouth, county Southampton, widdow,
late wife of John Goodwyn late of Portsmouth, gent, deceased,
and John Goodwyn and Nathaniell Goodwyn, infants, children of
Nathaniell Goodwyn of Bradwell iuxta Mare, county Essex, and
Margarett his wife, daughter and heire of said John Goodwyn
deceased, by your said oratrix Cicely their grandmother and
gardian and William Haymond of Ipswitch, county Suffolk,
merchant, and Henry Robinson of Ipswitch, tayler. That said
John Goodwyn was seised of two messuages etc. in parish of St.
Clements in Ipswich one of them next the house of William Ball,
shopkeeper there, and the other adioyning the house of one Chris-
topher Tomkyns and having only one daughter Margarett who
had married the said Nathaniell, said John on or about 7 May, 2
Charles made his will and devised the said two messuages to the
said Cicely for life and after her decease to the said Margarett
for life and his kynsman William Hamond and Henry Robinson
after decease of said Cicely to have power to lett and sell the same
for the use of said daughter and after decease of his said wife
and daughter he gave the house next to Ball's to his grandchild
John Goodwyn paying to Elizabeth Goodwyn his grandchild now
wife of John Beniamin £20 and to his grandchild Nathaniell his
other house in Ipswitch paying also to said Elizabeth £20, and not
longe after said John dyed and your oratrix Cicily hath entred
said messuage etc. with the said remaynders. But the said Mar-
garett and the said Nathaniell have combyned to defraud your
orator and do pretend to give out that the said John Goodwin the
elder did not make any will in writinge and that if any be that
said John was not of a good and disposing memorye etc. Wit-
nesses to said will are aged and weak. Asks court to examine
said witnesses etc. Bill only.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 41.

12 February 1646. Bill of Complaint of William Godwyn of
Naylesey, county Somerset, husbandman. That William God-


wyn, deceased your orator's father was possessed of some estate
for a longe terme during the Hves of said WilHam Goddin, Edith
his then wife and Anne Godwyn wife of John Godwyn, uncle to
your orator, of the moytie of a messuage in Nailsey of the yearly
value of £30 held joyntly by said Willian and John and by deed
dated April, 21 James, granted his moyty to one John Harris
late of Tukenham in said county Somerset, deceased, and to one
Richard Cox of Chelvey in said county Somerset to remaine to
the use of the said William Godwyn for life and after to the said
Edith his wife and about fourteen years since the said William
died and said Edith entered and aljout June 1638 made her will
nuncupative and declared your orator her executor and shortly
after died and your orator proved said will and l)y vertue thereof
hath right to said moyety for residue of said terme, said Ann
being yett living, but one John Goodwyn deceased, elder brother
of your orator at decease of his said mother did take possession
of said deed of assignment and the said John Goddin having by
some indirect means gotten same into his hands to defeate your
orator of said premises pretends some deed made, sealed by your
orator's said brother who about three years since made his will
and Agnes his wife, executrix who entered said moyety and said
Agnes now doth utterly refuse your orator entry, but by com-
bination with said John Godwine etc. With answer of Agnes
Godwin, defendant i May, 23 Charles.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 27.

5 June 1647. The answer of John Mayo defendant to the Bill
of Complaint of Robert Goodwyn, Thomas Britten and John
Singleton, complainants. True that complainants did about tyme
stated become bound to defendant in penalty of £500 with condi-
tions as is sett forth. But defendant doth not refuse to produce
said bond as is surmised etc. True that about August, October,
December, February and March 1640 suche quantities of silke
as is acknowledged were deliuered to said Goodwyn by this
defendant his servants etc. to be wroughte for this defendant at
rates agreed etc. and that about May June August December
January February and March 1641 further c[uantities of silke
were delivered to said Godwyn to be wrought etc. and also fur-
ther quantities in 1642 etc. with allowance for waste by knitting


etc. and that said Goodwyn did redliver so much of said silke
as is alledged at dyvers tymes and clerring the first three parcells
of said silke etc. Torn and incomplete.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, hundle 14, no. i.

26 June 1647 T'laintifif, Anne Blake, widow. Defendants,
John Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, Esqre. and his brother Wil-
liam Rolfe. The payment of certain annuities during her life
secured on land etc. vSir William Blake of Kensington and Mrs.
Hawker late of Herkesbury, county Wilts, Esquire. Part of the
property is Kensington Park and the Chirographers office of
ffines. Answer of John Goodwin and William Methwold Esqre.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 50, no. 14.

28 June 1647. i^\n-thcr and better answer of Allexander Maior
one of the defendants to Bill of William Godwine complainant.
In further answer to complainants excepcons to defendants
former answer sayeth thai koljcrl Dauies the testator died pos- j
sest of an estate to value of £548. los. 2d. and of no greater I
estates as appraised by chosen honest men and inventories and
prised 9 April 1641. Second that testaor did nominate Thomas
Hunt the other defendant and this defendant executors in trust 1
for his Sonne Moses Dauies and not in trust as is sett forth in said |
bill. Third, that these defendants did possess themselves of !
goods to the said value and not to the value of £1500 particulars !
of goods and disbursements delivered to plaintiff long since and
that defendant deliuered same on sight of letters of administration
that comj)lainant showed as administrator to Moses Dauies, testa- >
tor's Sonne deceased, and that complainant allowed this defendant ',
£40 out of the estate and gave a general release, denyes that
any further accompt was ever promised. Denyes that hee •
defendant did conceale or keepe any parte of said estate, or that <
any goodes were left out of the inventory, says that most of the '
goods were sold in the roomes where they stood in presence of !
complainant and others and for the greatest price they would
give. Denies that said release was given or used contrary to any
agreement and not for £40 only. Agreed that complainant ;
offered to give bond to defendant to saue him harmless from all !
persons. Kindred of said Moses Dauies on the mothers syde i
one Browne excepted. That only bond he had from complain-


ant was for £300 <lalO(l 14 Novonibcr ]645 wherein i^hiintilT and
Peter Brigg-s stand bonnd to this defendant and Thomas Hunt
to keepe defendants harmless Edward I how ne excepted. Release
dated 12 November 1645 I'homas llunl of l"'asl Smithfylde,
county Middlesex, victuler, William ( lodwine of same, taylcr,
and Peter Brings of same, Vintner, said Robert Dauies of F.ast
Smithfyld, vietualer. deceased having- by will left his estate to
Moses his son, release said Alexander Maior of all claim etc.
excej^t only Julvvarde P>r()wne of W'apping, compass maker, etc.
Prays to be dismissed.

Chancery Proceedings, Cliarles 1, G, bundle A), no. 31.

28 June 1647. '^'^' ^^^ Complaint of Lellice (u)dwyn, executrix
of Thomas Godwyn of ICnglish Bicknor. county Gloucester. D.D.
her late husband deceased. That the said Thomas being- Rector
and Incumbent of the Church of English Bicknor and of the
profitts and lylhes etc. thereof did about six years since deniyse a
certaine barn and outhowsinge and said tythe of corne etc. to
one John Raynolds of bhcknor, yeoman, for three years paying
£90 rent per annum and said Uaynolds enlcrcd etc. lUil did not
pay said rent or any ])arlc thei-col and same is slill nnpayd
amoiinling to ij/O and said Icrnic expired i()44 and shorlly allcr
the said Thomas Godwyn made his will and your oralrix execu-
trix and dyed and your oralrix halli sinc-c demancK'd said tene-
ment etc. which said Reynold halli and doth refuse to paye
knowing that your oratrix hath not having said demise or counter-
part cannot recover etc. With answer of John ivaynell defendant
II October 1647.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles J, G, bundle 14, no. 11

3 July 1647. To Commissioners. Ihll of Complain! of l\obcrl
Goodwyn, cili/.cn and mcrchaniaylor ol London, riiomas Brit-
ten, citizen and clolhvvorker, of London and b'hn Singlelon, citi-
zen and grocer, of same. That your orator carrying on the trade
of a silke throwster, one John Mayo, citizen and silkeman and
having greate ([uantities of rawe silke desired your orator to
throwste the same and desired your orator lo become bound with
securities to redeliver same and about 19 June, 17 Charles your
orator became bound to said Mayo in £500 to redeliver said silke
at said Mayo's liouse in lUidge Row and did agree to the prise



for said work and also for waste etc. etc. and various parcels of \

silke were delivered to your orator in 1641 and so on to March '

1642 amounting to 5638 pounds 8 ounces and your orator truelie {

redelivered said silke to said John Mayo or Samuell Parker his ;

servant which with allowance for waste etc. etc. came to 5637 I

pounds 15 ounces But said John Mayo made many complaints \

of web silke etc. etc. and made many demands on your orator ]

which your orator allowed and your orator having then redeliv- ]

ered said silke requested said Mayo to deliver up said bond to ,

be cancelled etc. etc. which said Mayo promised to do and in 1643 >

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