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your orator refused any more throwsting for said Mayo and now \

said Mayo and said Parker have caused your orator to be arrested j

on a pretended suite and threaten an accion against your orators ]

on said bond to their great detriment and loss etc. etc. With ]

answer of John Mayo defendant, 5 November 1647. l

Chancery Proceedings, Charles T, G, bundle 17, no. 54.

5 July 1647 Bill of Complaint of George Goodwin of Bing- ;

ham, county Notts, yeoman, about five years since at request of j

Richard Hall, late of Bingham, deceased, the said Richard Hall ]

being your orator's brother in law, your orator became bound 1

with the said Richard Hall to Robert Mashin of Carcolston in said 3

county Notts, wheelwright, for f 10 for payment of £5 and interest ^

and also became bound to Thomas Browne of Asleston in said \

county for iio etc. also to John Parneham of Granby in said i

county for £4, said sums remayned undischarged till death of '[

said Hall, said Richard Hall possesses of a good lease of a farme |

in Bingham and dyvers other lands and goods etc. value of £100 !

about two years since died so possessed leaving said bond and )

debts undischarged etc. and also leaving five children verie young. »]

Now one Thomas Browne of Newton in said county, gent, and •;

William Spibye of Bingham, yeoman, entred upon said lease I

and give out dyvers speeches that they are administrators etc. or {

bayliffs for the landlord or that they are holding said premises \

for debts due etc. and combyning with said Robert Machin, ;■

Thomas Browne of Aslecton and John Parnam have caused said j

bonds to be put in suite against your orator etc. With answer ]

of Thomas Browne and William Spibye defendants. Deny any \

confederacy say that rent of said lease is in arrears and that they ':

had command to enter and distrain etc, ,j
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 22.


6 July 1647 Bill of Complaint of Joane Gallopp of Kingsmill
in parish of Westlidford in county Somerset, wyddow, adminis-
tratrix of George Gallop, gent, her late husband deceased. That
J'aule Godwyne DD. living at Kingsweston in said county about
a mile and a half from the dwelling of said George about ten
years since desired said Gallop to lend him dyvers somes which
said George did amounting to £50 or upwards and said Dr. God-
V. yn for a long tyme payed interest untill about live yeares since
and by means of the late trouble the said Gallopp had not much
converse with the said Dr. Godwyne yet the said debts were
often acknowledged etc. But now the said Gallop hath about two
years since deceased and your orator having taken administra-
tion etc. the said Godwyn having gotten certain letters of your
oratrixe's late husband in his hands and knowing that hee gave
noe specialitie and your oratrix hath noe witnesses refuseth to pay
said monies etc. With Demurrer of Paul Godwyn, DD. defend-
ant Hath had noe dealings during times menconed and if any
before were settled and satisfied.

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 2.

7 July 1647. To Right Hon. Commissioners. The Bill of
Complaint of Robert Goodden of Martocke, county Somerset,
yeoman, at request and for the debt of John Goodden of Mar-
tocke, yeoman, about twenty years since became bound with and
as suretie of said John Goodden to one Thomas Hopkins of Tin-
tenhall in county Worcester yeoman, deceased, in a bond of £200
for payment of £100 and which monies or the greater part
thereof the said John Goodden at the day of payement or shortly
after did pay to the said Thomas or some other to his use or did
accept same in payement of part of the porcon which he the
said Hopkins was to give the said John Goodden upon his mar-
riadge with the daughter of the said Hopkins and your orator
believeth said bond was agreed to be delivered upp and cancelled
for your orator hath not been demanded of the said monies
untill the death of the said Thomas Hopkins and about six
months since one Joane Hopkins relict of the said Thomas as his
executrix having possessed herself of all her husbands estate,
writing etc. and combyning with the said John Goodden her son
in lawe and Edward Hopkins of Tintenhall, yeoman, hath given
out in speeches that shee will putt the said bond in suite to recover


the whole penaltie from your orator well knowing the the said ,1
bond hath been sattisfied that the said debt was solely the debt ;
of the said John Goodden who hath estate sufficient to sattisfy i
the same and an agreement w^s made that your orator should |
not be charged etc. With answer of Joane Hopkins, widdow. and *
Edward Hopkins defendants 9 October, 23 Charles. Says that |
the said bond is part of another debt unpayed, etc. etc. |

Chancer}' Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 50, no. 19. |

9 July 1647 Complainants Ozias Churchman, citizen and J
merchanttaylor of London, Daniell Andrews and Samuel Myte, 1

marchantes, executors to the last will and testament of

Andrews, late Alderman of the said cittve of London, deceased, ;
Katherine Higlord. widdowe. executrix of the last will and testa- ]
ment of John Highlord late Alderman of London, deceased, }
sometymes the relict and alsoe the executrix of Robert Wilson, ;
late citizen and Samuell Gouldsmith of London, mercer. Suit j
is in connection with messuages lands, tenements etc. in the i
manor or Lordshipp of Great Harborough als Church Harbor- 1
ough, county W arwick, demised by one William Replingham late ^
of Great Harborough, county Warwick, esquire, deceased, to j
one Sir Edward Richardson, knight, since deceased, for a term '
of one thousand years etc. Said messuage, lands etc. were mort- :
gaged by the said Replingham to various persons unto them- s
selves or their heirs executors and assigns are involved in the :;
suit. The following named occur in the bill of complaint, John '
Sutton of the Middle Temple, gent, executor of said Sir Edward <
Richardsons last will and testament, Edward Partrick. Ralph i
ffreake of the Middle Temple, London, Esq, Samuell Peirce, ,
Thomas Townsend. Andrew Lee, William Rombold and Samuel '
Roper of Alonskirbye and Percy Church and ffrances Vernon. 1
The severall answers of Samuell Pearce one of the defendants i
vnto the above bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman and others j
complainants. Writ. Answer.

Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, C, bundle 59, no. ^2.

6 November 1647 The Answer of Edward Godwj-n to so *
much of the complaint of Thomas Brett, gent, and John Brett,
citizen and merchant taylor, as concemeth him Thomazine sole



heir of and daughter of Stephen Brett deceased married a second
husband Edward Goodwin. Will of Percivall Brett.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle ^2, no. 3.

II Xovember 1647 Complaint of Steephen Goodwyn of
Preskigne, county Radnor, yeoman, that one John Goodwyne late
of Tiliey, Hereford, your orator's father deceased was seized of
Brid)- Hill in Tiliey and a tenement called a house of the Lane
and divers lands and one castle called the White Tock of about
5 acres and a parcell called the two acres in Stanton in Hereford.
■-■iv\ John Goodwin deceased thirty years past when the said
ses rightfully came to your orator but now David Griffiths

Cascob in the county of Radnor and John Morris of the same
• rish in the county of Hereford, Elizabeth Griffiths of Llytton,

unty Hereford, widow, JMary Burd of Titley, widow, James
A.-hley of Ashley, Hereford, Edward Godwyn of Staunton
aforesaid and William WoofT of Titley pretending to have title
bv combination have gotten into the custody one deed of intayle
made by your orator's said father on his marriage with Elinor
his then wife your orator's mother and by force and violence on
22 April 1646 they entered upon the premises which your orator
had so long had peaceable possession CW'ooff is afterwards called

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Mitford, 95, 208.

27 Xovember 1647 Bill of Complaint of William GoodwvTie
of Haddon, county Xorfolk, yeoman, and Cicely his wife and
Alice Thurlow, widdow, late wife of Giles Thurlow of Erisham
in said county Xorfolk, yeoman, deceased. That one Gregorj-
Harcocke of Ringsfield, county Suflfolk, yeoman, being seised of
a freehold tenement and land in Ringfield by will in July 1618
devised same to Prudence his wife for life and also seised of a
parcell of land nere the Greene of Ringfield of 3 acres by coppie
court roll of the mannor of the Priory of Bungay did give the
tme to his said wife for life uppon condition that shee should
bring upp the child shee then conceived until 21 and after to pay
-aid child 40s. per year at feast of St. Michaell and Thannuncia-
lim and the said Gregory did surrender said pightell to the use
of his said will and after wrighting thereof and before he dyed
had yssue a daughter Anne Harcocke his onely child who after-


wards was married to Nicholas Ingate of Ringfield shee being
the same child conceived at the wrighting of said will and then
said Gregory dved and said Prudence entered said tenement and
was admitted to said pightell of coppyhold and reversion should fi
come to said Anne and said Prudence about i8 June 1621 did -^
intermarry with one Richard Youngman but before said marriage i
your orators doe believe did make a deed of feoffment by livery ^
of seisin to certain persons her friends as trustees to use of said <*
Prudence and her said husband and heires and a disseisin to the
said Anne Har63cke of her said inheritance therein and yout
orators are advised that said Anne hath a right of entry etc. but ,
said deed of feoffment being secretly made said Anne never j*
had knowledge thereof but dyed without making any entry and ^
said tytle is come to your orators William Goodwin and Cicily |
his wife in right of the said Cicely and to said Alice Thurlow 1
as cosens and next heires to said Anne, said Cicely, and Ales j
being the only sisters and the whole blood of the said Gregory 'J
Harcocks. He not having any brother or nephew or any cosen ;j
descended from any brother and the said Cicely and also auntes ]
to said Anne only child of Gregory and further said Prudence did j
never make pa}'ment of said 40s. and therefore did forfeit her |
said estate. Your orators pray that all exndences may be shewn ■^
etc. With answer of Nicholas Ingate, one of the defendants, at %
Beccles 16 die, Anno 27, Charles. t

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 2S, no. 25. ?

2y January 1647. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
William Godwpi, citizen and merchantaylor of London and ;
Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Cooper of Hunt- '
ington in county Hunts, innkeeper. That Bernard Cooper late '
citizen and clothworker of London in his lyfe tyme seised of a ;
messuage etc. called the Sarcens head in Little Eastchcape in ^
London nowe lately builded in two tenements called the George "]
and the Kinges Amies and other lands etc. etc. and of a great ,
personall estate etc. to vale we of £5000 on or about 19 October ^
1620 did make his will and amongst other things did give to the ^
cliildren sonnes and daughters, of the said John Cooper, brother J
of the said Bamerd, £20 apiece at 21 and made Mary his wife \
executrix and shortly after dyed and said Mary proved said will j
and took possession etc and did pay all said legacies etc. except |



the said legacie of £20 to your oratrix Elizabeth and one other
legacy to John Cooper and about April 1647 ^^^^ ^'^^^ Mary being
sicke her friends desired her to make her will which she refused
saying if she made a will her executors must pay her legacies
and died intestate having goods sufficient to pay said legacies etc.
and money in hands of "Sir. Hardinge of Wycombe and other
somes of money etc. and after the decease of said Mary one
Richard Bagwell of Chipping Wycombe in county Bucks, citizen
and draper of London, the sonne of the said jNIary by a former

husband, and his wife and Mary his daughter who hath

since married one William Murrell of London, gent, have by
combination gott into their hands all the said goods and moneys
etc. of said Mary and have taken same to their owne use etc. and
refuse to give any inventory of same etc. and doe refuse to paye

I said legacie etc. and said Bagwell doth pretend some tytle to said
messuage etc. in Eastcheape aforesaid and did about !Michas

terme last, 164", commence a suite against one Stone of

London, merchant, pretending said Stone hath gotten

said messuage by some indirect meanes from said Barnard Cooper
etc. with intent to gett said messuage into their owne handes etc.
and to defraud the heires of said Barnard Cooper etc. With
answer of W^illiam Murrell and Mary his wife, defendants, 3
Febrtiary 1647, denyes any knowledge of said legacies or what
said ]\Iary this defendant's grandmother paid this defendant

j Mary in time of sickness of her said grandmother in considera-
tion of moneys lent etc. did receive certen goods in life tyme of

j said ^lary to value of £15 etc and denyes any comb\Tiation,
etc, etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 17, no. 37.

12 June 1648. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of
Dorking, county Surrey, gent, that your orator became bound with
one Thomas Bernard as his surety and his debt to Henr}' Ashton
of Chelsey in county Middlesex, blacksmith, by suerall obliga-
cons etc. which except £30 your orator though but surety did pay
to said Ashton and for security of said £30 your orator did deliuer
one obligacon for £160 whereby Richard Cooper of Tilsey in said
county, Esq. stood bound to your orator for £80 for payment
uppon day of marriadge or death of the said Richard Cooper and
also one bill obligatory Sir John Laurence of Chelsey, Bart.


stood bound to your orator to pay 40s. on the day of marriage
of said Sir John and for the said Ashton better to recover said
somes gave said Ashton a letter of attorney dated May, 20
Charles with proviso in respect of payment of said £30 and
intrest and that uppon said payment said Ashton should acknowl-
edge sattisfaccon uppon record etc. and make a general release.
But now the said Sir John Lawrence and Richard Cooper both
being married about three yeares since said somes become due to
your orator and said Ashton having received said 40s. and made
easy terms with said Cooper with combynation with said Cooper
to defraud your orator and having had sattisfaccon for said £30
said Ashton doth giue forth that he hath deliuered said bond to
said Cooper and doth refuse to accompt or give sattisfaccon to
your orator or to give your orator a release etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, Bundle 50, no. 66.

17 November 1648. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint
of William Goodwyn of London, joyner, that about fourteen years
since with one John Cornelius a silke throwster and one John
Davys since deceased became bound for the debt of the said Cor-
nelius in one bond of £40 for payment of £20 and interest to one
Richard Harrison, gent, and one Gilbert Cornelius, brother of said
John, was privy to said debt and on the day appointed said John
payed his said debt and took up said bond but was unwilling to
cancell same untill your orator and his other surety had seen same
for their satisfaction and defendant came with his said brother
Gilbert and said John told your orator he had paid said moneys
and shortly after went beyond the seas and shortly after the
goods of the said Gilbert were seised and taken into the custody
of one Mr. Harvy a creditor and among other papers the said
bond which was of no worth as the said Gilbert and Jane his
wife well know and after the said Gilbert made his will and died
and made the said Jane his executrix who hath since married one
Francis Todd of London, biskett baker. But now the said Jane
Todd and her husband by combination with Jane wife of said
John Cornelius and the said Richard Harryson to undoe your
orator the said Jane Todd having gone to the said Mr. Harvey
under pretence of finding some papers of her said late husband and
have found the said bond and with intent to recover the penalty
have put same in suite against your orator albeit the said Harrison
hath offered to give your orator a release etc. etc. Bill only.
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 31, no 57.


Whereas heretofore about Trinity Terme 20 yeare late King
Charles 1644, Edward Godden of London gent, complainant
exhibited his Bill against Thomas Goddin, Robert Goddin and
Constance Godden, defendants, that Edward Godden complain-
ant's late father deceased was seised of a messuage and etc. in
the parish of Luddlesdowne in county Kent, called Williams and
60 acres arrable and 80 acres coppice wood belonging in parish
of Luddsdowne, Paddleworth and Byling in said county and six
other messuages etc. in Snodland and Byling and other premises
held according to the custome of Gavellkind and in August 161 5
dyed intestate also possessed of a personal! estate of £1500 leav-
ing issue six sonnes and two daughters which said premises
descended to the said Edward and among this complainant and
his said five brothers and the said personal! estate ought to have
been divided amongst all the said children and about two years
after John Godden, eldest son of said Edward the father, also
dyed seised of his part of said lands etc. without making any will,
letters of administration were granted to Elizabeth Godden relict
of said Edward and to Thomas Godden his second sonne and
defendant Robert Godden seised of his parts by indenture 22
March 1631 between said Robert and complainant granted his
said part to complainant for 999 yeares. Woods between com-
plainant and Thomas Goddin touching accompte and agreement
was made that accompt should be made yet said Elizabeth com-
byning with the said Thomas and Anthony Godden doe utterly
refuse, etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 98.

13 May 1650. Plaintiff Thomas Carleton, citizen and mercer,
of London. Aboute the yeare 1639 Edward Goodwin senior of
Dorking, county Surrey, gent, desired the plaintiff to lend him
four or five hundred poundes at interest for a year giving as a
security certaine coppyholdes and houses belonging to him in
said Dorking. Ultimately plaintiff lent him £400 at 8% for a
year and the defendant surrendered into the hands of the Lords
of the Manor of Dorking by the acceptance of Jasper Goodwin,
gent, and one Edward Powell two tenements in Dorking known
as Carterfield and Millpon meade then in the tenancy of Jane
Comber, widdow and one Richard Reade to be released upon
the said Edward Goodwin paying £432 on 7th October 1640 at
the then dwelling house of the said plaintiff in London. The
defendant failed to pay any money at this time nevertheless the


said plaintiff was not forward to take advantage but forebore
untill the end of another yeare when desiring admittance to the
said messuages and lands and he was admitted at a Manor Court
to possession and paid for his admission £45. The houses being
ruinous and threatening to fall down, the said plaintiff had to
spend £70 on repairs and then was out of pocket £579. The
premises let for £40 per annum or deducting the Parliament taxes
£33 or £34 yearly the eight years he has been in possession and
during which he has desired Edward Goodwin to pay him his
money and take back the premises or that he should release all
right to the plaintiff both of which Edward Goodwyn refuses to
do but threatens in streetes that when his time shall serve he will
question plaintiff's title who can procure no chapman for the
premises. Prays the premises may be declared his.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 120, no. 29.

13 February 1651. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of
John Godwyn of Tylehurst, county Berks, labourer, sonne and
heir of John Godwyn late of same, deceased, husbandman. That
your orator's grandfather John Godwyn, deceased, was seised of
4 acres of arrable in tything of Northcott in said parishe and
2 acres of meadowe a certaine meadowe called Chawmeade in
said tythinge now in possession of Edward Newbery and Anne
his wife and having occasion to use money etc. did borow of one
William Godwyn, yeoman, of same parish £8 and for security
leased to the said William the said meadows with proviso of
redemption etc. and said William a little tyme before hee dyed
about thirty years since having said deed made a conveyance of
said premises or by will demised same to one Thomas Godwyn of
Tylehurst, yeoman, his nephew and heire since also deceased
without anie consideration etc. and without anie right and tytle
etc, hath received said rents etc. yett hath made a fraudulent
conveyance etc. to said Newbery who now refuseth to declare
and shew your orator by what right or tytle he holdeth said
lands etc. and in whose hands said deeds remaine etc. etc. With
answers of Edward Newberry and Anne his wife i May 1655 at

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 93.

12 February 1652 Bill of Complaint of Edward Godden and
William Godden of Thurnham, county Kent, yeomen, sonnes and


heires of Hancle Godden late of Thurnham, yeoman, deceased.
That said Hancle Godden about December 165 1 seised of a mes-
suage called Rowes place with a brewhouse etc. in Weeks street
in Maidstone in said county and intending to lett the same one
George Gilliott of Maidstone, brewer, having treaty for same it
was agreed that said Godden should repayre the said premises and
then make a lease thereof for twenty one yeares at £36 per annum
and £6 per cent on soe much money as said Hancle should lay
out in repairing said messuage above i20 and said Gilliott entered
and said Hancle Godden about January 1651 dyed and said mes-
suage came to your orators and said Gilliot has suerall somes of
money to lay out in repairs etc. and neglecting to doe the said
reparations according to his said agreement your orators finished
said reparacions and sealed said lease and tendered same to said
Gilliott yet the said Gilliott refuseth to accept said lease or pay
said increase of rent pretending it was too much and yet doth
keepe possession and denyeth to pay your orators anie rent etc.


Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 155.

13 May 1654? To Commissioners. The Bill of Complaint of
John Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, London, Esquire. That
William Rolfe of the same, Esquire, was seised of the Mannor of
Mills or tenement called Mills in the towne, parish or Hamlett of

in county Essex and in dyvers lands etc. etc. belonging

and so seised by indenture of lease 19 November 1631 between
the said Rolfe and one John Brockall of Stisted in county Essex
granted the said mannor and lands etc. etc. in the said parish of
Stisted for six yeares at a yearly rent of iy2 and the said Brock-
all entered and the said Rolfe afterwards being seised of the
reversion etc. etc. by indenture dated 23 December, 11 late King
Charles, between the said Rolfe and your orator granted said
mannor etc. etc. to your orator and your orator thereof became
seised etc. etc. and also of the rents etc payable by said Brockall
earnestly entreated your orator that he should remain tennant
and your orator was content, yett the said Brockall proved a very
bad tenant and very slacke in his payments so that at St. Michaell
the Archangel 165 1 there was two yeares rent etc. etc. and an
accompt was made etc. etc. and the said Brockall saying that he
could not hold said premises would sell his stocke and sattisfye
your orator out of the proceeds etc. etc. But now your orator


being aimable to obtaine his said averages hath brought his action
in the Sheriffs Court in London but now said John Brockall
combyning with Humfrey Jaggerd and John Brockall, the
younger, to def raude your orator giveth out that he will not pay,
hath noe goods etc. etc.

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 66.

29 October 1655 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry Lord
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells, county
Somerset, D.D. that about October 1632 having sudden occasion
of money did borrowe of one John Colthorpe of the citty of Bris-
toll, gent. £30 to be repayd at the Annunciation next following and
for payment did become bound about the tyme aforesaid and

Online LibraryFrank Farnsworth StarrEnglish Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .. → online text (page 31 of 44)